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9780500510070 Graphic Design in Germany Thames & Hudson
It was the spectactular commercial boom that followed the Franco-Prussian War that was responsible for breathing new life into the field of advertising and fostering the aggressive, aesthetically adventurous and distinctive German graphic design style outlined in this book.
9781864700121 Transport Spaces: Vol 1 Cb Images
9780749398071 Kafka F Complete Novels Random House
A single volume containing Kafka's three novels. "The Trial" is a fusion of nightmare and reality, and "The Cale" a religious allegory. In "America" the innocent Karl Rossman falls gradually but unerringly into a state of often comic degradation.
9781901092059 Architecture and rhetoric ACC-distribution titles
9780446606738 Mcbain E Last Best Hope. The Hachette Book Group
Attorney Matthew Hope is called upon to find the missing husband of a woman, whom she wishes to sue for divorce. The plot moves back and forth between the sun-drenched streets of Florida and a cold northern city as Hope pursues his quarry.
9780812090451 Japanese Idioms Barron`s educational series, inc
A book of commonly used Japanese idioms followed by the English translations. Presented in Japanese characters, transliteration and then the English translation.
9781570623813 Cleary J C Book of Serenity Random House (USA)
9780345389985 Turtledove H Worldwar 2: Tilting The Balance Random House (USA)
An alternative World War II takes an unexpected turn when a race of lizard-like space aliens sweep down to conquer Earth, causing the Allied and Axis forces to combine atomic bomb technologies. Reprint.
9781840005639 Michael Jack Michael Jackson s Bar & Cocktail Book Mitchell & Beazley
Which drink, where and when? Which ingredients create a drink's character? Will ingredients marry happily, and should they be stirred or shaken? How are mixed drinks served to best advantage? This book is a comprehensive A-Z of the world's great drinks, including 250 cocktails and details on how to mix and serve them. There is a list of the bartender's essential tools and how to use them, plus advice on how to cure the inevitable hangover. Jackson's style shines through, combining detail, insight and humour.
9780486999562 24 Victorian Display Fonts Cd Rom and Book Dover
Stereopticon, Chorus Girl, Glorietta, Buffalo Bill, Eclair, Romanesque, Rubens, and Wedlock. Complete uppercase alphabets, numerals, and punctuation; some lowercase characters as well. Disk contains all items in book.
9780425183007 Clancy Tom Submarine Penguin USA
9780500283394 Loan Oei The Elements of Design Thames & Hudson
A design sourcebook showing how the environment, natural and manmade, can be defined in terms of basic elements and patterns: the bark of a tree, a cotton towel, sunset in the Egyptian desert. These items, and many more, remind us how the search for something new is always a voyage of rediscovery.
9780521754453 Cambridge ES Cambridge First Certificate in English 6 Cambridge University Press
This convenient pack is suitable for self-study students and teachers alike. It contains a Student's Book with answers plus a set of two Audio CDs. The book features a collection of four complete FCE past papers from the University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations Syndicate. These tests provide candidates with an excellent opportunity to familiarise themselves with the FCE examination and to practise examination techniques using actual past papers. Visual material for Paper 5 is included with each test, enabling students to prepare thoroughly for the paired Speaking test.
9783791327853 Joan Miro Prestel Publishing Limited
Nature, the cosmos, and humanity were all subjects which Joan Miró (1893-1983) pursued in a tremendous array of styles and in nearly every known medium. This beautiful new book communicates the scope and quality of his art, including the most important works over his life.
9780449149065 Smith Wilbur Golden Fox Random House (USA)
The 1970s will test the headstrong and beautiful Isabelle Courtney to the extreme. They will be times of hardship and pain, hidden behind the masks of affluence and success. Brother will be pitted against brother as this story moves from London to Europe and to the searing heat of a divided Africa.
9780812580433 Scott Rob Roy Holtzbrink(MPS)
Scott's classic adventure story is set against the wild and turbulent backdrop of the Jacobite uprising. An impetuous young man finds himself drawn to the noble and charismatic outlaw, Robert Roy Macgregor, fighting on behalf of the Scottish people to overthrow their English oppressors.
9780060081430 Creativity 31 HarperCollins USA
The Creativity Annual has emerged as one of the premier sources showing outstanding advertising and design work from all over the world. Each year, entreis are chosen from more than 40 states and 40 countries around the world. Nearly 40 categories of work are in the book, including consumer print advertisements, trade publication ads, posters, billboards, annual reports, brochures, catalogues, book jackets, record albums, package design, calendars, t-shirts, logos, letterheads, corporate ID manuals, editorial design, magazine covers, public service ads, and & illustration, photography, direct mail, TV commercials, videos, web design and others. While most other annuals have a limited geographic focus, Creativity is the one annual where address is not a factor. Creative people looking for inspiration will find that great work can come from lots of places around the world. And the Creativity Annual is where lots of great work is found.
9780060087616 Private Towers HarperCollins USA
Private Towers conjures up images of wealth and royalty and yet owning a private tower, whether for use as a residence or for recreation, can be remarkably inexpensive. This book will present over 20 private towers designed by top architects. These towers serve as primary dwellings, as additions to existing houses (as libraries, master suites, family rooms), or for recreational activities. Private Towers will present these architectural follies through extensive use of stunning photography, as well as plans and drawings. Selling Strategy: This book will appeal to first-time buyers, empty-nesters, and architects who are being challenged by their clients to design unique houses and additions.
9780789308795 Robert Hughe Portable Picasso, The Rizzoli USA
A compact, affordable and comprehensive survey of his work.
9783935814041 New Business Pubication Collection 1 Nippan
A superb collection drawn from PR magazines and informative brochures published at regular intervals by a range of different types of businesses to boost communication with consumers. Featuring promotional magazines published by department stores and specialist shops to introduce products and special events, corporate PR publications designed to upgrade their image, magazines for selected distribution to club members or clients, publicity with a strong regional or local flavour put out by regional organisations, and corporate in-house newsletters.
9788987223858 Interior World 6 : Restaurants Nippan
9780345413376 Pullman Phil Amber Spyglass Random House (USA)
Lyra lies sleeping in a cave near a rainbow, drugged into unconsciousness by her mother,Mrs Coulter, whose love for her daughter closely rivals her own ruthless ambition. Now, the latter threatens to overcome the former, as she strives to prevent the events which are dependent on the decisions Lyra is fated to make. Meanwhile, Will-scarred and traumatised after his last, fatal meeting with his father-seeks blindly for her, with only two of Lord Asriel's angels as companions on his dangerous search. The two are fated to meet once more, however, and begin their most treacherous journey. For Lyra owes a great debt, and she must repay it-she must rescue her friend from the Land of the Dead. Neither are prepared for the terrible sacrifice they must endure, or for the universal consequences of their actions. Lyra and Will must play their part in the war between the worlds and Heaven...
9780515134636 Altman Game of Spies Penguin USA
9780940450202 Cooper J F Leatherstocking Tales 01 Penguin USA
9780446607339 Meltzer B Dead Even Hachette Book Group
Young assistant district attorney Sara Tate finds herself going head to head with her defense attorney husband, Jared, in a case in which not only is the outcome at stake, but also both of their lives.
9780415306584 Bienenstock Autonomic Neuroimmunology Informa
Groundbreaking observations have positively identified anatomic connections between elements of the nervous system and cells of adaptive immunity. On the basis of these discoveries, early studies went on to document the capacity of neuromediators to control immune responses, and conversely, the ability of immune cytokines to alter neural activity. These findings have huge physiological implications, including the possibility of finding pathways to novel diagnostic and therapeutic techniques for a multitude of diseases. The book describes, in rich scientific detail, current understanding of these vital neuroimmunological interactions.
9780141010830 Townsend Sue Secret Diary of Adrian Mole Penguin Books Ltd
Adrian Mole is a household name. THE SECRET DIARY has sold over 20 million copies worldwide and is a modern classic. Now in Penguin for the first time, it is brought bang up to date for the 21st Century with an amazing new look, ready to make a whole new readership roar with laughter all over again. In THE SECRET DIARY OF ADRIAN MOLE Aged 13 3/4 teenager Adrian writes candidly about his parents' marital troubles, the dog, his life as a tortured poet and 'misunderstood intellectual'. His painfully honest diary makes hilarious and compelling reading. 'Townsend's wit is razor-sharp' Mirror
9780521801775 Rex A. Dwyer Genomic Perl Cambridge Academ
This introduction to computational molecular biology will help programmers and biologists learn the skills needed to start work in this important, expanding field. The author explains many of the basic computational problems and gives concise, working programs to solve them in the Perl programming language. With minimal prerequisites, the author explains the biological background for each problem, develops a model for the solution, then introduces the Perl concepts needed to implement the solution. The book covers pairwise and multiple sequence alignment, fast database searches for homologous sequences, protein motif identification, genome rearrangement, physical mapping, phylogeny reconstruction, satellite identification, sequence assembly, gene finding, and RNA secondary structure. The concrete examples and step-by-step approach make it easy to grasp the computational and statistical methods, including dynamic programming, branch-and-bound optimization, greedy methods, maximum likelihood methods, substitution matrices, BLAST searching, and Karlin-Altschul statistics. Perl code is provided on the accompanying CD.
9780440237099 Stroud C. Black water transit Random House (USA)
9780751532043 Wright,Debor Rebel Fairy Little, Brown
With the warmth of Marian Keyes and the energy of Patricia Scanlan, this sparkling novel is A Midsummer Night`s Dream brought completely up to date.
9781840224351 Dumas A Man in Iron Mask Wordsworth
The Man in the Iron Mask is the final episode in the cycle of novels featuring Dumas' celebrated foursome of D'Artagnan, Athos, Porthos and Aramis, who first appeared in The Three Musketeers. Some thirty-five years on, the bonds of comradeship are under strain as they end up on different sides in a power struggle that may undermine the young Louis XIV and change the face of the French monarchy. In the fast-paced narrative style that was his trademark, Dumas pitches us straight into the action. What is the secret shared by Aramis and Madame de Chevreuse? Why does the Queen Mother fear its revelation? Who is the mysterious prisoner in the Bastille? And what is the nature of the threat he poses? Dumas, the master storyteller, keeps us reading and guessing until the climactic scene in the grotto of Locmaria, a fitting conclusion to the epic saga of the musketeers.
9782880467456 Cd-Art: Innovation in CD Packeging Design Rockport/Rotovision
A comprehensive collection of the best contemporary CD cover designs, featuring many previous unpublished examples from the cutting edge, this volume includes work from well-known designers from Stefan Sagmeister (Lou Reed and many others), Malcolm Garrett (Buzzcocks) and Peter Saville (Joy Division, New Order) to Tomato (Underworld), Farrow (The Pet Shop Boys) and lesser known names and in-house teams (such as the RCA designers who worked with The Strokes and the Foo Fighters) who have used this medium as a widely disseminated platform for experimentation and free expression. In addition to traditional graphic elements of album cover art - image, illustration, and typography - "CD - Art" explores experimentation unique to the CD format: from handmade and unusual packaging and materials to textures, interactive designs and marketing incentives. It shows how designers exploit the two and three dimensional qualities of CD packaging to create highly collectable and unique objects that are displayed, handled, interrogated for information, explored for meaning and venerated by fans.
9780007170562 The Return of the King Photo Guide HarperCollins UK
This official children's storybook, based on the final film in The "Lord of the Rings" trilogy, follows Frodo's heroic struggle to destroy the One Ring and restore peace to Middle-earth. As the armies of the Dark Lord Sauron come together, Gandalf and the rest of the Fellowship are drawn into the epic War of the Ring, while Aragorn must decide whether or not to fulfil his destiny and claim his place as King of Gondor. Packed with 100 photographs from the forthcoming film, the book offers an exciting and colourful teaser for those too impatient to wait for The Return of the King on the big screen. The book includes a pull-out poster showing all the characters from The "Lord of the Rings" films.
9780099461265 Berg Open House Random House
When Samantha Morrow`s husband leaves her and her eleven-year-old son she is faced with the terrifying prospect of having to recreate her whole life. She opens her house to a series of lodgers who each in the eccentric way help her to see herself. And she shakes a friend, who shows her that she has the ability to make her own future.
9783131291912 Roecken Color Atlas of Allergic Diseases Thieme Verlagsgruppe
A practical and current overview of the entire field of allergy. Allergic disease, which frequently affects children, adolescents, and young adults, has seen an alarming increase in recent years. At the same time, an explosion of clinical and scientific advances in immunology and allergology have made it imperative that practitioners keep up with the newest knowledge. Unique in its scope, size, and format, here is a practical and current overview of the entire field of allergy. This succinct book incorporates colorful and educational illustrations throughout, with succinct information on: complex cell-mediated immune response; methods of in-vivo and in-vitro allergy diagnosis; antihistamine and corticosteroid treatments; prophylaxis and allergen avoidance; psychosomatic disease; and much more! The book is part of Thieme's acclaimed Flexibook series of clinical and basic science pocket guidebooks, which are sold worldwide and have been translated into more than 20 languages. Unique features of this pocket atlas: Nearly 100 full-color illustrations that convey complex information simply and effectively A wealth of concise and focused information in less than 250 pages - textbook knowledge in a pocketbook format! Thorough diagnostic guidelines that incorporate the multidisciplinary expertise of a wide variety of specialists An extensive Appendix that covers current topics such as emergency management, patch testing, allergy medications, and more! From basic allergy principles to diagnosis, treatment, organ-specific allergies, prevention, and more, this compact book comprehensively covers the field. It is essential for any specialist who needs a thorough understanding of allergy medicine - otorhinolaryngologists, dermatologists, internists, pediatricians, pulmonologists, as well as medical students. Use this beautifully illustrated pocket guide to keep up-to-date on an important clinical topic.
9780632046423 Taylor A Clinician s Guide to to Palliative Care.2003 Wiley
When curing a disease is not possible and death is imminent, the effective clinician shifts to a palliative model of care to manage pain and symptoms while attempting to maximize the quality of life. This practical medical text offers the latest treatments in managing the end stage of chronic diseases. It was written by practicing clinicians and designed to help medical students, residents, and doctors with practical clinical decisions. A Clinician's Guide to Palliative Care is an introduction to the multidisciplinary field of palliative care. Arranged in chapters by disease systems, the authors provide clinical guidelines as well as practical advice for the management of advanced disease. They review the assessment of prognosis (when is the illness is end-stage?), how to communicate and face tough decisions with patients and families, the role of hospice care and criteria for admission and the use and limitations of advance directives. Use it during medical school, residency, or in your practice. This useful introduction to the care of the dying patient will help you develop clinical judgment and a capability to provide comfort for the patient, the family, and all care-givers (inc
9780805211320 Ulitskaya Funeral Party Random House (USA)
Story of dying Alik, a charismatic artist, which features his wife and two ex lovers as they attend his sick bed during the last few days of his life. Located in a small apartment in New York in the sweltering heat, which is always filled with visitors. All the real time action of the novel takes place in the apartment. The novel is in part about the women - their differences, their different relationships with this charismatic - but it's also about being an emigre. Ulitskaya describes the struggle, and sometimes the resistance, in becoming a fully fledged immigrant. The novel deals with this massive subject with a light touch - it's so plausible and poignant while being, always, wry and funny.
9789057680045 Batik Patterns Pepin Press
9781840003611 Jeanette Hay Buyer s Guide: Glass Mitchell & Beazley
Miller's Glass Buyer's Guide is the latest in a best-selling series that has established itself as essential reference works for both enthusiasts and experienced buyers. Collecting glass is increasingly popular with collectors drawn to the translucent beauty, wide range of styles, techniques, shapes and colours on offer, many at affordable prices. Miller's Glass Buyer's Guide is organized by type for ease of reference and covers everything from bottles to decanters, drinking glasses to scent bottles. Paperweights, pictures and lighting are also featured. The whole spectrum of glass production has been covered, from 17th-century antique drinking glasses to up-to-the-minute 20th-century designers and factories such as Orrefors and Whitefriars. Items included come from around the world - the United Kingdom, the USA and Europe - and from every side of the antiques trades, thus illustrating a cross-section of the market. Over 2,000 items are illustrated and described, each with a price range which reflects the latest market trends. Special features examine the market - with historical information, explanations on techniques and manufacturers, plus the trends - what is "hot" now and what to look for in the future. A Directory of Specialists and a glossary of specialist terms are also included.
9782880465698 Glass. Lefteri, Chris Rockport/Rotovision
Glass is one of the oldest and most traditional of materials. The examples here range from Murano's 1000-year-old millefiori method to the processes which customise architectural glass. Applications covered range over furniture and lighting, mosaic, sandblasted, etched and moulded glass.
9781851493890 Cats in English Porcelain of the 19th Century Antique Collectors Club Ltd
This work is devoted exclusively to porcelain cats produced in England during the 19th century. Cats were turned out by most of the principal porcelain factories operating during the period, including Rockingham, Derby, Chamberlain, Worcester, Grainger Lee Worcester, Royal Worcester, Minton, Copeland & Garrett (and its successor Copeland), Samuel Alcock, Charles Bourne, and Dudson, as well as by factories so far unidentified of which little is known except that they were located somewhere in Staffordshire. The history is given of those factories whose identity is known, but the real emphasis of the book lies in the illustrations (mostly in colour) which are both numerous and far ranging. Porcelain cats are rare, and very few examples of the period can be found in public museums. Accordingly all the illustrations are from private collections, auction houses, or dealers, and they afford the reader an opportunity of seeing how charmingly these perennially fascinating animals came to be represented in English porcelain during the 19th century.
9781841951614 Chester Hime Cotton Comes to Harlem Canongate
Con man Deke O'Hara is out of the state penitentiary and hoping to work the scam of a lifetime. But the 87,000 dollars he had schemed has been hijacked and hidden in a bale of cotton. Worse still, Harlem's toughest cops are on everyone's trail.
9780099469629 O Connor Star of the Sea Random House
In the bitter winter of 1847, from an Ireland torn by injustice and natural disaster, the Star of the Sea sets sail for New York. On board are hundreds of refugees. It is the story of tragedy, mercy, love and healing, the further the ship sails towards the Promised Land, the more her passengers seem moored to a past which will never let them go.
9783150074701 Keller Kleider Machen Leute Reclam
9780862417376 Alasdair Gra Unlikely Stories, Mostly Canongate
This is Alastair Gray's first collection of short stories. This edition includes a new story, "Inches In a Column", that was lost at the time of original publication. He is the author of "Lanark", "Why Scots Should Rule Scotland" and won the Whitbread Prize for "Poor Things".
9783150090763 Kerr Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit Reclam
9783150071113 Nietzsche Zarathustra Reclam
9780486996332 Dover 120 Classic Posters from Les Maitres de l Affiche CD-ROM and Book Dover
Les Maitres de l'Affiche (Masters of the Poster), published from 1895 to 1900, is the most famous compilation of the art of the great age of the poster; dozens of artists are represented including Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, Jules Cheret, and Alphonse Mucha. Includes an annotated list of plates and an index of artists. Electronic Clip Art series: easy-to-use electronic permission-free illustrations and designs for art, craft, business and educational use. Hundreds of designs scanned at 600 dpi and saved in the most TIFF format for Mac[registered] and Windows[registered]. Each set contains CD-ROM, and book with every image on the CD printed large for easy reference or direct use.
9780486248417 Stella Fashions and Costumes from Godey s Lady s Book: Including 8 Plates in Full Color Dover
Over 400 striking fashion designs from rare issues of Godey’s Lady’s Book (1837-1869)—the most influential women’s magazine of the period. Introduction and captions. 435 designs, 42 in full color.
9780486429861 Luyken Caspa Gallery of Late-Seventeenth-Century Costume: 100 Engravings Dover
9780486411897 The Great American Antique Toy Bazaar 18791945: 5,000 Old Engravings from Original Trade Catalogs Dover
Antique toy illustrations, reproduced from rare original trade catalogs, span 66 years of U.S. toy production. 5,000 copyright-free illus.
9780486245133 C. B. Art Nouveau Frames and Borders Dover
The TNM Atlas is designed as an aid for the practical application of the TNM classification system by illustrating the T and N categories in clear, easily understood graphics. The aim of such a presentation is twofold: to enable all disciplines involved to reach a more standardized understanding and documentation of the anatomic spread of tumors, and to further enhance the dissemination and use of the TNM classification. The 5th Edition includes: - all changes and additions to the 6th Edition of The TNM Classification of Malignant Tumours - numerous new figures to illustrate changes and new definitions of categories of: - head and neck tumors - some digestive system tumors - pleural melanoma - malignant melanoma of skin - breast tumors - urological tumors - ophthalmic tumors
9780486235806 Erte Graphics Dover
Striking color work: Seasons, Alphabet, Numerals, Aces and Precious Stones. 50 plates, including 4 on covers.
9780099466499 Sharpe Tom Wilt Alternative Random House
In this, the second of Tom Sharpe's chronicles about Henry Wilt, our hero is no longer the victim of his own uncontrolled fantasies. As Head of a reconstituted Liberal Studies Department he has assumed power without authority at the Fenland College of Arts & Technology and the fantasies he now confronts are those of political bigots and reactionary bureaucrats -- in addition to his wife's enthusiasm for every Organic Alternative under the compost heap and the insistence of his quadruplets on looking at every problem with an unflinching lack of sentimentality. Wilt's problems are compounded by nature in the shape of a rose bush, nostalgia, temporary infatuation with a foreign student and the hostility of medical services unwilling to attend to his most urgent needs. But it is only when Wilt becomes the unintentional participant in a terrorist siege that he is forced to find an answer to the problems of power, which have corrupted greater men than he. With a mental ingenuity born of his innate cowardice, Wilt fights for those liberal values which are threatened both by international terrorism and by the sophisticated methods of police anti-terrorist agents. In the confusion that follows, Wilt resumes his dialogue with the unflagging Inspector Flint and is himself subjected to the indignity of a psycho-political profile. Bitingly funny and brilliantly written, The Wilt Alternative exposes the farcical anomalies, which have become the social norms of our time.
9780521625418 Mark Hancock Singing Grammar Audio Cassettes (2) Cambridge University Press
A resource book of supplementary materials for the teaching of grammar through songs.
9780521567077 Waystage Waystage 1990 Cambridge University Press
Waystage 1990 is a statement of language learning objectives which sets out how learners at lower-intermediate level should be able to use English in everyday communication. It specifies the most essential situations, topics, functions and notions, and their simplest lexical and grammatical exponents. Further specifications include sociocultural competence, learning to learn, pronunciation and intonation. Waystage was first published by the Council of Europe in 1977, and again in 1990. This edition has been fully corrected, redesigned and typeset to make it clearer and more accessible. Publication by CUP will bring the work to a much wider international audience than hitherto. This seminal document is of interest and practical use to all those concerned with constructing language teaching syllabuses, course design, materials writing, language planning, and evaluation and assessment.
9780747260578 Kelly Cathy She s the One Hodder
Dee is a 32-year-old agony aunt on an Irish newspaper, aspiring to the women's editor job. Isabel is a 39-year-old mother of two teenagers, whose husband has just lost everything in a business deal. A job as a women's editor would solve some of her problems. Can both women get what they want?
9780443066276 Morton Dissection Guide to Human Anatomy. 2004 Elsevier Science
This is a straightforward, hands-on dissection guide for human gross anatomy. Practical and easy to follow, its ideal balance of succinct descriptive text and detailed illustrations helps students to navigate through a dissection quickly and skillfully
9780723431961 Bari Logan Colour Atlas of Head & Neck Anatomy Elsevier Science
McMinn's Color Atlas of Head & Neck Anatomy is a large format atlas of the human head and neck, incorporating outstanding dissections, osteology, radiographic and surface anatomy images. The more complex dissections are accompanied by orientational artworks and the book incorporates notes and commentaries on every dissection. Reference lists and dental anaesthesia information are incorporated into Appendices at the back of the book. The third edition has been updated to incorporate latest anatomic terminology and includes a number of new dissections, explanatory artworks and an expanded Appendix on Dental Anaesthesia.
9780849318184 Atlas Handbook of Microbiological Media.2004 Martin Dunitz
The third edition of a best-seller, Handbook of Microbiological Media carries on the tradition of CRC handbook excellence. This updated edition lists the formulations, methods of preparation, and uses for over four thousand microbiological media. With 30 percent more entries than the previous edition, the book includes new information on international collections of microorganisms and expanded information on yeast, algae, and archaea. The book also contains formulations and uses of media for isolation, culture, identification, and maintenance of microorganisms. The entries are arranged alphabetically by medium name and include synonyms, sources, trademarks, and more.
9780074621493 Hai The Assoc. Of Surgeons of India: TB of Surgery.2004 McGraw-Hill
Provides coverage of various surgical problems with particular emphasis on those that are prevalent in India and the nearby Asian countries. This work describes various aspects of surgical conditions. It is also a useful reference resource for the postgraduate students and practitioners of surgery.
9780631231318 Christopher The Saxon and Norman Kings 3rd ed. Wiley
First published in 1963, this classic exploration of the history of English kings and kingship from the sixth to the twelfth centuries has now been updated for a new generation of readers. A prologue has been added summarizing changes in modern knowledge and underlining the difference between the history of the 'English people', a phrase of the sixth century, and the kingdom of the English, which only came of age in the tenth. An entirely new chapter discusses queens, including St Margaret, who became queen of Scotland. The bibliography has also been completely revised. As in previous editions, one of the books most important features is that it is written from the sources inviting readers to reconstruct the story for themselves by engaging in a series of enquiries into, for example, the nature of king-making, the origins of the English kingdoms, and the meaning of the Bayeux tapestry.
9780451209696 Paretsky Blacklist Penguin USA
9780486211794 Filippo Antique Musical Instruments and Their Players Dover
The 1727 Il Gabinetto Armonica, famous collection of copperplates by van Westerhout, shows every important instrument of the day in exceptional detail—organs, harpsichords, violins, horns, drums, etc.—plus folk instruments of Europe, the Orient.
9781840007862 Making the Modern Garden Mitchell & Beazley
An opening chapter, The Poetry, explains how the modern garden has evolved. The book is then split into a series of thematic chapters. The Grammar looks at the basic structure of garden design from initial thoughts, inspiration from the landscape, understanding of proportion, as well as underlying influences such as art and architecture; The Narrative considers styles of different types of modernist gardens, including roof gardens, courtyard gardens, urban gardens, country gardens, landscape gardens; this chapter then looks at creative ways of using an ever-changing palette of plants planting in the modernist garden.
9781920744656 Designing For Success: The Office Cb Images
Like working hours, which have changed significantly over the years, so too have the places we work in. Offices, once enclosed to ensure privacy are now, in many cases, open and transparent, with few dividing screens. Finishes and materials once used exclusively in homes now appear in offices, creating warm environments conducive to productivity and creativity. New attitudes to collaborative work have encouraged the development of 'breakout' spaces, informal meeting areas, and fully equipped kitchens and entertainment areas. New technology used in offices has led to changes in design, as have the expectations of employees for more pleasant working environments that incorporate natural light, ventilation and flexibility in the use of spaces. The book explores, through full-colour photographs and descriptive text, more than 50 different offices, from home offices, experimental spaces, and traditional offices, to those more akin to 5-star hotels. The author's aim is to encourage us all to re-think our workspaces.
9780071124416 Morgan Clinical Anesthesiology. ISE McGraw-Hill
This book provides succinct coverage of both the basic science in anesthesiology and clinical, "how-to" topics. Extensive use of case discussions, figures, and tables in each chapter promotes application of the concepts to practice. Critical concepts and key words are also highlighted to facilitate quick review. The book is organized into five parts: anesthesia equipment and monitors; clinical pharmacology; regional anesthesia and pain management; physiology, pathophysiology, and anesthetic management; and special problems. The 3rd edition will be thoroughly updated and revised and will include features entitled "Profiles of Anesthetic Practice" that will be contributed by well-respected clinicians and academicians. The Profiles will focus on subjects directly related to the clinical practice of anesthesiology and offer controversial viewpoints on these issues.
9781587798450 Anatomy of the Heart 2 e Styrene Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
9780330426534 Manfredi V M Talisman of Troy Pan Macmillan
A castaway tossed onto a deserted beach is the last survivor of a world that no longer exists. He has a terrible, fascinating story to tell - the true reason for which the Trojan War was fought...The protagonist of this tale is Diomedes, the last of the great ancient Greek Homeric heroes, who seeks to return to his beloved homeland after years of war against Troy. But destiny has other plans for him. Betrayed by his wife, who plots to murder him and persecuted by hostile gods, he has no choice but to turn his sails west, towards Hesperia, the mysterious mist-shrouded land that will one day be called Italy. He ventures boldly into this new world, for he carries with him the magic Talisman of Troy, a mysterious, powerful idol that can make the nation that possesses it invincible...
9780804835428 Jeet kune do basics Tuttle
This is a complete introduction to Jeet Kune Do philosophy, practice and training. Here you will learn the origination of Jeet Kune Do, how to choose a school, the basic elements of style, the five ways of attack, and the tactical consideration of Jeet Kune Do practice. Also included is a comprehensive list of resources to help students further develop their knowledge of and training in Jeet Kune Do.
9788171794768 Deshmukh Short and Long Cases in Surgery. 2002 JayPee Brothers
9783540611813 S.Lang Topics in Cohomology of Groups Springer
The book is a mostly translated reprint of a report on cohomology of groups from the 1950s and 1960s, originally written as background for the Artin-Tate notes on class field theory, following the cohomological approach. This report was first published (in French) by Benjamin. For this new English edition, the author added Tate's local duality, written up from letters which John Tate sent to Lang in 1958 - 1959. Except for this last item, which requires more substantial background in algebraic geometry and especially abelian varieties, the rest of the book is basically elementary, depending only on standard homological algebra at the level of first year graduate students.
9780553814019 Scanlan Patr Double Wedding Transworld Publishers
Jessica and Carol, two childhood friends, are both engaged to be married. Secretly afraid her fiance is going to chicken out, Carol is insisting on a double wedding. Jessica is appalled at the idea: she doesn't want to share the happiest day of her life with whining Carol and her womanising boyfriend. Unfortunately for her, she has a very soft heart and is easily persuaded to agree. Carol's parents are separated and at loggerheads. Neither wants the other to be there. Who will win that war? Nadine, Carol's younger sister, is wild and disruptive and drinks like a fish - hardly the ideal wedding guest. Will Carol's family come to blows? Will her fiance do a runner? Will they make it to the altar? And can Jessica and Carol's friendship survive a Double Wedding?
9780333963791 Alastair Mul Torts 3 Palgrave
A long awaited new edition of this popular textbook which provides an accessible introduction covering the basic principles of the law of torts as well as directing the reader towards the complexities of the subject and its relationship with society. This new edition has been updated to reflect the impact of the Human Rights Act 1998, including analysis of the first cases brought under the Act and relevant decisions by the European Court of Human Rights. It also covers recent developments in the tort of negligence, the law of vicarious liability and the law relating to the calculation of damages. Recent developments in the law of defamation and privacy have highlighted the clash between the freedom of the press and the rights to reputation and privacy. This issue is examined in this new edition, including analysis of the House of Lords decisions in Reynolds v Times Newspapers Ltd. and Douglas v Hello! Ltd. Also covered is the statutory reform of the Consumer Protection Act 1987, with analysis of recent cases considering the Act's effect.
9783527305513 Meyers Encyclopaedia of Mol. Cell Biology & Mol. medic. Vol 9 Wiley
This sixteen volume encyclopedia is the most comprehensive and detailed treatment of molecular biology, cellology and molecular medicine available today! It was designed in collaboration with a founding board of 10 Nobel laureates. The Encyclopedia provides a single-source library of the molecular basis of life, with a focus on molecular medicine. The latest advances of the post-genomic era, e.g. in the fields of functional genomics, proteomics, and bioinformatics are discussed in detail. All articles are designed as self-contained treatments. Each of the approximately 425 articles begins with an outline and a key word section with definitions. Articles are written in a review-like style complemented with an extensive bipartite bibliography of reviews and books as well as primary papers. A glossary of basic terms completes each volume and defines the most commonly used terms in molecular biology. Together with the introductory illustrations found in each volume, the articles enable readers to understand articles without referring to a dictionary, textbook, or other reference. Praise for the first edition of the preceding "Encyclopedia of Molecular Biology and Molecular Medicine": "...an authoritative reference source of the highest quality...It is extremely well written and well illustrated..." - American Reference Books Annual (Library & Information Science Annual) "This series can be recommended without hesitation to a broad readership including students and qualified researchers...articles...set-up facilitates easy reading and rapid understanding...overwhelming amount of valuable data." - Molecular Biology Reports "...highly valuable and recommendable both for libraries and for laboratory use." - FEBS Letters "This series is a classic..." - Molecular Medicine Today/Trends in Molecular Medicine
9780080442457 European Union and the Race for Foreign Direct Investment in Europe. Elsevier Science
The purpose of the volume is to analyze the impact of European Union on inward foreign direct investment in Europe and to discuss what type of effects are being created by this race for FDI. The volume deals with two levels of discussion: First, by looking at the policy issues as addressed by the EU authorities and incentive regimes exercised in single countries by local governments. Second, by looking at company strategies towards location selection and whether there is a trend towards concentration in some countries or regions. Although academically it is still under discussion, most countries believe that inward foreign direct investment is beneficial for local economies. It is considered positive not only for job opportunities but also for tax income, technological development and competitiveness of local firms. Countries thus create different type of incentives for foreign firms, such as; direct incentives/subsidies, tax relief, soft loans and preferred handling. This race for attracting inward FDI has been intensified in the European Union. However, there has hardly been any research to understand the impact of EU on the competition among EU-countries to attract FDI. This volume will investigate whether there is such a race or not and provide evidence from different countries. .
9780333919392 Engineering Mathematics Palgrave
Revised to meet the needs of the wide range of students beginning engineering courses, the fifth edition of this text has an extended "Foundation" section including new chapters on graphs, trigonometry, and binomial series and functions. As an introductory mathematics course for students on science and engineering degrees and pre-degree courses, it is suitable for both classroom use and self study. The new CD-ROM included with the boorovides stepped hints, worked solutions and immediate feedback on exercises and problems. It has a user friendly interface and intuitive design. A networkable version is also available with a channelling of student progress through to the tutor.
9780786814930 Colfer Eoin Af: Eter Code HarperCollins USA
9781904919674 Lawrence D.H Sons And Lovers Collectors Library
9781842140840 Mani Chronic Wound Management: The Evidence For Change Informa
The serious morbidity and economic effects of chronic wounds make them a global health care challenge. Giving you the tools to meet this challenge, Chronic Wound Management: The Evidence for Change analyzes traditional approaches to wound management, the case for evidence-based change, and the strengths and weakness of meta-analyses. In addition, it explores emerging approaches that push the boundaries of currently held beliefs. The book provides an up-to-date and thorough review of chronic wound management from a clinical perspective. Illustrated with high quality photographs, line drawings, and graphs, it presents the information in an easily accessible style. Each chapter provides references and a summary of the information included. The summaries are prescriptive for most situations but also refer you to more detailed reading resources when necessary. Chronic wounds - including pressure ulcers, venous ulcers, and diabetic ulcers - are serious health concerns worldwide. Millions of people are affected each year, with the total costs of their care reaching billions of dollars. If you work with wounds, whether you are a clinician, nurse, podiatrist, or researcher, you've seen their often devastating effects. Blending clinical information gleaned from around the globe, Chronic Wound Management: The Evidence for Change gives you easy access to the latest thinking and developments.
9781402000836 Horl Replacement of Renal Function by Dialysis.2004 Springer
Completely rewritten for the fifth edition, this reference is a guide for the practising physician, showing how to evaluate, diagnose and manage patients with renal failure. There is abundant use of tables and diagrams such that in a small space, much information is given.
9781572153394 Frederic Remington ROY.P.Jensen
9780786929207 Weis, Margar The Players of Gilean Random House (USA)
An anthology of short stories based on the characters from the novella "The Travelling Players of Gilean," by Margaret Weis and Aron Eisenberg, follows the adventures of an immortal troupe of actors with fantastical powers.
9780060797263 Color Your Home: more than 65000 combinations HarperCollins USA
The ultimate home-decorating resource features 70,000 at-a-glace color combinationsthe most of any book in the categoryand takes the uncertainty out of interior decorating.
9780443073557 Janet Rennie Roberton s Textbook of Neonatology Elsevier Science
Dealing with neonatal care, this book provides pathophysiology and clinical chapters on many conditions of the neonate. It includes comprehensive chapters on the psychosocial aspects of neonatology, such as handling perinatal death and ethical and legal aspects of neonatal care. It also contains a chapter on neurodevelopmental outcome.
9781403946218 Patel, Alpes Global Financial Markets Upheaval Palgrave
The recent changes in equity, derivatives and commodity exchanges are opening opportunities for exchanges, investment banks and capital markets generally. Despite the market capitalization of companies listed on exchanges running into trillions of dollars worldwide, there is no mainstream book using extensive research, to address the major issues facing the whole industry. This book by an expert insider will fill this gap with a comprehensive review of history and evolution, new technologies and the future of exchanges.
9780789208316 Julian Kliem Italian Frescoes 4: High Renaissance and Mannerism 1510-1600 Abbeville Press
Following the success of the previous volumes in this extraordinary Series (The Early Renaissance and The Flowering of the Renaissance), Italian Frescoes: The High Renaissance to the Early Baroque presents twenty-two fresco cycles that include brilliant works by Michelangelo, Raphael, Titian, Andrea del Sarto, Parmigianino, Bronzino, Veronese, and Carracci all of them still visible on walls and ceilings of palaces and churches spanning Italy from the Veneto to Rome. The authors present such celebrated sites as the Sistine Chapel in Rome, Palladio Villa Barbaro in Maser, and the Palazzo del Te in Mantua as well as lesser known gems. Each of the twenty-two chapters is concise and authoritative, offering a descriptive and interpretive essay on all aspects of fresco painting, covering the artists and their patrons in the context of their cultural and political history. Each essay concludes with a diagram of the fresco cycle, followed by a series of full- and double-page colour plates showing the entire cycle, many reproduced from new photographs of recently restored frescoes.
9780007166572 Good News Bible HarperCollins UK
The Sunrise Good News Bible is a firm favourite in churches and schools alike, providing the first truly easy-to-read Bible translation -- and still the UK's most popular -- in an economical paperback form. First sold as 'Good News for Modern Man', the Good News Bible was a bestseller from its first publication, providing a unique combination of accessibility and faithfulness to the best Greek and Hebrew sources. It has earned the respect of a wide range of scholars for its accuracy and reliability, and because it is easy to read and understand it is suitable for people of all ages. Retaining the tried and trusted Bible text and Annie Vallotton's famous line drawings, but comptely reset and with a wide range of new notes and helps, the new Sunrise Bible brings a new vitality to Bible reading and is ideal for use in secondary schools or for personal or church use.
9780443063916 Aitkenhead Textbook of Anaesthesia Ie 4E Elsevier Science
9780071416405 Hall Principles of Critical Care. 3ed. 2005 McGraw-Hill
Focussing on the needs of the working critical care physician and features important new treatment strategies. Organised by organ sytems, this text guides physicians from initial patient assessment and differential diagnosis through therapeutic plan.
9780443072390 Lester Barr Churchill s Pocketbook of Oncology Elsevier Science
A concise, practical pocketbook of oncology concentrating on the multidisciplinary team approach to clinical management of the cancer patient. Follows the formula of Churchill's House Surgeon's Survival Guide". This book will be of interest to hospital doctors and surgeons who need help dealing with the management of a complex illness. They will find this book easy to refer to, and full of practical advice on staging, choice of treatment modality, palliation and psychosocial aspects. An invaluable aid to decision making. "
9780886775957 Melanie, Raw Dragon Star 3: Skybowl Penguin USA
9781904978480 Time Out Film Guide 14th Ed Random House
Printed in full colour throughout, the fourteenth edition of the Time Out Film Guide now weighs in with more than 16,000 reviews, all written by knowledgeable critics with a real love of film. Its unrivalled coverage of international cinema, Hollywood and Bollywood, blockbusters, forgotten marvels, silent films, documentary and esoterica includes extensive cast and crew listings. Its reach extends into home entertainment, with six pages of reviews of notable international DVD releases from the previous twelve months.
9781858943138 Extreme Motorcycle Art Merrell
Well-illustrated book concentrating on customized motorcycle art and featuring stunning examples from the best bike artists from around the world. Includes photographs of painted bikes and close-up details of the artwork as well as profiles of individual artist, studios or specialist bike shops including contact details.
9783817025442 Two by Two Anova
9780808923176 Guyton Textbook of Medical Physiology. 11 ed.2005 Elsevier Science
9780750672511 Gregory Holm Clinical Neurophysiology of Infancy & Childhood Elsevier Science
This authoritative reference is thely text available devoted exclusively to the neurophysiology of children. It includes comprehensive information on electroencephalography (EEG), electromyography (EMG), nerve conduction studies (NCS), and evoked potentials (EP). Written by a stellar group of recognized authorities, this text is essential for pediatric neurologists and general neurologists who perform and interpret neurophysiologic tests on children.
9780575075603 Simmons Dan Ilium Orion Publishers
Taking the events and characters of the "Iliad" as his jumping off point, Simmons creates an epic of time travel and savage warfare. Travellers from 40,000 years in the future return to Homer`s Greece and rewrite history forever, their technology impacting on the population in a godlike fashion.
9783888143434 James Dean Schirmer/Mosel Verlag
9780307275264 Murakami Har Kafka on the Shore Random House (USA)
9780786931842 Cunningham, Windwalker Random House (USA)
In the conclusion of the Starlight & Shadows trilogy, which began with Daughter of the Drow and Tangled Webs, dark elf Liriel Baenre, exiled from the Underdark of Menzoberranzan, continues her adventures with her human companion, but an old enemy continues the quest for vengeance. Reprint.
9780006479093 Clive Cussle Inca Gold HarperCollins UK
A CLASSIC DIRK PITT ADVENTURE A desperate call for help from a stricken archaeological expedition brings Dirk Pitt to a sacred well high in the Andes. What he discovers as he attempts to rescue two divers lost in the perilous depths, leads him into deadly confrontation with a band of ruthless art-thieves, who plunder ancient sites for their precious artefacts. Dirk Pitt's extraordinary adventures take him to the fabled Lost City of the Dead, lead him in search of a Spanish galleon washed miles inland by a giant tidal wave centuries before, and eventually set him on the trail of a fabulous hoard of Inca gold. But Pitt will need all his skills and tenacity simply to survive as he races to track down the sacred site - before the richest prize known to man is lost to the world forever!
9780006513858 Bernard Corn Vagabond HarperCollins UK
Thomas of Hookton doubts the Grail`s existence. But other folk fear the rumour of the grail`s existence and force Thomas to pursue the relic, while his enemies, faceless and ruthless, fear Thomas`s destiny and determine to destroy him.
9780007183876 English Grammar HarperCollins UK
This new edition of the Collins COBUILD English Grammar provides teachers and advanced learners with a detailed and thorough analysis of modern English grammar. Based on the evidence of the Bank of English corpus, part of the 2.5 billion-word Collins Word Web, it is an invaluable guide to the language as it is written and spoken today. The new second edition of the Collins COBUILD English Grammar is specially designed for advanced learners and teachers of English. It provides a comprehensive picture of modern English grammar, presented in a fresh style, and based on a thorough analysis of the Bank of English corpus, part of Collins Word Web. This edition has been updated with hundreds of new examples from the corpus, to ensure that users have an up-to-date picture of today's English. The Collins COBUILD English Grammar is a vital learning tool for all advanced learners of English, and a key reference work for teachers of English.
9780007178438 Anne Loadman KS2 Science HarperCollins UK
A new series of KS2 mock papers which are ideal for helping children prepare for their National Tests. Each book contains a complete set of practice papers with test-style questions as well as answers and advice on good technique. Essential for any child preparing for their SATS. The Practice Papers for KS2 Science contain two mock papers (Test A and Test B) following the style of the SATS test. The questions reflect those that children will meet in the actual Tests and are presented in a similar way so they can get a real feel for what to expect. Also included is a full set of answers with helpful notes for parents on marking and useful advice for children to help them prepare for the Test. The simple marking scheme will enable parents to predict a National Curriculum level for their child. Written by experienced teacrs and designed to boost confidence, this book provides an ideal reinforcement either in school or at home.
9780006483588 Raymond E. F King of Foxes HarperCollins UK
In the second instalment of Raymond E. Feist's new solo fantasy series The Conclave demands its membership price from their protege: Tal must gather information on the sinister magician Laso Varen. But, to do this means service with the sorcerer's master, Duke Kaspar of Olasko -- the very man he suspects of killing his family. A POWERFUL NEW EPIC FANTASY SERIES FROM ONE OF THE GREAT MASTERS OF THE GENRE Talon, orphan of the Orosini tribe and last of his people has been transformed by the Conclave of Shadows from a trusting young boy to the dashing young nobleman Talwin Hawkins: educated, confident and now Roldem's premier swordsman. The title, won at the Masters' Court, in front of the King, brought him a step closer to his desire -- to avenge the massacre of his family. Two participants in the slaughter are dead by his hand; Lieutenant Campaal fell under his blade during the Master's Tournament and the other, Raven, died whilst attempting to butcher an Orodon village as he did Tal's people. But still his lust for vengeance will not be sated until the reason for the massacres has been uncovered and their architect revealed and punished. The Conclave demands its price from Tal: he must gather information on Laso Varen, a magician of terrible power and subtle craft, dangerous beyond contemplation. To do this means service with the sorcerer's master, Duke Kaspar of Olasko -- and swearing loyalty to the very man he suspects of killing his family, even if it means becoming the Duke's right-hand and tracking down his enemies -- the members of the Conclave and Talon's own friends.
9780007105045 Tolkien J.R. Tree and Leaf HarperCollins UK
Repackaged to feature Tolkien`s own painting of the Tree of Amalion, this collection includes his famous essay, `On Fairy-stories` and the story that exemplifies this, `Leaf by Niggle`, together with the poem `Mythopoeia` and the verse drama, `The Homecoming of Beorhtnoth`, which tells of the events following the disastrous Battle of Maldon.
9780380979028 Bujold Lois Paladin of souls HarperCollins USA
9780007151240 Tony Parsons Family Way, The HarperCollins UK
Paulo loves Jessica. He thinks that together they are complete--a family of two. But Jessica can't be happy until she has a baby, and the baby stubbornly refuses to come. Can a man and a woman ever really be a family of two?
9780743489065 Emerick, Rol Day After Tomorrow Simon & Schuster
Discovering that the polar ice caps are melting, flooding the world, followed by the return of frigid weather, climatologist Jack Hall races to reverse the ecological destruction and to rescue his rebellious son, trapped in a frozen New York City.
9780786937028 Spell Compendium Random House (USA)
9780521680127 Claire Selby Hippo and Friends Level 1 Audio CD Cambridge University Press
Hippo and Friends is a new 3-level pre-school course for 35 year-olds. It uses a song-and story-based approach with actions and activities to reinforce learning. The Pupil's Books are packed full of delightful illustrations which will engage children right from the start. Songs and stories introduce the topic of each unit - topics which are designed to encourage positive attitudes in young children, such as helping others and sharing. There are also special extra units on festivals such as Christmas and Halloween in the Teacher's Book. At the end of each unit children have the opportunity to make a simple storybook which they can take home. This takes English outside the classroom making the language more meaningful, and enables parents to be involved in the learning process. The course is easy to use and is suitable for schools offering from just one lesson a week to 5 lessons a week. The full-colour Teacher's Books contain step-by-step lesson plans and classroom management techniques. Each unit is divided into 5 lessons: Sing and learn, Listen and learn, Do and learn, Say and learn, and Moving on. There are also plenty of ideas for extra activities which offer the teacher flexibility and choice.
9783540256625 Lange, Matth Physical Approach to Short-Term Wind Power Prediction Springer
The effective integration of wind energy into the overall electricity supply is a technical and economical challenge because the availability of wind power is determined by fluctuating meteorological conditions. This book offers an approach to the ultimate goal of the short-term prediction of the power output of winds farms. Starting from basic aspects of atmospheric fluid dynamics, the authors discuss the structure of winds fields, the available forecast systems and the handling of the intrinsic, weather-dependent uncertainties in the regional prediction of the power generated by wind turbines. This book addresses scientists and engineers working in wind energy related R and D and industry, as well as graduate students and nonspecialists researchers in the fields of atmospheric physics and meteorology.
9783791335216 Hanisch, Rut Absolutely Fabulous! (Architecture for Fashion) Prestel Publishing Limited
Designed to look like a magazine, Absolutely Fabulous examines the cutting-edge collaborations between architecture and fashion and their flagship stores.
9781400079179 Brown Dan Da Vinci code Random House (USA)
Dan Brown is the author of numerous bestsellers, including Digital Fortress, Angels & Demons, and Deception Point. His newest thriller The Da Vinci Code is a record-breaking best-seller.
'Wonderfully addictive' - Daily Telegraph
9780821225981 Seliger, Mar Physiognomy: The Mark Seliger Photographs Hachette Book Group
Mark Seliger's award-winning photographs of musicians, actors, politicians, authors, comedians and athletes bring to life the celebrities who mattered in the 1990s. This volume is a "showcase" of his work. Renowned for researching his subjects, Seliger seeks to come up with unexpected, imaginative ways to depict these personalities and to create unforgettable images. Whether a clownish Jerry Seinfield costumed as Buster Keaton or a candid Mick Jagger in a world-weary close-up, he aims to avoid the formulaic in his approach.
9780345467072 Jonathan Kel Rage Random House (USA)
9780521671163 Guy Brook-Ha Business Benchmark Upper Intermediate Student s Book BEC Vantage edition Cambridge University Press
Business Benchmark is a brand new 3-level Business English course for BEC or BULATS exams and can also be used independently of these exams for general Business English courses. The Student's Book provides lower-intermediate level students with essential business language and vocabulary and provides training and practice for the BEC Preliminary exam, using real BEC exam tasks provided by Cambridge ESOL.
9780471893363 Joel Bessis Risk Management in Banking, 2nd Edition Wiley
This revised text examines all aspects of financial risk management in banking - from global considerations to the fundamental aspects of the management of a particular profit centre. This edition aims to shed light on extensive recent developments in the field.
9780787965334 Rinku Sen Stir It Up: Lessons in Community Organizing and Advocacy Wiley
Stir It Up----written by renowned activist and trainer Rinku Sen----identifies the key priorities and strategies that can help advance the mission of any social change group. This groundbreaking book addresses the unique challenges and opportunities the new global economy poses for activist groups and provides concrete guidance for community organizations of all orientations. Sponsored by the Ms. Foundation, Stir It Up draws on lessons learned from Sen's groundbreaking work with women's groups organizing for economic justice. Throughout the book, Sen walks readers through the steps of building and mobilizing a constituency and implementing key strategies that can effect social change. The book is filled with illustrative case studies that highlight best organizing practices in action and each chapter contains tools that can help groups tailor Sen's model for their own organizational needs. Stir It Up will show your organization how to: Design and conduct actions that further camign goals Develop effective leaders Build strong alliances and networks Generate and use solid research Design an effective media strategy Put in place a plan for internal political education and consciousness--raising With the information, tools, and suggestions outlined in this book your organization can use your "good idea" to change the world.
9780787978433 Marcia M. Hu Emotional Intelligence In Action: Training and Coaching Activities for Leaders and Managers Wiley
Emotional Intelligence in Action shows how to tap the power of EI through forty-six exercises that can be used to build effective emotional skills and create real change. The workouts are designed to align with the four leading emotional intelligence measuresEQ-I(r) or EQ-360", ECI 360, MSCEIT", and EQ Map(r), or can be used independently or as part of a wider leership and management development program. All of the book's forty-six exercises offer experiential learning scenarios that have been proven to enhance emotional intelligence competencies.
9780470090107 Patrizia Fer Embryos, Genes and Birth Defects, 2nd Edition Wiley
The title is based on Professor Thorogood's successful Embryos, Genes and Birth Defects. The new edition is completely revised and updated to reflect the latest development in the field. It features new chapters on human cytogenetics, mutagenesis and the eyes and ears. The chapters on specific organs will follow the format adopted in the first edition, covering developmental anatomy, the main classes of defects, cellular and molecular mechanisms affecting development and how they contribute to elucidate the causes of abnormal development, and an agenda for the future.
The chapter on mapping syndromes to genes has been combined with that on dysmorphology datases, reflecting the increased use of genomics and bioinformatics in such studies.
9780415224987 Michael D. R Revolutions in World History Taylor&Francis
Revolutions have been a part of politics for centuries. Their ideologies, their leaders, and their successes or failures have shaped the history of nations worldwide. This broad comparative survey focuses on five big case studies, beginning with the English Revolutions in the seventeenth century, and continuing with the Mexican, Russian, Vietnamese and Iranian Revolutions. Revolutions in World History traces the origins, developments, and outcomes of these revolutions, providing an understanding of the revolutionary tradition in a global context. The study raises questions about motivations and ideologies. In particular, it examines the effectiveness of these revolutions - and revolution as a concept - in bringing about lasting political changes.
9780415326056 Todd Landman Studying Human Rights Taylor&Francis
"Studying Human Rights" draws on key theories and methods from the social sciences to develop a framework for the systematic study of human rights problems. It argues that solid empirical analysis of human rights problems rests on examining the observable practices from state and non-state factors that constitute human rights violations to provide plausible explanations for their occurrence and provide deeper understanding of their meaning. Such explanation and understanding draws on the theoretical insights from rational, structural, and cultural approaches in the social sciences. This book includes: an outline of the scope of human rights; the terrain of key factors that have an impact on human rights; a summary of the social science theories, methods and measures for studying human rights; a separate treatment of global comparative studies, truth commissions, and human rights impact assessment. "Studying Human Rights" is the first book to use the synthesis of social sciences approaches to studying human rights and its quantitative and qualitative approach provides useful insights. This book makes a unique contribution to the extant literature on human rights and is an invaluable tool for both scholars and practitioners of this area.
9780553262148 Montgomery, Emily Climbs Random House (USA)
9780387219974 Morris Breast MRI Springer
Drs. Elizabeth Morris and Laura Liberman, two rising stars in breast MRI from the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, edited this superbly illustrated practical guide. Introductory chapters are devoted to diagnosis and cover the basics of performing breast MRI exams, setting up a breast MR program, and understanding clinical indications. Additional chapters discuss breast interventional procedures. A diagnostic atlas completes the volume. Radiologists, residents, and fellows will benefit from this guide’s thorough examination of image interpretation, which highlights pitfalls that specialists must recognize.
9781842143100 Natale Intracardiac Echocardiography Informa
Focusing on anatomy and procedural strategy for atrial fibrillation and ventricular tachycardia, this atlas uses pictures and schematic diagrams to show how to use intracardiac echo (ICE) to assess anatomy, guide ablation, and prevent complications during interventional procedures, pulmonary vein stenosis, and embolic events. The authors review the state of the art and background support in the use of ICE in interventional electrophysiology procedures and the anatomy of both the atrial and ventricular chambers. They discuss innovative indications in the EP laboratory, future technologies such as 3-D echocardiography, and the integration of ICE with other types of imaging technology.
9780471465850 Richard Schr Understanding Delta-Sigma Data Converters Wiley
This book introduces the reader to the basic concepts of delta-sigma ADCs (analog to digital converters) and DACs (digital to analog converters). It emphasizes the understanding of the physical operation and principles, with the mathematical background reduced to the minimum amount necessary for analysis and design.
9780443066566 Ronald Mille Miller s Anesthesia e-dition, Elsevier Science
Presenting a two-volume set, this 6th edition covers fundamental principles through advanced subspecialty procedures. It offers coverage of basic science and pharmacology, step-by-step instructions for patient management, and an in-depth analysis of ancillary responsibilities and problems. It also accompanies a CD-ROM.
9780375714573 Satrapi, Mar Persepolis Random House (USA)
9780721600925 Frank Sellke Sabiston & Spencer Surgery of the Chest, Elsevier Science
Presents a collection of essential clinical knowledge in cardiac and thoracic surgery. This book contains three major sections: adult cardiac surgery, pediatric cardiac surgery, and thoracic surgery. It also contains more than 50 chapters, including both surgical and medical therapeutic approaches and more than 1,500 illustrations.
9780521023207 Edited by Pa Computational Lexical Semantics Cambridge Academ
Lexical semantics has become a major research area within computational linguistics, drawing from psycholinguistics, knowledge representation, computer algorithms and architecture. Research programmes whose goal is the definition of large lexicons are asking what the appropriate representation structure is for different facets of lexical information. Among these facets, semantic information is probably the most complex and the least explored. Computational Lexical Semantics is one of the first volumes to provide models for the creation of various kinds of computerized lexicons for the automatic treatment of natural language, with applications to machine translation, automatic indexing, and database front-ends, knowledge extraction, among other things. It focuses on semantic issues, as seen by linguists, psychologists and computer scientists. Besides describing academic research, it also covers ongoing industrial projects.
9780415317702 Russian Legal Culture Before and After Communism Taylor&Francis
Addressing the issues involved and their origins in Imperial legal thought, this book examines theories of crime and the criminal, together with various prescriptions for punishment respecting personal inviolability. It also throws light on aspects of Russian politics, society and mentality in two turbulent periods of Russian history.
9780765349057 Asher, Neal Gridlinked Holtzbrink(MPS)
9780141023434 F. Scott Fit The Great Gatsby Penguin Books Ltd
Jay Gatsby is the man who has everything. But one thing will always be out of his reach! Everybody who is anybody is seen at his parties. For Gatsby, always seems alone in the crowd, watching and waiting, though no one knows what for. Beneath the shimmering surface of his life he is hiding a secret: a silent longing that can never be fulfilled.
9781405314329 Richard Plat Pirates of the Caribbean Visual Guide Dorling Kindersley
Allowing you to discover what Captain Jack Sparrow and his unlikely allies are up to, this guide contains movie stills and images of characters, such as Captain Jack, Captain Barbossa and the tribe of ravenous cannibals. It also contains Disney illustrations and a poster-sized artwork showing almost every detail of Jack`s ship, `The Black Pearl`.
9780060567583 Tagavi, Fann Small Pools HarperCollins USA
Pools are no longer the exclusive domain of the wealthy. Now, with the advent of new technology and materials, imaginative architects and landscape designers can now create a variety of affordable pools. Small Pools shows in the numerous possibilities incorporating a pool into all sorts of properties.
9780781730556 Wallach Interpretation of Diagnostic Tests Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
"""What tests do I order, and what do the results mean?"" Interpretation of Diagnostic Tests, Eighth Edition provides the answers--quickly and clearly--for a vast range of adult and pediatric conditions. Arranged by organ system, the book summarizes the available tests for most diseases, explains what the results mean, and discusses differential diagnoses.
9780071441766 Zinner Maingot s Abdominal Operations.11ed McGraw-Hill
Aimed at general surgeons, gastroenterologists, and GI surgery fellows, this book includes a key chapter on the surgical treatment of morbid obesity. It also features 900 illustrations - line drawings of step-by-step surgical procedures.
9781920744939 2000 ARCHITECTS A-J K-Z 2viols Images
9781584711094 Store Presentation & design No.2 HarperCollins USA
9780006861720 Averil Camer Later Roman Empire, The HarperCollins UK
Studies of culture, politics and society in the later Roman Empire have become more prolific because of the work of archaeologists, theologians and histical researchers. This book surveys this period in history, detailing recent discoveries and theories proposed.
9780521653688 Michael Fenn The Ecology of Seeds Cambridge Academ
What determines the number and size of the seeds produced by a plant? How often should it reproduce them? How often should a plant produce them? Why and how are seeds dispersed, and what are the implications for the diversity and composition of vegetation? These are just some of the questions tackled in this wide-ranging review of the role of seeds in the ecology of plants. The authors bring together information on the ecological aspects of seed biology, starting with a consideration of reproductive strategies in seed plants and progressing through the life cycle, covering seed maturation, dispersal, storage in the soil, dormancy, germination, seedling establishment, and regeneration in the field. The text encompasses a wide range of concepts of general relevance to plant ecology, reflecting the central role that the study of seed ecology has played in elucidating many fundamental aspects of plant community function.
9780345458940 Gerritsen Te Body Double Random House (USA)
9780500279755 Miranda J. G Dictionary Celtic Myth & Legend Thames & Hudson
This dictionary contains entries on aspects of Celtic myth, religion and folklore in Britain and Europe between 500 BC and AD 400. Archaeological research, classical writers and earliest recorded oral traditions provide the reader with an overview of Celtic Lore.
9780870705830 Wendy Weitma Kiki Smith Thames & Hudson
9780974719276 Anthony C. T Islamic Weapons Thames & Hudson
9780071445160 White Usmle road map gross anatomy McGraw-Hill
Presenting a concise and focused examination of the essential concepts in anatomy, this book guides students through the basic anatomical structures (bones, muscles, and nerves) and reviews the major anatomical regions of the body. It also includes features such as clinical correlations and clinical problems.
9781741047844 Middle of nowhere, the Lonely Planet
This inspirational book, fostering the spirit of exploration, is about appreciating, and seeking out, adventures in all travel experiences, whether in the remote regions of Russia or the chaotic streets of Shanghai.
9781420043433 Richard Li Forensic Biology Taylor&Francis
Highlights the principles, methods, and techniques used in forensic serologic and forensic DNA analysis with illustrations. This book addresses the identification of biological fluids, including presumptive and confirmatory tests. It also covers forensic DNA techniques, such as extraction and quantization methods, and DNA profiling analysis.
9780824759063 Zakya H. Kaf Organic Electroluminescence Taylor&Francis
The expansion of the pulp and paper industry is an important cause of land and water conflicts in the South. This book analyzes the threats to livelihood, soil and biodiversity generated by large-scale pulpwood plantations in Asia, Africa and Latin America.
9781592530885 Green, Chuck Design-It-Yourself Graphic Workshop Rockport/Rotovision
You want a concise how-to book on graphic design that avoids all the theory and just gets down to the essentials of getting a project done? Then this book is for you.
9780387271972 Bonate Pharmacokinetic-Pharmacodynamic Modeling and Simulation Springer
A natural hierarchy exists in pharmacokinetic-pharmacodynamic modeling culminating in population pharmacokinetic models, which are a specific type of nonlinear mixed effects model. The purpose of this book is to present through theory and example how to develop pharmacokinetic models, both at an individual and population level. In order to do so, however, one must first understand linear models and then build to nonlinear models followed by linear mixed effects models and then ultimately nonlinear mixed effects models. This book develops in that manner – each chapter builds upon previous chapters by first presenting the theory and then illustrating the theory using published data sets and actual data sets that were used in the development of new chemical entities collected by the author during his years in industry. A key feature of the book is the process of modeling. Most books and manuscripts often present the final model never showing how the model evolved. In this book all examples are presented in an evolutionary manner.
9783540243717 Lankhorst Enterprise Architecture at Work Springer
An enterprise architecture tries to describe and control an organisation’s structure, processes, applications, systems and techniques in an integrated way. The unambiguous specification and description of components and their relationships in such an architecture requires a coherent architecture modelling language.Lankhorst and his co-authors present such an enterprise modelling language that captures the complexity of architectural domains and their relations and allows the construction of integrated enterprise architecture models. They provide architects with concrete instruments that improve their architectural practice. As this is not enough, they additionally present techniques and heuristics for communicating with all relevant stakeholders about these architectures. Since an architecture model is useful not only for providing insight into the current or future situation but can also be used to evaluate the transition from ‘as-is’ to ‘to-be’, the authors also describe analysis methods for assessing both the qualitative impact of changes to an architecture and the quantitative aspects of architectures, such as performance and cost issues. The modelling language and the other techniques presented have been proven in practice in many real-life case studies. So this book is an ideal companion for enterprise IT or business architects in industry as well as for computer or management science students studying the field of enterprise architecture.
9789040091766 Frans Van Mieris The Elder 1635-1681 ACC-distribution titles
Includes almost all of Van Mieris` 35 paintings and 10 of his drawings, reproduced in colour, and accompanied by brief explanatory texts.
9780750646079 Rutes Et Al Hotel Design, Planning And Development Elsevier Science
Travel and leisure is the world`s largest growing industry. This book presents a range of significant hotel types being developed and illustrates them in their global array of settings. It outlines essential planning and design considerations based on the data, supported by technical information and illustrations, including original plans.
9780905214573 Wildgoose H BSAVA Manual of Ornamental Fish Wiley
9780375704680 Johnston, Di Speak American Random House (USA)
9781400032471 Willeford, C Wild Wives Random House (USA)
9780739340943 Coben Harlan Deal Breaker Random House (USA)
9780375752513 London, Jack The Call of the Wild, White Fang & To Build a Fire Random House (USA)
9780679642480 Faulkner Wil Light in August Random House (USA)
9780679757078 Schmemann, S Echoes of a Native Land Random House (USA)
9780061149894 25 Apartments And Lofts Under 2500 Square Feet (Pb) HarperCollins USA
Features apartments and lofts that highlight the architecture and design innovations, with an emphasis on open space and materials such as glass, plastic, steel, and stone. Including designs, this book explores the joy of living in the carefully designed spaces, showcasing a range of styles from modern to traditional.
9780500237328 Miro in his Studio Thames & Hudson
Miro fulfilled his ambition when he settled in Majorca in 1950, and he worked in his studio there until his death in 1985. The photographs and plates in the book convey the poetic world of this studio.
9780781754699 Stoelting Pharmacology and Physiology in Anesthetic Practice Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
"Dr. Stoelting's best-selling and highly acclaimed text, Pharmacology and Physiology in Anesthetic Practice, is now in its thoroughly updated Fourth Edition. In 60 concise, clearly written chapters, this book provides comprehensive, current, clinically oriented, authoritative information on all aspects of pharmacology and physiology that are relevant to perioperative patient management. This edition includes all new drugs and new findings on actions and interactions of established drugs.
9780781771665 Graef Manual of Pediatric Therapeutics Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
Thoroughly Updated For Its Seventh Edition, This Practical Quick-Reference Manual Presents Authoritative Patient Management Guidelines Based On The Extensive Clinical Experience At The Children'S Hospital In Boston. Coverage Includes Normal Newborn, Well-Child, And Adolescent Care, Acute Care, Disorders Of Each Organ System, Behavioral Disorders, And Management Of The Child With Developmental Disabilities And Specialized Health Care Needs. The Text Includes Numerous Easy-To-Scan Tables And A Popular "A To Z" Drug Formulary.
9780099422464 Welsh Iriven Porno Random House
To realize his dream of directing and producing a pornographic movie, Simon `Sick Boy` Williamson must team up with old pal and fellow exile Mark Renton and a motley crew. In the world of "Porno", however, nothing is straightforward, as Sick Boy and Renton find out that they have unresolved issues to address, most of all, with each other.
9780071253215 Anschel Neurology: Pretest Self Assessment & Review McGraw-Hill
9783131419415 Abdulhak Challenging Cases in Spine Surgery Thieme Verlagsgruppe
With more than 80 complex spine surgery cases and its streamlined case example format, this is an ideal clinical reference for the professional practice. The authors outline the patient presentation, radiologic findings, diagnosis, and treatment, followed by a discussion, to help you quickly master the thinking behind planning complicated spinal procedures. Highlights:
  • Organizes cases in an easy-to-follow manner perfect for the busy practitioner and resident
  • Covers challenging cases arising from a broad spectrum of causes, including traumatic, inflammatory, neoplastic, infectious, and degenerative
  • Includes more than 180 images and illustrations, such as MRI and CT scans, myelograms, angiograms, x-rays, and intraoperative photographs
  • Discusses the technologies pertaining to bone morphogenetic protein and percutaneous spine surgery to help the clinician remain at the forefront of the spine field
  • Covers surgical treatments of unusual disorders, including Klippel-Feil syndrome, thoracic outlet syndrome, dysplasia, arachnoiditis, ankylosing hyperostosis of Forestier and Rotes-Querol, thoracic arteriovenous fistula, and achondroplasia
  • This text is a must for orthopaedic surgeons, spine fellows, neurosurgeons, neurologists, pain management specialists, and residents seeking the most up-to-date information and the underlying principles in the most demanding cases in spine surgery.
    9780340896228 King Stephen Dark Tower II: The Drawing Of The Three Hodder
    9780486236544 Book of Wood Carving Dover
    9780500051092 Historical Atlas of Celtic World Thames & Hudson
    An historical atlas charting the Celts from their origins in the Bronze Age to their present-day diaspora, with colour maps supported by text and illustrations. It deals separately with Continental, Atlantic and Modern Celts, taking into consideration the latest research and academic controversies.
    9780340921098 Anya Seton Green Darkness Hodder
    Celia da Bohun meets Stephen Marsdon. He agrees to be her teacher and as she grows older, they fall in love. History seems poised to repeat itself. Not long after the marriage of Richard Marsdon and his American wife Celia, something seems to go wrong when Celia is forced to look deep into the past that she has a chance to prevent another tragedy.
    9780340566367 Pilcher Rosa The Rosamunde Pilcher Collection Vol 2 Hodder
    Reaching back into the past provides the key to true happiness in three piercingly romantic novels from the best-loved author
    9780764300783 Mark C. Yerg Images of the Waffen-SS Schiffer
    Mark C. Yerger, responding to requests from readers of his previous books, this new photo album provides material for the model builder, vehicle enthusiast, memorabilia collector and those interested in SS holders of the Knights Cross.
    9780764316159 Dona Z. Meil Fireplace Accessories Schiffer
    Here is the first book that focuses on unique custom-made fireplace accessories as works of art by talented modern artist blacksmiths. Over 400 ideas for unusual fireplace designs reflect historical styles from Renaissance to Post-Modern. You will be amazed at the infinite effects that can be wrought from a bar of metal between the hammers and anvils of more than 100 master artist blacksmiths from nine countries. Youll learn to appreciate the forms that are used, from scrolls to carved animals, and to recognize their texturing, unusual handles and hinges, supports, and more. Fire screens, hoods, doors, andirons, grates, tongs, pokers, shovels, brooms, and their stands emerge as significant decorative items in todays homes. This is also a wonderful sourcebook for homeowners and designers seeking original art for their homes. You will marvel at the artistry, variety, and craftsmanship.
    9780764316906 James E Seit Practical Woodcarving: Design and Application Schiffer
    If you are a woodcarver seeking inspiration for that next carving project, look no further! This book is full of ideas for designing and creating a myriad of unique and handmade projects, all of which can be used in and around the house or given as gifts. A total of 155 different projects are illustrated, including desk accessories, boxes and cabinets, tableware, coin banks, walking sticks, and nameplates. Appropriate for experts as well as new carvers, the book covers important principles in design and decoration. The text is presented in easy-to-follow language and supplemented with over 200 photographs and 70 drawn patterns. The book also illustrates different methods and styles of carving as applied to the items shown. Written by an experienced woodcarver, designer, and author, this comprehensive book provides a wealth of information for all who want to use and enjoy their carving projects.
    9780764317699 Jeff Moran American Airborne Pathfinders in World War II Schiffer
    Trained in the use of the Eureka radar, holophan lights, and colored ground panels, the pathfinders dropped thirty minutes before the main airborne landing to provide ground guidance for successive airborne jumps. The concept of the pathfinders proved successful and they were used during the remainder of World War II. The story of the airborne pathfinders and the vital part they played in airborne operations during the Second World War has rarely been told. In this new book, Jeff Moran tells the story of the operations they led, the equipment used much of it unique to the pathfinders and has memorialized them by noting, in many cases, the individual teams of pathfinders.
    9780764321542 Stephen J. Uniforms & Equipment of the British Army in World War I Schiffer
    This book contains over 600 rare and never before published photographs of the British Soldier in World War I. The quality images selected were photographed in peace and wartime, in the studio and the field, and show in detail the service dress uniform, equipment and weapons in use by the British Army between 1900-1918. The chapters contain photographic postcards of: Infantry officers and other ranks, Dominion Troops, Infantry Weapons, Machine Gun and Tank Corps, Royal Artillery, Wheels and Transport, Army Service Corps, Royal Army Medical Corps, Royal Engineers, Royal Flying Corps and Battle Insignia. Also included is a full color section of Army, Corps and Divisional signs. Each photograph caption has been carefully and thoroughly researched affording the reader information not to be found in any other single source. The introduction discusses early war photography and goes into further detail on the service dress and equipment to make this a must book for the military historian, collector, researcher, modeller and general enthusiast.
    9780764322280 Hubert and C Goebel Salt & Pepper Shakers Schiffer
    A collectors delight, this comprehensive volume is devoted to the wide variety of charming salt and pepper shakers produced by Goebel Porzellanfabrik*r of Germany, from the 1920s through the 1980s. Nearly 600 colour photographs display shakers and condiment sets in the forms of animals, birds, fish, people, flowers, fruits and vegetables, and more. Variations in colour or size are included, as well as many scarce or rare sets. Captions contain identification numbers, artists name where known, date of manufacture, and current market value. Also includes a helpful explanation of Goebels numbering system, trademarks used from 1923 to the present, and tips for identifying and pricing Goebel sets. A wonderful resource for all collectors and admirers of novelty salt and pepper shakers.
    9780764324659 Virginia Con Quilts of Virginia 1607-1899 Schiffer
    This new book anticipates Virginias 400th anniversary in 2007 by presenting over 270 beautiful historic quilts and ephemera in over 430 color and vintage photographs. From quilted armor of the 17th century to crazy quilts of the 19th century, these personal family and museum treasures include homespun work of slaves and fancy work of freed women and First Ladies. The eight Virginia-born U.S. presidents are each represented here, with work from George Washingtons great great grandmother to quilting by Mrs. Woodrow Wilson. The contents derive from the study of more than 3,000 quilts statewide that were meticulously examined by the Virginia Consortium of Quilters Documentation Project. This book is an important contribution to quilting history and Virginia heritage, and will be inspirational today for enthusiastic sewers everywhere.
    9780764325380 Paul Haig Threads of Gold: Chinese Textiles Schiffer
    Chinese textiles go back thousands of years. The Silk Road was named for the extensive trade in these fine materials. Due to Chinas size and history of successive wealthy dynasties, a vast amount of textile art is available for study today. Great tombs have yielded beautiful and dateable pieces worn and used by elite members of Chinese society. These and other fragile examples reside in museums and a few private collections. Other examples of antique Chinese textiles are found still to be in the marketplace. While it is impossible to look at these beautiful examples and not admire the skill of the weaver and embroiderer, until now there has been little information about their history or value. This comprehensive guide to collectible Chinese textiles with an extensive number of examples and with an understandable grading system that relates to what constitutes value. This book is beautifully illustrated with over 500 detailed photos of ceremonial court robes, badges, and decorative textiles dating from the Ming dynasty (1368-1644) through the Ching dynasty, (1644-1911). It is designed for historians, Asian studies sholars, and textile collectors, from beginning to advanced, as a real-world representation of available pieces and an indepth study. It is a must for appraisers and connoisseurs alike.
    9780141008615 Townsend Sue Public confessions of a middle-aged woman Penguin Books Ltd
    Contains pieces which cover various things from hosepipe bans and Spanish restaurants to writer`s block and a posh middle-aged woman the author met who`d never heard of Winnie-the-Pooh.
    9780441014606 Green Simon Hell to Pay Penguin USA
    9780684848662 Finney About Time Simon & Schuster
    9782742764860 Tabaimo Thames & Hudson
    9780061242700 Steven Levit Freakonomics (Revised Edition) HarperCollins USA
    9780521686389 Richard MacA Cambridge English Readers Level 2 Logan s Choice: Book with Audio CD Pack Cambridge University Press
    Award-winning original fiction for learners of English.
    9781405840835 Robert Thurs The Witch Hunts: A History of the Witch Persecutions in Europe and Pearson Education
    Between the fourteenth and eighteenth centuries, the notorious witch hunts of Europe and America led to the execution of tens of thousands of people - the majority of whom were women. This work explores the events of the witch hunts and the social and psychological factors which caused them. It takes a historical view of the witch persecutions.
    9780805359466 Frederic Mar Anatomy & Physiology and InterActive Physiology 8-System Suite CD-ROM Plus Access to Companion Web site Pearson Education
    This new textbook answers the need for a briefer version of "Martini`s Fundamentals of Anatomy Physiology" for the 2-semester anatomy and physiology course. This edition features condensed explanations and less detailed discussions.
    9780751519099 Fowler,C Disturbia Little, Brown
    9780321194046 David Chappe Understanding .NET Pearson Education
    A guide to the landscape of Windows development, this work aims to clarify both how the .NET technologies work and how they can be used. It includes: an overview of .NET and its goals; the Common Language Runtime (CLR); the .NET languages, including C#, Visual Basic, and C++; the .NET Framework class library; and others.
    9780743436762 Thor, Brad Path of the Assassin Simon & Schuster
    After rescuing the president from kidnappers, Navy SEAL turned Secret Service agent Scot Harvath shifts his attention to rooting out, capturing or killing all those responsible for the plot. As he prepares to close out his list, a bloody and twisted trail of clues points toward one man - Hashim Nidal.
    9781862053021 Froud, Brian Good Faeries Bad Faeries Anova
    Since he illustrated the "Faeries" in 1978, Brian Froud has been fascinated by faery lore. Now, 20 years later, this book describes and illustrates the faery folk who still crowd his imagination.
    9780847826087 Ines Heugel Classic Garden Style Rizzoli USA
    A beautiful guide to the decorative, ornamental details that make a garden an extension of the home.
    9780486235462 Movie-Star Portraits of the Forties: 163 glamor photos Dover
    9780300117851 Anglomania: Tradition and Transgression in British Fashion Yale University Press
    Anglomania, the craze for all things English, gripped Europe during the mid-to-late 18th century. Through the lens of fashion, this book examines aspects of English culture, such as class, sport, royalty, pageantry, eccentricity, the gentleman, and the country garden, which have fuelled the European and American imagination.
    9781563473425 Battin, Rich An Introduction to the Mathematics and Methods of Astrodynamics Eurospan
    9781592581191 Creative Spaces: Hundreds of Stylish Ideas for Kitchens, Bedrooms and Bathrooms Daedalus
    9780553816792 Evans Polly On a Hoof and a Prayer Transworld Publishers
    9780751530445 Cornwell Pat Cruel & unusual Little, Brown
    The fourth novel in the Dr Kay Scarpetta series which was awarded the CWA Gold Dagger for the best crime novel of 1993
    9783888149535 Wenders, Wim Wim Wenders: Einmal Schirmer/Mosel Verlag
    9780571225255 Pamuk Orhan The Black Book Faber
    Tells the story of Galip, an Istanbul lawyer whose wife has vanished. Playing the part of private investigator, he soon finds himself descending deeper and deeper into an extraordinary mystery.
    9780552155540 Edwards-Jone Fashion Babylon Transworld Publishers
    9780736048378 Robertson, R Perceived Exertion for Practitioners Humankinetics
    With Perceived Exertion for Practitioners: Rating Effort With the OMNI Picture System, youll have the most up-to-date, innovative way to rate clients physical exertion in your professional practices. Youll be able to expand your knowledge of perceived exertion as used today by health and fitness specialists and clinical therapeutic practitioners, and youll learn how to apply the newly developed OMNI Picture System of perceived exertion. Author and highly acclaimed researcher Robert Robertson developed the OMNI Picture System, which uses picture scales to enable exercisers to rate their exertion visually. In this text, Dr. Robertson presents real-life scenarios involving perceptually based exercise assessments and programming using the OMNI Scaling System. The scenarios focus on people with various training and conditioning needs, from improving personal health to developing recreational and competitive fitness. By rating their effort based on pictures of other exercisers, your clients will be able to accurately set and regulate their conditioning intensity using a target rating of perceived exertion (RPE) zone.
    9780387332260 Leonard Molecular Pathology in Clinical Practice Springer
    Molecular Pathology In Clinical Medicine is an authoritative, comprehensive textbook that provides the general pathologist in clinical practice, as well as residents and fellows during their training, with the current standard in molecular testing. The text is divided into 8 sections, as defined by the molecular pathology specialty board: genetics, inherited cancers, infectious disease, neoplastic hematopathology, solid tumors, HLA typing, identity testing, and laboratory management. The book integrates the latest advancements in the field with the basic principles and practical applications. Each chapter discusses the clinical significance of each diagnostic test, available assays, quality control and lab issues, interpretation, and reasons for testing. Chapters cover such topics as HIV, herpes, hepatitis, deafness, developmental disorders, bioterrorism, warfare organisms, lymphomas, breast cancer and melanoma, forensics, parentage, and much more. 189 illustrations, 45 of them in full-color, illustrate the principles outlined in the text. This textbook is a classic in the making and a must-have reference to meet the needs of every pathologist, resident and fellow.
    9780443068300 Eric Hsi Hematopathology, Elsevier Science
    Provides information on hematopathology and features color illustrations.
    9780571220236 Hunter Jim About Stoppard Faber
    Presents a series of interviews, with Tom Stoppard himself and with the practitioners who put his work on stage, such as directors Peter Wood, Trevor Nunn and Richard Eyre, lighting and set designers, and actors Felicity Kendal, John Wood, Essie Davis, and others. This is a guide for those interested in the work of this playwright.
    9780195050387 Nunez, Paul Electric Fields of the Brain Oxford Academ
    Widely acclaimed when it first published in 1981, this book has been brought up-to-date with this second edition. Topics covered include synaptic sources, electrode placement, choice of reference, volume conduction, power and coherence, projection of scalp potentials to dura surface, dynamic signatures of conscious experience, and neural networks immersed in global fields of synaptic action.
    9781588295637 Matthiesen R Mass Spectrometry Data Analysis in Proteomics Springer
    Aims to support researchers in deciding which programs to use in various tasks related to analysis of mass spectrometry data in proteomics. This work covers chapters that give a description of the theoretical background of each topic followed by descriptions of programs and the parameters best suited for different cases.
    9780387243764 Talluri Kaly The Theory and Practice of Revenue Management Springer
    The Theory and Practice of Revenue Management is a book that comprehensively covers theory and practice of the entire field, including both quantity and price-based RM, as well as significant coverage of supporting topics such as forecasting and economics. The authors believe such a comprehensive approach is necessary to fully understand the subject. A central objective of the book is to unify the various forms of RM and to link them closely to each other and to the supporting fields of statistics and economics. Nevertheless, the topics and coverage do reflect choices about what is important to understand RM. Hence, the book’s purpose is to provide a comprehensive, accessible synthesis of the state of the art in Revenue Management.
    9780387257327 Schuckit Mar Drug and Alcohol Abuse / A Clinical Guide to Diagnosis and Treatment Springer
    Gives professionals and students across the health and mental health disciplines knowledge of drug-related pathology, beginning with pharmacology, drug mechanisms, and genetic factors. The coverage of this book reflects trends in alcohol, drug, and multidrug use, abuse, and dependence.
    9780333903384 Donaldson J Room on the Broom (PB) Pan Macmillan
    A witch and her cat fly over forests, rivers and mountains on their broomstick until a stormy wind blows away the witch`s hat, bow and wand. They are retrieved by a dog, a bird and a frog, but each animal asks for a ride and the broom snaps and they tumble into a bog and meet a greedy dragon!
    9780330399081 Bertagna Ju Exodus Pan Macmillan
    Set in 2099, this story is themed around the consequences of global warming where Mara, her family and community realize they are asylum-seekers in a world torn between high-tech wizardry and the most primitive injustice. To save her people, Mara must not only find a way into the city but also search for a new land and a new home.
    9780330418812 James Clive Always Unreliable Pan Macmillan
    In `Unreliable Memoirs` we meet a very young Clive James. `Falling Towards England` tells how, having happily failed to land a suitable job, he moves into a Swiss Cottage BandB. `May Week was in June` sees Clive at Cambridge University.
    9780330444064 Cabot Meg How to be Popular Pan Macmillan
    Steph Landry`s been top of her school`s unpopularity list ever since she spilt her red Super Big Gulp all over It Girl Lauren Moffat`s white D&G mini-skirt. But now Steph`s got a secret weapon, an ancient book, "How to be Popular", which her soon-to-be step-grandmother once used to break into her A-crowd.
    9780486439983 Sun Ming-Ju Godey s Fashions Coloring Book Dover
    9780486435916 Noble Marty Color Your Own Pre-Raphaelite Paintings Dover
    9780486424750 Palmer E. H. Simplified Grammar of Arabic, Persian and Hindustani Dover
    9780486448855 Gailhabaud J Medieval Ornament and Design Dover
    9780486431468 Child Franci The English and Scottish Popular Ballads, Vol. 2 Dover
    9780300052923 Ward-Perkins Roman Imperial Architecture 2e Yale University Press
    This history of Roman Imperial architecture looks at the interaction of two dominant themes - in Rome itself the emergence of a new architecture based on the use of Roman concrete, and in the provinces the development of interrelated but distinctive Romano-provincial schools.
    9780300090789 Kjellgren Splendid Isolation Yale University Press
    Easter Island is home to the Rapa Nui, a Polynesian people who developed a unique series of artistic traditions. This is an examination of the island's diverse artistic heritage. It presents and discusses over 50 works, ranging from robust stone images to refined wooden sculpture.
    9780714126548 Claire Van C Master Drawings of The Italian Rena Thames & Hudson
    Features masterpieces of Italian Renaissance drawings from the British Museum, the Louvre and other French public collections in Lille, Rennes and Montpellier. Examining the drawing as part of the creative process, and showing how it reveals the artists mind at work, this book explains the materials and techniques used in Renaissance drawings.
    9784568531060 50Th Tokyo Art Directors Club Annual ACC-distribution titles
    Edited by famous art directors who represent the very best in Japanese Art and Design and its the most trustworthy advertisement and design yearbook. This is an essential book for those who need to know the current design trends in Japan. Categories of works included: Poster design; Newspaper Advertisements; Magazine Advertisements; Books & Editorial; General Graphic Design; Package Design; Space Design; CI, Mark & Logotype; and, Commercial Film.
    9781903278956 Naked Portrait ACC-distribution titles
    Reveals the history of naked portraiture comparing different artworks and photographs.
    9780340763902 Clark s Positioning in Radiography 12Ed Hodder Arnold
    First published in 1939, this is the definitive text on patient positioning for the diagnostic radiography student and practitioner. It presents the essentials of radiographic techniques in a practical way, avoiding unnecessary technical complexity and ensuring that students and practitioners can find quickly the information they require regarding particular positions. All the standard positioning is included, accompanied by supplementary positions where relevant and illustrations of pathology where appropriate. Common errors in positioning are also included. Hundreds of photographs and explanatory line diagrams, a clearly defined and easy-to-follow structure, and international applicability make this a premier text.
    9780470050750 Pollak, Pete Fine Chemicals Wiley
    Offers a view of the fine chemicals industry the products, the markets, the technology, and the players. This book introduces the technologies underlying the fine chemicals industry and the range of products and services it offers. It examines trends, including globalization and outsourcing.
    9780764303494 Seeds of Victory: Psychological Warfare and Propaganda Schiffer
    Psychological Warfare is by no means a new concept in warfare. To the layman however, this particular aspect of armed conflict has seldom been greeted with understanding, or even acknowledgment. Accordingly, not enouh has been broadly or factually disseminated upon the subject to date. Seeds of Victoy explores in detail the component mechanics of an intensely orchestrated Psychological Warfare campaign, while utilizing the most recent formant of the Persian Gulf War as a case in point for understanding. The tremendous scale of the Persian Gulf Wars Psychological Warfare campaign is evidenced by the fact that long before Coalition soldiers fired the first shots in that conflict a different class of army had already ben assembled for months and was fiercely locked in a pitched battle for dominance over Saddam Husseins citizens and soldiers alike. Far away from blaring headlines and flashy newscasts, violent, graphic images of warfare, civil unrest, starvation, disease, and death were systematically bombarding Saddam Husseins Empire in wave upon wave of leaflet and radio assoults. That provocative campaign of psychological attrition and dominance is documented within this text through personal intervies with some of the commanders and soldiers who orchestrated and executed that campaign. Their experiences will accompany the reader from the earliest planning and developmental stages, through the production and into the final dissemination phases of demoralization. As a reference source, this text is of historical significance, as it documents in exacting detail the many deceptive Psychological Warfare campaign methodologies and strategies which incited wide spread desertions and mutiny among as many as 150,000 front-line Iraqi combat troops, many of whom were battle hardened veterans of the fierce eight year war with Iran. Seeds of Victory is also unique, in that it has already demonstrated its value within the professional realm of the Psychological Warfare community, since its having been officially adapted by the United States Armys Psychological Warfare Group Command as an instructional and reference work for use within their company-level units.
    9780743444293 Iwasaki Geisha Simon & Schuster
    9781588294159 Forensic Pathology Reviews / Volume 2 Springer
    Cutting-edge accounts of special topics from various fields of forensic pathology and death scene investigation. The authors explore new avenues for analyzing the pathology of death from starvation (child neglect), head injuries inflicted by glass bottles, the clinical and pathological features of primary cerebral neoplasms, obesity as it is relevant to the forensic pathologist, and infant and early childhood asphyxial death. Other areas of interest covered include suicide, viral myocarditis in sudden death cases, curious death scene phenomena (hiding, covering and undressing), forensic entomology, the interpretation of toxicological findings, anabolic-androgenic-steroid abuse, and autopsy findings of subendocardial hemorrhages.
    9780671034047 Tamarkin Got A Revolution! Simon & Schuster
    9780743235815 Editors Of R Harrison Simon & Schuster
    9780571212927 Nasar Sylvia A Beautiful Mind Faber
    The life story of an extraordinary mathematical genius - John Nash - who became schizophrenic, entered remission, and won the Nobel Prize. Nash was only 21 years old and at Princeton University when he invented game theory, the most influential theory of rational human behaviour of our time.
    9780743470230 Jolie Notes From My Travels Simon & Schuster
    The journals of actress Angelina Jolie`s travels as a Goodwill Ambassador for the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, through some of the world`s poorest countries.
    9780740705557 Guisewite Shoes Choc 4 The Feet Simon & Schuster
    9781591163527 Miyazaki Nausicaa Vlly Wind V4 2E Simon & Schuster
    Fourth in the manga series about the young princess Nausicaa, of the Valley of the Wind.
    9780575081154 Christopher The Separation Orion Publishers
    Christopher Priest`s finest novel in his 30-year-career as an award-winning writer, newly packaged for a new audience
    9780099502197 Steadman, Ra Joke s Over, The Random House
    In the spring of 1970, Ralph Steadman went to America in search of work and found more than he bargained for. In Kentucky to cover the Derby, he met a former Hells Angel called Hunter S Thompson. This memoir tells story - in words and pictures - of Ralph and Hunter, a great British original on a great American original, Butch and Sundance on acid.
    9780300124095 Eternal Ancestors: The Art of the Central African Reliquary Yale University Press
    Many masterpieces of central African sculpture were created to amplify the power of sacred relics that affirm a family`s vital connection to its ancestral heritage. Focusing on some 130 works representing a diverse variety of regional genres, this volume illuminates the purpose and significance of these icons of African art.
    9780847818402 Elvis & Marilyn: 2 X Immortal Grange Books
    9781593853709 Jack M. Flet Learning Disabilities: From Identification to Intervention Taylor&Francis
    9780099437390 Enright Anne Portable Virgin Random House
    A collection of pained, precise and disquieting stories that restore to us the strangeness of the lives we follow beneath the surface of the lives we lead.
    9783899550603 Gerard Saint The Seductive World of Big Activ: Head, Heart and Hips Gestalten
    9780517220955 Great Ghost Stories Random House (USA)
    9780061099212 Siddons, Ann Up Island HarperCollins USA
    An Anne River Siddons classic that has racked up more than four months on the New York Times bestseller list!
    9780415280280 Walters, Eri Scientists Must Speak Taylor&Francis
    Having the ability to speak confidently; engage the audience; make a clear, well-argued case; and handle any tricky situations, is rarely a natural talent, but it can be learned through application and practice. Scientists Must Speak: Bringing Presentations to Life helps readers do just that.At some point in their careers, the majority of scientists have to stand up in front of an inquisitive audience or board and present information. This can be a stressful experience for many.

    For scientists, the experience may be further complicated by the specialist nature of the data and the fact that most self-help books are aimed at business or social situations. Scientists Must Speak includes sections on:* targeting your talk - knowing your audience and how to pitch to them* organizing your presentation - aligning your points logically around a central key theme* using visual aids effectively - how to avoid a random slide show*'practice, practice, practice' - it's a rare orator that does not need to practice* taking control - preparing the room, using eye co tact, and checking the audience is with you* voice and language - developing a good speaking style, and help for those for whom English is a second language* body language - the messages your posture, mannerisms and facial expressions convey to the audience* handling question and answer sessions - taking the fear out of these* expecting the unexpected - how to cope with unforeseen mishaps* adapting material for different situations - how to avoid reinventing the wheel* organizing a session with several speakers - how to organize or chair sessionsWritten by authors with many years' experience of teaching presentation techniques, this engaging text will help readers make the best of their presentations and remove some of the fear that makes them a daunting prospect.
    9780345477484 KARPYSHYN DR SW: DARTH BANE: RULE OF TWO Random House (USA)
    9780006548836 Martin Amis Information, The HarperCollins UK
    Presents a devastating satire of literary life, as the unpublished and unpublishable Richard Tull plots the downfall of his stratospherically successful friend and fellow novelist Gwyn Barry. How can one writer hurt another where it really counts - his reputation?
    9780007258710 Naomi Novik Temeraire HarperCollins UK
    Naomi Novik`s stunning series of novels follow the global adventures of Captain William Laurence and his fighting dragon Temeraire as they are thrown together to fight for Britain during the turbulent time of the Napoleonic Wars.
    9780751540215 Cooper,Robin Timewaster Diaries Little, Brown
    The brilliantly funny debut novel by `Robin Cooper`, star of the bestselling Timewaster books * `Hilarious and surprising: like a squid with glasses` DAVID MICHELL
    9780141439839 Thackeray, W Vanity Fair Penguin Books Ltd
    No one is better equipped in the struggle for wealth and worldly success than the alluring and ruthless Becky Sharp, who defies her impoverished background to clamber up the class ladder. Her sentimental companion Amelia, however, longs only for caddish soldier George.
    9782879392516 Prague Grange Books
    9780140028973 Prebble, J Glencoe Penguin Books Ltd
    `You are hereby ordered to fall upon the rebels, the MacDonalds of Glencoe, and to put all to the sword under seventy.` This was the treacherous and cold-blooded order ruthlessly carried out on 13 February 1692, when the Campbells slaughtered their hosts the MacDonalds at the Massacre of Glencoe. This book describes the terrible events at Glencoe.
    9780060881030 L.A. House HarperCollins USA
    Teaches how to refresh and reinvent the home as a comfortable and livable refuge, including examples of the homes of stylish LA residents and how they encapsulate the spirit of reinvention. This book is about the spirit of Los Angeles - a city where Sommers feels that change and self-reevaluation are possible and encouraged.
    9780764328497 Antique Vienna Bronzes Schiffer
    Small bronze figures, made in Vienna, Austria, beginning around 1850, are well known for their great detail and expressiveness. They were produced in small factories and private artist studios in the forms of animals and humans, and were exported to sell in New York, London, and Paris. Depicted here in over 650 brilliant color photos are cast bronze birds, camels, cats, dogs, horses, bears, bulls, reptiles, and rodents as well as humans figures from around the globe and many professions. Figures integrated into lamps are also displayed. The informative text highlights major artists and firms that produced Vienna bronze figures, and values are included in the captions. Antique and figurine collectors will find much pertinent information in this new study.
    9781405220989 Tintin in the Congo HarperCollins UK
    9783110185348 Pschyrimbel Kliniches Worterbuch Walter de Gruyter
    9780521701990 Miles Craven Cambridge English Skills: Real Listening & Speaking Level 1 Edition without answers Cambridge University Press
    Many learners study long and hard, but still feel unprepared for everyday life in an English-speaking world. Sound familiar? Then Cambridge English Skills could be just what your students need, as the series is suitable for self-study or for use in the classroom. This four-level skills series for adults and young adult can help learners develop the skills they need to use English confidently wherever they are - at home, at work, travelling, studying or just in social situations with English-speaking friends. Activities based around the themes of Social and Travel and Work and Study cover a whole range of everyday situations and really help students to understand the English they meet in the world around them.
    9781405159760 Saksena Color Atlas of Local and Systemic Manifestations of Cardiovascular Disease Wiley
    This brief guide to visual diagnosis helps the novice develop -- and the veteran refresh -- crucial skills that can spare the patient unnecessary testing and bring the physician one step closer to an accurate diagnosis. Dr Saksena draws on his ye
    9780486466569 London Jack To Build a Fire and Other Favorite Stories Dover
    9780865652385 Amanda Vaill Seaman Schepps (pb) Thames & Hudson
    9780091913625 Tse, Helen Sweet Mandarin Random House
    Spanning almost a hundred years, this rich and evocative true story recounts the lives of three generations of remarkable Chinese women. Their extraordinary journey takes us from the brutal poverty of village life in mainland China, to newly prosperous 1930s Hong Kong and finally to the UK. Their lives were as dramatic as the times they lived through.

    A love of food and a talent for cooking pulled each generation through the most devastating of upheavals. Helen Tse's grandmother, Lily Kwok, was forced to work as an amah after the violent murder of her father. Crossing the ocean from Hong Kong in the 1950s, Lily honed her famous chicken curry recipe.

    Eventually she opened one of Manchester's earliest Chinese restaurants where her daughter, Mabel, worked from the tender age of nine. But gambling and the Triads were pervasive in the Chinese immigrant community, and they tragically lost the restaurant. It was up to Helen and her sisters, the third generation of these exceptional women, to re-establish their grandmother's dream.

    "Sweet Mandarin" shows how the most important inheritance is wisdom, and how recipes - passed down the female line - can be the most valuable heirloom.
    9781905686025 100 Treasures of Winsor Castle (pb) Thames & Hudson
    9783865216090 Robert Palme Rock n Roll 39-59 Thames & Hudson
    9780323045827 Bruce Koeppe Berne and Levy Physiology, Elsevier Science
    Offers the information needed by students of physiology. This book helps enrich comprehension of concepts.
    9781405329545 Jam s and Chutneys Dorling Kindersley
    Offers information on what you need to know to make sweet and savoury preserves, and preserve your harvest and create amazing jams, chutneys or preserves out of fruit, vegetables and even flowers from your garden. This title comes with over 150 recipes for making long-lasting sweet and savoury preserves to enjoy or give as a welcome present.
    9780753823699 Douglas Abra The Lost Diary Of Don Juan (B) Orion Publishers
    The adventures of Don Juan, history`s greatest lover
    9780192842114 Cormack Byzantine Art Oxford Academ
    This text focuses on the art of Constantinople from 330 to 1453 and the stages this went through in reaction to historical circumstances. The book shows how changes in society led to changes in art by focusing on particular cases and objects.
    9780199532438 Atkinson, A The Changing Distribution of Earnings in OECD Countries Oxford Academ
    This book examines what people are paid and how pay differences have changed over time. The author presents new theories that challenge current thinking on the impact of education, technology, globalization and the rigidity of labour markets. Beginning with an accessible introduction, it then provides a model and new empirical data for 20 countries
    9780312985349 Janet Evanov Eleven On Top Holtzbrink(MPS)
    9780786940028 Baker, Richa Final Gate Random House (USA)
    9780553583380 King, Laurie The Game Random House (USA)
    9780345496003 Perry, Thoma Nightlife Random House (USA)
    9780307352385 Potter Style Jane Austen Address Book Random House (USA)
    9780847830206 Olivier Zahm Purple Anthology Rizzoli USA
    Art and fashion come together in this history of the groundbreaking magazine Purple.
    9780307346506 Mccafferty, Fourth Comings Random House (USA)
    9780451209900 Binchy Maeve Quentins Penguin USA
    9781594481444 Gavalda Anna Hunting and Gathering Penguin USA
    9781594480850 Garland, Ale Coma, The Penguin USA
    9780452285880 Holden, Wend School for Husbands Penguin USA
    9780451458971 Kay, Guy Gav Song for Arbonne, A Penguin USA
    9781740597593 Best of milan 2 Lonely Planet
    A full-colour pocket guide to the best on offer in the capital of Italian fashion and business. It provides in-depth coverage of Milan`s famed architecture, art-collections and opera; deft selection of eating, sleeping and nightlife listings; and inspirational walking tours to guide the reader through the city.
    9781583941683 Philippe, Ch Essential Krav Maga Random House (USA)
    Every day, innocent people are accosted and assaulted by criminals, many of whom carry weapons. The increasingly popular martial art of Krav Maga offers powerful methods and a direct approach to fighting back. Krav Maga was founded for the Israeli armed forces and adopted by many other groups worldwide. This book presents self-defense techniques.
    9780452288539 Derbyshire, Unknown Quantity Penguin USA
    9780415401388 Biosocialities, Genetics and the Social Sciences Taylor&Francis
    9782888930136 Charlotte Ri CD-ART: Innovation in CD Packaging Design Rockport/Rotovision
    The best-selling CD-Art captures the finest CD cover and packaging design from around the world, and provides an international showcase of innovative work. This timely updated version of the original hardcover book looks at developments in the music industry today, and includes new work produced for the growing download market.
    9780521046930 Philipp Hart Currency Competition and Foreign Exchange Markets Cambridge Academ
    Currency Competition and Foreign Exchange Markets by Philipp Hartmann of the European Central Bank is a major theoretical and empirical study of international currencies, which focuses on the role which the Euro will play in the international monetary and financial system along with the US dollar and the Japanese yen. In contrast to much of the existing literature which approaches the subject from a macroeconomic perspective, Philipp Hartmann develops a theoretical model which uses game theory, time series and panel econometrics, and links financial markets analysis with transaction cost economics. The results of Currency Competition and Foreign Exchange Markets are presented with reference to political, historical and institutional considerations, and provide accessible answers to policy-makers, business people and scholars worldwide. The sections on Spread Estimation and Multiple Vehicles with Inter-Dealer Price and Entry Competition will be of particular use for finance professionals.
    9780521522656 Hillay Zmora State and Nobility in Early Modern Germany Cambridge Academ
    One of the most striking features of late medieval and early modern German was the countless feuds carried out by nobles. A constant threat to law and order, these feuds have commonly been regarded as a manifestation of the decline - economic and otherwise - of the nobility. This study shows that the nobility was not in crisis at this time. Nor were feuds merely banditry by another name. Rather, they were the result of an interplay between two fundamental processes: princely state-building, and social stratification among the nobility. Offering a new paradigm for understanding the German nobility, this book argues that the development of the state made proximity to princes the single most decisive factor in determining the fortune of a family. The result was a violent competition among the nobility over resources which were crucial to the princes. Feuds played a central role in this struggle that eventually led to the formation of an elite of noble families on whose power and wealth the princely state depended.
    9780898715941 R. M. M. Mat Partial Differential Equations Cambridge Academ
    Partial differential equations (PDEs) are used to describe a large variety of physical phenomena, from fluid flow to electromagnetic fields, and are indispensable to such disparate fields as aircraft simulation and computer graphics. While most existing texts on PDEs deal with either analytical or numerical aspects of PDEs, this innovative and comprehensive textbook features a unique approach that integrates analysis and numerical solution methods and includes a third component - modeling - to address real-life problems. The authors believe that modeling can be learned only by doing; hence a separate chapter containing 16 user-friendly case studies of elliptic, parabolic, and hyperbolic equations is included and numerous exercises are included in all other chapters.
    9780521808743 Michael P. B Community Rehabilitation in Neurology Cambridge Academ
    Rehabilitation should not stop when the disabled person is discharged from hospital, and many neurological patients require ongoing rehabilitation in order to maximize their functional abilities, minimize complications and promote full participation at home and in the community. This book analyses community rehabilitation needs from many different perspectives, including the views of disabled people, rehabilitation clinicians and service providers. Many examples of community rehabilitation schemes are presented, with evidence for their effectiveness, and case studies are used to highlight the main issues. The authors take an international view, and there are chapters dealing with the disabled child in the community and with neuropsychological rehabilitation. This important book examines the growing trend towards community rehabilitation in neurology and is directed towards all clinicians involved with neurorehabilitation.
    9780521881159 Edited by Pa Platelets in Hematologic and Cardiovascular Disorders Cambridge Academ
    A rapid increase in our understanding of the biology of platelets and their role in disease in recent years has been paralleled by increasing successes with established platelet-modifying therapies in many clinical conditions. This text focuses on the clinical role of platelets in a wide variety of haematologic, cardiovascular and other disorders, providing a practical, clinically relevant handbook for all clinicians and researchers interested in platelets and their role in disease. Covering platelet physiology, bleeding disorders, thrombotic disorders and antithrombotic therapy. Chapters cover all the conventional and less conventional aspects of platelet involvement in disease, with an emphasis on recent clinical developments. Clear take home messages have been included in each chapter to aid clinical practice. With contributions from leading experts across three continents, Platelets in Hematologic and Cardiovascular Disorders is an up-to-date, well illustrated, practical resource for everyone involved in clinical practice with platelet disorders.
    9781604060010 Madell Pediatric Audiology Thieme Verlagsgruppe
    Pediatric Audiology is a practical "how-to" reference for the diagnosis and technological and educational management of infants and children with hearing disorders. Master clinicians distill decades of expertise, providing step-by-step descriptions of testing and treatment protocols, with a special emphasis on specific pediatric behavioral assessment techniques, such as behavioral observation audiometry. A DVD-ROM accompanying the text features videos of the various pediatric behavioral assessments with audio commentary that provides straightforward explanations of key concepts. Also included on the DVD-ROM is a video on cochlear implant surgery.Features: Videos of both normal and unusual pediatric testing situations prepare the reader for the full range of scenarios in everyday clinical practice In-depth discussion of educational management issues helps practitioners develop collaborative approaches to pediatric hearing loss Bullet-point lists of key points at the start of each chapter and discussion questions at the end of each chapter set a framework to guide the reader through each topic--ideal for the university classroom setting Flow charts and graphs provide a practical breakdown of complex concepts Pearls, pitfalls, and special considerations emphasize important points This authoritative multimedia reference is ideal for students in professional and graduate-level pediatric and educational audiology programs. Audiologists will find it to be essential as a field guide to new techniques or to procedures that they do not perform regularly. The book is also valuable for speech-language pathologists, otolaryngologists, pediatricians, and teachers of children who are deaf or hard of hearing.

    9788434309647 Bacon Grange Books
    9780521805155 Milton M. Az Portuguese Cambridge Academ
    This accessible new book provides a comprehensive introduction to the linguistic structure of Portuguese. Clearly organised, it covers the central topics of syntax, phonology, morphology, semantics and pragmatics, and explores the social and historical background of Portuguese, its development and spread in the world, and related sociolinguistic issues such as dialect variation and language planning. It also includes a chapter on Portuguese in Brazil, where approximately 80% of Portuguese speakers live. Assuming very little prior knowledge of linguistic terminology, Portuguese: A Linguistic Introduction is designed to help intermediate and advanced students of Portuguese understand how the language functions at all levels, and to give students of linguistics a useful starting point for work on the structure of Portuguese. Keeping linguistic theory to a minimum, it focuses on presenting the linguistic facts in a clear and lucid way, providing a useful global overview of the Portuguese language and its surrounding issues.
    9781412920643 Phelps Organizing and Managing Your Research Sage Publications
    Deals with the practical, day-to-day aspects of managing and organizing research. This title focuses on strategies, skills, and systems that increase the efficiency and effectiveness of research practice across different research disciplines. It offers practical advice, tips and strategies gleaned from some of the experienced researchers.
    9781412921756 Ten Have Doing Conversation Analysis Sage Publications
    Including a section on linguistically-orientated conversation analysis, information on analysis of video data, and cases and examples, this work is a practical introduction to conversation analysis. It offers coverage of discussion of the theoretical, practical and methodological aspects of doing conversation analysis research.
    9780060817091 John Grogan Marley & Me HarperCollins USA
    The instant New York Times bestsellera funny and poignant memoir about a wildly neurotic Lab retriever and an unsuspecting young couple who come to learn what really matters in life.
    9780714844503 Phaidon Atlas of Contemporary World Architecture Travel Ed Phaidon Press Ltd.
    This pocket-sized version of the `Phaidon Atlas of Contemporary World Architecture`, useful for the holiday or business traveller, contains 1052 buildings in 27 cities, each illustrated with a single image, and accompanied by a brief description as well as the address and telephone number. Organized geographically, maps locate each building.
    9784903233284 Furniture from the Salon Milano ACC-distribution titles
    The renowned Milan furniture exhibition was established in 1961 and is known to be one of the three greatest annual exhibitions. It is a pioneering stage for the world of modern furniture, collecting the latest works of the top brands, indicating the trend of international furniture fashion. Recorded here are the very best designs from 2003-2007 - almost 2000 high quality, real-scale pictures, providing a detailed record of fashion trends over the past four years as well as the creative ideas of international furniture design masters.

    It is an essential tool for interior and furniture designers.
    9781589233652 50 Ways to Paint Ceilings and Floors Rockport/Rotovision
    This third book in the 50 Ways series presents a whole new set of projects for creating beautifully decorated surfaces around your home. Using ordinary paint and decorative tools, as well as prefabricated mouldings and panelling, readers will be able to turn floors and ceilings into amazing works of decor.
    9780192791016 V.Thomas Winnie s Midnight Dragon Oxford University Press
    It`s just after midnight. Winnie has gone to bed and is snoring when Wilbur is woken by a strange noise. He discovers a baby dragon. The clattering wakes Winnie and she`s not happy about a baby dragon in her house. Winnie goes onto the roof to look for his mother. But how will she catch the attention of a mother dragon flying past?
    9780099503682 Eco Umberto Turning Back The Clock Random House
    The ghost of the Yellow Peril has been resurrected, the nineteenth-century anti-Darwin debate has been reopened, and right-wing governments predominate. It almost seems like history, tired of the big steps forward it has taken in the past two millennia, has gone into reverse. This book proposes that we cease marching backwards.
    9780340963975 Chabon Micha Gentlemen of the Road Hodder
    9781592640065 Charles Dick Oliver Twist Daedalus
    9780521478168 Stefan Pokor Gauge Field Theories Cambridge Academ
    Quantum field theory forms the present theoretical framework for our understanding of the fundamental interactions of particle physics. This up-dated and expanded text examines gauge theories and their symmetries with an emphasis on their physical and technical aspects. Beginning with a new chapter giving a systematic introduction to classical field theories and a short discussion of their canonical quantization and the discrete symmetries C, P and T, the book provides a brief exposition of perturbation theory, the renormalization programme, and the use of the renormalization group equation. It then explores topics of current research interest including chiral symmetry and its breaking, anomalies, and low energy effective lagrangians and some basics of supersymmetry. A chapter on basics of the electroweak theory is now included. Professor Pokorski, a distinguished theoretical physicist, has presented here a self-contained text for graduate courses in physics; the only prerequisite is some grounding in quantum field theory.
    9781845876258 Dubai Double Popout Map Compass
    9780552156721 Catherine Co Kate Hannigan Transworld Publishers
    Dr Rodney Prince cannot fail to be drawn towards Kate Hannigan. Her beauty and intelligence far outshine that of his hard, brittle, calculating wife. But as an unlikely romance blossoms, the union fuels vicious gossip amongst the denizens of the Fifteen Streets. For it is a love that opposes all the concepts of Edwardian society.
    9780312983420 Forsyth Fred Veteran Holtzbrink(MPS)
    9780141381831 Magorian, M Goodnight Mister Tom Penguin Books Ltd
    Young Willie Beech is evacuated to the country as Britain stands on the brink of WW2. A sad, deprived child, he slowly begins to flourish under the care of old Tom Oakley - but his new-found happiness is shattered by a summons from his mother back in London.
    9780471730415 Innovations in Office Design Wiley
    'Diane Stegmeier's landmark findings on workplace behavior in the corporate setting will prove vital in determining workplace strategy over the next ten years' - Prentice Knight, CEO of CoreNet Global. 'The author takes a truly comprehensive approach to understanding the business barriers to the successful implementation of physical space design. The Critical Influence methodology identifies areas of resistance to change and addresses them, enabling the architectural and design firm to do what they do best-create the appropriate workplace solution' - from the Foreword by Greg Bendis.'One of the most difficult aspects of facility management is the inability to link environmental improvements with measurable productivity results.

    Stegmeier's observations in this area are based on hard facts and real research, not just abstract theories. Her work is an essential tool for any professional looking to justify facility improvements that can actually support and advance the mission of the organization' - Heidi Schwartz, Editor-in-Chief of "Today's Facility Manager Magazine".This definitive book on innovations in interior office design offers vital lessons on preventing workplace strategy failure for architects, interior designers, facility managers, and business leaders. It fully explains the author's research on the fifteen Critical Influences on behavior in the workplace, and introd ces a practical approach to integrate an organization's cultural, operational, and environmental elements fostering the desired behaviors to support the company's business goals when designing an office.

    The book includes case studies of good design in contemporary interior offices illustrating collaborative workplaces that work. Content from this book is available as an online continuing professional education course. "WileyCPE" courses are available on demand, 24 hours a day, and are approved by the American Institute of Architects.
    9781847209863 Castles The Disappearing State? Retrenchment Realities in An Age of Globalisation Edward Elgar Publishers
    Whilst the prevailing orthodoxy of the expenditure retrenchment literature is that globalisation and neo-liberal ideas are leading to a downsizing ofthe state, empirical research - basing its conclusions on patterns of welfare state spending - does not support such a view. This book brings a new perspective to bear by looking at what has been happening to other areas of the state's activity. Edited by Francis G.

    Castles, a leading authority in the field, and bringing together an outstanding group of British, German and American scholars, it examines trends in non-social or 'core' spending on public administration, defense, public order, education, economic affairs and debt financing and in the regulatory ordering of the economic sphere.The book not only opens up new areas of comparative public policy research, but also demonstrates clearly that there have been real reductions in the reach of state in some areas, although patterns of causation are more complex and varied than generally presumed by the retrenchment literature. The research findings reported in "The Disappearing State?" provide pivotal, relevant and challenging core material for advanced undergraduate and postgraduate courses in public and social policy, political economy and the sociology of the modern state.
    9783791338712 Art Flexi: Alberto Giacometti (Sculpture, Painting, Drawings) Prestel Publishing Limited
    While known for his spindly, attenuated figures, Giacometti also created work in two dimensions. This book offers an assessment of his oeuvre and underscores the continuity between the two phases of his career: the pre-1935 works, which included his Surrealist sculptures, and his post-war masterpieces.
    9780273712121 Frank Wood A Frank Wood s Business Accounting Volume 1, Edition 11 Pearson Education
    9780123708632 Newton Handbook of Neuro-Oncology Neuroimaging Elsevier Science
    Although the field of Neuro-Oncology has grown considerably in the last 10 to 15 years and has a rather extensive literature, there are no comprehensive, single-source books that summarize the current literature and future trends of neuroimaging in neuro-oncology. This book covers this topic in more comprehensive fashion, making it an important addition to the armamentarium of physicians that care for patients with brain tumors and other neuro-oncological disorders. Well-founded in basic science, it includes chapters that provide an overview of relevant background material in critical areas such as physics, contrast agents, ultra-high field brain MRI, and molecular imaging.
    9780345416605 BARRY, DAVE Dave Barry Slept Here: A Sort of History of the United States Random House (USA)
    9780345506993 Peter David Incredible Hulk Random House (USA)
    9780789204035 Nancy Grubb Angels Abbeville Press
    9780743471237 Diablo Sin W Diablo Sin War 2 Scales Serpen Simon & Schuster
    From bestselling author Richard A. Knaak comes the second novel in an epic trilogy set in the world of Blizzard Entertainment`s bestselling DIABLO.
    9781401218362 Simonson, Wa World of Warcraft Random House (USA)
    9781840138382 Classic Cars Grange Books
    9780199116386 Oxford Reading Tree Dictionary Oxford University Press
    9780521035941 George W. Mc Measuring Economic Welfare Cambridge Academ
    Professor McKenzie proposes and formulates a method composed of operational procedures designed to facilitate the evaluation of economic projects and policies. This method is discussed fully, illustrated by simple examples, and compared with alternative procedures. An outline of a computer program that enables readers to undertake their own calculations is included. In order to present the approach clearly, the author provides an exposition of the fundamental ideas and the main alternative approaches to the problem. These rely on various forms of index numbers and consumer surplus. However, as is well known, such measures are not capable of correctly ordering the various alternatives under consideration, except under highly unrealist assumptions. In this book the author suggests the abandonment of this traditional approach based on the concept of 'willingness-to-pay' or the conpensating variation. Instead, the measure that Samuelson has called the 'money-metric' should become the cornerstone of applied welfare economics.
    9780141324470 Dahl Roald More About Boy Penguin Books Ltd
    Offers an account about Roald Dahl of going to football matches with Joss Spivvis, the gardener. This book contains photos, facts and writings about Roald Dahl and his childhood. It is suitable for Dahl fans.
    9781844801336 Mankiw & Tay Economics Cengage Learning
    9780141034034 Kate Morris The Seven Year Itch Penguin Books Ltd
    Ellie has been married to Jack for seven years, has two children and is about to open a cafe with her friend, Tilda. But Jack is a soap actor whose character has been killed off, leaving him hanging around the house and getting under the feet of Petra, an au pair too glamorous for her own good - even if she is a dab hand with glitter and glue.
    9781858944487 Renaissance Merrell
    The Renaissance throughout Europe produced some of the West's most spectacular art, yet this most celebrated of periods is also one of the least understood, often regarded simply as a rebirth of ancient Roman culture. While Renaissance paintings and sculptures deal with Classical and Christian themes, they are also replete with contemporaneous references that resonate with viewers today. Each chapter in this lavishly illustrated book includes interpretations of up to 40 works and is devoted to a particular subject, from war to courtly life, and from landscape to the influence of Byzantine and Islamic civilization. With its beautiful images, engaging text and gazetteer section detailing public art collections worldwide, Renaissance will appeal to the armchair reader, museum visitor, student of art and anyone interested in one of the greatest contributions to world culture.
    9781598630824 Course Ptr D The Magic of Houdini Cengage Learning
    9780323042321 Yanoff & Sas Ocular Pathology Text with DVD-ROM, 6th Edition Elsevier Science
    Brings you the advances of various aspects of ocular pathology. From discussions of molecular biology and genetics, to sections on age-related macular degeneration and complications of refractive surgery, imaging modalities, and more, this edition features a world-renowned collection of common and unusual ocular conditions and a DVD.
    9780006755210 Jones, Diana Eight days of luke HarperCollins UK
    David`s new friend Luke appears immediately whenever David strikes a match. Luke seems to have some extraordinary friends and relations and some very dark secrets. When David enters into a bargain with the mysterious one-eyed Mr Wedding, life gets very hot indeed!
    9780747553557 Bourdain, An Kitchen confidential Bloomsbury
    The bad boy of the restaurant world takes us behind the scenes of the industry and exposes all kind of secret behaviour that will certainly shock and may even appal you.
    9781842552148 Le Guin, Urs Tales from earthsea Orion Publishers
    The five stories in this title feature some of Le Guin`s most popular characters, including the Wizard Ged himself. The stories are rounded off with an essay about Earthsea`s history and people.
    9780393007855 Kendall, Pau Richard iii Wiley
    Paul Murray Kendall`s account of the life of Richard III explores not only the man himself, but also ways that he has influenced culture: Richard played a central role in several literary works, most notably in William Shakespeare`s play.
    9780439559720 Stilton, Ger All because of a cup of coffee
    Geronimo Stilton is in love! Over a cup of coffee one morning he laid eyes on the most beautiful rodent he had ever seen! But how could he prove himself worthy of her heart? Ages 7-10.
    9780855329778 Mein, Annemi Art of annemieke mein: Wildlife Artist in Textiles
    A look at the work of textile artist, Annemieke Mein.
    9781854373854 Wood, Paul Conceptual art
    This introduction to conceptual art explores the reasons why the new avant-garde chose to produce such work. Conceptual art has set out to undermine two concepts associated with art - the production of objects to look at, and the act of contemplative looking itself.
    9781853262135 James, Henry Daisy miller and other stories Wordsworth
    A collection of three tales: "Daisy Miller", "An International Episode" and "Lady Barbarina".
    9781405886772 Parkin, Mich Economics Pearson Education
    This Value Pack consists of Economics: International Edition, 8/e by Parkin (ISBN: 9780321469526) plus MyEconLab in CourseCompass plus eBook Student Access Kit, 1/e by AW (ISBN: 9780321454225)
    9781843172772 Morton, Andr Beckhams
    Uncovers the truth behind the Beckhams` extraordinary lives as one of the world`s most famous celebrity couples. This work provides insights into different events including David`s fluctuating football career and his move from Real Madrid to LA Galaxy, the Rebecca Loos affair, and Victoria`s own ever-evolving TV career.
    9781840220582 Woolf, Virgi Selected works of virginia woolf Wordsworth
    Virginia Woolf displays genuine humanity and concern for the experiences that enrich and stultify existence. Society hostess, Clarissa Dalloway is giving a party and her thoughts on that one day, and the interior monologues of others with interwoven lives reveal the characters of the central protagonists.
    9781843832911 Medieval clothing and textiles Boydell & Brewer
    Offers research on medieval clothing and textiles, drawing from a range of disciplines and with a focus on reconstruction.
    9781906021269 Hodges, Andr One to nine
    9780760319451 Jolliffe, Da Lamborghini Rockport/Rotovision
    9780521604666 Kristiansen, Rise of bronze age society Cambridge Academ
    Presents a significant new interpretation of the social transformation in Bronze Age Europe.
    9783540287834 Fernandes Inborn Metabolic Diseases Springer
    Emphasises clinical presentation and treatment in acute and chronic situation. This book contains a chapter on Neonatal screening by tandem MS/MS and includes several groups of disorders. The first chapter presents the clinical approach to inherited metabolic disease using many algorithms and tables.
    9780571228270 Whitworth, J Making love to marilyn monroe Faber
    Ranges from Catullus and Chaucer to modern poets, such as T S Eliot, Kingsley Amis, Seamus Heaney, James Fenton, Kit Wright, Craig Raine and Wendy Cope. Dealing with the bawdy, this book offers emotional, intellectual, confessional, and satirical tributes to that perennially fascinating subject - sex.
    9781403970527 Napier, Susa Anime from akira to howl`s moving castle Palgrave
    This new edition of the groundbreaking book is a must-have for both seasoned and new fans of anime. Japanese animation is more popular than ever following the 2002 Oscar given to Miyazaki's Spirited Away. With new chapters on this film and other recent releases, this will be the authoritative source on anime for an exploding market of viewers.
    9780007230587 Morpurgo, Mi Alone on a wide wide sea HarperCollins UK
    How far would you go to find yourself? The lyrical, life-affirming new novel from the bestselling author of Private Peaceful
    9780785121077 Hudlin, Regi Black panther
    Every King needs a Queen - and that`s exactly what the Black Panther is searching for! Hop on board here, True Believer, as the King of Wakanda embarks on an epic quest to find a wife - the outcome of which will send reverberations throughout the whole Marvel Universe. This title collects volumes of "Black Panther" from 14-18.
    9780749449834 Orr, Alan Advanced project management Kogan Page
    Looks at the project from a holistic perspective, covering not just the project itself, but also the overall needs of the company concerned. This book shows you how to run the project, build and manage project teams, handle large budgets, manage emergencies and communicate success to co-workers and stakeholders alike.
    9781905104093 Tibbs, Chris Rya weather handbook
    9781581807288 Lindstrand, Artist`s guide to drawing realistic animals
    Offers comprehensive, illustrated instruction for drawing domestic and wild mammals and birds. This work provides step-by-step guidance on capturing everything from cats, wolves, and deer to elephants, polar bears, and eagle, all in a variety of poses.
    9781845762773 Winick, Judd Batman under the hood
    Years ago, the Dark Knight suffered his greatest ever defeat when the Joker killed Jason Todd, the second young man to adopt the identity of Robin. As the new Red Hood`s murderous rampage through the Gotham underworld continues, Batman finds himself riddled with doubt and regret and uncertain of how to proceed. Is Jason a lost cause?
    9781405676939 Doctor who at the bbc: the tenth doctor
    Presents a collection of interviews and behind-the-scenes features from the hit "BBC One" series. Based around the worlds of contemporary "Doctor Who", this title takes you behind the scenes, and shows you more about how "Doctor Who" is made. It also includes fascinating "Doctor Who" - related items from Blue Peter, Breakfast, and Front Row.
    9780099470366 Bosworth, Pa Diane arbus Random House
    Diane Arbus`s photographic images of dwarfs, twins, transvestites, and freaks were becoming part of the iconography of the age when Arbus committed suicide in 1971. This book examines Diane`s life through: her childhood; her marriage to Allan Arbus; the emotional upheaval surrounding the end of that marriage; and more.
    9780738708713 Cicero, Sand Tarot talismans
    According to Chic & Sandra Tabatha Cicero, the tarot is much more than a collection of symbolic images--it`s a vibrant ecosystem of interconnected energies and entities. In this groundbreaking approach to tarot, they introduce how these powerful cards can be magically transformed into talismans and amulets.
    9780764203176 Hake, Cathy Fancy pants
    Fancy Pants Hathwell tries to prove she`s a "man" on the ranch before her true identity is discovered.
    9780415420983 Hake, Sabine German national cinema Taylor&Francis
    Examines a range of films in relation to the social, political, economic and technological events surrounding them. This book assesses the work of directors and stars alike, exploring the competing definitions of German cinema as art cinema, entertainment, political propaganda and rival of Hollywood.
    9781408100035 Stanislavski Actor prepares A & C Black
    Stanislavski`s `system` or interpretations of it - has become the central force determining almost every performance we see on stage or screen. An Actor Prepares has stood the test of time as an inspirational guide for actors all over the world and was the original English language translation. A classic text for every actors library.
    9780755318346 Sohn, Amy Sex and the city (illustrated companion to the Sex and the City Film) Hodder
    The complete, lavishly illustrated companion to the Sex and the City Film".
    9780749936464 Davidson, Ma Undead and unemployed Little, Brown
    Purple Ronnie helps readers navigate the ups and downs, the joy, the laughter and the inlaws dancing at the reception by means of his expert tips and verse. You should sail through the big day after reading his top tips on how not to nuke your nuptuals. Was Anne Boleyn really the scheming temptress portrayed by her enemies, guilty of incest and witchcraft? This biography plunges the reader into the heart of the intrigue, romance and danger of the Tudor court, and paints a picture of the real woman.
    9781604060478 Frontera Decision Making in Neurocritical Care Thieme Verlagsgruppe
    From important aspects of the physical examination to imaging studies to treatment options and dosage guidelines, Decision Making in Neurocritical Care provides a solid introduction to the evidence-based management of patients in the neurological intensive care unit. Succinct text in a highly accessible bullet-point format details the essentials of history-taking, physical examination, differential diagnosis, diagnostic evaluation, and treatments for a range of neurological problems in the critical care setting.Special features:- Brief vignettes of typical cases emphasize key questions for the physician to consider and urgent orders to be given- Coverage of the basics of neurocritical care, including techniques of intubation, ventilator management, sedation, and multimodality monitoring- Pearls and pitfalls highlight key points in patient management- Convenient medication tables, including dosages, adverse effects, and contraindications- Consistent presentation in each chapter enhances ease of useIdeal for neurologists, neurosurgeons and critical care physicians at all levels, this book is invaluable for optimizing patient care. It is also an excellent choice for board review preparation in these specialties.
    9780486444536 Tarbox Charl Glitter Flowers Stickers Dover
    9780486468204 Wilcox R. Tu The Mode in Costume: A Historical Survey with 202 Plates Dover
    9780755316298 Brown, Bobbi Bobbi brown living beauty Hodder
    The definitive beauty bible for women over forty, "Bobbi Brown Living Beauty" reveals the secrets of looking great, surgery-free, from the the world`s leading makeup guru
    9780470986530 Smith, Brian Creating market insight Wiley
    * Market Insight is, quite literally, the knowledge about the market that meets the criteria of an organizational strength. * The book leads the reader through existing methods of information gathering employed by firms so that they have a full understanding of what market insight is, why it matters and how to create it.
    9780810971448 Impelluso L Myths: Tales of the Greek and Roman Gods Abrams
    Beginning with stories of Earth`s creation and its early rulers, the Titans, this book recounts the major episodes and figures of Greek and Roman mythology. It contains sections on the gods of the sky, the sea, the earth and the underworld; the Fates and the Muses; monsters; human heroes; and the "Iliad", the "Odyssey" and the "Aeneid".
    9780061714733 Gregory Magu Son of a Witch HarperCollins USA
    The New York Times bestselling sequel to the beloved and hugely successful novel WICKED, now Broadways #1 smash hit musical
    9780224064453 Palahniuk Ch Haunted Random House
    Features twenty-three tales told by the people who have all answered the ad headlined `Artists Retreat: Abandon your life for three months`.
    9781845292980 Kaplan, Mich Aces and kings
    Profiles 15 influential players - their origins, development and gambling style, and most importantly their winning moves. This book begins with the legendary players from the West Texas school - Puggy Pearson, World Series of Poker winner Doyle Brunson, and Amarillo Slim - and ends with the new crop of players like Daniel Negreanu.
    9788497783019 Nuevo espanol 2000
    9780099528081 Patterson Ja The Final Warning: Maximum Ride Random House
    9780226110035 Le Clezio The Mexican Dream Chicago University Press
    Winner of the 2008 Nobel Prize in Literature J. M. G.

    Le Clezio here conjures the consciousness of Mexico, powerfully evoking the dreams that made and unmade an ancient culture. Le Clezio's haunting book takes us into the dream that was the religion of the Aztecs, a religion whose own apocalyptic visions anticipated the coming of the Spanish conquerors. Here the dream of the conquistadores rises before us, too, the glimmering idea of gold drawing Europe into the Mexican dream.

    Against the religion and thought of the Aztecs and the Tarascans and the Europeans in Mexico, Le Clezio also shows us those of the 'barbarians' of the north, the nomadic Indians beyond the pale of the Aztec frontier. Finally, Le Clezio's book is a dream of the present, a meditation on what in Amerindian civilizations - in their language, in their way of telling tales, of wanting to survive their own destruction - moved the poet, playwright, and actor Antonin Artaud and motivates Le Clezio in this book. His own deep identification with pre-Columbian cultures, whose faith told them the wheel of time would bring their gods and their beliefs back to them, finds fitting expression in this extraordinary book, which brings the dream around.
    9781851775217 Golden age of couture
    Focuses on Parisian and British couture between 1947 and 1957, a decade that Christian Dior described as fashion`s `golden age`. This work features stunning gowns and exquisite tailoring from designers such as Balenciaga, Balmain, Givenchy, and Dior as well as photographs by the likes of Richard Avedon and Cecil Beaton.
    9781580112369 Ultimate Guide to Barns, Sheds and Outbuildings Creative Homeowner
    9783131074423 Moeller Pocket Atlas of Radiographic Positioning Thieme Verlagsgruppe
    Praise for this book: "Remarkable...a valuable, easy-to-use desk or pocket reference for medical imaging professionals at every level." - ADVANCE for Imaging & Radiation Oncology Now in its second edition, Pocket Atlas of Radiographic Positioning is a practical how-to guide that provides the detailed information you need to reproducibly obtain high-quality radiographic images for optimal evaluation and interpretation of normal, abnormal, and pathological anatomic findings. It shows positioning techniques for all standard examinations in conventional radiology, with and without contrast, as well as basic positioning for CT and MRI. For each type of study a double-page spread features an exemplary radiograph, positioning sketches, and helpful information on imaging technique and parameters, criteria for the best radiographic view, and patient preparation. Clearly organized to be used in day-to-day practice, the atlas serves as an ideal companion to Moeller and Reif's Pocket Atlas of Radiographic Anatomy and their three-volume Pocket Atlas of Cross-Sectional Anatomy. Highlights of the second edition: New chapters on positioning in MRI and CT, including multislice CT A greatly expanded section on mammography Special features, including information on the advantages of a specific view, variations of positions, and practical tips and tricks Nearly 500 excellent radiographs and drawings demonstrating the relationship between correct patient positioning and effective diagnostic images Pocket Atlas of Radiographic Positioning, Second Edition is an excellent desk or pocket reference for radiologists, radiology residents, and for radiologic technologists.
    9781840139839 World Of Birds - Pocket Guide Grange Books
    9781599951669 Rich DeVos Ten Powerful Phrases for Positive People Hachette Book Group
    Amway co-founder Rich DeVos inspires and motivates business leaders with simple but life-changing practical lessons rooted in his real-life experiences
    9781741047219 Philippines 10 Lonely Planet
    9780375948053 Roy, Ron Capital Mysteries #10: The Election-Day Disaster Random House (USA)
    9780300135947 Bennett French Art of the Eighteenth Century Yale University Press
    The French art collection at the Huntington Library is remarkable for its depth and breadth. This authoritative and beautifully illustrated book focuses on the nearly 300 objects in the collection, including its exceptional examples of furniture, clocks, gilt bronzes, gold snuff boxes, porcelain, tapestries, sculpture, and paintings.Organized by media, the book combines research on the social, cultural, and artistic settings of the period with detailed studies of the individual artworks. The essays and entries illuminate a broad range of issues concerning the production, consumption, and use of the objects in the collection and contribute to a nuanced understanding of French domestic and cultural life.
    9780099527336 Dubus III, A Garden of Last Days, The Random House
    Set in the seamy underside of American life at the moment before the world changed, this book juxtaposes lust for domination with hunger for connection, sexual violence with family love.
    9780440244233 Mary Balogh Then comes seduction Random House (USA)
    9780141038001 Charles Elto Mr Toppit Penguin Books Ltd
    When the author of The Hayseed Chronicles, Arthur Hayman, is mown down by a concrete truck in Soho, his legacy passes to his widow, Martha, and her children - the fragile Rachel, and Luke, reluctantly immortalised as Luke Hayseed, the central character of his father`s books. But others want their share, particularly Laurie.
    9780552158879 Jo Rees Platinum Transworld Publishers
    9780500390306 David O Conn Abydos Thames & Hudson
    Abydos is one of the most fascinating and enigmatic sites in southern Egypt. As both the burial place of the first pharaohs and a cult center for the god Osiris, it was of immense importance to the ancient Egyptians. This book presents a comprehensive account of its history.
    9780500600221 Bernard Meeh The Book of Kells (60th Ann Ed) Thames & Hudson
    Presents a copy of the four Gospels with full-page depictions of Christ, the Virgin and the Evangelists as well as a wealth of smaller decorative painting that does not always relate to the sacred text.
    9782080300973 Yehudi Menuh The Violin (New Edition) Thames & Hudson
    9780811847353 Sansweet, St Star wars chronicles Abrams
    The perfect gift for a Star Wars fan, packed with interesting facts, pictures and information. Featuring more than 3,000 out of this world colour images, an insiders perspective text and production specifications.
    9780711217928 Gertrude Jek Gertrude Jekyll s Colour Schemes for the Flower Garden Frances Lincoln
    A beautifully illustrated edition of Colour Schemes for the Flower Garden, one of the most influential gardening books of the 20th century. With an approach as fresh and relevant now as when it first appeared in 1908, this book, by the great garden designer Gertrude Jekyll, is an eloquent expression of her painterly ideas on colour, and takes the form of an inspiring and instructive tour of her own garden at Munstead Wood.

    Beautiful and delicate illustrations of some of Gertrude Jekyll's favourite plants augment full-colour interpretations of her planting plans to convey an instant impression of her aims. This edition with a preface by Richard Bisgrove does full justice to the author's vision of the use of colour in the garden.

    9781864703252 Santini And Green Is Beautiful:The Eco-friendly House Images
    Takes readers on a tour of some of the world`s beautiful green homes. This title features chapters on photovoltaics, passive shading, recycled materials and other sustainable concepts that contribute to a home`s architectural aesthetic. It demonstrates how architects have incorporated green features to create memorable residences.
    9781592572434 Mcclain, Ph. CIG to Zen Living 2E Penguin USA
    9780446390385 Adams Journal to the Self Hachette Book Group
    9789057681288 Withers, Lau Folding ideas for cards & envelopes Marston Book Services
    9780451529756 Kipling Rudy Jungle Books, The Penguin USA
    9780142414729 Dessen, Sara Lock and Key Penguin USA
    9780323053754 Haaga CT and MRI of the Whole Body, 2-Volume Set, 5e Elsevier Science
    The updated 5th edition of this easy-to-read, comprehensive resource is now in full color to provide you with enhanced understanding of this highly visual field. Clinically focused, it provides quick access to step-by-step descriptions of all MR and CT imaging applications in every anatomic area, with particular emphasis on the revolutionary multislice CT. Use the latest sectional imaging approaches to accurately diagnose a full range of conditions.

    Any radiologist will find this book indispensable for CT and MR imaging.
    9781840139563 Chronology Of Aviation Grange Books
    9780099513599 Pryce, Lois Red tape and white knuckles Random House
    Unafraid of a challenge, Lois Pryce put on her sparkly crash helmet, armed herself with maps and a baffling array of visas, and got on her bike. Destination: Cape Town - and the small matter of tackling the Sahara, war-torn Angola and the Congo Basin along the way. This book tells a tale about following your dreams.
    9781423442707 Parille, Ken 50 essential guitar lessons
    Contains 50 lessons for guitarists, beginner to pro. This work covers topics including: arpeggios, chords voicings, exotic scales, fills, fingerpicking, harmony, theory, pentatonic scales, soloing and so much more.
    9780764301452 Mark C. Yerg Allgemeine-SS Schiffer
    The commands, units and leaders of the General SS are finally compiled into a single detailed reference book for both the historian and SS memorabilia collector. This complete volume begins with an explanation of the twelve administrative and command main offices involving the SS to include the development, components and functions of each, as well as their respective office chiefs. The following section explores the most powerful posts in the SS, the Higher SS and Police Leaders, along with the subordinate SS and Police Leaders found in occupied territories - both the commands and the individual holder of these posts are examined in depth. The SS Main Districts are covered next including all their various subordinate components, title changes, development, commanders and chiefs of staff. The more than forty SS Districts follow, detailed in a similar format. Examining the more than one-hundred and twenty-five SS Foot Regiments in the General SS, the names and ranks of the hundreds of commanders, as well as details of unit location changes, popular and honour titles as well as other data for each are within a separate chapter. Finally, the elite SS Riding Districts and Regiments are covered similarly. Career biographies are included for more than two hundred senior SS commanders, many of whom served portions of their career in the Waffen-SS, Polizei, SD and other facets of Himmlers commands. The biographical data for individuals alone adds vast detail to this fascinating topic. Along with more than 120 rare photos of SS senior ranking officers and seven maps, a detailed index allows referencing of individual commands or personalities. Mark Yerger is also the author of Riding East, The SS Cavalry Brigade in Poland and Russia 1939-1942; Images of the Waffen-SS, Chronicle of Germanys Elite Troops; and a biography of SS-Strumbannfuhrer Ernst August Krag (all three titles are available from Schiffer Publishing Ltd).
    9780340977538 Olivia Darli Priceless Hodder
    At two international auction houses, fine art experts vie to get the world's most fabulous and expensive paintings into their salerooms. At Ludbrooks of London, Lizzy Duffy does her best get ahead as an auctioneer, while her boss Nat Wilde takes advantage of her in more ways than one. Meanwhile Carrie Klein, number two fine art expert at Ehrenpreis in New York has been charged with opening Ehrenpreis's new operation in London, and she's determined that it's going to make her name.

    And in a draughty farmhouse in Cornwall, impoverished artist Serena Macdonald struggles to support her young daughter by painting family pets. Until a mistake leads to a cottage industry in 'old masters' - and a daring sting...
    9781416058946 Perloff, Jos Congenital heart disease in adults Elsevier Science
    With advances in diagnosis and treatment in children, more and more of those with CHD survive well into adulthood. This work offers coverage on various aspects of the subspecialty, including basic unoperated malformations, medical and surgical perspectives, postoperative residue, and sequelae.
    9780750687157 CIMA Official Learning System Management Accounting Financial Strategy, 5th Edition Elsevier Science
    Offers study material for the May and November 2009 CIMA exams. This title includes practice questions, revision section, topic summaries, and recommended reading articles from a range of journals.
    9780061474101 Stephenson, Anathem HarperCollins USA
    The #1 New York Times bestselling novel from the acclaimed author of Cryptonomicon and The Baroque Cycle
    9780007296583 Ahern Ceceli The gif HarperCollins UK
    Step into the magical world of Cecelia Ahern...If you could wish for one gift this Christmas, what would it be? Everyday Lou Suffern battled with the clock. He always had two places to be at the same time. He always had two things to do at once.

    When asleep he dreamed. In between dreams, he ran through the events of the day while making plans for the next. When at home with his wife and family, his mind was always someplace else.

    On his way into work one early winter morning, Lou meets Gabe, a homeless man sitting outside the office building. Intrigued by him and on discovering that he could also be very useful to have around, Lou gets Gabe a job in the post room. But soon Lou begins to regret helping Gabe.

    His very presence unsettles Lou and how does Gabe appear to be in two places at the same time? As Christmas draws closer, Lou starts to understand the value of time. He sees what is truly important in life yet at the same time he learns the harshest lesson of all. This is a story about people who not unlike parcels, hide secrets.They cover themselves in layers until the right person unwraps them and discovers what's inside.

    Sometimes you have to be unravelled in order to find out who you really are. For Lou Suffern, that took time.
    9780099491187 Denning, Tro Star wars Random House
    Includes conclusion to the tale of Jacen Solo`s journey to the dark side, and features Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Leia Organa Solo, Jaina Solo, and Ben Skywalker, Luke and Mara Jade`s son.
    9780955944642 Valentine, J Ten stations / mates dates: the secret story
    Two books in one! Flip-sided book pairing two authors - our own award-winning Jenny Valentine, with Piccadilly`s teen sensation Cathy Hopkins.
    9783836509954 Sethi, Sunil Indian interiors
    The sights, smells and sounds of India draw legions of travellers every year in awe of the changing terrain and countryside, but to truly experience the range and diversity of this huge country one needs to gaze into the many spectacular residences, as rich and eclectic as the landscape that surrounds them. This book presents these exotic abodes.
    9781565760875 High-Resolution Studies of Continental Margin Geology and Geohazards AAPG
    9780071508636 Tapscott, Do Grown up digital: how the net generation is changing your world McGraw-Hill
    In "Growing Up Digital," Tapscott reveals how the digital world has created a generation that thinks, plays, and relates to their world in a way radically different from that of their parents. In this fascinating follow-up, he revisits the Net Generation as the eldest of its members turns 30.
    9780521638753 Witchcraft in Early Modern Europe: Studies in Culture and Belief Cambridge Academ
    9780747596554 Jeffreys, Di Hell`s cartel Bloomsbury
    How one of German`s leading conglomerates, with one eye on political stability and the other on the main chance, sealed Europe`s fate for a generation.
    9780099539469 Roth Philip Indignation Random House
    9781416553045 Shuman, Geor Lost girls Simon & Schuster
    9780262240451 Rules of Play MIT Press
    9780747599821 Jones, Garet Thornthwaite inheritance Bloomsbury
    A gothic novel featuring twins with a deadly rivalry, mysterious deaths, a fortune to be inherited and any amount of dodgy dealings
    9780486258430 World Celebrities in 90 Photographic Portraits Dover
    9780071597944 Le First Aid Q&A for the USMLE Step 1 McGraw-Hill
    Features 1,000 USMLE board-style questions and answers, along with explanations for both correct and incorrect answers. This title provides the content keyed to First Aid for the[registered] USMLE Step 1, allowing you to study high-yield facts and Q&As simultaneously.
    9780385609340 Pratchett Te The Unseen Academicals Hb Transworld Publishers
    Football has come to the ancient city of Ankh-Morpork - not the old fashioned, grubby pushing and shoving, but the new, fast football with pointy hats for goalposts and balls that go going when you drop them. And now, the wizards of Unseen University must win a football match, without using magic, so they`re in the mood for trying everything else.
    9780007319893 Meyer Stephe Prom nights from hell HarperCollins UK
    9783791340777 Inmann, Chri Forbidden fruit: A History of Women and Books in Art Prestel Publishing Limited
    This pictorial history brings to life the journeys of important women whose great intellect and achievements forged a path that advanced women`s literacy and education over four millennia.
    9780854048212 Swift, K.A.D Advances in Flavours and Fragrances : From the Sensation to the Synthesis Royal Society of Chemistry
    9780007308972 Rudd, Matt William walker`s first year of marriage HarperCollins UK
    For anyone who has ever dreamed of finding true love only to discover that happy endings are just the beginning comes this brilliantly comic novel about marriage, ex-girlfriends, `performance anxiety`, and what it takes to make happily ever last beyond the honeymoon.
    9781407587929 Michael Jackson
    9788861306424 Valerio Terr Neo-avant-gardes, Postmodern and Global Art 1969-1999 (v.4) Thames & Hudson
    9780553214628 Thackeray Vanity Fair Random House (USA)
    9780553577259 FLEWELLING, Traitor s Moon Random House (USA)
    9781851491490 Bury Jewellery 1798-1910 the International Era Vol II 1862-1910 Antique Collectors Club Ltd
    This important standard work of reference covers the general development of jewellery designs both in relation to Europe as well as in worldwide context. Shirley Bury deals with jewellery tanging from costly royal commissions to mass-produced wares for the popular market. The extensive illustrations are reinforced by original designs, pattern books, cartoons, portraits and photographs.
    9780333730812 Business Accounting Palgrave
    This work introduces the two main sub-disciplines of accounting - financial and management accounting. It covers the main elements of both subjects and includes a variety of exercises within each chapter designed to promote understanding of the priiples. The book is suitable for non-accountants as it is written for undergraduate and professional students on business and management courses where accounting isn't the main subject being undertaken.
    9780330258845 Herriot Jame All Things Wise and Wonderful Pan Macmillan
    The third volume of the classic adventures and misadventures of the young vet, James Herriot, in the Yorkshire Dales from 1937 onwards.
    9780099263814 Harris R. Fatherland Random House
    It is April 1964 and one week before Hitler`s 75th birthday, Xavier March, a detective of the Kriminalpolizei, is called out to investigate the discovery of a dead body in a lake near Berlin`s most prestigious suburb. As March discovers the identity of the body, he uncovers signs of a conspiracy that could go to the very top of the German Reich.
    9780436273636 Mapplethorpe Some Women Random House
    Contains portraits of some of the famous women in the world, including Isabella Rossellini, Grace Jones, Yoko Ono, Brooke Shields and Kathleen Turner, by the controversial photographer Robert Mapplethorpe. It also includes his rarely seen portraits of children and an essay by Joan Didion.
    9781860460999 Bulgakov Mik Diaboliad Random House
    9780500510087 Anne Richter The Jewelry of Southeast Asia Thames & Hudson
    9780632044290 Neal Basic Endocrinology.2000 Wiley
    This book is intended as a problem-based tool and self-assessment guide for medical students, residents, and others wishing for a review of clinical endocrinology. Basic Endocrinology: An Interactive Approach will provide a solid foundation of clinical endocrinology; it can be used as a concise core textbook, or as a supplemental self-test and review. The author has succeeded in providing the right level of information without overloading the reader with details and at the same time without being too simplistic.
    9781875498895 Master Architect Series III Chen Shi Min ACC-distribution titles
    9781889325347 Anderson Basic Principles of Immunology Wiley
    This title in the Integrated Medical Sciences series from Fencecreek, highlights the integration between core biomedical concepts and how they all work together.
    9781558592568 Karen Wilkin David Smith Abbeville Press
    Reviews the life and work of the great twentieth-centuryulptor and features more than one hundred illustrations of his work.
    9780440351627 Fowles John Magus Random House (USA)
    Nicholas Urfe, a young Englishman, accepts a teaching position on a remote Greek island, where an eccentric millionaire manipulates him with hallucinations, riddles, and psychological tests.
    9780553214086 Shaw Pygmalion and Major Barbara Random House (USA)
    9780330370561 Dexter C The Fourth Inspector Morse Omnibus Pan Macmillan
    This anthology features three Inspector Morse novels. In "The Way Through the Woods", a young tourist disappears in North Oxford. In "The Daughters of Cain", Morse takes over an unsolved murder. "Death Is Now My Neighbour" sees Morse on the trail of a killer.
    9780140056068 Dahl Roald More Tales of the Unexpected Penguin Books Ltd
    Covers stories including "Poison"; "The Sound Machine"; "Georgy Porgy"; "Genesis and Catastrophe"; "The Hitch-Hiker"; "The Umbrella Man"; "Mr Botibol"; "Vengeance is Mine Inc"; and "The Butler".
    9780330376570 Callil C/toi The Modern Library Pan Macmillan
    This list of 194 books published since 1950 represent titles considered the best by the compilers. There are familiar names - Naipaul, Updike , Bellow and Nabokov - and more surprising ones such as Mario Puzo and Thomas Harris.
    9780375703928 Salter Hunters. The Random House (USA)
    9780440206156 Harris Thoma Red Dragon Random House (USA)
    Sexual hunger; demonic violence; sinister logic - the lethal components of a deadly formula driving a psychopath in the grip of an unimaginable delusion; a boastful killer who sends the police tormenting notes; a tortured, torturing monster who finds ultimate pleasure in viciously murdering happy families, and calls himself... The Red Dragon. Special agent Will Graham had been assigned to similar cases before, cases where he was able to see and feel with the madmen, anticipate their moves and, most terrifying of all, be vulnerable to their horrifying brutality. Now Graham is reluctantly lured out of retirement, to find an opening to the evil mind of the Red Dragon. Red Dragon is quite prably the most suspenseful, utterly compelling thriller ever written.
    9780781722223 Eagle Clinical Decision Manual.2001 Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
    This companion to Kelley's Textbook of Internal Medicine, Fourth Edition facilitates clinical decision making by placing more than 120 evidence-based algorithms at your fingertips. Ideal for carrying during rounds because of its pocket-fitting size and streamlined layout, Clinical Decision Manual was designed for house officers who are on the move, and need relevant information fast
    9781577170006 Illus Guide to Coll. Antiques Grange Books
    9780425122129 Clancy Tom Clear and Present Danger Penguin USA
    Colombian drug lords, tired of being harassed by US law enforcement agents, have assassinated the American Ambassador and the visiting head of the FBI. The decision is made to send undercover teams into Colombia. Tom Clancy is the author of "The Hunt for Red October".
    9783131252814 Brantley Orthodontic Materials Thieme Verlagsgruppe
    In this important new textbook all scientific and clinical aspects of orthodontic materials are described.Recent developments in science and technology have led to the introduction of a plethora of new orthodontic products. This work serves as an excellent source of information for a field that requires knowledge of basic elements of materials science, engineering, chemistry, and physics, as well as clinical orthodontics. The subject has been part of graduate orthodontic education for almost three decades. Besides servicing the orthodontic training programs, the book also - investigates the interactions of orthodontic materials with other dental materials as well as hard tissues in the oral cavity,- gives a background to allow for proper material selection for efficient orthodontic mechanics,- treats the issues of biocompatibility, cytotoxicity and mutagenicity of materials.
    9783135335049 Kahle Colour Atlas and Textbook of Human Anatomy Vol 3 Thieme Verlagsgruppe
    Part of a three-volume work on anatomy, this volume focuses on the nervous system and sensory organs. Volum 1 and 2 cover the locomotor system and internal organs.
    9780500278192 Geoffrey Jel The Landscape of Man (Rev Ed): PB Thames & Hudson
    This volume looks at the landscape of 28 cultures, ranging from ancient Mesopotamia to the present day, and shows how the environment is conditioned by the philosophy and religion of each civilization. A selection from Geoffrey Jellicoe`s "The Atlanta Historical Garden" is included.
    9780060637941 Heidegger M Nietzsche Vol II HarperCollins USA
    Part of a series of lectures, this work analyzes the philosophies of both Nietzsche and Heidegger.
    9780380795161 Barton W White Light HarperCollins USA
    In 2083, with the Earth poisoned beyond repair, two renegade families abandon their hopeless self-destructive society to venture into the heart of a mysterious alien culture that could represent the key to humankind's survival. Original.
    9780061007132 Archer Jeffr Matter of Honor HarperCollins USA
    9780679403920 Ellroy J Cold Six Thousand. The Random House (USA)
    9780781733533 Shellock Pocket Guide Mr Proc Upd 2001 Pb Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
    This pocket reference is indispensable for radiologists and MRI technologists who need to determine the safety of MR procedures in patients with metallic bioimplants, prostheses, and other objects. Designed for on-the-spot reference, this book is the first and only comprehensive source of information on metallic objects that have been tested for compatibility or safety with MR systems.This book contains an extensive tabular listing of over 900 objects that have been tested with regard to the mr environment. Coverage spans the full range of metallic objects encountered in patients in a clinical mr practice.Update 2001 defines practicality with a user-friendly organization...separate chapters on categories of implants and devices...and the latest safety guidelines and recommendations.
    9780195133585 Davidson Anxiety.depression and Emotion Oxford Academ
    This volume focuses on the relationship between basic research in emotion and emotional dysfunction in depression and anxiety. Each chapter is authored by a scientist who looks at both psychological and biological implications of research relevant to psychiatrists and psychologists. And following each chapter is a commentary that raises questions, illuminates connections with other bodies of work, and provides points of integration across different research traditions. Topics range from stress, cognitive functioning, and personality to affective style and behavioural inhibition.
    9781574442885 Major Account Sales Strategies Breaking the Six Figure Barrier Taylor&Francis
    Get your students ready for today's global business environment. Major Account Sales Strategies: Breaking the Six Figure Barrier in Consultive Selling covers every step of the sales process, from target selection to strategic account management. Unlike the typically boring sales textbooks that your students barely open, this book is witty and entertaining. They will actually enjoy reading it and learn something new every time they use it. Your students will understand how to: Target the right sales prospects Manage databases Get the necessary facts Sell to the right buyer Develop winning sales strategies Write professional sales proposals Deliver dynamic sales presentations Close the sale Turn small accounts into large onesThe CD-ROM software provided with the text - a unique state-of-the-art feature - offers tools that explain how to manage existing accounts, obtain new major accounts, and maintain important details about each customer for account records and reporting to management. In addition to providing powerful learning tools, the CD-ROM includes templates for forms, correspondence, a 14-page sample proposal, study questions, assignments, and exercises. This easy-to-use soft
    9780721655321 Hentz Hand Surgery Elsevier Science
    This new text offers meticulous, up-to-date coverage of all aspects of hand surgery, including conventional and microsurgical techniques for all forms of hand disorders. Written by leading surgical authorities in the field, this outstanding text boasts over 1,000 lavish illustrations that illuminate concise descriptions of more than 200 surgical procedures. Its unique scope features general descriptions of procedures, as well as corresponding clinical cases. The authors provide valuable information on surgical anatomy, relevant biomechanics, nerve blocks, and other general principles, as well as repair and reconstruction, diseases, congenital defects, skin and soft tissue, peripheral nerves, muscles and tendons, bones, and joints. Hand Surgery: A Clinical Atlas is a resource every hand surgeon should own!
    9780812532630 Card O S Ships of Earth. the #3 Holtzbrink(MPS)
    In this third volume of "Homecoming", Nafai and his family have been chosen to make the great journey home, but most of them do so grudngly. Their anger and hatreds will make the trek across the desert wastes to the long-abandoned spaceport both harder and more deadly.
    9780786913466 Weis/hickman Heroes and Fools: Tales of the Fifth Age Random House (USA)
    Heroes and Fools collects short stories from prominent Dragonlance authors. The collection includes stories that describe the battles and brave exploits of heroes during the first decades of the Fifth Age.'
    9780500510056 The French Country Garden Thames & Hudson
    This works covers the whole of France, from Normandy to the Riviera, from Picardy to the Pyrenees, in an attempt to reveal the full extent and diversity of the modern French country garden. Organized into six themes, the gardens in this book highlight the French garden of today and the influences of history on new designs. Fashionable "grandmothers" garden combine fruits, herbs, flowers and vegetables; "gardens for the five senses" focus on sensual stimulation; "natural" gardens protect local ecosystems; and planetary" gardening shows how French gardeners are participating in worldwide exchanges of knowledge and resources. Little by little, the sedate country style has given way to modern conceptions and technical innovation and experimentation.
    9780441810765 Heinlein Rob Time Enough for Love Penguin USA
    Follows Woodrow Wilson Smith's odyssey through time as he manipulates situations to suit his purposes and extend his youth.
    9780451456861 Bunch Ch #1 Last Legion Penguin USA
    9781888001761 Vienne V Something to Be Desired HarperCollins USA
    9780865778535 Pensak Controversies in Otolaryngology Thieme Verlagsgruppe
    9780500278444 African Majesty: pb Thames & Hudson
    Within the borders of present-day Ghana and Togo, there exists a tradition of weaving. Inspired by the demands of royalty and ceremony, the weavers of the Ashanti and Ewe tribes have created cloths that combine colour and pattern. Worn like the togas of ancient Rome, these textiles are made from narrow lengths of cotton or silk, first woven on small drag looms, then cut and sewn together. The bands of colour are often balanced and enhanced by the woven details of motifs, providing a vocabulary of information for the owner and the onlooker - an indication of prestige or rank, or as a reflection of the key elements of everyday life. Over 130 textiles are included in the book, together with full descriptions of each example. An historical survey, an explanation of the methods of weaving and the use of cloths, is also included. This text should appeal to anyone interested in textile history, in African culture, or in tribal art.
    9780821225691 Wyeth A Andrew Wyeth: Autobiography Hachette Book Group
    A study of six decades of paintings by the American artist, Andrew Wyeth. The book includes comments by Wyeth about each painting, made in interviews with Thomas Hoving, that offer insights into the artist's life and art.
    9780552142557 Gemmel D A Echoes of the Great Song Transworld Publishers
    The prophecy had come true. The world spun. Tidal waves lashed the planet, and a new ice age dawned. The few survivors of a once great empire struggled to rebuild, to hold their ground against the rising barbarian tide. Then two moons appeared in the skies, unleashing a terrible evil.
    9781564965011 Spdts 33rd Publication Design Annual Grange Books
    9780789201348 Borobudur Abbeville Press
    9780140621457 Jerome Three Men on the Bummel Penguin Books Ltd
    In "Three Men in a Boat", J the narrator, George, Harris, and Montmorency the dog, set off on their hilarious misadventures. This book describes a similar picaresque journey constrained only `by the necessity of getting back within a given time to the point from which one started`.
    9781853260520 Dickens Char Pickwick Papers Wordsworth
    Widely regarded as one of the classics of comic writing in English. In the century and a half since its first appearance, the characters of Mr Pickwick, Sam Weller and the whole of the Pickwickian crew have entered the consciousness of those who love English literature in general, and the works of the author in particular.
    9781853261008 Andersen Fairy Tales Wordsworth
    The Mermaid Hans Clodhopper The Flying Trunk The Rose Elf The Wild Swans The Elf-Hill The Real Princess A Picture from the Ramparts The Red Shoes Thumbelisa The Goblin and the Huckster The Bottle Neck The Steadfast Tin Soldier The Angel The Butterfly Psyche The Snail and the Rose-bush The Girl Who Trod on a Loaf The Nightingale The Storks The Little Match Girl Great Claus and Little Claus The Garden of Paradise Little Tuk The Winds Tale about Waldemar Daa and his Daughters The Snow Queen: A Tale in Seven Stories A Rose from Homers Grave The Emperors New Clothes The Naughty Boy Holger the Dane What the Moon Saw The Tinder Box The Story of a Mother The Marsh Kings Daughter The Galoshes of Fortune The Bronze Boar The Bell Ole Lukoie, the Dustman The Swineherd The Travelling Companions The Ugly Duckling
    9781853260728 Bronte Villette Wordsworth
    Published in 1853, this was Charlotte Bronte's last novel. The theme is one of passionate personal integrity, the struggle of an individual to preserve independence of spirit in circumstances which are intensely adverse. The heroine of the novel, Lucy Snowe, explores her own inner tensions.
    9780714839011 Humanity and Inhumanity Phaidon Press Ltd.
    Presents the pictures that define the photojournalist George Rodger's long career. The text includes a commentary on his life and work including such events as his experiences as the only photographer present at the liberation of Belsen and his decision to join Henri Cartier-Bresson, David Seymour and Robert Capa in founding the picture-agency Magnum Photos. It also covers his 1948 expedition from Cape Town to Cairo by road on a journey which led him to create images of African tribes almost untouched by European influences.
    9780500280775 Peter Wildbu Information Graphics: PB Thames & Hudson
    How do designers arrive at such elegant and useful solutions to complicated problems? Covering a broad spectrum of material, from signs and maps to electronic manuals, this work presents an international selection of work that makes our world function smoothly.
    9780553455625 Tolkien J.R. Hobbit-cd Boxed Set Random House (USA)
    9780878931064 Cooper The Cell: Molec. Approach + Cd Freeman
    9780521656764 Gunter Gerng Playway to English Level 2 Stories Video PAL Cambridge University Press
    "Playway to English is a four-level course for teaching English to very young children from beginner level upwards.
    9780722535356 Bach Richard Running from safety HarperCollins UK
    Fifty years ago Richard Bach promised to come back through time and teach himself everything he had learned from living. In this encounter with his 9 year-old self he tries to explain the things that really matter. He finds his teachings do not go as planned.
    9781564968371 Color Harmony Workbook Rockport/Rotovision
    Enter the world of color! The Color Harmony Workbook is a practical, visual guide that takes the guesswork out of choosing and using color combinations. This workbook presents colors and color schemes that are matched to specific moods, to help you select the best color combination for any project. More than 1400 color combinations are provided as both large fixed and tear-out swatches - to mix, match and test in your own designs. This is an essential tool for all who design with color.
    9780753810804 Radzinsky Ed Rasputin: the last word, the Orion Publishers
    Based upon long-lost contemporary documents, this biography presents a sensational account of the life of the Russian peasant mystic whose malign influence led to the downfall of the Romanovs.
    9780753814376 Lansdale j r Cold in july Orion Publishers
    To kill a man, even in self-defence, is no easy thing for a man with a conscience. He has to answer to himself, put the episode behind him, get on with his life. This is very difficult when the dead man's father, a murderous ex-con, is determined to avenge the shooting, no matter what the rights and wrongs. Richard Dane is a small businessman, a family man with a son of his own. Ben Russell, the ex-con, has a very simple proposition: an eye for an eye, a son for a son. But the truth is anything but simple, and before long Dane and Russell, misled and manipulated, are awkward allies in a living nightmare of paranoia and psychopathic sex, violence and corruption.
    9780893813307 Sally Mann Sally Mann: At Twelve Thames & Hudson
    9784069310980 Japan: Illustrated Encyclopedia (2 Vols) Kodansha Europe Limited
    This work offers information on contemporary Japanese society, history, art and culture and also contains data on the econy, government, and politics of Japan. In addition to the main entries and over 4000 colour illustrations, there are nearly 100 feature articles and pictorial essays.
    9780747544418 Boyle t c Riven rock Bloomsbury
    9780810943667 Bocquillen Paul signac Abrams
    Paul Signac is best known for the intense colour effects in his oil landscapes and marine canvasses, but his evolution as an artist is best witnessed in the fluid watercolours and sketches that filled his sketchbooks. This text covers his entire oeuvre.
    9783791314556 Roberts, All Animals in African Art Prestel Publishing Limited
    9781873968246 Essays on Design 1 Thames & Hudson
    A compilation of essays and speeches by such designers as Paul Rand, Milton Glazier, April Greiman, Alan Fletcher, Peter Brattinga, Ivan Chermayeff, Saul Bass and many others. It should be useful to any student of design.
    9783887691769 Moments of Intensity Art Stock
    9780141183756 Nabokov Vlad Pnin Penguin Books Ltd
    Professor Timofey Pnin, late of Tsarist Russia, is now precariously perched on a college campus in the fast beating heart of the USA. In a series of funny and sad misunderstandings, Pnin does halting battle with American life and language.
    9780125113403 Veterinary Virology Elsevier Science
    Completely rewritten, this edition has expanded coverage of zoonotic viruses and the diseases they cause, and viruses and viral diseases of laboratory animals, poultry, fish, and wildlife. The concept of new emerging and reemerging viral diseases reflects the new perspective this concept has brought to veterinary and zoonotic virology and related fields.
    Part I presents fundamental principles of virology related to animal infection and disease. Part II details the properties and clinical features of the viruses that afflict animals and describes their treatment and control.
    9780723432685 David Halpin Rapid Reference To COPD Elsevier Science
    Rapid Reference to Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease will provide the reader with authoritative and accessible information from a clinical expert in the field, to assist with treatment decisions.
    9780425097267 Straub P Shadowland Penguin USA
    Two school friends, Tom Flanagan and Del Nightingale, become apprentices to a powerful magician.
    9783764366704 Urban Squares Birkhauser Verlag AG
    Urban spaces can only be considered a success if they are being used. This volume is an overview of thriving squares and urban spaces in European architecture which have been presented in "Topos" magazine since 1993. It includes examples from Barcelona, Lyon, Reykjavik, Verona, Dublin and Vienna.
    9780781728997 Bellet Diagn. Appr. to Sympt.and Signs in Pediatrics Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
    This book provides a consistent, analytical approach practitioners use to reach a definitive diagnosis when resolving problems of their patients. The sections of each chapter answer three basic questions: What are the diagnostic possibilities? How can I diagnose each one? What is my approach to this problem? The structure of each chapter follows this logical sequence of the diagnostic process with the last section discussing the diagnostic approach to a definitive diagnosis. Plus--an easy-to-use table of contents listing the signs and symptoms in alphabetical order.
    9780752851372 Carr J D Hollow Man, The Orion Publishers
    Professor Charles Grimaud was explaining to some friends the natural causes behind an ancient superstition about men leaving their coffins wha stranger entered and challenged Grimaud's skepticism. The stranger asserted that he had risen from his own coffin and that four walls meant nothing to him. He added, 'My brother can do more... he wants your life and will call on you!' The brother came during a snowstorm, walked through the locked front door, shot Grimaud and vanished. The tragedy brought Dr Gideon Fell into the bizarre mystery of a killer who left no footprints.
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