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9780500510599 An Egyptian Bestiary Thames & Hudson
This is an illustrated volume showing the richness of the Pharaonic fauna in all forms of artistic expression: painting, sculpture, relief carving, architectural ornamentation and hieroglyphs. They range from realism in the depiction of birds and beasts, both wild and domesticated, useful and harmful, with which the people of the Nile Valley came into daily contact, to hieratic stylization in portraying the pantheon of animal-headed gods and the sacred and fabulous creatures that inhabited their devotional, funerary and magic world. The captions and descriptions that accompany the photographs place each animal depicted in its proper context in relation to man, to the environment and to the gods.
9788881184712 Luca Belline Louis I.Kahn Thames & Hudson
9783829601399 Helmut Newton Big Nudes Schirmer/Mosel Verlag
9781856691840 The Jubilee Line Extension Thames & Hudson
The Jubilee Line is being called the last great British engineering feat of the 20th century. In this highly visual study, the architecture and design of the Jubilee Line Extension take centre stage.
9781860468667 Mankell Henn Fifth woman, the Random House
In a convent in Africa, four nuns and an unidentified fifth woman are found dead, their throats slashed. Thousands of miles away in Sweden, a shadowy figure prepares to exact a serial and cruel vengeance for these brutal killings. Inspector Kurt Wallander is back from an idyllic holiday in Rome, full of energy and plans for the future. Autumn settles over the Swedish province of Skane and Wallander prays the winter will be peaceful. But when he investigates the disappearance of an elderly bird-watcher he discovers a gruesome and meticulously planned murder - a body impaled in a trap of sharpened bamboo poles. Then another man is reported missing. And once again, Wallander's life is on hold, as he and his close-knit team work tirelessly to find a link between a series of vicious murders.
9783791320922 Newton D Arts of The South Seas Prestel Publishing Limited
Over five hundred objects - statues, jewelry, fabrics and weapons - represent the variety of art produced in the geographical area known as Oceania. From Easter Island to New Guinea, From Polynesia to Australia these arts share characteristics of bold forms and rich, detailed decoration which speak of their traditions and mythologies. Drawing on the famous collections of the Musee Barbier-Meuller this book brings together these cultures to demonstrate aesthetic similarities between civilizations located far apart in both space and time. While the arts of the Easter Islands and Maori civilizations have been well known for some time the creativity of inhabitants of Borneo, Sulawei and Sumatra is less familar and is scarcely represented in the major public collections. Essays on each island or civilization are part of this study.
9782911902000 Dahmane Porn Art Art Stock
9784770027313 Nitobe I Bushido Kodansha Europe Limited
A century ago, when Japan was trsforming itself from an isolated feudal society into a modern nation, a Japanese educator queried about the ethos of his people composed this seminal work, which with his numerous other writings in English made him the best, known Japanese writer in the West during his lifetime.
9783764366711 Netherlands in Focus, The Birkhauser Verlag AG
Architecture and landscape architecture are both a matter of public interest and ongoing processes in the Netherlands, where space is at a premium. This is reflected in many of the projects in this book, including the gardens and squares of West 8 and town planning in Zutphen or Apeldoor.
9780425184226 Clancy Tom Sum of All Fears (F) Penguin USA
The old certainties of the Cold War have been swept away by the new tide of detente that has washed over the superpowers. But even if international superpower relations have changed, human nature has not altered very much. The new powder keg is the Middle East where this adventure story is set.
9780340750773 Lyall G Honourable Intentions Hodder
As a young naval officer, King George V kept a mistress in Portsmouth. In 1914 an American anarchist is about to be extradited, until he claims he is the King's son - and heir to the throne. Charged with the investigation, Captains Ranklin and O'Gilroy discover there is no smoke without gunfire.
9780752851358 Fearing K Big Clock, The Orion Publishers
George Stroud, executive editor at Crimeways magazine, is involved with the wrong woman - his boss's. When Janoth, the boss, kills her in an argument, he tries to pin the crime on a man seen outside her home just before the murder. He assigns his best investigativeporter - Stroud - to find the man. Trouble is, the man was Stroud himself... An audacious and ironic novel of terror and high tension.
9781901092165 Restructuring the city ACC-distribution titles
9781574391107 Drug Facts & Comparisons.2002 Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
9780764112720 Guide to the Most Competitive Colleges 2nd Ed. Barron`s educational series, inc
High-achieving high school students, their parents, and guidance counsellors will find this directory especially enlightening and useful. It presents up-to-date discussions that describe more than 50 of the most academically demanding colleges across America, with information on admission requirements, academic and social life, tuition and fees, sources of financial aid, and more. A detailed description of each school is written by a recent graduate and gives readers a sense of what it's like to be there. There is also a section on successful admission strategies and essay-writing strategies. Sidebar features include short profiles of the faculty, lists of prominent graduates, and for many schools, nearby restaurants, social spots, and school events. This updated edition discusses several competitive schools not included in the first edition.
9780375726514 Abe Box Man, The Random House (USA)
A nameless man who chooses to exist in a small cardboard box records life in the box and his observations of the world from its small window as he wanders the streets of Tokyo. By the author of Woman in the Dunes. Reprint. 12,500 first printing.
9780345402400 Turtledove H Worldwar 3: Upsetting The Balance Random House (USA)
9780812047431 Japanese Vocabulary Barron`s educational series, inc
Provides lists of common Japanese words and expressions in a variety of subjects, with tips on usage.
9780781726986 Aicardi Epilepsy in Children.2002 Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
Every physician who treats children with epilepsy will welcome this new Third Edition of Dr. Aicardi's internationally acclaimed text. Dr. Aicardi and two distinguished colleagues,Alexis Arzimanoglou, MD and Renzo Guerrini, MD,have completely revised every chapter of this edition to reflect the past ten years' advances in diagnosis and thapy.The book describes in detail the types of seizures occurring during infancy, childhood, and adolescence and explains the key principles of diagnosis, prognosis, and medical and surgical treatment. This edition provides up to the minute information on anticonvulsant drugs and the genetics of epilepsy and includes a new chapter on epileptic encephalopathies.
9781855648586 Global Banking & Finance Polley 2001/2002 Euromoney
9780486295725 Dostoevsky F Double, The Dover
The Double is a remarkable tale in the tradition of doppelgänger literature. As Dostoevsky examines the neurosis and paranoia that cripple a seemingly ordinary man, he produces a thoroughly ‘modern’ nightmare, brilliantly foreshadowing the works of Kafka and Sartre.
9780486401379 286 Full-Color Animal Illustrations from Jardine s Natural Library Dover
Contains 286 color illustrations (complete with their original identifying captions) of a diverse range of wildlife from the library of Jardine, the eminent naturalist. First published between 1833 and 1845 in his 40-volume The Naturalist's Library , their detail, accuracy and fine rendering make th
9780500283141 Complete Guide to Digital Imagining, The Thames & Hudson
Comprehensive, detailed, but easy to follow, The Complete Guide to Digital Imaging is both a manual and an inspirational guide to achieving stunning visual images. It is targeted at all those involved in image processing, whether in digital photography, print, Web output, animation or video. Through inspirational examples, detailed technical information and practical work-throughs, this book resolves the many mystifying technical issues involved in the creation, manipulation, processing and output of digital images.
9783791322216 Art Prestel Publishing Limited
The complexities of recent art history can overwhelm even the most knowledgeable art insider. "Art: From Impressionism to the Internet" is an up-to-date and easy to use guide to the art of the last 100 years. The book devotes double-page spreads to each of 50 art movements, and discusses the key artists, concepts and works of this highly creative period. The first volume in the "Prestel Sightlines" series provides an overview of modern art that is both authoritative and accessible.
9781904313052 Lewerentz, Sigurd Phaidon Press Ltd.
The is a monographic study of Sigurd Lewerentz (1885-1975), one of the major architects of the Swedish Modern School, who developed his own distinctive response to the most important architectural movements of the 20th century. This volume represents an original and comprehensive study in English, with a full analysis of unbuilt projects as well as completed buildings, such as the St Knut and St Gertrud Churches in the Malmo Cemetery (1916), the restoration of the Uppsala Cathedral (1947-55), and the St Peter Church in Klippan (1962-6). Sigurd Lewerentz was born in Sweden in 1885. He first studied engineering at the Polytechnic in Gotherburg and then architecture at the Art Academy in Stockholm. After a period of apprenticeship in Germany, he opened a studio with Thorsten Stubelius with whom he worked till 1917. Afterwards he continued his own practice, often collaborating with other architects. During his long career he realized many different projects and distinguished himself in landscape architecture with works such as the extraordinary project for Stockholm Cemetery, realized in collaboration with Gunnar Asplund. The first section of the volume includes a critical essay by Colin St John Wilson and a previously unpublished essay on the work of the Swedish master by Nicola Flora, Paolo Giardiello and Gennaro Postiglione. The central section contains a catalogue of Lewerentz's works - about 150 designs and constructions, in chronological order, are presented through detailed descriptions and illustrations, both photographs and drawings. A complete list of works and a bibliography based on research in the archives of Stockholm's Museum of Architecture conclude the volume.
9780521797207 William Smal Grammar in Use Intermediate Second edition Workbook with answers Cambridge University Press
Grammar in Use is a highly successful two-level grammar series known for its clear explanations and unique format. Each unit is a two-page spread that presents a specific grammar point on the left-hand page a provides practice exercises on the right. A unique combination of reference grammar and practice, the books in this series can be used as classroom texts or for self-study. The Grammar in Use workbooks provide students with further opportunities to practice difficult grammar points and to consolidate their understanding of related grammar issues. The workbooks also include review sections for each group of units in the student books. These groups, such as Present and Past, Modals, and Relative Clauses, are listed in the table of contents of each student book. The Grammar in Use Intermediate Workbook is available with and without answers.
9780752838380 Block Hit List Orion Publishers
Sequel to Block’s previous work, Hit Man, a gripping insight into the life of a paid assassin who finds his way on to someone else’s hit list.
9780441005086 Jacques Pearl of Lutra Penguin USA
Far away on the Isle of Sampetra, Emperor Ublaz - or Mad Eyes - sends his lizard army on a murderous mission to Redwall Abbey. Meanwhile, Tansy and the Abbey dwellers race against time to unravel the fiendishly difficult riddles leading to six rose-coloured gems - the Pearls of Lutra.
9780425188804 Koontz Dean Watchers Penguin USA
Two mutants, both changed from the animals they once were escape and no one who encounters them will ever be the same again. A lonely widower, a ruthless assassin, a beautiful woman and a government agent are drawn together in a deadly hunt. All four are inexorably propelled towards a confrontation with an evil beyond human imagining.
9781584710424 S.P.A.C.E. HarperCollins USA
9780812504309 Verne Around the World in Eighty Days Holtzbrink(MPS)
Depicts the adventures of Phileas Fogg and his manservant, Passepartout, on their journey around the world in the late nineteenth century.
9780141013244 Greene Graha Spellbound Penguin Books Ltd
Alice knows she should be happy. After all, she has a handsome husband, a beautiful apartment and membership to all the most exclusive clubs in London. So what if the rumours about her husband and anything in a skirt are becoming harder to ignore? When Joe's job transfers to New York, Alice hopes it might be a fresh start. Especially when they find a beautiful old house in Connecticut to buy. But why is the house such a steal? And why has it been empty for so long? As Alice sets about restoring it she begins to unravel the answers to these questions. And as Joe's late nights at the office start all over again, she's determined not to repeat the mistakes of the woman who once lived there.
9781564969460 Best of Brochure Design 7, The Rockport/Rotovision
Clients the world over turn to graphic designers to help them create outstanding brochures and this volume explores this critical and competitive arena and the way designers seek inspiration. Featuring a collection of work from top designers around the world, this book provides a wealth of ideas for designing client brochures ranging from corporate and product literature to annual reports, direct marketing and new media. Whether the reader is looking for a conceptual or sophisticated feel, a classic or modern look, this should be a useful resource for high-quality brochure design.
9780521629690 Edited by Ma Haematopoietic and Lymphoid Cell Culture Cambridge Academ
This invaluable reference handbook describes the fundamental principles and procedures underlying the successful isolation of viable, functionally intact haematopoietic and lymphoid cells, and their maintenance as primary cultures. It provides the technical information on the signals and mediators required for the differentiation and growth of these cells, and is designed for laboratory investigators with limited practical experience in cell culture. There are chapters on dendritic cells, T and B lymphocytes, monocytes and macrophages, NK and LAK cells, mast cells and basophils, as well as on haematopoietic differentiation of embryonal stem cells and on culturing murine thymic explants. Each chapter has been written by experts who have direct practical experience of the techniques and can therefore provide tips for the avoidance of common pitfalls, as well as an insight into the fundamental questions in cell biology and immunology which can be addressed using each cell culture model.
9780120790289 Barnes Asthma & COPD Elsevier Science
Written and edited by the world's leading experts, this volume represents a comprehensive review of the most recent understanding of the basic mechanisms of asthma and COPD and in particular compares their etiology, pathogenesis and treatments. This highlights the contrasts and sharpens the distinctions between the two conditions, a feature that is particularly important in view of the similarity of the two clinical phenotypes. While both diseases cause airflow limitation and are characterised by chronic inflammation, there are many differences, including differences in management. Asthma and COPD: Basic Mechanisms and Clinical Management is an invaluable resource for cell biologists, immunologists, pharmacologists and physicians working in pulmonary research either in academia or in the pharmaceutical industry.
9788884911131 Francesco Cr Joao Alvaro Rocha Thames & Hudson
9780751530452 Cornwell Pat All that remains Little, Brown
Kay Scarpetta, Chief Medical Examiner, is faced with the disappearance of five young couples from their cars, who, when found dead months later in deeply wooded areas, are without socks and shoes. Using the latest forensic techiques, she tracks the murderer.
9781859962770 Levi Key Topics In Evidence-Based Medicine Informa
Key Topics in Evidence-based Medicine summarises the issues essential for a clear understanding of the new skills require by all healthcare professionals. The book provides useful information on, how to search for, appraise and implement changes in practice suggested by any new evidence. As well as being of interest to all clinicians, this title will be useful as a revision aid for all relevant examinations.
9781842140192 Fauser Reproductive Medicine: Molecular, Cellular And Genetic Fundamentals Informa
Focusing on the cutting edge of medical knowledge, this companion volume to Fauser's highly acclaimed Molecular Biology in Reproductive Medicine fills a unique role. Reproductive Medicine: Molecular, Cellular, and Genetic Fundamental clarifies the complex biochemistry and biology underlying the current practice of assisted reproduction--understanding necessary to successfully practice in this field. Fauser interprets the latest research findings in this extraordinarily fast-moving field, while keeping those features that made previous book a bestseller. The book provides information essential for the most effective application of assisted reproduction techniques.
9780345459398 Rice Anne Blackwood Farm Random House (USA)
9780300079975 Art in the age of Queen Victoria Yale University Press
A celebration of the artists and subjects of the Victorian period, drawing on paintings and sculpture from the Royal Academy of Arts in London. More than 70 works are catalogued, and there are biographies of featured artists, with insights into artistic subjects, styles and techniques.
9780752845982 Chaplin Lip Kisses Orion Publishers
9780345425294 Carcatera L. Gangster Random House (USA)
9780751531527 Mccrossan,L Angel on air Little, Brown
Angel Knights - radio DJ, closet karaoke fan and shoe fetishist - has a problem. Her boyfriend of thirteen years, Connor, has just proposed to her in a flash restaurant and presented her with a rock the size of Gibraltar. Great, you might think, except he's also announced he's off to LA for six months to film a fly-on-the-wall documentary of Essex glamour models chasing fame in Hollywood. Angel can't leave her daily chat show on Glasgow's Energy FM to go with him. What should her answer be? As Connor jets off to LA, Angel asks for timethink and turns to her best friends - Ceri and Meg - for help. Meg, the eternal romantic, is already picking out her bridesmaid's dress, but Ceri advocates caution before commitment (and sex with a few more people first). But before long, Angel is receiving advice from another source: the listeners on her show, most of whom are regulars and either lonely, alcoholic, insane or a combination of all three. Suddenly Connor's proposal is a matter of city-wide discussion, but then Angel meets Didier, French pop star and David Ginola lookalike. Angel is vulnerable, Connor is abroad, Ceri is encouraging and the temptation is great.
9782880467661 Retail graphics Rockport/Rotovision
Analysts suggest that retailers have four key weapons in their fight to survive and win in their highly competitive world: logistical strength, brand power, customer service and store environment. This title explores how retailers use graphics in particular to build and maintain a brand profile, support customer services and integrate with the whole store experience. Using examples of different types of retail graphics (exterior, interior signage, merchandizing and display to name but a few) and case studies from a diverse spectrum of retail sectors, it shows how graphics are used in an extremely diverse and highly creative manner. Featuring the work of some of the best designers from around the world, the volume should inspire retailers, designers and students alike, as well as anyone interested in this area of the retail world. It has been designed as a stimulating introduction to those new to the subject and as a thought-provoking inspiration to those already working in the discipline.
9780876330821 Northern European Paintings (pb) ACC-distribution titles
A substantial catalogue of the vast holdings at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. More than 150 works of art are presented and commented on by Peter C Sutton a former curator at the Pennsylvania Museum of Art. Over a decade in the making, this formidable scholarly work presents a remarkable range of pictures. It will be of immense interest to students of art or cultural history. The museum's collection of Dutch painting has been termed "a connoisseur's dream and a cataloguer's nightmare". It is one of the most extensive in the United States.
9780552150552 Cooper Riders Random House
9783897901834 Bernhard Schobinger ACC-distribution titles
Bernhard Schobinger is a megastar of the contemporary jewellery scene. Whereas his earlier jewellery reveals the influence of Punk, more recent pieces tend to emanate an aura of mysticism. An example of the mischevious delight in experimenting is the way he links diamonds with objects that may have been retrieved from a rubbish bin, a gesture that brands the glitter of the diamonds as the detritus of the throw-away society. The indissoluble link between Bernhard Schobinger's jewellery and the photographs of it by Annelies Strba, a leading contemporary photographer, has been forged by Strba's documentary approach to recording these pieces. This volume showcases 240 of Schobinger's pieces.
9783131297815 Antunovic et Magnetic Resonance in the Diagnosis of CNS Disorders Thieme Verlagsgruppe
The use of MRI has revolutionized the treatment of patients with central nervous system disorders, affecting everything from initial diagnosis to effective follow-up care. In this new book, the authors present a review of the clinical characteristics and MRI appearances of most neurological and neurosurgical conditions to ensure accurate localization, visualization, and determination of topographic relations. More than 300 MR images give you valuable insight into understanding the nature of different pathological processes in the brain. Covering topics such as: malformations, degenerative brain diseases, intra- and extracranial tumors, vascular diseases of the spine, and more, this text is an essential professional tool for radiologists involved in the diagnosis and treatment of CNS disorders.
9780380731954 Peters, E. Deeds of the disturber HarperCollins USA
Amelia Peabody, her sexy archaeologist husband Emerson, and their precocious son Ramses find themselves caught up in an intrigue at the British Museum that includes a haunted mummy case, supernatural curses, and a lunatic murderer.
9781857593181 Art Treasures of Kelvingrove ACC-distribution titles
From July 2003 to early 2006, Kelvingrove Museum and Art Gallery, one of the richest collections in Britain, will be closed for upgrading and display. Thirty-eight of the most important and popular works from the magnificent fine and decorative art collections have been selected for an exhibition at the McClellan galleries. This new title in Scala's prestigious Masterpieces series presents these highlights in a beautifully produced and richly illustrated book. Selected from a collection that comprises of 3000 paintings, 12500 drawings and engravings, and 300 sculptures, Art Treasures of Kelvingrove showcases such outstanding works as Bellini's The Madonna and Child, Filippino Lippi's The Madonna and Child with the Infant St John, Rembrandt's A Man in Armour, JMW Turner's Modern Italy - the Pifferari, Botticelli's The Annunciation, Carlo Dolci's Salome with the Head of John the Baptist. It includes works by Whistler, Pissarro, Rubens, Monet, Degas, Van Gogh, Matisse; works by Scottish Artists: Allan Ramsay, Horatio McCulloch, Francis Cadell; and Decorative Arts by Christopher Dresser, Charles Rennie Mackintosh Frances Macdonald and many more.
9781564967718 Kids Rooms Rockport/Rotovision
9781920744601 New Classicists: Appleton & Associates Images
Discusses the design work of Marc Appleton`s practice.
9781841954080 Karen Alvteg Missing Canongate
Sybilla Forsenstrom doesn't exist. For fifteen years she has been excluded from society and, as one of the homeless in Stockholm, she takes each day as it comes, keeping all her possessions in her rucksack - apart from a knife and salami which she stores in a smart briefcase. She is always well-dressed and displays impeccable manners. One night, in The Grand Hotel, she charms a susceptible businessman into paying for her dinner and room. His dead body is discovered the following morning and Sybilla becomes the prime suspect. When a second person is killed in similar circumstances, she becomes the most wanted person in Sweden.
9780099464679 Palahniuk Ch Fugitives and Refugees Random House
Want to know where Chuck Palahniuk's tonsils currently reside? Been looking for a naked mannequin to hide in your kitchen cabinets? Curious about Chuck's debut in an MTV music video? What goes on at the Scum Center? How do you get to the Apocalypse Cafe? In the closest thing he may ever write to an autobiography, Chuck Palahniuk provides answers to all these questions and more as he takes you through the streets, sewers, and local haunts of Portland, Oregon. According to Katherine Dunn, author of the cult classic Geek Love, Portland is the home of America's 'fugitives and refugees.' Get to know these folks, the 'most cracked of the crackpots,' as Palahniuk calls them, and come along with him on an adventure through the parts of Portland you might not otherwise believe actually exist. No other travel guide will give you this kind of access to 'a little history, a little legend, and a lot of friendly, sincere, fascinating people who maybe should've kept their mouths shut. 'Here are strange personal museums, weird annual events, and ghost stories. Tour the tunnels under downtown Portland. Visit swingers' sex clubs, gay and straight. See Frances Gabe's famous 1940s Self-Cleaning House. Look into strange local customs like the I-Tit-a-Rod Race and the Santa Rampage. Learn how to talk like a local in a quick vocabulary lesson. Get to know, I mean really get to know, the animals at the Portland zoo. Oh, the list goes on and on.
9783150071175 Nietzsche Gedichte Reclam
9783150075579 Hesse In Der Alten Sonne Reclam
9780940450219 Cooper J F Leatherstocking Tales 02 Penguin USA
9781855326583 The Algeria War 1954-62 Osprey
In the mid-1950s to early 1960s the Algerian war dominated the European press, comparable in impact to the Vietnam War. France was divided politically, and governments rose and fell regularly. Algeria was France's oldest, richest and most integrated colony, but during the war in Indochina an underground separatist movement began. Its armed wing, the ALN, began to act in 1954. The tactics they used are described in this text, ranging from assassination, including attempts on de Gaulle, to the intimidation of natives. The actions of the French military are covered, including the French Foreign Legion and the first use of airborne counter insurgency operations, now commonplace in modern warfare. The war is also considered the source of the reputaion now associated with paratroopers as crack troops.
9780849320477 Naidu N. Natural Food Antimicrobial Systems Woodhead
Consumer concerns play a critical role in dictating the direction of research and development in food protection. The rising demand for minimally processed foods, growing concerns about the use of synthetic preservatives, and suspected links between the overuse of antibiotics and multi-drug resistance in microbes has made food safety a global priority.Natural Food Antimicrobial Systems focuses on advances in the technology of food safety. Numerous antimicrobial agents exist in animals and plants where they evolved as defense mechanisms. For example, the antimicrobial components of milk have been unraveled in recent years. The book covers how these components - such as lactoferrin - can be used as multifunctional food additives such as antioxidants and immuno-modulating agents.The six sections cover lacto-antimicrobials, ovo-antimicrobials, phyto-antimicrobials, bacto-antimicrobials, acid-antimicrobials, and milieu-antimicrobials. Each chapter provides background and historical information, molecular properties, antimicrobial activity, biological advantage, applications, safety, tolerance, and efficacy, and biotechnology. To satisfy the rapidly changing consumption patterns of the g
9783379014885 Mandelstam Hufeisenfinder Reclam
This atlas of functional ultrastructure provides not only a detailed insight into the complex structure and organization of cells and tissues but also into specific functions fulfilled by the various cellular organelles and the dynamics of the different processes inside cells. The large collection of electron micrographs, together with those from immunoelectron microscopy, is complemented by thorough explanatory texts and schemes. Emphasis was placed on an integrated view of structure and function to show that subcellular organelles provide the structural foundation for fundamental processes of living organisms. Specialized cell types form the various tissues, and principles of tissue organization are presented. Under various conditions of disease, characteristic structural alterations may occur which are illustrated with examples thus providing a valuable source of information for scientists and students of Medicine and Biological Sciences, particularly of Histology, Cell and Molecular Biology.
9780486431901 Cunnington C Fashion and Women s Attitudes in the Nineteenth Century Dover
By the co-author of "The History of Underclothes", C. Willett Cunningham, this text not only describes what Englishwomen wore in the 19th-century but also attempts to explain why they clothed themselves as they did.
9780486212630 Giuseppe Gal Architectural and Perspective Designs Dover
Incredibly elaborate Baroque architectural stage designs reproduced from 1750 copperplates. The ultimate in classical sets.
9780486259369 Carol Belang Art Nouveau Motifs and Vignettes Dover
The TNM Atlas is designed as an aid for the practical application of the TNM classification system by illustrating the T and N categories in clear, easily understood graphics. The aim of such a presentation is twofold: to enable all disciplines involved to reach a more standardized understanding and documentation of the anatomic spread of tumors, and to further enhance the dissemination and use of the TNM classification. The 5th Edition includes: - all changes and additions to the 6th Edition of The TNM Classification of Malignant Tumours - numerous new figures to illustrate changes and new definitions of categories of: - head and neck tumors - some digestive system tumors - pleural melanoma - malignant melanoma of skin - breast tumors - urological tumors - ophthalmic tumors
9780486223674 Clarence P. An Old-Fashioned Christmas in Illustration and Decoration Dover
Drawings from popular nineteenth-century journals are among the early Christmas illustrations presented as material for the commercial and graphic artist.
9780099466482 Sharpe Tom Wilt on High Random House
Wilt is still teaching at the Fenland Tech, attempting to drill English into plasterers, dozing through tedious committee meetings and occasionally getting mildly plastered in 'The Pig in a Poke' with one of his few bearable colleagues. But the even tenor of his days is rudely interrupted when the shadow of drug dealing flickers across the Tech. Suddenly Wilt becomes the target of suspicion. His colleagues believe him to be responsible for triggering a departmental inquiry, and his old adversary Inspector Flint, knowing that he's guilty of something, sees a chance to settle a number of scores. What his wife thinks is... well, what all wives think. But what none of them have reckoned with is Wilt's talent for making new enemies. What starts with an accusation of voyeurism in the staff lavatory (of the wrong gender to boot) leads, more or less directly, to a massive confrontation at a nearby US airbase with the forces of law and order on both sides and Wilt in his usual place -- in the middle.
9780521567060 Jan van Elk, Threshold Threshold 1990 Cambridge University Press
Threshold 1990 is a statement of language learning objectives which sets out how a learner should be able to use English in order to operate independently in everyday communication (at a broadly intermediate level). It specifies what communication learners should be expected to achieve in a range of everyday situations, and sets out the topics, functions and notions, and their lexical and grammatical exponents. Further specifications include sociocultural competence, learning to learn, pronunciation and intonation. Originally published by the Council of Europe, this edition has been fully corrected, redesigned and typeset to make it clearer and more accessible. Publication by CUP will bring the work to a much wider international audience than hitherto. This document is of interest and practical use to all those concerned with constructing language teaching syllabuses, course design, materials writing, language planning, and evaluation and assessment.
9780385607018 Harris French Kitchen Transworld Publishers
It's not surprising that Joanne Harris's novels -- Chocolat, Blackberry Wine, and Five Quarters of the Orange -- celebrate the pleasure and magic of food, since her fondest childhood memories are of making pancakes with her great-grandmother Memee picking blackberries with her grandfather in Yorkshire, and exploring the early morning markets of Noirmoutier. Now, with coauthor Fran Warde, Harris shares her treasured collection of family recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation in this illustrated cookbook. Harris encourages cooks to engage all their senses when cooking -- look at what you're cooking, smell the ingredients, mix them with your fingers, and enjoy their sounds and textures. Cooking, she reminds us, is about as close to magic as modern society allows: to take a handful of simple, fresh ingredients and turn them into something wonderful, otherworldly. The 120 recipes include French classics such as Onion Soup and Onion Tart, Coq au Vin, and Creme Brulee as well as family favorites like Anouchka's Chile Garlic Bread, great-aunt Simone's Marinated Tuna, and great-aunt Marinette's Slow Fudge Sauce. And, of course, there's an entire chapter devoted to chocolate-cakes, meringues, and spiced hot chocolate. My French Kitchen, a collaboration between Joanne Harris, a writer who loves food, and Fran Warde, a former chef who loves to write about food, belongs in your kitchen.
9780723431930 Bari Logan McMinn s Color Atlas of Foot and Ankle Anatomy, Elsevier Science
McMinn's Color Atlas of Foot & Ankle Anatomy is a large format atlas of the human foot, ankle and lower limb, incorporating outstanding dissections, osteology, radiographic and surface anatomy images. The third edition has been updated to include latest anatomic terminology, new information on pelvic anatomy, new orientational and radiographic images and extra coverage on joint flexion, rotation and skin anatomy.
9780721699462 Olga Ibsen Oral Pathology for the Dental Hygienist Elsevier Science
Oral Pathology for the Dental Hygiene is a text that focuses on the topics typically taught in the dental hygiene curriculum, setting this text apart from all other oral pathology texts. It presents the necessary information in a clear, simple manner. Based on suggestions from reviewers of past editions, this book feares more user-friendly chapters that have been reorganized to be more efficient and concise, in addition to flowing in a more logical order. It provides readers of varying skill and experience levels with the information necessary to understand, recognize, and evaluate pathologic conditions and diseases likely to be encountered. Full-color, atlas-style text provides the perfect format for a subject requiring so much visual instruction. Clinical photographs, radiographs, and color photomicrographs showcase the diseases and conditions dental hygienists will most likely encounter and treat in practice, as well as helping them learn to identify the appearance of disease formations at the skeletal and cellular levels. Review questions at the end of each chapter help prepare students for taking the national exam and four clinical practicing hygienists.
9780849308154 Cseke Handbook of Molecular and Cellular Methods in Biology and Medicine. 2003 Taylor&Francis
Since the publication of the best-selling Handbook of Molecular and Cellular Methods in Biology and Medicine, the field of biology has experienced several milestones. Genome sequencing of higher eukaryotes has progressed at an unprecedented speed. Starting with baker's yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae), organisms sequenced now include human (Homo sapiens), model crucifer (Arabidopsis thaliana), and rice (Oryza sativa). The invention of DNA microarray technology and advances in bioinformatics have generated vast amounts of genomic data. Reflecting these revolutionary advances Handbook of Molecular and Cellular Methods in Biology and Medicine, Second Edition documents conventional and modern approaches to tackle scientific research in the post-genomics era.Maintaining the step-by-step format that popularized the first edition, each chapter provides the principles behind the featured method, a detailed description of each protocol, applications of the protocol to different systems, and references for further study.H andbook of Molecular and Cellular Methods in Biology and Medicine, Second Edition now includes:"New protocols in all chapters, including alternative protocols"In vitro tran
9780071409193 Hijazi Essential Pediatric Cardiology. 2004 McGraw-Hill
9780198505280 Evans Quantitative Methods in Neuroscience.2004 Oxford Academ
Stereology is a valuable tool for scientists, allowing them to make accurate 3-D reconstructions of the brain from 2-D data - using unbiased data. This cookbook of stereological methods provides advice about how and when to use stereological techniques. It is aimed at neuroscientists, and all those involved in development of new drug programmes.
9780631220244 Andrew Hadfi The English Renaissance 1500-1620 Wiley
This work guides students through the historical contexts, key figures, texts, themes and issues in 16th- and early 17th-century English literature, setting out the historical and cultural contexts of Renaissance England.
9781853172083 Jackson Angina [2nd Ed] Informa
This series of pocketbooks sets out to provide easily-assimilable, essential information on the diagnosis and treatment of the most common medical conditions. This volume deals with angina.
9780071235822 Wylen Obstetrics And Gynecology: Pretest Self-Assessment & Review McGraw-Hill
9780486271484 Pictorial Archive of Geometric Designs Dover
large-format copyright-free designs featuring imaginatively combined geometric elements. Most are elaborate, densely patterned circles squares and rectangles, some combining sharp, angular forms, others containing sinuous interlacements of circles and rounded forms. Each large-format design is boldl
9780330433587 Fielding Hel Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason Film Tie-In Pan Macmillan
At the end of "Bridget Jones` Diary", Bridget hiccuped off into the sunset with man-of-her-dreams Mark Darcy. In "The Edge of Reason", she discovers what it is like when you have the man of your dreams actually in your flat and he hasn`t done the washing-up, not just the whole of this week, but ever.
9780471251231 Huang PACS and Imaging Informatics: Basic Principles and Applications Wiley
This new Second Edition addresses the latest in picture archiving and communications systems (PACS), from the electronic patient record to the full range of topics in digital imaging. In contrast to the previous edition, this updated text uses the framework of image informatics, not physics or engineering principles, to explain PACS. This book is the only resource that thoroughly covers the critical issues of hardware/software design and implementation in a systematic and easily comprehensible manner. The new edition features additional chapters on web-based PACS, security, integrating the healthcare enterprise, clinical management systems, and the electronic patient record. It addresses how PACS can improve workflow, therapy, and treatment, and discusses integration of PACS in hospitals. Offering a clear guide for those purchasing and installing PACS, it is written in clear, non-technical language by a widely acknowledg pioneer in the field and does not assume advanced knowledge of physics, engineering, or math principles. The text also contains substantive new treatment of key topics in image informatics, including light imaging, digital radiography, teleconsultation, and image archive servers.
9780345476876 Rice Anne Interview With The Vampire Random House (USA)
9781587790355 ACC The Muscular System Anatomical Chart Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
Classic illustrations by Peter Bachin. Shows anterior and posterior views of the muscular system. Also illustrates right half of the diaphragm, muscles of the posterior abdominal wall, and muscles of the right foot.
9780794600563 Tropical colors Tuttle
Flowers have always been an integral part of the cultural fabric of Thailand and a constant reminder of the country's Buddhist heritage and identity. In Tropical Colors, Sakul Intakul, who counts the Queen of Thailand as one of his clients, shares the wonderful world of Thai flower arrangement. The philosophy behind the arrangements, the interiors or occasions for which they are appropriate, and a brief explanation of the techniques and materials used will inspire readers to create their own artistic arrangements.
9781853917530 International school sugarcraft b Tuttle
The advanced book in this two volume course is for the experienced decorator who wishes to test and expand their skills. It covers tube embroidery and Broderie Anglaise, brush embroidery and lace, marzipan figure modelling, chocolate figures and eggs, pulled flowers, sugar flower sprays, filigree, extension work, miniatures, complicated run-outs and piping, designing and interpreting patterns and dozens of hints and tips for creating exquisite cakes. The book concludes with a section on how to use the skills acquired to enter competitions and cost, design and prepare individual cakes for sale.
9780804831857 Opening the dragon gate Tuttle
Aimed at those concerned with improving human, animal and ecosystem health. This text presents a biograpy of Wang Liping, the 18th generation transmitter of Dragon Gate Taoism, heir to a tradition of esoteric knowledge and practice accumulated and refined over 11 centuries.
9788171797622 Gupta Colour Atlas of Surgery. 2000 JayPee Brothers
9780804832632 Bruce lee artist of life Tuttle
Now in paperback - the private letters and writings of the incredible Bruce Lee * Over 40,000 hardback copies sold worldwide * Tuttle Bruce Lee Library editions - combined sales of over 500,000 copies * Portrays Lee's poetry, life philosophies, and his thoughts on martial arts, love, fatherhood, and friendship An incredible collection of Lee's private letters and writings as granted only to John Little. Now out in paperback, and after a stunning success in hardback, this is a fascinating look at the man behind the myth. John Little, editor of the Bruce Lee Library is the world's preeminent authority on Bruce Lee and his work. Granted exclusive access to Lee's personal notes, sketches and readings, he is also the publisher of Bruce Lee magazine and is the director of the Bruce Lee Educational Foundation.
9780878147939 Gallun Fundamentals of Oil and Gas Accounting American Technical Publishers
9780198607649 A Dictionary of First Names OPR Rei Oxford University Press
9780486995434 Dover Full-Color Victorian Vignettes CD-ROM and Book Dover
9783527305520 Meyers Encyclopaedia of Mol. Cell Biology & Mol. medic. Vol 10 Wiley
This sixteen volume encyclopedia is the most comprehensive and detailed treatment of molecular biology, cell biology and molecular medicine available today! It was designed in collaboration with a founding board of 10 Nobel laureates.
The Encyclopedia provides a single-source library of the molecular basis of life, with a focus on molecular medicine. The latest advances of the post-genomic era, e.g. in the fields of functional genomics, proteomics, and bioinformatics are discussed in detail.
All articles are designed as self-contained treatments. Each of the approximately 425 articles begins with an outline and a key word section with definitions. Articles are written in a review-like style complemented with an extensive bipartite bibliography of reviews and books as well as primary papers. A glossary of basic terms completes each volume and defines the most commonly used terms in molecular biology. Together with the introductory illustrations found in each volume, the articles enable readers to understand articles without referring to a dictionary, textbook, or other reference.
Praise for the first edition of the preceding "Encyclopedia of Molecular Biology and Molecular Medicine":
"...an authoritative reference source of the highest quality. ...It is extremely well written and well illustrated..." - American Reference Books Annual (Library & Information Science Annual)
"This series can be recommended without hesitation to a broad readership including students and qualified researchers...articles...set-up facilitates easy reading and rapid understanding...overwhelming amount of valuable data." - Molecular Biology Reports
"...highly valuable and recommendable both for libraries and for laboratory use." - FEBS Letters
"This series is a classic..." - Molecular Medicine Today/Trends in Molecular Medicine
9780762310241 Fiscal Policy,Inequality and Welfare Elsevier Science
This title contains ten papers, both theoretical and applied, on tax progressivity and tax and transfer equity. Theory topics covered include consumption tax equity, alternative definitions of tax progressivity, horizontal equity and reranking. The applied work includes studies of Australia's consumption taxes, Israel's national insurance tax system, Mexican transfer system, Canadian tax equity, trends in US tax and transfer progressivity and a study of the impact of the repeal of the US marriage tax penalty.
9780321202987 Rosanna Yeun Macromedia Flash MX 2004 Hands-On Training (Hands on Training (H.O.T)) Pearson Education
Using lessons based on real-life projects, this guide deals with Flash MX 2004, covering its interface, its drawing and color tools, animation basics, symbols and instances, motion, buttons, movie clips, ActionScript, sound, components and forms, and more. It includes a CD-ROM which contains Quick Time tutorials, and project and sample files.
9781592531103 Packaging makeovers Rockport/Rotovision
Whether a company has been in business for one year or for 100 years, redesigns are an inevitable, expensive part - with vast ramifications - of doing business. So although redesigns are relatively commonplace, they must not be taken lightly. This book deconstructs package redesign, providing vital information for the business owner, who has to make this all-important decision as well as for the designer who must execute the project. Our society is susceptible to messages sent by cleverly designed packaging. Whereas a budget-minded consumer might be drawn to inexpensive-looking boxes, someone looking for a pure, organic line of cosmetics would be attracted to upscale black-and-gold embossed packages. Designs use many tactics to grab attention. This book walks readers through the various approaches to packaging design as well as the various reasons for a redesign such as outdated packaging, a change of focus or market or in the target customer etc, so that business people and designers can choose the right strategy for their products and audiences.
9781403903129 Advanced Engineering Mathematics Palgrave
This revised and expanded best-selling advanced engineering mathematics textbook offers everything a student needs. Including four new topics and with several other topics extended in their coverage, this is a comprehensive course for all undergraduates in engineering and science from second year level onwards. Its highly successful technique-oriented approach guides the student through the development of each topic. There are hundreds of worked examples and exercises. Advanced Engineering Mathematics is the new edition of Further Engineering Mathematics (third edition), and companion volume to Engineering Mathematics (fifth edition) which has sold more than half a million copies world-wide.
9780446614634 Connelly Mic Narrows Intl Hachette Book Group
9783540212805 Gordon Psoriasis and Psoriatic Arthritis Springer
In the past decade it has become increasingly clear that psoriatic disease, both of the skin and joints, can be a significant diagnostic and therapeutic challenge for the physician and a debilitating illness for the patient. At the same time, advances in genetics and immunology have increased our understanding of the pathophysiology of psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis. This text contains a comprehensive discussion by an international group of experts in psoriatic disease of the pathomechanisms, genetics, diagnosis, and treatment of psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis. The information is presented in parallel in order to emphasize the similarities and differences between these two diseases that so commonly occur together. We believe that this approach will make this text an important resource for all practitioners who treat patients with psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis.
9780198564942 Young, Ian D Medical genetics Oxford Academ
A textbook on medical genetics designed for medical students, which covers the core curriculum with emphasis on clinical relevance supplemented by clinical, historical and social vignettes to sustain and stimulate the reader's interest. The book takes a student-friendly approach to the subject by using numerous figures, case histories, summary panels, and bullet lists. Each chapter concludes with a selection of multiple choice questions to test the student's knowledge and to help them prepare for exams.
9781405134705 Braunchereau Unexpected Challenges in Vascular Surgery.2005 Wiley
Despite accurate preoperative assessment and adequate preparation, unexpected and sometimes disastrous situations can occur during vascular and endovascular procedures. Vascular and endovascular surgeons should therefore also be familiar with skills and techniques to solve unforeseen intraoperative complications. The 2005 EVC-book addresses the most important issues with wich surgeons can be faced during vascular and endovascular procedures, including thirteen chapters on aortic neck problems during open and endovascular repair, ruptured clamp sites, ureteral lesions, unintentional covering of side branches, totally calcified aorta and embolization. Accidental conditions during carotid and lower limb revascularization are covered in six chapters and additional challenges are described in another seven chapters
9781572153608 John James Audubon Grange Books
9780333907504 Cruz Smith M Wolves Eat Dogs Pan Macmillan
All night earthmovers tore at the old city and dug widening pools of light to raise a modern, vertical Moscow more like Houston or Dubai. It was a Moscow that Pasha Ivanov had helped to create, a shifting landscape of tectonic plates and lava flows and fatal missteps...So why is Pasha Ivanov - one of Russia's richest oligarch's - lying dead on the pavement outside his luxury high-rise apartment, his death an apparent open-and-shut suicide? Senior Investigator Arkady Renko has never been one to take evidence at face value and when Ivanov's wardrobe is found to be full of salt - and contaminated with radioactive cesium - his investigations take him to the notorious exclusion zone, the area around Chernobyl deserted and forgotten for almost two decades. "The Zone" is a place of mystery, danger - and sometimes unimaginable beauty. But everyone risks their life just by being there...
9780553572889 Claremont, C Shadow Star Random House (USA)
In order to prevent the dragons from being used as pawns to rule the Realms, Elora Danan has slain them and made herself protector of two of their eggs.
9780786931965 Knaak, Richa Night of Blood Random House (USA)
The first volume in a new trilogy, a follow-up to the War of Souls series, follows the adventures and exploits of the minotaurs as they become caught up in the chaos, fallout, and changing destinies that resulted from the War of Souls. Reprint.
9780335214600 Bowling HB of Research Methods in Health.2005 McGraw-Hill
Helps researchers to plan, carry out, and analyse health research, and evaluate the quality of research studies. This book is suitable for researchers and postgraduate students taking masters courses, or undertaking doctoral programmes, in health services evaluation, health sciences, health management, public health, nursing, and sociology.
9781403943514 Tseng, Wanda India and China s Recent Experience with Reform and Growth Palgrave
China and India already rank among the world's largest economies, and each is moving rapidly towards the centre stage of the global economy. In this process different priorities have been placed on economic reforms the past two decades - China taking a more outward strategy and India, until recently, a more inward one. Can they continue to rank among the fastest expanding economies? This volumes addresses the issue, highlighting what has worked and what more needs to be done to ensure sustained rapid economic growth and poverty reduction. Addressing the two countries' recent experiences with growth and reform, this book provides important insight for other developing economies.
9780789208637 Antonio Quat Italian Frescoes 1: The Age of Giotto 1280-1400 Abbeville Press
A comprehensive survey of the surviving Italian frescoes from the end of the Middle Ages to the Renaissance and Mannerism. This book offers a descriptive and interpretive essay on all aspects of fresco painting, covering the artists and their patrons in the context of their cultural and political history.
9780007166343 KJV Pocket Christening Bible HarperCollins UK
One of Booktrack's best-selling Bibles, now with a new hard slipcase and attractive binding, this pocket-sized white Bible is an ideal gift for anyone being Christened. The full text of the ever-popular Authorized King James Version Bible, with all its literary beauty and poetic grandeur, in an attractive small size and with beautiful binding and slipcase making it an ideal gift.
9788174363404 Arms & Armour Grange Books
Traces the development of the weapons of the Indian warriors, from the earliest to the modern times.
9780323018852 Gregory Gins Requisites in Gastroenterology Series Volume 4 Elsevier Science
In this volume established experts clarify the essentials in Endoscopy and GI Radiology offering practice-proven information including differential diagnosis, pitfalls and evidence-based perspectives. Contents lists are included at the start of each chapter so you can instantly see what's on offer, and helpfillustrations, boxes and tables get you to the information that you need remarkably quickly.
9780804836968 Japan Houses Tuttle
9780142437766 Dunsany, Alf In the Land of Time, and Other Fantasy Tales Penguin USA
This selection brings together tales from across the author's entire career. Liberal selections of earlier tales - including the entire Gods of Pegana as well as such notable works as "Idle Days of the Yann" and "The Fortress Unvanquishable, Save for Sacnoth" - are followed by memorable later tales, including several about the garrulous traveler Joseph Jorkens and the outrageous murder tale "The Two Bottles of Relish."
9780711223844 Sandra Berre Italian Memorial Sculpture Frances Lincoln
Italian monumental sculpture of the 19th and early 20th centuries is among the most remarkable ever made, and remains surprisingly unknown. Its emotional charge is caught in this collection of specially taken photographs, while the scholarly texts analyse the iconographic, cultural and art historical background to the works.
9780198742067 British Cultural Stud.- Geogr.Nation.Id Oxford Academ
British Cultural Studies includes over thirty essays written by expert contributors, covering almost every aspect of culture and identity in Britain today and addressing the current transformations of British culture and identity in the context of globalization. The opening section of the book deals with different conceptions of Britishness and identity, including English, Scottish, Irish, Welsh, Asian and Black British identities. Section Two then analyses the interplay between tradition and heritage in contemporary culture, whilst the final section looks at the world of lifestyle groups, subcultures, and cultural politics and the way in which they have come in many ways to substitute for notions of Britishness.
9780721601892 Carl Burtis Tietz Textbook of Clinical Chemistry and Molecular Diagnostics, Elsevier Science
Provides the guidance necessary to select, perform, and evaluate the results of established laboratory tests. This book attempts to bridge the gap between the clinical laboratory and medical management by relating pathophysiology to analytical results in health and disease. It also describes variables that affect tests and results.
9781858942759 Car Badges Merrell
A guide to the design, development and meaning of every car logo worldwide, examining 125 car emblems including every logo currently in use as well as fascinating examples now only to be found on vintage and classic cars. A reference for every car lover - for the home or glove compartment.
9780500342183 Judy A. Jura Architectural Surfaces Thames & Hudson
Foreword by Peter Pennoyer; 1. Walls; 2. Facades; 3. Ornaments & Mouldings; 4. Columns, Posts & Arches; 5. Windows; 6. Doorways; 7. Ceilings & Roofs; 8. Floors & Pavement; Glossary, bibliography and Sources; 2 Free CD-ROMs.
9781416001690 Gerald Fenic Clinical Pediatric Neurology Elsevier Science
Featuring the work of Dr. Fenichel-one of the world's foremost pediatric neurologists-the completely revised and updated 5th Edition reflects the many new advances in the field. Organized by chief complaint, this resource features clear algorithms that smoothly guide readers step by step from presenting symptoms...through evaluation and management. Thorough discussions clearly define age at onset, course of illness, discriminating features, treatment options, and more.
9780575076266 Simmons Dan Hyperion Omnibus Orion Publishers
The Hyperion books are credited with single-handedly reinventing and reinvigorating SF in the 1990s. A broad canvased, hugely imaginative and exciting SF epic, the books draw on the works of Keats and provide a uniquely intelligent and literary approach with cutting edge science, compelling characterisation and edge-of-your-seat excitement. The story is continued in ENDYMION and THE RISE OF ENDYMION, which Gollancz will also be publishing in an omnibus volume.
9783822836620 Fetish Girls Anova
9780721600055 Christopher Diagnostic Gynecologic and Obstetric Pathology, Elsevier Science
Here is today's most reliable, practical source of guidance on the diagnosis of both neoplastic and non-neoplastic lesions of the female reproductive tract. This book provides all of the assistance needed to arrive at accurate diagnoses and relevant clinical prognoses through an examination of a specimen's distinct pathologic features and morphologic patterns and landmarks. More than 2,000 outstanding photographs and photomicrographs capture the distinct appearance a full range of normal and abnormal findings.
9782843233920 Roberto Cavalli Hb Assouline
9780307275127 Goldberg Bee Season Random House (USA)
9780521531924 O Grady How Children Learn Language Paperback Cambridge Academ
Adults tend to take language for granted - until they have to learn a new one. Then they realize how difficult it is to get the pronunciation right, to acquire the meaning of thousands of new words, and to learn how those words are put together to form sentences. Children, however, have mastered language before they can tie their shoes. In this engaging and accessible book, William OGrady explains how this happens, discussing how children learn to produce and distinguish among sounds, their acquisition of words and meanings, and their mastery of the rules for building sentences. How Children Learn Language provides readers with a highly readable overview not only of the language acquisition process itself, but also of the ingenious experiments and techniques that researchers use to investigate his mysterious phenomenon. It will be of great interest to anyone - parent or student - wishing to find out how children acquire language.
9780080441689 Zaytoon Discrete Event Systems 2004 Elsevier Science
9780552772747 Kinsella Sop Undomestic Goddess Transworld Publishers
The story of a girl who needs to slow down. To find herself. To fall in love. And to discover what an iron is for...Samantha is a high-powered lawyer in London. She works all hours, has no home life, and cares only about getting a partnership. She thrives on the pressure and adrenalin. Until one day...she makes a mistake. A mistake so huge, it'll wreck her career. She walks right out of the office, gets on the first train she sees, and finds herself in the middle of nowhere. Asking for directions at a big, beautiful house, she is mistaken for the interviewee housekeeper and finds herself being offered the job. They have no idea they've hired a Cambridge-educated lawyer with an IQ of 158 - Samantha has no idea how to work the oven. Disaster ensues. It's chaos as Samantha battles with the washing machine...the ironing board...and attempts to cook a cordon bleu dinner. But gradually, she falls in love with her new life in a wholly unexpected way. Will her employers ever diover the truth? Will Samantha's old life ever catch up with her? And if it does...will she want it back?
9780727916051 Gibson Evidence-based Respiratory Medicine Wiley
9780006512134 Tony Parsons Man and Boy HarperCollins UK
A fabulously engaging and exciting novel about a man who has to learn about life and love the hard way. Harry Silver has it all. A successful job in TV, a gorgeous wife, a lovely child. And in one moment of madness, he chucks it all away. Man and Boy is the story of how he comes to termith his life and achieves a degree of self-respect, bringing up his son alone and, gradually, learning what words like love and family really mean. It is very well written, pacy, funny, and heart-breakingly moving.
9780586091593 Jack Kerouac Visions of Cody HarperCollins UK
This is a celebration of the life of Neal Cassady, the author's friend and inspiration. The son of a Denver drop-out, brought up homeless and motherless during the Depression, Cassady - novelized as Cody - lived his life raw, hustling in pool halls, stealing cars and living wild.
9780380977420 Stephenson, Quicksilver HarperCollins USA
At last! The eagerly awaited, intensely anticipated first installment in New York Times bestselling author Neal Stephensons grand new multi-volume epic, The Baroque Cycle.
9780786936540 Lost Empires of Faerun Random House (USA)
9780006482130 Julian May Perseus Spur HarperCollins UK
A major new science fiction series from bestselling author Julian May. 'I was living in pleasant anonymity under the name of Helmut Icicle, taking smartass sport-divers out on holocam trips around the reefs of Kedge-Lockaby. Fourteen thousand light years away from civilization, K-L's a freesoil planet way out in the boondocks, and that's the way I like it: it makes life easier if no-one asks nosy questions. 'So one minute there I was, subbing around Brillig Reef; the next thing I know, some giant sea-toad has eaten my house and I'm caught up in a galactic conspiracy! Fm gently coaxing an ageing submersible around the shores of K-L to piloting a state-of-the-art Javelin starship may seem like a big jump: but when it looks as if the future course of human civilization is under threat, it's a hell of a motivator.' Perseus Spur delivers everything readers have come to expect from worldwide bestseller Julian May: galactic scope, high adventure, humour, and complex political intrigue in a finely worked balance.
9780521672900 Guy Brook-Ha Business Benchmark Upper Intermediate Teacher s Resource Book BEC and BULATS edition Cambridge University Press
Business Benchmark is a brand new 3-level Business English course for BEC or BULATS exams and can also be used independently of these exams for general Business English courses. The Student's Book provides lower-intermediate level students with essential business language and vocabulary and provides training and practice for the BEC Preliminary exam, using real BEC exam tasks provided by Cambridge ESOL.
9780552771627 O Farrell Jo May contain nuts Transworld Publishers
Alice never imagined that she would end up like this. Is she the only mother who feels so permanently panic-stricken at the terrors of the modern world - or is it normal to sit up in bed all night popping bubble wrap? She worries that too much gluten and dairy may be hindering her children's mental arithmetic. She frets that there are too many cars on the road to let them out of the 4x4. Finally she resolves to take control and tackler biggest worry of all: her daughter is definitely not going to fail that crucial secondary school entrance exam. Because Alice has decided to take the test in her place...With his trademark comic eye for detail, John O'Farrell has produced a funny and provocative book that will make you laugh, cry and vow never to become that sort of parent. And then you can pass it on to your seven-year-old, because she really ought to be reading grown-up novels by now...
9780199277872 Lesk Introduction to Bioinformatics Oxford Academ
Introduces the student to the power of bioinformatics as a set of scientific tools. This book explains how to access the data archives of genomes and proteins, and the kind of questions these data and tools can answer - how to make inferences from the data archives, to make connections among them, and to derive useful and interesting predictions.
9780752877099 McDougall Romanitas Orion Publishers
In 2756 AC (2003 AD in Christian terms), magnetic railways span Roman territory from Persia to Terranova, and mechanised crucifixes are ranked along the banks of the Thames. As volume one of ROMANITAS opens, Marcus Novius Faustus Leo, heir apparent to the Imperial throne, is mourning the death of his parents following a tragic accident. However, as information about the last days of his father's life becomes known to him, Marcus realises that his father's death was no accident and that his own life is in danger. Meanwhile, an escaped slave girl called Una, who possesses the power to look inside others' minds, struggles to save her brother, Sulien, from a London prison ship. In a fortune teller's stall in a Gallic flea-market, Marcus, Una and Sulien's paths cross, and the fate of the Empire rests on their shoulders...
9781561587407 Bungalows Updating Taunton Press
9780198607212 McFarland, D A Dictionary of Animal Behaviour Oxford University Press
Did you know that chickens have different alarm calls for different predators? This fascinating dictionary covers every aspect of animal behaviour and includes terms from the related fields of ecology, physiology and psychology. Clear, concise entries are backed up by specific examples where appropriate, covering all aspects of behaviour from aggression to courtship, and fully cross-referenced. The author, David McFarland, was formerly head of the Animal Behaviour Research Group at Oxford University, and the editor of the Oxford Companion to Animal Behaviour (1981). Jargon free and informative, this dictionary is an excellent source of reference for students of biology and psychology, and essential reading for naturalists, bird-watcher and the general reader with an interest in animal behaviour.
9781561582983 Fine Woodwor Finishes & Finishing Techniques GMC
This reference for beginner woodworkers features all the finishes and finishing techniques that have to be learned in order to produce a professional-looking result. The book includes colour illustrations and professional, trade secrets
9780918804730 Fine Woodwor Spindle Turning Taunton Press
Instructions for using a lathe, turner's gouge, and skew chisel are accompanied by plans for making a wooden flute, bedposts, a baseball bat, and wooden tops.
9780471253563 Eleanora E. African American Musicians Wiley
Twenty-five inspiring biographical profiles span two centuries of African American historyThis lively collection of profiles tells the inspiring stories of twenty-five African American musicians: both the legendary and the forgotten musical heroes whose contributions to the industry were invaluable to those who later followed in their footsteps. Each well-rounded biography covers a musician's origins, challenges, and accomplishments. - Includes many music industry giants, as well as lesser-known names - Boxed features highlight significant achievements and provide historical anecdotes and context - Includes a timeline, index notes, a bibliography, and a glossary Eleanora E. Tate (Morehead, NC) is an award-winning children's book author. Her honors include a CBC/NCSS Notable Children's Trade Book in the Fields of Social Studies. Jim Haskins (New York, NY) is Professor of English Literature at the University of Florida, Gainesville, and the author of more than one hundred nonfiction books for young readers. His awards include the Washington Post Children's Book Award and the Coretta Scott King Book Award.
9780470866948 Timo Halonen GSM, GPRS and EDGE Performance: Evolution Towards 3G/UMTS, 2nd Edition Wiley
A Nokia engineer and two Spanish colleagues update their overview of the global system for mobile telecommunications. The secoedition includes information on GERAN Rel'5 and Rel'6 functionality, including single antenna interference cancellation; adds a chapter on service performance; expands the QoS chapter to cover end-to-end system aspects; a
9780471694182 Nicolas C. D Short Protocols in Human Genetics Wiley
"Short Protocols in Human Genetics" is a compendium of methods from "Current Protocols in Human Genetics", part of the well-known seri that set the standard of excellence for laboratory manuals. "Short Protocols in Human Genetics" provides coverage of the latest methods in human genetics, including collecting family histories and pedigrees, linkage analysis, molecular genetics, physical mapping, clinical testing, and cytogenetics.
9780471484837 Arthur W. B Treating Drug Problems Wiley
Part of the new "Treating Addictions" series, "Treating Drug Problems" is full of practical information on assessing, diagnosing, and treating drug problems, and represents an invaluable tool for anyone who works with clients experiencing drug dependence or addiction.
9780471773467 Romanus Wolt Kick Start Your Success: Four Powerful Steps to Get What You Want Out of Your Life, Career, and Business Wiley
Just the kick-in-the-pants people need to accomplish anything. In "Kick Start Your Success", author Romanus Wolter introduces readers to a simple, four-step process for achieving important goals in their life and work. The Success Coach Columnist at "Entrepreneur" magazine, Wolter builds a solid foundation for success with simple steps that lead to real improvement. Wolter catapults people from the feeling "I want to do this " to the discipline, skill, and mastery it takes to accomplish anything. Those steps are defining your own goals and your own expectation of success; converting your dream into words that bring your purpose into focus; finding your voice through positive speech and powerful achievement; and propelling your goal to reality by inspiring others to share their ideas and opportunities. "Kick Start Your Success" helps start the conversation of a lifetime, establishing the conviction necessary to succeed. Romanus Wolter (San Francisco, CA) is known as "The Kick Start Guy." The author of the bestselling "Kick Start Your Dream Business" (1-58008-251-3), he is the Success Coach Columnist at "Entrepreneur" magazine, as well as a popular radio host and public speaker. He was recently the director of the Small Business Development Center in San Francisco.
9781859417560 Rowland et a Information Technology Law Taylor&Francis
Information Technology Law changes and develops at a rapid pace as the law seeks to respond and progress alongside technological advances. This new edition examines the current challenges presented to the law by this exciting subject. It deals with developments in areas such as Criminal Law, Tort, Contract and Intellectual Property Law, which have all occurred in a direct response to a growth in technology. Current issues discussed in the third edition include: recent case law on software patents and a consideration of the EU proposals for harmonization; new developments in data protection and the Internet including cookies, spam and data retention; Internet auction fraud; in-depth discussion on viruses, Trojan horses and denial of service attacks; responses to the Council of Europe Cybercrime Convention; the impact of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and Directive 2001/29/EC; and copyright and file-sharing, including the recent Supreme Court decision in MGM v Grokster. Written with law students in mind, the text provides technical explanations where necessary and is supported throughout by extracts from a wide range of cases and materials.
9780553213812 Montgomery, The Further Chronicles of Avonlea Random House (USA)
9780821227619 Mario Testin Mario Testino Portraits Hachette Book Group
9781416503347 Weiner, Jenn In Her Shoes Simon & Schuster
9780486996349 Grafton Caro Medieval Herb, Plant and Flower Illustrations CD-ROM and Book Dover
9788496429024 Escaparates Monsa
9788847003354 Schneider MRI of the Liver. 2006 Springer
9780394759975 Himes Ch Heat s On Random House (USA)
From the start nothing goes right for black detectives Coffin Ed Johnson and Grave Digger Jones. Grave Digger is shot, both are disciplined for using excessive force and the bodies still keep piling up. Yet the detectives still can't find an albo called Pinky and $3 million-worth of heroin.
9780470094785 Lin, Chinlon Broadband Optical Access Networks and Fiber-to-the-Home Wiley
Presents a technical overview of technologies and deployment strategies for optical broadband access networks and broadband services. This book offers an introduction to developments in broadband access network technologies and services. It examines the impact of research and development in photonics technologies on broadband access and FTTH.
9781592532193 Innovative promotions at work Rockport/Rotovision
9781841846187 Schoenhagen Cardiac Ct Made Easy Informa
Combining the in-depth coverage of a text with the diagnostic utility of a manual, this superb guide provides an introduction to the principles of MDCT for cardiovascular applications from the perspective of the CT technologist and the clinician.
9780752880709 Raymound Kho The Last Templar Orion Publishers
A superb and bestselling debut novel in the tradition of LABYRINTH or THE DA VINCI CODE...
9780349119779 Sedaris,Davi Naked Little, Brown
*A collection of personal essays - surprising, disarming, heartbreakingly funny - from the #1 bestselling writer Time named America`s Favorite Humorist.
9780141028125 Elizabeth Ga North and South Penguin Books Ltd
When her father leaves the Church, Margaret Hale is uprooted from her home in Hampshire to move with her family to the North of England. Initially repulsed by the ugliness of her new surroundings in the town of Milton, Margaret becomes aware of the poverty and suffering of local mill workers and develops a passionate sense of social justice.
9780141008257 Jonathan Saf Everything Is Illuminated Penguin Books Ltd
A young man arrives in the Ukraine, clutching in his hand a tattered photograph. He is searching for the woman who fifty years ago saved his grandfather from the Nazis. Unfortunately, he is aided in his quest by Alex, a translator with an uncanny ability to mangle English into bizarre new forms.
9780060572976 Harrison, Ki Good, the Bad, and the Undead HarperCollins USA
Rachel Morgans back, and in more trouble than ever! Fans of Laurell K. Hamilton and other vampire novels wont want to miss the second novel in Kim Harrisons addicting--and already bestselling--supernatural series.
9782080305305 Simon Marsde Ghosthunter Thames & Hudson
9783805579148 Bogousslasky Neurological Disorders in Famous Artists Karger
9781860498046 Fitch,Janet White Oleander Little, Brown
A novel that is as beautiful and as dangerous as the Oleander Chosen by Oprah Winfrey for her booclub Over a million copies in print
9780425209585 Francis Dick In the frame Penguin USA
9780375706851 Pamuk Orhan My Name is Red Random House (USA)
9783131104724 Gunderman Essential Radiology Thieme Verlagsgruppe
This comprehensive introduction to the essentials of radiology is designed to enable readers to excel at ordering the appropriate examination and reliably interpreting basic imaging findings. Organized around the major organ systems, it situates imaging within the larger context of the patient's clinical presentation, the pathophysiology of the disease or injury, the analysis and differential diagnosis of imaging findings, and the integration of each into patient management. Special features include:
  • Concise reviews of key anatomic and physiologic principles
  • Full integration of pathophysiology and imaging findings
  • More than 600 exquisite illustrations demonstrating important concepts
  • Mini-atlas of essential cross-sectional anatomy of the brain, chest, and abdomen
  • Essential Radiology is an invaluable reference for learning how to make full use of radiology's extraordinary promise in diagnosing disease and enhancing patient care. Instructors will find this an ideal book for course adoption.
    9781416035060 Scott Kozin Pediatric Fractures, Dislocations and Sequelae, An Issue of Hand Clinics,22-1 Elsevier Science
    9780099268550 Tremain, Ros Music & Silence Random House
    In 1629, a young English lutenist named Peter Claire arrives at the Danish Court to join King Christian IV`s Royal Orchestra. From the moment when he realises that the musicians have to perform in a freezing cellar underneath the royal apartments, he understands that he`s come to a place where the opposing states are waging war to the death.
    9780500300831 Val?rie Beri Mughal India Thames & Hudson
    An account of the achievements of the Mughal Empire, which dominated India for three centuries. Under enlightened patrons such as Akbar the Great in the 16th century and Shah Jahan in the 17th century, this vast Muslim empire produced paintings and architecture of exceptional quality.
    9780500542248 Walker Evans Signs Thames & Hudson
    9781405126618 Rudolf Paediatrics and Child Health. 2006.IE Wiley
    Focuses on the full development of a child from newborn all the way through to adolescence. This book features photographs and line drawings to help readers visualise the concepts and procedures. It is suitable for medical students, junior doctors on Foundation Programmes, General Practitioners, paediatric nurses and MRCPCH examination candidates.
    9788876240935 Milco Carbon Sottsass 700 Drawings Thames & Hudson
    9781932531251 Bernstein Hot stock market strategies McGraw-Hill
    9780500051108 Michael D. C Reading The Maya Glyphs Thames & Hudson
    This is a compact guide to enable the reading and comprehension of commonly encountered Classic Maya texts. Topics covered include the nature of the script, the intricate Maya calendar, dynastic and political texts, and aspects of the natural and supernatural world in which they lived.
    9780387292212 Bergeron Writing Testbenches using SystemVerilog Springer
    Verification is too often approached in an ad hoc fashion. Visually inspecting simulation results is no longer feasible and the directed test-case methodology is reaching its limit. Moore's Law demands a productivity revolution in functional verification methodology.Writing Testbenches Using SystemVerilog offers a clear blueprint of a verification process that aims for first-time success using the SystemVerilog language. From simulators to source management tools, from specification to functional coverage, from I's and O's to high-level abstractions, from interfaces to bus-functional models, from transactions to self-checking testbenches, from directed testcases to constrained random generators, from behavioral models to regression suites, this book covers it all.Writing Testbenches Using SystemVerilog presents many of the functional verification features that were added to the Verilog language as part of SystemVerilog. Interfaces, virtual modports, classes, program blocks, clocking blocks and others SystemVerilog features are introduced within a coherent verification methodology and usage model.Writing Testbenches Using SystemVerilog introduces the reader to all elements of a modern, scalable verification methodology. It is an introduction and prelude to the verification methodology detailed in the Verification Methodology Manual for SystemVerilog.
    9781905377053 Frogs And Other Amphibians Antique Collectors Club Ltd
    Features colour photographs of frogs and amphibians of various shapes, sizes and colours.
    9780745635194 Habermas Jur Divided West Wiley
    Responding to the dramatic political events of the period since September 11, 2001, this volume maps out a way to move the political agenda forward, beyond the acrimonious debates that have pitched opponents of the war against the Bush Administration and its coalition of the willing. It is useful for students of sociology and politics.
    9781405110457 Oates John, Cognitive and Language Development in Children Wiley
    This title is an up-to-date and accessible account of how thinking and language develop during childhood. The book starts by considering cognition and language in infants and continues to weave together these two areas in subsequent chapters that cover aspects of their development through childhood.
    9781405118040 Gin?s Pere, Ascites and Renal Dysfunction in Liver Disease Wiley
    Addresses the increasing incidence and significance of diseases, such as ascites, renal dysfunction, cirrhosis and hypertension where both organs are involved. This textbook contains information regarding treatment and therapy for patients with cirrhosis and ascites, presented by some of the top international experts within this field.
    9780471498926 Marc Blanche Migrating to IPv6: A Practical Guide to Implementing IPv6 in Mobile and Fixed Networks Wiley
    This first full-length study of Romantic writers` obsession with Napoleon focuses on the writings of Wordsworth, Coleridge, Southey, Byron and Hazlitt. IPv6 stands for Internet Protocol version 6. It is an important milestone for the Internet and for every type of data communication system. It is the underlying protocol which will be used by all traffic on the internet, mobile and corporate networks.
    9780739310083 Kinsella Sop Can You Keep a Secret? Random House (USA)
    9780739340967 Coben Harlan Drop Shot Random House (USA)
    9780679732259 Faulkner Wil As I Lay Dying Random House (USA)
    9780198606789 Curl A Dictionary of Architecture and Landscape Architecture Oxford University Press
    Containing over 5,000 entries from Aalto to ziggurat, this is the comprehensive dictionary of architecture. This book covers various periods of Western architectural history, from ancient times to the modern times. It serves as a useful work of reference for both students of architecture and the general reader, as well as professional architects.
    9780061210068 Eye For Color, An (Pb) HarperCollins USA
    Presents an easy-to-follow system that the author developed to create effective colour patterns, that provide colour combinations without placing those combinations in context.
    9781587790300 ACC The Male Reproductive System Anatomical Chart Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
    Provides anterior and posterior view of the system. Shows the pelvic organ (oblique section) and cross-section of the penis. Illustrates the prostate, perineum, spermatogenesis, testis, and vasculature & innervation.
    9780781741903 Berg Atlas of Adult Physical Diagnosis Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
    "Written by noted physicians and educators at Thomas Jefferson University, this thoroughly illustrated text/atlas is the most comprehensive guide to physical examination techniques and physical diagnosis. Coverage of each anatomic site includes a review of anatomy, a general screening examination, and specific problem-oriented examinations, plus Teaching Points for physicians who precept medical students. A variety of techniques for each site and problem are shown, so that readers can adapt the examination to the patient.
    9780521815291 Edited by Do The Cambridge History of Russia: Vol.2: Imperial Russia 1689-1917 Cambridge Academ
    The second volume of The Cambridge History of Russia covers the imperial period (16891917). It encompasses political, economic, social, cultural, diplomatic, and military history. All the major Russian social groups have separate chapters and the volume also includes surveys on the non-Russian peoples and the government's policies towards them. It addresses themes such as women, law, the Orthodox Church, the police and the revolutionary movement. The volume's seven chapters on diplomatic and military history, and on Russia's evolution as a great power, make it the most detailed study of these issues available in English. The contributors come from the USA, UK, Russia and Germany: most are internationally recognised as leading scholars in their fields, and some emerging younger academics engaged in cutting-edge research have also been included. No other single volume in any language offers so comprehensive, expert and up-to-date an analysis of Russian history in this period.
    9783540229803 Dreyfus Neural Networks Springer
    Neural networks represent a powerful data processing technique that has reached maturity and broad application. When clearly understood and appropriately used, they are a mandatory component in the toolbox of any engineer who wants make the best use of the available data, in order to build models, make predictions, mine data, recognize shapes or signals, etc. Ranging from theoretical foundations to real-life applications, this book is intended to provide engineers and researchers with clear methodologies for taking advantage of neural networks in industrial, financial or banking applications, many instances of which are presented in the book. For the benefit of readers wishing to gain deeper knowledge of the topics, the book features appendices that provide theoretical details for greater insight, and algorithmic details for efficient programming and implementation. The chapters have been written by experts and edited to present a coherent and comprehensive, yet not redundant, practically oriented introduction.
    9780486265209 Easy-to-Do Flower Patterns for Woodcarvers Dover
    0000003781119 Gene Subscriptions for the year 2008, 42 issues Elsevier Science
    9780808923596 Andreoli Cecil Essentials of Medicine 7/E Sc. 2007 Elsevier Science
    9780071253208 Berk Medicine: Pretest Self-Assessment & Review McGraw-Hill
    9780340896235 King Stephen Dark Tower III: The Waste Lands Hodder
    9781856694704 Gavin Lucas Guerrilla Advertising (PB) Thames & Hudson
    Shows international examples of the varied and inventive tactics that are being used by big-name brands, non-profit organizations and individuals to promote themselves, their ideas and their products.
    9780521675802 Raymond Murp Essential Grammar in Use Third edition Edition with answers Cambridge University Press
    A new edition of the successful Essential Grammar in Use.Essential Grammar in Use Third edition is a fully updated version of the bestselling grammar title. Now in full colour, with new content and even more exercises, this updated edition retains all the key features of clarity and ease-of-use that have made the book so popular with students and teachers.The book is also available with an exciting and substantial brand new CD-ROM which offers a wealth of extra practice material, covering all the language in Essential Grammar in Use Third edition.
    9780340839492 Jill Paton W the wyndham case Hodder
    Booker shortlisted author Jill Paton Walsh introduces us to popular detective Imogen Quy
    9780764312991 Milt Liebson Direct Wood Sculpture Schiffer
    This is a book that explores into two worlds, the appreciation of wood as medium for sculpture and a practical look of technique. The history of sculpting directly into wood is explored, illustrated with many classic examples of the art, from ancient Egypt to the twentieth century. But this book is also a vital resource for those seeking to create sculpture in wood. A complete description of the qualities and types of wood, tools (both hand and power), techniques, and finishing, complements discussions of the art form and philosophy. Also included is wisdom about making a living as a sculptor, that the author has accumulated over the decades. Direct Wood Sculpture is heavily illustrated with over 200 photographs, most in color, plus drawings of the tools need for sculpting in wood. This will be an invaluable addition to the sculptor or carvers library.
    9780764313820 Sean O Neal Elvis Presley Memorabilia Schiffer
    Elvis Presley wears another crown besides the King of Rock N Roll--he also is the King of Collectibility. Nearly a quarter century after his death, items bearing Elviss name and likeness are in hot demand. In this comprehensive book, renowned Elvis expert Sean ONeal chronicles the Elvis phenomenon in more than 600 color photographs. Commercially produced memorabilia, novelties, magazines, promotional pieces, and movie paraphernalia recount Elviss life and career. Items range from concert posters, to paint by number sets, to the Presley family bible. Every item is presented with its current market price. A special section provides tips on how to avoid counterfeit memorabilia and forged autographs. Also included is a history of Elvis Presley Enterprises, the original creator of Elvis merchandise. This fascinating reference book is the definitive guide to collecting Elvis.
    9780764319235 Thomas M. J World War II German War Booty Schiffer
    This new illustrated book by noted Third Reich edged weapon author, collector, and dealer Thomas Johnson explores the vast array of militaria liberated from Germany by U.S. soldiers during the Second World War. The book contains over 580 beautiful full-color, large-format photographs of German daggers, swords, helmets, uniforms, insignia, award documents, weapons, and many other rare and unusual items. Also included is a generous selection of World War II era photographs showing many items in the act of being liberated.
    9780764319990 Dee Hockenb Historical Teddy Bear Schiffer
    Teddy bears have been made and loved for more than a hundred years. Over 600 beautiful color and black & white images present the toy in all its forms, from the earliest produced in 1902 right up to today. The manufacturers include Ideal, Steiff, Bing, Columbia Manufacturing, Gund, North American Bears, Merrythought, Bruin Manufacturing, and many others. An engaging text provides a history of the toy bears, their manufacturers and artists, and the passionate collectors who have pursued them. Additionally, valuable information covers associated memorabilia and teddy bear auctions. A bibliography, index, and values in the captions complete this loving tribute to teddy bears. Collectors, connoisseurs, and everyone who had a teddy as a special friend will enjoy this book.
    9780764322297 James C. McC World War II Parade Uniforms of the Soviet Union Schiffer
    New for World War II Soviet collectors, this volume of Marshals, Generals and Admirals parade uniforms is the first comprehensive book on the subject. With hundreds of beautiful, large format full-color photographs, detailed close-ups of uniforms, and an archive of vintage photographs, this book will take you on a visual journey through the development of the Soviet World War II flag rank parade uniform. Many extremely rare and never before seen examples of named Marshals, Generals and Admirals uniforms, including many different branch variants, are shown in their full glory. A must for the serious World War II collector and a welcomed addition to any library, this book offers a stunning visual glimpse of some of the most beautiful uniforms of the Great Patriotic War.
    9780764324666 Chris Blanch 20th Century Decorative British Tiles: Commercial Manufacturers, A-H Schiffer
    For the first time, this book uncovers the fascinating history and diverse design of decorative ceramic tiles in Britain during the 20th century. Following extensive research and study, author Chris Blanchett, a well-known British tile enthusiast and collector, has compiled the story of the companies and their products, including the major influences that affected design and manufacture during this vibrant period.Together with its companion title, this publication contains nearly 2500 striking color photographs and illustrates the work of over 110 companies, large and small. Among the firms profiled here are Carter & Co., Kenneth Clark Ceramics, Dorincourt, Henry Doulton & Co., Florian Studios, and many more. A third volume in the series covers the numerous craft and studio tile makers that flourished in the 20th century, particularly during the second half.Each book features an entry for each maker, listing all known addresses, a short history of the firm and its products, a gallery of tile images, and a section on identification and dating. A bibliography is included as well as a glossary, comprehensive index, and price guide. This beautiful and informative book is an essential reference for all who are fascinated with the art of tile.
    9780764326219 Jeff Warner U.S. Navy Uniforms in World War II Series v.3 Schiffer
    Volume Three in the series, this book is a detailed examination of the uniforms and equipment used by elite and specialty units of the American Navy during World War II. Collectors and history scholars will marvel at the array of previously unpublished text and imagery covering such elusive subjects as pre-war landing parties, the Seabees, Naval Beach Battalions, Naval Combat Demolition Units and Underwater Demolition Teams. Obscure and little known specialties are also highlighted including Scouts and Raiders, Beach Jumpers, Shore Fire Control Parties, Hard-Hat Salvage Divers and more. Hundreds of rare and exceptional artifacts are showcased in addition to complete original uniforms modeled in realistic settings with accurate descriptions of their wartime use. Condensed unit histories of the Seabee battalions, beach battalions, UDT teams and NCDU teams are also cataloged for the first time in one volume.
    9780141010823 Townsend Sue Ghost Children Penguin Books Ltd
    Whilst walking his dog on the heath, a horrifying discovery compels Christopher Moore to confront Angela Carr about the past, and they discover, after all this time, that they still have strong feelings for one another. Can they be happy together at last? Or will the mistakes of the past eclipse their bright future?
    9781416521099 Lawmer Long Twilight Simon & Schuster
    9780764300806 Thomas L. Je Panzertruppen: Vol II, 1943-1945 Schiffer
    This companion volume presents how the Panzertruppen fought during their defensive struggle with details on the units, organizations, types of Panzers, and tactics.
    9780132410656 William Klug Essentials of Genetics: International Edition Pearson Education
    9781405146876 Addy M Lois, Occupational Therapy Evidence in Practice for Physical Rehabilitation Wiley
    * Translates the rhetoric of evidence-based practice into real clinical settings * Allows students and practitioners to engage more readily with best practice * Includes worked examples in case study format * Provides coverage that spans a range of client groups and settings .
    9781844080397 Du Maurier D Jamaica Inn Little, Brown
    On a bitter November evening, young Mary Yellan journeys across the rainswept moors to Jamaica Inn to honour her mother`s dying request. The warning of the coachman echoes in her memory as, terrified of the inn`s brooding power, she becomes ensnared in the dark schemes enacted behind its walls.
    9780273655763 Knut Sydsaet Further Mathematics for Economic Analysis Pearson Education
    Intended for advanced undergraduate and graduate economics students, this book presents the mathematical tools required for advanced courses in economic theory - both micro and macro. It features sections in which each major section includes worked examples, as well as problems that range in difficulty from quite easy to more challenging.
    9780552774017 Newbery, L. Set in Stone Transworld Publishers
    When Samuel Godwin, a young and naive art tutor, accepts a job with the Farrow family at their majestic home, little does he expect to come across such a web of secrets and lies. His two tutees are as different as chalk and cheese.
    9780141031583 McGovern Eye Contact Penguin Books Ltd
    9781857093223 Renoir Landscapes: 1865-1883 Yale University Press
    9780316027601 Joshua Ferri Then we came to the end Hachette Book Group
    9780930403416 Currey Aircraft Landing Gear Design Eurospan
    9781400033720 Kaku, Michio Parallel Worlds Random House (USA)
    9781575864211 Grimshaw Words and Structure Wiley
    9780571224449 Burton Tim The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy Faber
    Twenty-three illustrated gothic tales from the dark corridors of the imagination of the creative genius behind Batman, Edward Scissorhands and Big Fish. Burton`s lovingly lurid illustrations evoke both the sweetness and tragedy of a cast of gruesomely sympathetic children - hopeful, yet hapless beings.
    9780571193783 Pamuk Orhan The New Life Faber
    A parable about love, literature and fanaticism. A young university student becomes obsessed with a magical book that delves into the dangerous natures of love and self. Abandoning his studies and his family, he goes with the beautiful Janan on a search for the meaning of the book`s darker secrets.
    9780743436748 Thor, Brad The Lions of Lucerne Simon & Schuster
    In the tradition of bestselling authors such as Jack Higgins and Clive Cussler, a new voice in thriller writing has emerged to rival any of the masters. When the president is kidnapped during his ski holiday in Colorado, disavowed Secret Service Agent Scott Harvath is his only hope of rescue. As the FBI and CIA chase a string of dangerously false clues across the Middle East, Agent Harvath's investigation leads him to Switzerland.

    Throughout the picturesque towns of Bern, Interlaken and Lucerne, Harvath plays a deadly game of cat and mouse with the real kidnappers, as well as rogue factions within his own government that want him terminated before he can save the president. With only the ambitious Claudia Muehler of the Swiss Federal Attorney's Office to assist him, the pair are forced to go it alone as they realise the kidnapping plot reaches some of the highest levels of the Swiss Intelligence community. In a race against time, they must scale the treacherous heights of Mt.

    Pilatus, uncover a hidden military fortress secreted beneath its peak, and defeat the formidable force that stands between them and the safe return of the president - the deadly men known as the Lions of Lucerne.
    9780486273754 Kemple, Bria Essential Russian Grammar Dover
    9780571215706 Reynolds Sim Rip it Up and Start Again Faber
    Taking a big-picture view of the post-punk period, this book recreates a time of tremendous urgency and idealism in pop music. It presents many anecdotes and insights, and features the likes of Joy Division, The Fall, Pere Ubu, PiL and Talking Heads. It is of interest to fans of post-punk music.
    9780804837330 Tuttle Concise Indonesian Dictionary Tuttle
    "The Tuttle Concise Indonesian Dictionary" is the most up-to-date and compact Indonesian dictionary currently available, containing 20,000 entries.
    9780521031950 Edited by Hi Mammalian Social Learning Cambridge Academ
    Social learning commonly refers to the social transfer of information and skill among individuals. It encompasses a wide range of behaviours that include where and how to obtain food, how to interact with members of ones own social group, and to identify and respond appropriately to predators. The behaviour of experienced individuals provides natural sources of information, by which inexperienced individuals may learn about the opportunities and hazards of their environment, and develop and modify their own behaviour as a result. A wide diversity of species is discussed in this book, some of which have never been discussed in this context before, and particular reference is made to their natural life strategies. Social learning in humans is also considered by comparison with other mammals, especially in their technological and craft traditions. Moreover, a discussion is included of the social learning abilities of prehistoric hominids.
    9781741046083 Madagascar & comoros 6 Lonely Planet
    According to the UNWTO, Madagascar experienced a 73.1 per cent increase in the number of arrivals between 2000 and 2005, a figure double that of Africa as a whole and four times higher than the global average.
    9780330293808 Francis Dick Break In Pan Macmillan
    Family ties mean trouble, chains and fatal obligations. And when steeplechase jockey Kit Fielding comes to the aid of his twin sister and her husband, even death threatens. A former National Hunt jockey, Dick Francis is a well-known thriller writer whose books include "Dead Cert".
    9780721628721 Curtis Slipm Interventional Spine, Elsevier Science
    Intended for anaesthetists, physiatrists, neurologists, interventional radiologists, interventional pain specialists, orthopaedic surgeons, neurosurgeons, and therapists treating painful spinal disorders, this book describes principles that must be understood before patients with spinal pain can be treated.
    9780198569237 Vijg, Jan Aging of the Genome Oxford Academ
    Aging has long been ascribed to the gradual accumulation of mutations in the genome. However, it is only recently that the necessary sophisticated technology has been developed to begin testing this theory and its consequences. This book reviews the concept of genomic instability as a possible universal cause of aging in complex organisms resulting from recent advances in functional genomics and systems biology.
    9780749922641 Allen, David Getting Things Done Little, Brown
    Is your workload overwhelming? This volume aims to teach you how to keep a clear head, relax and organize your thoughts while implementing the organizational methods taught in the book, which include planning and progressing projects, reassessing goals, and overcoming feelings of anxiety.
    9783540401315 Prasad M.N.V Heavy Metal Stress in Plants / From Biomolecules to Ecosystems Springer
    Heavy metal phytotoxicity has been known for more than a century. Therefore, it is astonishing that interest in the effects of heavy metals on organisms has been aroused only recently. Research in the past years, however, has confirmed the immense damage by metal pollution to plants, the soil and ultimately to humans. This completely updated and enlarged second edition gives a state-of-the art review on both field and laboratory work. It deals with the various functional and ecological aspects of heavy metal stress on plants and outlines the scope for future research and the possibilities for remediation.
    9783540443933 Wahlberg Emergency Vascular Surgery Springer
    "Emergency Vascular Surgery" provides detailed guidelines to any physician treating patients with emergency vascular disorders, such as ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysms, acute limb ischemia, vascular trauma, iatrogenic vascular injuries and complications to vascular surgery. It provides an introduction to vascular surgical operations and focuses on how to manage patients from the emergency ward, through the urgent operation and all the way to the immediate postoperative period. Numerous figures illustrate the particular points in vascular techniques and diagnostic problems in the emergency situation.
    9780330446129 James Peter Not Dead Enough Pan Macmillan
    On the night Brian Bishop murdered his wife, he was sixty miles away, asleep in bed at the time. At least, that`s the way it looks to Detective Superintendent Roy Grace who concludes that Bishop has performed the apparently impossible feat of being in two places at once. Has someone stolen his identity, or is he simply a very clever liar?
    9780764193163 Sharpe, Ph.D Practice Exercises for TOEFL (6 Audio CD) 6 Ed. Barron`s educational series, inc
    Reflecting the TOEFL formats, this set of six audio compact discs is designed to prepare students to succeed on both the Paper-Based TOEFL (PBT) and the Internet-Based TOEFL (iBT).
    9780486415871 Dostoyevsky Crime and Punishment Dover
    9781858944036 Panic Attack!: Art in the Punk Years Merrell
    9780553817492 Simon Becket Chemistry of Death Transworld Publishers
    Finding refuge in a rural backwater, Dr David Hunter hoped he might at last have put the past behind him. But then they found what was left of Sally Palmer. It isn`t just that she was a friend that disturbs him. Once he`d been a high-profile forensic anthropologist, before tragedy made him abandon this previous life. Now, the police want his help.
    9780486433448 Sun Ming-Ju Old-Time Children s Fashions Paper Dolls Dover
    9780486448077 Hollingworth Traditional Aran Knitting Dover
    9780486998770 Racinet Augu Racinet s Historic Ornament CD-ROM and Book Dover
    852 Royalty-Free Designs
    9780300075212 Gaskell Vermeer Studies 55 Wiley
    This volume investigates Vermeer's art and the milieu in which he worked. The contributors offer a range of approaches, including technical studies of his paintings, iconological studies of his images, archival studies of his surroundings, and historical studies of the reception of his art.
    9780300089868 Bailey Patriotic Taste Yale University Press
    During the final decades of the ancien regime, prominent collectors in Paris commissioned and collected French paintings of the period, works by Greuze, Fragonard, David, and others that together comprised "l'Ecole Francoise", the French School. In this work, an eminent art historian discusses six of these collectors and the collections they assembled, showing that private patronage in this period was revitalized by this patriotic desire to collect contemporary art. Colin B.

    Bailey explains why a taste for modern art emerged at this time and how it was encouraged and fostered. Examining the relationship between artist and patron, he discusses the degree of influence these enlightened patrons and collectors expected to exercise when new works were being commissioned. Bailey shows that collectors of 18th-century French painting seem not to have made rigid distinctions between the various genres or styles of the Academy's practitioners.

    Instead, history paintings and genre paintings, both rococo and neo-classical, were exhibited proudly on their walls as superb examples of the French School.
    9783131025418 Burgener Differential Diagnosis in Computed Tomography Thieme Verlagsgruppe
    This unique, findings-oriented guide to computed tomography is organized to reflect the way radiologists really work: progressing from general impressions to definitive diagnoses. In nearly 1000 high-quality scabs, the radiologist will find CT findings depicting frequently encountered congenital and acquired diseases and disorders.Included in the wide-ranging survey of CT findings are traumatic injuries; congenital anomalies; and infectious, inflammatory, neoplastic, and degenerative disease processes.For convenience, these are grouped anatomically by brain, head and neck, spine, musculoskeletal system, chest, abdomen, and pelvis. In addition, the book's extensive index systematically cross-references diseases and CT findings, providing even greater accessibility to key information.
    9783137407034 Lange Radiology of Chest Diseases Thieme Verlagsgruppe
    This fully revised and expanded third edition covers all aspects of modern thoracic radiology, and includes important new sections on computer tomographic signs, interventional radiology of the thorax and the latest developments in cardiac CT and MRI diagnostics, as well as a new chapter on high resolution/thin section CT patterns. The section on diffuse lung disease has been expanded and many new CT illustrations have been added. The book contains comprehensive information on the role of new technologies, including MDCT, in the evaluation of thoracic disease, the role of PET/PET-CT in the thorax, and the expanding roles of MDCT and MRI in evaluation of the heart.
    9780500286746 Aidan Meehan The Celtic Design Book (pb) Thames & Hudson
    A manual that provides a comprehensive source of instruction for artists, designers and craftspeople of various kinds.
    9781905686001 Desmond Shaw Bruegel to Rubens (pb) Thames & Hudson
    9783865214805 Alain Seban Collection Photographs: Thames & Hudson
    9784903233239 Designers Design ACC-distribution titles
    The world of design has been producing the new trend that meets the time. In the 21st century, the new design history is going to be made by the designers in this book. There won't be a future of interior design without them.

    This essential reference introduces the best works of forty-six remarkable designers from around the world.
    9781903278871 Picasso On Paper ACC-distribution titles
    9780300052862 Sandars Prehistoric Art in Europe 2e Yale University Press
    Until around 10,000 BC art in Europe appears to have been in advance of the rest of the world and throws light on the total history of early man. The great masterpieces of cave-painting at Lascaux are well known, and one tradition of early sculpture is from the first surprizingly classical. With the shelter paintings of the Spanish Levant and the clay modelling and painted pottery of eastern Europe in the fourth and third millennia BC fresh artistic problems were tackled.

    Later still evolved the high technical accomplishment of the metal-workers, and this study concludes with an account of the new departures of Celtic La Tene art of the last four centuries BC.
    9780764304491 Queens of Burlesque: Vintage Photographs from the 1940s and 1950s Schiffer
    For the first time, stunning images of the women of the burlesque stage are gathered together in one great volume. In period photographs the timeless beauty of those exotic women who titillated, teased, and sometimes tortured their audiences is captured and celebrated. These memorable images make it clear that, when it comes to a beautiful body and a gorgeous face, tastes change very little. And just as in the past, the imagination is encouraged to run wild and ponder what might have been. This is a book to relax with and enjoy over and over again. Its rich, nostalgic view of a bygone era in American entertainment will please everyone, men and women alike. A "revealing" piece of Americana!
    9780340887356 Essential Cardiac Catheterization Hodder Arnold
    This highly practical pocket reference provides advice on all aspects of cardiac catheterization, and is an invaluable guide to the trainee cardiologist and cardiac radiographer, to be referred to often in the clinical setting.
    9781591164128 Miyazaki Nausicaa Vlly Wind V5 2E Simon & Schuster
    Emperor Namulith wants to unite the warring Dorok and Turumekian empires, but needs Pricess Kushana's cooperation to do so. Meanwhile, a mutant strain of mold has spawned and is consuming everything in its path!
    9780140623352 Doyle Arthur Adventures Of Sherlock Homes Penguin Books Ltd
    9781416549345 Picoult Jodi Exp Vanishing Acts Simon & Schuster
    VANISHING ACTS has a similar format to all of the other novels of hers that I've read, with a story that resolves itself as the characters debate a moral issue in a courtroom. But this story is strong and works well laid over Ms. Picoult's standard structure.
    9780099505280 O Connell, C Shark Music Random House
    A mutilated body is found lying on the ground in Chicago. A silent caravan of cars, dozens of them, drives down the road, by the parents of missing children, some recently disappeared, some gone a decade or more - all brought together by the word that children`s gravesites are being discovered along the Mother Road.
    9780061093326 Siddons, Ann Low Country HarperCollins USA
    HarperCollins owns Annes entire backlist, and were in the process of bringing her classic gems back to her hungry audience.
    9780415297103 Sharon Clark Managing the Risk of Workplace Stress Taylor&Francis
    9781596950078 Websters New Encyclopedic Dictionary Grange Books
    9780486431499 Child Franci The English and Scottish Popular Ballads, Vol. 5 Dover
    9780571197828 Hunter Jim Tom Stoppard: Faber Critical Guide Faber
    One of a series concerning the major plays of leading 20th-century playwrights. This guide introduces, explores and analyzes in detail the principal themes and styles of the work of Tom Stoppard. It also places it in the context of modern theatre, and includes a select bibliography.
    9781904772828 Michael Temp For Ever Godard Black Dog publishing
    9780140055771 Dahl Roald My Uncle Oswald Penguin Books Ltd
    Oswald Hendryks Cornelius, the old reprobate from "Switch Bitch", is connoisseur, bon vivant, collector of spiders, scorpions, odd walking sticks, lover of opera, expert on Chinese porcelain, and without doubt the greatest fornicator of all time. This title reveals how Uncle Oswald first achieved great wealth.
    9781580930970 Emotion as Promotion: A Book of Thirst Daedalus
    9780099437628 Enright Anne Making Babies Random House
    Presents a funny record of the journey from early pregnancy to age two. Written in dispatches, typed with a sleeping baby in the room, the author has the rush of good news - full of the mess, the glory, and the raw shock of it all. She also bears a visceral and dreamlike witness to the first years of parenthood.
    9780751517088 Leeson,Nick Rogue Trader Little, Brown
    A real-life thriller - Nick Leeson`s own account of how a `rogue trader` rocked the City to its foundations in 1995.
    9780007258727 Naomi Novik Throne of Jade HarperCollins UK
    History takes flight in the second book of Naomi Novik`s deliciously addictive series which captures the Napoleonic period perfectly and skillfully layers the timeline with imagination by adding a Dragon Air Force to the battle for England.
    9780140286724 Yourgrau, P World Without Time, A Penguin Books Ltd
    9780140293357 Pearse, L Trust Me Penguin Books Ltd
    Providing an account of the development of social theory, this text covers a range of key figures and schools of thought, including Elster, Giddens, Foucault and Habermas. It is aimed at students who wish to gain an understanding of the main debates and dilemmas driving social theory. Two young sisters sent far, far from home! When tragedy deprives little Dulcie Taylor and her sister May of their parents, they are sent first to an orphanage and then shipped off to begin a new life in Australia. But the `better life` the sisters are promised in this new and exciting country turns out to be a lie.
    9780380789665 Bradbury Ray Green Shadows White Whale Pb HarperCollins USA
    From the recipient of the National Book Foundations 2000 Medal for Distinguished Contribution to American Letters comes a re-release of his classic semi-autobiographical novel about the writing of John Hustons sreen adaptation of Melvilles Moby Dick.
    9781844425341 Ars Erotica Ars Erotica : The Best Modern Erotic Art Grange Books
    A selection of work from the best contemporary erotic artists, whose styles range from simple line drawings to airbrushing and Picasso- esque oils, while their subject matter reflects the enduring human interest in matters sexual.
    9780521702003 Craig Thaine Cambridge English Skills: Real Listening & Speaking Level 2 Edition with answers and Audio CDs (2) Cambridge University Press
    Cambridge English Skills is a four-level skills series for adults and young adult learners. Learners can develop the skills they need to use English confidently wherever they are - at home, at work, travelling, studying or just in social situations with English-speaking friends. This edition comes with answers and audio CD.
    9780345412966 Ringworld Th Ringworld Throne, The Random House (USA)
    9781584796459 City gardens Abrams
    9781845374259 R Wilkinson Quick and Easy Patchwork & Applique New Holland
    Using applied pieces to embellish patchwork gives the opportunity to create designs with a range of images from leaves and flowers to butterflies to abstract shapes. This collection of designs features ways of applying shapes to make quilts. It covers several applique such as patches applied with fusible webbing and machine-stitched in place.
    9781905686032 Mr Marshal s Flower Book Thames & Hudson
    9780500514030 Tiffany Godo Tokyo Street Style Thames & Hudson
    The dizzying combination of street-level fashion, outre couture and re-mixed, fast-forward youth culture in Tokyo`s Harajuku neighbourhood has made it an international style capital. This book profiles the designers and labels at this epicentre of Japanese and global fashion.
    9781416037743 Surawicz Chou s Electrocardiography in Clinical Practice, Elsevier Science
    Presents an introduction to the study of electrocardiography. This title guides you in capturing and interpreting ECGs, with an eye towards clinical correlation for easy application to your practice. It includes content on pediatric ECGs, implantable cardiodefibrillators, and pacemakers.
    9780199540778 Austen-Leigh A Memoir of Jane Austen and Other Family Recollections (Rebrand) Oxford Academ
    This unique edition brings together for the first time Austen-Leigh`s memoir of his aunt Jane Austen, together with shorter recollections by James Edward`s two sisters. It also includes Jane`s brother Henry`s two biographical accounts.
    9780198526124 Turk, Jeremy Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Oxford Academ
    This is a new edition of one of the standard international textbooks on child and adolescent mental health, with an up-to-date, evidence-based approach to practical clinical issues. Its comprehensive multidisciplinary perspective covers a vast range of topics, making it the essential text for all trainees in child and adolescent mental health.
    9780312936228 Janet Evanov Ten Big Ones Holtzbrink(MPS)
    9780330442015 Cabot Meg Jinx Pan Macmillan
    It wasn`t just the power failure the night Jean Honeychurch was born that earned her the nickname Jinx: misfortune seems to follow her wherever she goes. Which is why she`s been shipped off to New York to stay with relatives - including her cousin Tory. Jinx learns that beneath Tory`s big-city glamour lies a world of hatred and revenge.
    9781416002291 Ivan Damjano Pathophysiology, Elsevier Science
    Provides an understanding of disease mechanisms needed to succeed on the USMLE and beyond. This book features clinical vignettes which demonstrate the practical relevance of pathophysiology principles. It includes color diagrams which clarify concepts.
    9780471670766 Microbial Hazard Identification Wiley
    A guide for the fruit and vegetable industry to understanding and controlling the hazards that can affect their products on every leg of the journey from farm to fork. This text examines food borne pathogens and their association with produce related outbreaks over the years, and points out areas for further research.
    9781400023530 Living Langu 30 Days to Great Italian Random House (USA)
    9780143039297 Greene Graha Captain and the Enemy, The Penguin USA
    9780425217153 Kinkade, Tho Christmas To Remember, A Penguin USA
    9780142400609 Delint, Char Harp of the Grey Rose, The Penguin USA
    9781416048350 Eric J. Topo Textbook of Interventional Cardiology with DVD, 5th Edition Elsevier Science
    9780307237705 Barack Obama Audacity of Hope Random House (USA)
    9780120885466 Mulhardt Molecular Biology and Genomics Elsevier Science
    Exploring the methodological variety of molecular biology and genomics, this book addresses the assets and drawbacks as well as critical points. It provides summaries of routine procedures as well as listings of the advantages and disadvantages of alternative methods. It also shows how to avoid experimental dead ends.
    9780723258599 Potter, Beat Selected Tales from Beatrix Potter Penguin Books Ltd
    A volume featuring four Beatrix Potter tales. It includes "The Tale of Peter Rabbit", "The Tale of Timmy Tiptoes", "The Tale of the Pie and the Patty-Pan" and "The Tale of Johnny Town-Mouse".
    9780451412003 Slade, Micha Swastika Penguin USA
    9780521523059 Dirk H. A. K Naukar, Rajput, and Sepoy Cambridge Academ
    This is a study of an aspect of the ethnohistory of North Indian peasant society: the importance of its military labour market for state and sect formation, for social change as well as for the energetic survival strategies of the villages of Hindustan. It traces the history of the British Indian sepoy to at least as far back as the fifteenth century, firmly rooting him in Indias medieval past. It also shows that, from the anthropological point of view, not the hierarchically arranged castes, but the multiple alliances and fluid identities of the peasantry were the central phenomena of North Indian politics and decision making.
    9780521540629 John I. Cast Radiation Hydrodynamics Cambridge Academ
    This broad treatment provides an accessible introduction to the theory and the large-scale simulation methods currently used in radiation hydrodynamics. Chapters cover all the central topics, including: a review of the fundamentals of gas dynamics; methods for computational fluid dynamics; theory of radiative transfer and of the dynamical coupling of matter and radiation; and quantum mechanics of matter-radiation interaction. Also covered are the details of spectral line formation out of thermodynamic equilibrium; the theory of refraction and transfer of polarized light and current computational methods for radiation transport, and a description of some notable applications of the theory in astrophysics and laboratory plasmas. This is a valuable text for research scientists and graduate students in physics and astrophysics.
    9780521876254 Edited by Fr The Description Logic Handbook Cambridge Academ
    Description Logics are embodied in several knowledge-based systems and are used to develop various real-life applications. The Description Logic Handbook provides a thorough account of the subject, covering all aspects of research in this field, namely theory, implementation, and applications. Its appeal will be broad, ranging from more theoretically-oriented readers, to those with more practically-oriented interests who need a sound and modern understanding of knowledge representation systems based on Description Logics. As well as general revision throughout the book, this new edition presents a new chapter on ontology languages for the semantic web, an area of great importance for the future development of the web. In sum, the book will serve as a unique reference for the subject, and can also be used for self-study or in conjunction with Knowledge Representation and Artificial Intelligence courses.
    9783131243423 Madjar The Practice of Breast Ultrasound Thieme Verlagsgruppe
    The second edition of The Practice of Breast Ultrasound is an indispensable reference for the latest techniques in detecting common breast pathologies. New in this edition are guidelines for quality control and an expanded chapter on 3D scanning. More than 700 high-quality images, including new 100 images, demonstrate concepts of pathology and facilitate comprehension of diagnostic techniques. The book is organized into three main sections enabling radiologists, residents, and sonographers with various levels of expertise to rapidly locate topics of interest.Basic Course-Provides an introduction to the fundamental principles of breast ultrasound, equipment selection, and standard protocols for the examination-Reviews sonographic anatomy of the breast and axilla -Describes approaches to interpreting and managing common benign and malignant lesions -Includes a new chapter dedicated to the American College of Radiologys Breast Imaging Reporting and Data System (BI-RADS) that presents the lexicon and categories for feature analysis and quality assuranceIntermediate Course-Presents guidelines on how to use feature analysis in analyzing lesion findings -Discusses the complementary roles of ultrasound, mammography, and the clinical evaluation-Addresses a different pathological condition in each chapter-Features high-quality images as well as diagnostic checklists that apply the BI-RADS feature categories of shape, margins, boundaries, echo patterns, and effects on the surrounding tissue, enabling the clinician to perceive patterns associated with specific abnormalities and to arrive at interpretations that lead to appropriate patient management plansAdvanced Course-Presents the latest information about image-guided intervention for diagnosis, preoperative breast cancer staging, post-treatment follow-up, and advanced or investigational ultrasound technologies, such as 3D/4D ultrasound, real-time compound scanning, harmonics, wide field-of-view, Doppler techniques, and elastography
    9780007222117 Louise Renni Luuurve is a many trousered thing HarperCollins UK
    Sound the Cosmic Horn! Georgia Nicolson`s bestselling 8th book of confessions is now available in paperback!
    9781904832119 An American View: Masterpieces from the Brooklyn Museum ACC-distribution titles
    Presents over 60 masterpieces of American paintings from the Brooklyn Museum, all of which are shown in color and with informative captions discussing the key features of each, showing the quality and scope of this important collection
    9788882156794 Duccio-Siena Fra Tradizione Art Books Intl Ltd
    9780195301625 Gong, Gang; Stochastic Dynamic Macroeconomics Oxford Academ
    This is a book on stochastic dynamic macroeconomics from a Keynesian perpective. It shows that including Keynesian features in intertemporal models considerably contributes to resolve major puzzles arising in the context of the Dynamic General Equilibrium (DGE) model. It also demonstrates that including microeconomic intertemporal behavior of economic agents in macroeconomics is not inconsistent with Keynesian economics. Whereas the first two parts of the book are technically and empirically oriented by elaborating on solution and estimation methods to bring dynamic macroeconomic theory closer to the time series data, the part three of the book uses those tools and addresses major issues in contemporary dynamic macroeconomics. In pursuing those issues the book stresses--as in the New Keynesian literature--nominal and real rigidities. Yet, beyond the latter type of literature--and in contrast to the DGE model --the here presented modeling approach admits open ended dynamics and multiple equilibria, more realistic asset market features, nonclearing labor market, and explores the role of both demand and technology shocks on employment. Central for those results is a new methodological idea pertaining to adaptive optimization where agents can reoptimize once they have perceived and learned about market constraints. Overall, the book is self-contained by including the appropriate solution and estimation methods which brings the theory closer to the time series data. It contains a modern treatment of dynamic macroeconomics for first and second year graduate students.
    9781593112325 Simao, Livia Otherness in Question Eurospan
    9780060734466 Morrall, Cla Astonishing Splashes Of Colour HarperCollins USA
    This searing, intimate, and compelling debut novel was shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize. Morrall depicts a womans emotional descent, initiated by the loss of her child, and reveals a familys dark secrets, long buried, but not forgotten.
    9781589232822 Complete Guide to Masonry & Stonework Rockport/Rotovision
    This revision of "Black & Decker: The Complete Guide to Home Masonry" updates much of what made the original book a best-seller, but also answers the latest building trends by featuring exciting new information and projects. In addition to the tried and tested project information on building with concrete, brick and block, the book features all new, state-of-the-art information on decorative concrete finishes, including acid colouring, stamping and using paints. Another new section shows easy methods for casting concrete in forms to create countertops, garden benches and other accessories.

    Also included are new projects for building retaining walls with tumbled concrete block, facing concrete slabs and steps with natural stone and ceramic tiles and creating outdoor rock gardens. With so much information packed inside this volume, this is the only guide required for all the reader's masonry and stonework needs.
    9780192727688 Happy Birthd Happy Birthday Winnie Oxford University Press
    9780553213119 Melville Moby Dick Random House (USA)
    9780521706148 American Law Principles of Transnational Civil Procedure Cambridge Academ
    The American Law Institute and UNIDROIT (International Institute for the Unification of Private Law) are preeminent organizations working toward the clarification and advancement of the procedural rules of law. Recognizing the need for a universal set of procedures that would transcend national jurisdictional rules and facilitate the resolution of disputes arising from transnational commercial transactions, Principles and Rules of Transnational Civil Procedure was launched to create a set of acceptable rules and principles that would be accepted globally. This work strives to reduce uncertainty for parties obliged to litigate in unfamiliar surroundings and promote fairness in judicial judgments. As recognized standards of civil justice, Principles and Rules of Transnational Civil Procedure can be used in pleadings, development, and presentation of evidence, legal argument, and tribunal judgments such as arbitration. The result is a work which significantly contributes to the promotion of a universal rule of law norm.
    9780099505495 Clapton, Eri Eric Clapton: The Autobiography Random House
    Eric Clapton is far more than a rock star. Like Dylan and McCartney he is an icon and a living legend. This autobiography describes the story of the author`s personal and professional journeys.
    9780719521614 John Hart Down river Hodder
    Banished for a murder he didn`t commit -- now he`s coming home
    9783791340944 Alfred Kubin: Graphic Works 1897-1910 Prestel Publishing Limited
    Kubin is irrefutably one of the original talents of his generation. Whether painting directly from his hallucinatory visions or illustrating the works of such literary giants as Balzac, Poe, Dostoevsky, and Gogol, Kubin eschewed the decorative artistry of earlier Austrian art.
    9780571232536 Morris A Vengeful Longing Faber
    9781845876265 Hong Kong Double Popout Map Compass
    9781405161145 Wang Ventricular Arrhythmias and Sudden Cardiac Death Wiley
    Ventricular arrhythmias and sudden death are responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths each year throughout the world. Covering the most recent developments in this field, this leading text serves as a guide to this area of increasing clinical impor
    9780345394408 BARRY, DA Homes and Other Black Holes Random House (USA)
    9780440242062 Steel Daniel Bungalow 2 Random House (USA)
    9780140424690 Rossetti, C Selected Poems Penguin Books Ltd
    A selection of Rossetti`s poems that includes an introduction, a chronology of Rossetti`s life and works, and explanatory notes.
    9780141182766 Lawrence, T Seven Pillars of Wisdom Penguin Books Ltd
    Although `continually and bitterly ashamed` that the Arabs had risen in revolt against the Turks as a result of fraudulent British promises of self-rule, Lawrence led them in a triumphant campaign which revolutionized the art of war. This title presents the epic events.
    9780141321875 Durrell, G My Family and Other Animals Penguin Books Ltd
    Sometimes it`s pretty hard to tell them apart - my family and the animals, that is. I don`t know why my brothers and sisters complain so much. With snakes in the bath and scorpions on the lunch table, our house, on the island of Corfu, is a bit like a circus. So they should feel right at home.
    9780792377122 Rogers Power System Oscillations Springer
    Deals with the analysis and control of low frequency oscillations in the 0.2-3 Hz range, which are a characteristic of interconnected power systems. This book discusses the nature of the oscillations. It also discusses the design of the PSS using modal analysis and frequency response.
    9783540739012 Adler PNF in Practice Springer
    9781858944302 Sustainable Home Merrell
    9781840138153 Xplanes & Prototypes Grange Books
    Contains detailed features on more than 75 of the world`s strangest and most advanced aircraft designs. JACKET PRICE 12.99.
    9780470859025 Rouessac, F Chemical Analysis - Modern Instrumentation Methods & Techniques 2e Wiley
    Completely revised and updated, Chemical Analysis: Second Edition is an essential introduction to a wide range of analytical techniques and instruments. Assuming little in the way of prior knowledge, this text carefully guides the reader through the more widely used and important techniques, whilst avoiding excessive technical detail. Provides a thorough introduction to a wide range of the most important and widely used instrumental techniques Maintains a careful balance between depth and breadth of coverage Includes examples, problems and their solutions Includes coverage of latest developments including supercritical fluid chromatography and capillary electrophoresis
    9783540279884 Muller-Forel Imaging of Orbital and Visual Pathway Pathology 2006 ed Springer
    9780747266310 Scarrow, Sim When the eagle hunts Hodder
    In the tradition of Bernard Cornwell`s SHARPE series, a novel of millitary adventure and reckless heroism with the Roman legions in 43AD - `I really don`t need this kind of competition... It`s a great read` Bernard Cornwell
    9780747563433 Von Ziegesar Gossip girl 2 Bloomsbury
    Second in the series about New York City`s most fabulous high school crowd. Set in New York`s glamorous Upper East Side, this book presents a narrative that follows the thrills and spills (with Jimmy Choo shoes and shopping at Barneys mixed in along the way) of its richest and most beautiful teenage residents.
    9780074707494 Kroehnert, G 101 more training games McGraw-Hill
    Presents a comprehensive selection of games for trainers, which can be used to enhance simulations, role-plays and exercises for individuals or teams. This book addresses 10 categories: icebreakers; team building; communication; presentation skills; mid-course energizers; learning; perception; evaluation; self-management; and problem solving.
    9780859653657 Goth bible
    9780809228119 Sisco, Peter Ironman`s ultimate bodybuilding encyclopedia McGraw-Hill
    Covering various aspects of bodybuilding, this work includes information on: bodybuilding fundamentals; bodybuilding physiology; shoulder training; chest training; back training; arm training; abdominal training; leg training; training with a system; training with the champions; tricks and secrets to boost growth; and training for mass.
    9780746077443 Frith, Alex See inside Science HarperCollins UK
    9780757920196 Michael jackson number ones
    In the history of modern music there are few entertainers as prolific as consistent as Michael Jackson. The `Number Ones` greatest hits collection is the perfect document to his success.
    9780743471244 Diablo Sin W Diablo Sin War 3 Veiled Prophe Simon & Schuster
    {\rtf1\ansi\ansicpg1252\deff0{\fonttbl{\f0\fnil\fcharset0 Arial;}} \viewkind4\uc1\pard\lang2057\fs18 From bestselling author Richard A. Knaak comes the \fs20 third \fs18 novel in an epic trilogy set in the world of Blizzard Entertainment`s bestselling \i\fs20 Diablo\i0\fs18 . \par }
    9780231129671 Wood, Robin Hollywood from vietnam to reagan... and beyond Columbia University Press
    This edition contains all chapters from the original 1986 edition plus critical analyses of the films of Martin Scorcese and Michael Cimino, a political assault on the films of George Lucas and Steven Spielberg, and in in-depth meditation on Brian De Palma.
    9781841462851 Parsons, R ( Ks3 physics practice levels 3-6
    SATS style practice questions like the real thing - Ideal for homework.
    9780715320969 Cavendish, R Kings and queens
    Explores the lives and personalities of the monarchs, since pre-Roman, and their involvement in and effect on major events of each age. This work also provides information on the spirit, traditions and innovations of the nation, including politics, arts, architecture and fashions.
    9780822337669 Topik, Steve From silver to cocaine
    Demonstrating that globalization is a centuries-old phenomenon, this book examines the commodity chains that have connected producers in Latin America with consumers around the world for five hundred years. It reconstructs complex webs of relationships and economic processes, highlighting Latin America`s central place in the world economy.
    9781845133511 O`reilly, Se Irish houses and gardens Littlehampton
    Over the years, "Country Life" has been publishing definitive articles on the country houses of Great Britain and Ireland. As the pace of loss and destruction of many houses quickened in the middle of the century, the magazine`s photographs became increasingly important. This title selects 200 of the archive`s most outstanding photographs.
    9783822817230 Giger, H. R. H.r.giger
    Giger hand has fathered some of the most remarkable creatures in recent memory including the creatures in Ridley Scott`s film Allen. This pocket-sized book highlights his best work.
    9781427806901 Kim, Jae-hwa Warcraft Pan Macmillan
    Contains eight color pages of material from the creator, preliminary sketches from the artist, and an afterword from Chris Metzen of Blizzard Entertainment - the company that created Warcraft.
    9780470060384 Borins, Sand Green living for dummies Wiley
    Provides an introduction to taking simple steps towards sustainable living. This book offers practical and realistic advice on minimising your impact on the world around you. It shows how to: minimise household rubbish; buy green energy; eat seasonally and organically; switch holidays for eco tourism; and, teach your kids to be green.
    9781854375872 Rosenthal, M Joseph beuys
    Featured objects include a selection of Beuys`s remarkable vitrines, cousins of standard museum presentations, featuring both hand-made and found objects blackboards on which he jused in delivering lectures and performances; room-sized environments; and many other objects that served as physical documentation of Beuys`s.
    9781846098581 Slattery, Pa Smiths
    A photo book of the band acclaimed by many as the most important UK act of the 80s.
    9781845133399 Rivoire, Xav Arsene wenger Littlehampton
    Arsene Wenger is credited with revolutionising one of the biggest clubs in Europe - famously bringing free-flowing football to `boring, boring Arsenal` - and with influencing approaches to the modern game. This biography offers a portrait of an astute manager, a shrewd talent scout and man manager, and an intensely private and intriguing man.
    9780421948402 Peel, Edwin Treitel on the law of contract
    9780760325964 Lamm, John Velocity Rockport/Rotovision
    9780746057575 Andrews, Geo Book of science experiments HarperCollins UK
    Filled with amazing expleriments providing great educational value. There are illustrated step-by-step instructions with a photo of the result for every experiment. Ages 7+.
    9781903906712 Hurst, Brand Gwen stefani
    9780563486527 Brake, Colin Doctor who Random House
    Laylora is a paradise planet. Here peace-loving aboriginals live in harmony with their environment. Or do they? The Doctor and Rose arrive to find that the once-perfect eco-system is showing signs of failing. Is there a connection between the human explorers who have crash-landed and the savage monsters?
    9780747591658 Zavin, Gabri Memoirs of a teenage amnesiac Bloomsbury
    When Naomi tries to piece back the fragments of the last three and a half years of her life, she discovers a lot. She has a boyfriend but can`t remember him, her mother and father are divorced, and she has forgotten that she is supposed to hate her mother.
    9780071487955 Le, Tao Bhus First aid for the usmle step 2 ck McGraw-Hill
    Designed to prepare students for part two (of four) of the United Stated Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE). Written by medical students and reviewed by top faculty, this book provides practical, tested advice for acing the USMLE Step 2 CK.
    9781841729336 Clifton-mogg Provencal escapes
    Decorative styles differ, varying from the cosy romanticism of restored stone farm buildings to the clean simplicity of pared-down modern style, from the traditional elegance of a small chateau to the eclecticism of a tiny holiday retreat overlooking the Cote D`Azur.
    9781580932042 Galella, Ron Warhol by galella Random House (USA)
    9781843420798 Cotton, Edwa Voice from waterloo
    9780811861212 Painter, Mel Edie
    Model, film star, socialite, friend, lover, addict, Edie was the first "it" girl of the Andy Warhol Factory scene and later muse to Bob Dylan. The arc of Edie`s life traced the rise and fall of the 1960s - from idyllic experimentation to dissolute recklessness. This work explores Edie`s true story.
    9783822844397 Sieff, Jeanl Sieff
    9781921208348 Ford, Margar International school of sugarcraft
    Part of the "International Sugarcraft" series, this title provides sugarcraft techniques, equipment and products. It features chapters that include using moulds and cutters, creating fabric effects, modelling, needlework in sugar and sugar flowers. It is a useful companion for all cake decorators.
    9780713682861 Collin, S. M Dictionary of accounting A & C Black
    This comprehensive dictionary covers a wide range of topics related to accountancy, including personal finances, investments and company accounts.
    9780387744858 Molavi Weedm The Practice of Surgical Pathology Springer
    Illustrated in color, this book lays the foundation of practical pathology and provides a scaffold on which to build a knowledge base. Written for the pathologist-in-training, it includes basic introductory material and progresses through each organ system.
    9780753823781 Delalande, A Dante trap Orion Publishers
    Echoes of The Historian and the atmospherically charged film, Seven, set in 18th-century Venice
    9780136142164 Kubasek, Nan Environmental law Pearson Education
    9780071455435 Weinberg, Sa Color atlas pediatric dermatology McGraw-Hill
    Includes a collection of images that provide guidance for the diagnosis of both common and rare skin disorders of neonates, infants, and children. This title presents an overview of important clinical features, etiology, prognosis, and the therapeutic approaches.
    9780135135686 BONVILLAIN Language, Culture and Communication Pearson Education
    For courses in Language and Culture, and Sociolinguistics Using data from cultures and languages throughout the world to highlight both similarities and differences in human languages--this text explores the many interconnections among language, culture, and communicative meaning. It examines the multi-faceted meanings and uses of language and emphasizes the ways that language encapsulates speakers' meanings and intentions.
    9780486468877 Howells Will A Modern Instance Dover
    9780194366700 Soars, John New Headway Eng Course Pre-Interm Oxford University Press
    Containing many speaking activities, this title aims to balance communicative and traditional approaches. Emphasizing on practice, it ranges from controlled to free tasks. A `Starter` section features a warm-up activity to lead into the grammar of the unit. The `Everyday English` sections provide key functional, situational, and survival work.
    9781845423278 Dutt Handbook of Development Economics, Volumes 1 & 2 Edward Elgar Publishers
    This two-volume original reference work provides a comprehensive overview of development economics and comprises contributions by some of the leading scholars working in the field. Authors are drawn from around the world and write on a wide range of topics. After providing an introduction to the subject (by examining issues like the meaning and measurement of development, historical and interdisciplinary approaches, empirical regularities and data problems), the contributors provide a wealth of perspectives on, and analyses of, development economics.

    They discuss alternative approaches to development, the macroeconomics of growth, factors and sources of economic development (such as capital, labor, entrepreneurship, resources and technology), major sectors of concern (such as agriculture, industry, services and the informal sector) and international issues (such as trade, capital and labor flows and technology transfers).Income distribution and poverty, the state and other institutions, and actual development experiences are explored. The contributors provide analytical contributions, as well as the relation between these contributions and real world and policy issues from a variety of alternative perspectives. Scholars, students, policymakers and other development practitioners will all find this comprehensive reference invaluable.
    9780755341566 Maguire, Gre Son of a witch Hodder
    The second dazzling and entrancing novel in Gregory Maguire`s bestselling Wicked series
    9780753517031 Douglas Pres The Monster of Florence Transworld Publishers
    In the tradition of John Berendt's "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil" and Eric Larson's "The Devil in the White City", Douglas Preston weaves a captivating account of crime and punishment in the lush hills of Florence, Italy. Douglas Preston fulfilled a lifelong dream when he moved with his family to a villa in Florence. Upon meeting celebrated journalist Mario Spezi, Preston was stunned to learn that the olive grove next to his home had been the scene of a horrific double murder committed by one of the most infamous figures in Italian history.A serial killer who ritually murdered fourteen young lovers, he has never been caught.

    He is known as the Monster of Florence. Fascinated by the tale, Preston began to work with Spezi on the case. Here is the true story of their search to uncover and confront the man they believe is the Monster.

    In an ironic twist of fate that echoes the dark traditions of the city's bloody history, Preston and Spezi themselves became targets of a bizarre police investigation.With the gripping suspense of Preston's bestselling novels, "The Monster of Florence" is a remarkable and harrowing chronicle of murder, mutilation, suicide and vengeance - with Preston and Spezi caught in the middle. 'The fascinating story unfolds with memorable characters and dizzying plot twists that could come off as far-fetched if the book was fictional...the two collaborators skillfully weave the narratives back and forth to create, at times, a razor's edge of tension' - Associated Press.Douglas Preston is a renowned a thor of both fiction and non-fiction, including "The Codex", "The Relic" and "The Book of the Dead", co-written with Lincoln Child, which topped the "New York Times" bestseller list for six weeks. He has written for numerous publications, including "The New Yorker", "Reader's Digest", "National Geographic", "Harper's" and "Atlantic".

    Mario Spezi is an Italian journalist who writes for "La Nazione". He has been investigating the Monster of Florence case since the first murders in 1974.
    9780847830596 Florence de Florence de Dampierre French Chic Rizzoli USA
    From acclaimed French interior designer and decorative arts historian, Florence de Dampierre, comes a sumptuous room-by-room tour of French-inspired design.
    9780446618014 Andrea Picke Scarlet Spy Hachette Book Group
    The follow-up to THE SPY WORE SILK and SEDUCED BY A SPY tells the story of a beautiful orphan-turned-spy who must impersonate an Italian contessa to infiltrate a ring of corrupt officials at the highest levels of the British government
    9781403900432 Black, Jerem A History of the British Isles Palgrave
    9780415456852 Routledge-ca European union lawcards Taylor&Francis
    Help readers identify, understand and commit to memory the salient points of each area of the law. These pocket-sized guides cover key examinable areas of the undergraduate law curriculum and the CPE/GDL. They include: revision checklists; colour coded highlighting; tables of cases and legislation; and, boxed case notes.
    9781416510710 Irvine, Alex Ultimates: against all enemies Simon&Schuster UK
    The blockbuster series continues with this new original novel featuring one of Marvel`s bestselling current superhero teams, The Ultimates.
    9780007244041 Rennison, Lo Let the snog fest begin! HarperCollins UK
    Gives top tips on how to look cool and how not to behave if you want to hang on to your Sex God. This work presents authors` experiences as a girlfriend of a Sex God. It suggests that you need to keep you cool at all times, avoid looking like a prat whenever possible, and not spend your life in foolsville.
    9780749938246 Roberts, Nor Sanctuary Little, Brown
    Another emotional pageturner from international bestseller Nora Roberts
    9780843956450 Keene Brian Ghost Walk HarperCollins USA
    9783865740571 Mexico, guatemala, belize, el salvador nelles map
    Featuring a new style cover and easy fold system, this work is marked with tourist attractions and public transport systems, and includes inset maps of major cities. It also covers a special map of around Ciudad de Mexico and a city map of Ciudad de Mexico.
    9780451531094 Dickens Char Christmas Carol Penguin USA
    9781416522324 Greanias, Th Raising atlantis Simon&Schuster UK
    In Antarctica, a glacial earthquake swallows up a team of scientists, and exposes a mysterious monument older than the Earth itself. In Peru, archaeologist Dr Conrad Yeats is apprehended by US Special Forces to unlock the final key to the origins of the human race. In Rome, the Pope reveals a terrifying vision of apocalyptic disaster.
    9781580111485 Ultimate Guide to Decks Creative Homeowner
    Decks continue to be one of the most popular additions to homes as more and more homeowners seek to enjoy outdoor living and expand living space. Decks: Plan, Design, Build leads the homeowner through the process of designing and building a deck whether as a do-it-yourself project or working with a contractor. Hundreds of step-by-step colour photographs highlight the clear, concise, and friendly text.

    The author provides helpful advice on generating ideas, selecting materials, and using tools as he leads the reader through the complete process. Three different deck projects, complete with plans and materials lists, are also included so even a novice can create a finished deck with this complete guide.
    9780316038379 Meyer Stephe Twilight( movie tie-in) Hachette Book Group
    9780007288427 Doctorow, Co Little brother HarperCollins UK
    The ultimate tale of teen rebellion -- one seventeen-year-old against the surveillance state.
    9780753519547 Douglas Pres The Monster of Florence Transworld Publishers
    9780552773928 John Boyne Mutiny On The Bounty Transworld Publishers
    Pickpocket John Jacob Turnstile is on his way to be detained at His Majesty`s Pleasure when he is offered a lifeline, what seems like a freedom of sorts - the job of personal valet to a departing naval captain. Little does he realise that it is anything but - and by accepting the devil`s bargain he will put his life in perilous danger.
    9780099491989 Reaves, Mich Star wars Random House
    Tells the story of the Death Star, from the start of its construction to its final destruction at the hands of Luke Skywalker and the Rebel Alliance. This book is suitable for Star Wars fans - not just the core fans who read everything the so-called `expanded universe` has to offer, but also all those who loved the original movies.
    9780345495075 Nina Harper Succubus Takes Manhattan Random House (USA)
    9780141030593 Louise Dean The Idea of Love Penguin Books Ltd
    Richard`s life is unravelling: his beautiful wife, Valerie, is having an affair, his son Maxence may (or may not) be mentally disturbed, and the idyllic life he`d hoped for when they moved to Provence has become more nightmare than paradise. Suddenly, a routine trip to Africa to sell pharmaceuticals is more than he can handle.
    9780714126623 Claire Van C Leonardo Da Vinci and His Circle Thames & Hudson
    Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519) was a painter, sculptor, musician, architect, engineer, inventor, scientist, anatomist and mathematician. This book presents a chronological selection of drawings by Leonardo along with other works thought to be by his students and other members of his circle.
    9780500514535 Andrew Robin Lost Languages Thames & Hudson
    Beginning with stories of three great decipherments Egyptian hieroglyphs, Minoan Linear B and Mayan glyphs, this work moves on to dissect the undeciphered scripts from around the world. It includes the Etruscan alphabet of Italy, the Indus Valley seal script, Rongorongo from Easter Island, the Zapotec script of Mexico, and Phaistos disc of Crete.
    9781844845538 Michiels Hans Memling ACC-distribution titles
    Unlike his predecessor Van Eyck, Memling, considered a minor artist for a long time, was not a painter of the court, but of the bourgeoisie. Forgotten during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, Memling is nowadays regarded as one of the greatest painters of the United Provinces of the fifteenth century, thanks to the perfect balance between realism and idealisation that permeates his portraits. His compositions, most often diptychs and triptychs for altarpieces, show a talent comparable to that of Van Eyck.His taste for detail and precision in drawing, his mastery of technique, and his sense of composition produced such magnificent works as "The Last Judgment" (1466-1473), "The Mystic Marriage of St.

    Catherine" (1479) and "Seven Joys of the Virgin" (1480). Through its rich collection of reproductions of Memling's major paintings, which highlight the fine faces and modest poses prescribed by the artistic canons of the time, this work examines the complex talent of this major artist.
    9780847831951 Annie Kelly Rooms to Inspire: Country Rizzoli USA
    Country living evokes bucolic landscapes and picturesque villagesrolling Connecticut countryside, verdant farmland, the sun-drenched hills of Malibuand the architecture that echoes these idyllic settings. These houses, ranging from family estates to weekend retreats, are the personal homes of decorators and tastemakers, including Jonathan Adler, Martyn Lawrence-Bullard, and Steven Gambrel. The properties exemplify varied design perspectives and provide fresh ideas about how country living is ideal for creative expression. This inspiring medley ranges from Tony Duquettes exotic pavilion-style California home to a charming New York Victorian, a modernist Palm Springs desert getaway by Neutra, a nineteenth-century Gothic cottage on Shelter Island, and an eighteenth-century Connecticut house. Along with design ideas for interiors, the book also covers the garden and pool areas. Since outdoor entertaining is an integral part of country living, a section devoted to tabletop display is included. These beautifully photographed inspirations encourage the reader to explore the design opportunities in the country guided by the best interior designers
    9780143105541 Dreiser Theo Financier, The Penguin Books Ltd
    Frank Cowperwood, a fiercely ambitious businessman, emerges as the very embodiment of greed as he relentlessly seeks satisfaction in wealth, women, and power. As Cowperwood deals and double-deals, his rise and fall come to represent the American success story stripped down to brutal realities - a struggle for spoils without conscience or pity.
    9780425228968 Koontz Dean Demon Seed Penguin USA
    9782080300966 Vah? G?rard Cigars (Box set) Thames & Hudson
    9780738210070 Mccarthy, Je Belly laughs Perseus
    The acclaimed national bestseller-a humorously candid account of what you can really expect when you`re expecting
    9781592535545 Anatomy of Design Pb Rockport/Rotovision
    9781905654321 Cast,Kirstin House of Night: Betrayed Little, Brown
    A hot new series set in a high school for vampires.
    9781846073861 Reeve, Simon Tropic of capricorn Random House
    Embarks on a 23,000-mile trek around the southern-most border of the tropics - a place of both beauty and human suffering. This work is a collection of adventures, strange rituals and exotic wildlife. It also confronts issues such as our changing environment, poverty, and globalisation.
    9783540730842 Mehnken CT- and MR-guided Interventions in radiology Springer
    Percutaneous, image-guided interventions are a well established and effective tool in clinical routine. These include percutaneous biopsies, drainage, pain management as well as complex techniques for tumor ablation. This book covers indications, materials and execution of the image-guided interventions.
    9780198567394 Turner, Hele Oxford Handbook of Endocrinology and Diabetes Oxford Academ
    This practical and concise guide to endocrinology and diabetes has been fully revised for the new edition. Covering clinical investigations and management of both common and rare conditions, it includes the protocols and clinical information necessary for the management of patients with endocrine and diabetic disorders.
    9781904449492 Spencelayh Daedalus
    9780789200112 Early Victorian: Stylebooks Abbeville Press
    9780340840559 Santa Montef The Italian Matchmaker Hodder
    9781419552595 Kaplan Kaplan SAT Subject Test: Biology E/M 2009-2010 Edition Kaplan
    9780099502579 Ragde, Anne Berlin Poplars Random House
    Just before Christmas on a farm in Central Norway, eighty-year-old Anna Neshov, matriarch of a troubled family, is taken gravely ill. Her three sons are now they are forced to reunite for the first time in many years. Their personalities are as disparate as their careers, and tensions mount from the second they meet.
    9780199552887 Ponticelli, Treatment of Primary Glomerulonephritis Oxford Academ
    This comprehensive yet concise guide to the treatment of even the most complex patients with primary glomerular diseases is full of practical information collected and organized in an easy-to-read manner, containing not only an evidence-based review of the topic but also practical recommendations from experts in the field.
    9780330508889 Norman Phil Buddy Pan Macmillan
    Buddy Holly is the best-known yet most elusive and enigmatic of all Rock 'n' Roll legends. Now Philip Norman, who has won international praise for his biographies of the "Beatles", the "Rolling Stones" and "Elton John", has written the definitive story of a short but extraordinary life. Buddy's records are played, and his memory is cherished, the world over.

    Yet the full story of his meteoric rise and tragic fall has never been told. Philip Norman uses his unique skills to give a revealing, sometimes shocking but always warmly affectionate portrait of America's mythical Rock 'n' Roll era and its brightest and most enduring star. 'excellent ...[Norman's] cogency and thoroughness make this biography as welcome as the unstoppably fresh songs his idol left us' - "Sunday Times".
    9780141042589 Bryan Burrou Public Enemies [Film Tie-in] Penguin Books Ltd
    In 1933, a crime wave blazed across America. This title presents the story of America`s most wanted, and their nemesis: J Edgar Hoover and his strong-arm law enforcers, the agents of the FBI. Using eyewitness accounts, it reveals the facts about the crime spree that shook America.
    9780718155155 Colfer Eoin And Another Thing: The Sixth in the Increasingly Inaccurate Hitchhiker s Trilogy Penguin Books Ltd
    9780340992999 King Stephen Just After Sunset Hodder
    Just after sunset, as darkness grips the imagination, is the time when you feel the unexpected creep into the every day. As familiar journeys take a different turn, ordinary objects assume extraordinary powers. A blind intruder visits a dying man -- and saves his life, with a kiss A woman receives a phone call from her husband.

    Her late husband. In the emotional aftermath of her baby's sudden death, Emily starts running. And running.

    Her curiosity leads her right into the hands of a murderer...and soon her legs are her only hope for survival. Enter a world of masterful suspense, dark comedy and thrilling twists which will keep you riveted from the first page. Enter the world of No.

    1 bestseller Stephen King.
    9780856676567 Andrea riccio I B Tauris
    Focuses on Riccio`s autograph works and illustrates more than thirty statuettes and reliefs from each phase of his career, as well as the few bronzes believed to be derived from the master`s lost compositions. This monograph includes essays on Riccio`s life and career, and on the artist and the small bronze as an art form.
    9781847726506 Mercury, Fre Freddie mercury
    Despite being in the limelight for over 20 years and selling nearly 200 million records, Freddie Mercury was a very private person. This book takes us on the journey of Queen - three academics and a frustrated art student, tired of having no money, taking on the music industry on their own terms.
    9781841591605 Wodehouse P. Few quick ones
    Contains stories that include "The Fat of the Land", "Scratch Man", "The Right Approach", "Jeeves Makes An Omelette", "The Word In Season", "Big Business", "Leave It To Algy", "Joy Bells For Walter", "A Tithe For Charity", and "Oofy, Freddie and the Beef Trust".
    9783836509978 Edwards, Jan London interiors
    London is swinging again. The design trends, best musicals, innovative plays and films are born in the capital of `Cool Britannia`. With over 300 pages of colour photographs, this title takes a look at more than 40 private residences, among others the Indian-inspired hideaway of musician Talvin Singh and an amusing houseboat moored in Kew.
    9781416539902 Aaron Rosenb Tides of Darkness Pa Simon & Schuster
    A new novel in the extraordinarily popular multi-million player Worlds of Warcraft game universe.
    9780300148930 Koda, Harold Model as muse Yale University Press
    Explores fashion`s reciprocal relationship to iconic beauties that represent the evolution and changing face of the feminine ideal. This title features a brief historical overview of the phenomenon of the supermodel since the early twentieth century. It features designs from ready-to-wear and couture houses.
    9780701172855 Ackroyd Pete Venice Random House
    Leads us through the history of the Venice city, from the first refugees arriving in the mists of the lagoon in the fourth century to the rise of a great mercantile state and a trading empire, the wars against Napoleon and the tourist invasions of today.
    9780099516484 Ferry, Peter None of this Ever Really Happened Random House
    With humour, tenderness, and suspense, this book takes the reader on fascinating journeys, both geographical and psychological, playing with our notions of fact and fiction and questioning whether the lines between them are more blurred than we first expect.
    9783527318742 Klipp Systems Biology.2009 Wiley
    9781416560821 Jeffries, Sa Wed him before you bed him Simon & Schuster
    Sabrina Jeffries` sixth and final book in the "School for Heiresses" series, which finally reveals who the mysterious "Cousin Michael" is...
    9780747595267 Gaiman Neil Crazy Hair HB Bloomsbury
    A bright, bold and inventive picture book from award-winning duo Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean
    9780330511490 Chandler, El Kissed by an angel Pan Macmillan
    Ivy and Tristan are meant to be together. Both stunningly attractive, brilliantly talented and very much in love, they think their happiness will last forever. When a terrible car accident shatters their world, killing Tristan and injuring Ivy, she must face life alone - or so she thinks.
    9783791343167 Macnaughton, London street art anthology Prestel Publishing Limited
    Acomprehensive visual record of the London street art scene, this book showcases the best local and international urban artists who have used London as their canvas.
    9780099540588 Barnes Julia Flaubert`s parrot Random House
    Geoffrey Braithwaite is a retired doctor haunted by an obsession with the great French literary genius, Gustave Flaubert. As Geoffrey investigates the mystery of a stuffed parrot Flaubert borrowed from the Museum of Rouen to help research one of his novels.
    9780440243304 Steel Daniel Good Woman Random House (USA)
    9788864130156 Fregni, Mari Paris houses ACC-distribution titles
    Living in Paris implies a particular inclination, admirably expressed by the colours and lights of its buildings. This work features illustrations that reflect the emotional impact and the peculiar character of the Parisian houses.
    9780755333448 Green, Linda 10 reasons not to fall in love Hodder
    Honest women`s fiction told with humour and heart
    9780810984882 Prochnicky, Led Zeppelin Good Times, Bad Times Abrams
    9780262524810 Batchelor Colour MIT Press
    9780340922156 Ian Kelly Casanova Hodder
    Giacomo Casanova was one of the most beguiling and controversial individuals of his or any age. Braggart or perfect lover? Conman or genius? He made and lost fortunes, founded state lotteries, wrote forty-two books and 3,600 pages of memoirs recording the tastes and smells of the years before the French Revolution - as well, of course, as his affairs and sexual encounters with dozens of women and a handful of men. His energy was dazzling.

    Historian Ian Kelly draws on previously unpublished documents from the Venetian Inquisition, by Casanova, his friends and lovers, which give new insights into his life and world. His research spans eighteenth-century Europe. This is the story if a man, but also of the book he wrote about himself.

    His own memoirs have brought him two centuries of notoriety. They have also changed forever the way we think and write about ourselves - and about sex. At the same time that revolutions - scientific, industrial, political and artistic - remade the world in the eighteenth century, Casanova created an intimate and exhaustive study of what he saw as the most revolutionary article of all - himself.

    The world, and the way we look at ourselves in it, would never be the same again.
    9780521796668 Peter M. M. The Archaeology of Syria Cambridge Academ
    This is the first book to present a comprehensive review of the archaeology of Syria from the end of the Paleolithic period to 300 BC. Syria has become a prime focus of field archaeology in the Middle East in the past thirty years, and Peter Akkermans and Glenn Schwartz discuss the results of this intensive fieldwork, integrating them with earlier research. Alongside the major material culture types of each period, they examine important contributions of Syrian archaeology to issues like the onset of agriculture, the emergence of private property and social inequality, the rise and collapse of urban life, and the archaeology of early empires. All competing interpretations are set out and considered, alongside the authors own perspectives and conclusions.
    9780571203390 Rose Helen Plays for Children Faber
    "Indigo Mill" by Nick Fisher, "Body Talk" by Andy Rashleigh, Odessa and the Magic Goat" by John Agard and "Little Victories" by Shaun Prendergast - this is a collection of plays for children of primary school age. They encompass topics from Victorian weavers to European folklore and magic.
    9781864700756 Tall Buildings Of Asia And Australia Cb Images
    9780323012096 Graber University Iowa Family Pract Handbook Elsevier Science
    The University of Iowa Family Practice Handbook, 4th Edition contains all the clinical information needed to diagnose and treat disorders commonly seen in family practice. This portable guide has been revised and updated to include the most recent diagnostic and therapeutic information available, to create a reference that is uniquely applicable to primary care practice. The 4th edition features new chapters, a new organization, and expanded, detailed information on key topics such as managing anticoagulation, herbal pharmaceuticals, valvular heart disease, and more!
    9780099283072 Highsmith Pa Strangers on the Train Random House
    From the moment that he constructs a perfect alibi, Guy Haines is trapped in a nightmare of shared guilt and an insidious merging of his personality with that of his conspirator.
    9780631200031 International Management Wiley
    International Management provides a comprehensive introduction to cross-cultural management, demonstrating how cultural factors influence behavior in the boardroom and the workplace, and examines the skills needed to manage across national borders.
    9781851492060 Cummings And Chatelaines Antique Collectors Club Ltd
    Chatelaines are essentially decorative and useful waist hung items. This book provides a history of chatelaines with special attention paid to the 19th century, when the Victorians used them them for keys, sewing, dance, perfume bottles, spectacles and purses. Illustrations show the quality and variety of the examples produced. In addition, the book contains historical and sociological information about the people who wore and used chatelaines as well as much new material and information, collected together for the first time.
    9780838514627 Ebert Current Diagnosis McGraw-Hill
    This work presents a comprehensive approach to the clinical practice of psychiatry from a biological perspective. The subjects covered include etiology, phenomenology, pathophysiology, drug information and treatment.
    9780330311731 Bach Richard One Pan Macmillan
    In a journey with his wife, the author travels to a realm where survival depends on discovering what the other aspects of themselves have learned on roads they never took; where imagination and fear are tools for saving worlds and destroying them; where dying is one step to overcoming death.
    9780451167712 Puzo Mario The Godfather Penguin USA
    An inside look at the operations of the Cosa Nostra focuses on Mafia leader Vito Corleone, his family, and his underworld domain.
    9781901388596 Eden The Bridle Path Chimera Publishing
    9780679766629 Swift Last Orders Random House (USA)
    Jack Dodds has died, and his three close friends travel together to pay their last respects and take his ashes to Margate Pier and scatter them into the sea, Jack's final wish. As the journey develops via Rochester, Chatham and Canterbury, the characters tell their different life stories.
    9780345422033 Various Auth Cthulhu 2000 Random House (USA)
    Eighteen horror stories written by F. Paul Wilson, Harlan Ellison, Michael Shea, Kim Newman, Joanna Russ, Bruce Sterling, Gene Wolfe, Ramsey Campbell, and Roger Zelazny, take their inspiration from the fiction of H.P. Lovecraft.
    9780896036871 Munker Modern Hematology.2000 Wiley
    This new text offers a concise, up-to-date summary of the fundamentals of clinical haematology, including alle most recent developments. This comprehensive survey presents the essential clinical facts concerning malignant and nonmalignant blood diseases, detailing diagnostic methods, angiostatic drugs, the very latest therapies (eg stem cell transplantation), classifications, scientific controversies, and clear treatment recommendations. The book also illuminates the scientific basis needed to understand the new diagnostic and treatment methodologies, the molecular pathogenesis of many
    9781558592551 Phyllis Tuch George Segal Abbeville Press
    Traces the career of the American sculptor, shows a selection of his plaster figures and drawings, and describes the techniques he uses to create his sculpture.
    9780500341681 Diane Maddex Fifty Favourite Rooms By FLW Thames & Hudson
    Showcasing Frank Lloyd Wright`s best work in interior design, this volume exemplifies the architect`s principles of unity, simplicity and respect for nature. The rooms featured also represent a chronological picture of his stylistic development.
    9780345309884 Heinlein Rob Friday Random House (USA)
    In a Balkanized North America of the near future, threatened by imminent extinction, a strikingly beautiful and resourceful interplanetary secret agent--an Artificial Person named Friday--tries to survive a gigantic human comedy.
    9780500282359 John Maeda Maeda @ Media: PB Thames & Hudson
    At once a manifesto, a manual and a sourcebook, this volume presents the entire output of an artist with a fascination for the untapped artistic power of computer programming. Maeda`s discoveries took him from computer studies at Massachusetts Institute of Technology to art school in Japan.
    9780553573398 Hobb Farseer: Assassin s Apprentice Random House (USA)
    9780553283938 Forsyth Fred Negotiator Random House (USA)
    1991, Glasnost has its enemies, the worlds oil is running out and ruthless mercenaries have kidnapped the US president's son. As the world teeters on the edge of catastrophe, the negotiator goes to work. By the author of " The Dogs of War", "The Day of the Jackal" and "The Odessa File"
    9780330335607 Dexter C The Third Inspector Morse Omnibus Pan Macmillan
    Three full-length murder mysteries are contained here, each featuring the popular fictional detective, Inspector Morse and his faithful Sergeant, Lewis.
    9780375704628 Dangor Kafka s Curse Random House (USA)
    Set in South Africa during the final unravelling of apartheid, a retelling of an ancient Arabic legend follows Oscar Khan's love for a woman outside his race and religion, an affair that leads to tragedy and alienation, as his unforgiving brother struggles to come to terms with Oscar's apostasy.
    9780679727262 Nabokov Vlad Real Life of Sebastian Knight Random House (USA)
    The protagonist relates the life of his half-brother, the novelist Sebastian Knight, in an effort to reveal hirue character.
    9781854902160 Parallel Structures Grange Books
    Examining some of the many parallels between visual art, dance and music in the 20th century, this issue brings together an enormous diversity of material: from the pure saturated colours and blue-black voids of Anish Kapoor's art, to the choreographic notations of Merce Cunningham; from the musical scores and edible drawings of John Cage, to the 'white' paintings of Robert Ryman and a stunning collection of dance photography. Large sections are devoted to the artists' own words, in the form of interviews specially conducted for this issue of Art & Design; Annie Leibovitz talks about her approach to dance photography and about specific images which she has selected for this issue. Anish Kapoor talks about the interaction of the senses and his recent collaborations with dancer and choreographer Laurie Booth, and composer Brian Elias; curator Julie Lazar talks about John Cage's last project and Val Wilmer talks about her photographs of jazz and blues musicians. The issue also includes an essay on the stormy collaboration between Picasso, Satie, Massine and Cocteau on Diaghilev's scandalous ballet Parade and writings by Judith Mackrell, Vogue and Independent dance critic and Susan Sontag the leading American critic, novelist and filmmaker. A fascinating exploration of the parallels between visual art, dance and music in 20th-century art. Features a stunning collection of dance photography by some of its greatest proponents. An astonishing diversity of material Paintings, Photographs, Musical Scores, Choreographic Notations, Musical Boxes, Stage Sets and Jazz. A special Roundup feature on the Venice Biennale with an exclusive interview with Its controversial organiser Achille Bonito Oliva.
    9780380807550 Mitcham J Sweet Everlasting HarperCollins USA
    Sharecropper's son, mill worker, and ex-convict, Ellis Burt knows adversity. For a brief, cherished time, there was a woman, and then a child too, who had been a kind of salvation to him. Then they were gone, leaving Ellis to carry on with the burden of the ruin he brought down upon them all.
    9780679727279 Nabokov Vlad Bend Sinister Random House (USA)
    9780060928032 Le Guin U Unlocking the Air HarperCollins USA
    This collection of mainstream stories, written from the early eighties to the mid-nineties, is a stunning example of the virtuosity of the legendary Ursula K. Le Guin.
    9780380790524 Benford Greg Cosm HarperCollins USA
    COSM brings the extraordinary passion, drama and politics of scientific research to life in a stunning near-future thriller.
    9780061056918 Pratchett Te Maskerade HarperCollins USA
    From bestselling author Terry Pratchett comes the 19th Discworld adventure in a beautifully repackaged edition.
    9780345367433 Irving John 158-pound Marriage. The Random House (USA)
    A novel by the author of "The World According to Garp", "The Hotel New Hampshire", "The Cider House Rules", "A Prayer for Owen Meany" and "Trying to Save Piggy Sneed".
    9781864700541 Master Architect Series IV Dominique Perrault Images
    Dominique Perrault`s architecture avails itself of the elements of an earlier architectonics, and rearranges these according to a deliberately conceptual logic.
    9780781727600 Nachemson Neck & Back Pain Cb Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
    Written by world-renowned spine physicians, this volume presents a global view of what is known about neck and back pain. This evidence-based book emphasizes cost-effective diagnosis and treatment. Twenty-one chapters cover topics that range from epidemiology, psychological factors, and work-related influences to surgical and nonsurgical treatments, a review of social security systems, and recommendations
    9780198613343 New Pocket Oxford Dictionary 9ed. Oxford University Press
    The ninth edition of the world's longest-established pocket English dictionary. Derived from the database of the "New Oxford Dictionary of English", the book is user friendly with different elements starting on new lines. It offers coverage of English as an international language, the defining style is straightforward and non-technical, and thousands of examples illustrate idiomatic usage. All irregular noun, verb, and adjectival inflections are spelled out in full, while guidance on grammar and good usage is provided by in-text notes. Additional features include Wordbuilder boxes giving information on related words and thematic tables on subjects such as countries, chemical elements, and nationalities.
    9781574442878 Accounting and Finance for the Nonfinance Executive Taylor&Francis
    Have you recently been promoted? Are you starting a new business? Do you suddenly find that you need to know more about finances than you ever expected, but have no time for formal training? If so, you need Accounting and Finance for the Non-Financial Executive. Whether you are a newly promoted middle manager or executive, a marketing manager of a small company, an entrepreneur, or own your own business, your results will be measured in dollars and cents. You need to know the basics of finance and accounting to make sound business decisions and become successful.Shim shows you the strategies for evaluating investment decisions such as return on investment analysis. You will see what you need to know, what to ask, which tools are important, what to look for, what to do, and how to do it. Easy to read and useful, the book presents many practical examples, illustrations, guidelines, measures, rules of thumb, graphs, diagrams, and tables that make comprehending the subject easy.Accounting and Finance for the Non-Financial Executive prepares you for additional managerial responsibilities. You will be better equipped to prepare, appraise, evaluate, and approve plans to accomplish departm
    9780060638412 Heidegger M Nietzsche Vol I HarperCollins USA
    Part of a series of lectures, this work analyzes the philosophies of both Nietzsche and Heidegger.
    9780812555332 Cook G She Is the Darkness #8 Holtzbrink(MPS)
    9780812508642 Card O S Pastwatch Holtzbrink(MPS)
    9780880383820 Weis/hickman Kender. Gully Dwarves. and Gnomes Holtzbrink(MPS)
    This collection of tales about the minor races of Krynn--thevable, mischievous, and brave sidekicks of the "Dragonlance" heroes--also includes a novella.
    9780847820498 Hpp Hentrich-Petschnigg & Part Rizzoli USA
    Hentrich-Petschnigg & Partner KG built Europe's first modern skyscraper in 1957, and dozens of innovative buildings since renowned for their materials and construction. This book refers to 50 important showcase projects built in the last 10 years and has a complete list of HPP projects.
    9780500973950 Team Zoo Thames & Hudson
    9780451179180 Straub P Throat. The Penguin USA
    The continuing mystery of the Blue Rose Murders draws Tim Underhill back to his home town, where he will help a friend accused of murdering hiife clear his name.
    9780500282328 Smith Techno Architecture Thames & Hudson
    By examining the recent practice in architecture that has its roots in early-20th-century ideals of "machines for living", this text demonstrates how four contemporary international architects used technology to advance structural expression to evoke an almost nostalgic image of the machine. The book addresses the fundamental art and craft of building in the post-machine age and traces the evolution of this practice, before discussing the similarities amongst the four architects. A section is devoted to each practice which contains an architect's profile and a general description of all four projects.
    9780446313100 Devlin J Dictionary of Synonyms and Antonyms Hachette Book Group
    A guide to roots and derivations prefaces the uncaterized entries, listed alphabetically for quick reference.
    9780789303608 Santiago Calatrava Rizzoli USA
    9780446610179 Sheldon Sidn Sky Is Falling. The Hachette Book Group
    When members of a celebrated American family begin dropping like flies, anchorwoman Dana Evans decides to investigate and finds herself and her young son the prey of a fiendish killer.
    9780552142540 Gemmel D A Winter Warriors Transworld Publishers
    All the terrifying forces of evil range against a pregnant queen at bay in a haunted forest. But she is not completely alone. Three warriors stand with her, the last of the once-proud Drenai army. The fate of empires rests on their fading skills as they journey on a quest to save an unborn king.
    9781564967145 Type Graphics Rockport/Rotovision
    This volume presents some of the most innovative work from around the world with insights from the designers on their mission and creative process as it relates to the synthesis of type and image.
    9780723432425 Roitt Immunology.6 Ed Elsevier Science
    9781853260117 Twain Mark Tom Sawyer & Huckleberry Finn Wordsworth
    Tom Sawyer, an adventurous boy, is as much at home in the respectable world of his Aunt Polly as in the self-reliant and parentless world of his friend Huck Finn. The two enjoy a series of adventures, accidentally witnessing a murder, establishing the innocence of the man wrongly accused, as well as being hunted by Injun Joe, the true murderer.
    9780521567947 Andrew Littl Cambridge English for Schools Starter Workbook Cambridge University Press
    Cambridge English for Schools offers: -an approach centered around the whole educational context of learning English at school - links across the school curriculum to other subject areas throughout the course - content and concepts related to learners' ages and levels of ability - an organisation which takes into account the realities of teaching English at school: mixed abilities, mixed motivation, time available, and class size - material which has been developed and successfully piloted in collaboration with teachers anlasses in many parts of the world. The course consists osf a starter level for learners with little or no previous English and then levels 1-4.
    9781853261947 Dickens Char Our Mutual Friend Wordsworth
    John Harmon returns to England as his father`s heir. He is believed drowned under suspicious circumstances - a situation convenient to his wish for anonymity until he can evaluate Bella Wilfer whom he must marry to secure his inheritance.
    9781853262081 Bronte The Professor Wordsworth
    The Professor (1845-6), written before Jane Eyre, challenged contemporary expectations of the novel by its brevity, realismnd insistence on a working career both before and after marriage for its hero and heroine. Strikingly up to date for its period, the action begins against a background of the fight for better factory conditions in the 1830s, and finishes in the early 1840s with the spread of liberal ideas which led to the continental revolutions of 1848.
    9780812035346 Steinbeck Jo The Pearl Barron`s educational series, inc
    9780764101687 Presson Dictionary of Homophones Barron`s educational series, inc
    Provides more than 600 sets of homophones, listed alphabetically with brief definitions and part-of-speech designations.
    9780521376648 Michael Swan New Cambridge English Course, The Level 4 Practice Book with Key Cambridge University Press
    The New Cambridge English Course is a four-level course for learners of English. Level 4 takes learners from intermediate to upper-intermediate standard (approximately at the lev of the Cambridge First Certificate). It can be used with learners who have studied previous levels of the course, or as an independent upper-intermediate course. The course features: * proven multi-syllabus approach * clearly focused and 'signposted' aims for each lesson * wide variety of presentation and practice material * allowance for different learning styles and teaching situations * balance between control and freedom in language practice * motivating range of up-to-date topics * frequent use authentic reading and listening material * highly attractive, clearly organised page design. Level 4 teaches all the language and skills necessary at upper-intermediate level. It is divided into five blocks, each containing eight lessons followed by a Summary, Revision, and Fluency Practice section and a Revision Test. Each block provides four 'general purpose' lessons, two 'Skills Focus' lessons, and two 'Focus on Systems' lessons, dealing with special problems of grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation.' The
    9780550105684 Dictionary of Synonyms and Antonyms Chambers
    This dictionary has been specially compiled to help writers and speakers of English. It provides instant answers to those looking for the more exact term, the livelier phrase or the clearer expression. The book contains 170,000 synonyms and antonyms arranged alphabetically.
    9780330352284 Follett Ken Triple Pan Macmillan
    This work of fiction undertakes to imagine the real reason behind Egyptian President Anwar Sadat's trip to his historic enemies in Jerusalem. It is the story of a successful espionage coup.
    9780721643991 Sonis Prin Prac Oral Medicine 2/e Harcourt Publishers Limited
    The source of choice for concise and easy-to-use guidance on the latest advances in diagnostics, therapeutics, and patient care. More than 300 leading practitioners from over 15 countries describe their preferred techniques for managing hundreds of common disorders affecting every organ system. With more than 90 per cent new authorship, each chapter offers fresh perspectives on the hottest topics. Plus, a new updated design for 2005 includes more clinical algorithms and tables, making information readily accessible.
    9781857032963 Making Decisions How to books
    The aim of this book is to sharpen and focus decision-making skills, to help make maximum use of opportunities in business and personal life. It also offers insight into decision-making styles, so the reader can shape performance and adjust thinking to suit changing circumstances.
    9780714833545 Beware Wet Paint Phaidon Press Ltd.
    This work is a monograph of the career of Alan Fletcher, containing details of more than 100 design solutions drawing from his 30-year career, including company logos, sign systems, typography, and the Zodiac Calenders. An essay on his life and career is also featured. Fletcher was a co-founder of design agency Pentagram and has been associated with for example, Reuters, Lloyd's of London, IBM, Olivetti, and Pirelli. Part biography and part monograph, the book presents details of Fletcher's designs for a wide range of clients both private and corporate. Its approach is didactic rather than presentational and may be used as a teaching aid for other designers as a showcase fFletcher's work. The projects are grouped under a series of 13 headings, such as optical illusion, body language, recycling stuff, and making marks. Each section has an accompanying text by Jeremy Myerson which explains how each graphic solution was developed. An interview with Rick Poyner adds insights into Fletcher's own thinking and how he manipulates the design process.
    9780714838311 Future Sistems Phaidon Press Ltd.
    Examines the continuing development of Future Systems, considered by many to be one of the most inspirational practices working today. The book features 30 recent projects, including at least eight built works, and designs for products and furniture, and also a glossary of projects from 1958-92. The recent and current building included in the text are the Media Centre at Lord's Cricket Ground, a yellow pontoon bridge at Canary Wharf, and one of the first millennium projects - the Earth centre, outside Doncaster.
    9780714835761 Lucie-smith Art Deco Painting Phaidon Press Ltd.
    The Art Deco style was all pervasive during the 1920s and 1930s affecting the decorative arts, fine arts and fashion. This text specifically examines Art Deco painting andfines it as a genre. The author analyzes the characteristics of the style, period and history of the movement, explaining its relationship to Classicism, the Symbolists, the Precisionists, photography and Cubism. It discusses the frequent use of classical imagery, the importance of society portraiture, the portrayal of the "demi-monde" and the lure of decorative exoticism. French, American, Russian, British and Italian Art Deco painters, who are all represented here, were attracted as much to the skyscraper and the automobile as they were to the classical nude. The result was a remarkable mix of traditional and modern: the sleek, seductive portraits by the Polish emigre Tamara de Lempicka, the fantastical classical allegories of Jean Dupas, the elegant high-style compositions of Australia by Charles Meere and the evocative "real-life" scenes of Glyn Philpot.
    9781564964670 Digital Portfolios W/cd-rom Rockport/Rotovision
    This volume unlocks the secrets of creating a memorable digital portfolio by taking an in-depth look at 20 such graphic design works. Each opens with the case study of a designer or designer-firm''s portfolio'
    9780521667272 Diana Hicks, Primary Colours Starter Teacher s Book Cambridge University Press
    Primary Colours is a course for very young learners of English. Stories, songs, puzzles and games make Primary Colours fun, dynamic and involving. The course encourages children to think about the world around them. Regular revision pages reinforce what has been learnt and opportunities for self-assessment give children a sense of achievement. The Teacher's Book offers step-by-step guidance and includes a bank of extra materials to provide busy teachers with great flexibility. Further support and ideas are provided in the 'A-Z Teaching Young Learners' . The Starter Level is for children in the early stages of literacy. The focus is on speaking and listening skills with some letter and word recognition towards the end of the book.
    9780521750776 Let s Talk Audio CDs (2) Cambridge University Press
    A set of two class audio CDs features all the listening activities from Let's Talk 2. The engaging task-based listening activities focus student listening and are recorded in natural, conversational American English. The audio program features interviews
    9780521774697 Leo Jones, R New International Business English Student s Book Audio Cassettes (3) Cambridge University Press
    New International Business English Updated Edition is a flexible course at the upper-intermediate level for people who need to or who will soon need to use English in their day-to-day work. All four skills listening, speaking, reading, writing are developed through a wide range of tasks which reflect closely the world of work. Key features of the second edition Students Book: learner-centred approach realistic integrated communication activities systematic coverage of the essential business tasks thorough vocabulary development frequent opportunities for discussions New International Business English consists of: Students Book Workbook Teachers Book Students Book Cassette Set/Audio CD Set Workbook Cassette Set/Audio CD Set The New International Business English Video and accompanying Teachers Guide with photocopiable tasks are designed to be used with this course.
    9780140266139 Gibson Willi All tomorrow s parties Penguin Books Ltd
    Rydell is on his way back to near-future San Francisco. A stint as a security man in an all-night Los Angeles convenience store has convinced him his career is going nowhere, but his friend Laney, phoning from Tokyo, says there`s more interesting work for him in Northern California.
    9780751528251 Fowler Ch Soho Black Little, Brown
    9781855859180 Brom - offerings Paper Tiger
    Following the success of Darkwerks, Offerings focuses on the many realms of fantasy and horror that populate Brom's world. A leading name in the collectible worlds of computer and card games, such as Diable, Heretic, and Magic, Brom has also worked on comic cover work including Batman, and on movies such as Galaxy Quest.
    9780893819361 I am not this body: photographs by barbara ess Thames & Hudson
    I Am Not This Body investigates primary, personal experience, and relies upon the viewer's imagination and memoirs. Barbara Ess is renowned for her uniquely accomplished use of the pinhole camera, and her effort to "photograph what cannot be photographed." Ess 's is a conscious quest to explore what she calls "ambiguous perceptual boundaries: between people, between the self and the not self, between in here and out there." In her view, "reality...includes a perceiver, who has memories, thoughts desires emotions -[which] a normal camera tends to omit". The Strange and affecting images she coaxes from this primitive camera manage to evoke the sublime and the impossible, the textures of d desire and loss.
    9780747529026 Boyle t c Tortilla curtain Bloomsbury
    9780500200834 Turner Pb Thames & Hudson
    A study of the life and works of Joseph Mallord William Turner. A precocious talent, he first exhibited at the Royal Academy at the age of 15, an institution that was to play a major part in his life, recognizing his genius and supporting him against many contemporary arbiters of taste.
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