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9780500017814 Chic Simple: Women s Face Thames & Hudson
This is a make-up and skincare book which does not aspire to any one ideal of beauty - it aims to help each person find their particular individual style. It shows how to change outmoded make-up and create colour palettes to complement skin tones and enhance all the best features of the face. Make-up is described as a wardrobe accessory and revealing tips explain how to create a good relationship between clothing and make-up with the minimum of fuss.
9781855326927 Italian Invasion of Abyssinia 1935-36 Osprey
The Italian invasion of Abyssinia on 3rd October 1935 marked the first of the fascist military adventures. The campaign is described in detail in this text, along with the equipment used and the colourful uniforms worn by both armies. The invasion marked the most ambitious phase yet in Mussolini's attempt to recreate an Italian Empire and was partly prompted by the desire for revenge for the humiliating defeat inflicted on Italian troops at Adowa in 1896. International opinion was outraged by the invasion and the use of poison gas against an army with almost medieval weaponary. It took just seven months to drive out Emperor Haile Selassie. The whole episode discredited the League of Nations as an effective curb on the military ambitions of the Fascist states and was an important lesson to Nazi Germany.
9780397587445 Walsh Cardiac Arrhythmias in Children and Young Adults with Congenital Heart Disease Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
"This volume reviews current pathophysiologic concepts and describes state-of-the-art techniques for management of cardiac arrhythmias in children and young adults with congenital heart disease. The book provides a thorough understanding of cardiac electrophysiology and detailed technical information on catheter ablation, pacemakers, and implantable defibrillators.
9780340567999 Pilcher Rosa Flowers in The Rain Hodder
Through thick mist and a cold east wind, Lavinia returns to Scotland. Up at the big house Mrs Farquhar is dying. Seeing Lachlan again,. Lavinia remembers her childhood holidays there: swimming in the loch, the picnics, bottle-feeding the lambs down at the farm and the evenings when ty danced reels. Most of all, she remembers Mrs Farquhar's grandson Rory.
9780752847696 Cain J M Double Indemnity Orion Publishers
James M. Cain’s crime masterpce
9780553272949 Ed. Crane Fifty Great American Short Stories Random House (USA)
Gathers classic short stories by such authors as Washington Irving, Edgar All Poe, Edith Wharton, Mark Twain, Henry James, O. Henry, Jack London, Dorothy Parker, James Agee, and John Updike.
9780553381702 Martin Storm of Ice and Fire Book #3 Random House (USA)
The three surviving contenders for the throne of the Seven Kingdoms continue to struggle among themselves, Robb Stark defends his kingdom from the Greyjoys, Jon Snow confronts an escalating threat, and Danerys Stormborn and her dragon allies continue to grow in power.
9789058680211 5000 Animals Cd-Rom (N/A) Pepin Press
9781855648531 Project Finance Yearbook 2001/2002 Euromoney
9780123724847 Inouye Histidine Kinases in Signal Transduction Elsevier Science
Living cells are constantly sensing environmental changes, and their abilities to sense these changes and adapt to them are essential for their survival. In bacteria, histidine kinases are the major sensors for these environmental stresses, enabling cells to adapt to new growth conditions.
9780486401317 Listen and Read Shakespeare s Sonnets Dover
9780486260839 Art Deco Patterns Dover
9780486999807 Dover 1500 Decorative Ornaments CD-ROM and Book Dover
Hundreds of attractive copyright-free designs from all periods and styles—elegantly rendered miniature flowers and leaves, holiday motifs, classical designs, more.
9780500974889 Century of Thai Graphic Design, A Thames & Hudson
Featuring over 5500 items from the mid-19th century to t 1960s, this work examines the many faces of Thai graphics, from early newspapers and funeral books, to political posters, film posters, cartoon books, advertisements and labels.
9780552546935 Pratchett Te Amazing Maurice and his Educated Random House
A marvellously eccentric fantasy tale for young readers - set in the Discworld universe.
9780375762758 Cracking the TOEFL Random House (USA)
9783791324050 Foster, Norm On Foster ... Foster On Prestel Publishing Limited
9781888001952 Top Ten In Advertising Grange Books
9780521794978 Brian Tomlin Cambridge English Readers Level 2 Superbird: Book with Audio CD Pack Cambridge University Press
Cambridge English Readers is an exciting new series of original fiction, specially written for learners of English. Graded into six levels – from elementary to advanced – the stories in this series provide easy and enjoyable reading on a wide range of contemporary topics and themes. A spaceship lands on a strange planet and everyone on it dies – except for one person. She helps the people of the planet to build their own spaceship, and returns home in it. But when she is back home with her own people, the real trouble begins. This pack contains the book and an audio CD with a recording of the full text of the book.
9780451163516 Follett Ken Man from St.Petersburg Penguin USA
A political thriller in which a Russian arrives in London to commit a murder that will alter the course of history, and although he has many weapons to hand, the most dangerous of all are the love of a beautiful young woman and the passion of a well-to-do lady who demands satisfaction at any price. By the author of NIGHT OVER WATER.
9780486282145 Doyle Arthur Hound of the Baskervilles Dover
A deadly curse in the form of a legendary ferocious beast continues to claim its victims until Holmes and Watson intervene.
9780345463159 Irving John Fourth Hand Random House (USA)
9780812551501 Shelley Frankenstein Holtzbrink(MPS)
This edition unites the dark side of Barry Moser's art with the classic 1818 text of Mary Shelley's tale of moral transfiguration. In a vivid sequence of woodcuts, the reader witnesses the birth of the "monster" as Moser shapes him from darkness.
9780965540377 New York Festivals: International Advertising Awards 11 HarperCollins USA
An annual compilation of award winning advertising and communicative design from around the world. The volume contains full color illustrations of the world's best work in advertising that appeared in newspaper, magazines, billboards, web sites and at point of sale locations. Included are compelling, award winning posters, package designs, illustrations, photographs, and public service messages from the 2001 competition. New York Festivals International Print Advertising & Design Awards: a cornucopia of print and collateral from magazine, newspaper and outdoor to package design, promotions marketing, internet advertising and specialty advertising. The Global Awards for Healthcare Communications: a showcase of healthcare related media targeted to the consumer/patient, healthcare professional and Direct to Consumer. Winners range from various forms of media including, print, collateral, radio, new media, TV and film. The International Midas Awards for Financial Communications: featuring the world's best work in financial communications. Winners range from various forms of media including, print, collateral, radio, new media, TV and film.
9780765345080 Matheson R. Hunted Рast Reason Holtzbrink(MPS)
It's supposed to be an ordinary camping trip, two old friends hiking through the wilderness toward a remote cabin in the woods of northern California. But the enforced isolation of the hike soon exposes long-hidden rivalries and resentments between the two men. The deeper they get into the primeval wilderness, and the further from civilisation, the greater the tension between them becomes - until the simmering hostility erupts into a life or death struggle for survival.
9789054960829 Hair Styles of the World Pepin Press
9783829600194 Jean-Baptiste Mondino: Deja Vu Schirmer/Mosel Verlag
9780521811026 Edited by An Biomarkers of Disease Cambridge Academ
This publication takes a critical, evidence-based look at the efficacy of diagnostic tests which are increasingly being used to evaluate organ damage and dysfunction. The use of biomarkers is growing, with a steady stream of products being brought out by the pharmaceutical industry. Some of these assist in diagnosis, others provide a means of monitoring the state of progression of disease and the effectiveness of therapeutic options. However, in many cases the evidence which supports the use of these methods as opposed to traditional biochemical tests has not yet been demonstrated, and it is intended that this volume will help clarify the strengths and weaknesses of using these biomarkers across a wide range of applications and in the various organs of the body. This approach will provide pathologists, clinical biochemists and medical laboratory scientists with an invaluable overview of the diverse applications of biomarkers in medicine.
9780683306484 Koopman Clinical Primer of Rheumatology Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
Clinical Primer of Rheumatology is designed as a concise, essential reference to aid practitioners in diagnosing and treating rheumatoid diseases. More than 200 photographs and many tables and charts provide easy access to information necessary to identify the cause of a patient's complaint and plan a course of therapy. Recommendations on when to refer a patient to a specialist are clearly indicated in the text. Comprehensive coverage of specific rheumatoid diseases is included along with information on sports and occupational-related pain syndromes.
9781853264061 Byron G G Collected Poems Wordsworth
This volume comprises the complete poetic works of Byron. As well as including such works as "Childe Harold", "Don Juan", "The Two Foscari", "The Lament of Tasso" and "The Vision of Judgement", it also contains his shorter lyrical poems.
9781856693189 Detail Thames & Hudson
Japan's expertise in technology, design and engineering is responsible for some of the most advanced and desirable consumer products. Names such as Sony, Sharp, Honda, Yamaha and Canon have acquired legendary status in our contemporary culture. This volume examines and celebrates the manufactured precision and technical virtuosity of mass-produced Japanese products that we use and see in everyday life but whose complexity of invention we may only partly understand and appreciate. After briefly outlining the story of how Japan came to dominate the world of high-quality mass-manufacturing, the book shows how Japanese manufacturers constantly strive to invent new forms and to perfect existing technologies. Andrew Davey also identifies the qualities found in traditional Japanese aesthetics - minimalism, elegance, simplicity, symmetry, workmanship and clearly expressed function - and demonstrates how these values inform the modern products.
9781859960974 Instant Notes in Psychology Bios
Instant Notes in Psychology contains the fundamental topics that are essential to the student. Each topic begins with a Key Notes panel containing concise summaries of the key points covered, which are expanded in the main text of the topic. Although each topic stands alone, it is the nature of the psychology that topics are interrelated. To help the student see these interrelationships the text provides numerous cross-references between topics.
9780786889617 Pearson Parallel Lies HarperCollins USA
9781400033737 Tartt D. Little friend Random House (USA)
9780141003740 Alderson Mag Pants on Fire Penguin Books Ltd
A broken heart is hard to mend. And a good heart is practically impossible to find... When Georgia Abbott's fiance cheats on her, she's left with a broken heart and the reality of her humdrum life in London. Until someone tells her about a job on Glow magazine: in Sydney. That's Sydney, Australia - where the welcome is as warm as the weather and the men look like Mel Gibson, but taller. What's she goo lose? So Georgia packs up and ships out Down Under. And at first things seem promising, as she's swept up in a whirl of A-list parties, dancing, and debauchery. But while Australian water may go down the plughole the other way, Australian men are - oh dear - starting to look all too familiar...
9780847824113 Philippe Ren Alberto Pinto Classics Rizzolli
Rooms of unimaginable grandeur, in practically every traditional style, by the designer who is the preeminent master of unabashed wealth and opulence.
9781592530038 40 houses Rockport/Rotovision
Homes that make us say, "Ahhh" - that's what this gallery of architecture is about. The common thread that runs throughout the 40 featured homes, which are as varied in setting as they are in style, is the originality and splendour of each dwelling. "40 Houses" takes readers on a voyeuristic tour through minimalist homes that frame breathtaking New England views and "maximalist" California homes that resemble Arabian casltes and saxophones fltutes, and much more. Each home is photographed from several interior and exterior angles and each represents its creator's awaress of the peculiarities of site, context, history and climate. Architectural drawings and text describe the challenges and solutions each artist hit upon during the design process.
9781864700947 Sky High Living: Contemporary High-rise Apartment Images
There are many books about tall buildings, but few focus exclusively on residential high-rises. Perhaps this is because they are traditionally not as tall as commercial high-rises. However, this is no longer the case; not only do many compare with other high-rise buildings when it comes to height, but a building designed for living is particularly interesting in that it conveys a sense of the purpose and function of the building. Sky High Living explores a selection of the most arresting residential tall buildings from arounf the world, predominantly from North America and Asia.
9780380731138 Peters, E. Camelot caper HarperCollins USA
Here's a republication, with an all-new cover, of one of New York Times bestselling author Elizabeth Peters' standalone mysteries.
9783137117018 Talairach Co-Planar Stereotaxic Atlas of the Human Brain Thieme Verlagsgruppe
In this superb atlas, the distinguished authors offer the proportional grid system of brain imaging. This unique process makes it possible to localize neuroanatomic structures not visible with traditional radiologic methods. Unlike the classic method of spatial reading, which is valid only with the particular brain under consideration, the proportional grid creates a frame of reference applicable to all brains being examined. This is especially beneficial for clinical studies, electroencephalographic investigations, and statistical computations.Special features of the book include: a full, three-dimensional atlas of the human brain; a series of anatomic sections done for the frontal, horizontal, and sagittal planes; practical examples for use in neuroradiologic examinations; and basal lines forming a frame of reference that defines orientation and spatial position of structures within the cerebral mass. This stereotaxic process is designed to maximize accuracy, reliability, and safety.The information in this valuable atlas is essential for all radiologists, neurologists, neurosurgeons, and all specialists involved in the neurosciences. Use this practical mapping tool for understanding the pathologic processes of the human brain, order today!
9781920744366 Residential Style Cb Images
Brings together the talented architects and designers worldwide to showcase contemporary trends in residential interiors. Covering living, leisure, dining, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and outdoor spaces, this book also features details that are useful for architects, designers and all those who admire outstanding design.
9780387953069 Mathis Percutaneous Vertebroplasty Springer
Percutaneous Vertebroplasty is a concise and up-to-date reference that details the essentials for setting up a modern clinical lab, selecting patients, safely performing the procedure and avoiding pitfalls that are commonly encountered. Over 95 photographs, specially created for this book, provithe reader with detailed examples of how each aspect of the procedure is performed in an understandable step by step format. The authors are world-renowned pioneers in the field who have developed the basic science and clinical information relating to percutaneous vertebroplasty. This rapidly proliferating procedure is used to treat the pain associated with compression fractures of the spine resulting from osteoporotic vertebral collapse or tumor destruction. Subspecialty groups such as radiology, neuroradiology, orthopaedic surgery, and neurosurgery will benefit from the in-depth coverage of this cutting edge procedure.
9783150058992 Lenz Soldaten Reclam
9783150000151 Schiller Die Rauber Reclam
9780521537629 Raymond Murp English Grammar in Use Third edition Edition with answers and CD-ROM Cambridge University Press
English Grammar in Use Third Edition is a fully updated version of the classic grammar title. It retains the key features of clarity and accessibility which have made the book so popular. This third edition: - has 10 completely new units, including 9 new units on phrasal verbs to more thoroughly cover this important area for intermediate students. - has even more Additional Exercises, to offer more contrastive practice. - is in full colour and has a slightly larger format to look clearer and more inviting for students. The with answers version of the book is packaged with the CD ROM. This exciting and substantial new CD ROM: - has a diagnostic test to help students identify areas to practise. - has extra exercises for all the units in the book. - allows users to make their own tests frobank of contrastive exercises. - has recordings of all the main exercises so users can practise their pronunciation. - includes a link to Cambridge Dictionaries Online so students can look up any words they need.
9780415222068 Montgomery M Ways of Reading Taylor&Francis
This textbook aims to provide the reader with the tools to analyze and interpret the meanings of literary and non-literary texts. Six sections, split into self-contained units with their own activities and notes for further reading, cover: basic techniques for reading texts; how the language of a text varies according to author and context; poetic uses of language; figures of speech; narrative; and looking beyond the text to positioning and author intention. This second edition has been updated throughout and contains a revised introduction and two new units: literature in performance looks at drama, oral poetry and film adaption; and literature and other modes of communication expands further on non-literary texts, including print journalism, radio and television texts, email and Internet styles.
9780486269382 Rivera Diego Diego Rivera:My Art, My Life: An Autobiography Dover
A richly revealing document offering many telling insights into the mind and heart of a giant of 20th-century art. "Engrossing as a novel... throws a clear white light on one of the most spectacular artists of our time"—Chicago Sunday Tribune. "There is no lack of exciting material. A lover at
9780486290478 1001 Cartoon-Style Illustrations Dover
Invaluable treasury of lighthearted scenes of sports, leisure-time activities, circuses and carnivals, trades and professions, travel and geographic landmarks, whimsical renderings of flowers, plants and gardening, national and religious holidays, much more. Permission-free art for brochures, newsle
9780486409467 Kate Maggie Big Book of Plant and Flower Illustrations Dover
Over 600 copyright-free illustrations: wildflowers, trees, herbs, cacti, tropical blooms, garden flowers, medicinal plants, more. Captions.
9780486996271 Seba Albertu Butterflies and Moths CD-ROM and Book Dover
9780486427461 Amphlett Hil Hats: A History of Fashion in Headwear Dover
This is a reprint of a 1974 work published by Richard Sadler (Chalfont St. Giles, Buckinghamshire). It depicts European headgear through the ages using 800 of the author's black-and-white sketches based on paintings, sculptures, and illustrations. Covering nearly 2000 years from Danish caps of 70 BC
9780486233970 Fashion Drawings and Illustrations from Harper s Bazar Dover
fabulous line drawings and 14 Harper’s Bazar covers, 8 in full color. Erté’s exotic temptresses with tassels, fur muffs, long trains, coifs, more. "Imaginative and colorful...A fascinating glimpse into the development of fashion."—Arts Review (London).
9780486436388 Bossom Alfre Old Mexico: An Architectural Pilgrimage Dover
9780140279412 Townsend Sue Number Ten Penguin Books Ltd
Prime Minister Edward Clare and his wife Adele Floret-Clare live at Number 10 Downing Street. PC Jack Sprat is the policeman who stands outside on the door. Five years ago, Edward Clare was voted into Number 10 after a landslide election result. But now, things are starting to go wrong. The love has gone. The people are turning. In short, it's a very real problem. Edward worries about this. All he wants is for the people of Clare's Britain to like him, and for them to be happy. He enlists the help of Jack Sprat and together they travel round the country incognito, ending up at Jack's childhood home. His mother Norma lives in Leicester, and her address is Number 10 too, but that's where the similarity ends...
9781840136616 Modigliani (Perfect Squares) Grange Books
9780521478731 Joanne Colli Cambridge Skills for Fluency: Speaking Level 2 Teacher s Book Cambridge University Press
Speaking 2 Teacher's Book provides full and practical support for teachers whose classes are using Speaking 2. Speaking 2 develops intermediate learners' oral fluency by focusing on topics that are personally relevant to them. The activities enable students to draw on their own life experience, feelings and cultural knowledge and to develop their ability to express their ideas confidently and fluently. Speaking 2: * offers a wide variety of tasks, activities and discussion ideas, based on stimuli such as pictures, music and questionnaires * contains 20 units, each taking an unusual and imaginative slant on familiar and unfamiliar topics * is flexible and therefore easy to integrate with a main course * is accompanied by a cassette containing an interesting range of listening material
9780521774420 Leo Jones New International Business English Video SECAM Cambridge University Press
The New International Business English Video has been designed to be used with the highly successful course of the same name. The Video contains 12 dramatized sequences and 3 documentary ones. The dramatized sequences take a light and humorous approach to the aspects of communication that most directly affect learners at the upper-intermediate level, such as socializing, negotiating and presenting. The 3 documentary sequences focus on company history, organization and products. The Video is sold with a Teacher’s Guide containing photocopiable activities to give to students, advice on using the Video and the scripts of the sequences which again are photocopiable. Taken together the Video and Teacher’s Guide provides a rich and easy-to-use package that can be used to introduce or review the themes of the 15 units of the New International Business English course.
9780521534307 Ken Hyland Second Language Writing (Cambridge Language Education) Paperback Cambridge University Press
Second Language Writing is a highly accessible and authoritative approach to the theory and practice of teaching writing to students of English as a Foreign/Second Language. While assuming no specialist knowledge, the book systematically sets out the key issues in second language writing instruction to offer both pre- and in-service teachers a guide to L2 writing instruction grounded in current theory and research. The book includes chapters on approaches to writing teaching, needs analysis, syllabus design, lesson planning, task design, materials development, and feedback and assessment as well on using technology in writing classes and conducting research into writing. The book takes the clear stance that student writers not only need realistic strategies for drafting and revising, but also a clear understanding of genre to structure their writing experience according to the demands and constraints of particular target contexts. There are review exercises, reflection questions, and copious examples to make the book extremely useful to prospective and practicing teachers alike.
9780521639712 Ruth Shemesh Teaching English Spelling Paperback Cambridge University Press
This is a resource book of activities for practising common spelling patterns in English. The materials are suitable for both first language and second or foreign language contexts and contain activities to use with different proficiency levels. The book is divided into units with most units examining one phonemic ‘sound’. Each unit is then broken down into three to five easy-to-follow lesson plans devoted to a different choice of letter for the sound being studied. Teaching English Spelling contains: - detailed lesson plans which encourage student involvement - listening activities to develop awareness of sound-to-spelling patterns - a wide variety of enjoyable photocopiable activities such as crosswords picture matching, puzzles and rhymes at three language proficiency levels - answer pages - suggested ‘test words’ for each spelling pattern, also at three levels.
9780140290660 Parks Adele Game Over Penguin Books Ltd
From 1952 to 1960 the Goons ruled the airwaves, the most celebrated and influential clowns in the history of radio. These cassettes contain four more classic episodes. Cas Perry doesn`t want a relationship. When her father walked out on her and her mother she decided relationships, love, marriage, the whole shegang, simlpy weren`t worth the heartache. But is Cas, immoral most of the time and amoral when it comes to business, going too far with her new TV programme, "Sex with an Ex"?
9780721603285 M. Gabriel K Rapid Ecg Interpretation 2e Elsevier Science
This text offers a step-by-step method for the accurate interpretation of the ECG. Using an 11-step method for accurate and rapid ECG interpretation, this new edition includes more diagnostic tips for the understanding of ECGs. Also new to this edition is a series of illustrations to explain the genesis of wave and deflection of the ECG. In addition, a clear description of 12 lead positioning and interpretation guides the reader to greater unrstanding of the potential pitfalls of the ECG. This edition includes over 230 illustrations, including 30 new tracings to elucidate difficult points. It also addresses the progress of cardiovascular practice and how the ECG is important to current clinical practice, including early diagnosis of acute MI, and a greater understanding of ST segment in diagnosing cardiovascular problems.
9781560535164 Marie Wood Hematology & Oncology Secrets Elsevier Science
This highly popular book in the proven question-and-answer format of the Secrets SeriesTM is better than ever in this completely updated new edition. The major sections are General Concepts, General Hematology, Malignant Hematology, Care of the Cancer Patient, and Solid Tumors. Concise, and yet comprehensive with over 90 chapters written by experts in the field, this book presents all the need-to-know key information and provides the insights, pearls, and "secrets" that are the hallmark of the series.
9783131353818 von Laer Pediatric Fractures and Dislocations Thieme Verlagsgruppe
This important new text assesses the benefits of conservative versus surgical treatment of pediatric fractures, combining clear procedural guidelines with an analysis of the most effective operative approach. More than 500 pages offer detailed, comprehensive coverage of techniques and strategies, with 450 illustrations clarifying all concepts. Key features:-General overview of fracture treatment, including corrective mechanisms in the growing skeleton, classification of pediatric fractures, and growth disturbances-Focused discussions on how to treat injuries in the upper and lower extremities, including trauma to the elbow, hand, knee, ankle, and more -Compares multiple therapy options to demonstrate the best approach-Offers observations on anesthesia, treatment, and follow-up for everyday reference-Contains extensive appendices on such timely topics as battered child syndrome and birth traumaCovering everything from posttraumatic deformities to spinal injuries, this informative text explores the most effective solutions to pediatric fractures. It also provides insights for integrating children and parents into the treatment process for more successful outcomes. This book is an essential, up-to-the-minute resource for all orthopaedic surgeons and pediatricians who treat these pediatric fractures and injuries.
9781582120355 Allen The Art,Science and Technology of Pharmaceutical compounds McGraw-Hill
This volume seeks to present, in a logical and progressive format, all the information a pharmacy student needs in order to understand the purpose and processes of compounding. It addresses establishing, equipping and operating a compounding facility, and it also features more than 200 formulations that cover all the dosage forms and delivery systems of modern medications. The formulations include bases, vehicles and ingredient-specific medications.
9780198528470 Stainer Health Measurement Scales. 2004 Oxford Academ
Gives details on cognitive requirements in answering questions, and how the influences scale development. This book synthesizes the theory of scale construction with practical advice, culled from the literature and the authors` experience, about how to develop and validate measurement scales to be used in the health sciences.
9780521621472 H. M. van Pr Stress, the Brain and Depression Cambridge Academ
Can traumatic life events cause depression? Studies generally point to a connection between adverse life events and depression. However, establishing a causal rather than associative connection, the key concern of this 2004 book, is more problematic. What neurobiological changes may be induced by stress and depression, and to what extent do these changes correspond? The authors structure their examination around three major themes: the pathophysiological role of stress in depression; whether or not a subtype of depression exists that is particularly stress-inducible; and, finally, how best to diagnose and treat depression in relation to its biological underpinnings.
9781850707585 Male Infertility From A-Z V4 Taylor&Francis
This is a comprehensive reference of terms and topics related to male infertility. Many entries are in the form of tables and charts, containing large amounts of data. The entries are detailed and up to date, providing information about the latest techniques, concepts and procedures, including: intracytoplasmic sperm injection - a new technique that has revolutionized the treatment of male infertility; medication, treatment of infertility - a table that catalogues the groups and specific types of drugs used along with indications for and special remarks about their use; oligozoospermia flow volume, flowsheet diagnosis and management - a flowsheet showing how to diagnose and manage this problem; stains - information on diagnostic techniques in a tabular format; vasoepidiylosotomy - a description of one of the rarer surgical techniques.
9780847826971 Beth Dunlop Arquitectonica Rizzoli USA
This monograph covers the firm’s groundbreaking work of the past 20 years.
9781858940946 Kossoff Drawn to Painting Daedalus
Leon Kossoff''s recent works offer a unique view of the past from the vantage point of the present. The drawings included in this book were painted from a specific group of paintings by Nicolas Poussin.'
9780786007004 Botham Noel Murder of Prinsess Diana Hachette Book Group
9781403921499 Globalization of Business Palgrave
The book is designed to provide a basic understanding of the dynamics of globalization and its relevance for all types and sizes of business. Commencing with a brief history that shows that globalization is not just a late twentieth and early twenty first century phenomenon but has been a factor in world trade since the 1600s, the text then considers the two opposing views held about globalization. The material goes on to look at the global implications for customer relationships, marketing, human resources, finance and information. These are areas in which a narrow, national view is becoming increasingly of less value to the student. The book includes questions and case studies to aid understanding.
9780340763438 Rennie Manual of Neonatal Intensive Care. IE Hodder Arnold
9781587791376 ACC Foot and Ankle Anatomical Chart Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
Illustrates foot and ankle anatomy including bones, muscles and tendons. Shows medial, frontal, lateral, and plantar views as well as a cross section. Illustrates supination and pronation, hammertoe, bunion, sprains, fractures and fracture fixation.
9780060596880 Big Book of Logos 3, The HarperCollins USA
9780794650186 Smoothies Tuttle
9780804836043 Japanese garden design Tuttle
Japanese Garden Design invites readers into the history, art, and beauty of garden design in the Japanese tradition. Established gardeners and landscape architects will appreciate the Japanese perspective which Keane offers. Stunning photography invites gardening enthusiasts into the world of Japanese garden design. If you thought Japanese gardening was all about ikebana, this book will change your mind and whet your appetite. This book presents the essential concepts that garden designers have employed through the centuries and the knowledge necessary to create these living sculptures, these sacred spaces, these ethereal and graceful gardens of Japan.
9780794600198 Tropical interiors Tuttle
With over 250 colour photographs taken in more than 30 private homes, this book shows that Filipino design has become a global phenomenon. The Philippines is home to a new generation of craftsmen who work in all areas of design. Their specialty is taking the indigenous materials of the country - pina, abaca, capiz shell, bamboo and rattan - to produce contemporary items that work as well in a New York loft as on a tropical verandah. They harness Asian- and Latin-inspired styles to modern techniques, producing a cornucopia of fine contemporary furniture and authentic decorative items. The metropolitan and rural homes in this text, many of which have never been photographed before, are accented with these contemporary Philippine designs.
9788180610837 Rao Diagnostic Dilemmas and Decision Making in Pediatrics & Neonatology JayPee Brothers
9780070414600 Mendelson, E Schaum s outline of Boolean algebra and switching circuits McGraw-Hill
9780781750592 Berek Practical Gynecologic Oncology Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
The Fourth Edition of this highly acclaimed volume is the most comprehensive, current, and practical reference on gynecologic oncology. It covers all topics relevant to the care of women with breast or reproductive tract malignancies, including cancer biology and genetics, tumor markers, screening, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, epidemiology, pre-invasive disease, preoperative evaluation, medical management, critical care, and nutrition. Numerous two-color illustrations clarify difficult concepts and charts and tables assist in cancer staging. This edition features new chapters on wound care, hospice care, and end-of-life issues, summary points at the end of each chapter, and a more readable introductory section.
9783791332758 Alcantara, I Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera Prestel Publishing Limited
This book reveals the story of two creative geniuses whose important contributions to twentieth-century art were equaled by the public's fascination with their tumultuous romance.
9780552997041 Bryson Bill Short History of Nearly Everything Transworld Publishers
Bill Bryson describes himself as a reluctant traveller, but even when he stays safely in his own study at home, he can`t contain his curiosity about the world around him. This book is his quest to understand everything that has happened from the Big Bang to the rise of civilization.
9785986570020 Мэтью Рейли Храм Логосфера(Изд)
9780521549882 Caroline Nix Primary Communication Box Book Cambridge University Press
Would you like to give your pupils more opportunities to speak to each other in English? Are you looking for fun activities that you know they will enjoy? Do you need materials that are easy to use and quick to prepare? Then Primary Communication Box is just what you need. It contains over 50 photocopiable speaking activities designed to encourage real communication in the primary classroom. Lots of different activity types including information gaps, role plays, class surveys and open discussions mean your lessons are never dull. Activities based on realistic speaking situations so that pupils can cope in the real world. Pupils are encouraged to work in pairs, small groups and with the whole class to share ideas and opinions in meaningful contexts. Many of the activities are suitable for learners preparing for the Cambridge Young Learners English Tests (Cambridge ESOL). Clear step-by-step teaching notes make preparation easy.
9781904633075 Dickens Char Great Expectations Collectors Library
A summons to meet the bitter, decaying Miss Havisham and her beautiful, cold-hearted ward Estella, and the sudden generosity of a mysterious benefactor, change the orphaned Pip's life forever. As he begins his new life as a gentleman, he discovers the true nature of his "great expectations".
9780470092255 Corporate Finance Wiley
Corporate Finance: Theory and Practice covers the theory and practice of Corporate Finance fra truly European perspective. It shows how to use financial theory to solve practical problems and is written for students of corporate finance and financial analysis and practising corporate financiers. Corporate Finance is split into four sections and covers the basics of financial analysis; the basic theoretical knowledge that you will need to value a firm; the major types of financial securities: equity, debt & options and finally financial management which shows you how to organise a company's equity capital, buying and selling companies, M&A, bankruptcy and cash flow management. Key features include: A section on financial analysis - a Corporate Financier must understand a company based on a detailed analysis of its accounts. Large numbers neglected this approach during the last stock market bubble and were caught in the crash that inevitably followed. How many investors took the trouble to read Enron's annual report? Those who did found that it spoke volumes! - End of Chapter Summary, Questions and Answers, Glossary, European Case Studies - A supporting Website http://www vernimme com with free access to statistics, a glossary & lexicon; articles, notes on financial transactions, basic financial figures for more than 10,000 European and US listed companies, thesis topics, a bibliography; case studies, Q&A; A letter box for your questions to the authors - a reply guaranteed within 72 hours! - A free monthly newsletter on Corporate Finance sent out to subscribers to the site. - The book, the website www vernimmen.com and the Vernimmen.com newsletter are all written and created by an author team who are both investment bankers/corporate financiers and academics.
9783791333199 Schmalenbach Art Flexi: Amedeo Modigliani (Paintings, Sculptures, Drawings) Prestel Publishing Limited
An examination of Amedeo Modigliani`s art, this book focuses on the elusive genius of the avant-garde. An intimate portrait of a life devoted to art, it examines Modigliani`s oeuvre, offering a chronological tour of every aspect of the artist`s career. This informative commentary is complemented by hundreds of full-page colour plates.
9781843402008 Alexander Ro Welcome to my Worlds Anova
Rob Alexander is one of the most versatile and highly respected artists working today. He paints in watercolours that look more like oils or acylics. His painting style is subtle, beautiful and emotionally evocative. It has enabled him to work well in a number of diverse genres and markets. He has painted high fantasy, landscapes, action adventure, gothic horror and children's stories. Rob has worked in the publishing industry doing bookcovers for TOR, Harper Collins, Berkley and Del Rey. His images have been published in Amazing Stories, Fantasy and Science Fiction, and Cricket magazines. But to most people, he is the artist who paints pictures of sad-eyed women, eerie beings who perch in trees and carve mysterious messages in skulls, hauntingly beautiful landscapes, and young children who either discover, imagine or make beautiful, wondrous things. He was one of the original artists of the Magic the Gathering trading card game phenomenon and has done well over 130 images for the project to date. Magic is international and has been translated into eight languages, including Japanese. His work has appeared in eight other trading card games, including over 40 images for one based upon The Lord of the Rings, depicting many of the major characters and significant places from Tolkien's world. Rob has also done conceptual design work for video, computer and card games. His clients include Microsoft, Warner Bros., Hasbro, and a Wizards of the Coast/Nickelodeon joint venture. Onf his projects was preliminary conceptual design for the Harry Potter collectable card game. He has been awarded the Chesley award from ASFA, the Association of Science Fiction and Fantasy Artists, appeared a number of times in Spectrum, a yearly book featuring the best in contemporary Science Fiction and Fantasy, and won best of show at both World Con and World Fantasy Con, a show for professionals in the Science Fiction and Fantasy publishing industry.
9780140449914 Hasek Good Soldier Svejk Penguin Books Ltd
Hasek's most important work was centered around the deeply funny story of a hapless Czech soldier in the Austro-Hungarian army -- dismissed for incompetence only to be pressed into service by the Russians in World War I (where he is captured by his own troops). A mischief-maker, bohemian and drunk, Hasek demonstrated his wit in this classic novel of the Czech character and preposterous nature of war.
9780195149395 Leo Handbook of Primary Care Psychology.2004 Oxford Academ
This handbook is designed to be a toolbox of quickly accessible clinical resources for the psychologist working in primary care settings. The Handbook will help codify the newly established role of the primary care psychologist by providing clinicians with background knowledge of the primary care system, orienting frameworks for practice, overviews of clinical conditions that are: (1) common in the primary care environment (e.g. diabetes, low back pain, sleep disorders); (2) likely to be referred to the primary care psychologist (e.g. depression, anxiety, eating disorders, grief); and, (3) treatable with well established psychological interventions (e.g. smoking, obesity, heart disease). This will be an invaluable resource to any mental health professional working as part of a health care team, as well as to researchers and students in a variety of settings.
9780195165661 Griffin, Jam Textbook of Endocrine Physiology Oxford Academ
This widely used text provides a thoroughly updated account of current knowledge in the endocrine sciences. Each chapter is structured to cover both established concepts and recent developments. The chapters are not only written at a consistent level and well integrated with one another, but they also blend basic science with essential elements of clinical knowledge in order to give students an appreciation of the consequences of deranged endocrine function.
9781585621859 Gabbard Psychodynamic Psychiatry in Clinical Practice. 4ed.2005 Eurospan
Psychodynamic Psychiatry in Clinical Practice, Fourth Edition, expresses the basic principles of psychodynamic psychiatry and four fundamental theoretical frameworks derive from psychoanalytic theory: ego psychology, object relations theory, self psychology and attachment theory. The application of these theories to psychodynamic assessment, brief therapy, family/medical therapy, pharmacotherapy, individual therapy, and hospital/partial hospital treatment are the focus of the first section of the book. Section II covers the major DSM-IV-TR Axis I disorders and discusses how to apply psychodynamic understanding to those disorders and how to treat them with a psychodynamically informed approach. Finally, Section III covers all of the DSM-IV-TR Axis II conditions, the personality disorders and it provides both psychodynamic understanding and the principles of psychodynamic psychotherapy for these conditions.
9780330490030 Gallo Max Napoleon 2 Pan Macmillan
Napoleon is thirty years old in November 1799, and about to lead France into a new century as First Consul. At Notre Dame in five years, he will be crowned Emperor of France, and Josephine his Empress. In this brilliant combination of history and imagination, Max Gallo takes us from the first day after Napoleon's successful coup through to the thrilling height of his empire. From the introduction of the new constitution and France's fragile peace with its neighbours, to Napoleon's determination to bring Britain to its knees, we follow five years of the Little Corporal's life, ending with his victory on the battlefield at Austerlitz.
9780345463333 Fox, Andrew Fat white vampire blues Random House (USA)
9780127453545 Wexler Encyclopedia of Toxicology.4vols set.2ed.2005 Elsevier Science
The second edition of the "Encyclopedia of Toxicology" continues its comprehensive survey of toxicology. This new edition continues to present entries devoted to key concepts and specific chemicals. There has been an increase in entries devoted to international organizations and well-known toxic-related incidents, such as Love Canal and Chernobyl.

Along with the traditional scientifically based entries, new articles focus on the societal implications of toxicological knowledge including environmental crimes, chemical and biological warfare in ancient times, and a history of the U.S. environmental movement. With more than 1150 entries, this second edition has been expanded in length, breadth and depth, and provides an extensive overview of the many facets of toxicology.

Also available online via ScienceDirect featuring extensive browsing, searching, and internal cross-referencing between articles in the work, plus dynamic linking to journal articles and abstract databases, making navigation flexible and easy. The features are: second edition has been expanded to 4 volumes; encyclopedic A-Z arrangement of chemicals and all core areas of the science of toxicology; covers related areas, such as organizations, toxic accidents, historical and social issues, and laws; new topics covered include computational toxicology, cancer potency factors, chemical accidents, non-lethal chemical weapons, drugs of abuse, and consumer products; and many more!
9780786918621 Byers, Richa Shattered Mask Random House (USA)
After Shamur Uskevren is tricked by the wizard Marance into making an assassination attempt on her husband, Thamalon, she realizes her mistake, but it may already be too late.
9780794601768 Contemporary Asian Pools and Gardens Tuttle
Contains special chapters on walkways, lighting, fences, gates, and roof gardens as well as the latest in infinity, lap and rooftop pools, featuring some of the most sought after designs in homes and hotels in the region.
9783895782107 Hertrich Practical Radiography.2005 Wiley
This book provides radiological technicians, radiologists, technicians, developers and sales engineers with a unique display of the methods and applications used in radiography. Building ohe physical basis and the quality and effects of X-rays, the book describes X-ray systems for diagnostics and interventions, the technique behind a radiographic image, image quality, patient data management including data archiving and communication with PACS in the hospital as well as between a physician's practice and hospitals. All descriptions are in accordance with the technical and diagnostic requirements to be met by modern, frequently digital radiographic as well as image processing methods and systems.
9780323036566 David Spalto Atlas of Clinical Ophthalmology With CD-ROM, Elsevier Science
The Atlas of Clinical Ophthalmology combines the highest-quality colour photographs, clinical descriptions and explanatory line drawings to provide an outstanding and accessible visual reference of ocular disease and its clinical signs. The book systematically covers examination, investigation and diagnosis of all the common and many of the rarer ophthalmic disorders. Illustrations of the embryology, histology, pathology and systemic diseases are included as appropriate to elucidate the clinical information. The new edition has been exhaustively updated throughout, with over 1000 new illustrations, many chapters written by new contributors and new, up-to-the-minute information on refractive surgery and LASIK. From the reviews of the second edition "It is a bounty of superbly chosen photographs...this atlas is unsurpassed in its representational clarity...A definite visual feast, this book is a prize for any bookshelf." (American Journal of Ophthalmology) "The authors are superb teachers, and the book is an excellent educational medium." (Doody's Health Sciences Book Review Annual) "It is always easy to find criticism of a book is one looks hard enough.
9781587798931 ACC Diseases and Disorders: The World s Best Anatomical Charts Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
"The Second Edition of Diseases and Disorders: The World's Best Anatomical Charts features 60 new and updated anatomical charts created by some of the world's best medical illustrators. This reference is an essential addition for every library, whether you are a health professional, student, or interested consumer.
9781403936509 Arestis, Phi Post-Bubble US Economy Palgrave
The US is slowly recovering from the aftermath of the burst of the 'new economy' bubble - which was one of the worst in monetary history. Philip Arestis and Elias Karakitsos examine the causes and consequences of the burst of the 'new economy' bubble and investigate the impact on financial markets. The risks and long-term prospects for the economy and financial markets are also examined.
9780007202300 CS Lewis Prince Caspian (20 Jun) HarperCollins UK
This edition of Lewis`s classic fantasy fiction is packaged specifically for adults. Complementing the look of the author`s non-fiction books, and anticipating the forthcoming Narnia feature films, this edition contains an exclusive "P.S." section about the history of the book, plus a sample chapter from its sequel.
9780826469953 Slavoj Zizek Continuum
Slavoj Zizek is undoubtedly one of the world`s leading cultural critics. His witty, psychoanalytically-inspired analyses of contemporary society have almost single-handedly revived the notion of ideology.
9780443044007 Butler Mobilisation of the Nervous System Elsevier Science
Describes an innovative concept of examination and treatment technique. A controversial book which broadens the horizons of manual therapy to embrace adverse tension in the nervous system. Clinical reasoning processes are associated with a new understanding of the nervous system as a dynamic continuum. He introduces new tension tests and refined versions of standard tests. Features: * Describes and supports an innovative concept of examination and treatment technique * The author has been strongly influenced by the ?Maitland approach? - this book is an extension of that school of thought * Use of new tension tests is extended beyond diagnosis to successful treatment * Provides a better understanding of many commonly encountered syndromes
9780756401139 Lackey, Merc Exile s honor Penguin USA
9781403948694 Contract Law 6ed. Palgrave
This best selling text provides a clear and straightforward account of the basic rules of English contract law. Contract Law introduces the current debates about the nature, scope and functions of the law and discusses the wider controversies which surround some of the basic doctrines. This text is praised time and again by lecturers and students for being compact yet comprehensive in coverage, well written, well-structured, and an overall stimulating read. New features of the sixth edition include discussion of major new cases and exclusion clauses, duress, undue influence, and the House of Lords decision on mistake.
9781592531875 Worldwide Identity: Inspired Design From Forty Countries Rockport/Rotovision
Take a step back from the other designers' trends dominating your design world and reach toward a more exotic direction. In a clear and concise manner, identities are outlined by three steps - the "The Client", "The Brief" and "The Solution", aiding readers in understanding one of the most common design job cycles. Featured work is presented from design groups such as the Turkish Society of Graphic Designers, the Graphics Association of Zimbabwe and the Design Centrum of the Czech Republic that provides you with innovative and fresh design ideas. Partnered with Icograda (an International Council of Graphic Design Associations) as part of a series on best-selling subjects like logos and packaging, this book invites you to broaden your creative horizons. So get ready to embark on a new design adventure that just might turn out to be next season's biggest trend.
9780781751049 Menkes Child Neurology. 7ed. 2006 Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
"Revised to incorporate the latest advances in the neurosciences and clinical neurology, the Seventh Edition of this classic text provides practical, cost-effective problem-solving approaches to all diseases affecting the developing nervous system. In clinically relevant terms, the book explains how recent developments in molecular biology, genetics, neurochemistry, neurophysiology, neuropathology, and neuroimaging impact on diagnosis and treatment.
9781560555063 Sutphin, Joh Basic and Clinical Science Course (BCSC) 2005/6 Eurospan
Discusses immune-mediated disorders, congenital anomalies, degenerations, dystrophies, and neoplasms of the cornea and conjunctiva. Also covered are trauma and toxic injuries, corneal transplantation, ocular surface disorders, and refractive surgery.
9781405457873 Baby s First Books Grange Books
9780071425421 Bauer Handbook of clinical pharmacokinetics McGraw-Hill
Designed for pharmacists and clinicians responsible for adjusting drug dosages based on the patient blood serum concentrations and other parameters, this indispensable, portable reference offers a variety of ways to perform pharmacokinetic calculations. It also features calculation methods, algorithms for choosing the best calculation method, and case studies.
9781840652819 The Small Garden Anova
This is a guide to making the best of small spaces, from choosing a style to designing the garden, and from selecting plants to advice on planting up. It looks at plot shapes and shows you how to create the right style for the setting.
9781741143386 Hammond, Vic Letters from St. Petersburg Orion Publishers
A first hand account of life in contemporary Russia which effortlessly fuses past and present, art and life, reality and fiction, and reveals the beauty, strength and wonder of the places and people that lie behind Russia`s crumbling facades.
9780847822539 20th Century Factory Glass ROY.P.Jensen
9780323036498 Bruce Carlso Human Embryology and Developmental Biology Updated Edition, Elsevier Science
Now with access to full text on line plus many other extras, this completely revised and updated new edition delivers comprehensive, clearly written coverage of the development of the human embryo from conception to birth. Using a classical morphological approach to embryology, it offers mechanistic explanations for both normal and abnormal human development, enabling readers to understand development in terms of cellular and molecular controls. And, a wealth of reader-friendly features make this resource exceptionally user friendly.
9782843233463 T~Shirt Book~Charlotte Brunel. Pb Assouline
9780781746502 Coleman Ultrasonography of the Eye and Orbit. 2006 Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
"Written by well-known leaders in ophthalmic ultrasonography, this volume is a complete guide to the use of ultrasound as a primary diagnostic tool in ophthalmology. This thoroughly revised Second Edition reflects the latest developments in three-dimensional ultrasound and other advanced technologies and the expanding clinical role of ultrasound, including its use in refractive surgery, post-LASIK evaluation, and neuro-ophthalmology.
9781840136722 Military Aircraft: 1914 to the present day (Ls) Grange Books
Each aircraft is described in detail, with full specifications and squadron information and provides a fascinating history of military aviation from World War I to the present day.
9780007102167 Penny Junor Firm, The HarperCollins UK
It would be hard to invent a group of personalities more extraordinary than the British Royal Family - known as 'The Firm' by Prince Philip. With an eye on the past, present and future, this book takes an up-to-date look at how the family really operates and reveals how they behave behind closed doors. With showbiz stars and sporting celebrities now attracting the adulation once afforded to royalty, "The Firm" questions what monarchy is for. Is it a hangover from the past, an expensive anachronism, a relic of a bygone age of deference and hierarchy, or is it an important and relevant part of Britain in the 21st century - something that gives stability and continuity to the country, and richness and glamour to our national life in ways that a republic never could? If so, do the media mock, hound and criticize the Royal Family at their peril? Has Prince Charles sacrificed the throne for love? Could Prince William decide that the long lenses and the scrutiny of his private life is too high a price to pay? Penny will also look at how the dynamics of the royal household have changed over the last year and what repercussions these changes will have. Whilst in the hardback edition Penny Junor was able to discuss the implications of Charles and Camilla's marriage only two months after it was announced, the paperback promises to offer a host of new surprises and implication for the future of the House of Windsor, as well as an inside view of how The Firm have taken in their newest member. Whatever happens over the next year, we can be sure that Penny will update this paperback edition to make it an essential buy for anyone who has even a passing interest in Britain's most dysfunctional and fascinating family.
9780007111381 Laurie R. Ki Justice Hall HarperCollins UK
The latest in Laurie R King's hugely popular Mary Russell mystery series: 'Beguiling variation on Sherlock Holmes sequels...civilized, ingenious and engrossing' -- Literary Review Hours after Holmes and Russell return from solving the murky riddle of The Moor, a bloodied but oddly familiar stranger pounds desperately on their front door, pleading for their help. When he recovers, he lays before them the story of the enigmatic Marsh Hughenfort, younger brother of the Duke of Beauville, returned to England upon his brother's death, determined to learn the truth about the untimely death of the hall's expected heir...a puzzle he is convinced only Holmes and Russell can solve. It's a mystery that begins during the Great War of 1918, when young Gabriel Hughenfort, the late Duke's only son, died amidst scandalous rumors that have haunted the family ever since. While Holmes heads to London to uncover the truth of Gabriel's war record, Russell joins an ill-fated shooting party. A missing diary, a purloined bundle of letters, and a trail of ominous clues comprise a mystery that will call for Holmes's cleverest disguises and Russell's most daring journeys into the unknown...from an English ha The trap is set, the game is afoot, but can they catch an elusive villain in the act of murder before they become his next victims?
9780007225842 Compiled by Times Bumper Su Doku, The HarperCollins UK
9780007157600 David Edding Elder Gods, The HarperCollins UK
New series, new world, and a glorious story destined to reach the biggest audience yet. They are called the Dreamers. They look like sleeping children. They are, in fact, Gods. There are eight elder Gods, four awake, four asleep, by turns. When they sleep, they sleep for eons. The only time the Gods are vulnerable is when the sleepers awake. Knowing this, the Ruler of the Wasteland, ambitious to become a God by destroying Gods, watches and waits, marshalling troops for war. So it is that the coming of the Dreamers passes unnoticed in the Wasteland. But the world is soon out of kilter, it is being dreamed, and the awakening of gods is no simple transition. The sleeping Gods are stirring. When they wake the battle will begin. There will be trickery and deception. Tribes of humans, creatures of the deep, the sea itself and the earth, the weather and the divinities, all will play their part in the epic struggle against the Ruler of the Wasteland. In their own exquisitely effortless style, David and Leigh Eddings weave a web around the reader of magic, mystery and humour. The Elder Gods the first in a new and eagerly anticipated series of four books from the bestselling authors David and Leigh Eddings. It is a magical, action-packed, totally engaging and characterful novel on the grandest scale.
9780006479239 Bradbury Ray Martian Chronicles, The HarperCollins UK
Colonists from Earth were few at first, and most of them suffered the illness called The Loneliness - because when you saw your home town, then your home planet, dwindle to the size of a fist, you felt you had never been born. Then came the overwhelming strangeness they would find on Mars.
9780002189002 Ernie Els, W How to Build a Classic Golf Swing HarperCollins UK
The two-time US Open champion offers practical advice on the basic fundamentals of grip and posture, before describing how to build the class golf swing for which he is so famous. Ernie Els is widely regarded as the most exciting player in world golf. He has recorded a string of victories on the international circuit and is renowned for having one of the most elegant and classic swings on the tour. A typical Els trademark is that he makes the game appear so easy. One of the longest drivers in the game, he has a great touch with the irons as well as that priceless ability to manufacture the perfect shot for any given situation. His inspirational book contains lots of straightforward advice, ranging from the fundamentals of aim, grip and posture through to building the classic swing, much of it using real-life examples. Every club in the bag receives the full treatment -- the driver, long-irons, mid-irons and pitching clubs, plus a section on one of the most difficult shots in the game, the long bunker shot. Accompanied by detailed swing sequences and colour action shots, his book is sure to improve your performance on the course, from tee to green.
9780786939138 Races of Dragon Random House (USA)
9780743262026 Clinton, Hil Living History Simon & Schuster
9780521676601 Guy Brook-Ha Business Benchmark Upper Intermediate BULATS edition Audio CDs (2) Cambridge University Press
Business Benchmark is a brand new 3-level Business English course for BEC or BULATS exams and can also be used independently of these exams for general Business English courses. The Student's Book provides lower-intermediate level students with essential business language and vocabulary and provides training and practice for the BEC Preliminary exam, using real BEC exam tasks provided by Cambridge ESOL.
9780521677462 Michael McCa English Vocabulary in Use: Advanced Edition with answers and CD-ROM Cambridge University Press
This top-selling vocabulary book is now available with a CD-ROM offering hundreds of completely new exercises. The CD-ROM has a built-in dictionary with full definitions and example sentences of key vocabulary. Students can listen to audio recordings, create their own tests and make personal notes within the dictionary.
9783540312420 Thiel Photographischer Atlas der Praktischen Anatomie Springer
9780552154475 Micheal Cord Lucifer Code Transworld Publishers
What happens to us when we die? Oblivion. Or so believes Dr Miles Fleming, a brilliant, young neuroscientist who has developed a device capable of reading human brainwaves. But when his own brother contacts him after being certified dead for six whole minutes, Fleming wonders if he's got it all wrong. His search for the truth uncovers a terrifying religious conspiracy to stage the most ambitious experiment the world has ever seen - to prove beyond doubt the existence of a heaven or a hell. As the world awaits the final judgment, Fleming must confront his own demons to save not only his own soul but that of all humanity. "The Lucifer Code" pits the faith of religion against the certainty of science in a heart stopping thriller which explores our deepest fears.
9780470019337 Jetliner Cabins Wiley
Showcases the high-efficiency aircraft: Airbus A380-800; Boeing B787 Dreamliner; Bombardier Cseries; Embraer E-Jets, the Legacy and the Phenom 100 and 300; and, passenger-service products for the first, business and economy class.
9780273651611 Michel Glaut Accounting-Theory and Practice Pearson Education
Accounting Theory and Practice is a comprehensive and wide-ranging textbook on the theory and practice of modern financial and management accounting. It provides a theoretical framework for the understanding of accounting, and an appreciation of the purpose of various accounting practices. Accounting Theory and Practice is an essential text for first year and second year undergraduate degree courses in accounting, first year MBA courses, professional accountancy examinations and practising accountants who want a broader view of the accounting process.
9780486442419 Atkin R. An Introduction to the Theory of Elasticity Dover
9780307276476 Kazuo Ishigu Never Let Me Go Random House (USA)
9780764586699 Daniel Moran CliffsNotes on Orwell s Animal Farm Wiley
At once an allegory for both utopia and totalitarianism, George Orwell's Animal Farm expresses a dismal view of humans and their attempts to create a just society without compassion, history, and nonviolence. CliffsNotes on Animal Farm opens the door to help you appreciate Orwell's unforgettable morality tale. Count on CliffsNotes' plot summaries and detailed commentary to guide you through this anti-utopian novel that entertains as it teaches.
9780787961176 Michael Guri Boys and Girls Learn Differently!: A Guide for Teachers and Parents Wiley
This work confronts a controversial manifesto for a new way to educate our kids based on brain science, neurological development, chemical and hormonal disparities, and on how the fundamental differences between boys and girls are hard wired effects on how they learn.
9780764526374 Charles de K Training Strategies for Dressage Riders, 2nd Edition Wiley
Dressage, the art of making horse and rider move gracefully as one, is a popular competitive sport at horse shows and the Olympics. This book offers a complete training system for both horse and rider, paying attention to how a rider`s actions can influence a mount.
9780470091180 Stephen M. F The Bank Analyst s Handbook: Money, Risk and Conjuring Tricks Wiley
It is not uncommon to meet professionals in financial services who ha only a vague idea of what their colleagues actually do. The root cause is specialization and the subsequent development of jargon that makes communication between common specialists faster and more precise but is virtually impenetrable to everybody else.
The Bank Analyst’s Handbook provides a modern introduction to financial markets and intermediation. Individual subject areas are covered in a thorough but clear and succinct manner. The breadth of the author’s experience as a sell-side bank analyst is exploited to good effect to pull together these threads and create a coherent framework for the analysis of financial markets, whether these are in advanced economies or developing markets.
9780471470151 Faye C. McQu Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning: Analysis and Design, 6th Edition Wiley
Based on the most recent standards from ASHRAE, the sixth edition provides complete and up-to-date coverage of all aspects of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. You'll find the latest load calculation procedures, indoor air quality procedures, and issues related to ozone depletion. Also integrated throughout the text are numerous worked examples that clearly show you how to apply the concepts in realistic scenarios. The revision of this text continues to offer comprehensive treatment of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning concepts: all material is based on the updated "ASHRAE Handbook" and product criteria and uses both SI and English units; practical, realistic problems are presented and the latest procedures and issues are covered; and suitable for advanced study in HVAC mechanical engineering, architectural engineering, and mechanical engineering technology departments.
9780470014561 Badi H. Balt Econometric Analysis of Panel Data, 3rd Edition Wiley
This new edition of this established textbook reflects the rapid developments in the field covering the vast research that has been conducted on panel data since its initial publication. The book is packed with the most recent empirical examples from pal data literature, for example, a simultaneous equation on Crime will be added to chapter 7, which will be illustrated with STATA. Data sets will be provided as well as the programs to implement the estimation and testing procedures described in the book on the web site. Additional exercises will be added to each chapter and their solutions will be provided on the web site. The text has also been fully updated with new material on dynamic panel data models and recent results on non-linear panel models and in particular work on limited dependent variables panel data models.
9780471778875 Auri Rahimza Hacking the PSPTM: Cool Hacks, Mods, and Customizations for the Sony Playstation Portable Wiley
Over 500,000 Sony PlayStation Portables were sold in their first two days on the market. Hacks include adding an external Wi-Fi antenna, saving Xbox games on thSP, transferring movies and TiVo-recorded shows to it, and running Linux on a PSP. This book shows readers how to access the hidden Web browser and surf the Web on a PSP, turn it into a USB hard drive, add solar power, and use a PSP as a universal remote control. It gives readers the information they need to create their own PSP hacks.
9781574446593 Boothroyd, G Fundamentals of Machining and Machine Tools, Third Edition Taylor&Francis
Reflecting changes in machining practice, Fundamentals of Machining and Machine Tools, Third Edition emphasizes the economics of machining processes and design for machining. This edition includes new material on super-hard cutting tool materials, tool geometries, and surface coatings. It describes recent developments in high-speed machining, hard machining, and cutting fluid applications such as dry and minimum-quantity lubrication machining. It presents analytical methods that outline the limitations of various appaches. This edition also features expanded information on tool geometries for chip breaking and control as well as improvements in cost modeling of machining processes.
9780415975032 Edited by Su Chick Lit: Popularizing Fiction for Women Taylor&Francis
"Chick Lit" is the first book-length scholarly exploration of what has become a major pop culture movement, from "Bridget Jones's Diary" to "Four Blondes". This edited collection of original and intriguing essays examines the chick lit phenomenon from a variety of angles, including race, sexuality, class and gender to account for its popularity and the intense reactions - both positive and negative - it has provoked. Despi the extensive popular discussion of 'chick lit,' there remains relatively little scholarly material that explores the phenomenon. Filling a gap in the field, this book is essential reading for those studying or interested in literature, women's studies, cultural studies, and film and media studies. Given the popularity of chick lit in both the US and the UK, it will also appeal to a broad international readership.
9780824740566 Gurevich, Vl Protection Devices and Systems for High-voltage Applications Marcel Dekker
9780323026475 Etsuro Motoy Smith s Anesthesia for Infants and Children, Elsevier Science
The gold standard in paediatric anaesthesia reference books is back in a thoroughly revised and updated 7th Edition. Once again, renowned contributors provide exhaustive overview of both basic science and clinical practice for every aspect of this specialty. A wealth of new chapters, new content, and a new DVD-ROM featuring video and colour-slide presentations makes this book the only must-have resource for all paediatric anesthetists! "Anesthesia & Analgesia" judged the previous edition a modern classic, and noted that each chapter is well written, clear, and concise.
9788496429178 Town Houses: Architectural Houses Art Books Intl Ltd
9780071105231 Mcphee Pathophysiology Of Disease: An Introduction To Clinical Medicine McGraw-Hill
9783131431516 Dietrich Endoscopic Ultrasound Thieme Verlagsgruppe
Endoscopic ultrasound (EUS) is now considered one of the most essential and cost-effective techniques in the assessment of a wide range of gastrointestinal diseases. A remarkably versatile, minimally invasive procedure, it also calls for a high level of anatomic knowledge and technical prowess. This lavishly illustrated volume -- a textbook and atlas in one -- offers medical professionals the most comprehensive overview of EUS available, as well as a wealth of valuable insights from diverse leaders in the field.Features:More than 900 up-to-date, superior-quality imagesClear, step-by-step instructions for all current procedures and techniquesLogical, easy-to-use structure throughout, including the requisite anatomy and pathologyStrategies for selecting patients and procedures, including hygiene requirements, informed consent, patient positioning and monitoring, and morePrecise clinical descriptions and valuable tips and techniques for diagnosis and treatmentGuidance on the successful handling of needling and cathetersInsightful discussions of the uses and limitations of evolving techniquesChapters on contrast-enhanced EUS techniques and SonoElastographyDesigned specifically for specialists and trainees in gastroenterology, pneumology, and surgery,Endoscopic Ultrasound -- with its broad scope and up-to-date information -- is also essential reading for anyone wishing to explore and exploit the potential of state-of-the-art EUS.
9784897375151 SPA-DE v.2 ACC-distribution titles
Presents an international selection of distinctive environments, displays and products from the world`s hippest interior designers and architects.
9781416025412 Michael Fede Diagnostic Imaging: Abdomen, Elsevier Science
In a 4-color format, this book offers guidance on diagnostic imaging of the abdomen. It presents details for each diagnosis, representative images, case data and references.
9780443074899 Maciocia Foundations of Chinese Medicine SP Elsevier Science
Covers the theory of traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture, and discusses in detail the use of the acupuncture points and the principles of treatment. This book is based on reference to ancient and modern Chinese texts, and explains the application of theory in a Western practice context.
9780007228621 Tracy Quan Diary of a Married Call Girl HarperCollins UK
Nancy finds that as life goes on, she has to adapt. She`s learning to hone her respectable image as the wife of investment banker Matt. Volume is down, but the sex is kinkier. And she finds herself pulled into the discreet subculture of the married call girl. Meanwhile, Matt wants a baby. Motherhood could end her career for good.
9780521811101 Mark De Rond Strategic Alliances as Social Facts Cambridge Academ
How can we explain a proliferation of alliances when the probability of failure is higher than success? And why have we emphasized their order, manageability and predictability whilst acknowledging that they tend to be experienced as messy, politically charged and unpredictable? Mark de Rond, in this provocative book, sets out to address such paradoxes. Based on in-depth case studies of three major biotechnology alliances, he suggests that we need theories to explain idiosyncracy as well as social order. He argues that such theories must allow for social conduct to be active and self-directed but simultaneously inert and constrained, thus permitting voluntarism, determinism, and serendipity alike to explain causation in alliance life. The book offers a highly original combination of insights from social theory and intellectual history with more mainstream strategic management and organizations literature. It is a refreshing and thought-provoking analysis that will appeal to practitioner and academic researcher alike.
9780060893439 New Hotels 3 HarperCollins USA
This book provides a visual journey through the most spectacular minimalist houses of the last few years. While other architectural styles have come and gone, the simple, perfect expression of space and form that minimalism affords had endured. "New Minimalist Houses" is a mixture of pureness of space, light and form, combined with functionality and flexibility.

This book presents an all-new selection of houses from around the world that combine the clearness, simplicity, and spirituality of minimalism, along with practical solutions that offer an enjoyable place in which to live. Special attention is given to the treatment of materials, finishes, and furniture to guide and inspire the reader.
9781740597241 London new map 1 Lonely Planet
9781416524243 Deaver Twelfth Card Simon & Schuster
9780671041519 Grubb, Jeff Warcraft: The Last Guardian Simon & Schuster
The guardians of Tirisfal are a line of champions gifted with godlike powers, each one through the ages charged with fighting a lonely secret war against the Burning Legion. Medivh was fated to become the greatest and most powerful of this noble order.
9780141023403 Saul Bellow Seize the Day Penguin Books Ltd
Tommy Wilhelm is a worried man. Once charming, he has failed to make it big as an actor in Hollywood, left his family and lost his job as a salesman. Now he lives in the Hotel Gloriana in New York City, while his successful father lectures him about changing his life.

But Wilhelm clings to the hope that his luck is about to turn and has given his last $700 to the mysterious, philosophizing Dr Tamkin to invest. Is the smooth-talking Tamkin ripping Wilhelm off? Or does he offer him one last chance to make it out of this mess?
9780141441139 Forster, E.M Maurice Penguin Books Ltd
9780808923565 Gartner Color Textbook of Histology 3rd Elsevier Science
9780486447544 Bridaham Les The Gargoyle Book: 572 Examples from Gothic Architecture Dover
9780500513279 Sarah Mower Gucci By Gucci Thames & Hudson
Bringing together the history of the Florentine family-owned saddler that has imprinted its name on the fashion consciousness, this title is both a history of the company and a visual exploration of its far-reaching influence.
9780552554107 Paolini Eldest Transworld Publishers
9782080304919 Francine Der Robert Doisneau: Paris Thames & Hudson
9780500236215 Max Ernst Collages Thames & Hudson
9780500284698 Tristan Manc Street Logos Thames & Hudson
Graffiti art is constantly changing. New artists, new ideas and new tactics displace faded images in a perpetual process of renewal and metamorphosis. This text is a worldwide celebration of these new developments in 21st century graffiti, by the author of `Stencil Graffiti`.
9780500300732 Edith Flamar Cleopatra Thames & Hudson
Fifty years before the birth of Christ, in the Egyptian city of Alexandria, reigned Cleopatra. This work explores the history and the myth of this legendary woman who has magnetically captured the imagination of writers and artists from Plutarch to Shakespeare and Cecil B. DeMille.
9780500541944 Gilles Mora Edward Weston Thames & Hudson
9780714119472 Derek A. Wel The Medieval Kingdoms of Nubia Thames & Hudson
9780714124407 J. M. Rogers Mughal Miniatures Thames & Hudson
Featuring illustrations from the collection of the British Museum, this book explores the development of Mughal painting from its early beginnings to the masterpieces created by the court studios for the books and albums of their demanding imperial patrons. It provides an introduction to the paintings, painters and royal patrons of Mughal India.
9780764156496 Jaffrey, Mad Madhur jaffrey indian cooking Barron`s educational series, inc
9780764100314 Beaton Bilingual 1st opposites. spanish Barron`s educational series, inc
This volume provides an introduction to first essential words in a foreign language.
9780849393877 Yury Gogotsi Nanotubes and Nanofibers Taylor&Francis
9781412921343 Clarke J et Creating Citizen-Consumers Sage Publications
Explores theoretical, political, policy and practice issues that arise in the shift towards consumerism. This book offers an understanding of the relationships between people and services, and argues for a model based on interdependence, respect, and partnership. It is intended for those studying social policy and cultural studies.
9782940378074 Photographing People Pb Rockport/Rotovision
Showcasing professional lighting techniques featuring innovative work from photographers around the world, this paperback edition covers the genres of portraits, fashion and glamour photography. For every featured photograph, the lighting setup is illustrated by helpful 3D diagrams, along with explanations and advice on potential problems.
9780387290782 Mathis Percutaneous Vertebroplasty and Kyphoplasty Springer
This Second Edition has been thoroughly revised to reflect recent advances in the field of percutaneous vertebroplasty. Obsolete sections have been replaced with cutting-edge material, such as an in-depth look at the latest bone cements and devices. Chapters outline spine anatomy, medical management, and patient selection.

The text is enhanced by a wealth of illustrations. The addition of practical and challenging case studies furthers the focus of the previous edition by bridging the gap between theory an practice for spine interventionalists, radiologists, neuroradiologists, orthopedic surgeons, and neurosurgeons. New to the Second Edition: new data on alternate routes for therapy, sacroplasty, and treating tumors; new treatment techniques; updated examination of biomechanics; new material on complications; inclusion of vertebroplasty and kyphoplasty cases; expanded presentation of ACR and SIR care standards; and, new figures and color images.
9789040088179 Johannes Vermeer 1632-1675 ACC-distribution titles
Takes a look at the role Vermeer played in Dutch art in the 17th century. Examines 4 paintings by Vermmer in the Riijkmuseum`s collection - `The Little Street`, `The Kitchen Maid`, `Woman Reading a Letter` and `The Love Letter` - which span is whole career.
9788842213659 Masterpieces Of Painting: Poldi Pezzoli ACC-distribution titles
9780750666282 Lang Urban Design Elsevier Science
9780750636841 Brett Illustrated Dictionary of Building Elsevier Science
Intended for practitioners and students on GNVQ, NVQ Construction and The Built Environment and Building Craft Operative courses. This guide provides an insight into the building industry as a whole, and serves as a useful reference for those in Higher Education on Professional, Architectural and other associated courses with a building element.
9781570628528 Hoff, Feliks Kyudo Random House (USA)
The samurai tradition of archery known as Kyudo integrates the study of technical skills with the development of a focused mind. This text is a clearly written guide to a martial art that is practised by many people in Japan but is little known in the West.
9780767903035 Schroeder, G The Science of God Random House (USA)
9780812971286 Mailer, Norm The Spooky Art Random House (USA)
9780940322455 Turgenev, Iv Virgin Soil Random House (USA)
9780679603313 Thompson, Hu Hell s Angels Random House (USA)
9780812968637 Wistrich, Ro Hitler and the Holocaust Random House (USA)
9780812970036 Twain Mark A Tramp Abroad Random House (USA)
9780375718991 Mitford, Nan The Pursuit of Love and Love in a Cold Climate Random House (USA)
9780679425106 Tornabene, W La Cucina Siciliana di Gangivecchio/Gangivecchio s Sicilian Kitchen Random House (USA)
9780385042352 Sloan, Alfre My Years with General Motors Random House (USA)
9780060820497 King, Carol Unique Homes: personalize your home HarperCollins USA
9780517229279 Dickens Char A Christmas Carol And The Night Before Christmas, Deluxe Edition Random House (USA)
9780781798914 Morrey Master Techniques in Orthopaedic Surgery: Surgical Exposures Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
Demonstrates approximately 100 of the widely used surgical exposures. This title is illustrated with full-color, sequential photographs of anatomic dissections, with accompanying drawings by a noted medical illustrator to give surgeons a full understanding of what they will encounter in a patient.
9780486997445 Appelbaum St Treasury of Chinese Designs CD-ROM and Book Dover
9780486997728 Menges Jeff Pirates CD-ROM and Book Dover
9780471756071 Sustainable Residential Interiors Wiley
Offers designers with the information and tools to integrate environmentally responsible design into their practice. This book covers topics such as indoor air quality, identifying low-impact materials, conserving energy and water, and support of construction teams in reducing waste.
9780071104418 Katzung Basic & Clinical Pharmacology. 2007 McGraw-Hill
9780340820308 Louise Wener Goodnight Steve McQueen Hodder
Danny McQueen`s day job in the video shop is just to pay the rent until his band makes it big. He`s been coasting for years now and sees no reason to change. But when his girlfriend is offered a job in Bruges, she issues him with an ultimatum: get a job or a contract, or get a new girlfriend.
9780340712665 Amanda Brook Single Lives Hodder
Annie and Marina have shared a London flat for years and, in spite of very different outlooks on life, have become very close. When Marina unexpectedly falls head over heels in love, Annie is left feeling very alone, facing the prospect of her worst fears coming true.
9780764319907 Digby Smith Prussian Army - to 1815 Schiffer
This book is a comprehensive study of the Prussian army from its inception in the first standing troops, raised as his personal guards by the Elector Johann Georg of Brandenburg in 1571, to the dramatic defeat of the Emperor Napoleon I at Waterloo in 1815. It was an army whose character and capabilities were formed by the Prussian kings Frederick William I and, crucially, by Frederick the Great. The history of each regiment is presented with details of the uniforms worn, down to the regimental lace decorations and the many grenadier cap plates, the various colonels in chief who owned the regiment and the battles and clashes in which each took part. Not only uniform and saddlery details are to be found here; there is also comprehensive information on the colours and standards carried by each regiment, and their fate if lost in battle. The book is copiously illustrated with over a hundred colour and black and white plates, the majority now published for the first time since they were first executed over two hundred years ago. Photographs of contemporary items have been included, many of them from the Military Museum in Rastatt, Germany. Only the best and most reliable German language sources have been used in putting this work together.
9780764323812 Frank C. Ru Carving Animal Canes & Walking Sticks Schiffer
Carve lifelike animal-handled canes and walking sticks with power tools. Over 180 clear color photos and concise, informative text take the reader through all the tools, techniques, and individual steps, from carving the blank and setting the eyes to texturing the fur and painting the finished handle. Patterns are provided for fifteen projects to make handles that depict an elephant, bear, sheep, bison, chimpanzee, horse, dog, groundhog, cobra, lion, rabbit, squirrel, tiger, and walrus. Instructions are given for procuring, sizing, and fastening shafts. This book will challenge and delight the novice and inspire a seasoned wood carver.
9780764324598 Tina Skinne Outdoor Rooms: Fresh-Air Kitchens and Living Areas Schiffer
This is the ultimate guide to creating an outdoor oasis in your very own backyard. Hundreds of images illustrate creative ideas for turning a simple lawn into a fresh-air room. Topics covered include using landscaping to create "walls" and a sense of space. Design possibilities of wood, poured concrete, brick, tile, gravel, natural stone, and concrete pavers are explored. Consider decorating loggias, patios, courtyards, covered porches, decks, lanais, and rooftops, as well as temporary structures. Learn how to furnish an outdoor room. A large section on outdoor kitchens provides ideas for outdoor designs hottest trend. Designers, contractors, architects, and homeowners will love the multitude of ideas for fashioning amazing outdoor spaces.
9780887406997 Pam Gresham Chip Carving the Southwest Schiffer
The patterns of the Southwest have delighted tourists and art lovers for hundreds of years. In this new book by Pam Gresham they are incorporated into the art of chip carving, a marriage that works beautifully! Pam gives the carver many patterns and ideas, while helping them carry out the techniques of layout and execution. The intricacy of the geometric patterns are pleasing to the eye and give the carver a real sense of accomplishment. Each step is illustrated with a color photograph, every project is accompanied by accurate drawings to assist you in laying out the pattern. A gallery of finished projects gives the carver some idea of the limitless possibilities.
9780765314574 Baker In the Garden of Iden Holtzbrink(MPS)
In the twenty-fourth century, the Company preserves works of art and extinct forms of life. It recruits orphans from the past, renders them all but immortal, and trains them to serve the Company. One of these is Mendoza, the botanist, who is sent to Elizabethan England to collect samples from the garden of Sir Walter Iden.
9780132271653 Patricia Ell Business English for the 21st Century Pearson Education
Appropriate for Courses in Business English and Business Communication with a grammar focus. Reorganized and streamlined for this edition, Business English for the 21st Century, Fourth Edition equips readers with the basic tools and techniques needed to be an effective writer. Using a simple yet comprehensive approach, it begins with the basic building blocks of English, moves through ordinary sentence structure to more sophisticated writing and self-editing skills, and encourages readers to learn more about the system of language.

New to this edition are chapters clustered into thematic units, unit reviews, integrated author's comments, PowerPoint slides, and proofreading exercises designed to prepare students for the challenges of business communication.
9780321123978 Jack Davis Photoshop 7 Wow! Book, The Pearson Education
Using full-color pictures of professionally designed Photoshop projects, this volume focuses on the visuals and lays out the steps required to re-create the results in your own projects.
9780273676201 Tim Sutton Corporate Financial Accounting and Reporting Pearson Education
This comprehensive accounting textbook is directed at those using financial reports. Its aim is to help current and future managers gain a thorough understanding of companies` published reports.
9781592533534 Little Book of Big Packaging Ideas Rockport/Rotovision
What makes a package successful? How do designers find the inspiration and execute the designs that really work? This compendium of package design answers these and other questions. It covers inspiration, process, design research, working with clients, planning and execution of some of the effective packages on the market.
9781844081790 Dunant,Sarah Transgressions Little, Brown
From the writer of `THE BIRTH OF VENUS` comes this psychological thriller where the means of survival are just as shocking as surrender.
9780349119854 Harford,Tim Undercover economist Little, Brown
A brilliant and eye-opening explanation of the economics of everyday life - Britain's answer to Freakonomics (REVISED AND UPDATED)
9780781772457 Fix BRS Neuroanatomy Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
Useful for medical students preparing for the USMLE Step 1 and other examinations, this book presents the essentials of human neuroanatomy in an outline format with illustrations. It includes over 600 USMLE-style questions with answers and explanations. It uses color to delineate neuroanatomical pathways and highlight clinical correlations.
9781864702569 Pocketful Of Apartments, A Images
Many view apartment-living as the way of the future, and this book demonstrates just why it can be so desirable. With over 50 apartments set in the various destinations, it demonstrates why so many people are choosing to call an apartment home. It also offers a glimpse into some of the world`s beautiful homes, from penthouses to pied-a-terres.
9780671318451 Heinlein Rob Orphans of the Sky Simon & Schuster
9780789308115 Mark Montano Super Suite Rizzoli USA
Dynamic and affordable room makeovers for tweens and teens.
9780486240084 Film-Star Portraits of the Fifties: 163 Glamor Photos Dover
9780140282924 Colin Jones Paris: BIOGRAPHY OF A CITY Penguin Books Ltd
Recreating the ups and downs in the history of Paris and its inhabitants, this book seeks to give a sense of the city as it was lived in and experienced over time. It is intended for habitual Paris obsessives, for first-time visitors, and for those who know the city only by repute.
9780099502876 Eliza Oberbe The Dressmaker Random House
Monsieur Claude is known throughout France for his talent for making fabulous clothes. The most elegant women in Paris regularly make the pilgrimage to the village of Senlis to be charmed by the tailor. He is too old to fall in love. Then, one afternoon, in a cloud of spring blossom, Mademoiselle Valentine de Verlay arrives on Claude`s doorstep.
9780747587613 Sage, Angie Physik: Septimus Heap Book 3 Bloomsbury
A baby girl is rescued from a snowy path in the woods. A baby boy is stillborn. A young Queen is taken ill.

An ExtraOrdinary Wizard mysteriously resigns from his post. And all on the same night. A string of events, seemingly unconnected, begins to converge ten years later, when the Heap family receive a knock at the door.

The evil Necromancer DomDaniel is plotting his comeback and a Major Obstacle resides in the Heap family. Life as they know is about to change, and the most fantastically fast-paced adventure of confused identities, magyk and mayhem, begin.
9780571223862 Marcus Greil Like a Rolling Stone Faber
In 1965, one song defined a generation caught the questing spirit of the era and changed the rules of the possible in popular music for all time. This book captures the heady atmosphere of the recording studio in 1965 as witnessed by many clustered around the mercurial genius from Minnesota.
9780099283584 Highsmith Pa Ripley Under Ground Random House
The Buckmaster Gallery is staging another Derwatt exhibition, but now an American collector claims that the expensive masterpiece he bought three years ago is a fake. Ripley needs the perfect solution to keep his role in the fraud a secret and his reputation clean but not everyone`s nerves are as steady as his. Especially when it comes to murder.
9780789315342 Martin Steve French Postcards Rizzolli
A racy romp through the romantic beginnings of modern erotica.
9780786891177 Albom, Mitch For One More Day HarperCollins USA
9780486457512 Meyrick Samu Meyrick s Medieval Knights and Armour Dover
9780415374880 Bulmer Policy Transfer in European Union Governance Taylor&Francis
9780387338163 Thubrikar Vascular Mechanisc & Pathology. 2007 Springer
9780123736772 Baars Cognition, Brain, and Consciousness. 2007 Elsevier Science
Intended as a textbook for psychology, neuroscience, pre-medical students, and those interested in the neuroscience of cognition. This book features a thematic approach which builds on widely understood concepts in psychology, such as working memory, selective attention, and social cognition.
9780387689784 Chan Optic Nerve Disorders Springer
The optic nerve and the brain comprise the main anatomic components of neuro-ophthalmology. Although there are numerous handbooks and major texts describing all the common disorders of neuro-ophthalmology, Optic Nerve Disorders is the only practical reference book focusing only on common optic nerve disorders. The author discusses diagnosis, pathophysiology, management, and prognosis of complex optic nerve disorders. Optic Nerve Disorders is organized by optic nerve diagnoses commonly encountered in a neuro-ophthalmologic practice. It is written in a clear, concise style for quick, easy reference in the clinic.Each chapter is formatted in a similar manner and thoroughly discusses epidemiology, diagnosis (by clinical signs and symptoms and by electrophysiologic, ocular and neuroimaging techniques), pathophysiology, management (by both conventional treatments and experimental/newer medications under consideration) and prognosis.Updated information on diagnostics techniques, such as OCT, mfVEP, mfERG, VEP, ERG, the Heidleberg Tomograph and Gdx Nerve Fiber Analyzer, for imaging of the optic nerve will be incorporated into each of the chapters. Updated genetic testing for hereditary optic neuropathies will also be covered. Diagnosis of neuro-ophthalmologic disorders with newer neuroimaging techniques, such as PET, SPECT, and diffusion-weighted imaging, will be explained. New data from clinical studies, such as beta-interferons for optic neuritis, will be presented for the management of each disorder.Optic Nerve Disorders also provides an update on the latest clinical techniques in diagnosing specific optic nerve disorders and gives the most recent theories on pathophysiology. Current management recommendations for each disorder are also outlined. Neurologists and ophthalmologists will find this book useful when they need a practical reference for incorporating optic nerve evaluation in their clinical practice.
9780306467707 Hayat M.A. Microscopy, Immunohistochemistry, and Antigen Retrieval Methods / For Light and Electron Microscopy Springer
Histochemistry deals with the activities of chemical components in cells, and immunohistochemistry addresses the function of cell types in tissue or organs, such as those leading to acceptance or rejection of grafts or organs. This book is a methods volume focusing on antigen retrieval, particularly methods used in disease-related antigens. Because the book is a methods volume and a lab manual, it will have an audience of pathologists, biochemists, and lab technicians.
9780387308579 Mangard Power Analysis Attacks Springer
A comprehensive treatment of power analysis attacks and countermeasures. Based on the principle that the only way to defend against power analysis attacks is to understand them, this book explains how power analysis attacks work. It discusses simple and differential power analysis as well as advanced techniques like template attacks.
9783540459002 Zhu Ling Compulsory Insurance and Compensation for Bunker Oil Pollution Damage Springer
Oil tankers are not the only vessels that have caused oil pollution at sea. Numerous spills in the past have been of heavy fuel oil from non-tankers. However, the international liability and compensation regime covered only oil pollution damage caused by oil tankers. There was thus a need to bring the law on marine oil pollution responsive to oil pollution damage caused by non-tankers.  In March 2001, the International Convention on Civil Liability for Bunker Oil Pollution Damage was adopted following a diplomatic conference at the International Maritime Organization. Though this convention has not yet come into force, its various aspects should already be considered as they will surely affect the maritime industry as a whole and the non-tanker sector, in particular. This book provides a timely and comprehensive study on the concept of compulsory insurance, its main purpose of ensuring compensation and its interrelations with other features such as the rule of strict liability and the limitation of liability under the convention.
9780333692837 Davies Norm The Isles Pan Macmillan
A controversial history of the `British Isles`, including Ireland. This book emphasizes the long-standing European connections, and posts a possible break-up of the United Kingdom. It is a agenda-setting work that aims to become a classic.
9780330450386 Francis Dick Reflex Pan Macmillan
There`s a bomb scare at Kingdom Hill racecourse, where failed conman Tricksy Wilcox watches his dreams blown to kingdom come. At Cheltenham`s glittering National Hunt Festival, protocol is rocked as a love-struck owner falls in love with her jockey. There is passion - and revenge - at the glorious Kentucky Derby.
9780486431833 Morris Willi William Morris Iron-On Transfer Patterns Dover
9780486418742 Tierney Tom Marie Antoinette Paper Dolls Dover
9780486431970 Kafka Franz Great Stories by Kafka and Rilke/Meistererz?hlungen von Kafka und Rilke: A Dual-Language Book Dover
9780486998800 Dover Celtic Letters and Ornaments CD-ROM and Book Dover
9780300109122 Shvidkovsky Russian Architecture and the West Yale University Press
Shows the development of Russian architecture as a part of the history of Western architecture. This book analyses Russian buildings in relation to developments in European art, pointing out where familiar European features are expressed in Russian projects. It pays attention toward decorations based on Byzantine models.
9780300053449 Levey Painting & Sculpture in France 1700-1789 Yale University Press
During the last years of France's ancien regime, an outpouring of creative activity and patronage resulted in the production of many works of painting and sculpture. In this book, Michael Levey discusses the major painters and sculptors of this period that opened with Watteau and the fete galante and closed with the revolutionary history paintings of David. Levey discusses famous sculptors such as Falconet, Pigalle and Houdon as well as the lesser-known Coustou, Michel-Ange Lsodtz and Caffieri.

Levey then analyzes the paintings of Restout, Vernet, Oudry and others who were talented painters of portraits, genre scenes and still lifes.
9780300098792 Palladino Treasures of a Lost Art Yale University Press
A presentation from a fine private collection of Italian manuscripts. Comparable only to the legendary Cini Collection in Venice, it was formed by Robert Lehman to complement his father's holdings of early Italian panel paintings. Included are works by the major schools of illumination in southern Italy, Umbria, Tuscany, Emilia, Lombardy and the Veneto.

Also represented are works by three of the principal artists in the history of Italian painting: Duccio di Buoninsegna, Stefano da Verona and Cosimo Tura.
9780300103571 Franklin Art of Parmigianino Yale University Press
The sheer beauty of the work of sixteenth-century artist Parmigianino (1503-40) makes it easy to imagine that he discovered his style without any effort. But nothing so elegant as his drawings and paintings could have been achieved effortlessly. A close study of the artist's work, particularly his drawings, reveals the sources of his style and the creative struggles he endured.

This lavishly illustrated book offers a comprehensive reassessment of Parmigianino's work as a draftsman, discussing in detail more than eighty of the artist's works on paper selected from collections around the world. Among Renaissance artists, Parmigianino was perhaps more conscious than any of the potential of the graphic arts to convey, and indeed broadcast, complex ideas. He explored this potential by means of his numerous drawings and through the etchings he produced on his own as well as through the engravings and chiaroscuro that were made after his designs.

In these media, the artist's influence travelled farther and wider than it could have through his paintings alone. This book coincides with the quincentenary of the artist's birth in Parma and accompanies an exhibition at the National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa, from October 3, 2003 to January 4, 2004, and at the Frick Collection, New York, from January 27 to April 18, 2004.
9780300094367 Karmel Picasso & the Invention of Cubism Yale University Press
This work seeks to transform our understanding of Cubism, showing in detail how it emerged in Picasso's work of the years 1906-13, and tracing its roots in 19th-century philosophy and linguistics. Linking well-known paintings and sculptures to the hitherto-ignored drawings that accompanied them, Pepe Karmel demonstrates how Picasso's quest to depict the human body with greater solidity led, paradoxically, to its fragmentation; and how Picasso used the archaic model of stage space to free himself from conventional perspective, replacing the open window of Renaissance painting with a new projective space. Rejecting the usual distinction between "analytic" and "synthetic" Cubism, Karmel shows how Picasso's changing artistic goals were realized in the crystalline Cubism of 1907-09, the gridded Cubism of 1910-11, and the planar Cubism of 1912-13.

In other chapters, Karmel discusses the empiricist philosophy championed by Hippolyte Taine, which encouraged the breakdown of painting into its abstract elements, and laid the groundwork for an art of mental association rather than naturalistic figuration. Similarly, contemporary philology provided the model for a visual language employing both metaphoric and metonymic (but not arbitrary) signs.
9780300115239 Agee Coming of Age: American Art 1850s to 1950s Yale University Press
Presents the story of America`s interwoven history and geography from 1915 to 2000. Discussing such developments as the automotive, neotechnic, and communications revolutions, the world wars, urban migration, and regionalism, this book offers insights into the reshaping of the United States. From the 1850s to the 1950s, American art and culture progressed from provincial status to international prominence. This book chronicles this complex century of maturation through a selection of paintings from the extraordinary collection of the Addison Gallery of American Art, Phillips Academy, Andover, Massachusetts. American painter Alex Katz has painted a series of portraits of his wife, Ada. This illustrated book focuses on these paintings and explores the allure of Ada as a subject and the art-historical importance of Katz`s portraits, asking questions about Katz`s methods and intentions.
9780300115635 Shakespeare Twelfth Night Yale University Press
"Twelfth Night" is one of Shakespeare's funniest plays and also one of his most romantic. A young noblewoman, Viola, shipwrecked in a foreign land and separated from her twin brother, dresses as a man in order to enter the service of Orsino, duke of Illyria. Complications ensue - deceptions, infatuations, misdirected overtures, malevolent pranks - as everyone is drawn into the hilariously painful confusion.
9783791337128 Coloring Book Kandinsky Prestel Publishing Limited
Big art for little hands, these enchanting activity books allow young artists to explore the world's masterpieces on their own terms and with plenty of space to color outside the lines.
9783131010926 Sanna et al Atlas of Microsurgery of the Lateral Skull Base Thieme Verlagsgruppe
Recent advances in skull base surgery are revolutionizing the field. Besides the critical location issue, the major problem in lateral skull base surgery is understanding the complex relations between the different structures of the region, requiring a deep knowledge of anatomy.Here is a new edition of the first full-color atlas to present a variety of step-by-step approaches to the temporal bone and lateral skull base. Each sequence is illustrated with vivid color of cadaver specimens (more than 350 in all) that show the extradural and intradural parts, including cerebral vessels and nerves. A unique demonstration of three-dimensional anatomy of the surgical field as seen by the surgeon adds to the realistic quality of the book. Indications, hints, and pitfalls, gained through the authors' actual clinical experience, complete this masterful work.
9783131164711 Dancygier Endosonography in Gastroenterology Thieme Verlagsgruppe
Since endoscopic ultrasonography was first used approximately 15 years ago, it has become a valuable adjunct tool, supplementing endoscopy, conventional ultrasound, and CT for a large number of specific indications.Features of this book include: physical laws and technology as necessary for an understanding of the imaging technique; indications and clinical value of the method for specific indications; examination technique in normal findings as the basis of evaluation: for example, passage through the esophagus and stomach are shown step by step using more than 30 illustrations. All original photographs are explained with correlated line drawings, aiding the unexperienced examiner to interpret images with confidence. Written by authors who were pioneers in the method, and who have established an international reputation.
9780500410837 Bernard Cuau Josef Koudelka Photofile Thames & Hudson
Unknown in 1970, Josef Koudelka rose to become one of the most powerful photographers of his day. This book shows that in the lands of exile through which he travels with his urge to see, Koudelka`s own particular talent has been affirmed and expanded.
9788876249198 Claudio Stri Italian Women Artists From Renais Thames & Hudson
9781902686592 Alexandra Bl The Party Dress Thames & Hudson
9780953526772 Curtain Design Directory 4E ACC-distribution titles
With 30 brand new contemporary designs for modern window treatments and 26 updated illustrations, this revised and expanded fourth edition of "The Curtain Design Directory" offers even more ideas and solutions than ever before. Browse through the book and create your own beautiful window treatments, drawing inspiration from more than 400 hand-drawn black-and-white illustrations. This edition provides even more essential information; including a helpful window measuring sheet, detailed information about positioning fittings, how to determine the correct proportions for top treatments and estimating fabric quantities.

"The Curtain Design Directory" is the must-have handbook for every interior designer and curtain maker.
9780007226580 Koontz Dean Brother Odd HarperCollins UK
The third Odd Thomas novel from Dean Koontz, following `Odd Thomas` and `Forever Odd`.
9780743488358 Turtledove H 3 X T Simon & Schuster
9780743225700 Mezrich Bringing Down The House Simon & Schuster
9780684873244 Thompson Kingdom Of Fear Simon & Schuster
The personal story of the author of Fear and Loathing in America profiles him as a rebel and non-conformist, describing his early days as a smart-mouthed Kentucky kid, his law-breaking journalism, his campaign for sheriff of Aspen on the Freak Power ticket, and his experience in the riots at the Dem
9780689867224 Hopkins Mates Dates & Mad Mistak Simon & Schuster
9781405317887 Northern Spain Dorling Kindersley
Provides information on Northern Spain, from the remote beauty of the Picos de Europa to the busy port of Santander and cosmopolitan Bilbao. This guide features photos, illustrations, 3D models and birds-eye-view maps of the major sites. It also contains information on the most comfortable places to stay, the best bars and the best restaurants.
9780575081284 Odom Exodus: Hellgate London Orion Publishers
Novelisation of a stunning new computer game
9780385610445 Bryson Bill Bryson s Dictionary Transworld Publishers
A selection of spellings and usages, covering capitalization, plurals, abbreviations and foreign names and phrases. This book also helps the readers with the difference between British and American usages, and includes information such as the names of all the Oxford colleges, or the new name for the Department of Trade and Industry.
9780060562519 Kleypas, Lis Devil in Winter HarperCollins USA
The third Wallflower Sister is about to meet her match! New York Times bestselling author Lisa Kleypas has created her most unforgettable series yet. This sensuous love story is sure to propel her to the tops of the bestseller lists again.
9780062512796 Coelho Paulo Pilgrimage, The HarperCollins USA
9780380756261 Lindsey, Joh Man of My Dreams HarperCollins USA
A wonderful repackage from New York Times bestseller, Johanna Lindsey!
9781929007646 David Felten Netter s Neuroscience Flash Cards, Elsevier Science
9780312941963 Joseph Finde Killer Instinct Holtzbrink(MPS)
9780753821749 A HISTORY OF THE ENGLISH SPEAK Orion Publishers
Prize-winning British historian tells the story of the English-speaking peoples in the 20th century
9781573928069 Greatbatch Making of the Pacemaker Prometheus Books
9780443102196 Peter Schwin Fascial and Membrane Technique, Elsevier Science
Focuses on diagnosis and treatment of the breathing patterns that manifest in the myofascial system; minimalistic as well as global application joint techniques; visceral techniques in the myofascial context; and special treatment techniques in the craniosacral area.
9780810949652 Tankard Gardens of arts & crafts movement Abrams
Features the gardens of the key members of the Arts and Crafts movement, such as Jekyll, Voysey and Lutyens. Illustrated with period watercolours and drawings, with additional photographs specially commissioned for this book.
9780810993396 Clarke John Roman Life + CD Abrams
Aims to re-create the lives of people in ancient Rome, from 100 BC to AD 200. Illustrated with photos, this book covers religion, work, public entertainment, tavern life, Roman baths, life in the military, banqueting, and funerals. The lives of ordinary citizens, of slaves and freedmen and women are presented in individual vignettes.
9780345477378 Stw Darth Ba Stw Darth Bane Path Destructn Random House (USA)
9780140034912 Hill, S I m the King of the Castle Penguin Books Ltd
`I didn`t want you to come here.` So says the note that the boy Edmund Hooper passes to Charles Kingshaw upon his arrival at Warings. But, young Kingshaw and his mother have come to live with Hooper and his father in the ugly, isolated Victorian house for good.
9780140514421 Partridge, E Usage and Abusage Penguin Books Ltd
The 3rd edition, revised by Janet Whitcut, has been completely reset and brought up-to-date for modern usage. This classic guide, full of advice on how to avoid woolly expressions, bad grammar and poor vocabulary selection, guides the user through the difficulties of writing clear, direct English.
9780140232455 Trevor, W Collected Stories Penguin Books Ltd
William Trevor is one of the renowned figures in contemporary literature, described as `the greatest living writer of short stories in the English language` by the "New Yorker" and acclaimed for his haunting and profound insights into the human heart. This collection presents his short fiction, with dozens of tales spanning his career.
9780141188164 Bates, H E Fair Stood the Wind for France Penguin Books Ltd
When John Franklin brings his plane down into Occupied France at the height of the Second World war, there are two things in his mind, the safety of his crew and his own badly injured arm. It is a stroke of unbelievable luck when the family of a French farmer risk their lives to offer the airmen protection.
9781933405209 Editors Of I In Style: Instant Style Hachette Book Group
Serves as a guide to streamlining, shopping for, and maintaining your ideal wardrobe all year round. Containing photographs of clothes and celebrities, this book covers the basics, outlining essential clothing items for each season. It also shows how to complement them with pieces that accentuate personal style.
9781840139983 500 Butterflies Grange Books
9780749934521 Nora Roberts Remember When TBS/GBS
9781858943633 Leslie Gedde Walled Garden Merrell
9781840139990 300 Orchids Grange Books
9781845378448 Andalucia 3 New Holland
Part of the "Globetrotter Travel Series", this pocket-size guide is filled with useful information, tips and recommendations, accompanied by photographs, charts and maps for the first-time traveller who wants to experience the major highlights that Andalucia has to offer. It also includes a fold-out map of Andalucia, which shows scenic routes.
9780593056516 Franklin Ari The Death Maze Transworld Publishers
Since she solved a particularly nasty case of child murder using her forensic skills, Adelia Aguilar is deemed too valuable to send back to the School of Medicine in Salerno where she was trained. Instead, King Henry II has decided to keep her in England. This is bad news for Adelia - in free-thinking Salerno, women doctors are accepted but in twelfth-century England they're unheard of and regarded as witches.

Under suspicion, and with her illegitimate child, Adelia is forced to live and practise in the secrecy of Cambridgeshire's fenland. But at Henry's court, terrible things are happening. Out of jealousy, Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine is not only stirring up revolt against her husband, rumour has it that she has also poisoned Fair Rosamund Clifford - the King's favourite mistress.If Henry believes the stories, England will be torn apart as King battles Queen.

In a race against time to prove that Eleanor is at least innocent of Rosamund's murder, Adelia is recruited by Rowley, her former lover and father of her child, to help avoid a civil war. It isn't easy. An assassin is on the loose and so is Queen Eleanor with a small army.

Adelia encounters both as, in the middle of a terrible medieval winter, she tries to pierce the physical and metaphorical maze that surrounds Rosamund's tower and the mystery of the dead woman who lies frozen inside it.
9781740598361 Vancouver 4 Lonely Planet
Includes a new pull-out map for clearer navigation through streets and parks. Brand-new colour sections featuring Vancouver`s must-see highlights and must-have experiences.
9780141030487 Lesley Pears Faith Penguin Books Ltd
Laura Brannigan is in jail for murder. For two years she`s been battling for justic - insisting that she didn`t kill her best friend, Jackie. Yet with her spirits at their lowest ebb, she receives a letter that takes her back to a different time and memory of an old love.
9781416047148 Frazier Essentials of Human Disease and Conditions. 4 ed Elsevier Science
Offering access to the pathological conditions most commonly seen in the physician`s office, this portable text/reference is suitable for administrative and clinical medical assistants who have responsibilities such as billing, coding, telephone screening, taking patient examinations, understanding diagnostic and treatment procedures.
9780500500156 Leon Van Sch Volume Thames & Hudson
John Wardle is one of Australias leading contemporary architects. This book surveys his practices 21-year history, taking the reader through the recognized small masterpieces. It explores the Wardle philosophy and practice.
9780714150666 Bethan Steve Pre-Raphaelites Thames & Hudson
The Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood was founded in 1848. Their artistic beliefs were set out by John Ruskin, the art historian who ardently supported them. Their chief principle was truth to nature: that a painter should draw what he or she sees, and not follow painterly conventions. This book offers a wide range of poetic and literary extracts.
9780789312037 Munro Leaf Reading Can Be Fun Rizzoli USA
9780440209416 Steel Daniel Message From Nam Random House (USA)
As a journalist, Paxton Andrews would experience Vietnam first-hand. For seven years she would write an acclaimed newspaper column for Americans, from the front line. For her and for the men who fought there, life would never be the same again.
9780443069321 Allan Gaw Clinical Biochemistry, Elsevier Science
Covers the various aspects of Clinical Biochemistry. This work concentrates on how clinical biochemistry relates to the care of the patient and to ensure that the medical student understands how to interpret laboratory results.
9780443068614 G. Alexander Pearson s Thoracic and Esophageal Surgery, Elsevier Science
Covering the entire range of esophageal and thoracic surgery for adults and children, this title delivers how-to-do-it guidance on the surgical techniques for the treatment of lung infections, lung cancer, benign conditions, trauma, reflux, and more - so you can effectively manage a variety of common and uncommon conditions you encounter.
9781405333184 Great British Food Dorling Kindersley
From starters and fish dishes, to meat courses and desserts, this book helps readers prepare a meal incorporating the eclectic flavours and styles that make up British cooking. It features culinary delights from seven regions across the country and regional supplier lists, seasonal recommendations and chef`s introductions.
9781405328012 Concise Atlas of the World Dorling Kindersley
From the boundaries of the Balkan states to the icy terrain of Antarctica, this book includes over 400 maps created with the digital mapping techniques and satellite data. It contains fact files on 193 nations, including each region`s land use, industrial activities and population distribution.
9780753822982 Masha Hamilt The Camel Bookmobile Orion Publishers
9780330453158 Fitzek Sebas Therapy Pan Macmillan
Josy, a twelve year old girl, has an inexplicable illness and vanishes without trace from her doctor`s office during treatment. Anna Glass is a novelist and she suffers from an unusual form of schizophrenia: all the characters she creates for her books become real to her. Do Anna`s delusions describe Josy`s last days?
9780786942893 Salvatore R The Halfling s Gem Random House (USA)
9781400052066 Dratfield, J The Quotable Equine Tri-fold Vertical Note Cards Random House (USA)
9781934389171 Cogswell, Da Chomsky For Beginners Random House (USA)
9780767919791 Cohan, Willi The Last Tycoons Random House (USA)
9780786949342 Athans, Phil Realms Of War Random House (USA)
Helps readers improve their acrylics skills and become better artists. This book provides explanations of the principles of painting and encourages readers to tackle subjects ranging from landscapes to still lifes and portraits. It features galleries of contemporary artwork which demonstrate how successful artists approach different topics.
9781595141712 Asher, Jay Thirteen Reasons Why Penguin USA
9781595141323 Johnson, Mau Devilish Penguin Books Ltd
The only thing that makes St Teresa's Preparatory School for Girls bearable for Jane is her best friend Ally. But when Ally changes into a whole different person literally overnight the fall of their senior year, Jane's suddenly alone - and very confused. Turns out, Ally has sold her soul in exchange for popularity - to a devil masquerading as a sophomore at St Teresa's! Now it's up to Jane to put it all on the line to save her friend from this ponytail-wearing, cupcakenibbling demon...without losing her own soul in the process.
9780515140668 Kinkade, Tho New Leaf, A Penguin USA
9780515132137 Martini, Ste Jury, The Penguin USA
9780451530165 Twain Mark Sig Classic Bk of Twain s Short Stories Penguin USA
9780521687317 Mikkel Vedby The Risk Society at War Cambridge Academ
In the globalised world of the twenty-first century, security policy in Western societies is driven by a wish to prevent future threats from becoming reality. Applying theories of 'risk society' to the study of strategy, this book analyses the creation of a new approach to strategy. The author demonstrates that this approach creates new choices for policy-makers and challenges well-established truths within the study of security and strategy. He argues that since the seventeenth century the concept of strategy has served to rationalise new technologies, doctrines and agents. By outlining the history of the concept of strategy in terms of rationality, Rasmussen presents a framework for studying strategy in a time of risk and uses this framework to analyse how new technologies of war, pre-emptive doctrines, globalisation and the rise of the 'terrorist approach to warfare' can formulate a new theory of strategy.
9780387681580 Tsui Atlas of Ultrasound- and Nerve Stimulation-Guided Regional Anesthesia Springer
This book illustrates ultrasound and guided nerve stimulation techniques to achieve consistently good anesthesia results. Also included are demonstrations of peripheral nerve block techniques for the trunk, and upper and lower extremities. Images are correlated with MRIs for better anatomic identification.
9780521547383 Ronan McDona The Cambridge Introduction to Samuel Beckett Cambridge Academ
This is an eloquent and accessible introduction to one of the most important writers of the twentieth century, explaining how we might interpret famously difficult and experimental works such as Waiting for Godot, Endgame, and Happy Days and providing an invaluable overview of Beckett and his time.
9780521030007 Bin Cheng General Principles of Law as Applied by International Courts and Tribunals Cambridge Academ
The municipal codes of well over a dozen countries expressly provide for the application of the general principles of law in the absence of specific legal provisions or of custom, and the Statute of the International Court of Justice stipulates that 'the general principles of law recognised by civilised nations' constitute one of the sources of international law to be applied by the Court; but the exact meaning and scope of this section of the Statute have always been a subject of controversy amongst international lawyers. In this printing of his classic 1953 work, Professor Bin Cheng inquires into the practical application of these principles by international courts and tribunals since the beginning of modern international arbitration with the Jay Treaty of 1794, and presents them as a coherent body of fundamental principles that in fact furnish the international legal system with its juridical basis. Citations from nearly 600 international arbitral and judicial decisions amply testify to the role of these principles in the international legal system and illustrate their application in practically every important field of international law.
9784805309223 Pate Japanese Dolls Tuttle
Focuses on questions such as What are some of the features and characteristics which will help collectors identify the ningyo they find and evaluate them? Who were some of the earliest collectors in Japan, Europe, and the United States? and, How do we preserve and care for these invaluable artifacts from Japan`s past?
9783540708278 von Auer, L. Okonometrie Springer
9780521839112 Michela Mass Pauli s Exclusion Principle Cambridge Academ
There is hardly another principle in physics with wider scope of applicability and more far-reaching consequences than Pauli's exclusion principle. This book explores the principle's origin in the atomic spectroscopy of the early 1920s, its subsequent embedding into quantum mechanics, and later experimental validation with the development of quantum chromodynamics. The reconstruction of this crucial historic episode provides an excellent foil to reconsider Kuhn's view on incommensurability.

The author defends the prospective rationality of the revolutionary transition from the old to the new quantum theory around 1925 by focusing on the way Pauli's principle emerged as a phenomenological rule 'deduced' from some anomalous phenomena and theoretical assumptions of the old quantum theory. The subsequent process of validation is historically reconstructed and analysed within the framework of 'dynamic Kantianism'. The variety of themes skilfully interwoven in this book will appeal to philosophers, historians, scientists and anyone interested in philosophy.
9780007242375 Camilla Way Little bird HarperCollins UK
Three identities, no known name - and an obsessed pursuer from the past.
9781412927390 Pedersen Counseling Across Cultures Sage Publications
9783540232452 Szczuka, Mar Monitoring, Security, and Rescue Techniques in Multi-Agent Systems Springer
In today's society the issue of security has become a crucial one. The use of knowledge-based technology in security applications emerges with important applications in monitoring, control, crisis, and rescue management. This volume contains extended and improved versions of selected contributions presented at the International Workshop "Monitoring, Security and Rescue Techniques in Multiagent Systems" (MSRAS 2004) held in Plock, Poland, June 7-9, 2004, bringing together the world's leading researchers in the field.
9780060394424 Wearstler, K Modern Glamour HarperCollins USA
In this lavishly illustrated book, Hollywood’s hottest new interior designer shows readers how mixing and matching designs from different eras and adding an element of the unexpected can redefine any room—residential or commercial.
9780753513774 Bukowski Most Beautiful Woman in Town Transworld Publishers
A collection of short stories that focus on themes ranging from Los Angeles and bar culture to alcoholism, gambling, sex and violence.
9781592640485 Mark Twain Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur s Court Daedalus
Hank Morgan, nineteenth-century New Englander, is knocked on the head with a crowbar and wakes up to find himself in sixth century England, during the reign of King Arthur. Ever resourceful, he determines to be boss of the entire country within three weeks, and with his use of the 'great and beneficent' miracles of nineteenth-century engineering, he triumphs. Hank's efforts to modernize Camelot by organizing a school system, constructing telephone lines, and inventing the printing press bring some unexpected results.

A witty, often hilarious social satire that exposes utopian and romantic ideals and provides a disturbing analysis of the benefits of progress and dissolution of social more, this is Twain's most ambitious work; a literary tour de force. Included in this edition are the original illustrations by Daniel Carter Beard, which Mark Twain praised as "better than the book--which is a good deal for me to say, I reckon."
9780446619073 Connelly Mic Last Coyote Hachette Book Group
9781556432460 Upledger Your Inner Physician and You North Atlantic Books
This text is John Upledger`s explanation, through case histories, of how CranioSacral therapy works. He describes the inner physician as the self which can heal, which is awakened when a patient realizs the emotional and physical issues surrounding physical pain.
9780099498247 Vallgren, Ca Documents Concerning Rubashov the Gambler Random House
Obsessive gambler Rubashov has played every game in town. Now on New Year`s Eve, he finds himself on the brink of ruin, and decides to make a bid for the ultimate rush, the biggest gamble ever, to challenge the Devil to a poker game. The Devil accepts the invitation and unsurprisingly Rubashov loses.
9781846551178 Kurkov, Andr Good Angel of Death, The Random House
When Kolia moves into a new flat in Kiev, he finds a book hidden within a volume of "War and Peace". Intrigued by the annotations that appear on every page, Kolia sets out to discover more about the scribbler. His investigations take him to a graveyard, more specifically the coffin of a Ukrainian nationalist who died in mysterious circumstances.
9780575082731 Howard Conan Chronicles: Volume 1 Orion Publishers
A definitive collection of Conan stories, featuring the most distinctive and well known fantasy hero of all time.
9780340953235 Sophie Hanna The point of rescue Hodder
9781845876159 Orlando Double Popout Map Compass
9780240520957 John Child Photographic Lighting Essential Skills, Elsevier Science
Offers practical coverage of what you need to know to understand the characteristics of light and the foundations of photographic lighting, including film, filters, exposure, compensation, zone system and an array of creative techniques. This book covers post-production and composite imagery techniques.
9780123740199 Squire Fundamental Neuroscience, 3e Elsevier Science
Introduces graduate and upper-level undergraduate students to a range of contemporary neuroscience. This book includes chapters, which are illustrated and provide clinical boxes describing experiments, disorders, and methodological approaches and concepts.
9781905319114 Ramsey BSAVA Small Animal Formulary Wiley
9780140305029 Jansson, T Moominland Midwinter Penguin Books Ltd
Moomins always sleep through the winter - or they did until the year Moomintroll woke up and went exploring in the silent, snow-covered valley where the river used to scuttle along and all his friends were so busy in summer.
9780061148323 Chronicles C Chronicles Chrestomancy 3 HarperCollins USA
A brand-new omnibus in the ever-popular world of Chrestomanci! The spellbinding Volume III includes Conrad’s Fate and The Pinhoe Egg.
9780091927172 Moore Girl in High Heels Random House
Ellouise Moore`s career began at a glamorous well-known West End club, where she danced for celebrities and was soon singled out as one of the owner`s favourites. This memoir describes the various types of clients she danced for and shows how she managed to juggle her ordinary life with her very unconventional job.
9781858944715 High Society: American Portraits of the Gilded Age Merrell
9783211770344 Seeger Endoscopic and microsurgical anatomy of the upper basal cisterns Springer
Illustrates the anatomical structures of the upper basal cisterns, their topography and relationship to other intra- and extradural structures. This book features the anatomical drawings that base upon anatomical preparations, cadaver dissections and intraoperative pictures.
9783540469087 Blume-Peytav Hair Growth and Disorders Springer
Offers insight into the understanding of the management of pancreatic cancer and examines findings in cancer research. This book provides answers to questions of how to know when cancer is resectable, how to proceed when the diagnosis comes too late for a curative approach, and how to assess different study results. Hair disorders have become a central social and psychological issue and patients present with increasing demands and expectations. This textbook provides the scientific aspects of hair biology, knowledge on hair diagnosis and treatment options as well as hair removal and restoration techniques.
9780141033303 Coe, J House of Sleep, The Penguin Books Ltd
Sarah is a narcoleptic who has dreams so vivid she mistakes them for real events; Robert has had his life changed for ever by the misunderstandings arising from her condition; Terry, the insomniac, spends his nights fuelling his obsession with movies; and the Dr Gregory Dudden sees sleep as a life-shortening disease which must be eradicated.
9781599620534 Berenholtz, New York Deco (Deluxe Edition) Random House (USA)
9780141027548 G.W. Dahlqui The Dark Volume Penguin Books Ltd
From palace intrigue and a city in turmoil to wolf-haunted mountains, underground tunnels and a suspicious hidden factory, Miss Temple, Doctor Svenson, and Cardinal Chang must overcome war and heartache to battle old enemies and a host of new villains, all hoping to seize for themselves the power of the blue glass books.
9782759403035 Domestic Art: Curated Interiors Assouline
9780802849731 Torre, De La Santeria the beliefs and rituals of Неизвестно
9780747563426 Von Ziegesar Gossip girl Bloomsbury
First in the contemporary "Gossip Girl" series about New York City`s most fabulous high school crowd. Set in New York`s glamorous Upper East Side, this book presents a narrative that follows the thrills and spills (with Jimmy Choo shoes and shopping at Barneys mixed in along the way) of its richest and most beautiful teenage residents.
9789654941891 Toledano, Jo African erotica Неизвестно
9781841460826 Parsons, Ric Ks1 year 1 maths workout book Неизвестно
Suitable for Primary School children, this is one of a set of 6 "Mental Maths Workout Books". It covers levels 2-3, and is designed to help them practise their mental arithmetic skills. It is easy to use and ideal for parents or teachers to work through with children.
9780719061585 Religion and superstition in reformation europe Неизвестно
What, in the 16th and 17th centuries, was "superstition"? Where might it be found and how might it be countered? This text reveals attitudes to prophets, ghosts, saints and demonology, Catholic responses to the Reformation and the apparent presence of "superstition" in the reformed churches.
9781903252017 Uttley, Alis Country child Неизвестно
9780373218035 Roberts, Nor Truly, madly manhattan Неизвестно
The New York Times best-selling author presents two full-length stories in one fabulous novel that captures the glamour, passion, and excitement of the City that Never Sleeps.
9789061537090 Koslow, S Frans snyders - the noble estate Mercatorfonds
9780953891900 Debelius, He Red sea reef guide Неизвестно
9781846073489 Baxendale, T Doctor who Random House
The old village well is just a curiosity - something to attract tourists intrigued by stories of lost treasure, or visitors just making a wish. Unless something alien and terrifying could be lurking inside the well? Something utterly monstrous that causes nothing but death and destruction? But who knows the real truth about the well?
9781579904838 500 wood bowls Неизвестно
This sumptuous, full-color photographic collection features 500 masterworks from today`s finest contemporary woodcraft artisans. Using age-old hand tools and modern machines, these artists bend and shape the wood, blending inspiration and technical innovation with cultural influences from Asia, Europe and the Americas.
9780295983936 Brumfield, W History of russian architecture Неизвестно
First published in 1993, this illustrated volume defines the main components and sources for Russia`s architectural traditions in their historical context. Subject to influences from east and west, it documents Russian architecture`s distinctive approaches to building in four parts.
9781853409004 Hopkins, Cat This way to paradise Неизвестно
9780321544100 Marieb, Elai Essentials of human anatomy and physiology Pearson Education
9781857822175 Saunders, Ma Diana and the paparazzi Неизвестно
Diana, Princess of Wales was the most photographed woman in the world. Glenn Harvey and Mark Saunders are Britain`s most celebrated paparazzi photographers. They photograph only members of Britain`s royal family. Here, the two photographers publish their most exclusive pictures and the stories behind them.
9781844763696 Jones, David Illustrated history of the incas Неизвестно
9781845295790 Downs, Jonat Discovery at rosetta TBS/GBS
In 1798, the young French general, Napoleon Bonaparte, entered Egypt with an army and a brigade of `savants`, scientists, anthropologists and historians. His aim was not just conquest on the banks of the Nile but the rediscovery of the ancient world after years of obscurity under the Ottoman Empire.
9781552978801 Taylor, Barb Old-fashioned and david austin roses Неизвестно
Some of the most popular old-fashioned roses are described in detail and illustrated in full colour. Over 160 species and varieties have been organised into groups such as Albas, Centifolas, Hybrid perpetual and Moss roses for easy reference. There is a chapter on the work done by David Austin in the 1950s and 1960s to create new English roses.
9780674021273 Emperor huizong and late northern song china Wiley
Huizong was an exceptional emperor who lived through momentous times. A man of many talents, he wrote poetry and created his own calligraphy style; collected paintings, calligraphies and antiquities on a large scale; promoted Daoism; and involved himself in the training of court artists, the layout of gardens, and reforms of music and medicine.
9780750946025 Lewis, Brend Life in a medieval castle Неизвестно
How would you feel if you woke up in a medieval castle tomorrow morning? What would your bed be like? What would you eat? What sights and smells would be around you? Whisking you back in time, this book shows you exactly what it would be like to be there.
9780753512463 Chopra, Deep Kama sutra Transworld Publishers
Explores the universal themes of spirituality and sexuality in a different way. Taking the sexual experience to a new echelon of understanding and insight, this work examines transcendence through the most primal instinct we have.
9780746086926 Watt, Fiona Adding HarperCollins UK
9780762432196 Harris, Joel Classic tales of brer rabbit Неизвестно
Tells the story of Uncle Remus, a fictitious old slave who spun stories to a boy from the big house of a plantation.
9780061537943 Studio Ikari Monster book of manga: Girls HarperCollins USA
A guide on how to draw manga girls. It features full-colour character illustrations broken down into six stages, accompanied by step-by-step instructions to take the artist from initial black and white sketches to a fully costumed collection of characters. It is intended for both beginning and advanced manga artists.
9780486467610 Wilcox R. Tu The Mode in Footwear: A Historical Survey with 53 Plates Dover
9780486467757 Noble Marty Angels Dover
9780198321552 Pratchett Te Oxford first atlas Oxford Academ
An atlas for 7-9 year olds, this work contains colour photographs, including aerial photos and satellite imagery, and light and humorous artwork. Topics covered include: planet earth, making a map of the world, countries, rivers, hills and mountains, weather, where people live, how the land is used, and journeys.
9780091920142 Rinzler, J.w Making of star wars Random House
Since 1977, "Star Wars" has spawned two sequel films, three prequels, books, video games, and more. This work reveals how a small group of gifted artists and craftspeople led by one inspired writer-director overcome obstacles - while enlisting ingenuity, heroism, but most of all dogged determination, to get to the end of their adventure.
9783822822104 Silver, Alai K.hepburn Неизвестно
Part of the "Movie Icon" series, this book talks about Katharine Hepburn. From birth, she seemed destined to become a symbol of the modern woman on stage, on screen, and in the world. Fiercely competitive, private, and independent, Hepburn was one part Olympic athlete Babe Didrikson, one part Amelia Earhart, and two parts Greta Garbo.
9780810971165 Soulie D Louvre: 400 Masterpieces Abrams
The Louvre, originally the palace of King Philip II of France, reinvented itself as an art museum in 1793. This book presents a survey of the collections - filled with such iconic works as the Venus de Milo and the Mona Lisa - and the history and artistry of the institution itself.
9780751540604 Beaton,Jane Class Little, Brown
The students in this school are in a class of their own . . . The first in a series of books set in Downeys school following the adventures of Maggie McAteer, who leaves a rough comprehensive school in Glasgow to teach at an exclusive boarding school in Cornwall.
9780810972841 Heller/Chwas Illustration: A Visual History Abrams
Illustration has long been a significant popular art - and is often more visible, recognizable and memorable than `higher` arts. Editorial and advertising illustration in all its many forms is integral to our understanding of news, views, literature and commerce. This book presents history of the art of illustration.
9780847830930 Photography Frank Lloyd Wright the Buildings Rizzoli USA
A major publication including all new photography of the great masterworks of architecture by Frank Lloyd Wright.
9780061351204 Graham The Archangel Project HarperCollins USA
During the Seventies and Eighties, both the US and the Soviet Union pursued programs to train operatives in a psychic method they called remote viewing, a new technique for gathering intelligence. Although all government psi-ops programs were officially closed down in 1995, Youngblood was secretly trying to revive interest in remote viewing.
9781844085255 Susann,J Valley of the dolls Little, Brown
*The ground-breaking cult classic and bestselling bestseller of all time!
9780007288724 Rennison, Lo Georgia`s book of wisdomosity HarperCollins UK
Another trip into the fabbity-fab world of Georgia Nicolson -- use her powers of wisdomosity to find the answer to absolutely anything!
9789971693473 Boucharenc, Design for a contemporary world Неизвестно
Design plays a significant role in environmental, ethical, economic and cultural arenas, and contributes to people`s wealth, cultural identity and quality of life. This textbook presents the theory and practice of design fundamentals. It offers learning objectives that develop motivation, creative spirit, and cognitive strategies among students.
9781592535002 Mdn Designs Design parts sourcebook: Romantic w/CD Rockport/Rotovision
Offers a collection of romantically inspired images to use, modify and customize for art and design projects. This book is suitable for visual artists, including art journalers, scrapbookers, card makers, collage artists, graphic designers and fine artists.
9780307388896 Palahniuk Ch RANT (EXP) Random House (USA)
9780300086867 Hammer Splendors of Imperial China Yale University Press
This CD-ROM contains more than 475 masterpieces from the National Palace Museum, Taipei.
9780230545663 UK National Accounts 2008 Palgrave
This is the essential data source for everyone concerned with macro-economic policies and studies.It is an official publication of the Office for National Statistics (ONS), therefore providing the most authoritative collection of statistics available. Updated annually, "The Blue Book" is the essential data source for everyone concerned with macro-economic policies and studies. The estimates are consistent with the European System of Accounts (ESA95)."The Blue Book" provides detailed estimates of national product, income and expenditure for the UK.

It covers value added by industry, full accounts by sector and capital formation. It also includes annual figures for preliminary, provisional and full quarterly estimates of national accounts.
9781906734015 Audrey Hepburn Grange Books
9780966285925 Victorian Visions Daedalus
9781741794403 Montenegro 1 Lonely Planet
9780553841350 Lisa Gardner Say goodbye (exp) Random House (USA)
9780099481850 Slaughter, K Fractured Random House
When Atlanta housewife Abigail Campano comes home unexpectedly one afternoon, she walks into a nightmare. A broken window, a bloody footprint on the stairs and, most devastating of all, the horrifying sight of her teenage daughter lying dead on the landing, a man standing over her with a bloody knife. The struggle which follows changes Abigail's life forever.

When the local police make a misjudgement which not only threatens the investigation but places a young girl's life in danger, the case is handed over to Special Agent Will Trent of the Criminal Apprehension Team - paired with detective Faith Mitchell, a woman who resents him from their first meeting. But in the relentless heat of a Georgia summer, Will and Faith realise that they must work together to find the brutal killer who has targeted one of Atlanta's wealthiest, most privileged communities - before it's too late...
9780141191072 Celia Fienne Through England on a Side Saddle Penguin Books Ltd
Taking us on a journey through England, this title records various sights and experiences of the author`s adventure, from her delight at countryside cakes and the beauty of remote landscapes, to the challenges of disagreeable landladies, choppy sea crossings and a troublesome horse. It gives a glimpse into an England of bustling industry.
9780141019703 Jamie Oliver Cook with Jamie Penguin Books Ltd
'I can't tell you how long I've dreamt about writing this book. It's the biggest book I've ever done, and I've really tried to make it a timeless, modern-day classic. Whether you're a student, a young couple, an established cook or a novice, I'll take you through a whole load of simple and accessible recipes that will blow the socks off your family and any guests you might have round for dinner.

There's information on the equipment that I think you should have in your kitchen, advice on how to recognize and cook loads of different cuts of meat, as well as on how to get the best value and quality when you're out shopping. 'You know what ...if you're going to eat three times a day for the rest of your life, you might as well learn to cook properly and enjoy it! So, roll up your sleeves and let me help you. Now is the time for you to get stuck in and reclaim your fantastic cooking heritage'.
9780746096567 Mackinnon, M Mouse`s wedding HarperCollins UK
Father Mouse wants his daughter to marry the best husband in the world - the Sun. But Miss Mouse has her own ideas.
9782940373703 Paul Wells Basics Animation: Drawing For Animat Thames & Hudson
Examines the thinking process behind drawing, characters, composition and movement, narrative and adaptation. The author introduces the fundamental elements involved in producing drawn animation.
9780714125848 Penny Dransa Textiles of The Andes (pb) Thames & Hudson
In the world of the ancient Andes, textiles were often the most valuable commodity people possessed a far beyond gold and silver a and were a major medium for conveying key cultural meaning. This title features exquisite pieces, many of great iconographic and technical importance, ranging in date from the Paracas to the Inka and Colonial periods.
9780670011100 Anderson, La Wintergirls Penguin USA
9780756405564 Frost, P.R. Faery Moon Penguin USA
9781845760229 Morrison, Gr Batman arkham asylum Неизвестно
In Gotham City`s home for the criminally insane, Batman confronts his arch-nemeses, including the Joker, Two-Face and more. Before the battle is over, Batman`s mental straight-jacket will have been torn apart, exposing his every weakness and bringing him far closer to his foes than he could ever possibly have wanted!
9780349121567 Bainbridge,B Birthday boys Little, Brown
'Beryl Bainbridge gets better and better ...she has succeeded with a daring leap of emphatic imagination in penetrating the minds of Captain Scott and the four men he led to their deaths in Antarctica in 1912' Patrick Skene Catling, Evening Standard THE BIRTHDAY BOYS is classic Bainbridge - one of her absolute best. It is a fictional account of Captain Robert Scott's 1910 expedition to Antarctica told from the perspectives of five men on the voyage: Scott; Petty Officer Taff Evans; ship's medic Dr Edward Wilson; Lieutenant Henry Bowers; and Captain Lawrence Oates.
9781846577314 Jonathan Str Heroes of the Valley Random House
Halli loves the old stories from when the valley was a wild and dangerous place - when the twelve legendary heroes, led by his ancestor Svein, stood together to defeat the ancient enemy, the bloodthirsty Trows. Halli longs for adventure but it seems these days the most dangerous thing in the valley is boredom.
9781857434750 Far east and australasia Taylor&Francis
Offers a survey of the countries of East and South-East Asia, Australia and New Zealand, along with 23 Pacific Islands essential for those with a professional interest in the region. This work offers topics like: the USA`s relations with the Asia-Pacific region, regional security issues, human rights, environmental issues and economic trends.
9780199232963 Llewelyn, Hu Oxford Handbook of Clinical Diagnosis Oxford Academ
This handbook describes the diagnostic process clearly and logically, aiding medical students and others who wish to improve their diagnostic performance and to learn more about the diagnostic process.
9781848120402 Williams, Me Robert pattinson Неизвестно
9780007303267 Parsons, Ton Starting over HarperCollins UK
This is the story of how we grow old -- how we give up the dreams of youth for something better -- and how many chances we have to get it right.
9780330445535 Cook, Robin Foreign body Pan Macmillan
Jennifer Hernandez is a medical student at UCLA. While listening to a news report on medical tourism, where first-world citizens travel to third-world countries for surgery, she hears her beloved grandmother`s name mentioned. The reporter says Maria Suarez-Hernandez had died, a day after undergoing a hip replacement in New Delhi.
9780205632640 William Stru Elements of Style, The: 50th Anniversary Edition 1 Book Cased (Hardback) Pearson Education
9780330510899 The Twilight Companion: The Unauthorized Guide to the Series Pan Macmillan
Features an unlikely couple: Bella, a gawky teenager, and her boyfriend, Edward, a vampire who has sworn off human blood.
9780446555418 Myron, Vicki Dewey : The Small-Town Library Cat Who Touched the World Hachette Book Group
9780141030241 Rhianon Alle The Penguin Dictionary of Psychology Penguin Books Ltd
A guide to various areas of psychology and psychiatry. It covers related fields such as neuroscience and social psychology; describes how terms are employed, their wider connotations and past usage; and, looks in detail at such key concepts as addiction and instinct.
9781416534761 Poe Edgar Al Great Tales and Poems of Edgar Allan Poe Simon & Schuster
Enduring Literature Illuminated By Practical Scholarship A collection of the Gothic master's classic works in prose and verse. This Enriched Classic Edition Includes: A concise introduction that gives the reader important background information A chronology of the author's life and work A timeline of significant events that provides the book's historical context An outline of key themes and plot points to guide the reader's own interpretations Detailed explanatory notes Critical analysis, including contemporary and modern perspectives on the work Discussion questions to promote lively classroom and book group interaction A list of recommended related books and films to broaden the reader's experience Enriched Classics offer readers affordable editions of great works of literature enhanced by helpful notes and insightful commentary. The scholarship provided in Enriched Classics enables readers to appreciate, understand, and enjoy the world's finest books to their full potential.
9780752884578 Chidley, Eli The Wrong Sort of Wife? Orion Publishers
A gorgeous debut romantic comedy about marriage, mistakes and mending them...
9780593048078 Hayder, Mo Skin Transworld Publishers
When the decomposed body of a young woman is found by near railway tracks just outside Bristol one hot May morning, all indications are that she's committed suicide. That's how the police want it too; all neatly squared and tidied away. But DI Jack Caffery is not so sure.

He is on the trail of someone predatory, someone who hides in the shadows and can slip into houses unseen. And for the first time in a very long time, he feels scared. Police Diver Flea Marley is working alongside Caffery.

Having come to terms with the loss of her parents, and with the traumas of her past safely behind her, she's beginning to wonder whether their relationship could go beyond the professional. And then she finds something that changes everything. Not only is it far too close to home for comfort - but it's so horrifying that she knows that nothing will ever be the same again.

And that this time, no one - not even Caffery - can help her ...
9780521886772 Rubiola, Enr Phase noise and frequency stability in oscillators Cambridge Academ
This comprehensive, and uniquely practical, account of oscillator phase-noise and frequency stability is ideal for researchers, industry practitioners, and students.
9780674031463 Kuhn, Dieter Age of confucian rule Harvard University Press
Traces the history of imperial China from the beginnings of unification under the Qin emperor in the third century BCE to the end of the Qing dynasty in the early twentieth century. This book is suitable for those interested in Chinese history and culture.
9780333570821 Arnold, Jane Patterns of fashion 4 Pan Macmillan
Deals with linen clothes that covered the body from the skin outwards. This book contains colour portraits and photographs of details of garments, as well as patterns for 86 items of linen clothing, which range from men`s shirts and women`s smocks, from superb ruffs and collars to boot hose and children`s stomachers.
9780521713757 Martin Hewin Cambridge Grammar for CAE and Proficiency Book with answers and Audio CDs (2) Cambridge University Press
This book provides complete coverage of the grammar needed for both CAE and Proficiency – and provides plenty of exam practice at the same time. Grammar is presented in a listening context giving students the chance to hear it being used in realistic situations and making it easier to remember. It includes the full range of exam tasks from the Reading, Writing and Listening papers and shows how grammar knowledge is tested in each of these. A helpful grammar glossary is provided for reference. Cambridge Grammar for CAE and Proficiency is informed by the Cambridge International Corpus and the Cambridge Learner Corpus to ensure that grammar is presented in genuine contexts and the book covers the errors students really make.
9780719052590 Witchcraft N Witchcraft Narratives In Germany : Rothenburg, 1561-1652 Неизвестно
9780553841442 Koontz Dean Your Heart Belongs To Me Random House (USA)
9781416586951 Greenside, M Ill never be french Simon & Schuster
9780571245130 Qi Qi pocket book of animals Faber
Meet the water bears that can live in suspension for hundreds of years, the parasite carried by your cat that makes men grumpy and women promiscuous, and the woodlouse that drinks through its bottom. Marvel at elephants that walk on tiptoe, the pigs that shine in the dark, and the woodpeckers that have ears on the end of their tongues.
9780434020003 Coupland, Do Generation A Random House
9780099532767 Harper, Tom Book of Secrets, The Random House
9780865779808 Hersh Ophthalmic Surgical Procedures Thieme Verlagsgruppe
Authored by world-renowned eye surgeons and teachers, the second edition of this book is a step-by-step guide to common eye surgery and laser procedures. The book opens by reviewing the fundamentals of ophthalmic surgery. Chapters are then grouped into separate sections that address cataracts, corneal diseases, refractive surgery, eye trauma, glaucoma, oculoplastics, pediatric ophthalmology and strabismus, and vitreoretinal diseases. Each chapter provides concise descriptions guiding clinicians through indications, preoperative preparation, instrumentation, operative procedure, postoperative care, and potential complications for each procedure.Highlights of this edition:-Succinct instructions and consistent, easy-to-follow presentation enables rapid reading and review-More than 600 expertly drawn illustrations aid comprehension of each surgical stepWith its concise presentation and easily accessible format, this edition of Ophthalmic Surgical Procedures is a practical refresher for experienced eye surgeons who would like to enhance their clinical armamentarium. It is a must-have resource for all medical students, residents, and fellows in ophthalmology as well as ophthalmic technicians and nurses seeking to avail themselves of the latest information on state-of-the-art procedures.
9780553819151 Blake, Sasha Betrayal Transworld Publishers
Emily Kent is the daughter of one of the most powerful women on the planet. Her mother and billionaire father have laid the world at her feet - it`s not enough. Emily is determined to make her own luck.
9780486241968 Picasso Line Drawings and Prints Dover
9783899552669 Dos Logos Pb Gestalten
9780553214512 Lewis, Sincl Main Street Random House (USA)
9783791342283 A Year in Architecture Prestel Publishing Limited
The newest addition to this highly successful series offers a daily example of architectural splendor, from the Egyptian pyramids and Rome`s Coliseum to envelope- pushing masterpieces by today`s leading designers.
9780375429477 PRINCETON RE Cracking the AP Physics C Exam, 2010 Edition Random House (USA)
9780813800332 Mine Y. Nutrigenomics and proteomics in health and disease Wiley
Intends to compile the science based upon nutrigenomics and proteomics in food and health. This work gives coverage of many important nutraceuticals (food factors) and their impact on gene interaction and health. It acquaints food and nutrition professionals with these fields of nutrition research and conveys the state of the science.
9780500288306 Brigitte Lar Magnum Magnum (Flexi) Thames & Hudson
A photography anthology that celebrates the vision, imagination and brilliance of Magnum photographers in over 400 photographs by the acknowledged greats of photography in the 20th century and the rising stars. Including biographies of the featured photographers, it is suitable for those interested in photography or the world depicted by it.
9780749940133 Stephanie La Mastered by Love Little, Brown
London`s most eligible - and adventurous - bachelors have banded together to form the Bastion Club, an elite society of gentleman dedicated to determining their own futures when it comes to marriage!
9780385615723 Pratchett Te The Carpet People: Illustrated Edition HB Random House
In the beginning, there was nothing but endless flatness. Then came the Carpet... The Carpet is home to many different tribes and people and there`s a different story in the making. The story of Fray, sweeping a trail of destruction across the Carpet.
9780312942861 Golemon Davi Ancients Неизвестно
Ten thousand years before the Roman Empire marched great legions across the known world, there was a civilization dedicated to the sciences of earth, sea, and sky. In the City of Light lived people who made dark plans to lay waste to their uncivilized neighbours using the very power of the planet itself.
9780747596585 Wenkert, Sim Half-known life Bloomsbury
A heartbreaking story of love, betrayal and devastating secrets
9780375727351 Phillips J A Black Tickets Random House (USA)
9781550091120 Winchester Breast Cancer+cd. 2000 Harcourt Publishers Limited
Part of the American Cancer Society's acclaimed Atlas of Clinical Oncology series, this volume offers an expert overview of breast cancer. Topics range fromidemiology and genetics to diagnosis, management and reconstruction. Post-treatment care, as well as male breast cancer, is also discussed.
9780099286899 Maugham Some Summing Up Random House
Autobiographical without being an autobiography, confessional without disclosing the private self, this book is not only a classic avowal of a professional author`s ideas about style, literature, art, drama and philosophy, but also an illuminating insight into this great writer`s craft.
9780446361880 Butler O E Mind of My Mind Hachette Book Group
A young ghetto telepath launches a psychic struggle against the four-thousand-year-old immortal who has been her father, lover, master, and creator to free her fellow telepaths. Reprint. PW. K.
9781878271372 Flesh Birkhauser Verlag AG
9781851491872 Gentle And F Domestic Metalwork Antique Collectors Club Ltd
This is a revised and enlarged edition of the earlier standard work on the subject which should be essential reading for anyone with an interest in brass or the wider fields of metalwork and antiques. The book sets individual pieces in their historical background of design, manufacture and use. Brass objects, especially those dating from the period between the Restoration and the early 19th century, are capable of manifesting some of the finest qualities of English design and craftsmanship and, as everyday objects of use and ornament at all levels of society dating from before the machine age, they fully deserve our interest. Candlesticks and chandeliers are the most familiar of brass objects but the wealth of pictures in this book reveals the huge range and variety of other items made in metal, from buttons, drawer handles and coffin mounts to tableware, often closely resembling silver models, and fireside equipment. This revised and enlarged edition of the earlier standard work on the subject is for anyone with an interest in brass or in the wider fields of metalwork and antiques.
9783764353612 Helmut Richter Birkhauser Verlag AG
Helmut Richter's architecture is determined by the concept of progress: his buildings are hallmarks of the development of constructional engineering; his spatial concepts, especially in numerous housing projects, presume new social behaviours. Richter's oeuvre, which is comprehensively presented in this book, is characterized by an attitude directed towards an ultimate clarity and efficiency, understanding architecture as a risky yet vital process of insight, always experimenting with functional patterns and with buildings design, a continuous experiment with the limits of technology. Richter's most recent buildings are not only significant within 1990s Austrian architecture but also set a standard for international development. Since 1997 Helmut Richter has lived in Vienna as a freelance architect and since 1991 he has been teaching as a professor for building design and construction at Vienna Technical University.
9780333662106 Operations Management Palgrave
This fully revised new edition provides a comprehensive introduction to the wide-ranging subject of Operations Management. The book is clearly written and jargon-free, concentrating on examining the ways an organisation turns its resources into goods or services. The student-centred approach based on learning objectives, case studies activities and review questions is ideal for those studying the subject, whilst its practical approach provides help to managers seeking to become more effective.
9781853836572 Against the grain Kogan Page
This work challenges the abrupt transformation of food crops through genetic engineering. The authors show these methods to be far from fail-safe or risk free. They raise disturbing issues of failed government oversights and an industry underestimating or ignoring.
9780330256513 Collins Lovers and Gamblers Pan Macmillan
Written by the author of "Hollywood Husbands", "Hollywood Wives", "The World is Full of Married Men" and "Lovers and Gamblers", this is a novel about the glittering world of rock parties and concerts to limos and mansions of the power-brokers.
9780140278774 Orwell Nineteen Eighty-four Penguin Books Ltd
A satire on the horrors of totalitarianism, "Nineteen Eighty-Four" is set in a society run by Big Brother where people are made to conform to orthodoxy by the Thought Police. Winston Smith yearns for truth and liberty, but he comes to realize that he cannot outwit the forces at work.
9780099414742 Puzo Mario Sicilian Random House
Sequel to "The Godfather", this describes the ending of Michael Corleone's exile in Sicily, his search for Salvatore Giuliano and his troubles, as he confronts brutal and unfamiliar treacheries in the deceitful society within which he moves.
9781860460401 Carver R. Short Cuts Random House
9780679781332 Beattie Park City Random House (USA)
A collection of short stories features a couple dealing with the loss of their child, a housekeeper who experiences a startling insight, and a family secret that is only revealed many years after a bizarre experience.
9781851491599 Duncan Paris Salons Vol.1 1895-1914: Jewellery A-K Antique Collectors Club Ltd
The decorative arts of a brief period in the late 19th and early 20th centuries reflect the mood of the times - reaction was in the air and the result was a vogue for the ornamental style known as 'art noveau', a style characterised by naturalism, sinuous lines, asymmetrical forms and excellence in craftsmanship, and one which has been reassessed and rehabilitated in the latter part of the 20th century. A European phenomenon, the French led the field and the catalogues of the Paris Salons over a twenty year period illustrate work by such artists as Boucheron, Chaumet, Galle and Lalique. It is these catalogue illustrations which make up this unique pictorial encyclopaedia and bring together a record of the outstanding and imaginative work of art noveau artists and craftsmen by subject. Volume I comprises some 3,000 illustrations of jewellery by designers A-K; (L-Z) containing over 2,500 illustrations will be published shortly after Volume 1.
9781864700237 Tai Soo Kim Partners: Selected Works Cb Images
Monograph covering a wide portfolio of projects ranging from corporate, cultural, educational and commercial.
9780789202215 Italian Frescoes 3: The Flowering of the Renaissance 1470-1510 Abbeville Press
This is the second volume of a survey of the surviving Italian Renaissance frescoes.
9780789200365 Peter Clothi David Hockney Abbeville Press
This text describes the work of David Hockney covering his contribution to 20th-century art.
9780345353115 Heinlein Rob Space Cadet Random House (USA)
A young man reports for the final tests for appointment as a cadet in the Interplanetary Patrol, survives the tests, studies in the school ship, and goes on a regular Patrol vessel and encounters danger on Venus.
9780553290981 Weis And Hic Elven Star Random House (USA)
The sequel to "Dragon Wing". Passing through the Death Gate, Haplo is sent to sow chaos among the inhabitants of Pryan, the Realm of Fire, where never-ending sunlight and plentiful rain have generated a jungle so vast that humans and elves inhabit the trees and only dwarves live near the ground.
9780440205579 Steel Daniel Star Random House (USA)
By the bestselling author of 24 novels, including "Wanderlust" and "Kaleidoscope", this is the story of Crystal Wyatt, a Hollywood singer, and Spencer Hill, a New York lawyer. Separated by their different worlds since they were 14 years-old, a reconciliation now could cost them dearly.
9780330299763 Dexter C The Secret of Annexe 3 Pan Macmillan
Inspector Morse seldom allowed himself to be caught up in New Year celebrations. So the murder enquiry in the festive hotel had a certain appeal. The corpse was still in fancy dress and hardly a single guest had registered under their genuine name. Other Morse books include "Last Seen Wearing".
9780330368773 Brook-shephe The Iron Maze Pan Macmillan
This work presents the story of the secret war waged by Western intelligence against the Bolsheviks in Russia from 1917. The author asks what if the Western secret services had actually captured Lenin? The text offers the pace of a thriller involving colourful superspies and an interesting twist.
9780385498852 Jenkins Dead Solid Perfect Random House (USA)
9780441117734 Gibson Willi Count Zero Penguin USA
9780500019566 Jay Brandt Thames & Hudson
A comprehensive study of the work of photographer Bill Brandt, and a catalogue to an exhibition at the Barbican Centre in London. Brandt's work falls across a number of categories. He created odd, surrealist compositions, stemming from his early work in Man Ray's Paris studio, as well as telling images conveying social comment on Britain in the 1930s. His intensely dark portrayals of London and the industrial towns of northern England contrast with his softer, even lyrical evocations of landscape. He is perhaps best known for his sequence of ever more abstracted studies of the nude, but his telling portrayals of artists from the same period remain immediate and perceptive decades later. This book explores, on a large scale, all the different aspects of Brandt's work.
9780380729746 Ansay A M River Angel Co HarperCollins USA
A misfit boy is kidnapped by his peers, who said they only meant to frighten him, but somehow he ended up in the river. When his body is discovered in a barn a mile away, the woman who finds him tells the police she believes an angel carried him there. From the author of STER.
9780380730377 Moore Ch Practical Demonkeeping HarperCollins USA
Granted immortality by Catch, a lovable demon, a young man named Travis O'Hearn struggles to rid himself of this man-eating gremlin, who promises to make eternity hellish for him, in a supernatural comic romp through a California tourist town. Reprint.
9780380726288 Lehane D Darkness. Take My Hand HarperCollins USA
9780060928827 Castaneda Ca Magical Passes HarperCollins USA
Translates the magical passes used by Yaqui Indian sorcerers into a series of movements and exercises that can be used to increase immunity and heighten well-being.
9783764313470 Louis I Kahn. Complete Work 1935-1974 Birkhauser Verlag AG
9783764361938 Progress in Drug Research.vol 55 Birkhauser Verlag AG
Progress in Drug Research is a prestigious book series which provides extensive expert-written reviews on a wide spectrum of highly topical areas in current pharmaceutical and pharmacological research. Founded in 1959 by its current editor, the series has moved from its initial focus on medicinal chemistry to a much wider scope. Today it encompasses all fields concerned with the development of new therapeutic drugs and the elucidation of their mechanisms of action, reflecting the increasingly complex nature of modern drug research. Invited authors present their biological, chemical, biochemical, physiological, immunological, pharmaceutical, toxicological, pharmacological and clinical expertise in carefully written reviews and provide the newcomer and the specialist alike with an up-to-date comprehensive list of prime references. Each volume of Progress in Drug Research contains fully cross-referencing indices which link the books together, forming a virtually encyclopaedic work. The series thus serves as an important, time-saving source of information for researchers concerned with drug research and all those who need to keep abreast of the many recent developments in the quest for
9780385334204 Vonnegut Kur Breakfast of Champions Random House (USA)
In this wildly successful novel, originally published in 1973, aging writer (and perhaps Vonnegut's most famous character) Kilgore Trout is horrified to learn that a car dealer is taking his fiction as truth. Illustrated throughout with the original Vonnegut "doodles."
9780812551495 Goodkind Ter Soul of the Fire #5 Holtzbrink(MPS)
Seeker of Truth Richard Rahl and Mother Confessor Kahlan Amnell must confront the Chimes, a magical force that they accidentally unleashed, before the Chimes can destroy them and ravage all of D'Hara.
9780812534580 Forward R L Saturn Rukh Holtzbrink(MPS)
9780395902257 Hart Organic Chemistry Houghton Miffin Co.
9780810942936 Hermandez A G Rizzoli Abrams
For almost 40 years, A.G. Rizzoli (1896-1981) worked as a draughtsman for a San Francisco architect. By night he made intricate coloured ink drawings of his dream city and other architectural visions. Skyscrapers, Gothic cathedrals, the Duomo in Milan - reconfigured and sometimes floodlit Hollywood-style - were intended as architectural stand-ins for people known to the artist. The recent discovery of these drawings has led to comparison with the work of Escher, Piranesi and Blake. They are reproduced in this volume, together with essays on his life, analyses of his work and writings, and notes on his sources of inspiration. The book is published to accompany a two-year travelling exhibition, starting in March 1997 at the San Diego Museum of Art, USA.
9780810926349 Bourdon Warhol Abrams
A study of the innovative pop artist Andy Warhol by his close friend and confidant, David Bourdon. Prepared during the artist's lifetime and with his co-operation, it is described as "an intimate look at the man behind the silkscreened image".
9780446607711 Baldacci Dav Simple Truth. The Hachette Book Group
Rufus Harms has been in prison for 25 years for the brutal killing of a young girl. Then a letter smuggled to him by his brother reveals the thread of a massive miscarriage of justice, which threatens to unravel the fabric of the Supreme Court itself.
9780500975961 Temples of Gold Thames & Hudson
The exuberant wall paintings found in the Buddhist temples of Thailand enchant the eye and spirit with their subtle colour, lyrical line and vivid depiction of mythological and secular scenes inspired by ancient texts. These little-known masterpieces, reproduced here in exquisite detail, speak to us across the centuries with joy, humour and grace. Santi Leksukhum's text traces the complex history of these paintings. It examines the development of their distinctive style, from the arrival of Buddhism, to the overwhelming influence of the royal workshops of Bangkok, to the incorporation of Buddhist techniques as Thailand opened up to the West in the mid-nineteenth century. The rulers, who were believed to have divine power, imposed strict codes on subject matter, imagery and composition. Despite the extreme stylization, we see the hand of the artist in the freshness of the brushstrokes. The murals embrace opposing elements - the sacred and the profane, formality and spontaneity, the real and the imaginary - and combine them in harmonious compositions of startling beauty. The renowned French photographer Gilles Mermet made several expeditions to Thailand to photograph these magnificen
9780006547051 Miller H Nexus HarperCollins UK
The third book of a trilogy of novels known collectively as "The Rosy Crucifixion". It is autobiographical and tells the story of Miller's bizarre second marriage and its development into an extraordinary and legendary menage a trois.
9780813366081 Kroeker Remembering the End Perseus
The Dostoevsky scholar Robert Louis Jackson said Dostoevsky's becoming is, of course, our own becoming; to know Dostoevsky has been to know our century and ourselves. Remembering the End: Dostoevsky as Prophet to Modernity pursues this statement while elucidating the spiritual realism of Dostoevsky's Biblically charged literary art.. Dostoevsky was one of those writers of the nineteenth century who came to be regarded by many readers in the following century as a prophet. How does he remain prophetic for us now, in the early twenty-first century? Remembering the End explores and assesses Dostoevsky's critique of modernity, with particular focus on the Grand Inquisitor (in The Brothers Karamazov ), where his prophetic vision finds its most intense expression. The authors write to elucidate the spiritual realism of Dostoevsky's biblically charged literary art, and to show how it can help us to remember who we are in this modern/postmodern moment in which--as individuals and members of communities--we are required to make critical choices about the meaning of justice, history, truth and happiness. The book will be of interest to readers in comparative literature, ethics, political theory, philosophy, religious studies and theology.
9780500236697 Faberge: Lost and Found Thames & Hudson
For more than 25 years, Carl Faberge and his firm served as jeweller and goldsmith to the tsars of Russia, European royalty, and the powerful and influential throughout the world. The masterpieces created by Faberge in the late 19th and early 20th centuries are almost legendary treasures of superb workmanship and originality. A. Kenneth Snowman tells the story of his recent and astonishing discovery in St Petersburg of two of the original design books from the House of Faberge. Within their pages are countless meticulous watercolour and ink drawings of virtually every item made by the company from 1909 to 1915. Each design is dated and accompanied by detailed handwritten instructions as to composition and execution. Hundreds of these invaluable and incredibly beautiful drawings are reproduced here for the first time, most in full colour, with captions describing the gems, the materials to be used, and the date of manufacture. Often the actual finished pieces are photographed next to the original drawings. Among the ingenious marvels are those commissioned for the 300th anniversary celebration of the House of Romanoff, and the famous miniature and large Imperial Easter eggs, including the one owned by Queen Elizabeth II. Gold boxes, animal and bird carvings, necklaces, earrings, pendants, rings and diadems are amongst the jewels on display. A. Kenneth Snowman was curator and wrote the catalogues for the Faberge exhibitions at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London, in 1977 and the Coopor-Hewitt Museum, New York, in 1983. He has written and edited many other books, including "The Master Jewelers" (Thames and Hudson, 1990).
9780552138239 Forsyth Fred Deceiver Transworld Publishers
Sam McCready is The Deceiver, one of the Secret Intelligence Service`s most unorthodox and most valued operatives, a legend in his own time. The end of the cold war has, however, strengthened the hand of the Whitehall mandarins, to whom he seems about as controllable as Genhis Khan, so Sam is to have his fate decided at a special hearing.
9782880463090 American Advertising Awards Grange Books
9780140621099 Buchan Thirty-nine Steps Penguin Books Ltd
Adventurer Richard Hannay has just returned from South Africa and is thoroughly bored with his London life - until a murder is committed in his flat, just days after the victim had warned him of an assassination plot that could bring Britain to the brink of war.
9780140620498 Kipling Rudy Kim Penguin Books Ltd
Kim, a boy growing into early manhood and the lama, an old ascetic priest are fired by a quest. Kim is white, a sahib, although born in India. While he wants to play the Great Game of Imperialism, he is also spiritually bound to the lama and tries to reconcile these opposing strands, while the lama searches for redemption from the Wheel of Life.
9781853260063 Joice Portrait of the Artist Wordsworth
'A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man' is a fictional recreation of James Joyce's own life and early environment.
9780683304909 Lazo Nms: review for USMLE Step1 Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
This review book offers medical students a comprehensive examination of the key concepts presented in the first two years of medical school.
9780521627047 Adrian Doff, Language in Use Beginner Teacher s Book Cambridge University Press
Language in Use is now available in four levels. The highly acclaimed and successful approach of Language in Use Pre-intermediate, Intermediate and Upper-intermediate is now extended downward in Language in Use Beginner. The Beginner level contains material for genuine beginners, and provides thorough language coverage through a systematic syllabus with constant recycling. The features which distinguish Language in Use include: - flexibility of content - dual syllabus of grammar and vocabulary units - clarity of tasks and language presention - creativity and imaginative approaches - self-study through the Workbook and Self-study Cassette The course contains 24 units, with special Study Page sections after every two units. There is also a Review section at the end of the course. The class work can be completed in around 80 hours.
9780521376389 Michael Swan New Cambridge English Course, The Level 2 Student s Book Cambridge University Press
The New Cambridge English Course, complete in four levels, provides teachers of adult and young adult learners with the most thorough and comprehensive modern course available, for beginner through to upper-intermediate level.Levels 1 and 2 have firmly established The New Cambridge English Course as the one course which provides the wide range of features needed for successful achievement and steady progress at the beginner and low-intmediate stages: - a multi-syllabus approach, systematically covering all aspects of language from grammar, notions and functions through to pronunciation, skills and vocabulary - effective development of fluency through controlled and freer activities, as well as thorough grounding in accuracy - wide range of topics, exercises and tasks, providing stimulus and variety for both teachers and learners - very clear organisation of teaching material, explicit aims for each lesson, high quality of page design, and detailed notes for teachers in the Teacher's Book (interleaved with the student's pages) - carefully-paced lessons, providing a minimum of 72 hours class work at each level - opportunities for self-study and learner choice in the Practice Books;
9780330354257 Follett Ken The Man From St.petersburg Pan Macmillan
Feliks came to London to commit a murder that would change history. He had many weapons at his command, but his most dangerous were the love of a innocent woman, and the passion of a lady demanding satisfaction. Against him were ranged the English police, a lord, and Winston Churchill himself.
9780714838373 Modern House Phaidon Press Ltd.
The 20th century has produced some of the most innovative and memorable designs for private houses, which have become architectural icons worldwide. In the 1920s and 1930s, the private house was the means by which architects established the early Modern Movement, and clients looked favourably on commissioning the avant garde. Today, the house is enjoying an architectural renaissance, as private clients have returned to architects to express their wealth and status. The result is a collection of innovative projects that reveal some of the real concerns of world-famous architects, and display the talents of younger designers eager to establish their reputations. The 30 houses from around the world included in this book were completed in the 1990s, revealing developments in house design by notable contemporary architects, and demonstrating continuing links with the work of the early 20th-century masters.
9780714834696 Arts and Crafts Style Phaidon Press Ltd.
This is an illustrated collection of essays examining the international arts and crafts movement, and highlighting the major designers and architects.
9780714835426 The 20th Century Art Book Phaidon Press Ltd.
Following in the tradition of Phaidon's "The Art Book", this is an illustrated dictionary which presents in alphabetical order the work of 500 great artists from the 20th century. Each artist is represented by a full-page colour plate of a key work and a short text about the work of the artist. From figures such as Monet, Cezanne, Picasso and Dali at the beginning of the century to Pollock, Beuys and Hockney in the middle years, to innovative contemporary artists including Hirst and Koons, this dictionary provides a comprehensive listing from A-Z. The book reveals the works that make up the art of this century, including oil paintings, watercolours, prints, collages, sculptures, ready-mades, installations, performances and videos. Full glossaries of terms and artistic movements are provided, alongside a directory of public museums and galleries where the works can be seen. Detailed cross-referencing of artists, styles and subject matter completes this reference, which is suitable for teenagers and adults alike.
9780716720096 Stryer Biochemistry. 4 Ed. 1999 +cd Freeman
9780521798471 Sue Leather The Big Picture Cambridge University Press
Cambridge English Readers is an exciting new series of original fiction, specially written for learners of English. Graded into six levels – from elementary to advanced – the stories in this series provide easy and enjoyable reading on a wide range of contemporary topics and themes. Tokyo. Ken Harada takes photos for newspapers. But life gets dangerous when Ken takes a photo of a sumo star. Someone wants the photo badly. But who? And why? The cassette(s) contain a recording of the full text of the book.
9780521009423 Leo Jones Let s Talk 3 Cambridge University Press
A set of two class audio CDs features all the listening activities from Let’s Talk 3. The engaging task-based listening activities focus student listening and are recorded in natural, conversational American English. The audio program features interviews, conversations, news reports, and other interesting listening texts. Many of the recorded dialogues are unscripted to ensure that they reflect English as it is actually spoken in a variety of realistic situations. About half of the class recordings are repeated on the self-study CD packaged with the Student’s Book, accompanied by additional exercises.
9780261103597 Tolkien J.R. Part 3 The return of the king B format HarperCollins UK
9780141003375 Dahl Roald Best of Roald Dahl Penguin Books Ltd
9780349109701 Mailer,Norma Ancient Evenings Little, Brown
Crossing three millennia to Pharaonic Egypt, this tale returns to that land's essences - the war, magic, gods, death and reincarnations, the lusts, ambitions, jealousies, and betrayals.
9781857983395 Dick Philip Valis Orion Publishers
It began with a blinding light, a divine revelation from a mysterious intelligence that called itself "Valis". And with that, the fabric of reality was ripped open and laid bare so that anything seemed possible, but nothing seemed quite right. Part science fiction, part theological detective story.
9780893815592 Joy before the object Aperture
9780330304115 Schulz b Fictions of bruno schulz Pan Macmillan
Ambitious and speculative, this is a novel on the theme of courage, from the public heroisms of wartime to the private ones of ordinary life. Comic, tender and beautifully written.
9783791321448 Kern H Through The Labyrinth Prestel Publishing Limited
Laybrinths and mazes are found all over the world and have been a source of wonder throughout history. This work explores the many aspects of labyrinths from their architectural, astrological and myological significance to their iconographical , mathematical and artistic fascination. It is an introduction to such different labyrinth forms as rock engravings on Trojan castles, medieval manuscripts, church labyrinths and Baroque garden mazes. He traces the origins, developments and changing meanings of this mystic form from the Bronze Age to the present day. The labyrinth's dominant position in Western civilization is supplemented by explorations in other cultures around the globe, including those of Egypt, India and North America. By taking a close look through the centuries at different cultures and across the continents, the cultural and historical significance of the maze takes on a new light.
9781860469442 Morazzoni m Alphonse courrier affair, the Random House
Seething beneath the veneer of the humdrum daily round, detectable often in nothing more than a glance, a gesture, is a high charge of passion that displays Morazzoni's irresistible facility for creating unstoppable page-turners. In a village in the Auvergne a hundred years ago Alphonse Courrier set up shop as an ironmonger and prospered sufficiently to maintain a mistress, Adele, a girl too plain to merit a second glance, and a wife, the pretty Agnes. The wife engages a maid, Germaine, to come in and scrub the floor. Germaine takes a shine to Alphonse. With time the ironmonger is blessed with two boys, and loses his elderly mother. All goes like clockwork in this honourable menage until Alphonse's companion the local vet discovers in himself an unarguable attraction for Madame Courrier, and the lady is sufficiently bored to reciprocate. The mistress Germaine diees in a fire, which might have been arson; at all events the flames were clearly fanned by the virulent village gossips. In a village where nothing happens, what goes on beneath the surface to disrupt the calm is everyone's business.
9780553813111 Erikson s Deadhouse gates Transworld Publishers
In the vast dominion of Seven Cities, in the holly desert of Raraku, the seer Sha'ik and her followers prepare for the long-prophesied uprising named the Whirlwind. Unprecedented in its size and savagery, this maelstrom of fanaticism and bloodlust will embroil the whole Malazan Empire.
9783931613020 Desertion Art Stock
A breathtaking adventure of seven highly erotic men in the deserts of South Africa.
9780140295573 Hornby Nick Fever Pitch Penguin Books Ltd
9780126730500 Viruses and Human Disease Elsevier Science
No cure has ever been found for a viral infection. As a result, research along thelines is extremely important, particularly the applications to human viral diseases. Viruses and Human Disease is the first text to examine the connection between virology and human disease. It is also the first book to integrate basic virology with pathophysiological conditions. By contrast, most virology textbooks focus on the molecular biology involved without adequate reference to physiology. Viruses and Human Disease is four-colour throughout and contains clearly labeled figures and tables. This book is based upon the extensive course notes from Dr. James Strauss's class at the California Institute of Technology. It is intended as a textbook for advanced undergraduate and graduate students or as a supplemental reference for researchers in related fields.
9780723432081 G. David Per Mosbys Colour Atlas Text of Neurology Elsevier Science
This textbook of neurology for junior doctors, residents and senior medical students offers a concise overview of the specialty, with coverage of major issues - such as pathology, clinical manifestations, investigations, and management. It deals with both common neurological symptoms and specific neurological disorders. This edition has updated materion therapy of migraine, epilepsy, Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, tumours, Multiple Sclerosis, meningitis and AIDs. It also has enhanced coverage of spino-cerebellar degeneration, cerebral venous thrombosis, multi-system atrophy, cortical Lewy body disease, ADEM, new variant CJD, channelopathies and non-metastatic syndromes.
9780425180631 Cornwell Pat Last Precinct, The Penguin USA
9783764365691 Koolhaas R Colours Birkhauser Verlag AG
Three of today's great architects and designers reveal the colours which feature most significantly in their work. *The nature of colour should change - no longer just a thin layer of change, but something that genuinely alters perception" and this stipulation of Rem Koolhaas is echoed by the world famous architects and designers Alessandro Mendini and Norman Foster. In this volume, they present between them a total of 90 colours - each covering half a page - accompanied by comments on the background, the significance and the applications of the colours. The studies of colours from each office form the basis of this book, and were previously only available in extravagant individual editions. With this comprehensive and consistent presentation of the varying approaches to colour, we have a compendium which shows the wide use of colour in today's technologically advanced architecture with its modern, post-modern and deconstructive orientation. The range of examples of the colours in practice includes load-bearing structures, facades, interior designs, furnishing and the entire spectrum of product design.
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