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9780500277911 Costume 1066-1990s Pb Thames & Hudson
An expanded and updated edition of this collection of drawings which ranges over ten centuries of English historical costume. Designed for quick reference, the book is divided into the reigns of the monarchs, with notes to pinpoint specific features such as fabric, decoration, accessories and cut.
9780500018590 Cutting Edge: georgina Von Etzdor Thames & Hudson
A von Etzdorf scarf, handmade in sumptious velvet, organza, chiffon and silk, can be described as a work of art. In this volume, the three partners behind the brand discuss their philosophy, their innovative techniques and their artistic inspiration.
9780375724930 Jin H Bridgegroom Random House (USA)
9780345434807 Rice Anne Vampire Armand Random House (USA)
Follows the story of Armand across the centuries, from his boyhood in ancient Kiev to his relationship with the great vampire Marius, as he struggles to choose between immortality and his eternal soul.
9780764114885 Guide to Graduate Business Schools.12th Barron`s educational series, inc
Updated with the latest facts and figures, this directory profiles more than 600 business schools in the United States and Canada. Profiles include details on admission requirements, available academic programs, tuition and fees, career placement services, and more. A valuable added feature gives advice on choosing the school that most closely fits the individual student's needs.
9781855648487 Offshore Finance Yearbook 2001/2002 Euromoney
This is a useful reference book and point of contact for the offshore practitioner. Experts in offshore finance, law and regulation contribute to the editorial. Includes a directory of over 1,300 companies active in the market.
9781883011390 Crane S Prose and Poetry Penguin USA
9780789202024 Bvlgari Abbeville Press
9780192626387 McLatchie Oxf. HB of Clin. Surgery. 2002 Oxford Academ
9780486290812 Dostoevsky F Gambler, The Dover
Psychologically probing novel concerns the gambling eqisodes, tangled love affairs and complicated lives of Alexey Ivanovitch, a young gambler; Polina Alexandrovna, the woman he loves; a pair of French adventurers and other characters. Bleak picture of the fatal attractions of gambling with wonderfu
9780486999708 Dover 500 Full-Color Decorative Illustrations CD-ROM and Book Dover
Decorative vignettes for artists, collagists, and designers include demure beauties, dashing gentlemen, cherubic youngsters, adorable animals, angels, portraits of celebrities, and much more. 504 illus.
9780486999852 Dover 24 Circus Display Fonts CD-ROM and Book Dover
Carnival, Houdini, Tokyo, Diamond Inlay, Startime, Golden Era, Cavalcade, Cinderella, Earthquake, Ringmaster, Torpedo, and more.
9780500283813 Cyborg Thames & Hudson
'Cyborg', from the Greek for 'steersman' combined with 'organism', was coined in the mid-20th century to describe the new human who would be required for space travel - enhanced by mechanical, chemical or electronic means, he or she would be half-human, half-machine. This excitingly-illustrated book discusses the astonishing changes in biotechnology that make the cyborg seem more science fact than science fiction. Soon we could all be Superman or Wonderwoman. What will this mean to us as individuals? How will it affect society? The author reminds us that the yearning for immortality and superpowers is as ancient as the human race; it's just that these now seem within our reach. We are guided on a journey through metamorphoses old and new, fictional and factual - from werewolves to genetic engineering, from Dr Frankenstein to a professor's arm controlled by another's thoughts, from the androids of science fiction to a real robot sensitive to human moods.
9780812557466 Goonan Bones of Time Holtzbrink(MPS)
A young Hawaiian mathematician discovers the secrets of time travel and alternative universes in the preserved bones of the great Hawaiian king, Kamehameha. By the author of Queen City Jazz. Reprint. LJ.
9781904313038 Perrault, Dominique Phaidon Press Ltd.
Dominique Perrault, born in 1953, is one of the leading figures of contemporary architecture. In addition to the French National Library, one of the most important buildings realized in Paris in the 1990s, Perrault's career features other works of international importance, such as the Berlin Velodrome and Olympic swimming-pool (1992-9), where he masterfully succeeded in blending the architectural structures with the natural environment. In the area of town-planning, Perrault has conceived designs for Nantes, Bordeaux, Berlin and Caen; he also designs furniture and researches new building materials. Major current projects by Perrault are under way for the extension of the Court of Justice of the European Community (Luxemburg) and the multimedia library of Venissieux. This monograph presents, in chronological order, the most important achievements of Perrault, along with several projects for invited international competition. Each project has a complete project description and it is illustrated with photographs and drawings. The illustrations and the concise critical essay by Laurent Stalder should make this book an invaluable tool for discovering and understanding the work of one the most appealing contemporary architects at work today.
9780847821938 Celts Rizzoli USA
The anthology was originally published by Gruppo Editoriale Fabbri, Bompiani, Sonzogno, Etas in Milan to accompany an exhibition of Celtic art and civilization at Palazzo Grassi in Venice in 1991, and seems to have been reissued in 1997 by RCibri. Contributors from throughout Europe focus on arch
9780521665773 Louise Hashe Cambridge Grammar for First Certificate Cambridge University Press
This cassette accompanies Cambridge Grammar for First Certificate - a grammar reference and practice book which will appeal to students at intermediate and upper-intermediate level. It will be of particular value to those preparing for the Cambridge First Certificate examination. Students first listen to the grammar in context and are then encouraged to analyse the language themselves before looking at the rules and practising what they have learnt. As well as offering comprehensive reference and tightly focused practice exercises, it includes the full range of FCE exam tasks not only from the Use of English paper, but also from the Reading, Writing and Listening papers. It is available in with and without answers editions.
9780425188798 Petievich Sentinel Penguin USA
9780441000319 Jacques Salamandastron Penguin USA
In the woods and mountains of Redwall, the badgers, mice and moles lived in peace. Until one day, a weasel assassin came to change their world forever.
9780812504262 Melville Billy Budd Holtzbrink(MPS)
Melville's short novel is accompanied by explanatory notes, excerpts of criticism, and marial on its historical background.
9780812536027 Dumas Three Musketeers Holtzbrink(MPS)
In seventeenth-century France, young D'Artagnan initially quarrels with, then befriends, three musketeers and joins them in trying to outwit the enemies of the king and queen.
9780060531218 Creativity 32 HarperCollins USA
The Creativity Annual has emerged as one of the premier sources showing outstanding advertising and design work from all over the world. Each year, entries are chosen from more than 40 states and 40 countries around the world. Nearly 40 categories of work are in the book, including consumer print advertisements, trade publication ads, posters, billboards, annual reports, brochures, catalogs, book jackets, record albums, package design, calendars, t-shirts, logos, letterheads, corporate ID manuals, editorial design, magazine covers, public service ads, illustration, photography, direct mail, TV commercials, videos, web design and others. While most other annuals have a limited geographic focus, Creativity is the one annual where address is not a factor. Creative people looking for inspiration will find that great work can come from lots of places around the world. And the Creativity Annual is where lots of great work is found.
9781564969057 Challenging the Big Brands Rockport/Rotovision
Today we know Gateway, Federal Express and Virgin Atlantic Airline as market leaders, but once upon a time they were "challenger brands." Scores of books explore the business side of world-class branding, but until now, no book has addressed the critical role that graphic design strategy plays in successfully launching new brands into the marketplace. Challenging the Big Brands offers brand creators, graphic designers and advertising executives an inside look at the graphic design elements that have helped transform unknown companies into household names. Illustrated throughout with dozens of successful graphic design strategies, this in-depth exploration shows the finished pieces that distinguished the campaign from those of their competitors. Each case study includes insights - both from the client company and the design firm - on the creative processes behind the projects and the brilliant moves that helped catapult them to the top. Distilling valuable lessons from international brand success stories, this visual guide is a must for anyone involved in launching new brands into a competitive market.
9781400033645 Highsmith Pa Ripley s Game (F) Random House (USA)
9780521644815 Richard J. E Human Molecular Biology Cambridge Academ
Human Molecular Biology is an introduction to the molecular basis of health and disease for the new generation of life scientists and medical students. By integrating cutting-edge molecular genetics and biochemistry with the latest clinical information, the book weaves a pattern which unifies biology with syndromes, genetic pathways with developmental phenotypes, and protein function with drug action. From the origins of life to the present day, a narrative is traced through the workings of genomes, cells and organ systems, culminating in linking of laboratory technologies to future research horizons. Lavishly illustrated throughout with two-colour diagrams and full colour clinical pictures, this text brings the complexities and breadth of human molecular biology clearly to life. This seamless account breaks through the boundaries between molecular biology and medicine, and leads the reader on to a new dimension where the biological basis of health and disease is inescapably molecular. Human Molecular Biology scooped both the Richard Asher prize for best new textbook and the overall 'Medical Book of the Year' in the Society of Authors and Royal Society of Medicine Medical Book Awards 2003.
9780300063356 Impressionism in Britain Yale University Press
A catalogue to the exhibition of Impressionism in Britain held at the Barbican Art Gallery in London in the spring of 1995, this work argues that in the late 19century, Impressionism was far less homogeneous than we recognize today. It defined itself internationally in a series of schools which had all originated through contact with Paris. In Britain, Impressionism involved the English paintings of Monet, Sisley and Degas, as well as the work of such groups as the "London Impressionists" of 1889, the Newlyn and Glasgow schools, and the Impressionist colonies at Walberswick and Staithes. Impressionism was practised and exhibited by such artists as James McNeill Whistler, George Clausen, Stanhope Forbes, John Lavery, John Singer Sargent, Walter Sickert and Philip Wilson Steer. McConkey demonstrates how their persistences moved Victorian painting away from stale classicism and literary anecdote, to a modern British art of colour, light and form, many examples of which are presented in this study.
9781853176234 Noseworthy Neurological Therapeutics: Principles & Practice Informa
A two-volume reference, this book covers all aspects of pharmaceutical and interventional therapy for neurological diseases and disorders. The editor has assembled a panel of experts who examine therapies are currently available, how effective they are, and probable results. The contributors are well-known in their subspecialties and contribute personal experience. Leading neurologists are section editors, and they in turn have chosen leaders from all the neurological subspecialties. Neurologists, psychiatrists, geriatricians, and pediatricians will consult this book for both rare and common diseases and disorders, whether their patients are elderly, middle-aged, or adolescent.
9788884911407 -40 Thames & Hudson
The finalists for this illustrious prize were chosen by a jury and selection committee whose members rank among the world's leading architects and architectural critics including such prominent figures as Stan Allen, Marco Brizzi, Chyntia C. Davidson, Yves Nacher, Richard Burdett and Manuel Gausa. Each member accurately researched and evaluated the construction site and work of the 50 finalists. The selection of finalists consists of an international group of 50 young architects, who present a variety of unique buildings which include exhibition spaces, schools, public spaces, gardens, offices, hospitals and private dwellings spread across North and South America, Europe, Asia and the Near East. Each construction is an ode to ground-breaking and experimental design, taking into serious consideration the cultural, economic and geographical evolution of the specific site and the needs of the surrounding area and community. These 50 young architects are the forerunners of innovative architectural design, clearly representing the necessities and requirements of tomorrow's world. Each project is highlighted by impressive color photographs of the sight, a short biography of the architect, a concise description of the construction, and the reason for its nomination written by one of the illustrious committee members. This magnificently illustrated collection of top architectural design is a necessity for architecture students, professionals and art lovers alike.
9780751530438 Cornwell Pat Postmortem Little, Brown
The first Dr Kay Scarpetta Mystery, which won five international awards when it was first published.
9781859961643 Key Topics in General Surgery Informa
The ideal reference and revision aid for postgraduate examinations in general surgery. Contains essential information on approximately 100 carefully selected topics pertinent to modern practice in clinical general surgery. Wherever possible the information is presented in a uniform manner, with focus on diagnosis and management. This new edition features several new topics and update to any of the existing topics.
9783131085917 Field MasterCases in Shoulder and Elbow Surgery Thieme Verlagsgruppe
This book is designed to instruct both practicing surgeons and residents on the latest techniques and management of a variety of shoulder and elbow conditions. It offers a technically detailed approach to shoulder and elbow conditions an explained by experts in the field. The book is filled with high-quality radiographs and illustrations to assist the reader. Filled with situations and cases you will see everyday in practice, this is an invaluable resource for all surgeons, orthopedists, and residents.
9780440241294 Donnelly May the Best Man Die Random House (USA)
9780345426277 Katzenbach J Analist, The Random House (USA)
9780752841427 Rayner Other Half Orion Publishers
The Mistress. Chloe - fun, single, hip - is a features writer for Babe with ambitions to launch a magazine of her own. Then she meets James who, if Chloe's magazine goes ahead, will be her new boss. She knows never to mix business with pleasure but... The Wife. Maggie appears to have it all: she's beautiful, chic, a talented food writer with a gorgeous husband - Jamie - and a son Nathan. But these days there's something not quite right. Work no longer inires her and she feels her husband is moving away from her... The alternating voices of Chloe and Maggie - each knowing more or less than the other at any one time - give this love triangle tale a new and different edge. In writing that is lively, sexy and sharp, Sarah Rayner explores modern-day relationships and age-old moral dilemmas.
9780751532128 Blanchard,Ja Nailing harry Little, Brown
Set in a television production company, this is the story of revenge against an awful boss. Janet is 42, a career woman who lives on her own but would like a boyfriend or husband but isn't desperate about it. She has a pivotal role in the television productions - thinks up most of the ideas, writes and often directs and produces. Harry, her boss, takes all the credit but any blame gets firmly placed on Janet's shoulders. Val is Harry's wife. On the surface she has everything she could want - a successful husband, money, fabulous clothes etc. But underneath she's lonely. Janet and three of her colleagues are fed up with the way Harry treats them. When they find out he has a mistress and is betraying Val, they decide to take their revenge...
9782880467692 Typo-graphics: The Art and Science of Type Design in Context Rockport/Rotovision
The fascination of type for typographers and graphic designers alike has always been the interplay between the form, style and shape of the letterform itself and the content, the message that the type carries as it appears on the page. "Typo-Graphics" comes at a time when graphic designers are expanding their understanding of typography and taking a measure of control themselves. It explores the work of 24 typographers, art directors and designers from all over the world who are bringing new graphic and artistic understanding to type design. Radical, provocative, experimental or highly practical, the practitioners featured in the book all share one common idea - that with new tools and technologies, type can be made to work even harder and on more levels than ever before. Displaying an array of imaginative and beautifully crafted work, this volume demonstrates how cultural and commercial context influences type design; how type makes pictures as well as words; and how a new, closer relationship between the practice of graphic design and typography is essential for the profession's progress. It should provide designers a uniquely inspirational and practical understanding of how to take their work forward in a world where clients demand multi-skilled creativity and the pressures of time, cost and technology make that not just possible, but essential.
9780552150569 Cooper Rivals Transworld Publishers
9780380720231 Block Lawren Devil Knows Youre Dead HarperCollins USA
9783131307217 Burghardt Primary Care Colposcopy Thieme Verlagsgruppe
A key tool in the fight against cervical cancer, colposcopy has today become a standard gynecologic technique and a must-know area for the primary-care practitioner who handles gynecologic patients in his or her practice. This lavishly illustrated work includes complete instruction in performing colposcopic procedures, but its great strength are the 400+ exquisite, enlarged color photographs of diagnostic quality, allowing the examining practitioner to make confident assessments regarding the appearance of the cervix as seen in colposcopy.COLPOSCOPY begins with coverage of equipment, training, and examination techniques. It, then, provides full information on normal and abnormal colposcopic findings and guidelines for differential diagnosis and treatment. Comprehensive and wide-ranging, COLPOSCOPY shows you how to:- Make routine exams more effective and accurate through the use of colposcopic screening- Conduct an examination with colposcopy and document your results- Reach the right differential diagnosis and determine the best method of treatment- Use colposcopy to detect abnormalities not revealed through standard screening techniques. Fully illustrated and based on decades of experience, COLPOSCOPY is an essential resource for anyone performing cervical examinations.
9780805211443 Ulitskaya Medea and her Children Random House (USA)
9780121072582 Bloom The Vaccine Book Elsevier Science
Reveals the scientific opportunities and potential impact of vaccines, including economic and ethical challenges, and how to introduce vaccines into widespread use. This book includes topics such as: ethics; economics; diseases that could be prevented; clinical trial designs; ideas about the future of vaccines; planning vaccine trials; and more.
9781841950693 Dan Fante Mooch Canongate
Bruno Dante is trying to straighten out selling printer supplies for a company ruled by a straight, militaristic disciplinarian. Unfortunately for Bruno, a former gangbanger, lap-dancer and crackhead called Jimmi turns up and soon he's back in free fall.
9781841951638 Charles Buko Ham on Rye Canongate
With his fourth novel, legendary barfly Charles Bukowski follows the path of his alter ego Henry Chinaski through the high school years of acne and rejection, drinking his way through the Depression, and ends at the start of World War 2.
9783150076613 Morike Gedichte Reclam
9781841954097 Karel van Lo A Fathers Affair Canongate
"On a worldwide average, one out of every ten children is not sired by the man generally assumed to be its father. This figure applies in equal measure to the industralised West." Armin - pronounced sterile at the outset of this gripping novel - attempts to track down the father of 'his' son, Bo, a feat made more difficult by the earlier death of the boy's mother. Part love story, part genetic mystery A Father's Affair is a funny and poignant exploration of male anxiety, relationships and sexuality.
9783791330471 Bertholet, F Gardens of Pleasure (Eroticism and Art in China) Prestel Publishing Limited
These sublime examples from the worlds largest collection of Chinese erotic art offer a rare glimpse behind the curtains of censorship into a realm of aesthetic beauty, symbolism, and harmony.
9783791326986 Gundel, Marc Rauschenberg (Posters) Prestel Publishing Limited
One of Americas most important artists, Robert Rauschenberg consistently fuses painting, found art, photography and printing in his works. Arranged thematically and chronologically, the posters display the full range of Rauschenbergs stylistic development from the 1960s to the 1990s.
9780747570738 Rowling J.K. Harry Potter & Order of the Phoenix Adult Bloomsbury
Dumbledore lowered his hands and surveyed Harry through his half-moon glasses. 'It is time,' he said, 'for me to tell you what I should have told you five years ago, Harry. Please sit down. I am going to tell you everything.' Harry Potter is due to start his fifth year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizadry. He is desperate to get back to school and find out why his friends Ron and Hermione have been so secretive all summer. However, what Harry is about to discover in his new year at Hogwarts will turn his whole world upside down... But before he even gets to school, Harry has an unexpected and frightening encounter with two Dementors, has to face a court hearing at the Ministry of Magic and has been escorted on a night-time broomstick ride to the secret headquarters of a mysterious group called 'The Order of the Phoenix'. And that is just the start. A gripping and electrifying novel, full of suspense, secrets, and - of course - magic.
9780521520621 Susan Tayfoo Common Mistakes at First Certificate... and how to avoid them Paperback Cambridge University Press
This neat little book focuses on the real mistakes learners make at FCE and shows how to avoid them. It is based on the Cambridge Learner Corpus, a unique resource containing over 10,000 marked exam scripts from Cambridge ESOL. Each unit focuses on a key problem area. Clear explanations and varied exercises help learners to use the language accurately. Regular tests offer learners a further opportunity to check and consolidate what they have learnt. - Based on analysis of over 10,000 Cambridge ESOL exam scripts in the Cambridge Learner Corpus - Highlights common mistakes that learners really make - Short, snappy units focus on key problem areas - Clear unit structure: test, teach, test - Concise explanations - Includes FCE-style exercises - Regular tests - Includes answer key.
9780486412214 Bartlett W. Bartlett s Classic Illustrations of America: All 121 Engravings from American Scenery, 1840 Dover
Superb, detailed views of Mount Vernon, Faneuil Hall in Boston, Niagara Falls, West Point, much more. All copyright-free.
9780486995465 Dover Full-Color Animal Illustrations CD-ROM and Book Dover
9780486996356 Dover Letters & Alphabets w/CD Dover
9780486251080 Stella Everyday Fashions of the Thirties as Pictured in Sears Catalogs Dover
Catalog illustrations show what American men, women and children actually wore during the 1930s, including shoes, coats, underwear, shirts, blouses, hats, dresses, purses, suits, and sweaters.
9780486433783 Lester Kathe Accessories of Dress: An Illustrated Encyclopedia Dover
Illustrated throughout with b&w drawings and photographs, this reference describes some of the many forms of adornment that men and women have used throughout history to enhance their apparel. Coverage includes (for example) wigs, earrings, cosmetics, garters, shoes, walking sticks, buttons, and artificial flowers. The volume is an unabridged repub
9780486213088 Andrea The Four Books of Architecture Dover
16th century classic covers classical architectural remains, Renaissance revivals, classical orders, etc. 1738 Ware English edition. 216 plates. 110pp of text. .
9780486240015 Carol Belang Treasury of Art Nouveau Design and Ornament Dover
The TNM Atlas is designed as an aid for the practical application of the TNM classification system by illustrating the T and N categories in clear, easily understood graphics. The aim of such a presentation is twofold: to enable all disciplines involved to reach a more standardized understanding and documentation of the anatomic spread of tumors, and to further enhance the dissemination and use of the TNM classification. The 5th Edition includes: - all changes and additions to the 6th Edition of The TNM Classification of Malignant Tumours - numerous new figures to illustrate changes and new definitions of categories of: - head and neck tumors - some digestive system tumors - pleural melanoma - malignant melanoma of skin - breast tumors - urological tumors - ophthalmic tumors
9780552771313 Brill Marius Making Love Transworld Publishers
He was out of her league. She was out of her depth. When Miranda, the Miss Lonely Hearts of Shepherd's Bush, suddenly finds herself romanced by a tall, dark and deadly spy, she finds her life turned upside down. Could it have anything to do with the book she innocently took from the library, a book with a conspiracy theory about 'love' so devastating that every other copy has been destroyed by MI5 and the writer 'disappeared'? Spliced through Miranda's romantic adventure are pages from the 'lost' book itself. But the loudest voice in this piece of postmodern madness belongs to the lovelorn book itself, a sentient mass of paper and ink that cannot help falling in love with its reader. Marius Brill's send-up of po-faced conspiracy stories, spy thrillers and pulp romance is as sharp as Tom Sharpe - imagine Umberto Ecco with a sense of humour. Ludicrously logical and finely spun, this is hare-brained literary fantasy, an erudite romp, and above all, a novel to fall in love with ...
9783150093429 Buber Ich Und Du Reclam
9780375700323 Thompson J Golden Gizmo. The Random House (USA)
Toddy Kent was born with a "gizmo" in his head--talent for finding easy money--but when Toddy's gift deserts him and he finds his wife murdered, he goes on the run from a sinister man and his hymn-singing doberman.
9780340766958 Gold Emma Easy Hodder
A comic story about a single girl`s look at the truth behind relationships.
9780123116246 Hammond Cel.& Mol. Neurobiology 2ed. Harcourt Publishers Limited
Aiming to assist both students and teachers to view neurobiology from a molecular, cellular and an experimental perspective, this second edition has been revised and updated. New topics include the integration of post synaptic responses and the hippocampal network. Through its "building block" approach to teaching and learning, the text shows how individual ion channels and receptors are integrated, leading to an understanding of how excitable cells function.
9780521628716 Jack C. Rich New Interchange Level 1 Student s Audio Cassette A Cambridge University Press
New Interchange is a multi-level series for adult and young adult learners of English from the beginning to the high-intermediate level.
9780521273848 Gillian Brow Teaching the Spoken Language Paperback Cambridge Academ
This book is about teaching the spoken language. It presents in a highly accessible form the results of the author's important research on teaching and assessing effective spoken communication. The authors examine the nature of spoken language and how it differs from written language both in form and purpose. A large part of the book is concerned with principles and techniques for teaching spoken production and listening comprehension. important chapter deals with how to assess spoken language. The principles and techniques described apply to the teaching of English as a foreign and second language, and are also highly relevant to the teaching of the mother tongue. The accompanying cassette contains extracts from original source recordings which are transcribed as examples in the book.
9781842142554 Schwartz-Blo Levine s Pharmacology: Drug Actions And Reactions, Seventh Edition Informa
Completely revised and updated, this is the seventh edition of Levine's classic pharmacology textbook. Known for it's thorough coverage and intelligent organization, the book covers the basic principles of pharmacological interactions on the human body in a way that is useful for both undergraduate and graduate students. Beginning with historical perspectives, nomenclature and definitions, the topics broaden to include sites and mechanisms of drug actions and travel to sites of action, as well as termination and elimination. The book also includes drug response and time-response relationships, response variability, drug toxicity, drug abuse, drug dependence, and more.
9780071375962 Ho Retina: Colour Atlas and Synopsis . 2003 McGraw-Hill
9780195147575 Bgaron Neuropsychological Evaluation of the Child.2003 Oxford Academ
This essential desk reference will meet the demand for a broad and convenient collection of normative data in child neuropsychology. In a clearly written, well-organized manner, it compiles published and previously unpublished normative data for the neuropsychological tests that are most commonly used with children. Far from being a raw collection, however, it integrates concepts and models central to the neuropsychologicalsessment of children into the discussions of data. All these discussions have a practical, clinical focus. As background, the author considers the current status of child neuropsychology practice, test models, behavioural assessment techniques, observational data, procedures to optimize child evaluation, communication of results through the interpretative session and report writing, and preliminary assessment methods. Then she reviews the tests and data under the broad domains of intelligence, executive function, attention, language, motor and sensory-perceptual function, visuoperceptual, visuospatial and visuoconstructional function, and learning and memory. Written by a seasoned practitioner, this book will be an extraordinary resource for child and developm
9780631210436 Norman Jones The English Reformation: Religion and Cultural Adaptation Wiley
Recent debate over the English Reformation has turned around how Catholic the nation was before the Reformation. Most scholars now believe that there was little popular support for the change in religion imposed by Henry VIII. And yet, by the end of Elizabeth's reign England was clearly Protestant. It had abandoned much of its late Medieval culture and replaced it with a new formulation. The book explores how the English, over three generations, adapted to the religious changes and, in the process, radically reconstructed their culture. Using personal histories, the author explores how individuals and the institutions in which they lived and worked, such as families, universities, towns, guilds, and Inns of Court, refashioned themselves in the face of the rapid social, ideological, political and economic changes brought about by the Reformation. Tracing these responses across three generations, the author emphasizes the way generational interaction and self interest interrelated to adapt to new circumstances, creating, by the late-16th century, a multi-theological culture that exalted nationalism and valued the individual conscience.
9781853172144 Horton Difficult Hypertension Informa
Sets out the problems of dealing with, and the treatment for, difficult hypertension. The international contributors offer guidelines on how they personally would tackle the problem. The book is critical of the available evidence but also provides practical and clear guidelines for clinicians.
9781841840642 Brenner, Md Thrombosis & Antithrombotic Therapy Informa
Written by a team of acknowledged specialists, Thrombosis and Anti-Thrombotic Therapy provides a comprehensive guide to the main advances in thrombosis, its pathogenesis, clinical features, prevention, and therapy. In addition to summarizing the clinical studies of heparins and heparinoids, the authors also review the current approaches to heart disease, stroke, peripheral arterial disease, and venous thrombosis. Specific topics include acquired hypercoagulable states, selective inhibitors of coagulation factors, and thrombosis and cancer.
9780071235693 Pediatrics: Pretest IE McGraw-Hill
9780060092573 Crichton Mic Terminal Man HarperCollins USA
9780199267552 Hendry, John Between Enterprise and Ethics: Business and Management in a Bimoral Society Oxford Academ
This book sets the world of business in the context of contemporary moral culture. It identifies the key challenges of business leadership and management today, and shows how they relate to more general developments in society.
9780486269320 Victorian Wooden Molding and Frame Designs Dover
9780387986777 Czolczynski, Rotordynamics of Gas-Lubricated Journal Bearing Systems Springer
Gas bearings have been used to support rotating parts in a wide range of applications - from magnetic recording heads in computer disk drives to gyroscopes and special machine tools. The advantage of gas bearings is the very low viscosity of air compared to that of most oils used in lubrication. As a result, not only is there much less frictional heat to dissipate, but the bearing remains very nearly isothermal. Gas bearings can thus support rotors spinning at much higher rotational velocities than those lubricated with liquids. This book discusses models for the behavior of gas bearings, particularly of the aspects affecting the stability of the system. It begins with a discussion of the mathematical models, identifying the stiffness and damping coefficients, and describing the behavior of the models in unstable regions. It then turns to apply these results to bearings: static characteristics and stability of various rotor systems and an extensive discussion of air rings.
9780750656894 Syratt Manual of Travel Agency Practice Elsevier Science
Now in its third edition, this successful must-have manual is thoroughly updated with new chapters and material, covering issues including: * Technology development - the different types of travel agency systems available, what they do, how they do it and how to use them * The Internet - how it is used to book travel, forecasts for its future use and how travel agenets stand in relation to it * Global distribution systems - how to make bookings, and the new windows-based environment * A full endorsement by Travel Weekly The manual demonstrates correct methods for processing travel reservations, identifying business client needs and suitable documentation. It also shows key facts for the profitable planning, organization and operation of the retail travel agency. Each chapter contains exercises pertinent to the topics covered. Students on any of the large number of courses in travel and tourism (ICM, City & Guilds, ABTA, IATA, UFTAA, BTEC, SCOTVEC, University of Oxford Certificate, Diploma of Vocational Education) will find this book invaluable.
9781587790447 ACC The Nervous System Anatomical Chart Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
Featuring classic illustrations by Peter Bachin, this chart shows nerves in the body, brain, midbrain, medulla oblongata, and spinal cord. Spinal meninges, intercostal nerves, and sagittal section of female pelvis are also shown.
9780521005371 Cambridge Essential English Dictionary Pb Cambridge University Press
Using a monolingual dictionary for the first time can be daunting. This brand-new dictionary is the ideal introduction for pre-intermediate learners. It covers the essential English needed by learners at this level, with its short, easy definitions and numerous example sentences. Hundreds of illustrations help to explain the words and build vocabulary.
9780804820264 Netsuke japanese life&legend (p) Tuttle
9780123339416 Hayat HB of Immunohistochem.& in Situ Hibridization of Human Carcinomas Vol 1 Elsevier Science
The various cell types have traditionally been recognized and classified according to their appearance in the light microscope following the process of fixing, processing, sectioning, and staining tissues that is known as histology. Classical histology has been augmented by
immunohistochemistry (the use of specific antibodies to stain particular molecular species in situ). Immunohistochemistry has allowed the identification of many more cell types than could be visualized by classical histology, particularly in the immune system and among the scattered hormone-secreting cells of the endocrine system.
9788171799657 Gupta Textbook of Surgery. 2003 JayPee Brothers
9781853917486 International school sugarcraft b Tuttle
A beginner's guide for anyone who has never attempted to decorate a cake, as well as an excellent refresher course for those with a knowledge of the basic techniques. The book begins with an explanation of how to bake the perfect cake and recipes for every type of icing. It then continues with step-by-step guidance on covering cakes, piping, run-outs and ribbon work. By the end of the 20 lesson course, the reader should have the skills and confidence to bake, cover and decorate every one of the specially designed cakes which are illustrated throughout the book.
9780199148011 Upton Introducing Statistics. 2001 Oxford Academ
An updated version to meet the requirements of the new A Level specifications being offered by all the awarding bodies in 2000. Chapters are the same as before but there is extra material within them. Chapter 1 now includes several examples of the graphical comparision of similar data sets. This chapter includes five new sections and ends with a discussion of the (largely unwanted) characteristics to be expected in real data. Chapter 2 has been augmented by sections on the use of coded values, Bayes' theorem is included in Chapter 4, and the method for determining the distribution of a simple function of a random variable is now included in Chapter 9. In Chapter 14 there is a new section dealing with properties of regression line estimators and, later, a subsection on nonsense correlation. Some questions have been introduced on sampling in Chapter 3. These questions are somewhat open-ended, as were a number of existing questions that were not given answers in the first edition. In this edition possible answers are now provided to these questions.
9780198520726 Ramrakha, Pu Oxford Handbook of Acute Medicine Oxford Academ
Treating acutely ill patients is one of the most demanding and stressful aspects of being a doctor. Most medical textbooks can only give general details about the treatment, and often the specific specialist advice needed to safely manage these patients is insufficient or patchy. The aim of this book is to provide a single source for doctors to access this information, to give them the confidence that they are treating their patients with the best, most modern treatments available, and to teach them a little on how and why the treatments are working.
9780878148233 Hyne Nontechnical Guide to Petrolium Geology American Technical Publishers
Used by corporate training departments and colleges worldwide, this is the most complete upstream guide available. Contents: The nature of gas and oil The Earth's crust - where we find time Deformation of sedimentary rocks Sandstone reservoir rocks Carbonate reservoir rocks Sedimentary rock distribution Mapping Ocean environment and plate tectonics Source rocks, generation, migration, and accumilation of petroleum Petroleum traps Petroleum exploration - geological and geochemical Petroleum exploration - geophysical Drilling preliminaries Drilling a well - the mechanics Drilling problems Drilling techniques Evaluating a well Completing a well Surface treatment and storage Offshore drilling and production Workover Reservoir mechanics Petroleum production Reserves Improved oil recovery.
9781571454690 John Lennon Story In Photo Grange Books
9781904919667 Lawrence D.H Women In Love Collectors Library
9780471206439 Mathur Thrystor-Based Facts Controllers for Electrical Systems Wiley
An important new resource for the international utility market Flexible AC Transmission System (FACTS) technology is fast becoming a mainstay of modern electrical power systems. Thyristor-based controllers such as Static Var Compensator (SVC) and Thyristor Controlled Series Capacitor (TCSC) constitute the key components of FACTS technology that have wide application potential around the world, especially in the restructured power system environment. By integrating material from several publications in the available literature, this comprehensive reference book makes an elaborate presentation on: Operating principles, control systems, and modeling of different SVCs and TCSC Control system performance, including the influence of measurement systems, network resonances, and harmonic interactions Controller design for enhancing power transfer, stability and damping, mitigating subsynchronous resonances, preventing voltage instability, etc. Controller interactions and techniques for coordinating FACTS controllers Emerging FACTS controllers STATCOM, SSSC, and UPFC Thyristor-based FACTS Controllers for Electrical Transmission Systems offers an in-depth discussion of both theoretical concepts and practical applications, enhanced by examples and case studies of control design and system performance. Filling the need for a comprehensive text in this area, the book will prove to be an important resource for academics, students, and practicing engineers involved in FACTS technology.
9780810967212 Aluminum By Design Hachette Book Group
Demonstrates how aluminium's qualities of brilliance, strength, light weight, resistance to corrosion and ease of recycling have ensured that it is used by artists, designers, architects and engineers.
9781402028830 Grossweiner The Science of Phototherapy: an Introduction.2005 Springer
9781405122023 White Vascular Surgery. 2ed.2005 Wiley
This second edition of a very successful vascular surgery text was developed in order to address significant changes that have occurred in contemporary vascular surgery and to highlight new information that has developed regarding vascular imaging, interventional and endovascular procedures. The overall length of the text is slightly shorter than the first edition with relevant core chapters being retained to emphasize the basic science nature of the text, with approximately 60 per cent of the material undergoing major revisions or being new chapters. The significant change from the first text is an emphasis on vascular pathology and physiology that is relevant to current practice including information that is currently included on the vascular board examinations. A new emphasis on endovascular therapies has been added by including five chapters on endovascular techniques and an additional section with six chapters comparing conventional vascular reconstruction to endovascular methods. These new chapters address the most important issue in contemporary vascular surgery, i.e., the role of endovascular methods in treating vascular lesions and the impact that this has on traini and A unique aspect of this book differentiating it from other texts is a comparison of conventional methods with the endovascular techniques. Overall the text provides a comprehensive perspective of contemporary vascular surgery and future perspectives. The authors are preeminent in the field and are most capable for addressing the assigned topics with the goals being to provide an updated and forward looking text that accommodates the needs of practicing and training vascular surgeons.
9781857324549 Creating Low-Allergen Garden * Grange Books
A guide to selecting and maintaining low-allergy plants. The author deals with the causes of allergies and how to avoid them, as well as offering inspirational ideas for designing a low-allergen garden.
9781853752988 Classic Rum HarperCollins UK
Made from molasses or the juice of sugar cane, rum was first distilled in the 17th century in the Caribbean - sugar cane having been brought to the West Indies by Columbus. The trading of rum soon became a major business throughout the American colonies and Europe. A tour of rum in all its styles - white, golden and dark - this book examines its history and culture, how it's made, and features an A-Z of all the classic brands, their histories and tasting notes, from rare "single marks" to household names - Pusser's, Wray's, Lamb's Navy, Captain Morgan, Mount Gay, Barcardi). In addition, there are recipes for rum-based drinks and tips on using rum for cooking.
9780786929658 Thompson, Pa A Warrior s Journey Random House (USA)
9780553572896 Claremont, C Shadow Dawn Random House (USA)
The peaceful reign of Elora Danan is threatened as the ruthless Thunder Riders battle to expand their dominion, and the Lord of the Dance, an omnipotent primal being, lurks in the shadows.
9780060834098 David E.Cart Big Book of Business Cards, The HarperCollins USA
What The Big Book of Logos did for logo design, this book will do for business card designs and ideas.
9780443065927 Christopher Atlas Of Vascular Surgery, Elsevier Science
Completely revised and updated, this virtual encyclopedia of vascular procedures offers details on traditional and alternative approaches with step-by-step illustrations that show the best routes to underlying anatomy. It addresses indications, preoperative diagnostic testing, and complications, and offers new coverage of endovascular procedures. "Succeeds admirably...Reference to this atlas will be made time and again by the surgeon." (Journal of Vascular Surgery, review of 1st Edition)
9781403934871 Lardic, Sand Recent Developments on Exchange Rates Palgrave
In the first part of this examination of developments in exchange rates analysis, two exchange rate models are proposed: a model which combines heterogeneous agents and transaction costs, and a dynamic, general-equilibrium, two-country, sticky-price model. The second part of the book deals with econometric aspects of the exchange rate dynamics linked to regime switching and structural breaks. In the third part of the book, an analysis of speculative attacks and monetary policy is presented.
9780007159215 Darren Shan Sons of Destiny (12) HarperCollins UK
The twelfth part of the Saga of Darren Shan -- one boy's terrifying journey from human to half-vampire to Vampire Prince. Showdown -- Darren finally faces his arch enemy, Steve Leopard. Can Darren trick destiny ...or is there a way out...? The final instalment, coming soon...900,000 copies sold of the Saga -- get your teeth into a bloody good book!
9780826460967 Jackson/Amve Words, Meaning And Vocabulary Continuum
9780786931118 Denning, Tro Waterdeep Random House (USA)
In the sequel to Showdowdale and Tantras, the gods seek the Tablets of Fate, while Cyric and Myrkul, god of death, plot to capture Midnight and use the Tablets for their own dark ends. Reprint.
9780553816136 Jones Year of Russian Feasts Transworld Publishers
A behind-the-scenes view of Russia and its people and a quest to rediscover a family`s cultural heritage, this text reveals how 40 of Russia`s finest dishes have been preserved and passed down through the feast days of the Russian Orthodox Church and the rhythm of country life.
9780443072505 John Hampton The ECG in Practice, Elsevier Science
The ECG in Practice is a clinically-orientated book showing how the electrocardiogram is used to help diagnosing patients with cardiovascular disease. Each chapter begins with a brief consideration of the history and examination of the patient to assist the doctor plan how to use the ECG in the most intelligent and profitable way.
9780721684130 Michael Kami Atlas of Cosmetic Surgery, Elsevier Science
This comprehensive, practical, and supely illustrated atlas covers a broad range of aesthetic procedures - both medical and surgical. Drs. Kaminer, Dover and Arndt, along with a team of respected leaders in dermatology, oculoplastic surgery, facial plastic surgery, anesthesiology and ophthamology provide in-depth descriptions of the world's most widely used procedures. More than 600 detailed line drawings and clinical photographs (400 in full color) clarify the nuances of techniques and provide step-by-step instruction.
9780441012565 Thomson, Amy Storyteller Penguin USA
9780711225176 Sarah Mucha Alphonse Mucha Frances Lincoln
Generally agreed to be one of the most important contributors to Art Nouveau, the Czech artist Alphonse Mucha was trained, celebrated and lived most of his life in Paris. His unforgettably iconic images of Sarah Bernhardt and others embody the spirit of the fin de si?cle. But underneath his successful career as an artist and poster designer lay a passionate Slav nationalist whose most important and long neglected works are still being painstakingly restored and exhibited in the Czech republic.

This book is the first comprehensive overview of his life and work and is published in association with the Mucha Museum in Prague.

9780750688208 Robert Herbe Practical Evidence-Based Physiotherapy Elsevier Science
Evidence-based practice has become a central part of modern physiotherapy, but the questions of what evidence-based practice means in the day-to-day clinical setting and what constitutes evidence are too often left open to interpretation. The authors of Practical Evidence-Based Physiotherapy interrogate the terminology and concepts of evidence-based practice drawing on their extensive experience and their international perspectives. They discuss government and professional requirements for evidence-based medicine and clinical reasoning, and offer their readers a guide to finding evidence, its critical appraisal and evaluation, and its implementation in clinical practice. Features: Written specifically for physiotherapists Step-by-step guide to practice of evidence-based physiotherapy Written at different levels depending on reader's expertise: - highlighted critical points and text box summaries for readers new to these concepts - detailed explanations in text for intermediate readers - footnotes for advanced readers Detailed presentation of strategies for searching for evidence, including using the www, search engines and physiotherapy specific databases Extensive consideration of clinical practice guidelines For those wanting to understand both the concepts and how to implement them, this book will be an invaluable and practical guide.
9780071436519 Siegel Neuroscience: pretest self-assessment & review McGraw-Hill
9780702022401 Marr Cardiology of the Horse Elsevier Science
A multi-contributor 'state-of-the-art' reference on equine cardiology, divided into three sections covering physiology and pharmacology, diagnostic techniques and clinical problems. Recent developments in research and practice are reviewed. A basic level of knowledge has been assumed so that information provided in textbook chapters is not duplicated. Features: * International team of contributors * Highly illustrated in colour and black & white * High level reference text
9780520224759 Brown, Karen Mama Lola Wiley
Karen McCarthy Brown's "Mama Lola" challenges stereotypes of Vodou by offering an intimate portrait of African-based religion in everyday life. She explores the importance of women's religious practices along with related themes of family and of social change. Weaving several of her own voices - analytic, descriptive and personal - with the voices of her subjects in alternate chapters of traditional ethnography and ethnographic fiction, Brown presents herself as a character in Mama Lola's world and allows the reader to evaluate her interactions there. Brown's work is an experiment in ethnography as a social art form rooted in human relationships. A new preface, epilogue, bibliography and a collectionfamily photographs tell the story of the effect of the book's publication on Mama Lola's life.
9780500512753 Troth Wells Our Fragile World Thames & Hudson
Global warming means that our coastlines change and areas of the world disappear; ecosystems are unbalanced; climate zones shift; and that animal and plant life disappear. The photographs in this book illustrate the beauty of the world`s carefully balanced ecosystems, and the people whose traditional way of life is in tune with nature.
9780786937844 Bassingthwai Binding Stone Random House (USA)
In the lands of Eberron, as an ancient evil reawakens, two warriors embark on a quest for revenge, unaware of the sinister horrors that await them in the Shadow Marches. Original.
9782080305022 Franco Colog Secrets of Vacheron Constantin Thames & Hudson
9780345483768 Updike John Villages Random House (USA)
9780575075795 Priest, Chri Glamour Orion Publishers
Cameraman Richard Grey`s memory has blanked out the few weeks before he was injured in a car bomb explosion. When he is visited by a girl who seems to have been his lover, his attempts to recall the forgotten period produce an odyssey through France and conflicting accounts of what happened.
9780099498476 The Magdalen The Magdalene Cipher Random House
An international thriller of psychology and conspiracy, espionage and prophecy, history and suspense. After someone he has under surveillance is slaughtered, CIA agent Jack Dunphy is ordered to leave London immediately and return to the US. Determined to learn why, Dunphy uses all his CIA tradecraft on the agency that has turned against him.
9780847827602 Mark Seliger Mark Seliger In My Stairwell Rizzoli USA
This deluxe oversized portfolio features 75 private portraits of artists and celebrities photographed by Mark Seligerone of the most revered photographers working today in his studio stairwell.
9780006513780 Patrick OBr Blue at the Mizzen HarperCollins UK
Patrick O'Brian's Aubrey-Maturin tales are widely acknowledged to be the greatest series of historical novels ever written. All eighteen books are being re-issued in hardback by HarperCollins with stunning new jackets to coincide with a new film based on the adventures, and to introduce these modern classics to a new generation. 'If we had only two or three of Patrick O'Brian's Aubrey-Maturin series, we would count ourselves lucky; with six or seven the author would be safely among the greats of historical fiction... This is great writing by an undiminished talent. Now on to Volume Twenty, and the liberation of Chile.' WILLIAM WALDEGRAVE, Literary Review This is the twentieth book in Patrick O'Brian's highly acclaimed, bestselling series chronicling the adventures of lucky Jack Aubrey and his best friend Stephen Maturin, part ship's doctor, part secret agent. The novel's stirring action follows on from that of The Hundred Days. Napoleon's hundred days of freedom and his renewed threat to Europe have ended at Waterloo and Aubrey has finally, as the title suggests, become a blue level admiral. He and Maturin have -- at last -- set sail on their much postponed mission to Chile. Vivid with the salty tang of life at sea, O'Brian's writing is as powerful as ever whether he writes of naval hierarchies, night-actions or the most celebrated fictional friendship since that of Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson. Blue at the Mizzen also brings alive the sights and sounds of revolutionary South America in a story as exciting as any O'Brian has written.
9780006512240 Sheldon Sidn Tell Me Your Dreams HarperCollins UK
The fast-paced new novel from the internationally bestselling author of The Best Laid Plans, Morning, Noon & Night and Bloodline. Someone was following her. She had read about stalkers, but they belonged in a different, faraway world. She had no idea who it could be, who would want to harm her. She was trying desperately hard not to panic, but lately her sleep had been filled with nightmares, and she had awakened each morning with a feeling of impending doom. Thus begins Sidney Sheldon's chilling novel, Tell Me Your Dreams. Three beautiful young women are suspected of committing a series of brutal murders. The police make an arrest that leads to one of the most bizarre murder trials of the century. Based on actual events, Sheldon's novel races from London to Rome to Quebec City to San Francisco, with a climax that will leave the reader stunned.
9780006514824 Tony Parsons Man and Wife HarperCollins UK
Harry Silver returns to face life in the "blended family." A wonderful new novel about modern times, which can be read as a sequel to the million selling Man and Boy, or completely on its own. Man andfe is a novel about love and marriage - about why we fall in love and why we marry; about why we stay and why we go. Harry Silver is a man coming to terms with a divorce and a new marriage. He has to juggle with time and relationships, with his wife and his ex-wife, his son and his stepdaughter, his own work and his wife's fast-growing career. Meanwhile his mother, who stood so steadfastly by his father until he died, is not getting any younger or stronger herself. In fact, everything in Harry's life seems complicated. And when he meets a woman in a million, it gets even more so...Man and Wife stands on its own as a brilliant novel about families in the new century, written with all the humour, passion and superb storytelling that have made Tony Parsons a favourite author in over thirty countries.
9780007204434 Bella Bathur Lighthouse Stevensons, The HarperCollins UK
An exciting new edition of Bella Bathurst's epic story of Robert Louis Stevenson's ancestors and the building of the Scottish coastal lighthouses against impossible odds. 'Whenever I smell salt water, I know that I am not far from one of the works of my ancestors,' wrote Robert Louis Stevenson in 1880. 'When the lights come out at sundown along the shores of Scotland, I am proud to think they burn more brightly for the genius of my father!' Robert Louis Stevenson was the most famous of the Stevensons, but not by any means the most productive. The Lighthouse Stevensons, all four generations of them, built every lighthouse round Scotland, were responsible for a slew of inventions in both construction and optics, and achieved feats of engineering in conditions that would be forbidding even today. The same driven energy which Robert Louis Stevenson put into writing, his ancestors put into lighting the darkness of the seas. The Lighthouse Stevensons is a story of high endeavour, beautifully told; indeed, this was one of the most celebrated works of historical biography in recent memory. 'My own interest in the Lighthouse Stevensons is threefold. Firstly, from the writings of Robert Louis Stevenson, who turned his family's trade into the raw gold of all his best fiction. Secondly, from various trips around Scotland. The country's coast is a mass of storm-beaten rocks and treacherous headlands on which even the seagulls have trouble landing. It is impossible not to speculate what combination of courage and skill built the lighthouses around such an environment. And thirdly, because somewhere in there, unrecognised and unsung, is the most wonderful story!'.
9780586203224 Raymond E. F King s Buccaneer, The HarperCollins UK
Set ten years after the events in "Prince of the Blood", this book is a new adventure of mystery and magic. In Amos Trask's ship, Prince Nicholas and Squire Harry set sail for a friendly visit to Uncle Martin in Crydee. But while the two are guests in Crydee, disaster strikes.
9780261103559 Tolkien J.R. Finn and Hengest HarperCollins UK
Tolkien's famous translations and lectures on the story of two fifth-century heroes in northern Europe. Professor J.R.R.Tolkien is most widely known as the author of "The Hobbit" and "The Lord of the Rings", but he was also a distinguished scholar in the field of Mediaeval English language and literature. His most significant contribution to Anglo-Saxon studies is to be found in his lectures on Finn and Hengest (pronounced Hen-jist), two fifth-century heroes in northern Europe. The story is told in two Old English poems, "Beowulf" and "The Fights at Finnesburg", but told so obscurely and allusively that its interpretation had been a matter of controversy for over 100 years. Bringing his unique combination of philological erudition and poetic imagination to the task, however, Tolkien revealed a classic tragedy of divided loyalties, of vengeance, blood and death. Tolkien's original and persuasive solution of the many problems raised by the story ranged widely through the early history and legend of the Germanic peoples. The story has the added attraction that it describes the events immediately preceding the first Germanic invasion of Britain which was led by Hengest himself. This book will be of interest not only to students of Old English and all those interested in the history of northern Europe and Anglo-Saxon England, but also admirers of "The Lord of the Rings" who will be fascinated to see how Tolkien handled a story which he did not invent.
9780007222964 Times Atlas of the World, The HarperCollins UK
"The Times Atlas of the World Desktop" edition is a complete world reference atlas in a convenient and easy-to use format, retaining the authority, style and detail of the larger "Times" atlases. An exciting new publication in the market leading "Times" world atlas range, this is a great additito anyone's reference collection. The introductory section covers major world geographical themes - from earthquakes and volcanoes to population growth, communications and climate change - giving a global snapshot of our contemporary world. A unique 16 page section is full of thousands of world facts and figures, including a wide range of extra country statistics, time zone map, climate graphs, ranking tables and a distance chart. Detailed maps in the distinctive and respected "Times" style provide balanced, systematic coverage of all parts of the world. Each continent is introduced by a political map showing individual countries, followed by regional maps showing towns and cities, roads, railways, international boundaries and topography. The index to over 25,000 place names illustrates the scope of this world atlas, which is ideal for home and business use.
9780552152693 Hawks Traveller Transworld Publishers
What lies ahead is already here...America is a difficult place to live below the surface. But Gabriel and Michael Corrigan are trying to do just that. Since childhood, the brothers have been shaped by the stories that their father has told them about the world in which they live. After his mysterious disappearance, they have been living 'off the grid' - that is, invisible to the intrusive surveillance networks that monitor our modern lives. But no-one is as invisible as they would like to believe. Nathan Boone, a mercenary, has been tasked to hunt down the brothers. The only person who stands between them and certain death is Maya, a tough young woman playing at leading a normal life. But her background is anything but normal. She has been trained to fight and survive at whatever cost. When she is summoned to protect the brothers, she must leave everything behind if she is to succeed...
9780199264674 Hancock, Joh Cell Signalling Oxford Academ
Cell Signalling presents a carefully structured introduction to this intricate subject, introducing those conserved features which underlie many different extra-and intracellular signalling systems. Starting with an overview of cell signalling, which highlights its importance in many biological systems, the book goes on to explore the key components of extracellular and intracellular signalling mechanisms, before examining how these components come together to create the signalling pathways, which are so crucial to the survival of all living organisms.
9783791336022 Johnston, Wi Untamed (The Art of Antoine-Louis Barye) Prestel Publishing Limited
Gathering works from the Walters Art Musum in Baltimore, whose collection of the sculptor's work is second to that of the Louvre, this book looks at the artist's animal sculptures, renowned for their technical brilliance.
9780415325059 Russell, Ber History of Western Philosophy Taylor&Francis
History Of Western Philosophy was published in 1946. A dazzlingly ambitious project, it remains unchallenged to this day as the ultimate introduction to Western philosophy.
9781561588022 Making Room Taunton Press
9780198750673 Singer Applied Ethics Oxford Academ
These essays have been selected for the quality of their contribution to a range of topics of practical concern in the field of ethics, including nuclear war and world famine, abortion and euthanasia, human equality, and the moral status of animals.
9780471293132 Tish Boyle A Neoclassic View of Plated Desserts: Grand Finales Wiley
"A Neoclassic View of Plated Desserts demonstrates both the subtle and theatrical pizzazz of a talented collective of visionaries." -Andrew MacLauchlan Executive Pastry Chef, Coyote Cafe "A brilliant addition to Tish Boyle's and Timothy Moriarty's series of cookbooks. This dynamic duo has thoroughly translated the recipes of some of our country's leading pastry chefs with immense ease and perfection. It is with enormous admiration that I recommend this cookbook to anyone searching for a greater knowledge of desserts." -Fran'ois Payard Owner, Payard Patisserie & Bistro Author, Simply Sensational Desserts "It is the purpose of a neoclassic dessert to isolate the integral elements of a time-honored classic and transform its components to produce a dessert with the grandeur demanded by today's consumer. The pastry chefs who contributed to this book have provided recipes that do just that-and they do it magnificently!" -Bo Friberg Chef/Instructor, The Culinary Institute of America at Greystone
9780764584688 Ira Winkler Spies Among Us: How to Stop the Spies, Terrorists, Hackers, and Criminals You Don t Even Know You Encounter Every Day Wiley
Ira Winkler has been dubbed "A Modern Day James Bond" by CNN and other media outlets for his ability to simulate espionage attacks against many of the top companies in the world, showing how billions of dollars can disappear. This unique book is packed with the riveting, true stories and case studies of how he did it-and how people and companies can avoid falling victim to the spies among us.
American corporations now lose as much as $300 billion a year to hacking, cracking, physical security breaches, and other criminal activity. Millions of people a year have their identities stolen or fall victim to other scams. In Spies Among Us, Ira Winkler reveals his security secrets, disclosing how companies and individuals can protect themselves from even the most diabolical criminals. He goes into the mindset of everyone from small-time hackers to foreign intelligence agencies to disclose cost-effective countermeasures for all types of attacks.
In Spies Among Us, readers learn:
*Why James Bond and Sydney Bristow are terrible spies
*How a team was able to infiltrate an airport in a post-9/11 world and plant a bomb
*How Ira and his team were able to steal nuclear reactor desns in three hours
*The real risks that individuals face from the spies that they unknowingly meet on a daily basis
*Recommendations for how companies and individuals can secure themselves against the spies, criminals, and terrorists who regularly cross their path
9780470011805 Gerardo Gome End-to-End Quality of Service over Cellular Networks: Data Services Performance Optimization in 2G/3G Wiley
This innovative volume:
*Provides a detailed description of the methodology to assess, analyse and optimise the end to end (e2e) service performance under various cellular technologies, such as GPRS, EDGE, WCDMA and CDMA2000.
*Offers an analysis of legacy and emerging packet data services (protocols, signaling, QoS requirements and key service performance indicators).
*Identifies the main sources of performance degradation for diffent data services and proposes solutions for optimisation.
9780471692737 Richard C. S Abdominal-Pelvic MRI, 2nd Edition Wiley
9780521598866 Pope Turbulent Flows Cambridge Academ
This is a graduate text on turbulent flows, an important topic in fluid dynamics. It is up-to-date, comprehensive, designed for teaching, and is based on a course taught by the author at Cornell University for a number of years. The book consists of two parts followed by a number of appendices. Part I provides a general introduction to turbulent flows, how they behave, how thean be described quantitatively, and the fundamental physical processes involved. Part II is concerned with different approaches for modelling or simulating turbulent flows. The necessary mathematical techniques are presented in the appendices. This book is primarily intended as a graduate level text in turbulent flows for engineering students, but it may also be valuable to students in applied mathematics, physics, oceanography and atmospheric sciences, as well as researchers and practising engineers.
9780553264937 Montgomery, Emily s Quest Random House (USA)
9788847004122 Saini MDCT: a practical Approach. 2006 Springer
Computed tomography (CT) is the most rapidly evolving medical imaging technology. This book describes current examination techniques and advanced clinical applications of state-of-the-art multidetector computed tomography (MDCT) scanners in chapters contributed by several distinguished radiologists and clinicians. Each chapter is written from a practical perspective, so that radiologists, residents, medical physicists, and radiology technologists can obtain relevant information about MDCT applications in neuroradiology, cardiac imaging, chest, abdominal, and musculoskeletal radiology subspecialties. Each co-author provides pertinent illustrations and tables for better understanding of current and advanced applications of MDCT scanners. Readers will benefit from the experience these authors describe in chapters on MDCT technology, contrast administration techniques, contrast adverse effects and their management, and advanced applications of MDCT.
9781416024163 Reginald Gor Problem-Based Immunology, Elsevier Science
Uses clinical case studies to demonstrate the practical relevance of immunology knowledge in diagnosing a range of challenging conditions. This resource offers as a useful way to review the fundamental principles of immunology, and to translate them into real-world diagnosis and management.
9788496429345 Sit Down Design Now! Art Books Intl Ltd
9780120887958 Wu, K Switch-Mode Power Converters: Design & Analysis Elsevier Science
This book introduces an innovative, highly analytical approach to symbolic, closed-form solutions for switched-mode power converter circuits. This is a highly relevant topic to power electronics students and professionals who are involved in the design and analysis of electrical power converters. The author uses extensive equations to explain how solid-state switches convert electrical voltages from one level to another, so that electronic devices (e.g., audio speakers, CD players, DVD players, etc.) can use different voltages more effectively to perform their various functions. Most existing comparable books published as recently as 2002 do not discuss closed-loop operations, nor do they provide either DC closed-loop regulation equations or AC loop gain (stability) formulae. The author Wu, a leading engineer at Lockheed Martin, fills this gap and provides among the first descriptions of how error amplifiers are designed in conjunction with closed-loop bandwidth selection. Benefit to the reader includes: Readers will gain a mathematically rigorous introduction to numerous, closed-form solutions that are readily applicable to the design and development of various switch-mode power converters.
9783131247919 Levine Sinus Surgery Thieme Verlagsgruppe
This book is an in-depth, comprehensive, all encompassing review of endoscopic and microscopic sinus surgery including the most basic procedures for the general ENT surgeon to the most up-to-date, advanced techniques with use of the latest state of the art equipment. Included within the text is a section dealing with special clinical problems, as well as a section dealing specifically with infectious diseases.
9780824729233 Labropoulos Venous And Lymphatic Diseases Informa
With an invaluable selection of color images, this guide authoritatively covers the identification, assessment, pathophysiology, epidemiology, and treatment of disorders affecting the venous and lymphatic anatomy. Written by experts from several fields, this source considers topics including the management of deep venous thrombosis, chronic venous insufficiency, venous trauma, and surgical and pharmacologic therapies for these conditions.
9780323031653 Priscilla Eb Gerontological Nursing and Healthy Aging, Elsevier Science
9780443066580 Richard Pray Neuropathology, Elsevier Science
9780375765537 Princeton Re Cracking Gmat W/Dvd 2007 Random House (USA)
9781592531899 Type,Image,Message: Merging pictures and ideas Rockport/Rotovision
9780751533941 Bosanko,Abig Nice Girl Like Me Little, Brown
This volume is a story about the nature of love.
9780721628806 Jeffrey Ross Diagnostic Imaging: Spine, Elsevier Science
Authored by two preeminent authorities in its field, this book is source of guidance on spinal diagnostic imaging. It presents information on each diagnosis with representative images, case data and references.
9780316724685 Brodrick,W Gardens of the dead Little, Brown
9780751536881 Green,Jeff A-z of having a baby Little, Brown
A hilarious new book from the bestselling author of THE A-Z OF LIVING TOGETHER Because it`s not just babies who have teething problems . . .
9781561586110 The Not So Big House Daedalus
9780349119755 Sedaris,Davi Santaland Diaries Little, Brown
*A collection of personal essays - surprising, disarming, heartbreakingly funny - from the No. 1 bestselling writer Time named America`s Favorite Humorist.
9780752865546 Mosse Labyrinth (OME) Orion Publishers
9780765342225 Barnes, John The Sky So Big and Black Holtzbrink(MPS)
9783805577847 A. Freese Principles of Molecular Neurosurgery Karger
Neurosurgery; Neurology; Neurobiology; Molecular Biology; Oncology; Orthopedics; Metabolic Diseases;
9780781785778 Gartner BRS Cell Biology and Histology. 5 ed. 2006 Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
"This Fifth Edition continues the BRS tradition of an outline-format review for USMLE and course exams, with review questions at the end of each chapter and a comprehensive USMLE-format examination at the end of the book. Each chapter also features a high-yield section on clinical correlations. The book is concise and well illustrated, with line drawings and electron micrographs. This edition features updated content, additional electron micrographs, new conceptual line drawings, and review questions in current USMLE format.
9780071415279 King Interventional Cardiology - Pre-Pub Offer. 2007 McGraw-Hill
Focuses on the cardiovascular interventionalist. This book combines procedures with a scientific foundation that specialists refer to in their clinical practice.
9780199299973 Animal Tracks and Signs Oxford University Press
The only book in print that allows readers to identify animals from the traces they leave behind - their footprints, droppings, pellets, feeding signs, and hiding places Covers more than 200 animals and birds, among them the hedgehog, domestic cat, fox, racoon, and bear; the sparrow, heron, swan, kestrel, and eagle owl New Foreword by Ray Mears, bushcraft and survival expert and presenter of several BBC series Quick-reference plate sections compare actual-size footprints, feeding signs on cones and nuts, droppings, and pellets of different birds and mammals, for fast identification on the move Accessible, comprehensive information on the anatomy, behaviour, movement patterns, and habitat of different animal species Beautifully illustrated throughout with full colour photographs, line drawings, and diagrams Invaluable tips on how to sucessfully identify print patterns, skeletons, and feathers
9780425210253 Francis Dick Smokescreen Penguin USA
9780141025865 Georges Sime My Friend Maigret Penguin Books Ltd
Maigret is going about his work in rainy Paris, followed around by Inspector Pyke who has come from Scotland Yard to study the famous French detective`s methods. Routine is disturbed when Maigret receives a telephone call saying that a small-time crook has been murdered, the night after he had fervently declared his friendship with Maigret.
9781405126274 Tjandra Textbook of Surgery. Wiley
"Textbook of Surgery" is a core book for medical and surgical students providing a comprehensive overvi ew of general and speciality surgery. Each topic is written by an expert in the field. The book focuses on the principles and techniques of surgical management of common diseases.

Great emphasis is placed on problem-solving to guide students and junior doctors through their surgical training. Throughout the book are numerous reproducible line drawings, tables and boxes that will prove invaluable for learning and revision.In addition there are detailed guidelines provided for surgical management. This book is up-to-date and ideal for medical students and junior doctors on surgical attachments and a perfect refresher for RACS and MRCS candidates.

Reviews of the last edition - 'The textbook presents a compact and contemporary overview and is not so much a reference book as a working tome suitable for familiarization with current trends in treatment and diagnosis in these various areas...found this textbook very informative and a pleasure to read' - "ANZ Journal of Surgery Vol. 72, No. 12".
9780375706868 Pamuk Orhan Snow Random House (USA)
9780123234483 Hanski Genetics and Evolution of Metapopulations Elsevier Science
Presents a collection of articles which look at fragmented habitats, bringing together theoretical advances and empirical studies applying the metapopulation approach. This book integrates ecology with genetics and evolutionary biology, and illustrates how metapopulation concepts and models can be applied to answer questions about conservation.
9780099428251 Tremain, Ros Swimming Pool Season Random House
After the collapse of `Aquazure`, his swimming pool construction business, Larry and Miriam Kendall have exiled themselves to a sleepy French village. When Miriam is summoned to her mother`s deathbed in Oxford, Larry begins to formulate a dazzling new idea: the creation of the most beautiful, the most artistic swimming pool of all.
9780500237366 Steven Kossa Indian Court Painting Thames & Hudson
9780500200506 Michael Leve Rococo to Revolution PB Thames & Hudson
9780500512203 Laura Gutman Baltic Homes Thames & Hudson
New countries - Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland - bordered the Baltic, their shared histories and geographies rich in interest and diversity.
9780632057528 Waddell How Fashion Works Wiley
Fashion deals with a world of illusion on the one hand and a hard-bitten, multifaceted and multi-billion pound industry on the other. This book shows how fashion operates on various levels: the mystery of haute couture is explained, the complexities of ready to wear are simplified, and the power of mass production assessed and evaluated.
9783865210418 Vicente Todo Robert Frank: Storylines Thames & Hudson
9780714131023 Joyce M. Fil Pyramids & People in Ancient Egypt Thames & Hudson
Telling the story of the pyramids from their earliest beginnings, this volume describes not only the pyramids themselves but the whole complex of temples and walls that surrounded every one, and the stories of the kings and builders who created them. The author follows the story of pyramids through a study of six individual sites.
9780849337543 Edgar Rapopo Optimal Control of Induction Heating Processes Taylor&Francis
With a clear and accessible approach, Optimal Control of Induction Heating Processes provides detailed, systematic descriptions of basic theory and practical applications of new methods for solving engineering optimization problems. This book descr
9780761927471 Hersen M Encyclopedia of Behavior Modification and Cognitive Behavior Therapy Sage Publications
9781592530915 Moore, Rodne Design Secrets: Layout:50 Real-life Projects Uncovered Rockport/Rotovision
In this newest installment in Rockport`s popular Design Secrets series, readers are invited inside the creative process that goes into designing a winning layout. This book features 50 real-life layout design projects and looks behind the scenes, uncovering the design processes that produced the end results.
9781904633785 Darwin Charl Origin Of Species Collectors Library
Charles Darwin challenged many of the most deeply-held beliefs of the western world. Arguing for a material, not divine, origin of species, he showed that new species are achieved by `natural selection`.
9783540231714 Schill Andrology for the Clinician Springer
Andrology for the Clinician consists of two parts: In Part One, the busy clinician can easily find the problem-orientated information he or she needs on such issues as male factor fertility problems, male contraception, and male genital tract infection and tumours. Part Two contains in-depth subject-orientated information and adds important scientific background information to the recommendations received in Part One. Several leading experts have contributed to this work, which has been extensively subedited by world-renowned editors to ensure a well-structured didactic design and homogeneous content. This outstanding book is of great value for all Urologists, Andrologists, Dermatologists, Endocrinologists, Gynaecologists, Reproductive Biologists, GPs, Gerontologists, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Paediatricians and anyone else interested in the problems of male sex and constitution.
9783540239154 Maier Enterprise Knowledge Infrastructures Springer
Success of an organization is increasingly dependent on its capability to create an environment to improve the productivity of knowledge work. This book focuses on the concepts, models and technologies that are used to design and implement such an environment. It develops the vision of a modular, yet highly integrated enterprise knowledge infrastructure and presents an ideal architecture replete with current technologies and systems. The most important streams of technological development that are covered in the book are computer-supported cooperative work, document and content management, e-learning, enterprise portals, information life cycle management, knowledge management, mobile computing, and the Semantic Web. It includes learning goals, exercises and case examples that help the reader to easily understand and practice the concepts.The book is targeted at advanced bachelor and master students. Practitioners profit from insights into the importance of technologies and systems and their application.
9780824759636 Sam-Shajing Organic Photovoltaics Taylor&Francis
9780385480017 Lamott, Anne Bird by Bird Random House (USA)
9781400031511 Mankell Henn One Step Behind Random House (USA)
9780385721424 Glass, Julia Three Junes Random House (USA)
9780375725999 Martin, Vale Mary Reilly Random House (USA)
9781400033416 Morrison, To Beloved Random House (USA)
9780061144240 Illustrators 48 (Pb) HarperCollins USA
9780517381052 O Malley, Leonardo Da Vinci On The Human Body Random House (USA)
9780781763912 Stedman s Stedman s Medical Dictionary 28th Edition International Powerpack Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
Provides a resource for healthcare, including medical students, physicians, educators, researchers, and medical language specialists. This work includes over 107,000 terms and definitions, reviewed by over 45 consultants from all the major specialties, including consultants for endocrinology, gastroenterology, geriatrics, and rheumatology.
9780120885541 Pitkanen Models Of Seizures And Epilepsy Elsevier Science
9780323032858 Jackson Tan Practical Manual of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Elsevier Science
The Practical Manual of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation will serve as a quick reference and review for residents as well as practising physicians. All of the pertinent information referring to the diagnosisreatment, and prevention of cardiopulmonary, neuromuscular, and skeletal disorders will appear in this book. The approach will be multidisciplinary, offering information needed in related professions who interact with the physiatrist, other physicians like neurologists and orthopaedists, as well as occupational therapists.
9780521812276 Edited by Ma The Cambridge History of Russia: Vol.1: From Rus to 1989 Cambridge Academ
This first volume of the Cambridge History of Russia covers the period from early ('Kievan') Rus' to the start of Peter the Great's reign in 1689. It surveys the development of Russia through the Mongol invasions to the expansion of the Muscovite state in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries and deals with political, social, economic and cultural issues under the Riurikid and early Romanov rulers. The volume is organised on a primarily chronological basis, but a number of general themes are also addressed, including the bases of political legitimacy; law and society; the interactions of Russians and non-Russians; and the relationship of the state with the Orthodox Church. The international team of authors incorporates the latest Russian and Western scholarship and offers an authoritative new account of the formative 'pre-Petrine' period of Russian history, before the process of Europeanisation had made a significant impact on society and culture.
9780781787543 Silverman CT Urography. 2007 Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
"Featuring over 500 images, this atlas is the first text on performing and interpreting CT urography. Chapters detail the indications and techniques for CT urography, review the risks of radiation exposure, show how normal urinary tract anatomy and variants appear on CT scans, and demonstrate a wide range of urinary tract abnormalities as they appear on thin-section CT. The final chapter illustrates artifacts and diagnostic pitfalls.
9780486248660 Floral Wood Carving: Full Size Patterns and Complete Instructions for 21 Projects Dover
0000001662236 Trends in Neurosciences Subscriptions for the year 2008, 12 issues Elsevier Science
9783865211453 Paul Schimme Robert Rauschenberg: Combines Thames & Hudson
9780808923602 Boron Medical Physiology, International Edition, With STUDENT CONSULT Online Access, 2nd Edition Elsevier Science
9783131419514 Badie Neuro-Oncology Thieme Verlagsgruppe
Part of the Neurosurgical Operative Atlas series, this volume presents contemporary operative procedures in neuro-oncology. It offers an accessible, step-by-step guide to the latest treatments and considerations in neuro-oncology, with extended coverage of every stage of each procedure, from patient selection, to preoperative planning, to operative techniques and post-operative management. You are provided with the most informed perspectives in the field as contributors discuss the techniques which they have themselves developed or mastered as experts in the field. Abundant artwork, much of it in full color, supplements the text and highlights critical points, making this book an exceptional clinical resource.
9780340896242 King Stephen Dark Tower IV: Wizard and Glass Hodder
9780340012628 Stewart Mary Madam, Will You Talk? Hodder
Charity had been looking forward to her driving holiday through France with her friend Louise - long, leisurely days under the hot sun, enjoying the beauty of the Provencal landscape. But very soon her dreams turn into a nightmare, as Charity becomes enmeshed in the schemes of a gang of murderers.
9780521675819 Raymond Murp Essential Grammar in Use Third edition Edition without answers Cambridge University Press
Essential Grammar in Use Third edition is a fully updated version of the bestselling grammar title. Now in full colour, with new content and even more exercises, this updated edition retains all the key features of clarity and ease-of-use that have made the book so popular with students and teachers. The book is also available with an exciting and substantial brand new CD-ROM which offers a wealth of extra practice material, covering all the language in Essential Grammar in Use Third edition.
9780425193624 Cornwell Pat Food to Die for Penguin USA
9780764316173 Tina Skinner Built to Last: A Showcase of Concrete Homes Schiffer
If youre thinking about building a new home, youll want to start here. This introduction to insulating concrete form (ICF) construction will open your eyes to the future. ICF construction combines mans best building materials - concrete and steel, with high-tech insulation - bringing them together in simple forms a small child can lift. Anyone with basic carpentry experience can assemble them. Concrete construction offers rock-solid homes that can withstand hurricane-force winds, drastically cut energy costs, and provide unbeatable air and sound quality, in buildings as beautiful as the designers imagination. Tour 15 gorgeous showcase homes, complete with floor plans, which demonstrate the endless design possibilities available with concrete. Architects, contractors, and homeowners share their experiences designing, building, and living in the best-built homes available today.
9780781797382 Wagner Marriott s Practical Electrocardiography Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
Focuses on interpretation of ECG recordings. Including coverage of arrhythmias, this book is filled with ECG recordings, anatomical drawings, and dozens of tables, and has a reader-friendly design with strategic use of a second color. It also features a CD-ROM that includes animations correlated with ECGs.
9780764322303 Norman Kar Encyclopedia of American Art Tiles 6 Schiffer
Over 4500 images appear in this beautiful and comprehensive, four-volume set. This massive compilation reveals the great diversity and intrinsic beauty of art tiles produced across the length and breadth of the United States from the late nineteenth through the twentieth centuries. Tile installations of great beauty include panels, individual tiles, and inserts adorning building facades, interiors, furniture, and garden ornaments. These volumes explore the wildly varying themes and distinctive art styles of six regions of the nation. Among the 161 companies represented are A. E. Hull, American Encaustic, Brayton Laguna, California Art Tile, Catalina Pottery, Flint Faience, Gladding McBean, Grueby, Marblehead, Newcomb, Niloak, Pacific Clay Products, Rookwood, Saturday Evening Girls, and Weller. The text includes tile identification as well as valuable advice on collecting art tiles, a glossary, an index, and bibliography. This set is an essential reference for all who are fascinated with the ceramic arts. Region 6: Distinctive and brilliant Southern California art tiles are presented in over 1300 beautiful images from many companies including: Alhambra Kilns, American Encaustic, Brayton Laguna, California Clay Products, D. & M. Tile, Frederick Hurten Rhead, Gladding McBean, Malibu, Pacific Clay Products, Pomona, Robertson, Sascha Brastoff, Tropico, and Western Art Tile.
9780764323904 Dona Z. Mei Ironwork Today: Inside & Out Schiffer
Here is an exciting foray into the world of the artist-blacksmith. Dona Z. Meilach discovers the growing numbers of men and women who revel in lighting up a forge and shaping hot, malleable iron into beautiful, useful objects. Blacksmiths today make both monumental and modest architectural accompaniments, from public art to an infinite number of items we encounter every day. With this book, you will gain an appreciation of the medium and its creators, and realize that blacksmiths do much more than shoe horses. Over 480 color photographs highlight objects for indoor and outdoor use, including fences, railings, gates, doors, sculpture, furniture, lighting fixtures, candleholders, and more. Some are truly modern in style while others are inspired by historical references, such as Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Craftsman, and Victorian styles. Todays blacksmiths, designers, artists, and homeowners will find unparalleded inspiration for creating unique yet practical surroundings.
9781844164660 Mitchell San Ciaphas Cain: Hero of the Imperium Simon & Schuster
An omnibus edition of the first three "Ciaphas Cain" novels.
9780582772144 Jo Stanley Hello Sailor!: The hidden history of gay life at sea Pearson Education
9780061138911 New Sustaina New Sustainable Homes: Designs For Healthy Living HarperCollins USA
An illustrated showcase of the latest innovations in ecological design.
9780486996486 Dover Decorative Tile Designs CD-ROM and Book Dover
9780723610892 Thomas Pitt Hartys Endodontics in Clinical Practice Elsevier Science
Covering endodontics, this book offers guidance in a practical format. It provides discussions of this speciality and includes general and systemic aspects of endodontics, pulp space anatomy and access cavities, preparation of the root canal system, surgical endodontics, and restoration of endodontically treated teeth.
9780713489033 Making Kimono And Japanese Clothes Anova
A practical and inspirational book for dressmakers, quilters and embroiderers who have long coveted the style of Japanese clothes, in particular the kimono.
9781578700899 Jeff Doyle Routing TCP/IP, Volume II (CCIE Professional Development) Pearson Education
Intended for courses in TCP/IP, routing protocols and advanced networking. This volume presents an examination of exterior routing protocols (EGP and BGP) and advanced IP routing issues such as multicast routing, quality of service routing, Ipv6, and router management. It enables students learn IP design and management techniques.
9780751535709 Howatch,Susa Wonder worker Little, Brown
The first novel in the "St Benet`s trilogy".
9780691117522 Davis, M. Louis Bacheliers Theory of Speculation: The Origins of Modern Finance Princeton UP
March 29, 1900, is considered by many to be the day mathematical finance was born. On that day a French doctoral student, Louis Bachelier, successfully defended his thesis Theorie de la Speculation at the Sorbonne. This book provides a translation of Bachelier`s seminal work.
9782020629294 Damned: An Illustrated History of the Devil Daedalus
9780312940713 Smith Wilbur Falcon Flies Holtzbrink(MPS)
9780553818949 Scanlan Patr Divided Loyalties Transworld Publishers
9781841495583 Brooks,Terry Black Unicorn Little, Brown
The second volume in the wonderful Magic Kingdom of Landover series.
9780340811979 Graham Adams & Graham s Introduction to Neuropathology 3Ed Hodder Arnold
9780571225453 Golding Will Pincher Martin Faber
9780571190997 Johnstone Ke Impro for Storytellers Faber
Johnstone`s improvisational ideas have now become classic games taken up by practitioners the world over. This volume builds on and extends his earlier work, and his techniques specialise in releasing an individual`s potential within the context of group work.
9780571215447 Borovik Arty The Hidden War Faber
In 1988 Artyom Borovik marched with the Russian forces into Afghanistan, earning a medal for his 'valour in battle'. He returned home to write this extraordinary account of the terror, helplessness and despair of waging war in a foreign land against an unseen enemy for unclear purposes. Calling to mind Michael Herr's Dispatches, Artyom Borovik's classic account of 'Russia's Vietnam' was both a critical and popular success on its initial publication in 1989.
9780571168620 Auster Paul The Invention of Solitude Faber
This autobiography reveals the author's memories and feelings after the death of his father, a distant undemonstrative man. When attending to his father's business affairs after his death, Auster uncovers a 60 year old family murder mystery which throws light on his father's character. Paul Auster is also author of "The New York Trilogy" and "In the Country of Last Things".
9781740598118 Best of athens 3 Lonely Planet
Offers a comprehensive mapping and coverage of areas beyond the city centre. This book includes an entertainment chapter, four walking tours of the city, and maps.
9780552774093 Clarke Talk to the Snail Transworld Publishers
9780571164660 Pamuk Orhan The White Castle Faber
Winner of the 1990 "Independent" Award for foreign fiction, this book tells the story of a young Italian scholar who is captured by pirates. Put up for auction at the Istanbul slave market, he is bought by a Turkish servant, eager to learn about scientific and intellectual advances in the West.
9781740598354 Toronto 3 Lonely Planet
Aims to capture the essence of Canada`s most visited city with locals insider knowledge and hidden gems. This guide includes coverage of arts, entertainment, festivals, events, shopping, activities and places to eat and stay. It covers the Niagara wine country and other nearby destinations.
9781741045642 Baja california & los cabos 7 Lonely Planet
Features off-beat coverage that brings readers to Baja`s secret corners; a surfing chapter by local surf specialist Jake Howard, an associate editor at "Surfer Magazine"; local interviews that help travellers get in touch with the real Baja; and a specialist-written food section.
9781858943718 Art of Placemaking: Interpreting Community Through Public Art and Urban Design Merrell
9781588295590 Lupski Genomic Disorders. 2006 Springer
A grand summary and synthesis of the tremendous amount of data now available in the post genomic era on the structural features, architecture, and evolution of the human genome. The authors demonstrate how such architectural features may be important to both evolution and to explaining the susceptibility to those DNA rearrangements associated with disease. Technologies to assay for such structural variation of the human genome and to model genomic disorders in mice are also presented. Two appendices detail the genomic disorders, providing genomic features at the locus undergoing rearrangement, their clinical features, and frequency of detection.
9781416029441 Susan Blackb Maternal, Fetal, & Neonatal Physiology, Elsevier Science
Focuses on clinically relevant coverage of physiologic changes that occur throughout various periods of the perinatal experience with an emphasis on the evolving relationship between mother, fetus, and neonate and adaptations of preterm and term infants. This text provides a foundation for assessment and therapeutic interventions.
9780140120905 Predators B Predators Ball Penguin USA
9783211009727 Divitiis Enr Endoscopic Endonasal Transsphenoidal Surgery Springer
Currently, surgical management provides the definitive treatment of choice for most pituitary adenomas, craniopharyngiomas and meningiomas of the sellar region. The elegant minimally invasive transnasal endoscopic approach to the sella turcica and the anterior skull base has added a new dimension of versatility to pituitary surgery and can be adapted to many lesions in the region. In this multi-author book with numerous color illustrations the main aspects of the endonasal endoscopic approach to the skull base are presented, starting with a clear description of the endoscopic anatomy, the panoramic view afforded by the endoscope and the development of effective instruments and adjuncts. After the diagnostic studies, the strictly surgical features are considered in detail. The standard technique is described and particular aspects are treated, including the new extended approaches to the cavernous sinus, spheno-ethmoid planum and clival regions.
9783540716907 Slootweg Dental Pathology Springer
This book provides practically applicable knowledge on histology and histopathology of the changes that are seen in diseases of the dental and periodontal tissues. It includes the disturbances in tooth formation, acquired dental diseases including caries and its sequelae for the tooth-surrounding tissues, periodontal disease and odontogenic tumours. Also, attention will be paid to the histological alterations induced by dental treatment.
9780752218991 Gardner Tom Motley Fool: Rule Breakers Rule Make Pan Macmillan
Using the concept of Rule Breakers and Rule Makers, this book includes an opening chapter by Chief European Fool David Berger explaining exactly how to apply the book`s approach to British shares, and how to invest in the USA.
9780330315821 Grafton Sue A is for Alibi Pan Macmillan
When Laurence, a divorce attorney with a reputation for ruthlessness and a ladies` man, was murdered, few cared. His wife, Nikki, with motive, access and opportunity, was the prime suspect thought the Jury. Eight years later and out on parole, she hires Kinsey to find out who killed her husband. But there is a chilling twist Kinsey didn`t expect.
9781405091473 Rinaldo Lua Tray Plays: Get Dressed! Pan Macmillan
A first word book that helps little ones identify and name the familiar mealtime objects. This book has a sucker on the back, so it stays exactly where you put it! With it`s wipe-clean, easy-to-turn shaped pages, and illustrations, it is suitable for sharing with a very young child at mealtimes, playtime or anytime!
9780330449977 Smith Sean Jennifer Pan Macmillan
At the height of her TV fame Jennifer Aniston fell in love with Brad Pitt. They married in 2000, becoming Hollywood`s golden couple. After four years, however, her life was turned upside down when she and Brad split. This book examines how she is fighting back and reveals the true woman behind the Rachel Green facade.
9780486419503 Fogg Art Mus Pre-Raphaelite Paintings and Drawings in the Collections of the Fogg Art Museum: 24 Art Cards Dover
Paintings by 6 of the best-known Pre-Raphaelites, including Rossetti's Lucretia Borgia, La Donna della Finestra, My Lady Greensleeves, and The Blessed Damozel; Millais's The Huguenot; Hunt's Miracle of the Holy Fire; Burne-Jones's The Depths of the Sea, Pan and Psyche, and Flamma Vistalis; Watts's Sir Galahad; and La Rose de L'Infante by Brown.
9780486434247 Sun Ming-Ju Godey s Fashions Paper Dolls 1860-1879 Dover
9780486433912 Nitobe Inazo Bushido: Samurai Ethics and the Soul of Japan Dover
9780486419596 Newberry Per Egyptian Scarabs Dover
9780486449029 Nielsen Kay Nielsen s Fairy Tale Illustrations in Full Color Dover
9780486996509 Dor? Gustave Dor? s Life of Jesus CD-ROM and Book Dover
9780486998848 S?nchez Serr 1440 Geometric Vector Designs CD-ROM and Book Dover
9780486998718 Greenaway Ka Kate Greenaway Illustrations CD-ROM and Book Dover
9780061136856 Between the Wingtips The Secret Life of Birds HarperCollins USA
A stunning visual record of the secret life of birds.
9780756401313 Cherryh, C. Explorer Penguin USA
9780141025506 Chekhov Anto Journey To the End of the Russian Empire Penguin Books Ltd
Allows readers to travel both around the planet and back through the centuries - but also back into ideas and worlds frightening, ruthless and cruel in different ways from our own.
9780300083873 Coutts Art of Ceramics Yale University Press
The great age of European ceramic design began around 1500 and ended in the early nineteenth century with the introduction of large-scale production of ceramics. This beautiful book is the first complete history of European ceramic design and decoration during this period, presenting it not only in art-historical terms but also in the context of the era's social, cultural, economic and scientific developments. Howard Coutts considers the main stylistic trends - Renaissance, Mannerism, Oriental, Rococo and Neoclassicism - as they were represented in such products as Italian Maiolica, Dutch Delftware, Meissen and Sevres porcelain, Staffordshire, and Wedgwood pottery.

He pays close attention to changes in eating habits over the period, particularly the layout of a formal dinner. And he discusses such fascinating topics as the development of ceramics as room decoration, the transmission of images via prints, fashion and marketing of ceramics and other luxury goods, and the intellectual background to Neo-Classicism. Comprehensive, engrossing, and lavishly illustrated, the book is essential reading for anyone interested in ceramics and their history.
9780300052930 Strong Roman Art 2e Yale University Press
9781403998521 JeanJacques Market Driven Management Palgrave
Taking a market orientation approach, this work challenges the traditional concept of the 4Ps and the `functional` role of marketing departments. It enlarges the market definition to cover all the key market players. It examines marketing strategy, demonstrating how strategic decisions can be implemented at the operational level.
9781844807031 Drury Management & Cost Accounting Cengage Learning
9780764306037 Bare Truth: Stars of Burlesque from the 40s and 50s Schiffer
Following the tremendous success of his first book on the subject, The Queens of Burlesque, Len Rothe has again pulled from his collection of original photographs of entertainers this delightful selection of over 100 images of Burlesque stars. Together with a revealing text that introduces burlesque to todays new audience, these photographs retain the surprise and teasing elements that endeared the dancers on stage in the heydays of burlesque shows, before television. In theaters throughout America, striptease dancers entertained grateful audiences. Here are Tempest Storm, Scarlett OHara, Lili St. Cyr, Georgia Sothern, and Zorita and her doves. With this book, they look out again with timeless beauty and show you the Bare Truth.
9780743266659 Hilton Confessions Of An Heires (pb) Simon & Schuster
9780575081147 Simmons Hyperion Orion Publishers
The book that reinvented Space Opera, newly packaged for a new audience
9780781772075 DeVita DeVita, Hellman, and Rosenberg s Cancer Principles & Practice of Oncology 8/e Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
Offers practical information on the science of oncology and the multimodality treatment of different cancer types. This title discusses treatment of each cancer type by stage, with coordinated guidelines on the role of each treatment modality at each stage.
9780805843323 Vardi, Yoav Misbehavior in Organizations Taylor&Francis
For many years, scholars aligned with mainstream research paradigms that make up organizational behaviour (OB) have been leaning toward the more positive depiction of organizational reality. To better understand people's behaviour in the workplace, they must also explore misbehaviour. Organizational Misbehaviour (OMB) is a term that was coined by Yaov Vardi when he found out there were no models for how to predict "misconduct" at work.

Thus, the purpose of this book is to delineate a new agenda for OB theory and research. Devoted to the study and management of misbehaviour in work organizations, this volume is divided into three parts. Part I discusses the prevalence of these phenomena.

It searches for typologies and definitions for misbehaviour in the management literature using a historical perspective and proposes a general framework of OMB. Part II explores some important manifestations and antecedents of OMB at different levels of analysis - the person the job and the organization. Finally, Part III presents practical and methodological implications for managers and researchers.

The authors offer a comprehensive and systematically developed framework for the development and management of misbehaviour in organizations. The book is intended for students, scholars and practitioners who manage OB.
9780323034227 Rick Cowell Diagnostic Cytology and Hematology of the Dog and Cat, Elsevier Science
A resource for developing and enriching the knowledge and skills needed for clinical laboratory diagnostics. This book includes illustrations and descriptions of cytologic and hematologic samples which enable you to diagnose both common and uncommon diseases in dogs and cats.
9780750675765 Jimmy Bartle Clinical Ocular Pharmacology, Elsevier Science
Offers information on the practical uses of drugs in primary eye care. This work discusses the pharmacology of ocular drugs such as anti-infective agents, anti-glaucoma drugs, and other drugs used to treat a variety of eye disorders. It also covers ocular toxicology, focusing on drug interactions, and life-threatening systemic emergencies.
9780443102509 Peter Jones Churchill s In Clinical Practice Series: Schizophrenia, Elsevier Science
Schizophrenia is a debilitating and serious medical illness. This book features full-colour illustrations to help explain difficult concepts. Case studies enable the reader to explore real-life patients and review their care plans. Presented in pocket-book format, it is useful for clinicians.
9780323029513 Vern Katz Comprehensive Gynecology, Elsevier Science
Provides information on the medical and surgical issues affecting daily gynecology practice. This text provides practical illustrations and clinically oriented guidance.
9780517227374 Various 100 Marvels of the Modern World Random House (USA)
9780810992900 Nash Burning man Abrams
From its early days on a small beach in San Francisco in the 1980s, the Burning Man festival has evolved into a temporary city, in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada. Each year, Larry Harvey, founder of Burning Man, announces a theme for the event. Here, a photographer offers a photographic document of this work.
9780810932456 Komanecky Phoenix art museum Abrams
9781904563259 Bischof, Wer Questions to my Father Prestel Publishing Limited
Werner Bischof's son Marco has gathered together 70 previously unpublished photographs. They powerfully reiterate the man his father was, the nature of his humanity and his search for a benign and beautiful cognisance of the brief and terrifying world he lived in.
9781584796398 Cox Kathlee Space matters Abrams
A design book that aims to demystify the question of why some spaces work and some don`t; it presents interior design based in the ancient Indian design science of Vastu. Vastu is the only design philosophy in the world that uses the human body as the guiding force in the use of space.
9780575081321 Grimwood Jon Arabesk Orion Publishers
`Among the very best of contemporary SF authors` Iain Banks
9780061145681 Garry Kranz Communicating Effectively HarperCollins USA
A lifesaver to any manager, the Best Practices series offers the secrets of high achievers boiled down into an ever-ready guide designed to fit into a coat pocket or bag.
9780007133796 Raymond E. F Into a Dark Realm HarperCollins UK
The second book in the brand new series, `Conclave of Shadows` from world-wide bestselling author of `Magician,` Raymond E. Feist
9780007260805 Halliwell s Film, DVD and Video Guide 2008 HarperCollins UK
With more entries than any other guide and over one hundred years of entertainment and cinema information at your fingertips, Halliwell`s is widely recognised as the biggest and the best film guide available. This is the undisputed bible for film enthusiasts and trivia buffs everywhere - a must-have for every moviegoer.
9781857234053 Brin,David Postman Little, Brown
In post-apocalypse America, a survivor wanders the aftermath of a devastating war, trading tales for food and shelter. Fate touches him when he borrows the jacket of a long-dead postal worker and begins to weave his greatest tale - that of a world on the way to recovery.
9780141027425 Horn, D World to Come, The Penguin Books Ltd
When lonely divorcee Benjamin Ziskind steals a million-dollar painting during a singles` cocktail event at a New York museum. He is convinced that the painting used to hang on the wall of his family living room before his parents died, he seizes his chance in that split second to hold on to the family past in an uncertain present.
9780140282276 Pearse, L Never Look Back Penguin Books Ltd
From the slums of Victorian London to a New World! Matilda Jennings was a poor flower girl in Covent Garden until the day she saved the life of a minister`s daughter called Tabitha. Drawn into the bosom of little Tabitha`s family, she little realizes it will soon mean uprooting her own life.
9780141188614 Warren, R P All the King s Men Penguin Books Ltd
Set in the 1930s, this is a novel on American politics. It traces the rise and fall of Willie Stark, who resembles the real-life Huey "Kingfish" Long of Louisiana. Stark begins his political career as an idealistic man of the people but soon becomes corrupted by success.
9780140430363 Walpole/Beck Three Gothic Novels Penguin Books Ltd
The Gothic novel, which flourished from about 1765 until 1825, revels in the horrible and the supernatural, in suspense and exotic settings. This volume presents three of the most celebrated Gothic novels: "The Castle of Otranto", published pseudonymously in 1765; "Vathek" (1786); and the story of "Frankenstein" (1818).
9780070359581 Prabha Kundu Power System Stability and Control McGraw-Hill
Offers an explanation of voltage stability, covering transient and longer-term phenomena and presenting solution to instabilities. Meant for electric power and utility engineers, this book describes equipment characteristics for transmission, generation, and distribution/load subsystems of a power system, and methods for the modeling of equipment.
9780521845182 Wilfrid Jani Integrative Action of the Autonomic Nervous System: Neurobiology of Homeostasis Cambridge Academ
A detailed description of the cellular and integrative organisation of the autonomic nervous system, covering both peripheral and central aspects.
9780099515982 Kanehara, Hi Autofiction Random House
Rin is twenty-two, with a troubled adolescence behind her. She is flying back from her honeymoon, madly in love with her husband. Then Shin disappears to the bathroom and she starts to imagine that he has gone to seduce the flight attendant. As her thoughts spiral out of control the phrase `madly in love` takes on a more sinister meaning.
9780099519881 Grisham John Playing for Pizza Random House
Tells the story of Rick Dockery: how he was dropped by the Browns only to be picked up by an Italian team.
9780316359405 Adventures O Adventures Of Tintin, The: Volume 1 Hachette Book Group
9781847560407 Rachael Hell 13th Apostle, The HarperCollins UK
THREE SOULS. TWO THOUSAND YEARS. ONE TRUTH. A worldwide conspiracy thriller for the millions of fans of The Da Vinci Code who`ve been left thirsting for more!
9783131417619 Wolf Color Atlas of Dental Hygiene: Periodontology Thieme Verlagsgruppe
Dental hygiene professionals need the very best scientific and clinical knowledge at their fingertips to effectively assist in the prevention and treatment of periodontal disease. Periodontology puts the needs of hygienists center stage, providing a detailed and brilliantly illustrated reference for daily practice, and a wealth of knowledge to underpin successful diagnosis and treatment.A firm grasp of the pathogenesis of periodontal disease is essential for the hygienist. This book clearly outlines the vital concepts in immunology, genetics and destruction and repair of periodontal tissues. The innovations and new scientific evidence in these fields are lucidly described and invoke new approaches to etiology, diagnosis and treatment.The importance of links between oral health and general systemic health cannot be overestimated. Periodontology conclusively demonstrates the necessity for patient and clinician to keep these associations to the forefront of risk assessment and treatment. The benefits of this integrated approach will be clearly seen in the focus on prevention of oral disease, a primary objective for all hygiene professionals. The book shows how the systemic considerations influence the combination of diagnostic, therapeutic, pharmacological and mechanical treatment strategies.Frequently encountered disorders such as gingival recession and pathological changes in the peridontium are comprehensively documented and the range of prevention and treatment options set out. The inclusion of specialized subjects such as oral manifestations of HIV disease and the developments in its treatment serve to underline the key position of the hygienist in the wider health care team.The exceptional color photos throughout will be an indispensable guide to clinicians and students, and indeed a welcome resource for educators. From diagnostic tools such as depictions of levels of bleeding right through to detailed instrumentation techniques, these photos and their concise accompanying text form an outstanding best-practice guide.Concluding with the American Academy of Periodontologys Classification of Periodontal Disease, Periodontology will augment the knowledge and skills of dental hygienists, keeping practitioners up to date and providing students with the essential knowledge base for a career in periodontics.
9780199298426 Sealy, L.; W Cases and Materials in Company Law Oxford Academ
Cases and Materials in Company Law is well-established as the best casebook on company law available. It covers all vital cases and combines sophisticated commentary with well-chosen notes and questions. This edition retains the original successful structure and style, whilst being fully updated to reflect changes following the Companies Act 2006.
9780764328626 Wine Cellar Design Schiffer
Over 300 images of wine cellars immerse you into the stylish and impressive world of todays vintage connoisseur. A wine cellar is becoming a standard feature of todays luxury home. The ability to invest in fine wines, to age them properly, and to have them on hand for entertaining is a luxury more people can afford. This book is packed with ideas and technical information for designing safe, stylish, beautiful wine cellars. Essays by leading designers and a section detailing the proper construction of a wine cellar make this an invaluable reference.
9780810993907 Decorating Master Class: The Cullaman & Kravis Way Abrams
Takes the reader step by step through the questions and problems they face in decorating their house. This book offers a guide to creating and maintaining a Project Book. It includes photographs of completed rooms. It also includes photographs of such elements as wall surfaces, rugs and textiles.
9780743252508 Guy Gavriel Ysabel HarperCollins UK
9780486466583 Irving Washi The Legend of Sleepy Hollow and Other Stories Dover
9780500514047 Mike Holling Adventures in Tornado Alley Thames & Hudson
The storms of the Tornado Alley in the central USA have been extensively studied both by professional meteorologists and enthusiasts who chase storms. This book charts the development of seventeen chases - illustrated journals that take you to the heart of the unfolding events through sequential photography and a running commentary by the chasers.
9781416031581 Robin Ohls Hematology, Immunology and Infectious Disease: Neonatology Questions and Controversies, Elsevier Science
Provides information about controversial hematology, immunology, and infectious disease challenges faced in practice. This book gives advice on the diagnostic and treatment strategies using evidence-based medicine wherever possible.
9781741047233 Puerto rico 4 Lonely Planet
Featuring expanded coverage on music and outdoor activities, this reference is packed with essential information for visitors to Puerto Rico. It includes a GreenDex directory listing of sustainable vendors.
9780199296682 Mallory, J. The Oxford Introduction to Proto-Indo-European and the Proto-Indo-European World Oxford Academ
This book introduces Proto-Indo-European, describes how it was reconstructed from its descendant languages, and shows what it reveals about the people who spoke it between 5,500 and 8,000 years ago. Using related evidence from archaeology and natural history the authors explore the lives, thoughts, passions, culture, society, economy, history, and environment of the Proto-Indo-Europeans. They include chapters on fauna, flora, family and kinship, clothing and textiles, food and drink, space and time, emotions, mythology, and religion, and describe the quest to discover the Proto-Indo-European homeland. This book on a subject of enduring interest and fascination is written in a clear, readable style and illustrated with maps, figures, and tables.
9780312991463 Janet Evanov To The Nines Holtzbrink(MPS)
9780307279934 Carter, Step The Emperor of Ocean Park Random House (USA)
9780307237910 Harper, Kare The First Princess of Wales Random House (USA)
9780563534174 Stein,Rick Rick Stein s Seafood Random House
Discover the techniques for preparing and cooking the different types of fish found in the A-Z guide section of the book. There are 200 tried-and-tested recipes, which include essential basic recipes, such as stocks, sauces and batters. Also learn how to select fish and complementary ingredients.
9781862057661 Agent provocateur four dream miss x Anova
Discusses the collaboration between Agent Provocateur and Kate Moss, and about Moss` first acting role, resulting in four unique online films: "Shadows", "Scale", "Exhibitionist and Narcissus" - "The Four Dreams of Miss X". Shot in night vision, these films are intensely intimate: a beautiful woman`s private dream experiences.
9780786947850 Lebow, Jess Obsidian Ridge Random House (USA)
9781583332917 Crystal, Dav How Language Works Penguin USA
9780451530813 Melville, He Billy Budd and Other Tales Penguin USA
9780723258605 Potter, Beat Treasured Tales from Beatrix Potter Penguin Books Ltd
A volume featuring four Beatrix Potter tales. It includes "The Tale of Tom Kitten", "The Tale of Mr Jeremy Fisher", "The Tale of Benjamin Bunny" and "The Tale of Pigling Bland".
9782888930181 Color Management: A Comprehensiv Guide for Graphic Designers + CD Rockport/Rotovision
Color Management is a unique, one-stop resource for designers and graphic artists in every field of visual communication; in print, interactive, environmental, or web-based design. The book explains all the technical issues that are relevant to communicating with colour, in two-dimensional and three-dimensional environments.
9780521864961 Paul Steege Black Market, Cold War Cambridge Academ
This book explains how and why Berlin became the symbolic capital of the Cold War. It brings the history of the Cold War down to earth by focusing on the messy accounts of daily struggles to survive rather than seamless narratives of diplomatic exchange. By following Berliners as they made their way from ration offices to the black markets, from allied occupation bureaus to the physical and symbolic battles for the citys streets and squares, Paul Steege anchors his account of this emerging global conflict in the fractured terrain of a city literally shattered by World War II. In this history of everyday life, he claims for Berliners a vital role in making possible Berlins iconic Cold War status. The world saw an absolutely divided city, but everyday Berliners crossed its many boundaries, and these transgressive practices brought into focus the stark oppositions of the Cold War.
9780521542241 Herman J. Bi Introduction to the Mathematical and Statistical Foundations of Econometrics Cambridge Academ
This book is intended for use in a rigorous introductory PhD level course in econometrics, or in a field course in econometric theory. It covers the measure-theoretical foundation of probability theory, the multivariate normal distribution with its application to classical linear regression analysis, various laws of large numbers, central limit theorems and related results for independent random variables as well as for stationary time series, with applications to asymptotic inference of M-estimators, and maximum likelihood theory. Some chapters have their own appendices containing the more advanced topics and/or difficult proofs. Moreover, there are three appendices with material that is supposed to be known. Appendix I contains a comprehensive review of linear algebra, including all the proofs. Appendix II reviews a variety of mathematical topics and concepts that are used throughout the main text, and Appendix III reviews complex analysis. Therefore, this book is uniquely self-contained.
9781904832126 Lines of Discovery: 225 Years of American Drawings ACC-distribution titles
History of American drawing illustrated from works at the Colombus Museum.
9781843769293 Daniele Dynamic networks and evolutionary variational inequalities Edward Elgar Publishers
9780071488693 Katzung & Tr Katzung & Trevor S Review Of Pharmacology McGraw-Hill
Suitable for course review and USMLE Step 1 preparation, this guide features more than 3,000 USMLE-type questions with answers. It also provides a review of basic and clinical pharmacology, and information on drugs.
9780099505938 Nesbo, Jo Nemesis Random House
9780224076104 Amis, Martin Second Plane, The Random House
Includes essays and reviews about September11. This book provides an account of the author`s travels with Tony Blair in 2007 - to Belfast, to Washington, and to Baghdad and Basra.
9780340977163 King Stephen Just after sunset Hodder
King`s new fiction title: a captivating collection of tales with twists
9780552150903 Mary Jane St Katerina s Secret Transworld Publishers
Edward Somers has been recovering from his wartime injuries in a small hotel in the South of France where he is an extremely popular guest. One day, he happens upon a nearby villa, within which lives a mysterious and beautiful countess, Katerina, who does not appear to be allowed any visitors.
9780553819861 Richelle Mea Storm Born Transworld Publishers
Just typical. No love life to speak of for months, then all at once, every horny creature in the Otherworld wants to get in your pants. Eugenie Markham is a powerful shamen who does a brisk trade banishing spirits and fey who cross into the mortal world. Mercenary, yes, but a girl`s got to eat. Her most recent case is enough to ruin her appetite.
9780593060643 Jasper Kent Twelve Transworld Publishers
On 12th June 1812, Napoleon`s invasion of Russia had begun. In the face of superior numbers and tactics, the imperial Russian army began its retreat. But a handful of Russian officers - veterans of Borodino - are charged with trying to slow the enemy`s march on Moscow. Indeed, one of their number has already set the wheels of resistance in motion.
9781845876241 Cape Town Double Popout Map Compass
9780723257844 Barker, Cice Flower Fairies Magical Moonlight Feast Penguin USA
When some of the flower fairies decide to hold a last minute midnight feast, they have to find a way to send invitations to their friends. But, how will their guests find them through the forest? Some friendly fireflys offer to save the day.
9780099507581 Simon Robson The separate heart & other stories Random House
A collection of stories with the notion of separateness - of adults from each other, of children from adult knowledge, and of adult consciousness from the vividness of childhood.
9781405178198 Swanton Swanton s Cardiology Wiley
An indispensable user-friendly guide for everyone tackling common cardiological problems * New design for easier navigation and use * Highly practical advice with clear tables for quick and easy reference * Five new chapters including Pregnancy and Heart Disease and Echocardiography .
9789999901109 Human Pregna Human Pregnancy Model Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
9780345431134 Dave Barry Dave Barry s Only Travel Guide You ll Ever Need Random House (USA)
9781847209740 Richardson The Economic Costs and Consequences of Terrorism Edward Elgar Publishers
This landmark book covers a range of issues concerning the consequences of terrorist attacks. Beginning with a discussion of new policies and strategies, it then delves into specific areas of concern, modelling a range of possible scenarios and ways to mitigate or pre-empt damages. Top researchers from around the world discuss issues such as: airport security, urban terrorism, Coast Guard operations, and the need to balance freedoms with security.

New policies for deterring terrorism are also proposed. Later chapters model the economic impacts of terrorist attacks on the food industry, major US ports, and US theme parks.The final chapters provide an in-depth look at the effects of interruptions to electricity supply and how to improve resiliency. Using specific locations and situations, the volume details in a concrete way the long and short-term economic effects of possible future attacks.

The cutting-edge research and provocative conclusions make this a must-read for policymakers, public sector economists, urban planners, aviation officials, insurance industry analysts and those charged with disaster management.
9780781778237 Marino The Little ICU Book of Facts and Formulas Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
Ideal for quick reference at the bedside, The Little ICU Book is a smaller, condensed, compact, and portable version of The ICU Book, Third Edition. Most of the chapters in the larger book have been retained in the little book, but each chapter has been c
9780307388766 Brown, Tina The Diana Chronicles Random House (USA)
9781840139792 Submarines Of The World - Pock Grange Books
9780340952245 King Stephen Blaze Hodder
The legendary Stephen King unleashes a new blockbuster from his crime noir alter-ego Richard Bachman.
9781405320887 Berlin Dorling Kindersley
Explores Berlin using cutaways, 3-D aerial views, and floor-plans covering the neighbourhoods as well as the well-established areas. This guide includes recommendations of the bars, nightclubs, shops, hotels and restaurants.
9780141323244 Murphy, J Worst Witch Collection, The Penguin Books Ltd
Mildred Hubble is the worst witch at Miss Cackle`s Academy for Witches. With her best friends, Maud and Enid, and her beloved cat, Tabby, Mildred is determined to become a better witch and please her form teacher, Miss Hardbroom. But trouble just seems to follow her around and with arch enemy Ethel Hallow always ready to spoil things.
9781846285158 Duque Osteoporosis in Older Persons Springer
The book summarizes recent advances in the elucidation of the mechanisms involved in senile osteoporosis as well as its potential treatment, bringing an integrated approach from the bench to the clinical practice. A unique aspect of this book is its emphasis on the application of translational research in the field of osteoporosis and falls which make it useful not only to biologists but also to clinicians and epidemiologists. The chapters are complemented with color figures showing the basics of bone biology, bone phenotypes and falls prevention interventions and also include tables and flowcharts.

Written by investigators (clinicians and basic scientists) in the field of aging bone research, this is a reference guide to geriatricians, gerontologists, endocrinologists, rheumatologists and bone biologists, medical trainees as well as other health professionals (pharmacists, physiotherapists, etc).
9780061349171 Collins Nanc Vamps Pb HarperCollins USA
GOSSIP GIRLS meet Anne Rice in the first book of a juicy series that details the doings of rich vampires, including glam-girl Lilith and half-human Cally, at the exclusive Bathory Academy.
9780385722520 Durham, Davi Acacia Random House (USA)
9780141021836 Amanda Brook Life Begins Penguin Books Ltd
If Life Begins at Forty, then Charlotte Turner`s not off to the best of starts. On top of a recent divorce, and trouble with her twelve-year-old son, the husband of her closest friend has just started to show a bit too much interest in her as a newly-single woman. Is life, for Charlotte, about to begin at last...?
9780814712368 Burg, B.r. Sodomy and the pirate tradition Eurospan
9780762414802 Votaw, Melan Art of chinese calligraphy
Instructions and tools for practicing the ancient art of Chinese calligraphy have never been easier or more affordable. Growing interest in Asian arts, coupled with a trend toward creative self-expression, make this a timely how-to kit. Contains everything needed: pot, ink, stone, spoon, brushes, paper, and an instruction book.
9781899606177 Marks, Arnol Card games made easy
This book gives complete and correct rules for over 20 of the great card games of skill. More important, every one is also thoroughly explained so you can build up your `card sense`. Includes example play and explanations to highlight the strategies. And to challenge yourself, there are over 50 games of patience.
9780751347401 Gravett, Chr Castle Dorling Kindersley
Be an eyewitness to the world of the medieval castle. This book covers the dramtic ways used to defend and attack castles during sieges, and what life was really like for the people living inside the mighty battlements.
9781862075962 Gray, John Straw dogs
`Straw Dogs` is a radical work of philosophy that challenges our most cherished assumptions about what it means to be human. John Gray explores how the world and human life look once humanism has been finally abandoned.
9780937611357 Hay, Louise Heal your body
Hay`s "little blue book" is still considered the most comprehensive guide to the probable mental causes behind illness in your body. It offers positive new thought patterns to replace negative feelings and shows how a change in attitude can result in a permanent state of health and well-being.
9781844422043 Bextor, Robi Paul mccartney
Illustrated throughout with photographs, and with additional insights and recollections from those who have been closest to Paul McCartney throughout his career, this book creates a revealing and personal portrait of the one of the world`s greatest living musical icons.
9780711933125 Play guitar with... eric clapton
9781859419502 Haigh, Ruper Legal english
Business people and undergraduates with limited experience of writing legal documents.
9781561635009 Ward, Chad M Devil engine
9781844003259 Matsuhisa, N Nobu west
Featuring over 120 Westernised Nobu recipes, this work includes: crispy skin poussin with spicy lemon garlic, dover sole with spicy onion ponzu, iberian pork with soy and ginger, mediterranean shrimp ceviche, rice pizza and suntory whiskey cappuccino. It features advice on sourcing and preparing ingredients and essential cooking techniques.
9780747588436 Gaiman Neil Signal to noise Bloomsbury
Tells the story of a film director, somewhere in London, dying of cancer. His life`s crowning achievement, his greatest film, would have told the story of a European village as the last hour of AD 999 approached - the midnight which the villagers were convinced would bring with it Armageddon.
9780746088883 Dalby, Eliza Big book of mysteries and marvels HarperCollins UK
9780755338504 Doherty, Pau Templar Hodder
The first brilliant novel in acclaimed author Paul Doherty`s new series set around the mysterious order of the Templars. The series will describe in evocative details the glorious pageant surrounding the Templars and the brutality and bravery of those serving in the Great Crusades in Palestine between 1095 and the fall of Acre in 1292.
9780099511649 Hill, Susan Woman in black Random House
Arthur Kipps, a junior solicitor, is summoned to attend the funeral of Mrs Alice Drablow, the house`s sole inhabitant, unaware of the tragic secrets which lie hidden behind the shuttered windows. It is not until he glimpses a wasted young woman, dressed all in black, at the funeral, that a creeping sense of unease begins to take hold of him.
9780760323489 Parks, Denni How to build a cheap hot rod Rockport/Rotovision
Shows how a great hot rod car can be built on a modest budget, rather than spending a fortune buying and tweaking one! The author documents his own building project - a "Track T" kit roadster - showing in detail how to turn a pile of parts into a high-performance, cool hot rod, and provides step-by-step guide to building a car of your own.
9781593075736 Cosmic Debri Emily the strange lost, dark and boring
A collection of first 3 volumes.
9781847672520 Strauss, Nei Rules of the game Canongate
A guide to the basics of approaching and attracting women.
9782067129849 Michelin guide new york city 2008
Michelin`s inspectors select the best restaurants and hotels in all categories of price and comfort for these indispensable, full-color guides. Maps and photos.
9780099511656 Morrison, To Beloved Random House
Terrible, unspeakable things happened to Sethe at Sweet Home, the farm where she lived as a slave for many years until she escaped to Ohio. Her new life is full of hope but eighteen years later she is still not free. Sethe`s new home is haunted by the ghost of her baby, who died nameless and whose tombstone is engraved with a single word: Beloved.
9780199275564 Breschi, Ste Clusters, Networks, and Innovation Oxford Academ
Recent years have seen strong interest and a growing amount of research and teaching on the phenomenon of economic and business 'clusters'. Even in a global world particular localities appear to have distinctive advantages. This book brings together cutting edge work on the issue by leading international scholars.
9781852248055 Hill, Selima Gloria Bloodaxe Books
Covers Selima Hill`s books from "Saying Hello at the Station" (1984) to "Red Roses" (2006), and "The Hat" (2008). This book is a selection drawn from ten collections, each offering variations on her abiding themes: women`s identities, love and loss, repression and abuse, family conflict and mental illness, men, animals and human civilisation.
9780099493341 Plaidy, Jean Royal road to fotheringay Random House
At just six days old, Mary Stuart became Queen of Scots. At just six years old she was betrothed to the Dauphin Francois, the future King of France. But her reign with Francois is short-lived. Widowed at just eighteen years old, Mary is forced to leave her home to return to Scotland.
9788174364487 Varma, Pavan Kama sutra
Presents an adaptation which shows that the fulfilment of women is at the heart of the experience of sex, and that the lines between sex and sensuality, and between social mores and individual desire are indeed fine and must be understood deeply.
9781846970054 Guthrie, All Kiss her goodbye
His teenage daughter is found dead, an apparent suicide. Then the police arrest him for murder. But, for once, Joe is innocent. With help from Scotland`s hardest men - and one woman - he sets out to discover who has framed him and to deliver his own brutal brand of justice.
9780192726452 Thomas, Vale Winnie in winter Oxford University Press
Winnie, the Witch is tired of winter. She`s tired of shivering in the cold and looking out at her garden covered in snow. So, she uses a little magic to bring summer and sunshine to her house. But just as she settles down in her deckchair, hordes of people arrive. With the unruly crowd comes noise and chaos. Maybe winter isn`t so bad, after all?
9780099513872 Wodehouse P. Heart of a Goof Random House
From his favourite chair on the terrace above the ninth hole, The Oldest Member tells a series of hilarious golfing stories. From Evangeline, Bradbury Fisher's fifth wife and a notorious 'golfing giggler', to poor Rollo Podmarsh whose game was so unquestionably inept that 'he began to lose his appetite and would moan feebly at the sight of a poached egg', the game of golf, its players and their friends and enemies are here shown in all their comic glory.
9780230542808 Fanelli J. Macroeconomic Volatility, Institutions and Financial Architectures Palgrave
The deregulation of domestic financial markets and the capital account in developing countries has frequently been associated with financial turmoil and macro volatility. The book analyzes the experience of Argentina, Brazil, Chile, China, Nigeria, Russia, South Africa, and Thailand, and draws implications for building development-friendly domestic and international financial architectures. The recommendations are made in light of the key challenge: to design and implement policies able to control macro volatility while building the rules of the financial game that will ultimately contribute to mitigating the sources of aggregate risk.
9780520245211 Mohlenbrock, Pieter Bruegel & The Art Of Laughter Wiley
Pieter Bruegel (1525-1569), generally considered the greatest Flemish painter of the sixteenth century, was described as a supremely comic artist. This book explores the function and production of laughter in the sixteenth century, and also examines the ways in which Bruegel exploited the comic potential of Hieronymus Bosch.
9781845972431 Clifton-mogg Tuscan escapes
Features an array of beautiful homes. Divided into four parts, this book looks at rustic houses in the first part, modern interpretations of Tuscan style in the second part, focuses on larger country homes, restored according to a grand decorative design in the third and looks at a more colourful approach to Tuscan living in the fourth part.
9780826495297 Badiou, Alai Being and event Continuum
A work on set theory - the cornerstone of the author`s whole philosophy. This book includes a series of analyses of such key figures as Descartes, Spinoza, Leibniz, Hegel, Rousseau, and Lacan. It develops the basis for a history of philosophy rivalling those of Heidegger and Deleuze in its depth.
9780007158744 Zettel, Sara Camelot`s blood HarperCollins UK
An highly engaging romantic fantasy set in the evocative time of King Arthur. Laurel Carnbrea, Queen of Cambryn, arrives at Camelot to marry a man she has never met -- Sir Agravain, the brother of the renowned Sir Gawain.
9780865651982 Joan Sureda The Golden Age of Spain Thames & Hudson
9780810993785 Belozerskaya Arts of tuscany Abrams
Features art tour of the Italian provinces of Florence, Siena, Pisa and Lucca. Spanning time, geography and a wide variety of art forms - from Etruscan bronzes to Ferragamo shoes - this book shows how art blossomed in the Tuscan landscape that has beguiled millions of visitors.
9780847831487 Photographs These United States Rizzoli USA
An exceptional scenic tour, now at an affordable price.
9780847830534 Edited by To Modern Americana Rizzoli USA
The first full survey of the designs of this prolific but forgotten period.
9780387730615 Thaler Rhinosinusitis: A Guide to Clinical Management. 2008 Springer
Rhino sinusitis is one of the most common health care complaints, with many millions of cases managed annually by a variety of practitioners, from family care physicians and pediatricians to allergists, pulmonologists, and otolaryngologists. This book discusses medical, surgical, and pharmacological management of both acute and chronic forms.
9780330452779 Wilson, Davi Making mischief with jeremy james Pan Macmillan
Jeremy James is always saving things whether it`s the Third World, Richard`s Gran or the souls of his poor pet Gerbils. Indeed, the life of a hero is so full of surprises it seems even a wise old fortune teller has trouble predicting what might be next. However when it comes to Jeremy James, mischief and mayhem are never far away!
9780300121254 Lingo Federico Barocci Yale University Press
Federico Barocci was among the most admired painters in 16-century Italy. This study relates Barocci`s achievements to transformations in the theory and practice of painting during an era in which pictorial developments generated deep tensions for ecclesiastical art.
9781580113038 Smart Approach to Home Renovation Creative Homeowner
A guide to renovating your home, from first designs, planning and budgeting to full completion of the project. It features over 400 colour photographs of real-life renovated kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, family rooms, and outdoor living areas. It also includes a "Design Workbook" that illustrates important features within each of the projects.
9780007232338 May, Sarah Rise and fall of a domestic diva HarperCollins UK
The queen of the black-hearted soap opera is back!
9781840139495 500 Cacti Grange Books
9780136068273 Wheelen, Tho Strategic management and business policy Pearson Education
For students of Strategic Management and Business Policy. This book contains the latest research and examples of well-known and not-so-well known companies dealing with complicated strategic issues.
9780786018338 MacGregor Running Time Hachette Book Group
9780440240549 Shanahan, Li The Sweet, Terrible, Glorious Year I Truly, Completely Lost It Random House (USA)
9780440243212 Manda Scott Crystal skull, the Random House (USA)
9780345508935 Koji Kumeda Sayonara, zetsubou-sensei 1 Random House (USA)
9780099474777 Woodward, Ge Caravan Thieves Random House
Contains stories with a mix of humour, pathos, dysfunctional families and disappointed lives, as well as dazzling moments of illumination, and intimations of mortality (in `A Ford Mondeo` and `Gardening`).
9780753516829 Ori Brafman Sway Transworld Publishers
Looking at irrational behaviour in fields as diverse as medicine, archaeology and the legal system, this title charts the psychological undercurrents that influence even our basic decisions. It offers insight into the way we all behave and will change the way you view the world.
9780553819885 Alison Goodm The Two Pearls of Wisdom Transworld Publishers
Under the harsh regime of an ambitious master, candidate Eon is training to become a Dragoneye - a powerful Lord able to master wind and water to protect the land. But Eon also harbours a desperate secret. Eon is, in fact, Eona, a young woman who has endured years of disguise as a boy for the chance to practice the Dragoneye`s Art.
9780141034201 Alliott Cath The Secret Life of Evie Hamilton Penguin Books Ltd
Evie Hamilton has a secret. One she doesn`t even know about. Yet ...She`s blissfully unaware that her charmed and happy life is about to be turned upside down. And it all begins one sunny, Oxford morning when a letter - a ticking time bomb - lands on Evie`s immaculate doormat.
9780716529361 Mcloone, Mar Film, media and popular culture in ireland A & C Black
Covers broadcasting, film, popular music, radio and popular culture. This title includes essays which show the media`s role in the process of `re-imagining Ireland` including aspects of cultural identity and (re)construction of notions of Irishness and contemporary implications of the peace process in the North and the `Celtic Tiger` in the South.
9780345505088 Barry Eisler Fault line Random House (USA)
9780864177698 Jong-kramer, Classic beaded purse patterns
9781851495559 Late 18Th Early 19Th Century Textiles Antique Collectors Club Ltd
Presents a selection of pieces chosen for their beauty, their elegance and their relevance to the history of textile design. This book focusses on furnishing textiles that illustrate the shift in taste from the restrained Neo-Classical style of the late 18th century to the imperialistic fashions of the Napoleonic era.
9780007256747 Novik, Naomi Empire of ivory HarperCollins UK
Naomi Novik`s stunning series of novels follow the adventures of Captain William Laurence and his fighting dragon Temeraire as they travel from the shores of Britain to China and Africa.
9781852429522 Negri, Anton Goodbye mr socialism
As a Marxist thinker the author is not afraid to ask the difficult questions of the post-Communist age: What should a new left agenda consist of? Where does globalization fit? Here, he retraces the changes since 1989: the birth of Zapatism, the emergence of anti-globalization movements, employment crises and beyond.
9780500600276 William A. E The Body (60th Ann ed) Thames & Hudson
From 19th-century erotica to the sexual politics of the 1990s, this collection of images provides an archive of bodily forms, both male and female.
9780500287958 Alistair Mof Before Scotland (pb) Thames & Hudson
Presents a story of the land that became Scotland which is one of dramatic geological events and human endeavour. This title also presents a narrative that ranges from the great thaw at the end of the Ice Age which was instrumental in shaping Scotlands magnificent landscape through the megalith builders, to the Celts and the Picts.
9781606600016 Louise Saund The Knave of Hearts Dover
9780751747324 Bpp Learning Acca - f9 financial management
9780143039488 Steinbeck Jo Winter of Our Discontent, The Penguin USA
9780515146035 Quick, Amand Third Circle, The Penguin USA
9780091927905 Wallace, Dan Yes man Random House
Presents the story of what happened when the author decided to say yes to everything, in order to make his life more interesting. This is the tie-in book that goes with the 2008 film of the Danny Wallace book - "Yes Man" - starring Jim Carrey and Zooey Deschanel.
9781905654338 Cast,Kirstin House of Night: Chosen Little, Brown
The third compulsive instalment of Atom`s hot new series set in a high school for vampires.
9780764140037 Martini, Urs German bilingual dict Barron`s educational series, inc
A bilingual dictionary that contains approximately 70,000 German-English words. It features: English to German and German to English words; headwords listed with translation, part of speech, and pronunciation; phrases that follow each definition using headwords in standard contexts; and, bilingual lists that present numerals and abbreviations.
9783791341927 Doring, Jurg Lichtenstein posters Prestel Publishing Limited
This collection of sixty-eight full-color reproductions is the first book to focus solely on Roy Lichtenstein`s masterful Pop Art posters dating from 1960 to 1997.
9780007261017 Tom Perrotta The abstinence teacher HarperCollins UK
A sharp, funny and beautifully observed satire about the disturbing influence of the Christian right from one of America`s most cherished authors.
9780719523434 Amitav Ghosh Sea of Poppies Hodder
At the heart of this epic saga, set just before the Opium Wars, is an old slaving-ship, The Ibis. Its destiny is a tumultuous voyage across the Indian Ocean, its crew a motley array of sailors and stowaways, coolies and convicts. In a time of colonial upheaval, fate has thrown together a truly diverse cast of Indians and Westerners, from a bankrupt Raja to a widowed villager, from an evangelical English opium trader to a mulatto American freedman.

As their old family ties are washed away they, like their historical counterparts, come to view themselves as jahaj-bhais or ship-brothers. An unlikely dynasty is born, which will span continents, races and generations. The vast sweep of this historical adventure spans the lush poppy fields of the Ganges, the rolling high seas, and the exotic backstreets of China.

But it is the panorama of characters, whose diaspora encapsulates the vexed colonial history of the East itself, which makes Sea of Poppies so breathtakingly alive -- a masterpiece from one of the world's finest novelists.
9780470089477 Yim Vascular Hemodynamics: Bioengineering and Clinical Perspectives Wiley
Utilizing a multidisciplinary approach encompassing engineering, vascular biology, vascular imaging, and clinical practice, this book provides a survey of the basic science and clinical research in hemodynamics of the vasculature. It discusses diverse pathologies of the large vessels, the microvasculature, and the systematic vasculature.
9780571238965 Cheek M Amenable Women Faber
Flora Chapman is in her fifties when her husband dies in a bizarre ballooning accident. Seizing upon her new found freedom, she decides to finish the history of their village that Edward had begun. A reference to Anne of Cleves, Henry VIII`s fourth wife who he rejected for being ugly, captures her imagination.
9783131410627 Suk et al Musculoskeletal Outcomes Measures and Instruments Thieme Verlagsgruppe
What outcomes are important to patients and clinicians? How is a specific instrument scored? Has it undergone reliability testing? In what population was it validated, and how did it perform?This pocket-sized handbook, covering all the major musculoskeletal outcomes instruments in use today -- answers these questions and more. Key concepts like reliability, validity, and responsiveness form the framework of the book. Key features include: -Information on more than 300 commonly used instruments for the shoulder, elbow, hand and wrist, hip, knee, ankle, and calcaneus-Numerically rated instruments based on clinical relevance and ease-of-use-Research results summarized in table form to eliminate the need for looking up original studies -Color-coded organization of anatomic regions to save you time in locating desired content-Glossary which acquaints readers with need-to-know terminologyEssential for orthopedic surgeons, rheumatologists, physical and occupational therapists, and others who manage musculoskeletal problems, this compact handbook is critical for deciding on an appropriate course of treatment based on validated outcomes.
9780060598754 Evanovich, J Grand Finale, The HarperCollins USA
9781416042525 Ronco, Bello Critical Care Nephrology, Elsevier Science
Provides coverage of the advances in critical care procedures for the adult or pediatric patient with renal diseases. This work includes discussions of different forms of organ support, artificial organs, infections, and acute illness occurring in chronic hemodialysis patients. It is suitable for those treating critically ill renal patients.
9780446551601 Connelly Mic The Brass Verdict : A Novel Hachette Book Group
9780446610162 Carey, Jacqu Kushiel s Mercy Hachette Book Group
9781405184045 Kenny The Nuts and bolts of Paced ECG Interpretation Wiley
Nothing is more perplexing to the clinician new to device therapy than having to deal with cardiac electrocardiograms from a device patient. Pacemakers and other implantable cardiac rhythm management devices leave their "imprint" on ECGs and can significantly change what clinicians see - or expect to see.
9780330452496 Iliffe Glyn King of Ithaca Pan Macmillan
Greece is a country in turmoil, divided by feuding kingdoms desiring wealth, power and revenge. When Eperitus, an exiled soldier, comes to the aid of a group of warriors in battle, little does he know that it will be the start of an incredible adventure. For he is about to join Odysseus, Prince of Ithaca, on a quest to save his homeland.
9780230714526 Stimson Tes Beat the Bitch Pan Macmillan
Shows how to put the spark back into your relationship. This book tells every woman things she won`t want to hear - but needs to. It features advice, anecdotes, quizzes and humor.
9781842432877 Kenny, Simon Bruce lee
9780738714103 Galbreth, Je Enchanted oracle (Book & Cards)
An oracle, properly used, is a means of receiving messages from the divine, a source of guidance, and a tool for shaping the future. This kit includes a 36-card deck featuring original watercolour artwork, and a 240-page book that introduces oracles, outlines their divinatory meanings, and presents a variety of ways to work with their wisdom.
9780470727300 Mack Fundamental Principles of Optical Lithography: The Science of Microfabrication Wiley
This bookpresents a complete theoretical and practical treatment of the topic of lithography for both students and researchers. This textcomprises of ten detailed chapters as well as three appendices which provideproblems at the end of each chapter. From theContents: 1 - Introduction to Semiconductor Lithography 2 - Aerial Image Formation 3 - Standing Waves and Swing Curves 4 - Photoresist Exposure and Amplification Kinetics 5 - Photoresist Bake Effects 6 Photoresist Development 7 Critical Dimension Control 8 Resolution Enhancement Technologies 9 Lithography Simulation 10 Future Developments
9780199237913 Elsner, Jas; Pilgrimage in Graeco-Roman and Early Christian Antiquity Oxford Academ
The essays in this volume examine the variety and importance of pilgrimage practices in Graeco-Roman antiquity and the early Church, ranging from healing to oracles, from collective civic delegations to individual pilgrims seeking salvation, from localized sacred topographies to empire-wide travel.
9780446540292 Hint Of Wick Hint Of Wicked Hachette Book Group
9780486234021 Stubbs-anatomy of horse Dover
9780486238159 Ali Dowlatsh Persian designs and Motives Dover
9782888930334 What is Illustration? Rockport/Rotovision
9780099537298 Carroll, Ste Time We Have Taken, The Random House
One summer morning in 1970, Peter van Rijn, proprietor of the television and wireless shop, pronounces his Melbourne suburb one hundred years old. That same morning, Rita is awakened by a dream of her husband`s snores, yet is years since Vic moved north. Their son, Michael, has left for the city, and is entering the terrain of first love.
9780099286158 Greene Graha The Man within Random House
Andrews is a young man who has betrayed his fellow smugglers and fears their vengeance. Fleeing from them, with no hope of pity or salvation, he takes refuge in the house of a young woman, also alone in the world. She persuades him to give evidence against his accomplices in court.
9781437709087 Friedman The Massachusetts Eye ans Ear Infurmary Illustrated Manual of Ophthalmology: Book with PDA Download. 3 ed. 2009 Elsevier Science
9780545044257 Rowling J.K. Harry Potter Hard Cover Boxed Set # 1-7 Scholastic
9781439144916 King Stephen Just after sunset Simon & Schuster
9781400064199 David Liss The Devil s Company HB Random House (USA)
9781906388140 Houghton, Li Felting fashion Anova
Concentrates on felt fashions with felt techniques and patterns for construction. From simple corsages through hats and scarves to jackets and full-length coats, this book shows you how to embellish and colour the felt - including using velvets and silks and ruching methods - and then construct garments and accessories from it.
9783791343792 Grabar, Oleg Masterpieces of islamic art Prestel Publishing Limited
This opulent volume of works from illustrated and illuminated manuscripts culled from important public and private collections offers a thorough introduction to the wonders of Islamic art.
9780099514039 Wodehouse P. Young men in spats Random House
A collection of short stories. It includes such stories as "The Amazing Hat Mystery".
9783791343440 Andy Warhol: The Last Decade Prestel Publishing Limited
Focusing on Andy Warhol`s prolific final years, this revealing collection of more than 150 works shows the renowned artist undergoing a transition away from Pop Art and toward a renewed interest in the hand-painted image.
9788861306806 Tadao Ando Tadao Ando Museums Thames & Hudson
A survey of the extensive series of museums designed and built by Tadao Ando in Japan, Europe and the USA. Ever since Tadao Ando started to establish himself more than thirty years ago as one of the best designers on the international scene for the rigour and character of his works, his intense activity has moved tirelessly between private residences and public buildings. Each of these works has added a small piece to the construction of a cohesive path based on a strong and clear use of geometry, the employment of few materials in the right proportions, the harmony of the spaces and a strong sense of the relationship with the landscape. From this point of view, the series of museums designed by Tadao Ando tells of the Japanese master's design philosophy perfectly.
9780752891354 Lichtenstein Things Your Mother Never Told You Orion Publishers
A sharp, funny and deliciously entertaining follow up to Olivia`s acclaimed, award-winning debut MRS ZHIVAGO OF QUEEN`S PARK
9781592535491 1000 Retail Graphics (Mini) Rockport/Rotovision
9781595329318 Suenobu, Kei Life
Ayumu Shiiba is a middle school girl. She is always struggling in tests, and she gets help from her best friend Shii-chan, who is always the top score taker in class. The two aim to go to the same high school together, and they study hard. Ayumu eventually beats Shii-chan in test scores, and it leads Shii-chan to fall into despair.
9780826429407 Lederer, Vic Bach`s st. matthew passion Continuum
Johann Sebastian Bach`s the "St Matthew Passion" stands as a singular expression of religious sensibility. Highlighting the inspiration Bach drew from opera, this book illuminates the hybrid forms that comprise the work, thereby clarifying many of the composer`s dramatic strategies.
9780553589252 Kay Hooper BLOOD DREAMS Random House (USA)
9780099285199 Tanizaki J Diary of a Mad Old Man Random House
This work takes the form of an old man's diary, where he records his struggle with his self-image, and the manifestations of age, and his growing desire for his beautiful Westernized daughter-in-law. Between them, the two characters embody Japan, past and present.
9780446605465 Hamilton P F Neutronium Alchemist Part 2: Conflict Hachette Book Group
The future of humanity is in doubt when the minds of those long dead begin taking over the bodies of the living, forcing one mao search for a lost doomsday machine.
9780750649353 Machanism and Management Elsevier Science
In this sixth edition of this headache manual, Professor Lance has been joined by Professor Goadsby to present a practical account of the developments in research into the clinical aspects, pathophysiology and treatment of headache. The text has been completely revised, and provides a guide to the management of headache problems in practice as well as insights acquired from functional MRI, PET scanning and work on the neurotransmitters involved in the production of headache.
9780330250498 Herriot Jame All Creatures Great and Small Pan Macmillan
The first volume of the classic adventures and misadventures involving the young vet, James Herriot, in the Yorkshire Dales from 1937 onwards.
9780140284614 Wodehouse P. Something Fresh Penguin Books Ltd
The one thing that could be expected to disturb the peace of life at Blandings is the constant incursion of imposters. Blandings has imposters like other houses have mice. On this particular occasion there are two of them - both intent on a dangerous enterprise.
9781901388602 Angelo Sister Murdock s House of Correction Chimera Publishing
9780099992004 Harris R. Enigma Random House
By the author of "Fatherland". In March 1943, inside Britain`s code-breaking centre at Bletchley Park, cryptanalysts are facing their worst nightmare: Germany`s U-boats have unexpectedly changed their Enigma cipher, and the Battle of the Atlantic suddenly hangs in the balance.
9780002710886 Bitov A. Pushkin House Random House
A post-modern Russian novel, which follows the life of Lyova, who was born in Leningrad. He graduates from secondary school in 1953, and the reader is given an insight into his daily life, which closely mirrors the daily experience of the average Russian.
9780521568449 Ronald Carte Exploring Grammar in Context Edition with answers Cambridge University Press
This unique reference and practice grammar is based entirely on real spoken and written language. It analyses why people choose certain structures in situations and the effect of those choices on meaning, Exploring Grammar in Context upper intermediate and advanced: *provides 25 units focusing on key grammar areas for language teachers and students *actively engages the reader in discovering patterns of grammar use *offers an extensive, varied range of practice exercises to check understanding *is based on real life examples from the Cambridge International Corpus, a computerised database of contemporary spoken and written English *emphasises spoken English with examples from the Cambridge and Nottingham Corpus of Discourse English (CANCODE) *has a full answer key with detailed explanations, a useful glossary of grammar terms and a set of supporting grammar reference notes.
9780345352453 Anthony Blue Adept Random House (USA)
Careening between two-worlds--Proton, the world of science, and Phaze, the world of magic--Stiles must earn his life in the annual games on Proton and become a Blue Adept, a master of magic, on Phaze.
9781875498765 Alfredo De Vido: Selected & Current W Images
This monograph includes illustrations and ph otographs of the aesthetically pleasing and practical dwelli ngs designed by Alfredo De Vido, one of America''s leading re sidential architects. '
9781558597556 Bruce Altshu Isamu Noguchi Abbeville Press
This work offers an insight into Isamu Nogushi`s unusual life and art. In a career of over 60 years (1904-1988), the artist often worked simultaneously on different projects - sculpting wood and stone, designing stage sets, making furniture and lamps, and creating urban sculptures.
9780553574609 Forsyth Fred Icon Random House (USA)
Set in a collapsing Russia of 1999, this is a terrifying thriller, with the Western alliance trying to p revent a potential fascist dictator coming to power. Frederi ck Forsyth is the author of Fist of God. '
9780440168720 Steel Daniel Perfect Stranger Random House (USA)
After the collapse of his marriage, Alex had given up hope all hope of ever finding the right woman. This was until he saw the mysterious and beautiful Raphaella.
9780330335591 Dexter C The Second Inspector Morse Omnibus Pan Macmillan
Contains three full-length novels: "The Secret of Annexe 3" which concerns a murder at the New Year celebrations at the Haworth Hotel; "The Riddle of the Third Mile" which is about the disappearance of Dr Browne-Smith; and "Last Seen Wearing" in which new evidence opens a case over two years old.
9780140098204 Dahl Roald Completely Unexpected Tales Penguin Books Ltd
Includes tales of vengeance, surprise and dark delight.
9780375709111 Jin In the Pond Random House (USA)
Details life in the small factory town of Dismount Fort in northern China, as seen through the eyes of Shao Bin, a worker at the Harvest Fertilizer plant.
9780375700231 Deane Reading in the Dark Random House (USA)
A boy's childhood is lived out in two dimensions. One is legendary: the Sun-Fort of Grianan; where children are stolen away by demonic forces. The other is actual: the city of Derry in the the 1940s and 1950s; a place that is also haunted by political enmities, family secrets and intrigue.
9780451167538 King Stephen Different Seasons Penguin USA
A collection of four tales of outlandish, commonplace, and surprising terror.
9783131165213 Moeller Normal Findings in CT and MRI Thieme Verlagsgruppe
The key for any beginning radiologist who wishes to recognize pathological findings is to first acquire an ability to distinguish them from normal ones. This outstanding guide gives beginning radiologists the tools they need to systematically approach and recognize normal MR and CT images. Highlights include:Reference-quality images from the author's own teaching files show all standard normal findings as seen in CT and MRIChecklists in each section offer the reader a systematic way to approach the imagesThorough guidelines to help beginning radiologists dictate their reportsLists of standard measurements and tips for ruling out pathology
9780061057908 Mccaffrey A Acorna s Quest HarperCollins USA
Just as the orphaned Acorna sets off on a spaceship to find her own kind, a mysterious craft appears on her adopted planet, Kezdet, piloted by a gentle, telepathic race fleeing evil invaders and searching for one of their own kind.
9780375700392 Mailer Barbary Shore Random House (USA)
9780380728251 Block Lawren When the Sacred Ginmill Closes HarperCollins USA
Already at work on two dangerous cases, Matthew Scudder, the down-and-out, hard-drinking ex-cop, becomes personally involved when the wife of a friend is brutally murdered.
9780688179809 Carter D 2 Cool Cards HarperCollins USA
9783764355173 Alvar Aalto-complete Work Birkhauser Verlag AG
9780632051618 Raine Practical Endocrinology & Diabetes in Chidren.2001 Wiley
This new book provides a practical, concise and up-to-date account of paediatric endocrinology and diabetes in a readable and user friendly format. Given the importance of diabetes in clinical practice, particular emphasis has been placed on the practical management of diabetes. At the end of each chapter there are guidelines for which conditions should be discussed with a specialist centre and an outline of controversial areas. Also included are cases of particular interest at the end of each chapter to illustrate diagnostic difficulties and also to help those studying for postgraduate examinations such
9780345430236 Turtledove H Down to Earth Random House (USA)
Arriving in the midst of World War II, aliens have conquered half the Earth and are threatening to exerminate all life on the planet if they don't get their way.
9780192628053 Barnes Textbook of Rehabilitation Med. Oxford Academ
Knowledge of the techniques of rehabilitation is an increasingly important component of training in a range of medical and surgical specialties. It is now recognized that rehabilitation medicine requires specific training and has evolved as a distinct medical specialty. This trend has been encouraged by the move away from acute hospital care, towards care and services delivered in the community setting. The practice of rehabilitation medicine produces real benefits, which can be measured in terms of improved function, fewer complications, better co-ordination, cost-effectiveness and the general education of health professionals, the disabled person and their family. This text, aimed at all members of medical staff involved in the care of the disabled or handicapped patient serves to outline the underlying principles of rehabilitation medicine and provide information about the benefits of applying the relevant principles and techniques. There are chapters on the management of general physical and psychological disabilities, as well as consideration of specific disabling conditions, such as multiple sclerosis and stroke.
9780812508420 Cook G Shadows Linger #2 Holtzbrink(MPS)
9780786907502 Salvatore R Passages to Dawn Random House (USA)
The new DrizDo''Urden novel is the climax to Salvatore''s bestsellers, The Legacy, Starless Night and S iege of Darkness. '
9780425147627 Cornwell Pat Body Farm Penguin USA
9780847820719 Houses of McKim, Mead & White Rizzoli USA
9780812509243 Card O S Heartfire #5 Holtzbrink(MPS)
9780500015643 Peacock 20th Century Fashion the Complete Sourcebook Thames & Hudson
A detailed history and sourcebook of 20th-century fashion. From the styles of the early 1900s to those of today, John Peacock charts the development of women's fashion in all its aspects: couture wear, day wear, under-wear, leisure wear, evening wear, bridal wear and accessories. Fashion's greatest international designers and designs are all found here: Worth's visiting dresses, Poiret's and Chanel's suits, Balenciaga's classic gowns, Dior's New Look, Mary Quant's mini-dresses; right up to designs from Vivienne Westwood, Christian Lacroix, Calvin Klein and many others. Photography could never capture so faithfully the dazzling variety of these designs. John Peacock's research has allowed him to reproduce in detail their lines, shapes, weaves, pattems and colours. Arranged by decade, the pictures are accompanied by descriptions of each garment and accessory, including fabric, cut and pattem. The reference section includes a time-chart summarizing the development of fashion and dress-shapes, biographies of couturiers and designers, and a bibliography. John Peacock was for several years senior costume designer for BBC Television ans now Head of Costume for BBC, Pebble Mill, Birmingham. He has also written "Fashion Sketchbook 1920-1960" (1977) and "Costume 1066-1966" (1986), both published by Thames and Hudson.
9780451526106 Fitzgerald F This Side of Paradise Penguin USA
Amory Blaine, intent on rebelling against his staid, Midwestern upbringing, longs to acquire the patina of Eastern sophistication. In his quest for sexual and intellectual enlightenment, he progresses through a series of relationships, until he is cast out into the real world.
9780500282656 Ruth Megaw Celtic Art (Revised Edn) Thames & Hudson
A discussion of Celtic origins and identity, and of the styles and motifs of the Celts` shape-changing, non-narrative art, including its relationship to ancient Mediterranean civilizations. This revised edition also provides a survey of recent Europe-wide discoveries, and an updated bibliography.
9780066209340 Greko M Portfolios Online HarperCollins USA
Each chapter focuses on the essential elements that create a successful online portfolio, such as the Entrance, Thumbnails, Portfolio, Motion Graphics, Resume and the Website Layout. Elaborate entrance constructions are showcased while many thumbnail configurations are previewed. Stunning examples featuring the portfolio work are revealed. The versatility and interaction of motion graphics with the viewer is presented. Included is the navigational layout matrix of each featured website. Portfolios Online not only takes you on a personal journey to view the most extraordinary showcase of digital work but also highlights the best features on each cyberportfolio website. Follow the designers' successful paths to professional portfolios on the web. All featured digital designers were selected for their promotional prowess and their amazing website. This inspirational book will jumpstart your online marketing skills to showcase your own portfolios on the web.
9780849313066 Deb A. Powerline Ampacity System Taylor&Francis
Cilization's demands for electricity continue to grow, yet environmental, regulatory, and economic constraints often preclude the construction of new power plants and transmission lines. The challenge now faced by engineers, equipment manufacturers, and regulatory agencies is to find ways to maximize the capacity of existing power lines.Powerline Ampacity System is the first step in meeting that challenge. Along with developing a complete theory of transmission line ampacity, the author uses object-oriented modeling and expert rules to build a power line ampacity system. He describes new transmission line conductor technologies and power electronics FACTS devices that can take full advantage of a dynamic line rating system. He offers examples that clearly show the economic benefit of operating an interconnected transmission network that has a diverse mix of electricity generation sources. He also discusses - with examples - generator stability enhancement by dynamic line rating.
9780500277379 Chlo? Colche The New Textiles: PB Thames & Hudson
9780552142533 Gemmel D A Dark Moon Transworld Publishers
In this novel, the fate of the human race rests on the talents of three heroes, Karis - warrior woman and strategist, Tarantio - the deadliest swordsman of the age, and Duvodas the healer - who will learn a terrible truth. By the author of "Winter Warriors" and "Druss the Legend".
9780330374866 Parsons Juli Mary, Mary (new cover reissue) Pan Macmillan
Margaret, an anxious mother, is desperately enquiring about her missing daughter. Then a woman`s body is found - battered, mutilated and broken. And one mother`s life is shattered forever. Margaret must decide how far she will go to ensure her daughter`s sadistic killer is brought to justice. By hunting him down will she become his next victim?
9780198602569 Oxf Minireference Thesurus 2ed. Oxford University Press
A new edition of the best-selling thesaurus from Oxford with 150,000 synonyms and antonyms, organized with those closest in meaning to the headword placed first in the entry. There is clear and comprehensive cross-referencing to both relevant alternative and opposite words, which improves the accessibility of the text. There is also an increased number of example phrases to clarify tricky or unusual words. In the appendix there is a new 16-page Word Builder which consists of thematic noun lists, such as architectural styles, parts of the body, and collective terms for animals. This should help users widen their vocabulary.
9780582558922 Longman English Grammar Pearson Education
This indispensable guide provides explanations and examples for all the important areas of grammar.
9780140621334 Jerome Three Men in a Boat Penguin Books Ltd
J and his friends George and Harris decide that a jaunt up the Thames would suit them to a `T`. But when they set off, they can hardly predict the troubles that lie ahead with tow-ropes, unreliable weather-forecasts and tins of pineapple chunks - not to mention the devastation left in the wake of J`s small fox-terrier Montmorency.
9780723420590 Male Advanced Immunology Elsevier Science
A textbook for advanced level students and teachers of immunology. This work assumes a basic knowledge of the subject and provides the greater level of detail which the advanced student or researcher needs. It reflects significant advances in the field, such as adhesion molecules and their role in inflammation, MHC-peptide binding and newly described cytokines and chemokines. The authors have selected particular experiments to illustrate each major topic.
9781853261862 Collins Ed. Classic Victorian & Edwardian Ghost Stories Wordsworth
This work comprises a collection of classic and lesser-known ghost stories from the Victorian and Edwardian eras. It includes ghosts as fictional creations and as "real" apparitions. It includes contributions from all over the world.
9780330344838 Follett Ken A Place Called Freedom Pan Macmillan
Mack McAsh is a man with the courage to stand up for what is right, and the strength to stick by his beliefs. Rebellious Lizzie Hallim is engaged to Jay Jamisson, the ruthless landlord`s son and heir to an exploitative business empire. Born into separate worlds, Mack and Lizzie are thrown together when Mack becomes an enemy of the state.
9780714838380 Marks of Excellence Phaidon Press Ltd.
This text covers every aspect of the trademark, its history, development, style, classification and relevance in today's world. A brief history is given of the origins of the tradark in heraldry, monograms, owner's marks and certificates of origin. The proceeding chapters explore corporate identity and communication design with an emphasis on sign theory. The core of the book is a comprehensive classification of trademarks covering name marks, abbreviations and all kinds of picture marks. This is followed by an alphabetical index of trademark themes from animals to word puzzles. The index is illustrated by a selection of the world's best trademarks - the marks of excellence from which this book takes its name. The final section of the book covers the development of trademarks over time and across the boundaries of language and space.
9780714838991 Renzo Piano Building Workshop Vol II Phaidon Press Ltd.
This second volume on Renzo Piano provides a study of the architect's working method, followed by a presentation of his building projects from 1987-1993. In an interview with the author, Piano discusses his early career, his attitude toward technology and his continuing evolution of what the author has termed a "natural architecture". Many of the completed buildings featured in the book are located in and around Piano's home town of Genoa, from the structures associated with the 1992 Expo in the old docks to the ground-hugging form of his own laboratory in Vesima.
9780553525403 Tolkien J.R. Silmarillion Boxed Set Random House (USA)
9780878938445 Tyler Developmental Biology.2 Ed +cd Freeman
Teaches students to work as independent investigators on problems in development, and provides extensive background information and instructions for each experiment. The book emphasizes study of living material.
9780521656870 Gunter Gerng Playway to English Level 1 Stories Video PAL Cambridge University Press
"Playway to English is a four-level course for teaching English to very young children from beginner level upwards.
9780521000307 Annette Cape Objective Proficiency Student s Book Cambridge University Press
This course offers thorough preparation for the revised Certificate of Proficiency in English examination (December 2002 syllabus). Written by the authors of Objective First Certificate, it has the same easy-to-use approach and organisation. Twenty short, manageable units provide a wide range of challenging topics, offering lively systematic preparation for the exam. Key features include three two-page lessons per unit; Exam folders with practice and advice for each part of the exam; Writing folders with extensive support for the new paper 2 tasks; ten separate lessons on the paper 3 summary task; regular revision units; and a 'Grammar folder' appendix, containing explanation and examples. The material has been informed by the Cambridge Learner Corpus, which shows typical Proficiency errors, and by the Cambridge International Corpus, which illustrates a wide range of authentic English usage.
9780586085929 Burroughs Wi Place of Dead Roads, The HarperCollins UK
William Burroughs's surreal fable set in America's Old West features a cast of notorious charters: The Crying Gun, who breaks into tears at the sight of his opponent; The Priest, who goes into gunfights giving his adversaries the last rites; and The Nihilistic Kid himself, Kim Carson, who with a succession of beautiful sidekicks sets out to challenge the morality of smalltown America. With a narrative of fantastical proportions and a rich, dry, growling humour, The Place of Dead Roads continues Burroughs's exploration of society's controlling forces - the State, the Church, women, literature, drugs - with a style utterly unique in twentieth-century literature.
9780714839615 Mennonites, the Phaidon Press Ltd.
Containing the most important body of work of Magnum photographer Larry Towell, this book provides a portrait of the way of life of the Mennonites, a Protestant religious sect in Mexico and rural Ontario. In addition to the photographs, Towell's text tells anecdotes of his experiences. He paints a picture of the lives of the people: the harshness and poverty of their rural life, the disciplines and contradictions of their religion, their hunger for land, for work, and for the freedom to live the way they choose.
9780751526448 Fowler,C Uncut: 21 Short Stories Little, Brown
Sharp, sophisticated tales of suspense - the smartest way to scare yourself stupid.
9781855858848 Art of chesley bonestell, the Paper Tiger
Chesley Bonestell was, without a doubt, the most influential space artist of all time. From a childhood interest in astronomy, Bonestell drew on his expert skills as a draughtsman to create inspired paintings of the planets. Considered the dean of space artists, Bonestell's work appered in hundreds of magazines, from Life to Popular Mechanics, bringing his visions to an avid public for several decades from the mid-1940s onwards. His work is still breathtaking today, still the paradigm which other space and astronomical artists strive to match. Some of his paintings - of the lunar surface, or Saturn as seen from Titan - are classics and, although our knowledge of these remote parts of our universe has overtaken Bonestell's visions, they have never been superseded as works of art. Edited by Ron Miller and Frederick C. Durant III, this glorious collection of over 300 illustrations covering all facets of Bonestells' art and carcer, has an accompanying full-length biographical commentary by Miller. As the definitive book of Bonestell's art, this is a treasure that belongs on every shelf.
9780753814383 Lansdale j r Savage season Orion Publishers
Here comes Trudy back into Hap's life, thirty-six but looking ten years younger, with long blonde hair and legs that begin under her chin, and the kind of walk that'll make a man run his car off the road. Here comes trouble, says Leonard, and he's right. She was always trouble, but she had this laugh when she was happy in bed that could win Hap over every time. Trudy has a proposition: an easy two hundred tusand dollars, tax-free. It's just a simple matter of digging it up... Hap Collins and Leonard Pine, white and black, straight and gay, are the unlikeliest duo in crime fiction. Savage Season is their debut.
9780893819538 History of photography: as seen through the spira collection Aperture
S F Spira, founder of Spiratone, collected more than twenty thousand individual objects relating to the history of photography - a collection of unusual substance and depth, including many items extremely rare and not duplicated among the holdings of any museum in the United States. Spira's collection is remarkable in that it clearly illustrates the connection between one phase in the development of photography and the next, and the complex relationships between photography and other disciplines such as painting and scientific research. This book's comprehensive chapters cover the pre-history of photography, the advent of dry plates and roll film, and stereo photography and the motion picture. While particular focus is given to historic technical achievements and pioneering advances in design, objects such as books, magazines, cartoons, photo-related toys, darkroom supplies and original film add value and dimension to this scholarly but accessible volume.
9780099298106 Mcneal S Plots to rescue the tsar, the Random House
A reappraisal of one of the most memorable events of 20th-century history. Using such sources as recently declassified intelligence files and new scientific analysis, the author examines the disappearance of the Russian imperial family in 1917, challenging the accepted theories of their fate.
9780747556688 Boyle t c Friend of the earth, a Bloomsbury
9783888147098 Helmut Newton Aus Dem Photographischen Werk Schirmer/Mosel Verlag
9783791319971 Jordan M Chokwe! Prestel Publishing Limited
The Chokwe, the most artistically prolific ethnic group in Angola, command a rich visual world, as this exhibition catalogue illustrates using artworks from selected private and museum collections in the United States, Europe, Canada and South America. One hundred and fifty pieces of work of the Chokwe people are displayed as well as works from neighbouring groups resident in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Zambia - the Lwena, Ovimbundu, Holo or Lunda. It includes masks, chief's and ancestral figures, thrones, scepters, divination tools and ceramic figures and explores male and female initiation and the transmission of knowledge from one generation to the next through symbolic art forms. This book brings forth concepts of history, morals, religion and politics in a dramatic and educational context.
9781861540720 Vaughan Oliver Abrams
9784770026873 Maeda S & A Intimate Seasons Kodansha Europe Limited
This is a photographic tour of the seasonal landscapes of Japan. The evocative seasonal landscapes of Japan are presented, to show the great contrast and depth of the Japanese countryside. A reference section reproduces each plate in miniature, with an accompanying explanatory caption.
9782911902048 Dahmane Porn Art 2 Art Stock
9780141182704 Orwell Animal Farm Penguin Books Ltd
At once an allegory for both utopia and totalitarianism, Animal Farm is a story that expresses a dismal view of humans and their attempts to create a just society without compassion, history, and nonviolence. Orwell's book is decidedly anti-utopian and yet an unforgettable morality tale that entertains as it teaches.
9780121551421 The Cytokine Factsbook+Webfacts Elsevier Science
This is a reference manual for all current well-characterised interleukins, cytokines and their receptors. Introductory chapters provide background information on the cytokine network and cytokine receptor superfamilies. This is followed by over 100 comprehensive individual entries covering each characterised cytokine/chemokine/growth factor. Information is also provided on cytokine standards and protein sequence retrieval database servers. The manual also includes free online access to Cytokine Webfacts, which provides online access to a comprehensive compendium of facts about cytokines and their receptors. This compendium includes a variety of data representations, such as text information, signal pathway diagrams and 3D images.
9780425155066 Cook R Terminal Penguin USA
Boston medical student Janet Reardon takes a year's leave from school to work at thencer hospital, the Forbes Clinic. Driven to know exactly how the clinic's Dr Randolph Mason obtains his success rate with certain forms of cancer, Janet begins a probe and comes up with some troubling questions.
9781574391367 Drug Facts & Comparisons.2003 Pocket Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
This title should be a useful resource for the drug information you need at the point of care. Abridged from "Drug Facts and Comparisons", this pocket version allows you to confirm critical drug information immediately, in a quick-reference format. It features the most commonly used drugs, conveniently addressing topics that demand attention. Features include: Rx and OTC drugs; similar products listed together in tables for easy comparison; more than 2,000 brand name and 600 generic drugs; dozens of convenient charts; and more than 300 monographs.
9780752851419 Ellin S Speciality of The House, The Orion Publishers
Stanley Ellin's first short story, 'The Specialty of the House', about a New York restaurant with a special gourmet menu, was published in Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine in 1948 and caused an immediate sensation, winning him a special Ellery Queen Award. 'The House Party' and 'The Blessington Method' subsequently both won Edgar Awards. Stanley Ellin, who was made a Grand Master of the Mystery Writers of America in 1980, is acknowledged as one of the great masters of the 20th-century short story, and this volume brings together the best of his work in the genre.
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