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9780500541708 Egypt From the Air Thames & Hudson
9780747260721 Layman Richa Among the Missing Hodder
A Cifornian wife has left her academic husband. As she drives through the mountains in the early hours of the morning, she picks up a hitch-hiker - rugged, adventurous - who suggests a romantic stop. But no love takes place at The Bend that night and in the morning a body is found.
9780443061585 Souhami Tutorials in Differential Diagnosis 4ed Elsevier Science
9780855330392 Hugh Johnson Hugh Johnson s Wine Mitchell & Beazley
Traces the entire process of wine-making from grape to table and contains all the background knowledge required by wine lovers. The book also details how to select the right wine at a restaurant, and for the table at home, as well as how to serve and where to store wine.
9781840135190 Art Nouveau Grange Books
9780486243542 300 Art Nouveau Designs and Motifs Dover
Collects color reproductions of a variety of ornamental patterns and decorative designs in the style of art nouveau.
9780486999791 Dover Nautical Illustrations CD-ROM and Book Dover
126 copyright-free images: mermaids, seafood restaurants, a shipboard party, fishermen, water-skiers, swimmers, sailboats, and other nautical motifs. 64pp printed one side only.
9780500283851 Chris Townse The Art of Tracey Emin Thames & Hudson
A collection of ten critical essays on different aspects of the work of Tracey Emin; the first serious critique of Emin by a variety of distinguished art historians from both the UK and USA, including Rosemary Betterton, Lorna Healy, Peter Osborne, Ulrich Lehmann and Deborah Cherry.
9780679749042 Roth Philip Counterlife Random House (USA)
Novelist Nathan Zuckerman challenges the many schemes concocted by people around him for reversing their seemingly irreversible destinies.
9783791327044 Hidden love Prestel Publishing Limited
Homosexuality has always existed, but for centuries artists have felt compelled to codify its expression in their work, in essence hiding it from the public eye. In this dazzling and highly original book, Dominique Fernandez takes a close look at artistic works from the past centuries — from rites of passage into manhood and representations of the hero, to the pantheon of pagan gods and the image of the lesbian — to show how the most powerful representations of homosexuality have emerged from conditions of secrecy and even repression.
9780140515190 Robert Allen The Penguin Concise English Dictionary Penguin Books Ltd
Compiled by leading British lexicographers, this dictionary should prove useful at home and in the office. It offers comprehensive coverage of the English language and contains a variety of features, including usage notes and essays on the history of words such as "hypochondria" and "sideburns". The dictionary covers not only standard English, but also scientific and technical vocabulary, specialist terms, slang and jargon.
9780789300720 Lynda S. Wag Fallingwater Rizzoli USA
For those who want a more impressionistic memento, here is a lovely little volume by the curator and administrator of Fallingwater.Interior Design.
9780486292908 Shakespeare Twelfth Night Dover
Twelfth Night is one of the most popular of Shakespeare's plays in performance, and this edition emphasizes its theatrical qualities in both the introduction and the full and detailed commentary. Where the original music has not survived, James Walker has composed settings compatible with the surviving originals, freshly edited, so that this edition, uniquely, offers all the music required to perform the play.
9780553566048 George Eliza Missing Joseph Random House (USA)
An Inspector Lynley novel which examines the power of parental love - a power which overrides all other considerations, all other loves and loyalties, but which can only end in tragedy. When the Reverend Sage is poisoned, Deborah St James and her husband call in Lynley, on leave from Scotland Yard.
9780060536084 More Spectacular Pools HarperCollins USA
Following the success of Spectacular Pools, More Spectacular Pools sets out to further showcase the beauty and diversity of an architectural element that has, in recent years, experienced impressive evolution and a new dedication from architects, landscapers, designers and homeowners. This book features new spectacular pools all over the world, including the United States, Provence, Tuscany, Spain and Marrakech.
9780312420109 Sontag S. I, etcetera Holtzbrink(MPS)
In eight stories, this collection of short fiction explores the terrain of modern urban life.
9781580930475 Work/Life Random House (USA)
9780300084023 Art of Impressionism, The Yale University Press
This magnificent book is the first full-scale exploration of Impressionist techniques. Focusing on the easel-painted work of Monet, Pissarro, Reir, Cizanne, Cassatt, Morisot, Caillebotte, Sisley, and Degas in the period before 1900, it places their methods and materials in a historical perspective and evaluates their origins, novelty, and meanings within the visual formation of urban modernity.
9780632046072 Michelle Blueprints Clin.Cases in Surgery.2002 Wiley
Written by residents, this series prepares the reader for the most complex cases in the USMLE surgery exam. The book features symptom-based clinical cases; bui-in thought questions; case-based learning; and 200 example questions that replicate the computer format of the USMLE.
9780443072499 Hampton 150 ECG Problems Elsevier Science
9780192632876 Webb Clinical Pediatric Nephrology. 3 ed.2003 Oxford Academ
A new edition of the clinical text dealing with the key kidney, urethra and bladder problems likely to be encountered by the non-specialist paediatrician, paediatric nephrologist, nephrologist and urologist working with children.
9783931141974 Boris Mikhailov Unfinished Dissertation Thames & Hudson
In 1985, Ukrainian Boris Mikhalyov created a series of handcoloured and toned photographic prints, integrating philosophical, lyrical or enigmatic statements with pictures of everyday life situations. A secret star of the Western art scene - a "brother" of Kabakov, this book shows the poetic power of an artist switching between reality and the artificial. The work is an album of sharp humour, deep sadness and unexpected ruptures that characterize our contmeporary life and our self.
9781859962671 Instant Notes in Microbiology Bios
Instant Notes in Microbiology, second edition continues to provide a concise yet comprehensive coverage of microbiology for undergraduates. All the important areas of microbiology are covered in a format that is ideal for learning and rapid revision. The book has been thoroughly revised and updated to incorporate recent advances.
9781587260186 Selected Works Edgar Allan Poe Grange Books
9789057680427 Elements of chinese and japanese designs Pepin Press
9780789305121 Beauty The Twentieth Century P Rizzoli USA
9780810946286 Maddex Bungalow nation Abrams
In "Bungalow Nation", Maddex and Vertikoff follow up their publication of "American Bungalow Style", taking readers into a selection of the most characteristic bungalows from five of America's most bungalow-plentiful neighbourhoods: Washington DC, Chicago, Seattle, Minneapolis and Pasadena. The book tells the stories of homeowners who are reviving these houses and the neighbourhoods the bungalows have long enriched.
9781904313205 Antoni Gaudi Phaidon Press Ltd.
Antoni Gaudi is now recognized as one of the masters of modern architecture, with his organic, vinelike forms, sensuous wooden interiors, and brilliantly coloured mosaics expressing a synthesis of international modernism and local Catalan artistic traditions. A builder by instinct and practice, Gaudi's artistic sensibilities were among the most imaginative and baroque of any modern architect. His work is instantly recognizable, in particular his last, uncompleted work, the strange and massive cathedral of the Sagrada Familia, with its sandcastle-like dripping towers. His iconic Casa Batllo (1907), an apartment building resembling a pile of gracefully draped stones hugging a corner of the Paseo de Gracia, has become a symbol of Barcelona. His Guell Park (1915), built originally for an important patron and Catalan industrialist for whom the architect built several other works, has recently been restored and is open to the public. Despite his current renown, critical recognition of his talent and significance came late, as the architecture establishment had difficulty fitting him into the canon of the Modern Movement. Gaudi's was a truly unique oeuvre, and this account of his work examines his work in the context of his life and times. He came of age during a time of rising Catalan nationalism and the flowering of a uniquely Catalan culture that mixed art nouveau with Mediterranean traditions; Barcelona at the turn of the century rivalled Paris as a centre of art, music, literature, and avant-garde publishing. Gaudi absorbed this culture and was a committed nationalist as a young man, but in later life he turned to Catholicism and became deeply religious and ascetic. His eclectic practice mixed forms from the past in a complex experimentation with space, materials, and decoration: this kind of artistic freedom was made possible only by unusual social conditions including Barcelona's economic prosperity at the turn of the century and the existence of highly skilled artisans in Catalonia. This volume analyzes Gaudi's work systematically and in detail, from the Guell Palace to the Guell Park, through to the Sagrada Familia.
9781851491995 Bird painting Antique Collectors Club Ltd
This is the second part of a five-volume series. This book presents a representative selection of colour pictures of birds painted during the 18th century. It portrays the artists' increasing sensitivity to nature. A detailed text accompanies the pictures and reveals the growth in the popularity of watercolour as a medium for painting birds. In the 18th century, several artists continued to produce bird paintings in the same style and composition of the Old Masters. When a new sensitivity to nature became universal, naturalists recorded, named and illustrated species with increasing skills. Old myths were replaced by observation and evidence. Exotic birds were being discovered in the newly-explored countries of North America, India and, at the end of the century, Australia. This age of discovery was also a period when the potential of watercolour painting was developed and proved to be the perfect medium for depicting birds. In bird art, as in so many other aspects of 18th century life, this was an age of sense and sensitivity.
9780380798568 Peters, E. Ape who guards balance HarperCollins USA
When a rare papyrus ends up in the hands of Amelia Peabody's son, Ramses, his friend David, and Amelia's ward, Nefret Forth, disaster follows in the form of angry ancient gods, a criminal mastermind, and a brutal killer.
9780199252312 Grafen Biostatistics for the Life Sciences Oxford Academ
Teaching statistics in a different way, this book provides several methods of model formulae and the General Linear Model. It is aimed at undergraduate students in the life sciences, and also for many graduate students.
9781587796432 Eyeball Mug Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
Eyeball is painted on two sides with a red handle to depict muscles.A great gift for visionaries or eyeball enthusiasts!- Holds 8 oz
9780553572339 MacLaine My Lucky Stars Random House (USA)
9781851493135 Silver Boxes Antique Collectors Club Ltd
The silver box has fascinated and intrigued collectors for many centuries. This book is a comprehensive study of the subject which concentrates on the development of the silver box in England from the 16th to the late 19th centuries. Because the interest of collectors lies not so much in the shape or type of boxes as in the wide variety of uses to which they have been put and the splendid enrichment lavished upon them, there is a penetrating analysis of the roots and derivations of ornament. The full colour illustrations show boxes with as many diverse forms and uses as possible.
9781841951478 Ianthe Braut You Can t Catch Death Canongate
Ianthe Brautigan was nine years old when her father, Californian beat writer Richard Brautigan, first told her he wanted to commit suicide. She was 24 years old when he finally took his own life with a shotgun. This memoir is Ianthe's attempt to make sense of her famous father's suicide. What emerges in the book is an account of a complex, witty, caring man who was torn apart by internal demons. Written with a clarity of recall, an understated wit and with real control and pace, the book provides an insight into the legendary man, and the daughter left behind struggling to emerge from the shadows of her father's "fiery death".
9780198607045 Pocket Oxford-Hachette French Dictionary Oxford University Press
Packed wiextra features, this intermediate-level French dictionary covers over 90,000 words and phrases of contemporary French and English and gives extensive help with grammar. In addition to a new 32 page grammar supplement for this edition, there are example letters, emails, postcards, CVs plus and an A-Z guide to French life and culture. Replaces ISBN 0-19-8602790.
9783150004289 Puschkin Der Steinerne Gast Reclam
9783150083345 Bernhard An Der Baumgrenze Reclam
9780415261340 Collins B., Practical Phonetics and Phonology Taylor&Francis
Routledge English Language Introductions cover core areas of language study and are one-stop resources for students. Assuming no prior knowledge, books in the series offer an accessible overview of the subject, with activities, study questions, sample analyses, commentaries and key readings - all in the same volume. The innovative and flexible 'two-way' structure is built around four sections - introduction, development, exploration and extension - which offer self-contained stages for study. Each topic can also be read across these sections, enabling the reader to build gradually on the knowledge gained. Practical Phonetics and Phonology: *is a wide-ranging introduction to practical aspects of English phonetics and phonology *covers step by step the core concepts: pruction of speech, classification of vowels and consonants, phoneme, syllable structure, features of connected speech, stress and intonation *includes discussion of regional and social accent variation, language change in progress, application of phonetics to language teaching and learning *provides classic readings by the key names in the discipline: Ladefoged, Abercrombie, Fry, Crystal, Pinker and Daniel Jones *is backed up by an accompanying free audio CD with samples of genuine speakers of 20 accent varieties from Britain, Ireland, the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, India, Singapore, West Africa.
9780486288086 Treasury of Floral Designs and Initials for Artists and Craftspeople Dover
Practical archive of over 700 wonderfully graceful and imaginative designs featuring flowers, leaves and vines in delicate interlacements.
9780486407043 Old-Time Fruits and Flowers Vignettes in Full Color Dover
Over 300 superbly engraved images of nature’s lovely offerings: dainty sprays of roses, poppies, daisies, forget-me-nots, and other blooms; as well as branches heavily laden with apples, peaches, plums, grapes, pears and more fruit. An affordable collection of copyright-free illustrations for
9780486436692 Dulac Edmund Dulac s Fairy Tale Illustrations in Full Color Dover
One of the most influential (and most prolific) illustrators of children's books during the early twentieth century, Edmund Dulac brought countless fairy tales to life through his distinct style, subtle use of colour and fanciful compositions. This collection of 55 masterworks by that renowned illustrator includes a selection of his beguiling images for "The Sleeping Beauty," "Cinderella," "The Snow Queen," "Princess Badouro: A Tale from the Arabian Nights," "The Real Princess," "The Mermaid," and other tales.
9780486996202 Dover Geometric Ornaments and Designs CD-ROM and Book Dover
9780425194980 Francis Dick For Kicks Penguin USA
9780486422640 Kelly Franci A Short History of Costume & Armour: Two Volumes Bound as One Dover
This remarkable illustrated history presents a comprehensive account of clothing and armour chiefly worn by the English upper classes - from the Norman conquest (1066) to the beginning of the nineteenth century. Meticulously researched and exceptionally detailed, the book focuses on the civilian wear of the upper classes because "... it is their apparel that constantly changes and so most intimately reflects their times." Similarly, the focus on "knightly" armour best illustrates the evolution of defensive attire from the Crusades to the seventeenth century. Accompanying the delightfully written text are more than 300 well-chosen, original illustrations which reveal the smallest details of dress and include every article of clothing - from "sideless" surcoats and mid-leg tunics to full suits of armour and Cavalier cloaks and gowns. Also included are illustrations of such accessories as gloves, belts, corsets, shoes, buckles, and headgear. As noted by the Times Literary Supplement (London), "the selection of contemporary works of art is refreshingly individual, the drawings are lively and exact. Taken all together they make a picture-gallery of the past that will delight the ordinary reader almost as much as it will profit the student." Fashion historians and graphic designers in search of permission-free material will also welcome this concise, detailed review.
9780486231815 Ladislas Masks of Black Africa Dover
Pictures grotesques, masks, and headdresses of various African tribes as well as exploring the psychological and ideological meaning, and ritual function of masks.
9780486418179 Phillips Joh American Silver Dover
This volume by a noted authority is not only a practical guide to recognizing, identifying, and appreciating the finest American silverwork; it is also a fascinating history of the rise and development of the American silversmith and his craft from the 17th through the 19th century. Along the way, t
9780486265063 Palliser, Pa American Victorian Cottage Homes: Palliser, Palliser & Co. Dover
Reprinted from a rare 1878 offering from a leading Northeastern architectural firm: front and side elevations, floor plans and descriptions of 50 "practical designs of low and medium priced houses," ranging from 2- to 11-room dwellings, most in the cottage style. With complete specifications for two
9780486234885 Dan X. Brushstroke and Free-Style Alphabets Dover
complete modern alphabets, number sets, special symbols. A wide range of casual, "free" lettering styles, often with vignettes. 100 plates.
9780060598457 Offices for Small Spaces HarperCollins USA
As businesses try to make smaller, less expensive office spaces viable, the challenge is to maintain a professional atmosphere, which still caters to all workplace needs. This illustrated text showcases innovative designs from around the world and from all sorts of businesses.
9781904633464 Twain Mark Huckleberry Finn Collectors Library
The story of Huck's escape from his brutal father and the relationship that grows between him and Jim, a slave fleeing an even more brutal oppression, proved enormously influential in the development of American literature.
9780521540414 Roger Gower Grammar in Practice Level 3 Pre-intermediate Cambridge University Press
Grammar in Practice 3 provides grammar practice in a simple and accessible format. It has 40 units of quick grammar exercises for adults at beginner level. Regular test sections give learners the opportunity to revise what they have learnt. The book is small and easy to carry so learners can choose when and where they want to study. Grammar in Practice: * has enjoyable exercises with real-world situations familiar to adult learners * is clearly illustrated to help clarify meaning and so build confidence *has clear grammar models and a full answer key for the assurance of easy reference
9780521775069 Gunter Gerng Join In Level 3 Video PAL Cambridge University Press
Join In is a course for young learners of English. It consists of four levels, with an optional Starter level. * Its varied activities hold childrens interest. * It is easy to use, for teachers and pupils. * It has a communicative approach, so that children use English in a meaningful way. * It uses all aspects of childrens intelligences, making language learning a part of their overall development. * Children will love Toby the Tiger, who brings the stories and songs to life. The animated video shows Toby the Tiger presenting the action songs and action stories. (The video is an optional component of the course.)
9780007160631 Kavita Daswa Everything Happens for a Reason HarperCollins UK
A witty, wry look at contemporary marriage and relationships, from the author of For Matrimonial Purposes. Priya, growing up in a comfortable home in Delhi, is the youngest of four sisters, but the first for whom a marriage has been arranged -- the other sisters all seem to have had a variety of reasons against husbands. Priya moves to Los Angeles where her new family have been established for some twenty years and while no woman in her family has ever had a job, she decides that in America, she should find one. And that's when the trouble begins Her charm and dignity, as well as her discretion and sympathetic ways, raise her from receptionist to key interviewer on a glitzy media magazine in a short time. She knows that while a little job is OK with her in-laws, a career, western clothes and interviewing male stars in hotel rooms would be absolutely forbidden. So her double life -- American career woman versus traditional Hindu wife -- begins, and her longing for a different relationship with her husband grows. Funny and serious, full of rich comments on the pleasures and absurdities of life-styles in East and West, Everything Happens for a Reason is a charming contemporary novel, from a wonderful and unique author.
9782880467609 Expereme photography Rockport/Rotovision
Still putting it all down on expenses, and undeterred by the prospect of longhaul in the company of a lycanthropic oddball, Peter Biddlecombe has been on his travels once more - 180 countries and still going wrong. This is a showcase of what is photographically possible, from the invention of tiny spy cameras and those that can take photographs of our internal organs and the human aura to space photography, x-rays, time-lapse, temperature-resistant and night vision cameras.
9781550091342 Clark Endocrine Tumors.2003 McGraw-Hill
Part of the "American Cancer Society`s Atlas of Clinical Oncology" series, this book offers an overview of endocrine cancer. Tumors of the thyroid, parathyroid, adrenal glands, and pancreas are discussed. The topics include benign lesions, differentiated tumors, Cushing Disease, incidentaloma, gastrinoma, and multiple endocrine neoplasia.
9780071219310 Katzung Basic & Clinical Pharmacology ISE. 2004 McGraw-Hill
9780192631558 Bhopal Concepts Epidemiology. 2002 Oxford Academ
Explains and illustrates the ideas underlying the language, principles, and methods in epidemiology, and its applications to policy making, health service planning, and health promotion. This book emphasises the integration of the ideas of epidemiology and the interdependence of epidemiological studies within a theoretical and ethical framework.
9780521539432 Ed. by Ian S Problems and Methods in the Study of Politics Cambridge Academ
The study of politics seems endlessly beset by debates about method. At the core of these debates is a single unifying concern: should political scientists view themselverimarily as scientists, developing ever more sophisticated tools and studying only those phenomena to which such tools may fruitfully be applied? Or should they instead try to illuminate the large, complicated, untidy problems thrown up in the world, even if the chance to offer definitive explanations is low? Is there necessarily a tension between these two endeavours? Are some domains of political inquiry more amenable to the building up of reliable, scientific knowledge than others, and if so, how should we deploy our efforts? In this book, some of the world's most prominent students of politics offer original discussions of these pressing questions, eschewing narrow methodological diatribes to explore what political science is and how political scientists should aspire to do their work.
9781850705055 Dymond Atlas Of Myocardial Infarction Informa
Part of "The Encyclopedia of Visual Medicine" series, this comprehensive colour atlas is designed to be a practical aid to the diagnosis of myocardial infarction and related cardiovascular complications. After reviewing the risk factors and epidemiology associated with myocardial infarction and its related complications, the book then describes and illustrates in detail the relevant pathological signs, symptoms and consequences of this disease. This is followed by an analysis of the common electrocardiographic appearances that are presented to the clinician. The latest techologies of imaging are also illustrated in detail, providing a guide to the interpretation of the most advanced methods of diagnostic assessment. Other aspects covered by the volume include a review of both acute and chronic complications, and an illustrated description of thrombolytic therapy, angioplasty and myocardial stunning. The volume concludes with a discussion on long-term prognosis and management. The illustrations demonstrate many of the latest features relevant to the modern management of myocardial infarction. The volume should provide new therapeutic insights for the clinician, as well as being an important practical aid to diagnosis.
9780195790016 McGrath, All The Destruction of Pakistan s Democracy Oxford Academ
In the decade immediately after independence, Pakistan went from democracy to military government. This book recounts how the change began: not by the military, as is commonly believed, but by the nation's chief executive whose actions received the approval of the judiciary.
9780446613071 Foster Alan Mocking Program Hachette Book Group
9780394759999 Himes Ch Cotton Comes to Harlem Random House (USA)
Set in Harlem's underside in the 1950s, a fast-paced tale of mystery and intrigue unfolds as Coffin Ed Johnson and Grave Digger Jones work to halt the theft of thousands of dollars marked for the Back-to-Africa movement.
9780721680767 Braddom Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. 2ed Elsevier Science
9780764119828 Adam Makkai, Dictionary of American Idioms 4 Ed. Barron`s educational series, inc
Indicates the variant forms, parts of speech, definitions, and usage of the illustrative sentences for more than eight thousand commonly used idioms, including proverbs, cliches, and slang expressions.
9780304366798 Julian L Est The Big Book of Sex Quotes Orion Publishers
An entirely unexpurgated collection of 1000 of the funniest and most memorable sex quotes.
9780080440668 Naidu D.S. Modeling, Sensing and Control of Gas Metal Arc Elsevier Science
9780130305626 Richard J. L An Introduction to Mathematical Statistics and Its Applications (Third Edition) Pearson Education
For courses in Mathematical Statistics. The text allows students with an established mathematics background to pursue a more rigorous, advanced treatment of probability and statistics. It shows HOW to use statistical methods, WHEN to use them, and reinforces the calculus that students have covered in previous courses.
9780914168782 Netter Frank The Netter Collection of Medical Illustrations - Kidneys, Ureters andUrinary Bladder,6 Elsevier Science
9780141011219 Service History of Twentieth- Century Russia Penguin Books Ltd
This is a comprehensive overview of 20th-century Russian history that treats the years from 1917 to 2000 as a single period and analyses the peculiar mixture of political, economic and social ingredients that made up the Soviet compound. It takes the reader from the age of Communist rule to the changes that occurred in 1991 and the more uncertain world of Yeltsin and Putin. Previously published as "A History of Twentieth-Century Russia", the book is brought up to 2002 and features a new introduction. Robert Service shows how, despite recent years of de-communization, the seven decades of Communist rule which penetrated every aspect of life in state, economy and society still continue to influence Russia today as it faces an uncertain future. He discusses continuing economic and social difficulties at the beginning of the 21st century, the military campaign in Chechnya, Russia's reduced role on the world stage and Putin' determination to restore its dignity as a nation.
9780553816327 Hamilton Lau Seduced by Moonlight Transworld Publishers
To some I am Meredith Gentry, P.I. To others I am Princess Merry, heir to the throne of Faerie. And there are those who whisper that I am both of these and more. My aunt, the Queen of Air and Darkness, no long distracted by her sadistic pastimes, is now focussing unwaveringly on me. I spend each night with my immortal guards, but still no child has come of our decadent pleasures. But something IS happening to me. I appear to have awakened something that's lain dormant for thousands of years and the thing is, I haven't the damndest idea how or why... It all began with the chalice. I dreamed of it, and it was there - cool and hard - when I awoke. My guards know this ancient relic well - its disappearance so many ages ago stripped them of their vital powers. And here it is with us now. My touch resonates with its force. A strange, dazzling magic now courses through my half-mortal half-Sidhe body. But while my guards cherish me for this unexpected gift, there are those who loathe me for it - those who would see the Unseelie court suffer rather than have it ruled over by me, a mongrel queen. My enemies grow in number every day. If only they knew what I am capable of. Come to that, if only I did too... Welcome back to the world of Meredith Gentry, a twilight world of gods, shapeshifters and immortal souls, a world full of sensuality, wild magic, treacherous deceits and the delicious anticipation of latent powers unleashed...
9780198529200 Mitchell, Da Oxford Handbook of Clinical Dentistry Oxford Academ
The new edition of this essential pocket guide covers the whole of clinical dentistry in a concise format. The authors have distilled the key elements of clinical practice into a readily accessible book with blank pages provided for readers to add their own notes. This edition has been completely updated with a wealth of new information.
9780553586503 Johansen Blind Alley Random House (USA)
9780141013404 Hornby Nick 31 Songs Penguin Books Ltd
Discusses, among other things, guitar solos and losing your virginity to a Rod Stewart song and singers whose teeth whistle and the sort of music you hear in Body Shop. The author writes about 31 songs that either have some great significance in his life - or are just songs that he loves.
9780006511854 Stephen Baxt Phase Space HarperCollins UK
Tied in to Baxter's masterful Manifold trilogy, these thematically linked stories are drawn from the vast graph of possibilities across which the lives of hero Reid Malenfant have been scattered. It is the year 2025. Reid Malenfant is the commander of a NASA earth-orbiting science platform. The platform is intended to probe the planets of the nearest star system by bouncing laser pulses off them. But no echoes are returned...and Malenfant's reality begins to crumble around him. Huddling with his family, awaiting the end -- or an unknown new beginning -- Malenfant tells stories of other possibilities, other realities. The linked stories encompass the myriad possibilities that might govern our relationship with the universe: are we truly alone, or will we eventually meet other lifeforms? Perhaps intelligent species decide to turn their back on the stars, or maybe expansionist species are destined to fail. The final possibility -- that the Universe as we know it is in fact an elaborate illusion designed to protect us from the fearful reality -- is brilliantly explored in the tour de force novella that ends the volume.
9780340796429 Blyton, Enid The Secret Seven Win Through Hodder
The Seven have a fantastic new hiding place, but someone else is using it, too - and they're sneaking there at night! The gang are annoyed it's their place, and they don't want strangers there! They're determined to catch the cheeky intruder out, and Jack's little sister, Susie, proves to be more than just a mischief when she helps them finally get their hands on the culprit!
9780060749811 Rooms Outside the House HarperCollins USA
Helping homeowners look beyond the walls of their house, this book presents an innovative range of building types for rooms and freestanding structures that extend the living space of your home.
9780385090025 Chesterton St.Thomas Aquinas Random House (USA)
The acclaimed British novelist and author of Orthodoxy presents an intriguing portrait of the great Christian philosopher Saint Thomas Aquinas that explores key elements of the saint's theological works. Reprint.
9780786933648 Rabe, Jean The Lake Of Death Random House (USA)
Cursed to live as a shadow dragon, Dhamon Grimwulf risks everything in his quest to recover his humanity, following a trail that takes him from the perilous depths of the dragon overlord Sable's swamp to the shores of ruined Qualinost and reunites him with Feril, a Kagonesti druid he had once loved. Original.
9780786930241 Forgotten Re Forgotten Realms Random House (USA)
A Forgotten Realms anthology featuring favorite fantasy stories from previous anthologies features works by Ed Greenwood, Jean Rabe, J. Robert King, Douglas Niles, Elaine Cunningham, Troy Denning, Jess Lebow, Christie Golden, Kate Novak-Grubb, William W. Connors, Monte Cook, Keith Francis, Strohm, a
9781902686448 J. C. Suar?s The Big Book of Cats Gardners
The Big Book of Cats is a 384-page tome witore than 230 images - printed in duotone - taken by a wide range of cat-loving photographers, including Thomas Wester, Terry deRoy Gruber, Robin Schwartz, Kritina Lee Knief, Donna Ruskin, David McEnery, Karl Baden, and Claudia Gorman. Accompanying the images are excerpts from such diverse writers as Anne Morrow Lindbergh and Mark Twain; personal stories and anecdotes from cat owners; and whimsical cat drawings by J.C. Suares himself. From Himmy, the forty-six pound wonder cat, to a plethora of famous glamour pusses; from the cat who falls in love with a parrot to the kitten that prefers to walk around with a bag over its head. One can find them all here in The Big Book of Cats!
9780470856161 Grandi Genomics,Proteomics & Vaccines.2004 Wiley
While the sequence of the human genome sequence has hit the headlines, extensive exploitation of this for practical applications is still to come. Genomic and post-genomic technologies applied to viral and bacterial pathogens, which are almost equally important from a scientific perspective, have the potential to be translated into useful products and processes much more rapidly. Genomics, Proteomics and Vaccines introduces the history of vaccinology and discusses how vaccines are expected to evolve in the future. It describes the relevant technologies, including genome sequencing and analysis, DNA microarrays, 2D electrophoresis and 2D chromatography, mass spectrometry and high-throughput protein expression and purification. The book also features examples of the exploitation of genomics and post-genomics in vaccine discovery, and contains useful descriptions of the biology and pathogenesis of clinically important bacterial pathogens. This book should be of interest to all those working in vaccine discovery and development in pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies as well as in academic institutions
9780323018111 Theodore Cha ECG In Emergency Medicine & Acute Care Elsevier Science
ECG in Emergency Medicine and Acute Care provides a comprehensive, clinically relevant resource on electrocardiography for those who care for patients in the emergency setting. The book provides succinct information on ECG abnormalities and their aetiologic differential diagnoses; diagnostic criteria for the ECG manifestations of various clinical diseases/ entities; and many 12-lead ECG examples for review.
9780781752862 Wenger Rang s Children s Fractures Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
"Dr. Mercer Rang's classic text on children's fractures has been revised and updated by two eminent orthopedic surgeons from Children's Hospital--San Diego. Continuing Dr. Rang's tradition, Drs. Wenger and Pring provide a uniquely practical, readable overview of children's fractures, emphasizing diagnosis, treatment, common pitfalls, and communication with parents and other healthcare professionals.
9781403996213 Pelaez, Carl International Financial Architecture Palgrave
The Group of Seven Industrialized Countries, G7 developed a new doctrine of international supervision and regulation of financial markets. The G7 instructed international financial institution such as the IMF, Bank for International Settlements, the World Bank and the Multilateral Development Bank to tighten their supervision and regulation of international finance. This volume examines this doctrine sometimes known as 'New Architecture of the International Financial Systems' or IFA. Strengthening of the international financial system never ends and there have been recurring vulnerabilities in international financial architecture. The book examines current practices and its consequences and how the IFA has evolved and its alternatives. The book draws upon academic knowledge, practitioner techniques in financial risk management and official doctrine to analyze how investors, creditors and debts function within the new architecture.
9780500512722 Martin Eidel The Lamps of Louis Comfort Tiffany Thames & Hudson
Features sixty-five carefully selected Tiffany lamps, drawn from private and public collections across three continents. Photographic techniques reveal Tiffany`s mastery of glass making and metal work, and authorities on the subject contribute essays on the history of lamps, enlarging the reader`s understanding of their place in history of art.
9780006755135 Darren Shan The Vampire s Assistant (2) HarperCollins UK
Darren joins the vampire, Mr Crepsley, and they return to the Cirque du Freak. There, Darren makes friends with the snake-boy, Evra Von and a local boy, Sam, and RV, an eco-warrior. Darren begins to enjoy his life among the Cirque performers as the youngest half-vampire in existence.
9780826464729 Using Focus Groups in Research Continuum
Focus groups are often under-used as a tool for research. This practical guide offers advice on: planning and organising focus groups; what types of questions to use; limitations and advaages of using these groups in research; collecting data at group sessions; and how to analyse data.
9780815171485 Richard Rave Clinical Laboratory Medicine Elsevier Science
This text provides technical and clinical information about laboratory procedures. It covers the clinical aspects of the tests, including limitations and sources of error in each procedure, and discusses the technical aspects of tests to clarify the type of information provided by the test.
9780721605449 Darrell Rige Cancer of the Skin, Elsevier Science
One person is estimated to die every hour from skin cancer, and the incidence rate of skin cancer is increasing worldwide. A large number of deaths from skin cancer are preventable if the problem is diagnosed early enough. Cancer of the Skin provides a comprehensive overview of skin cancers, from their underlying biology to the clinical features of disease, diagnosis and therapy. The book has been created by a multi-disciplinary, international team of some of world's leading experts on this important topic. Containing over 800 full-colour images, Cancer of the Skin focuses in particular on the importance of early diagnosis and the use of new treatment therapies in skin cancers. Each copy of the book also contains a CD-ROM including all the colour images from the text, which can be used as slide images for presentations. An essential purchase for any physician diagnosing and treating skin cancer, Cancer of the Skin will be an invaluable resource.
9780443071416 Elspeth Brow Heart Sounds Made Easy Elsevier Science
A practical and simple guide to the art of cardiac auscultation and which teaches the reader how to identify a pathological heart murmur. The book explains what heart sounds are and how to use a stethoscope. It covers all the standard adult and child murmurs and is organised by region. It includes all the text of the tutorials. The CD provides in a series of tutorials the chce to listen to and identify the range of heart sounds; while in the pathology section a listener can focus down on each individual component of the sound allowing them to discern the key features of each murmur.
9780345450395 Foster, Alan Flinx s Folly Random House (USA)
9780500512333 Jos? Baltan? Walking Through Le Corbusier Thames & Hudson
A `walkthrough` of some of Le Corbusier`s most important European buildings, complemented by others that, while interesting, are less well-known. Its photographs, specially taken by the author, provide a narrative description of each building and are supported by literary and graphic data that provide a single conceptual and visual argument.
9781840137750 Lempicka (Mega Squares) Grange Books
9780071417150 Medical Complications in Pregnancy McGraw-Hill
Practical Pathways in Obstetrics & Gynecology is a unique, new series especially designed to tackle the challenging clinical topics encountered in daily practice. Each title in the series features a standardized, user-friendly approach that guides you systematically through evaluation, diagnosis, andnagement: A high-yield, algorithmic Pathway at the start of each chapter provides an "at a glance" summary of recommended management. Tips help to gather an accurate and effective patient history. What's the Evidence? questions summarize major clinical trials and their application to daily practice. Guiding Questions review what strategic questions clinicians should ask themselves when first evaluating a patient. Key Points are highlighted in the margins. Clinical Pearls & Pitfalls are summarized in quick-reference tables. Case Studies (2 per chapter) demonstrate the clinical application of concepts, and further hone diagnostic skills. Editorial Commentary summarizes the chapter and provides alternate treatment options. References facilitate further research or study. Appendices contain clinical forms, patient education information and more
9780802713650 Sputnik Daedalus
9780804831321 Jeet kune do Tuttle
This text is a complete presentation of Bruce Lee's art of Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do, and is an expanded sequel to the bestselling "Tao of Jeet Kune Do". The development of Bruce Lee's unique martial art form, its principles, core techniques, lesson plans, and illustrative sketches are presented here in Lee's own words. The inclusive "Questions Every Martial Artist Must Ask Himself" are a series of questions that Bruce posed to himself and intended to explore as part of his own martial art development, but never lived to complete. The resulting book is an insightful look into the world of Bruce Lee.
9780071435918 Lichtman Williams hematology McGraw-Hill
Includes key points boxes and algorithms that outline discrete strategies for diagnosis and treatment. This text contains chapters on the use of venous access devices, pain management, therapeutic use of cytokines, and flow cytometry. It features moelcular biology techniques and 300 color plates that help you to enhance your diagnostic skills.
9781405419567 Jungle Book Grange Books
9781860720864 One Sipt Strategy Fanshaw Books
Providing information and guidance across a broad range of issues affecting strategy, this text is a practical tool which offers clear, user-friendly advice to those looking to do much more than just plan an organization's activities. "One Stop Strategy" provides an understanding of what is the right thing to do and how to do it right. The A-Z entries focus on building and allocating resources, structuring the organization, controlling systems and processes, managing people and influencing the organization's capabilities and competence. The book offers a practical, user-friendly approach, supported by text features such as short cases, checklists and summaries which should greatly assist those involved in business strategy.
9781858943237 Kew Palace: The Official Illustrated History Merrell
Anyone who manages more than one direct report becomes, de facto, a team leader, mediator, and communicator extraordinaire. Featuring diagnostic exercises, worksheets, examples, and a listing of resources, this title provides individuals and teams with the tools to promote effective communication, capitalise on diversity, and improve productivity.
9781577171980 Painters of the 19 th century Grange Books
Explores the lives of 366 nineteenth-century painters, detailing their art education, influences, and styles accompanied by full-color reproductions of their most representative artworks.
9781405131322 Slaughter Cardiac Surgery in Chronic Renal Failure.2007 Wiley
Cardiovascular disease remains the most common cause of death for patients with chronic renal failure, and although cardiac surgery can frequently relieve symptoms and prolong survival, it is still associated with significant complications. This book addresses cardiac surgical issues in patients with end-stage renal disease (ESRD).
9782843237201 Baudot Compendium of Interior Styles Daedalus
9780071408127 Afifi Functional neuroanatomy: text and atlas McGraw-Hill
Superbly illustrated, this core textbook reinforces an understanding of basic neuroanatomical structures by emphasizing their clinical significance in neurologic disease. Featuring a seamless integration of over 400 illustrations within the text, "Functional Neuroanatomy" includes cross-sectional atlas views of the brain and brain stem, MRI images in three planes, and key concepts identified within each chapter.
9780521837637 Peters The Biomarker Guide 2 Volume Hardback Set Cambridge Academ
The second edition of The Biomarker Guide is a fully updated and expanded version of this essential reference. Now in two volumes, it provides a comprehensive account of the role biomarker technology plays both in petroleum exploration and in understanding Earth history and processes. Biomarkers are compounds found in crude oil with structures inherited from once-living organisms. They persist in oil spills, refinery products and archaeological artifacts, and can be used to identify the origin, geological age and environmental conditions prevalent during their formation and alteration. This Guide details the origin of petroleum, technology for its analysis and key parameters for interpretation. The Biomarker Guide is an invaluable resource for geologists, petroleum geochemists, biogeochemists, environmental scientists and archaeologists.
9780849338991 Turner, Wayn Guide to Energy Management Taylor&Francis
9781840137781 Goya (Great Masters) Grange Books
9780552773478 Kinsella Sop Shopaholic Abroad Transworld Publishers
9780007175413 Tom Bower Gordon Brown HarperCollins UK
9780849383830 Lasic Stealth Liposomes Taylor&Francis
Examining all aspects of stealth liposomes, this book provides a historical perspective, describes liposome behavior in biological systems, and a reviews the role of glycolipid-containing liposome systems. It presents theoretical considerations followed by contributions that provide experimental verification of the various theoretical models and discusses chemistry, biology, and pharmacology. Topics include the use of sterically stabilized liposomes loaded with anticancer agent doxorubican in humans, preclinical studies in various tumors, sterically stabilized liposomes with attached antibodies, and other applications.
9780006171980 Bernard Corn Sharpe s Honour HarperCollins UK
A classic Sharpe adventure: Richard Sharpe and the Vitoria Campaign, February to June 1813 Major Richard Sharpe awaits the opening shots of the army's new campaign with grim expectancy. Victory depends on the increasingly fragile alliance between Britain and Spain -- an alliance that must be maintained at any cost. But Sharpe's enemy, Pierre Ducos, seizes a chance to both destroy the alliance and take a personal revenge on Sharpe. And when the lovely spy, La Marquesa, takes a hand in the game, Sharpe finds himself caught in a web of deadly intrigue and becomes a fugitive, hunted by enemy and ally alike...
9780007748693 Humphrey Car Inklings, The HarperCollins UK
Critically acclaimed, award-winning biography of CS Lewis, JRR Tolkien and the brilliant group of writers to come out of Oxford during the Second World War. C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien and their friends were a regular feature of the Oxford scenery in the years during and after the Second World War. They drank beer on Tuesdays at the "Bird and Baby", and on Thursday nights they met in Lewis' Magdalen College rooms to read aloud from the books they were writing; jokingly they called themselves "The Inklings". C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien first introduced "The Screwtape Letters" and "The Lord of the Rings" to an audience in this company and Charles Williams, poet and writer of super-natural thrillers, was another prominent member of the group. Humphrey Carpenter, who wrote the acclaimed biography of J.R.R. Tolkien, draws upon unblished letters and diaries, to which he was given special access, in this engrossing story.
9780006531944 Andrew Murra Halliwell s Film Quiz Book HarperCollins UK
Drawing upon the best-selling Halliwell's Film & Video Guide and Halliwell's Who's Who in the Movies, the Film Quiz Book is a fun and challenging knowledge tester for film buffs and general film fans alike. Expanding on the most well known and immensely succesful film brand, Halliwell's, the Halliwell's Film Quiz Book is packed full with 1,500 questions -- and answers -- on every aspect of the film world. From the best and the worst films, and everything in between, to the actors and actresses who grace the silver screen, it is a comprehensive teaser, guaranteed to stretch even the most knowledgeable film buff. The third book in the Halliwell's range, the Film Quiz Book is a must for all film fans.
9780007175987 Simon Greave Science KS2 Pupil Book HarperCollins UK
A revision series that prepares children for the KS2 National Tests in eight weeks flat. With a fresh revision structure and highly visual content, the series aims to take some of the stress out of revision for pupils, parents and teachers. The course follows a day-by-day, week-by-week plan that combines all the important content with follow-up practice activities for every topic. By breaking down work into short daily sessions, all presented in full colour, revision is made less daunting and more manageable. At the end of the eight-week programme, a mock practice test ensures children don't get any nasty surprises on the day.
9780006530404 Naomi Klein No Logo HarperCollins UK
This study examines the power of the logo, noting its increasing capacity for making the product subservient. It then reaches its core argument - the now uneasy struggle between corporate power and anti-corporate activism - via sweatshop labour, submerged identity and subversive action.
9780786938483 Fantastic locations: Hellspike Prison Random House (USA)
9780671024093 Deaver, Jeff The coffin dancer Simon & Schuster
9780521680875 Jones et al Cambridge English Pronouncing Dictionary 17 Ed Paperback with CD-ROM for Windows Cambridge University Press
The Cambridge English Pronouncing Dictionary is the ultimate guide to pronunciation in English. Thousands of pronunciations not shown in general dictionaries are included, from people and places, to words from science, technology and literature. Based on the classic work by Daniel Jones, the 17th edition is edited by three of the most distinguished phonetics scholars working today. Now better than ever, the 17th edition includes: * NEW! Up-to-date entries including general vocabulary and people and places in the news (e.g. cybercrime, Condoleezza, Darfur, SARS, weblog) * NEW! Lively study pages help with common areas of difficulty * Clear, accessible layout with 80,000 entries and 220,000 British and North American pronunciations using the International Phonetic Alphabet * 200 information panels that explain phonetics terminology and the relationship between spelling and sound The CD-ROM features the whole paper dictionary plus: * NEW! Spoken North American pronunciations as well as British pronunciations for every word - no need to understand phonetics to get the information you need! * Record your own voice and listen back * Search by alphabet or phonetic symbols * Interactive pronunciation exercises
9780125154000 Neill Knobil & Neill s Physiology of Reproduction 3e Elsevier Science
The 3rd edition, the first new one in ten years, includes coverage of molecular levels of detail arising from the last decade's explosion of information at this level of organismic organization. There are 5 new Associate Editors and about 2/3 of the chapters have new authors. Chapters prepared by return authors are extensively revised. Several new chapters have been added on the topic of pregnancy, reflecting the vigorous investigation of this topicring the last decade. The information covered includes both human and experimental animals; basic principles are sought, and information at the organismic and molecular levels are presented.
9780091906139 Jane Fonda My Life So Far Random House
An account of an extraordinary woman - Oscar winner, controversial political activist, groundbreaking fitness guru, wife, mother, lover, philanthropist. This book addresses among other things, her tragic relationship with her mother; her tortured one with her father, her lovers and husbands, her passions and political views.
9780198550013 Notarianni, Embryonic Stem Cells Oxford Academ
This book provides an integral approach to the history and current methods for manipulation of embryonic stem (ES) cells by recognised experts. ES cell research attracts a level of interest that is unprecedented for any area of cell biology. Notarianni and Evans have provided a must-have manual for scientists engaged in stem cell research and a textbook for graduate courses in stem cell biology.
9780198555674 Sanders, Jer Modern NMR Spectroscopy: A Guide for Chemists Oxford Academ
Provides a non-mathematical, descriptive account of nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy, taking examples from organic, inorganic and biological chemistry. This second edition has been updated to cover many new examples and spectra.
9781845875213 Madrid Compass
Madrid is best visited with a PopOut Map – the pocket-sized travel essential that pops open in a single motion to reveal five different maps.
9780345479396 Pekar Ego & Hubris Random House (USA)
9780007223862 Paperback Dictionary and Thesaurus, Collins HarperCollins UK
Now in Colour, "Collins Discovery Dictionary and Thesaurus" is the perfect reference for everyday use. With an internet-linked Word Power and Fact Finder supplement, this is the ideal reference to take the users' knowledge further. Specially tailored to meet the needs of the user at home, school, or in the office, the new Colour "Collins Discovery Dictionary and Thesaurus" has all the words and definitions a user might need, as well as a huge range of opposites and alternatives. Have confidence: all the words, definitions, opposites, and alternatives the users need. Get there fast: most useful alternative words highlighted. Find out more: internet-linked Word Power and Fact Finder supplement to take the users' knowledge further. Where does it fit in the range? Other titles include: "Essential Dictionary and Thesaurus" - 0-00-716331-2; "Compact Dictionary and Thesaurus" - 0-00-719652-0; "Discovery Dictionary and Thesaurus" - 0-00-720319-5; "Express Dictionary and Thesaurus" - 0-00-719633-4.
9780782144475 Jeremy Mosko Group Policy, Profiles, and IntelliMirror for Windows 2003, Windows XP, and Windows 2000, 3rd Edition Wiley
Network administrators can streamline Windows Server 2000 and 2003 management by grouping policy settings to monitor and regulate users and the network's computers. Group Policy concepts and tools allow them to enforce rules and automate processes. This book is revised for Windows Server 2003 SP1 and Windows XP SP2 with new material, including extensive coverage of network security. It provides background information for planning, creating, and applying Group Policy settings and offers extensive coverage of troubleshooting techniques. It also includes ready-to-use scripts to automate routine administration tasks.
9780471739647 K. Thomas Li The Business of Investment Banking: A Comprehensive Overview, 2nd Edition Wiley
The business of investment banking has become intensely competitive. With a growing number of clients who prefer to deal with a single financial advisor for all their capital needs, firms must now engage in all major capital-market activities in order to meet this demand. Rapid advances in information technology have closely linked the international capital markets and, as a result, major securities firms have gone global to better serve their clients. To fully undersnd this changing environment and remain players in the game, new and seasoned professionals alike will require detailed, in-depth information on a broad scope of banking operations. "The Business of Investment Banking: A Comprehensive Overview, 2nd Edition" is a complete guide to the major banking activities in today's global marketplace. This convenient, one-volume reference identifies and analyzes key trends worldwide, allowing banking and finance professionals to effectively manage deals and incorporate trends into operations. In "The Business of Investment Banking: A Comprehensive Overview, 2nd Edition", Professor K. Thomas Liaw goes beyond traditional banking topics and includes extensive coverage of rarely discussed subjects that are integral to investment banking, such as emerging markets, proprietary trading, repurchase transactions, operations, money management, and how foreign firms list on Wall Street. Beginning with an overview, covering everything from underwriting to M&As to global presence, Liaw provides a thorough and rigorous analysis of the current market practices in all relevant business segments. He presents an investment banker's perspective on the current environment, with a detailed description of the strategic decision-making process that is crucial to successfully managing the investment bank. This thorough guide is divided into four main sections: Basic Business - explores venture capital investment, mergers and acquisitions, underwriting, and asset securitization; Global Perspective - detailed information about foreign listing on "Wall Street", international capital markets, and emerging markets; Trading and Risk Management - extensive data on proprietary trading, repurchase agreements, financial engineering, and money management; and Special Topics - discusses clearing and settlement, securities regulation, ethics, major trends, and Section 20 subsidiaries. Comprehensive, unparalleled coverage of a wide range of topics makes "The Business of Investment Banking: A Comprehensive Overview, 2nd Edition" an invaluable, one-stop resource for all practicing investment banking professionals and for graduate students interested in a career in capital markets.
9780415259651 Karen Kilby Karl Rahner Taylor&Francis
Karl Rahner is one of the great theologians of the 20th century, known for his systematic, foundationalist approach. This study explores the relationship between his theology and his philosophy, and argues for the possibility of a nonfoundationalist reading of Rahner.
9780752876887 Wright, Edwa Clea s Moon Orion Publishers
Evocative post-World War II crime novel set in LA, starring ex-movie-star and debt-collector, John Ray Horn.
9780323045308 Valentina Br Clinical Applications of Pathophysiology, Elsevier Science
Explains how pathophysiology concepts are used in clinical situations. This guide covers the most commonly encountered health problems. It outlines the connections between pathophysiology, assessment, diagnosis, and management. The application of pathophysiology principles to the clinical setting is illustrated with case studies.
9780198525974 Ramrakha, Pu Oxford Handbook of Cardiology Oxford Academ
Cardiovascular disease remains the major cause of morbidity and mortality throughout the developed world, and is rapidly increasing in the developing world. Cardiologists are responsible for the diagnosis and management of a wide variety of disorders and have an ever-growing array of new diagnostic and therapeutic tools. This handbook offers the practical advice and essential background information that a cardiology trainee needs to know.
9783131421111 Schuenke et Neck and Internal Organs (THIEME Atlas of Anatomy) Thieme Verlagsgruppe
"The Thieme Atlas of Anatomy" integrates anatomy and clinical concepts. This work: is organized intuitively, with self-contained guides to specific topics on every two-page spread; there are hundreds of clinical applications integrated into the anatomical descriptions, emphasizing the vital link between anatomical structure and function; is beautifully illustrated with expertly rendered digital watercolors, cross-sections, x-rays, and CT and MRI scans; clearly labeled images help you easily identify each structure; there are aummary tables throughout - ideal for rapid review. Setting a new standard for the study of anatomy, the "The Thieme Atlas of Anatomy" is more than a collection of anatomical illustrations - it is an indispensable resource for anyone who works with the human body.
9780300116786 Britannia and Muscovy English Silver at the Court of the Tsars Yale University Press
9780751534665 Andrews,Russ Midas Little, Brown
Another dazzling, unputdownable thriller from the best-selling author of ICARUS and APHRODITE.
9780316732239 Everett,Rupe Red carpets and other banana Little, Brown
9780330441667 Turow Scott Ordinary Heroes Pan Macmillan
9780345447869 Gerritsen Te The Apprentice Random House (USA)
9781741047318 Cities book, the Lonely Planet
A pictorial coffee-table book that illustrates 200 cities in the world as voted by Lonely Planet travelers, authors and staff. This book includes topics, which contain statistics such as population, the age of the city and its local name, urban myths, city origins and the things to see, do, eat and drink.
9781864500233 World Food Mexico Lonely Planet
9780743480567 Csi Miami Heat Wave Simon & Schuster
9780765345134 Modesitt, L. Legacies Holtzbrink(MPS)
9780141028149 Jane Austen Mansfield Park Penguin Books Ltd
Taken from the poverty of her parents` home in Portsmouth, Fanny Price is brought up with her rich cousins at Mansfield Park, acutely aware of her humble rank and with her cousin Edmund as her sole ally. Featuring a quiet heroine, this novel presents an examination of social position and moral integrity.
9780141019871 Michael Moor Stupid White Men Penguin Books Ltd
9780849337758 Robertson, G Food Packaging: Principles and Practice, Second Edition Taylor&Francis
Originally published in 1993, Food Packaging: Principles and Practice went on to become a best-selling textbook and industry standard. The second edition continues this tradition, with an integrated approach toward the study of packaging technology that covers chemistry, microbiology, and engineering, but with significant additions. Five brand new chapters along with new figures and photos have been incorporated to explain recent developments in processes and equipment. The author has updated all of the references and added a chapter explaining new and active packaging technologies. This second edition adheres to the essential format that made the first edition so informative and accessible.
9780141029436 Jamie Oliver The Naked Chef Penguin Books Ltd
Combines bold flavours and fresh ingredients within simple recipes.
9780443103650 Cawson Essentials of Oral Pathology and Oral Med 8ed Elsevier Science
9781857433739 Dictionary of the European Union Taylor&Francis
This unique collection of data includes concise definitions and explanations on all aspects of the European Union. It explains the terminology surrounding the EU and outlines the roles and significance of the institutions, member countries, programmes and policies, treaties and personalities. The features include: over 1,000 clear and succinct definitions; spells out acronyms and abbreviations; arranged alphabetically and fully cross-referenced; and among the 1,000 entries you can find explanations and background details on: The topics covered include: Accession Negotiations; Atmospheric Pollution; Benchmarking; Central European Free rade Area; Jacques Chirac; Common Agricultural Policy; Company Law Statute; Competition Policy; Cotonou Agreement; Enlargement; The euro; European Rapid Reaction Force; Joschka Fischer; Governance White Paper; Human Rights; Isoglucose Case; Laeken Declaration; Lobbying; MERCATOR; Middle East; OLAF - European Anti-Fraud Office; Pre-Accession Strategy; Refugee Policy; Schengen Agreement; Structural Funds; Treaty of Nice; and US-EC Declaration.
9780099460244 Rendell Ruth Rottweiler Random House
The first girl had a bite mark on her neck but they traced the DNA to her boyfriend. But the tabloids got hold of the story and called the killer `The Rottweiler`. The latest murder takes place near Inez Ferry`s antique shop. The murderer usually strangles his victims and removes something personal - like a cigarette lighter or a necklace.
9780893813390 Nan Goldin Nan Goldin Thames & Hudson
9783829601184 Frida Kahlo: The Painter and Her Work Schirmer/Mosel Verlag
9781740591232 D&s australia great barrier reef2 Lonely Planet
A guide to diving and snorkeling over Australia`s world-famous Great Barrier Reef. This work includes a selection of dives and snorkeling adventures, and is useful for divers of various abilities. It features reviews of activities and attractions above and below the water; and listings for diving services and resorts.
9780764118227 Rovere-Fenat Vocabulary Builder Italian Barron`s educational series, inc
9781841845807 Nelson-Pierc Handbook Of Obstetric Medicine [3rd Ed] Informa
Handbook of Obstetric Medicine, Third Edition is divided into two main sections. The major part of the text deals with the most common and serious medical conditions encountered in pregnancy, with a chapter for each system including heart disease, hypertension, thromboembolism, diabetes, skin problems, gastrointestinal disease and so on. The clear format with tables, bullet points and boxes of key points has been retained from the second edition. All chapters have been substantially updated and the second section is in tabular format and concentrates on the differential diagnosis of common symptoms, signs and biochemical abnormalities encountered in pregnancy. This third edition of the Handbook of Obstetric Medicine provides a didactic approach to management and will be an essential on-the-spot guide for health care professionals caring for pregnant women with medical problems, including obstetricians, physicians, family practitioners, and midwives in both practice and training.
9780849337598 George K. Kn Smart Biosensor Technology Taylor&Francis
9788874392933 Wastiau Bor Chowke visions of africa series Abrams
An introduction to the sculpture of one of the renowned peoples of Angola and the Democratic Republic of Congo.
9780123695154 John Bergan The Vein Book Elsevier Science
9780123567628 Houck Fundamentals of Forensic Science. 2007 Elsevier Science
Presents a look at the forensic sciences, emphasizing the biology, chemistry, and physical sciences that underpin forensic science. This book also covers the principles that are central to forensic science, and concludes with an examination of how forensic science intersects with the law.
9780750650595 Martin And P Concrete Design To En 1992 Elsevier Science
The transition from national standards for concrete structural design to Eurocode EN 1992 is the biggest change to concrete design for decades. This edition explains the key differences between BS8110 and EN1992, and teaches the fundamentals of the design of concrete structures to comply with the Eurocodes. It includes illustrations and examples.
9780121742324 Christoffers Elements Of Financial Risk Management Elsevier Science
9789040089923 Jan Steen 1625-1679 ACC-distribution titles
He is Oliver Barrett IV, a rich jock from a stuffy Wasp family on his way to a Harvard degree and a career in law. She is Jenny Cavilleri, a wisecracking working-class beauty studying music at Radcliffe. Opposites in nearly every way. But they fell in love. This book tells us their story.
9780444503114 Mcaleese Operational Aspects Of Oil And Gas Well Testing Elsevier Science
Well Testing is recognised by many operating oil and gas companies to be the most hazardous operation they routinely undertake. Therefore, it is of great importance that such operations are extremely well planned and executed. This handbook covers the major `Operational Aspects of Oil and Gas Well Testing`.
9780813812496 Dewey Curtis A Practical Guide to Canine and Feline Neurology Wiley
9780385486804 Krakauer, Jo Into the Wild Random House (USA)
9780470023846 Frank J. Sno Psychology in Diabetes Care, 2nd Edition Wiley
Psychosocial issues have long been acknowledged to have a crucial role in the successful treatment of people with diabetes. An understanding of these issues can enable health care professionals to assist their patients effectively.
9780792250920 Daniels, Pat National Geographic Almanac of World History Random House (USA)
An accessible reference provides authoritative maps, charts, and chronologies complemented by informative essays that cover all the major periods between the time of the Neanderthals and the nuclear age.
9781400095926 Lindsay, Jef Dearly Devoted Dexter Random House (USA)
9780679744719 Baldwin, Jam Another Country Random House (USA)
9780679748991 Roth Philip Zuckerman Unbound Random House (USA)
9780521618960 M. Steven Fi Democracy Derailed in Russia Cambridge Academ
Why has democracy failed to take root in Russia? After shedding the shackles of Soviet rule, some countries in the postcommunist region undertook lasting democratization. Yet Russia did not. Russia experienced dramatic political breakthroughs in the late 1980s and early 1990s, but it subsequently failed to maintain progress toward democracy. In this book, M. Steven Fish offers an explanation for the direction of regime change in post-Soviet Russia. Relying on cross-national comparative analysis as well as on in-depth field research in Russia, Fish shows that Russia's failure to democratize has three causes: too much economic reliance on oil, too little economic liberalization, and too weak a national legislature. Fish's explanation challenges others that have attributed Russia's political travails to history, political culture, or to 'shock therapy' in economic policy. The book offers a theoretically original and empirically rigorous explanation for one of the most pressing political problems of our time.
9780316014281 Shreve Anita Light on Snow Hachette Book Group
9780131995345 Pustay International Business 5 ed Pearson Education
<B></B> This comprehensive overview of international business is divided into various business functions, making it clear and easy to understand. In every chapter &#8220;Culture Quest Insights&#8221; into culture, geography, and business lead readers to a multi-media experience of a certain country or region that provides useful information on the impact of culture on business. Cases specific to each region or country add to the total reading experience.

<B></B> Topics covered include: the world&#39;s marketplaces, the international environment, managing international business and business operations. <B></B> For CEOs, managers, and other executives who need to understand the cultural mo es of the global societies with which they do business.
9780824742447 John Dighton Fungi in Ecosystem Processes Taylor&Francis
9780385418133 Spoto, Donal The Art of Alfred Hitchcock Random House (USA)
9780764314469 David Rowe Head Dress of the British Lancers 1816 to the Present Schiffer
Here at last is a book dedicated to the head dress worn by the British Lancers Regiments, both regular, and volunteer, from 1816 to the present day. It is profusely illustrated with both colour and black and white photographs of lance caps, the majority of which have never before been published, together with contemporary black and white photographs of officers and other ranks in full dress uniform, and reproductions of original colour artwork. Each pattern of lance cap is fully described, including the materials used, with each component of the head dress specified for the officers, and other ranks, together with the method of assembly. The head dress includes the 1856 pattern lance cap as worn by the six regular regiments of lancers, a brief description of the various patterns of lance cap worn by many of these regiments prior to 1856, and a condensed history of each regiment, accompanied by an account of the full dress uniform worn by the officers of these regiments c. 1900. Additionally, there is a full d
9780006472087 Sheldon Sidn Doomsday Conspiracy, The HarperCollins UK
A weather balloon carrying military information apparently crashes in Switzerland and Bellamy of US Intelligence is despatched to locate the witnesses and swear them to secrecy. However, on his arrival he discovers that the truth is far more terrifying. From the author of "Memories of Midnight".
9780521684187 Michael McCa English Phrasal Verbs in Use Advanced Edition with answers Cambridge University Press
This new level of English Phrasal Verbs in Use is specifically designed for advanced-level students looking to improve their knowledge of this often difficult area of the English language. The book includes many phrasal verbs useful to students preparing for the Cambridge CAE, CPE and IELTS examinations.
9780764322952 World Designs: 1200 Historic Patterns w/CD Schiffer
Over 1200 dynamic, ethnic, decorative designs, from civilizations over 3000 years, are displayed here and on CD. Architecture, sculpture, painting, ceramics, mosaics, textiles, bronze, lacquer, leather, manuscripts, glass, metals, and typography were consulted from sources in Egypt, Assyria, Greece, Rome, China, Japan, India, Persia, Arabia, Turkey, Byzantinium, and Europe. The designs, most shown in beautiful color and exquisite detail, display Ancient, Gothic, Renaissance, and Classic styles. The accompanying text both describes each civilization and gives the sources for all the images, from their ruins, churches, museums, books, artifacts, and monuments around the world. This important collection will become a classic reference and source for designers of every type for years to come.
9780764316784 Early 20th Century Lighting: Electric and Gas Schiffer
Admirers of elegant period lighting are growing in numbers as the beauty and atmosphere these fixtures provide are appreciated in todays world. This reproduction of an early twentieth century catalog from the Beardslee Chandelier Manufacturing Company of Chicago, Illinois, illustrates and describes hundreds of gas and electric lighting fixtures for both indoor and outdoor use. Chandeliers and other hanging lamps, ornately decorated table lamps, desk lamps, glass shades, and lighting accessories are presented with original wholesale prices, measurements, and reference numbers. In addition, current values for all items reflect todays market.
9780887405976 G.R. Pape wi Flying Wings of Jack Northrop Schiffer
This new book is an in-depth study covering John K. "Jack" Northrops quest for a clean flying machine. Covered are: Northrops initial N-1M project, the N-9M, XP-56, through the B-35 project, B-49 project, and the huge bombers planned only on the drawing board. Included are over 300 black and white and color photographs, as well as drawings and statistical data on all of the Northrop flying wing and tailless aircraft.
9780887404986 Pam Gresham Basic Chip Carving with Pam Gresham Schiffer
A method of study that will allow the beginner to learn the fundamentals of chip carving, and help the more advanced carver to hone their skills. The ordered exercises will build your skill and knowledge of chip carving, beginning with the most basic cuts and following through to the most difficult. This book studies in depth the fundamental techniques of chip carving. It progresses from the easiest to the hardest cuts. It includes designs and projects after each exercise, helping to keep the reader enthusiastic throughout the learning process. This is a book that really gets down to the basics. People want to know exactly how to execute each cut and they need a reference book to turn to when they are having difficulty with a certain type of cut. This is the book!
9781561588312 Simple Home: The Luxury of Enough Taunton Press
9780500513477 Tim Newark Camouflage Thames & Hudson
Accompanies a major exhibition at the Imperial War Museum. Following an introduction that looks at camouflage in the natural world, this text explores the different styles and meanings of camouflage throughout history. It looks at the interplay between modern military developments and the worlds of art, design and popular culture.
9780312963811 Smith Wilbur Birds of prey Holtzbrink(MPS)
9780552551052 Pratchett Te The Carpet People Pb Random House
9780582438019 Paul Lawrenc Nationalism: History and Theory Pearson Education
Examines the historiography of nationalism from 1850 to discover why the ubiquitous phenomena of nations and nationalism have proved so intangible and why so many conflicting theories are being advanced. This book argues that theories and explanations of nationalism have been inextricably linked to contemporary political concerns.
9780751537833 Lovesey,Pete Last Detective/Diamond Solitaire Little, Brown
The first two novels in Peter Lovesey`s acclaimed `Diamond` series in one volume. Admired for their vibrant colour combinations and boldness of design, this book explores the richness of Guatemala`s woven textiles and provides designers at all levels with inspiration for new and unexpected ways for using colour and pattern in their work.
9781841496375 Rardin,Jenni Once Bitten, Twice Shy Little, Brown
A sharp new supernatural thriller featuring the CIA`s top black ops assassin: a 291-year-old vampire!
9781844083862 Diski,Jenny Apology for the woman writing Little, Brown
* From the award-winning author of STRANGER ON A TRAIN and SKATING TO ANTARTICA, a extraordinary novel based on a real story
9780099488743 Taylor, D J Kept Random House
Presents a Victorian mystery about the extreme and curious things men do to get what they want. This novel, ranging from the lochsides of Scotland to the slums of Clerkenwell, and from the gentlemen`s clubs of St James`s to the Yukon wilds, is all about the urge to possess, and an investigation of some of the secret chambers of the human heart.
9781416900245 Charmed: Queen s Curse Simon & Schuster
"While trouble brews, a ring is placed -- But evil may have hidden its face. A perfect prince and love's true tale... Show the secrets; we must not fail!" Paige has finally met her Prince Charming.

Funny, smart, sweet, and beyond good-looking, Colin is fantastic. By the time he's gotten her phone number, Paige is completely smitten. And he isn't evil, which is definitely a plus.

In fact, he seems pretty much perfect. After just a few dates, Colin asks Paige to marry him -- and she accepts. The last thing she expects to find out is that not only is Colin really a prince -- of a magical kingdom no less -- but he's already engaged! So what else is Prince Perfect hiding? Apparently that there are major dark forces gathering to overtake his kingdom, Tarsina, thereby upsetting the balance of good and evil in the world.

The only way Colin can save his realm is to marry a magical being by his twenty-fifth birthday. Which is next week. Enter Paige -- and exit Corrine, Colin's "real" true love.

When Leo confirms all this with the Elders, the Charmed Ones kick into high gear. It's off to Tarsina, but will there be a royal wedding...or a royal disaster?
9780847829170 Annie Kelly; Rooms to Inspire Rizzolli
Americas top designers share their approaches to interior design.
9780789309778 MTV Boards Rizzoli USA
Examines skateboard design from an artistic perspective, covering in a detailed photographic fan`s tour the work of such companies as Tony Hawk`s Birdhouse, Spike Jonze`s Girl, and Enjoi.
9780711226326 Robin Willia The RHS Garden Designer Revised Edition Frances Lincoln
In this classic design and style sourcebook Robin Williams shows you how to make beautiful gardens in which every element fits harmoniously into a whole. It has now been fully revised and updated.

With a wealth of examples and plans, including three-dimensional sketches, he sets out the general principles of garden design and guides you through the process of assessing the plot, finding a style and choosing every garden element, from paths to planting. The book shows a full range of types, materials and styles for every garden detail and advises on suitability for different garden situations, how to design and construct them and how best to place them.

Straightforward explanation, professional experience and clear illustrations make this an invaluable handbook.

9780747572657 Julia Alvare How the Garcia Girls Lost Their Accents Bloomsbury
A collection of writing celebrating the new generation of literary talent from Wales, this volume contributions from Trezza Azzopardi, Niall Griffiths, James Hawes, Malcolm Pryce, Desmond Barry and Anna Davis.
9781592532001 100 SUNROOMS w/CD Rockport/Rotovision
9780747589921 Ondaatje, Mi The English Patient Bloomsbury
The final curtain is closing on the Second World War, and Hana, a nurse, stays behind in an abandoned Italian villa to tend to her only remaining ward. Rescued by Bedouins from a burning plane, he is her English patient, anonymous, damaged beyond recognition and haunted by his memories of passion and betrayal. The only clue Hana has to his past is the one thing he clung on to through the fire - a copy of Herodotus, covered with hand-written notes describing a painful and ultimately tragic love affair.
9780446619158 Patterson Beach road Hachette Book Group
9780486457468 Menges Jeff Poe Illustrated: Art by Dore, Dulac, Rackham and Others Dover
9781403903020 Armstrong, D International Organisation in World Politics Palgrave
9780563539162 Jones Terry Barbarians Random House
Shows the Romans from a non-Roman perspective and reveals that most of those written off by the Romans as uncivilized, savage and barbaric were in fact organized, motivated and intelligent groups of people, with no intentions of overthrowing Rome and plundering its Empire. This book presents their cultural and technological achievements.
9780071458160 Gallagher Anesthesia Unplugged: Step-By-Step Guide to Techniques and Procedures. 2007 McGraw-Hill
Helps readers to hone the procedural skills necessary for the optimal care of the anesthetized patient. This book covers the spectrum of perioperative, ambulatory, regional, and general procedures.
9783791337968 Birth of Graffiti Prestel Publishing Limited
Presents photographs documenting New York graffiti's emergence.
9783540441816 Mancebo Jord Mechanical Ventilation and Weaning Springer
Mechanical ventilation and weaning is one of the most common procedures carried out in critically ill patients. Appropriate management of these patients is of paramount importance to improve the outcome in terms of both morbidity and mortality. This book offers the physiological and clinical basis required to improve the care delivered to patients undergoing mechanical ventilation.
9780387715940 Ali Breast Cytopathology Springer
Able to fit into the lab coat pocket and ideal for portability and quick reference, this volume offers synopsis of breast cytopathology. It emphasizes clinical correlation, differential diagnoses, safety issues, patient interaction, and diagnostic pitfalls. It features more than 145 color illustrations.
9780387352756 Di Carli Cardiac PET and PET/CT Imaging Springer
This textbook presents the reader with the most up-to-date, practical information on the practice of cardiac PET and hybrid PET/CT. Each chapter takes a step-by-step approach to this emerging technology, from basic principles of instrumentation, imaging, and protocols, to advanced discussions of current and future clinical applications. Perspective on other emerging imaging modalities (e.g., MRI) and the relative role of each adds to the well-rounded approach. A section on the technical aspects of cardiac PET and PET/CT imaging directed to and written by technologists is included as well. Molecular imaging approaches that are likely to play a clinical role in the future are also thoroughly covered. A library of original cases selected by the editors and contributors completes the text by illustrating interpretation and technical challenges in cardiac PET and hybrid PET/CT.
9783540261872 Verschakelen Computed Tomography of the Lung Springer
As a result of the introduction of multidetector CT, very detailed images of the lungs can be obtained in every patient undergoing chest CT. Interpretation of the findings requires good knowledge and understanding of the CT signs of all the more common pulmonary diseases. In the first part of the book, the main appearance patterns of lung disease are described with the help of many colour drawings and high-quality illustrations. This approach will enable the reader to recognise these patterns and to interpret them in order to reach a diagnosis. In the second part, many typical cases are shown which will assist the reader in applying what was learned in the first part. This concise, easy to use and didactic book will help the radiologist in training to learn and understand the CT features of lung disease and is also recommended to more experienced specialists wishing to update their knowledge in the field.
9780387710402 Jain Anil K. Handbook of Biometrics Springer
Biometrics is a rapidly evolving field with applications ranging from accessing one’s computer to gaining entry into a country. The deployment of large-scale biometric systems in both commercial (e.g., grocery stores, Disney World, airports) and government (e.g., IAFIS) applications has served to increase the public’s awareness of this technology. This rapid growth has clearly highlighted the challenges associated with designing and deploying biometric systems. Indeed, the problem of biometric authentication is a "Grand Challenge" in its own right.&nbsp; The past five years has seen a significant growth in biometric research resulting in the development of innovative sensors, new algorithms, enhanced test methodologies and novel applications.The purpose of the Handbook of Biometrics is to address this void by inviting some of the prominent researchers in Biometrics to author individual chapters describing the fundamentals as well as the latest innovations in their respective areas of expertise.Designed for researchers and advanced-level students in computer science, the Handbook of Biometrics is also suitable for Biometric and Computer Security professionals.&nbsp;
9781405019880 Stephens He Bedtime For Baby Pan Macmillan
Babies will enjoy pointing out familiar objects and peeking behind the big flaps in this bedtime story. Simple integrated flaps and repetitive refrains are used throughout.
9780330440103 McCarthy Co No Country for Old Men Pan Macmillan
Llewelyn Moss, hunting antelope near Rio Grande, instead finds men shot dead, and more than $2 million in cash. Packing money out, he knows, will change everything. But only after two more men are murdered does a victim`s burning car lead Sheriff Bell to carnage out in desert, and he realizes that Moss and his young wife are in need of protection.
9781405090490 Cruz Smith M Stalin s Ghost Pan Macmillan
Moscow lies deep under snow, and Arkady Renko is called in to handle a delicate matter: passengers riding the last metro of the night have reported seeing the ghost of Stalin on the platform edge. Not everyone, it seems, likes the fact that Stalin is dead ... But in the midst of a blizzard nothing is as it first appears to be.
9780486426761 Chekhov Anto The Duel and Other Stories Dover
Six selections from the famed Russian showcase his natural aptitude for detail, dialogue, humor, and compassion. Includes "The Darling," a poignant piece supporting the claim that life has no meaning without love; as well as "The Kiss," "Anna on the Neck," "The Man in a Case," "The Malefactor," and the title story.
9780486423777 Green Y. S. Japanese Designs Coloring Book Dover
9780486437019 Chesterton G Orthodoxy Dover
9780486455914 Young Cliff Drawing Drapery from Head to Toe Dover
9780486457345 Smith Rollin Adagios for Organ Dover
9780486997971 Dover Listen & Learn Hebrew (CD Edition) Dover
9780486997483 Orban-Szonta Northwest Coast Indian Designs CD-ROM and Book Dover
9780486998145 Dover 1200 Ornamental Letters CD-ROM and Book Dover
9780486998862 Dover Designs from India w/CD Dover
9780486495668 Carroll Lewi Euclid and His Modern Rivals Dover
9780300089820 McPhee Bernini & the Bell Towers Yale University Press
In 1638, the great artist-architect Gianlorenzo Bernini began one of the most ambitious architectural projects of his career: to design and construct massive twin bell towers atop St. Peter's basilica at the Vatican. But the project failed spectacularly.

Bernini's reputation was permanently tarnished, and the scandal of the bell towers sparked a controversy that persists to this day. What happened? Who was responsible? How did events unfold in this dramatic episode of architectural history? This illustrated volume tells the complete story of the bell towers. Presenting both visual and documentary evidence, Sarah McPhee reconstructs the entire affair, the architectural and political milieu, the evolution of the designs, and the varying influences of all those involved in the project.

McPhee examines the multiple constraints under which Bernini worked, including the ambitions of the Pope, the criticisms of rival architects, the financial and political constraints of the building committee, the monumental history of the basilica, and the geology of the site. She reinterprets Bernini's role as architect and shows convincingly that the failure of the bell tower was not Bernini's own. Instead, it was the failure of the institution of the Vatican, driven by liturgical and political imperatives, that doomed the project despite the architect's heroic efforts.
9780300105124 Getsy Body Doubles: Sculpture in Britain, 18771905 Yale University Press
Late nineteenth-century Britain experienced an explosion of interest in sculpture. Sculptors of the "New Sculpture" movement engaged in a wide range of experimentation, seeking a new direction and a modern idiom for their art. This book analyzes for the first time the art-theoretical concerns of the late-Victorian sculptors, focusing on their attitudes toward the representation of the human body.

David J. Getsy uncovers a previously unrecognised sophistication in the New Sculpture through close study of works by key figures in the movement: Frederic Leighton, Alfred Gilbert, Hamo Thorneycroft, Edward Onslow Ford, and James Havard Thomas. These artists sought to activate and animate the conventional format of the ideal statue so that it would convincingly and compellingly stand in for both a living body and an ideal image.

Complicating the conventions that had characterised much previous sculpture in Britain, they fervently pursued a commitment to the mimetic rendering of the body in three dimensions. In response to the problems and perils of such a commitment, late-Victorian sculptors worked to develop strategies that allowed them to accommodate naturalism and symbolism as well as the materiality of sculpture. Getsy offers an analysis of the conceptual complexity of the New Sculpture and places its concerns within the larger framework of the development of modern sculpture.
9783791338132 Weidemann, C Salvador Dali (Living Art) Prestel Publishing Limited
It is hard to tell what is more fascinating: Dali`s brilliant, hallucinatory art or the eccentric life he led. This book considers both the works and the man. It examines Dali`s penchant for self-promotion; his partnership with his wife and muse, Gala; and his contentious relationship with artists of the Surrealist movement.
9783131351227 Popp A Guide to the Primary Care of Neurological Disorders Thieme Verlagsgruppe
Synthesizing the expert clinical advice of specialists who treat disorders of the nervous system, this book is an accessible, single-volume resource for primary care physicians requiring practical information on a range of neurological disorders. A Guide to the Primary Care of Neurological Disorders provides readers with a firm foundation in neuroscience concepts that will enable them to make timely diagnostic, treatment, and referral decisions about common symptoms, including chronic pain, headache, seizures, numbness, and dizziness. Additional chapters cover specific categories of neurological disease, providing the reader with concise descriptions of the clinical manifestations, examination techniques, and treatment options for each. Features:--An outline at the start of each chapter aids rapid location of topics of interest--Thorough coverage of history-taking and the physical examination--Pearls and Pitfalls at the end of each chapter review fundamental concepts and provide helpful guideposts for managing each clinical situationPacked with essential information on clinical neurosciences, this comprehensive book is ideal for primary care physicians, nurse practitioners, physicians assistants, residents in primary care specialties, and medical students.
9780500410936 William A. E Edward Steichen: Photofile Thames & Hudson
Part of the "Photofile" series, this book brings together the best work of Edward Steichen, one of the world`s greatest photographers.
9783865214652 Els Barents Valerie Belin Thames & Hudson
9781864702293 Ross Barney Architects Images
Architect Carol Ross Barney founded her own firm in 1981. Throughout the past 25 years of Ross Barney Jankowski and now Ross Barney Architects, the office has grown to a 35-person firm that places special emphasis on the process of design. The team involved in that process includes not only the architects and consultants, but very importantly, the clients.

Her approach, rather unique among architectural offices, relies on input, analysis, and evaluation from many fronts, the development of alternatives, and a collaborative effort that assures there is no one author, but rather guarantees a final work more than the sum of the parts. This publication examines the evolution of Ross Barney Architects, and some of its most significant works, from the US Post Office in Glendale Heights, Illinois to the new Oklahoma City Federal Building, along with a discussion of the rigorous process that each commission goes through from initial ideas to final design.
9781931082884 James Henry Novels 1901-1902 Penguin USA
9780764327735 Tile Style for the Home: Kitchens, Baths, and More Schiffer
This book illustrates almost 500 contemporary tile projects, with thousands of ideas for illuminating a home with the beauty of tile. Take an exciting look at rooms lined with colorful and textural tile. Contemporary kitchens and baths, as well as living rooms, fireplaces, home spas, gyms, theaters, dining areas, and even outdoor rooms that feature tiles are illustrated in brilliant color. Durable, low-maintance, and easy-clean tile is a wonderful solution for anyone seeking to go beyond the ordinary in their interior design.
9780711227118 Martin Wood John Fowler Frances Lincoln
John Fowler was an interior decorator who set fashions and changed tastes. The English country house style, which he developed with Sibyl Colefax and Nancy Lancaster, his partners in the firm of Colefax & Fowler, has proved a source of continuing inspiration to decorators and home-owners on both sides of the Atlantic and indeed across the world. Today, a hundred years after his birth, his influence is almost as powerful as it was in the mid 20th century, when he was working on many of Britain's finest and most famous houses, including Uppark, Chequers and Buckingham Palace, as well as dozens of more modest projects. Fowler's style has been so widely imitated that it is easy to forget what an innovator he was. In the 1930s and 1940s his style was a breath of fresh country air, sweeping away heavy velvets and damasks in favour of crisp cotton chintzes, replacing glossy mahogany with painted Regency furnishings, elaborate porcelain and glitzy ormolu with modest pottery and painted tin. Even after the war, when he came to specialize in the decoration of architecturally important interiors, he continued to prefer 'humble elegance' and 'romantic disrepair' to pomposity.
9780743228282 Dylan Bob Dylan Scrapbook, 195 Simon & Schuster
An illustrated scrapbook covering the years 1956-66, that has been authorised by Bob Dylan himself.
9780689876967 Hopkins Mates Dates & Chocolate Simon & Schuster
9781841490649 Williams,Tad Otherland 4: Sea Silver Light Little, Brown
The breathtaking conclusion to one of the most exciting and imaginative SF/fantasy series of all time.
9780743298025 Setterfield Thirteenth Tale Simon & Schuster
9780743442237 Mcnaught Simple Gifts Simon & Schuster
9780195300406 Cohen Perspectives on the Face Oxford Academ
Addressing the question of what constitutes a face, this book explores eight perspectives on the face - the evolutionary; the developmental; the anatomic; the dysmorphic and genetic; the surgical; the psychological; the sociocultural; and the artistic. It is useful for biologists, genetecists, plastic surgeons, craniofacial surgeons, and others.
9780099489764 Palmer, Mich Fifth Vial, The Random House
Kidnapped, and shot while trying to escape, Natalie is left for dead in an alley. Medical genius Joe Anson is working on a serum which can save lives. Meanwhile, in Chicago, Ben Callahan is struggling to identify a dead man. Three people learn the meaning of trust and betrayal as they are drawn into the web of secrecy.
9780593056424 Mo Hayder Ritual Transworld Publishers
Just after lunch on a Tuesday in April, nine feet under water, police diver Flea Marley closes her gloved fingers around a human hand. The fact that there's no body attached is disturbing enough. Yet more disturbing is the discovery, a day later, of the matching hand.

Both have been recently amputated, and the indications are that the victim was still alive when they were removed. DI Jack Caffery has been newly seconded to the Major Crime Investigation Unit in Bristol. He and Flea soon establish that the hands belong to a boy who has recently disappeared.

Their search for him - and for his abductor - lead them into the darkest recesses of Bristol's underworld, where drug addiction is rife, where street-kids sell themselves for a hit, and where an ancient evil lurks; an evil that feeds off the blood - and flesh - of others ...
9780688053390 Hibbert, Chr House Of Medici, The HarperCollins USA
9780140623956 Thomas Hardy Far From The Madding Crowd Penguin Books Ltd
9780765356178 Priest, Chri Prestige, The Holtzbrink(MPS)
9780099428381 Pearson, All I Don t Know How She Does it Random House
A victim of time famine, thirty-five-year-old Kate counts seconds like other women count calories. Factor in a controlling nanny, a chauvinist Australian boss, a long-suffering husband, two demanding children and an e-mail lover, and you have a woman juggling so many balls that some day soon something`s going to hit the ground.
9781416031864 George Brenn Pharmacology Flash Cards, Elsevier Science
Here's a fantastic learning tool for anyone needing to learn the pharmacology basics quickly. This beautifully designed pack of flash cards presents information on over 200 of the most commonly used drugs. This package is great for quick review and completely portable.

On one side of each card you'll find the drug name and pronunciation, on the other short formatted notes, carefully honed to give you just the information you need. With their attractive design and clear color-coding, these cards will have you mastering the pharmacology and drug basics in record time.
9780470014448 Fitzgerald, Handbook of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Wiley
Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is one of the most prevalent childhood psychiatric disorders of our time. The condition is defined by levels of inattention, hyperactivity and impulsivity that are in impairing and developmentally inappropriate. Increasingly, there is a growing appreciation that for many individuals the disorder may persist into adulthood and be associated with significant social and economic burden.

Conditions, such as ADHD, that are manifestly heterogeneous in terms of their clinical presentation, underlying neurobiology and treatment response, must be tackled on multiple fronts. This "Handbook of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder" provides a state of the art position on each of these fronts from leading clinicians and researchers from around the world. Broad in its scope and comprehensive in its detail, this book should be as useful to th student as it is to the experienced clinician or researcher.
9780140272345 Barbara Vine The Chimhey Sweeper s Boy Penguin Books Ltd
When successful author Gerald Candless dies of a sudden heart attack, his eldest, adoring daughter Sarah embarks on a memoir of him and soon discovers that her perfect father was not all he appeared to be. That in fact he wasn`t Gerald Candless at all. But then, who was he? And what terrible secret had driven him to live a lie for all those years?
9781904048817 Nathan Parke Short Films w/DVD (creative essential) Kamera Books
9780764326073 Tina Skinner European Style Kitchen Designs Schiffer
Explore the rich heritage Old Europe has offered for designers of todays high-end kitchens. Enjoy rooms replete with details carefully drawn from stately homes in the Mediterranean hill towns of Provence and Tuscany, the Moorish influences of Spanish Haciendas, the elegance and extravagances of Parisian apartments, and the time-honored traditions of panelled estates of Britain. The appliances may be professional grade stainless steel, yet the hand-carved wooden corbels, wrought-iron fixtures, and the stone-cobbled floors evoke a heritage hundreds of years in the making. This luscious collection of nearly 200 images takes designers and homeowners on an inspiring tour of over 100 kitchens that will inspire your journey to import the old worlds long-lasting charms and elegance into your own home.
9781904772675 Duncan McCor Transformations: The Architecture of Penoyre & Prasad Black Dog publishing
9780443102790 John Bancrof Theory and Practice of Histological Techniques, Elsevier Science
Discusses various histological techniques. This book describes various histological preparations and applications.
9783899550313 Romantik Gestalten
Romantik presents classical romantic elements in outstanding examples of contemporary illustration, photography and graphic design. While making a clear reference to nineteenth century Romanticism, the book defines a current version of the term through its selections and presentation. The book features examples, which expand the forms of visual expression available in our computer-dominated world and which develop style elements that exist beyond the canon of forms used in the 1990s. In place of uncluttered surfaces and clean lines, colorful collages and ornaments are used to generate a feeling of warmth, closeness or commitment. Because the computer is firmly established as a creative tool, today's "Romantik" is pragmatic rather than dogmatic. At the same time, the book challenges the role of the computer in the design process, appealing to the romantic in all of us.
9780847829538 Dean L. Merc Lanvin Rizzolli
The definitive monograph on the complete work of Jeanne Lanvinone of the most influential fashion designers of the 20th centuryand her successors, most notably Alber Elbaz.
9780810919723 Davidson Art in the frick collection Abrams
Covering a wide array of great paintings, as well as rarely-published sculptural treasures and numerous masterpieces of the decorative arts, this is an illustrated survey of the Frick Collection, housed in a Fifth Avenue mansion in New York City.
9780807612767 Degas Pastels Daedalus
9781416036401 Otto Practice of Clinical Echocardiography, Elsevier Science
Explains how to qualitatively and quantitatively interpret echocardiographic images and Doppler flow data, and outlines how this information affects your clinical decision making. This title features chapters on tissue doppler, intracardiac echocardiography, hand-held echocardiography, and echocardiography in inherited connective tissue disorders.
9780123695482 Moody Principlkes of Developmental Genetics.2007 Elsevier Science
Highlights the intersection of developmental biology with revolutionary genomic technologies, and details how these advances have accelerated our understanding of the molecular genetic processes that regulates development. This book helps researchers to gain insights into the clinical applicability of emerging technologies and animal model data.
9781412916523 Kolb R Encyclopedia of Business Ethics and Society: Five-Volume Set Sage Publications
SAGE Reference is proud to announce the Encyclopedia of Business Ethics and Society. The Encyclopedia of Business Ethics and Society spans the relationships among business, ethics and society, with an emphasis on business ethics and the role of business in society. The encyclopedia provides an essential reference tool for students, academics and practitioners interested in gaining knowledge on the role played by business with regard to the environment in which it exists.

Key features include: - a broad coverage of corporate social responsibility; -the obligation of businesses to various stakeholder groups; - the contribution of business to society and culture; - the relationship of business to the quality of the environment, including the issue of environmental sustainability. This is an essential reference work for all those in the fields of management, psychology, sociology, communication and political science.
9780007228133 Fr?d?ric Bei Holiday in a Coma & Love Lasts Three Years HarperCollins UK
One night in a Parisian nightclub and the aftermath of a marriage provide the stories for these two novels by Frederic Beigbeder, award-winning author of `Windows on the World`
9780007177059 Barney Hosky Hotel California HarperCollins UK
Tells the story of a remarkable time and place - Los Angeles from the dawn of the singer-songwriter era in the mid-Sixties to the peak of The Eagles` success in the late Seventies. This is a tale about songs and sunshine, drugs and denim, genius and greed, giving an in-depth account of the LA Canyons scene between 1967 and 1976.
9780001054653 Tolkien J.R. Silmarillion, The HarperCollins UK
9780142180044 Queneau, R Zazie In The Metro Penguin Books Ltd
9780140135985 Hibbard, H Bernini Penguin Books Ltd
Sculptor and architect Bernini was the virtual creator and greatest exponent of Baroque in 17th century Italy. He has left his greatest mark on Rome where Papal patronage provided him with enormous architectural commissions.
9780140466096 Roden, C Jewish Food, Book of Penguin Books Ltd
A food book - a feast of the Jewish experience.
9780141011110 Greene, B Fabric of the Cosmos, The Penguin Books Ltd
`A magnificent challenge to conventional ideas` Financial Times `I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It manages to be both challenging and entertaining: it is highly recommended` the Independent `(Greene) send(s) the reader`s imagination hurtling through the universe on an astonishing ride.
9780446580281 Preston/Chil Wheel of Darkness, The Hachette Book Group
9780743298032 Diane Setter The Thirteenth Tale Simon & Schuster
9780821223192 Warhol Shoes, Shoes, Shoes Hachette Book Group
9780716799023 Anthony J.F. Introduction to Genetic Analysis Palgrave
The authors of Introduction to Genetic Analysis span the breadth of contemporary genetics, bringing a wealth of experience from the world's leading research laboratories. To help students understand the essentials of genetics, the authors vividly recreate the landmark experiments, teach them how to analyze data, and draw their own conclusions.
9780099519225 Bernstein, C Woman in Charge, A Random House
Reveals the trajectory of Hillary Clinton`s life and career. This book provides an account of the complex human being and political meteor who has helped define one presidency. Offers a variety of language arts activities that incorporate games to help students make sense of and reinforce learning. This resource contains games based on national academic standards for math, including numbers and operations, algebra, geometry, measurement, and data analysis and probability.
9781840138092 Concept Aircraft(Aff) Grange Books
9780521688338 Caroline Nix Kid s Box Level 1 Interactive DVD (PAL) with Teacher s Booklet Cambridge University Press
Bursting with bright ideas to inspire both teachers and students, Kid's Box gives children a confident start to learning English. It also fully covers the syllabus for the Cambridge Young Learners English (YLE) tests. This interactive DVD brings language to life in the classroom, reinforcing target language in a fun and memorable way.
9780521700603 Felicity O D Objective CAE Second edition Workbook with answers Cambridge University Press
This course has been revised for the updated CAE exam syllabus to be introduced from December 2008. It contains 30 short units which take a fresh approach to a wide variety of topics and examine related genres useful for the exam. Authentic language examples illustrate a wide range of real English usage and a Grammar Folder appendix provides further examples and explanations. The course is written by experienced authors who have an in-depth knowledge of the CAE exam, and contains material informed by the Cambridge Learner Corpus which highlights typical mistakes made by CAE candidates.
9783805581783 Herrera The Kidney in Plasma Cell Dyscrasias Karger
In recent years, the knowledge of how renal damage occurs in patients with plasma cell dyscrasias/myeloma has substantially increased. For the first time, this publication brings together issues relating to the diagnosis and pathogenesis of these disorders, as well as a summary of advances achieved in the treatment and management of patients. Several chapters are devoted to various glomerulopathies associated with deposition of immunoglobulin light and heavy chains, including those associated with amyloidosis.

The sequential events are pointed out, crucial steps and key molecules open to modulation or control are delineated, and therapeutic advances are highlighted. Although the emphasis is on the management of cases with renal involvement, a distinct focus on the diseases as a whole and their impact on patients' general health and prognosis has been maintained throughout the discussions. Using a translational approach to renal manifestations in patients with plasma cell dyscrasias/myelomas, this publication conveys a comprehensive state-of-the-art v ew of the subject.

It is aimed at practicing renal pathologists, nephrologists, internists and hematologists, as well as at trainees and scientists working in these specialties.
9780415439961 Turrentine Clinical Protocols Obstetrics Gynecology 3E Informa
Expanded and updated, the new edition of the bestselling Clinical Protocols in Obstetrics and Gynecology is the definitive quick-reference for use in office practice and hospital settings. With information drawn from ACOG technical bulletins, OB/GYN publications, articles, textbooks, computer sources, and the author's vast personal experience, outlines of more than 400 clinical protocols help ensure that everyone on the team is on the same page. Flowcharts and algorithms make common problems seem simpler. Tables and decision trees make the information easy to refer to when running from room to room during a busy day in the office or hospital. This complete, up-to-date coverage makes Clinical Protocols in Obstetrics and Gynecology, Third Edition the best available study guide for board certification and a complete reference for busy obstetricians and gynecologists.
9780140449617 Tolstoy Leo The Death of Ivan Ilyich and Other Stories: the Raid, Woodfelling, Three Deaths, Polikushka, the Dea Penguin Books Ltd
A collection of stories on morality, this volume includes: "The Raid", "Woodfelling", "Three Deaths", "Polikushka", "The Death of Ivan Ilyich", "After the Ball", and "The Forged Coupon".
9780486463070 Lebram Richa 2000 Classic Designs for Jewelry: Rings, Earrings, Necklaces, Pendants and More Dover
9780500016756 Abdelkebir K Splendour of Islamic Calligraphy Thames & Hudson
Combines illustrations of Arabic scripts with a background history and an analysis of the geometrical and ornamental principles involved in the calligraphic art.
9780500342473 Neil Spiller Digital Architecture Now Thames & Hudson
Presenting the architectural visionaries from around the world, this book celebrates the conceptual architects who are pushing digital design and software to their limits. It places this contemporary work in the context of developments and considers the direction of digital architecture. It features architects` best projects.
9781856695503 Maureen Furn The Animation Bible (pb) Thames & Hudson
Covers animation processes and techniques, explaining and exploring their use through case studies. This book includes a series of applications exercises. It also takes the student through the stages of making an animated film, from pre-production concepts and scripts to the debut screening and distribution of the finished animation.
9780789316998 Laura Morell Made in Italy, 2nd Edition Rizzoli USA
The definitive shoppers guide to Italys artisanal crafts, now completely revised and updated for its second edition.
9781416033400 Suhny Abbara Diagnostic Imaging: Cardiovascular, Elsevier Science
Presents dependable diagnostic guidance on both the common and less common diagnoses encountered in practice. This resource highlights key imaging findings - and examines the appropriate role-of imaging modalities, including among many others 64-detector-row and dual-source cardiac CT, cardiac MRI, and advanced CT and MR angiography.
9781741046779 Las vegas 4 Lonely Planet
Featuring a "guide to gambling" chapter written by a poker aficionado, this is the only handbook with floor plans to more than seven major casinos. Profiled excursions include Area 51, Hooever Dam, Grand Canyon, and Route 66.
9781864702958 Klingstubbins Cb Images
This book is a comprehensive examination of the portfolio of KlingStubbins, an internationally recognised design firm that was formed by the merger of two firms, each with sixty years' history. The practice provides professional services in all major disciplines within the realm of architecture, engineering, interiors, planning and landscape architecture. The firm's areas of market focus and specialisation include corporate and commercial, government, healthcare, higher education, hospitality/entertainment, institutional and civic, mission critical, and research and development.

KlingStubbins is a recognised leader in sustainable design, committed to design excellence and quality in design, technology and service.
9780553250909 L Amour, Lou The Mountain Valley War Random House (USA)
9780345495907 Hamilton Lau A Lick of Frost Random House (USA)
9788854401341 Sweden White Star
Sweden is a synthesis of natural and cultural wealth of all Scandinavia. This book talks about Sweden`s immense forests, placid rivers and rushing streams, and the midnight sun over the empty fjords and white sandy beaches, and the ancient, nature-filled cities where a multi-racial population embraces tolerance and co-operation.
9788854403130 Map of the tomb of tutankhamun White Star
Features a two-sided map revealing the treasures of the tomb of the boy king Tutankhamun. This title provides armchair archaeologists with a plan of the tomb of Tutankhamun, showing a cross-section of the burial chamber, treasure room, annex, and antechamber. It also includes photographs of the excavation by Lord Carnarvon and Howard Carter.
9780345480637 Frey, Stephe The Successor Random House (USA)
9780451222336 Dickey, Eric Sleeping With Strangers Penguin USA
9780143039983 Jackson, Shi Haunting of Hill House, The Penguin USA
9780142411568 Nelson, Blak Paranoid Park Penguin USA
9780670018314 Saltzman, Cy Old Masters, New World Penguin USA
9780521709347 Edited by Ma Maternal-Fetal Medicine Cambridge Academ
Maternal-Fetal Medicine provides the busy clinician with precisely the information needed where and when it is needed. The text covers a wide variety of topics related to maternal and fetal medicine, as well as clinical questions that will challenge providers both in the outpatient setting and on labor and delivery wards. Special attention has been paid to incorporating an evidence-based approach to obstetric management, and a number of chapters have been included to assist in the management of obstetric emergencies. In total, over 1000 diseases and conditions are discussed in detail.
9780521033107 Prasannan Pa The Transition to a Colonial Economy Cambridge Academ
According to widespread belief, poverty and low standards of living have been characteristic of India for centuries. Challenging this view, Prasannan Parthasarathi demonstrates that, until the late eighteenth century, labouring groups in South India, those at the bottom of the social order, were in a powerful position, receiving incomes well above subsistence. The decline in their economic fortunes, the author asserts, was a process initiated towards the end of that century, with the rise of colonial rule. Building on revisionist interpretations, he examines the transformation of Indian society and its economy under British rule through the prism of the labouring classes, arguing that their treatment by the early colonial state had no precedent in the pre-colonial past and that poverty and low wages were a product of colonial rule. The book promises to make an important contribution to the economic history of the region, and to the study of colonialism.
9781427797155 Manley dentEssentials, Second Edition Kaplan
9780521697255 Edited by Ju The Future of Gender Cambridge Academ
'Gender' is used to classify humans and to explain their behaviour in predominantly social rather than biological terms. But how useful is the concept of gender in social analysis? To what degree does gender relate to sex? How does gender feature in shifts in familial structures and demography? How should gender be conceived in terms of contemporary inequality and injustice, and what is gender's function in the design and pursuit of political objectives? In this volume a collection of international experts from the fields of political philosophy, political theory, sociology, economics, law, psychoanalysis and evolutionary psychology scrutinize the conceptual effectiveness of gender both as a mode of analysis and as a basis for envisioning the transformation of society. Each contributor considers how gender might be conceived in contemporary terms, offering a variety of (often conflicting) interpretations of the concept's usefulness for the future.
9780521602402 Edward Muir Ritual in Early Modern Europe Cambridge Academ
The first comprehensive study of rituals in early modern Europe, this new and expanded edition argues that between about 1400 and 1700 a revolution in ritual theory took place that utterly transformed concepts about time, the body, and the presence of spiritual forces in the world. Edward Muir draws on extensive historical research to emphasize the persistence of traditional Christian ritual practices even as educated elites attempted to privilege reason over passion, textual interpretation over ritual action, and moral rectitude over gaining access to supernatural powers. Edward Muir discusses wide ranging themes such as rites of passage, carnivalesque festivity, the rise of manners, Protestant and Catholic Reformations, the alleged anti-Christian rituals of Jews and witches. The new edition examines the impact on the European understanding of ritual from the discoveries of new civilizations in the Americas and missionary efforts in China and adds more material about rituals peculiar to women.
9783209048981 Raymond Murp English Grammar in Use Cambridge University Press
A fully updated version of the world's bestselling grammar title - extra practice is also available on the interactive CD-ROM that accompanies the book. Now in full colour, with new units, even more exercises and a brand new CD-ROM, this updated edition retains all the key features of clarity and ease-of-use that have made the book so popular with students and teachers. This exciting and substantial new CD-ROM offers a wealth of extra practice material covering all the language in English Grammar in Use Third Edition. It provides interactive grammar practice exercises which link with each unit in the book. It can be used by students studying on their own with or without the book, and a network version for use in a classroom environment or self-access lab is also available.
9780521032841 Edited by Ed The Underground Economies Cambridge Academ
The most disturbing aspects of the growth of underground economies are the interrelated problems of unreported and unrecorded income. A large and growing underground economy can thwart fiscal efforts to establish budget balance and may significantly undermine the veracity of a nations economic information system. The notion that economic information is itself endogenous raises the possibility that at least part of the economic malaise observed in most Western nations during the past two decades is essentially the result of a statistical illusion. The essays in this volume examine the problems of defining, measuring and understanding the implications of the underground economies that have emerged in many of the worlds developed nations. Empirical chapters examine the conceptual problems of how to measure a phenomenon that attempts to defy detection. Alternative measurement procedures are evaluated. Specific studies are included for the United States, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden, Italy, Norway, Canada, France, the Soviet Union and Hungary.
9781588905086 Genden Head and Neck Cancer Thieme Verlagsgruppe
Designed to synthesize the collective wisdom of a tumor board, the book presents a multidisciplinary, evidence-based approach to the contemporary management of head and neck cancer. Expert authors and contributors provide a balanced literature review that provides the reader with a solid understanding of the fundamental concepts of the disease entity, descriptions of anatomy, physiology, and clinical presentation, discussion of diagnostic workup and the various management techniques.Highlights:*Each chapter features the clinical insights of a surgeon, a medical oncologist, and a radiation oncologist*Comprehensive coverage of the most important disease sites, including the oral cavity, oropharynx, hypopharynx, larynx, thyroid gland, salivary glands, nasal cavity and paranasal sinus, nasopharynx, and skin*Numerous case examples at the end of each chapter aid comprehension of each major malignancy and enable readers to match real life cases to the clinical situations described in the text*Practical discussion of managing carcinoma of unknown primary site*More than 140 illustrations demonstrate key concepts and surgical techniquesThe book is invaluable for practitioners, residents, and students in otolaryngologyhead and neck surgery, radiation oncology, and medical oncology, as well as for fellows in head and neck surgical oncology and major reconstructive surgery.
9780007247394 Sanjeev Bhas India with sanjeev bhaskar HarperCollins UK
Sanjeev Bhaskar, the comedian and writer behind The Kumars at No. 42 embarks on an epic and highly personal journey through modern India. Sanjeev`s characteristic humour and unique take on the country form the heart of this beautifully written travel book that became a Sunday Times bestseller in hardback when it accompanied his BBC series.
9781412945394 Peters Concise Handbook of Public Administration Sage Publications
Critically reflecting on the utility of scholarly theory and the extent to which government practices inform the development of this theory, this guide is suitable for both the practice of public administration and its on-going development as an academic discipline.
9780521034005 Edited by Ke Studies in Resource Allocation Processes Cambridge Academ
One of the central questions of economics relates to the coordination of individual units within a large organization to achieve the central objectives of that organization. This book examines the problems involved in allocating resources in an economic system where decision-making is decentralized into the hands of individuals and individual enterprises. The decisions made by these economic agents must be coordinated because the input decisions of some must eventually equal the output decisions of others. Coordination arises naturally out of the mathematical theory of optimization but there is still the question of how it can be achieved in practice with dispersed knowledge. The essays here explore the many facets of this problem. Nine papers are grouped under the title Economies with a single maximand. They include papers on static and dynamic optimization, decentralization within firms, and nonconvexities in optimizing problems. Fourteen papers are concerned with Economies with multiple objectives. Among the topics covered here are stability of competitive equilibrium, stability in oligopology, and dynamic shortages. The final part of the book includes three papers on informational efficiency and informationally decentralized systems. Leonid Hurwitcz is the Nobel Prize Winner 2007 for The Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel, along with colleagues Eric Maskin and Roger Myerson, for his work on the effectiveness of markets.
9780753513873 Bukowski Tales of Ordinary Madness (Re-issue) Transworld Publishers
A collection of short stories gives an insight into the dark, dangerous lowlife of Los Angeles that the inhabited. From prostitutes to classical music, the author of this book mixes high and low culture in his `tales of ordinary madness`. These are angry yet tender, humorous and haunting portrayals of life in the underbelly of Los Angeles.
9789812568021 Berry Lecture notes in data mining World Scientific Publishing
The continual explosion of information technology and the need for better data collection and management methods has made data mining an even more relevant topic of study. Books on data mining tend to be either broad and introductory or focus on some very specific technical aspect of the field.This book is a series of seventeen edited "student-authored lectures" which explore in depth the core of data mining (classification, clustering and association rules) by offering overviews that include both analysis and insight.The initial chapters lay a framework of data mining techniques by explaining some of the basics such as applications of Bayes Theorem, similarity measures, and decision trees. Before focusing on the pillars of classification, clustering and association rules, the book also considers alternative candidates such as point estimation and genetic algorithms.The book's discussion of classification includes an introduction to decision tree algorithms, rule-based algorithms (a popular alternative to decision trees) and distance-based algorithms. Five of the lecture-chapters are devoted to the concept of clustering or unsupervised classification. The functionality of hierarchical and partitional clustering algorithms is also covered as well as the efficient and scalable clustering algorithms used in large databases. The concept of association rules in terms of basic algorithms, parallel and distributive algorithms and advanced measures that help determine the value of association rules are discussed. The final chapter discusses algorithms for spatial data mining.
9781589231689 50 Ways to Paint a Wall Rockport/Rotovision
9781846289361 Blakeley Renal Failure and Replacement Therapies Springer
Increased recognition of the overlap between critical care and renal medicine as well as advances in understanding of acute renal failure and application of renal replacement therapies, have brought increased attention to the nephrologist`s role in intensive care unit. This book covers various aspects of renal system as seen from this perspective.
9783805582957 Stress The Brain-Body Connection Karger
9780340951989 Katie Macali Sex and the single vampire Hodder
Katie MacAlister`s second deliciously funny romp through her world of gorgeously alpha-male `Dark Ones` and the charismatic women they can`t help but fall for...
9781845876180 San Francisco Double Popout Map Compass
9780486465289 Heald F. 600 Decorative Floral Designs Dover
9780721604268 Francis Smit Rapid Interpretation of Heart and Lung Sounds, Elsevier Science
Composed of an audio CD and a companion book, this package demonstrates how to do accurate clinical evaluations of the heart and lungs in the examining room. It offers step-by-step instructions on how to identify, interpret, and differentiate heart and lung sounds in dogs and cats. It also offers illustrations of ECGs and PCGs.
9780240520469 Derek Lea Creative Photoshop: Digital Illustration and Art Techniques, cove Elsevier Science
A book/CD package that contains step-by-step tutorials to enhance your experience with Photoshop.
9780123736444 Fuster The Prefrontal Cortex, 4e Elsevier Science
Because of its role in such cognitive functions as working memory and decision-making, the prefrontal cortex, the principal `executive` structure of the brain, is critically involved in the organization of behavior, language, and reasoning. This title examines the contributions of relevant methodology, from comparative anatomy to modern imaging.
9780141021140 Ryszard Kapu Travels with Herodotus Penguin Books Ltd
Records how the author set out on his first forays to India, China and Africa with the great Greek historian constantly in his pocket. The author sees Louis Armstrong in Khartoum, visits Dar-es-Salaam, arrives in Algiers in time for a coup when nothing seems to happen (but he sees the Mediterranean for the first time).
9781847205940 Orhangazi Financialization and the Us Economy Edward Elgar Publishers
Profound transformations have taken place both in the US and the global economy, most especially in the realm of finance. Financial markets and transactions have been growing continuously in size and in importance while finance in general has acquired an increasingly prominent position in the economy. Ozgur Orhangazi brings together a comprehensive analysis of financialization in the US economy that encompasses historical, theoretical, and empirical sides of the issues.

He explores the origins and consequences of the dramatic rise of financial markets in the US economy and focuses on the impacts of this process of 'financialization' on the operations of the non-financial corporate sector.The book starts with a brief review of what financialization means and then documents the facts about financialization before moving on to provide a historical perspective on the evolution of financialization and its proximate causes. Next, the book compares various theoretical and empirical perspectives in an attempt to clarify the limits of our knowledge and outline what we know about the phenomenon and what we do not. In the second part, the author further explores the relationship between the financial and nonfinancial sectors of the economy and focuses on the effects of financialization on capital accumulation.The author provides a framework for analyzing the relationship between financialization and capital accumulation and offers evidence that the increase in nonfinancial corporations' (NFCs) financial investment rates and payments to financial markets have had negative effects on the real investment rates of NFCs.

Scholars and students working on the issues of financialization or interested in financial markets, investment, and capital accumulation will find this a valuable addition to their collection, as will the serious general rea er who wants to learn more about the causes and effects of the transformation of financial markets.
9780091926670 Rollins< Jam Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Random House
A novelisation of the movie "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull". This title captures the excitement and tension of Indy`s rollercoaster escapade. It contains the action, adventure, mythology and humour of the movie.
9780716799054 Jonathon Gru Public Finance and Public Policy 2e Palgrave
Gruber's Public Finance and Public Policy is written from the ground up to reflect current realities of public finance, enhancing its survey of traditional topics with an emphasis on empirical work and coverage of transfer programs and social insurance. The new edition is fully updated with the most recent data and research possible.
9780099513728 Wodehouse P. Very Good, Jeeves Random House
A collection of Jeeves stories, every one a winner, in which Jeeves endeavours to give satisfaction: by saving a grumpy cabinet minister from being marooned and attacked by a swan - in the process saving Bertie Wooster from his impending doom, and by rescuing Bingo Little and Tuppy Glossop from the soup (twice each).
9780387403267 Pathology of Melanocytic Nevi and Malignant Melanoma Springer
Featuring advances in the field of melanoma pathology, this book contains sections on the genetics and cytogenetics of melanoma, the sentinel lymph node procedure, the AJCC TNM staging system for melanoma and the mechanisms of melanoma metastasis. It illustrates each lesion and diagnosis with digitally enhanced color photomicrographs and tables.
9780470275887 Campbell The One Page Project Manager for IT Projects: Communicate and Manage Any Project With A Single Sheet of Paper Wiley
Shows managers how to reduce any project - no matter how big or complicated - to a simple, one-page document perfect for expressing essential details, communicating those details to upper management, and tracking progress. This title is suitable for overworked IT managers who understand the value of simplicity.
9780787988197 Gallos Business Leadership - A Jossey-Bass Reader 2e Wiley
Contains the best thinking on leadership from the biggest names in the business. This title offers leaders what they need to know to prepare for leadership challenges: how to understand the leadership process, identify opportunities, get things started right, avoid predictable pitfalls, and maximize success.
9781573402675 Narula Atlas of Cardiovascular Computed Tomography Springer
Presents a visual overview of the rapidly changing world of cardiac imaging. This atlas presents the widely used techniques of ultrasound, nuclear cardiology, and angiography are presented. It also reviews modalities, such as magnetic resonance imaging and positron emission computed tomography scanning.
9780781793414 Rhoton Rhoton s Cranial Anatomy and Surgical Approaches Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
9781405140324 Sie Manual of Surgical Treatment of Atrial Fibrillation Wiley
Summarises the surgical techniques used to treat the most common cardiac arrhythmia * Reorganizes and analyzes the many protocols described in the last 5 years * Guides the surgical community towards a surgical cure of AF * An international and multidisciplinary list of contributors .
9780141017914 Litt, T Hospital Penguin Books Ltd
Tells about blue murder and saving lives, having sex and surgery, falling in love and falling from a great height, crazy voodoo and hypnotic surveillance - it`s about the last days and the first days. This title presents the story of a lost boy wandering the corridors of a strange, antiseptic building, looking and hoping for a chance to get home.
9780375428784 Princeton Re Business School Essays that Made a Difference, 3rd Edition Random House (USA)
9780141039763 Parks Adele Tell Me Something Penguin Books Ltd
9780446407052 Patterson Ja Quickie, The Hachette Book Group
9781883011284 West, Nathan Novels and Other Writings Penguin USA
9781906388065 New Encyclopedia of Fashion Details Anova
Covers fashion details from belts and bows to hemlines, necklines through to sleeves, tucks and waistbands. This book includes details, which span the decades of the 20th and 21st centuries with illustrations of outfits from key periods to give context to certain details, from 1920s flapper outfits to bell-bottoms of the 1960s.
9782913903456 Mongin, Jean Officers and soldiers of the french imperial guard cavalry 1804-1815
9780340937778 Browne, Hest What the lady wants Hodder
Hester Browne is back with another tale of high jinks in high society, featuring the heroine of THE LITTLE LADY AGENCY and LITTLE LADY, BIG APPLE: Melissa Romney-Jones, and her sultry alter-ego - Honey .
9780415195065 Levack, Bria Witchcraft sourcebook Bookpoint
More than 100,000 people, mainly women, were prosecuted for the crime of witchcraft between 1450 and 1750. This new anthology looks at the connections between gender and witchcraft and how notions of witchcraft changed over time.
9780747573616 Harry potter and the chamber of secrets Bloomsbury
Harry can`t wait for his holidays with the dire Dursleys to end. But a small, self-punishing house-elf warns Harry of mortal danger awaiting him at Hogwarts School. Returning to the castle nevertheless, Harry hears a rumour about a chamber of secrets, holding unknown horrors to magicians of Muggle parentage.
9780723248286 Barker, Cice Flower fairies of the autumn Penguin Books Ltd
Features the fairies who hide among the fallen leaves, make mischief among the blackberries and encourage us to look at nature and learn to appreciate the true beauty and wonder of the `ordinary` world around us.
9780141013510 Orlando Fige The Whisperers Penguin Books Ltd
Drawing on letters, memoirs, conversations, this book tells the story of how Russians tried to endure life under Stalin. It recreates the sort of maze in which Russians found themselves, where an unwitting wrong turn could either destroy a family or, perversely, later save it.
9780747578659 Moore, Robin French connection Bloomsbury
An account of the breaking of an international drug-smuggling ring that took place from New York to Marseilles and involved over 300 policemen.
9789768184481 Richmond, Be Anancy and friends
9780785118022 Millar, Mark Ultimate fantastic four crossover
Even in their short careers, the Ultimate Fantastic Four have seen a lot of amazing things. Reed Richards has used his scientific genius to contact an Earth in a surprisingly familiar parallel dimension - and he`s ready to visit. Plus: The shocking secret of the Storm family is finally revealed.
9780123887511 Jonasz, Miro Light scattering by particles in water Elsevier Science
Focuses on the theoretical and experimental foundations of the study and modeling of light scattering by particles in water and critically evaluates the key constraints of light scattering models. This book also features a comprehensive index, numerous cross-references, and a reference list with over 1370 entries.
9780007257775 Slash Slash HarperCollins UK
It seems excessive...but that doesn`t mean it didn`t happen.
9780755327706 Matthews, Ca Welcome to the real world Hodder
Shortlisted for the Romantic Novel of the Year Award, this unforgettable love story between an undiscovered pop singer and a world-famous opera star is guaranteed to strike a chord
9781600590542 500 wedding rings
9780099480136 Burningham, Edwardo the horriblest boy in the whole wide world Random House
Edwardo is an ordinary boy, so sometimes he can be a bit grubby or clumsy, a bit cruel or noisy or rude. The more that he is criticised, the worse he becomes, until one day they call him `the horriblest boy in the whole wide world`. Just then, Edwardo`s luck begins to change, and a series of chance events reveal that really he is a lovely boy.
9781595580290 Ben Jelloun, Racism explained to my daughter
9780552548182 Said, S.f. Varjak paw Random House
Mesopotamian Blue cat Varjak Paw has never been outside before, but Varjak is forced out into the city when the sinister gentleman and his two menacing cats take over his home. With help from a mystical ancestor, he manages to overcome the challenges of survival, but can he save his family?
9781887521284 Simmala, B. Lao for beginners
9781847244062 Fenby, Jonat Dragon throne
Tells the story of China`s imperial dynasties from the Qin to the Manchu.
9780007269679 Hunter, Erin Lost warrior HarperCollins UK
Follow Greystripe in this brand new adventure, with powerful drawings bringing a whole new dimension to the Warrior cats series.
9780747593201 Holland, Tra The Archivist`s Story Bloomsbury
The great author Isaac Babel is spending his last days in the Lubyanka prison, forbidden to write. His final works have been consigned to the young archivist Pavel Dubrov, who must destroy them. But Pavel makes a reckless decision in the face of a vast bureaucracy of evil: he will save the stories of the writer he so admires, whatever the cost.
9781846097614 Gaar, Gillia Green day
Green Day has been delighting fans around the world, from their days as high school kids in the band Sweet Children, whose first gig was at a local rib joint, to the heights of success as Green Day, who now fill stadiums around the world. This book traces the band`s evolution, with interviews and first-hand accounts.
9781853119026 Robinson, Ge In the eye of the storm
In 2003, Gene Robinson was elected as the Bishop of New Hampshire - the first openly gay man to be called to serve in such a position. This memoir reflects his journey of faith, his life experiences, the concerns that matter most to him as a bishop and the controversy that has rocked the church he loves and to which he is committed.
9780563486398 Roberts, Gar Doctor who, only human
Who are the mysterious humans from the distant future now living in that distant past? Somebody`s interfering with time. The Doctor, Rose and Captain Jack arrive on modern-day Earth to find the culprit - and discover a Neanderthal Man, twenty-eight thousand years after his race became extinct.
9781853409714 Hopkins, Cat Double dare
9781416526407 Lutz, Lisa Spellman files Simon & Schuster
A deliciously witty, wildly inventive and wickedly funny debut featuring a family that puts the `fun` in dysfunctional
9780755309511 Hislop, Vict Island Hodder
Presents a portrayal of family ties, with vivid characters and a Cretan background.
9781846073496 Swallow, Jam Doctor who Random House
The peace and quiet of a remote homestead in the 1880s American West is shattered by the arrival of two shadowy outriders searching for `the healer`. When the farmer refuses to help them, they raze the house to the ground using guns that shoot bolts of energy instead of bullets.
9780738709307 Sholes, Lynn Hades project
Forged by the seventh generation grandson of Adam, used to pierce the side of Christ at the Crucifixion, and possessed by some of history`s most powerful men-Constantine, Attila the Hun, Adolf Hitler, Harry Truman - the Holy Lance is about to be used again.
9783836507752 Paris style
Paints a portrait of Old Paris with photographs of contemporary interiors.
9783899552072 Hayon, Jaime Jaime hayon works Gestalten
The Spanish designer and artist Jaime Hayon is a rising star in the international creative scene. It s safe to say that he will be one of the most influential designers in the years to come. Hayon embodies a new type of creative Renaissance man, who thanks to his interdisciplinary approach and extraordinary talent can realize his unique stylistic language across various areas and media. Whether he is creating interior design, furniture, illustration, tableware or decorative vases and ceramics, Hayon s signature style always shines through. Seemingly without effort, his designs coherently bring together diametrical opposites such as opulence and practicality, sensuality and precision as well as finesse and restraint. This first monograph about Jaime Hayon presents the full spectrum of his work. The book features projects such as his extensive ceramic installation for Bisazza in Milan and the interior design for La Terraza del Casino, an exclusive restaurant in central Madrid, as well as designer toys and furniture, including his award-winning bathroom collection, AQHayon. Ranging from clear and harmonious to playfully extravagant, all of the examples attest to his inimitable grasp of form, style and colour. In addition to his impressive body of work, which also includes his collaborations with international clients such as Camper, Swarovski and Lladro, the book contains previously unreleased personal sketches, illustrations and productions of new projects that will make its world premiere debut at the annual Milan Furniture Fair in April 2008. Documented by the photographer Nienke Klunder, these previously unpublished works have been exclusively created for Jaime Hayon Works and show facets of Hayon s talent that are revealed here for the first time.
9781582408064 Girls and goddesses pin-up art of joseph michael linsner
A Linsner Girl is one with a sparkle in her eye, a saucy pose and plenty of beautiful skin. This book features Dawn, Dark Ivory and other gorgeous Linsner pin-up girls.this edition.
9780764329845 Garrison, My Rare imperial glass patterns Schiffer
The Imperial Glass Company produced a wide range of beautiful glassware in many patterns and forms from 1901 to 1984. A thorough text and over 540 beautiful photos explore the many patterns, unique items, art glass pieces, private mould objects, wares made for customers to alter or decorate, and the glassware made in non-production colors that were produced by this prolific firm. Among the patterns displayed are Washington, New Rochelle, Pillar Flute, Laced Edge, Empire, Hobnail, Monticello, Cathay, "Molly," and "Zippered Heart." The text provides a brief history of Imperial, discussions of the firms patterns, wares, the companies that contracted with Imperial for special items, and a detailed bibliography. Prices for the wares displayed are found in the captions. This book will be a treasure for everyone who appreciates beautiful glassware.
9780810983724 Zuckerman A Wisdom: 50 Unique & Original Portraits w/DVD Abrams
Presents thoughts from Nelson Mandela, Frank Gehry, Judi Dench, The Dalai Lama, Desmond Tutu, Clint Eastwood, Ted Kennedy, Robert Redford, Vaclav Havel, Terence Conran, Buzz Aldrin, and more which reveal lifetimes of adversity and triumph, and present private insights into very public lives.
9780500287767 Jerry Pinto Bollywood Posters (pb) Thames & Hudson
On the streets of the vibrant and anarchic city of Mumbai, the film poster is a familiar splash of colour. It is an invitation to the pleasures of Bollywood, the world`s largest film industry. This title celebrates Bollywood`s film posters. It is suitable for film buffs, graphic designers and art-lovers.
9782850186462 Elle Decor Portfolios: Living Rooms Hachette Book Group
9780764139369 Friedman, Ja Dictionary of real estate terms 7ed. Barron`s educational series, inc
Accounts for changes in the real estate market, including the subprime crisis and other financial issues. This book contains approximately 3,000 short-entry definitions of real estate terms that cover appraisal, architectural styles, brokerage, construction, development, environmental finance, mortgage types, zoning, and much more.
9781863512930 Burr, Trish Redoute`s finest flowers in embroidery
This book brings to life in surface embroidery, the timeless, original flower paintings by the famous French artist, Pierre Joseph Redoute. The style of embroidery is unique in its use of certain aspects of traditional and modern surface techniques, together with raised and padded areas.
9781845763770 Robinson, Ja Batman face the face
When his parents were murdered, billionaire Bruce Wayne vowed to dedicate his life to avenging them. Now, he is Gotham City`s greatest protector... he is the Batman. It is one year after the events of Infinite Crisis, and Batman and Robin have been noticeably absent from Gotham. But now, a murderer is stalking the city.
9781905294770 Funke, Corne Inkheart
Meggie loves books. So does her father, Mo, a bookbinder, although he has never read aloud to her since her mother mysteriously disappeared. They live quietly until the night a stranger knocks at their door. He has come with a warning that forces Mo to reveal an extraordinary secret - a storytelling secret that will change their lives forever.
9781416042082 Bibbo M.,, W Comprehensive cytopathology Elsevier Science
Provides you with a guide to the diagnostic applications of exfoliative and aspiration cytology. This book covers the recognized normal and abnormal cytological findings encountered in a particular organ. Appropriate histopathological correlations and a consideration of the possible differential diagnosis accompany the cytological findings.
9780413728609 Welsh, I You ll Have Had Your Hole A & C Black
9780061626746 Carter, Davi American corporate identity 2009 HarperCollins USA
The American Corporate Identity Annual presents the best corporate brand work from the nations leading graphic design firms this year.
9780099534631 Kincaid Dog Named Christmas Random House
When Todd, a developmentally challenged young man, hears that a local animal shelter is seeking temporary homes for its dogs during the holiday week, he knows what he wants for Christmas. Animals are Todd`s first love, and his persistence overwhelms his father`s objections to befriending a canine, a reluctance that proves to have a painful origin.
9780739470862 The French Lieutenant s Woman Daedalus
9780385517836 Grisham John Associate, the Random House (USA)
9780099287674 Ackroyd Pete Poe Random House
Edgar Allan Poe served as a soldier and began his literary career composing verses modelled on Byron; soon he was trying out his 'prose-tales' - often horror melodramas such as "The Fall of the House of Usher". As editor of the "Literary Messenger" he was influential among critics and writers of the American South. His versatile writings - including, for example, "The Murders in the Rue Morgue" and "The Raven" - continue to resonate down the centuries.

Peter Ackroyd's biography of Poe opens with his end, his final days - no one knows what happened between the time when friends saw him off on the steam-boat to Baltimore and his discovery six days later dying in a tavern. This mystery sets the scene for a short life packed with drama and tragedy (drink and poverty) combined with extraordinary brilliance.Poe has been claimed as the forerunner of modern fantasy, and credited with the invention of psychological dramas (long before Freud), science fiction (before H.G. Wells and Jules Verne) and the detective story (before Arthur Conan Doyle).

Tennyson described him as 'the most original genius that America has produced'. He influenced European romanticism and was the harbinger of both Symbolism and Surrealism. Peter Ackroyd, who places significance on Poe's childhood (his travelling actor parents were miserably poor, his mother had TB and he was orphaned), claims that Poe found his family among writers - writers not only of his time but of the future generations who were influenced by the power of his imagination.
9780553819809 Charlotte Bi The Land Of Summer Transworld Publishers
"The Land of Summer" is the brilliant new novel from Transworld's very own Queen of Romance. Spanning two generations this is a love story about overcoming the odds and escaping the past. Letitia and Fitz have no idea that their histories are intertwined as they meet and fall in love.
9781905462186 Wood, Jon Ha Against nature
9780486990118 Weller Alan Geisha and Courtesans CD-ROM and Book Dover
9783791341330 Dotto, Gabri That`s opera: 200 Years of Italian Music Prestel Publishing Limited
The archive of the renowned Casa Ricordi music publisher opens its vaults for this opulent survey of opera history.
9780714128153 James Robins Masterpieces of Medieval Art Thames & Hudson
The British Museum has one of the world`s finest collections of antiquities from medieval Europe. This book investigates 150 of the important works of art, including the famous such as the Lewis chessmen, the Borradaile triptych, the St Eustace head reliquary, the Royal Gold Cup and medieval court art from the palaces of Westminster and Clarendon.
9780764141249 Schneider, S 101 horror movie Barron`s educational series, inc
9780486990361 Jeff A. Meng Mermaids and Other Inhabitants of the Deep CD-ROM and Book Dover
9780142414736 Anderson, La Speak 10th Anniversary Edition Penguin USA
9780452289611 De La Cruz, Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys Penguin USA
9781592578238 Layman, John CIG to Drawing Manga Illustrated, 2E Penguin USA
9781595142603 Hubbard, Man Prada and Prejudice Penguin USA
9780451227645 Maltin, Leon Leonard Maltin s 2010 Movie Guide Penguin USA
9783131440914 Schumpelick Atlas of General Surgery Thieme Verlagsgruppe
The ideal reference for over 150 common operationsThe Atlas of General Surgery is a highly practical, how-to reference for the most frequently performed operations. The book opens with a section on general aspects of surgery, such as the application of sutures, drains, catheters, venous ports, and punctures. The main section demonstrates the operations in step-by-step format, covering the anatomic regions including the skin and soft tissues, the neck, the thoracic wall and cavity, the abdominal cavity, the retroperitoneum, and the external genital organs. The author also covers surgery for hernias, colorectal surgery, pediatric surgery, vascular surgery, amputations, and trauma surgery. For precise and quick orientation, each surgical chapter presents a brief introduction to surgical preparation, anesthesia, positioning, relevant anatomy, risks, complications, and postoperative care, and then illustrates the operative technique through excellent drawings and detailed legends. Key features:- Covers all common surgeries any general surgeon needs to know- Step-by-step guide to each operative procedure- More than 1,200 high-quality drawings demonstrate surgical anatomy and technique, with each illustration showing one operative step- Didactic page layout allows for easy comprehension of the material- Practical tips, tricks, and pitfalls highlight crucial informationIdeal for all surgeons in training the Atlas of General Surgery is a handy, one-volume text that provides an overview of this broad field. It also serves as a valuable reference for the bookshelf of practicing surgeons who would like to consult a rapid review before surgery.Volker Schumpelick, MD, is Professor and Director, Department of Surgery, University Hospital Aachen, Aachen, Germany.
9781851495788 Neuman Inspired Jewellery Antique Collectors Club Ltd
Presents examples of jewelry from the 1940s onwards from the collection of the Museum of Arts & Design in New York. This book guides the reader through a diversity of materials, technique and approaches that make contemporary jewelry visually exciting and intellectually stimulating.
9781846680274 Zizek, Slavo Violence
Argues that the physical violence we see is often generated by the systemic violence that sustains our political and economic systems. With the help of eminent philosophers and frequent references to popular culture, this title examines the causes of violent outbreaks like those seen in Israel and Palestine and in terrorist acts around the world.
9781887521819 Gilbert, R.k Cambodian for beginners
9780141038315 Rosoff, M What I Was Penguin Books Ltd
On an East Anglian beach, a fragile wooden hut is harried daily by the sea. Until the day, one 16-year-old boy stops and comes face to face with the hut`s owner: enigmatic, beguiling, and beautiful Finn. The hut and the beach - but most of all Finn - provide a haven away from the petty rules and bullies. But they also hold a mysterious secret.
9780141442334 Collins, Nor London belongs to me Penguin Books Ltd
It is 1938 and the prospect of war hangs over every London inhabitant. But the city doesn`t stop. Everywhere people continue to work, drink, fall in love, and struggle to get on in life. At the lodging-house at Number 10 Dulcimer Street, Kennington, the buttoned-up clerk Mr Josser returns home with the clock he has received as a retirement gift.
9780393062038 The Meaning of Night: A Confession Daedalus
9780007243259 Faye Kellerm Cold case HarperCollins UK
LA detective Peter Decker and Rina Lazarus are back for another riveting thriller follow-up to 2007`s `The Burnt House`, from the bestselling Faye Kellerman
9780345477491 Karpyshyn, D Stw Darth Bane Rule Of 2 Random House (USA)
9780753817681 Martin, Stev Pleasure of My Company Orion Publishers
Daniel Cambridge is a thirty-three-year-old man who is slightly bewildered by life, and unable to find the right woman. But he`s very keen on Elizabeth who`s selling the flats across the street and Zandy who works in the local pharmacy. There`s also the murder of Bob from downstairs. Daniel has an alibi, but is still a suspect...
9780446502054 Lori Wilde All of Me Hachette Book Group
9780486235509 Art Deco Stained Glass Pattern Book Dover
9781405175722 Cardiac mapping Wiley
A guide to cardiac mapping. It focuses on developments in the field, such as mapping of complex arrhythmias, stereotaxis and image integration. It is suitable for basic and clinical electrophysiologists.
9780007266357 Fry Stephen Stephen fry in america HarperCollins UK
Britain's best-loved comic genius Stephen Fry turns his celebrated wit and insight to unearthing the real America as he travels across the continent in his black taxicab. Stephen's account of his adventures is filled with his unique humour, insight and warmth in the fascinating book that orginally accompanied his journey for the BBC1 series. 'Stephen Fry is a treasure of the British Empire.' - The Guardian Stephen Fry has always loved America, in fact he came very close to being born there.

Here, his fascination for the country and its people sees him embarking on an epic journey across America, visiting each of its 50 states to discover how such a huge diversity of people, cultures, languages, beliefs and landscapes combine to create such a remarkable nation. Starting on the eastern seaboard, Stephen zig-zags across the country in his London taxicab, talking to its hospitable citizens, listening to its music, visiting its landmarks, viewing small-town life and America's breath-taking landscapes - following wherever his curiosity leads him. Stephen meets a collection of remarkable individuals - American icons and unsung local heroes alike.

Stephen starts his epic journey on the east coast and zig-zags across America, stopping in every state from Maine to Hawaii. En route he discovers the South Side of Chicago with blues legend Buddy Guy, catches up with Morgan Freeman in Mississippi, strides around with Ted Turner on his Montana ranch, marches with Zulus in New Orleans' Mardi Gras, and drums with the Sioux Nation in South Dakota; joins a Georgia family for thanksgiving, 'picks' with Bluegrass hillbillies, and finds himself in a Tennessee garden full of dead bodies. Whether in a club for failed gangsters (yes, those are real b llet holes) or celebrating Halloween in Salem (is there anywhere better?), Stephen is welcomed by the people of America - mayors, sheriffs, newspaper editors, park rangers, teachers and hobos, bringing to life the oddities and splendours of each locale.

A celebration of the magnificent and the eccentric, the beautiful and the strange, Stephen Fry in America is our author's homage to this extraordinary country.
9780330457514 Middleton T Cliffhanger Pan Macmillan
Al Greenwood has decided to kill his wife, and he`s planned the perfect murder. But things don`t turn out quite the way he hoped, and Al finds himself committing more crimes to cover his tracks.
9780571242467 James, P.d. Private patient Faber
Notorious investigative journalist Rhoda Gradwyn books into a private clinic in Dorset for the removal of a disfiguring facial scar. She was never to leave there alive. Dalgliesh and his team are called in to investigate the murder, and later a second death, which are to raise even more complicated problems than the question of innocence or guilt.
9780552159708 Brown Dan Angels and demons film Transworld Publishers
When a world renowned scientist is found brutally murdered in a Swiss research facility, a Harvard professor, Robert Langdon, is summoned to identify the mysterious symbol seared onto the dead man`s chest. His baffling conclusion: that it is the work of the Illuminati, a secret brotherhood presumed extinct for nearly four hundred years.
9781580114455 SmartGuide: Trim, 2nd Edition Creative Homeowner
9780071635653 SIMON Clinical Neurology 7e McGraw-Hill
9781427809315 Kikuya, Mega Hack xxxx
Includes incidents such as Aura defeating Tarvos on her own and Cubia having a human avatar.
9780091927042 Thomas, Mark Belching Out the Devil Random House
Coca-Cola and its logo are everywhere. In our homes, our workplaces, even our schools. It is a company that sponsors the Olympics, backs US presidents and even re-brands Santa Claus. A truly universal product, it has even been served in space. This title investigates the stories and people Coca-Cola`s iconic advertising campaigns don`t mention.
9780521728867 Gunter Gerng Playway to English Level 2 Stories DVD PAL and NTSC Cambridge University Press
This colourful four-level course is for very young learners aged 5-7 years. English is acquired through play, which means children learn the language and have lots of fun at the same time. At Levels 1 and 2 children learn to use English confidently through listening and speaking before they are taught to read and write at Levels 3 and 4. For teachers looking for further support, optional components such as picture cards and musical videos are available for extra class work and practice. This DVD accompanies level 2 of the course.
9780486271651 Best Remembered Poems Dover
9780099532927 Harris T. Silence Of The Lambs Random House
An FBI trainee. A psychopath locked up for unspeakable crimes. And a serial killer getting ever closer to his latest victim... FBI rookie Clarice Starling turns to Dr Hannibal Lecter, monster cannibal held in a hospital for the criminally insane, for insight into the deadly madman she must find.
9780552156813 Robert Godda Found Wanting Transworld Publishers
9780747583691 Blumenthal, Big fat duck cookbook Bloomsbury
A work written by the winner of the Guild of Food Writers Food Book of the Year.
9780808924036 Loukas Gray s Anatomy Review. 2009 Elsevier Science
9780007267682 Jones, Diana Magicians of caprona HarperCollins UK
Glorious new rejacket of a Diana Wynne Jones favourite, featuring Chrestomanci -- now a book with extra bits!
9781583671801 The Unknown Cultural Revolution : Life and Change in a Chinese Village
9780752884332 James Erica It s The Little Things Orion Publishers
A gripping novel about how friendships survive the best and worst of times from the bestselling author of TELL IT TO THE SKIES.
9780099283577 Tanizaki J In Praise of Shadows Random House
Presents an essay on aesthetics by one of the Japanese novelists. This text ranges over architecture, jade, food, toilets, and combines a sense of the use of space in buildings, as well as descriptions of lacquerware under candlelight and women in the darkness of the house of pleasure.
9781845134907 Keogh, Pamel Audrey style Littlehampton
9781844548972 Herbert, Emi Michael jackson king of pop 1958-2009
9780847830572 English Country House Rizzolli
9788496099500 Top Young Eu Top Young European Architects Grange Books
9783805583763 Berhrens-Bau Developments in Ophthalmology Karger
9780521613101 Dennell The Palaeolithic Settlement of Asia Cambridge Academ
This book provides the first analysis and synthesis of the evidence of the earliest inhabitants of Asia before the appearance of modern humans 100,000 years ago. Asia has received far less attention than Africa and Europe in the search for human origins, but is no longer considered of marginal importance. Indeed, a global understanding of human origins cannot be properly understood without a detailed consideration of the largest continent. In this study, Robin Dennell examines a variety of sources, including the archaeological evidence, the fossil hominin record, and the environmental and climatic background from Southwest, Central, South, and Southeast Asia, as well as China. He presents an authoritative and comprehensive framework for investigations of Asias oldest societies, challenges many long-standing assumptions about its earliest inhabitants, and places Asia centrally in the discussions of human evolution in the past two million years.
9789089440327 Home Series 1: Living Rooms ACC-distribution titles
This Volume Is Concerned With What Many Would Consider The Central Room Of The Home: The Living Room. With Over 100 Gorgeous Colour Photographs, This Book Explores The Layouts And Trends In Contemporary Living Room Design.
9781596912748 Jane Austen s Guide to Good Manners Holtzbrink(MPS)
9781597642033 How To Draw How To Draw Animals Grange Books
9780446609418 Zettel S Quiet Invasion. The Hachette Book Group
9780446608824 Landsdale J Freezer Burn Hachette Book Group
After a botched holdup, Bill, a not-too-bright bungler who has been living with his dead mother in order to collect her social security checks, hides out in a traveling freak show.
9783764351878 Herzog & De Meuron - Complete Works Vol II: 1989 - 1991 Birkhauser Verlag AG
This volume traces the development of the work of the Basle architects Herzog and de Meuron. Much emphasis is placed on the initial design processes, made tangible through plans and sketches. Finished buildings are presented in great detail. Spanning the years 1989 to 1991, it covers 32 projects, including the well-known copper-clad signal box and locomotive depot, the repository for the Goetz art collection, and the Pfaffenholz sports centre in St Louis. The urban analyses emerging from the large-scale study, "Basel, a City in the Making?", form a focal point in the volume, as do the master plans for the university campus at Dijon and the town sector of Sils Cuncas in the upper Engadine.
9780330346566 Smith M C Polar Star Pan Macmillan
On "psychiatric rehabilitation" in Siberia, Arkady Renko is exiled on Polar Star, a Soviet factory ship which trawls the freezing waters from Siberia to Alaska. His movements are being shadowed by those who know his past. Then Renko is given a chance to regain his freedom.
9780679744399 Mccarthy All the Pretty Horses Random House (USA)
Cut off from the life of ranching he has come to love by his grandfather's death, John Grady Cole flees to Mexico, where he and his two companions embark on a rugged and cruelly idyllic adventure.
9780345285546 Brooks Elfstones of Shannara Random House (USA)
Ancient, ultimate evil threatened the Elves and the Races of Man. For the Ellcrys, the tree of long-lost Elven magic, was dying, loosing the spell of Forbidding that locked the hordes of Demons away from Earth. Already the fearsome Reaper was free. Only one source had the power to stop it: the Elfstones of Shannara.
9780679776536 Baxter Believers Random House (USA)
9781851490219 Caspal Fire and Light in Home Pre-1820 Antique Collectors Club Ltd
This text sheds light on the array of highly collectable, decorative and interesting paraphernalia used in lighting the home. John Caspall has traced the developments in this field beginning with the advent of fire, through to 19th century inventions such as the chemical match.
9781558592452 Hugh Davies Francis Bacon Abbeville Press
Briefly traces the life of English painter, shows a representative sample of his work, and discuses his style and technique.
9780500201800 Cyril Aldred Egyptian Art PB Thames & Hudson
9780330317528 Rawn M Sunrunner s Fire Pan Macmillan
The third fantasy epic in the "Dragon Prince" series. The Sunrunners now have the ancient Star Scroll: an arcane fund of forgotten spells and knowledge - the only record of an old foe that is now against them once more. Andry, the new Lord of Goddess Keep, must struggle to unlock its secrets.
9780679723431 Nabokov Vlad Despair Random House (USA)
9780330376945 Banks R Affliction (tv Tie-in) Pan Macmillan
9781854900289 New Classicism Omnibus Hb Grange Books
9780702025297 Paul O Byrne Manual of Asthma Management Elsevier Science
This unique manual provides comprehensive, yet practical and easily accessed advice on the key issues of asthma management in both adult and paediatric patients. The second edition will continue to help all those involved with the care of asthmatic patients to apply the recently updated national and international guidelines (see attached article). It will combine vital information on how to tackle practical, clinical issues, whilst at the same time highlight the essential basic science to aid diagnosis, management and treatment. Features: * Gives solutions to day-to-day clinical problems in asthma management. Areas of controversy and alternative treatment strategies are discussed. * Clear, concise practical advice on guideline interpretation - helps the reader to clarify asthma severity and, based on this, outlines appropriate treatment plans. * Text annotated throughout with diagrams illustrating stepwise approaches to selected aspects of asthma management, e.g. treatment of asthmatic patients in the emergency department. * Each chapter concludes with a list of "summary points" and specific key references are highlighted with icons throughout. New to this edition: * Five completel
9780451167804 King Stephen Firestarter Penguin USA
A story featuring a sinister government agency, a fateful drug experiment, and a pigtailed girl named Charlie, who has an unimaginably terrifying gift.
9780443076398 Lasers in Cutaneous & Cosmetic Surg. Elsevier Science
This text is designed to provide the practitioner with a practical guide to the indications, contraindications, applications, benefits and possible complications of cutaneous laser surgery. It provides up-to-date guidance on the application of lasers in the treatment of skin disease, helping practitioners to integrate the latest techniques into their clinical practice.
9780380792948 Nylund E Signal Shattered HarperCollins USA
Cryptographer Jack Potter's business dealings with an alien named Wheeler have resulted in the near-total destruction of humankind, but he has survived on the moon with the remnants and plans to start over again. Reprint.
9780380789146 Matthews S R Prisoner of Conscience HarperCollins USA
The honorable Inquisitor Andrej Kosciusko, who adroitly extricates confessions from enemies of the ruling Judiciary, must uncover the deception and betrayals that lie beneath the surface of Domitt Prison before he loses his career and his life.
9780380018178 Mccullough C Thorn Birds HarperCollins USA
Now, twenty-five years after it first took the world by storm, Colleen McCulloughs sweeping family saga of dreams, titanic struggles, dark passions, and forbidden love in the Australian Outback returns to enthrall a new generation. As powerful, moving, and unforgettable as when it originally appeared, it remains a monumental literary achievement-a landmark novel to be readand read again!
9783764355937 De Portzampa Christian De Portzamparc Birkhauser Verlag AG
The Cite de la Musique in Paris (1984-1995) brought Christian de Portzamparc international fame. This complex appeals through the sculptured character of the individual buildings, the love of detail obvious throughout, and the subtle combination of materials. This monograph documents some of the most important recent buildings and projects of the Paris architect. In addition, the urban works of Portzamparc are highlighted, illustrated by projects.
9783764358839 Narula New Cytokines as Potential Drugs Birkhauser Verlag AG
Over the past ten years, a number of cytokines and growth factors have proven to be as effective therapeutics. While these products have certainly established recombinant biologics as a major pharmaceutical growth sector, the continued interest in this class of drugs arises from the fact that today we have a far better understanding of the human immune response, both at a cellular and molecular level. This has resulted in a more methodical characterisation of these factors which has given clinical researchers an opportunity to plan Phase 1 clinical trials that can provide substantial information on the activity of the cytokine in humans. Currently, a great deal of effort is also being channelled into identifying cytokines from the various DNA databases. Our major objective for this book is to profile cytokines that have been recently identified. The therapeutic potential of these cytokines based on their known properties will be discussed by the authors. The main aim of this book is to provide...
9781567203516 International Business Eurospan
International business research has been slowly evolving over the last three decades, but is still a relatively new area in U.S. business education programs. This text, stemming from an October 1999 conference held at St. Mary's University, contains insights from 22 specialists (mostly American) int
9780781728041 Elzouki Textbook of Clinical Pediatrics.2001 Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
Writt by more than 100 eminent pediatricians and scientists from leading medical schools, hospitals, and health centers around the world, this text provides a broad, global view of contemporary pediatrics practice. In 267 chapters, the book encompasses virtually all pediatric subspecialties and covers every problem affecting every organ system. The contributors present practical, scientifically based approaches to the diagnosis, treatment, and management of each clinical problem. Many chapters include actual case histories to reinforce important clinical principles. This is a valuable desk reference and resource for all health care practitioners who treat children, including pediatricians, family physicians, and residents
9780781731768 Sobotta Joha Atlas of Human Aanatomy V1 Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
Now in its thirteenth edition , this classic anatomy atlas is divided into two volumes. Volume one covers the head, neck, and upper extremities. Volume two covers the trunk and lower extremities. Many of the black and white illustrations have been converted to colour in this edition, and chapter figures include orientational diagrams to give students much needed structural references. Lecturers - Click here to order a FREE Review Copy of this title !
9780812548099 Goodkind Ter Stone of Tears #2 Holtzbrink(MPS)
9780789303691 Mad Ave Rizzoli USA
The Art Directors Club surveys eight decades of top-notch advertising in this colorful, revealing bookrom Chesterfield's 1920s cigarette campaign to Nike's "Just Do It" advertising blitz in the 1980s and 1990s.
9780786918072 Weis/hickman Dragons of a Fallen Sun Random House (USA)
Forty years after the destructive "Chaos War," dragons have divided the continent among them, but a magical storm will begin to shake up the existing order.
9780500201633 John Boardma Greek Sculpture: Archaic Period Thames & Hudson
9780500202852 John Boardma Greek Sculp: Late Classical Period Thames & Hudson
The last in a series of Sir John Boardman`s handbooks on Greek sculpture, covering the fourth century B.C. to the days of Alexander the Great. The innovations of the period are discussed, such as the female nude and portraiture and many important monuments such as the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus.
9780446364768 Sheldon Sidn Stars Shine Down Hachette Book Group
9780099416425 Stone Lust for Life Random House
A biography of Van Gogh. No artist has been more ruthlessly driven by his creative urge, nor more isolated by it from most ordinary sources of human happiness, than Vincent Van Gogh. A painter of genius, his life was an incessant struggle against poverty, madness and despair.
9780813368405 Simonsen Citizen Participation in Resouce Allocation Perseus
Not all citizens seek to extract a free lunch from government by demanding more services at the same time that they eschew taxes. It is possible to gather the insights of an representative and informed citizenry in sophisticated and reliable form. Citizen Participation in Resource Allocation explores the means to obtaining informed insight from citizens in ways that can aid decision-makers who seek to understand the preferences of the public as a whole not just from its most vocal critics. Not all citizens seek to extract a free lunch from government by demanding more services at the same time that they eschew taxes. It is possible to gather the insights of an representative and informed citizenry in sophisticated and reliable form. Citizen Participation in Resource Allocation explores the means to obtaining informed insight from citizens in ways that can aid decision-makers who seek to understand the preferences of the public as a whole not just from its most vocal critics. Simonsen and Robbins present a description and analysis of several specific participation efforts from throughout the United States. They also examine more generally the idea of participation mechanisms, the ob
9780847822102 Faces of Impressionism Rizzoli USA
Based on a new exhibition at the Baltimore Museum of Art, a new look at the Impressionists features popular and lesser-known work from Mary Cassatt, Paul Cezanne, Edgar Degas, Edouard Manet, Claude Monet, and others.
9780500281635 Siegfried Wi Japonisme: PB Thames & Hudson
Japans door to the outside world was opened in 1858, ending a 200-year period of total isolation. The wealth of superb Japanese traditions of ceramics, metalwork and architecture, as well as printmaking and painting, reached the West and brought with it electrifying ideas of composition, colour and design. This book focuses on Japonisme.
9780821223253 Forrest T At Bulfinch Anatomy of Antique Furniture Hachette Book Group
9780500510605 The Tastemakers: u.k. Art Now Thames & Hudson
In this irreverent, gossipy, questioning and amazingly well-informed inside story, BBC Arts Correspondent, Rosie Millard, identifies The Tastemakers, the cultural movers and shakers - artists, dealers, curators, art teachers, entrepreneurs - who have made visual art the culture of choice in Britain today. Over a hundred of these people speak to her frankly about how they pulled off the impossible trick of effectively changing taste. They range from Gavin Turk and Mark Wallinger to Nick Serota, Michael Craig-Martin and Jay Jopling, and from the head of Selfridges to the inventor of 'Changing Rooms', revealing the impact of the visual arts revolution on a much wider stage. This network of links and influences is itself given creative expression in artist Adam Dant's foldout, The Mystery of British Culture, while the participants are photographed making art, or making waves - sometimes both - by Geraint Lewis.
9780789207081 Douglas Curr In Advance of the Landing Abbeville Press
Since it was first published in 1985, Douglas Curran's photographic exploration of the strange world of UFO "true believers" has established itself as a classic work not only within the New Age/UFO community, but among sociologists, psychologists, and in the art and photography communities. This new edition, with an expanded text revisiting the Roswell, New Mexico, incident of 1947, brings back this essential work in a handsome new edition. As Tom Wolfe explains in his foreword: "Douglas Curran is not only a photographer but also a reporter, and an extremely gifted one. I am tempted to suggest that he also qualifies as an anthropologist, but I think I will leave it at 'reporter.' To be a reporter of Douglas Curran's caliber is a lofty enough achievement. He has discovered an exotic world, and for eight years he has traveled remote terrains throughout the United States and Canada exploring it. This book is the culmination of a quest that, by terrestrial standards, is as extraordinary as that of the people he brings to life." In the course of that long quest, Curran recorded-in sympathetic words and perceptive photographs-the ideas and experiences of individuals whose obsession with outer space inspired them to create elaborate homemade spaceships and even more elaborate belief systems. Now updated with several new photographs and an expanded text-and more relevant than ever, given the popularity of The X-Files and other investigations of alien life-In Advance of the Landing remains the definitive probe of a singularly fascinating subculture.
9780140622171 Joyce Dubliners Penguin Books Ltd
A sequence of stories depicting middle-class Catholic life in Dublin. The frustrations of childhood, disappointments of adolescence and mystery of sexual awakening are related with clarity and sensitivity.
9780721675145 Swartz Textbook of Physical Diagnosis 3/e Harcourt Publishers Limited
9781853262791 Sterne Sentimental Journey Wordsworth
Celebrated in its own day as the progenitor of "a school of sentimental writers", "A Sentimental Journey" (1768) has outlasted its many imitators because of the humour and mischievous eroticism within. Setting out to journey to France and Italy, Mr Yorick gets little further than Lyons but finds much to appreciate, in contrast to contemporary travel writers whom Sterne satirizes in the figures of Smelfungus and Mundungus. A master of ambiguity and double entendre, Sterne is nevertheless as concerned as his peers with exploring the nature of virtue; unlike other writers of sentimental fiction Sterne insists on the inseparability of desire and feeling. This new edition includes a selection from "The Sermons of Mr Yorick", which shed light on the concerns of the "Journey", "The Journal to Eliza", which records Sterne's feelings as he languishes for the company of Eliza Draper, and "A Political Romance", the satire on a local ecclesiastical squabble that was the catalyst for Sterne's literary career.
9780521624862 Cambridge First Certificate Grammar and Usage, SB Cambridge University Press
Cambridge First Certificate Grammar and Usage New Edition provides thorough, communicative language work for general English students and candidates preparing for Paper 3 of the Cambridge First Certificate examination. Each unit contains innovative activities centred around one main language area. Students draw useful information from the grammar reference sections, practise with a wide range of exercise types and apply this knowledge to the exam-specific tasks which appear in the fully updated exam focus sections at the end of each unit. They are guided throughout the book by clear explanations and helpful illustrated hints. Cambridge First Certificate Grammar and Usage adopts a task-based approach to encourage students to formulate grammar rules for themselves, while introducing them to different grammar learning strategies.
9780333335291 Business Communication Palgrave
9780330244046 Smith Wilbur Eagle in the Sky Pan Macmillan
From the author of THE SEVENTH SCROLL and THE DARK OF THE SUN, a thriller which combines both combat action and romance to tell the story of a rich jet fighter pilot, who becomes involved in Israel's war for national survival, after he falls in love with a beautiful Israeli writer.
9781857033298 Organising Effective Training How to books
How to plan and run successful courses and seminars.
9780714825939 The Chinese Potter Phaidon Press Ltd.
China has the longest and most highly developed ceramic tradition in the world, encompassing early Neolithic earthenwares, the finely glazed stoneware pieces of the Song period, and the years of Imperial patronage and export ware for the new markets of the West. Most studies of Chinese art deal with types, period or styles, but this historical examination of Chinese ceramics, which uses recent research, explains how the evolution of pottery depended upon the technological developments of the Chinese culture. The book's practical approach makes full use of archaeological reports to show how differing geographical areas, materials and developing technology all shaped the evolution of Chinese ceramics.
9780521485340 CAE Listening and Speaking Skills Audio Cassettes (2) Cambridge University Press
"Cambridge CAE Skills offer a bridge between communicative methodology and the needs of the exam class.
9780030311574 Chance Into to Derivatives 5e + Cd Harcourt Publishers Limited
This book is designed for either a one-or two-semester course in options and/or futures, derivatives, and/or risk management at the advanced undergraduate or MBA level. It includes coverage of options, futures, forwards, swaps, and risk management - as well as an introduction to pricing, trading, and strategy - and allows instructors to selectively tailor inclusion of topics/chapters to fit the length of the course.
9780521799881 Felicity O D Objective CAE Cambridge University Press
Objective CAE is a new course from Cambridge University Press. Like Objective FCE, it combines thorough and systematic exam practice with improving candidates overall language level. Short units organised by genre and topic. Regular 'Exam folders' provide systematic exam preparation and practice and cover each paper in detail. Special 'Writing folders' give practice in writing skills and exam techniques for all the range of skills needed for Paper 2. Regular revision units. Frequent Vocabulary and Exam Spots offer practical advice and helpful hints. A comprehensive 'Grammar folder' provides further explanation and practice. The Workbook contains optional extension activities ideal for self-study.
9780330481380 Phillips Sc Ice Harvest Pan Macmillan
It is Christmas Eve in Wichita, Kansas and snowing steadily. But family get-togethers are the last thing on Charlie Arglist`s mind, and home is the last place he needs to be. For Charlie has to get out of town. This book tells about double-cross, black humour and, very possibly, the last twenty-four hours in Charlie Arglist`s life.
9780140192384 Castaneda Ca Teachings of Don Juan Penguin Books Ltd
Castaneda's first book in the Don Juan series. He meets Don Juan and is introduced to his magical world and philosophy by means of hallucinogenic plants and special exercises. The author's other books include "The Fire Within" and "The Quest for Ixtlan".
9780751530759 Carr,Caleb Killing Time Little, Brown
It is 2023. The staphylococcus plague of 2006 has killed 40 million people; the crash of '07 has wrecked the economy; and the 2018 assassination of President Emily Forrester has tumatized the US. Dr Gideon Wolfe, professor of criminal psychology, discovers that all information can be manipulated.
9789057680106 Signs & Symbols Pepin Press
9781857988178 Wolfe g Fifth head of cerberus, the Orion Publishers
On the twin colony planets of Saintes Anne and Croix, civilization is a mix of the archaic and the futuristic, with slavery and advanced science co-existing. Were the shapeshifting alien inhabitants of Sainte Anne exterminated by the colonists, or did they kill the humans and adopt their identity?
9781842122303 Fischer l Life of lenin, the Orion Publishers
Lenin lived and breathed for the revolution and died having changed the course of history throughout the world. His incredible strength of will and personality, his fantastic organisational ability and complete dedication to the goal of revolution enabled him to surmount domestic dissension and disorder, political rivalries, and economic ruin. It was his supreme ability to adapt, to change, to pursue any means to achieve his ends that enabled the revolution to survive. This work is a history of the Russian revolutionary movement and of Soviet Russia from 1917-1964 wrapped up in a detailed biography of Lenin, and is by a devoted scholar of Soviet affairs and close aquaintance of Lenin.
9788489861749 Modern Interiors Links International
After the euphoria of design in the 1980s, in the 1990s there seemed to be a return to a more natural and logical view of private space. The achievements of the 1980s have been adapted to a new functional aesthetics, whose main parameters are comfort and quality of life. This volume presents some of the most representative projects of this new way of understanding the domestic environment, based on the logic of the layout and the profound relationship of the person with the inhabited space.
9780552999915 Parker I Men in her life, the Transworld Publishers
Two women who are both unsatisfied with their lives, attend a funeral only to find out that they are in fact sisters who have been raised separately since birth. Their lives may never be the same again.
9780300077629 Challenge of The Avant-Garde, The Yale University Press
This volume traces the challenge posed to the academic canon by the emergent avant-garde of the early and mid-19th century. It considers the shifts in its development through the later 19th and 20th century and its eventual incorporation as a form of modern canon by the eve of World War II.
9783935015172 Erotic Moments Art Stock
9780141391090 Cross r Battle of kursk Penguin Books Ltd
Citadel was the codename for the German attack on Kursk in 1943, and it was the last major German offensive to be launched in the east in an attempt to regain impetus after the battle of Stalingrad. However, the advantage had swung towards the Soviet forces and they never let it go. Following the Battle of Kursk, they not only seized the strategic initiative but also established an inexorably growing momentum which culminated in the fall of Berlin nearly two years later. The German thrusts were contained within tatalizing grasp of success, after which the Red Army delivered a series of crushing counterblows which drove the Wermacht back beyond the Dneiper. Hitler had gambled all on a single throw and had lost. Kursk was the greatest clash of armoured forces in history, and the decisive land battle of World War II. This title examines what happened in Operation Citadel.
9780124413511 The Immunoglobulin Factsbook Elsevier Science
This is a reference for all functional and ORF immunogbulin genes. Introductory chapters present up-to-date information on immunoglobulin structural and biological properties, chain synthesis, gene chromosomal localization, and organization of the IGH, IGK and IGL loci. This is followed by entries on all the 203 functional and ORF variable, diversity, joining and constant genes in man, and a complete overview of the potential repertoire of the immunoglobulin heavy, kappa and lambda loci.
9780443070754 Jennifer Pry Physiotherapy for Respiratory and Cardiac Problems Elsevier Science
Physiotherapy for Respiratory and Cardiac Problems is now internationally recognised as an essential textbook and reference source for students and practitioners working with patients with cardiac and respiratory problems. The book takes a problem solving approach to the practical skills necessary for the assessment, planning and implementation of physiotherapy for both children and adults.
9780425177365 Cook R Abduction Penguin USA
A mysterious transmission from the depths of the Atlantic Ocean sends a team of oceanographers and divers on a perilous quest in search of a discovery that could transform modern science and the future of humankind.
9783764365004 Jodidio P Jean-Paul Viguier Birkhauser Verlag AG
Jean-Paul Viguier is one of the few French architects to work extensively beyond the boundaries of Europe. Besides numerous buildings in France, he has realized projects in Asia and in the United States. He is particularly interested in the urban perspective and has been involved in a number of town development projects, including Cergy-Pontoise, Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines and L'isle d'Abeau. In Bandar Nusajaya, close to Malaysia's border with Singapore, he was responsible for designing an entirely new town for 650,000 inhabitants. This monograph covers the last ten years of Viguier's work, from 1992 to 2002, documenting 16 buildings and projects. Some of the most notable are the Andre Citroen Park in Paris, the French Pavilion at Expo 92 in Seville, the Franco-Chinese Centre at Tong Ji University in Shanghai and the Sofitel Hotel in Chicago. Philip Jodidio was born in 1954 in New Jersey and studied the history of art and economics at Harvard. Since 1980, he has been editor-in-chief of the French arts journal "Connaissance des Arts", based in Paris. He has also written many publications on contemporary architecture.
9780781726610 Anderson Anderson s Electronic Atlas of Hematology, Version 2.0 Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
Containing over 900 color images, this multimedia CD-ROM helps learners identify and study the morphology of cells from peripheral blood and bone marrow. It features a section on microorganisms associated with hematologic disease, comparisons of cells that are commonly confused, and 125 morphology evaluation questions with answers and rationales.
9780450011849 Herbert Fran Dune Hodder
The epic story of the planet Arrakis, its Atreides rulers and their mortal enemies the Harkonnens is the finest, most widely acclaimed and enduring science fiction novel of this century.
9780752844817 Hamilton S Winter of The Wolf Moon Orion Publishers
It's winter in Paradise, a small town in Michigan's Upper Peninsula on the frozen borders of Canada. After ploughing the new snow from his drive every morning, Alex McKnight is content to stay warm in front of the fireplace at the Glasgow Inn with a bottle of his favourite Canadian beer. Once a catcher in the minor leagues, later a Detroit police officer, Alex gave the private eye business a try and it ended up being the 'second worst' mistake of his life. So when a young native American woman of the Ojibwa tribe comes to him for help, Alex is reluctant to become involved. Nor does he want anything to do with goofy Leon Prudell who wants to get back in the PI business and has fixed on Alex as his partner. But before you can say 'storm warning' events have spun out of Alex's control. Soon he'll have to deal with an entire team of drug-crazed hockey goons, two mysterious men wearing guns and hunting caps, and a cold-blooded killer from the other side of the world. Perhaps Alex needs that new partner after all ...
9781864700664 Int. Architecture Yearbook No.6 (Mill Cb Images
This reference provides over 100 corporate, educational, institutional, public, recreational, retail, and residential projects by top architects and firms. Each project includes text description, specifications, cost data and plans, along with full-colour photography.
9780632059713 Talley Clinical Examination.2001.IE Wiley
Students in numerous countries rely on this well-established medical text. Like preceding editions, Clinical Examination (fourth edition) provides students with clear and sensible explanations of clinical methods. Building from an introductory to an advanced level, and retaining popular key elements earlier editions, the book has been completely revised and updated. One important new feature is the annotated reference, which provides the beginning of an evidence- based approach to physical examination techniques. Other additions include: more material on listening to patients, new photographs of important clinic signs,
9780679733522 Polito R Savage Art: A Biography of Jim Thompson Random House (USA)
9780821228104 Flor Garduno: Inner Light Daedalus
Sensual and symbolic female nudes and still lives form this collection of reproduced tritone images by Mexican photographer Flor Garduno. In contrast to Garduno's first three books, which were essentially diaries of her travels throughout the Americas, this is a diary of her personal, interior landscape. The images were all taken in and around her homes in Mexico and Switzerland. Always using natural light, she has created a series of photographs that bring a magical lyricism to black-and-white photography. An introduction by Veronica Volkow, the Mexican poet, plays up the metaphoric qualities in Garduno's images, exploring the resonance of the word "flower", in Flor's name and in her sensual imagery.
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