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9781855327955 The German Army 1939-45(3) the Eastern Front 1941-43 Osprey
This is the third volume in a series of five books on the German army of World War II. Covering the Eastern Front, the book includes the organization, campaigns and uniforms of the army, beginning with the attack on the Soviet Union and ending with their defeat at Stalingrad in 1943.
9780810913974 Storr Art 21: 1 Abrams
In four sections - on identity, place, consumption and spirituality - the authors of this book introduce the concepts and vocabulary of contemporary art, and explore issues such as how artists address sexual or racial identity in their work, and how creativity is affected by changing notions of place in today's era of transnationalism and cyberspace. The book introduces approximtely 20 contemporary American artists working in a variety of media, including painting, photography, sculpture, installation. Some of the artists featured are: James Turrell, Ann Hamilton, Laurie Anderson, Sally Mann, Richard Serra, Matthew Barney, Maya Lin, Michael Ray Charles, Mel Chin, Barbara Kruger, Louise Bourgeois and Bruce Nauman.
9783791323503 Doschka R Pablo Picasso Human Form in The 20Th Century Prestel Publishing Limited
The human form was always a central motif in Picasso's work. The vast range of his artistic styles reflects the metamorphosis that the human form has undergone during the last 100 years. This volume presents 150 outstanding works on paper from the most famous museums and collections in the world. It also provides a unique overview of the artist's work, underlining Picasso's dramatic influence on the development of art throughout the whole of the 20th century.
9780552999922 Parker i More innocent times Transworld Publishers
This is a story about love, jealousy and mystery that effects two generations of one family.
9783897900127 Perspectives ACC-distribution titles
Greg Gorman's portraits of stars and his nude photography are distinguished by a love for stark contrasts of light and shade without precedent in modern photogrhy. His inimitable style reveals what is unique about each of his models' personalities. This stunning book offers one of America's leading portrait photographers the scope for a sweeping panorama covering thirty years of his best work. With a foreword by Peter Weiermaier. Portraits of 158 stars of screen, fashion and the music scene, including Sophia Loren, John Travolta, Leonardo Di Caprio, Antonio Banderas, Johnny Depp, Iggy Pop, Iman, Jude Law, Michael Jackson, Liam Neeson, Wesley Snipes and Orson Welles. Complementing these portraits are stunning nude photographs of both men and women, making this an absolute must for all lovers of photography.
9780241141830 Foe j s Everything is illuminated Penguin Books Ltd
9780124975705 Environmental Microbiology Elsevier Science
This textbook focuses on environmental microbiology rather than the more traditional field of microbial ecology. Environmental microbiology can be defined as the study of the applied effects of micro-organisms in the environment on human activities, while microbial ecology studies the relationships or interactions of micro-organisms between themselves and their environment. The first part of the book provides a comprehensive introduction to microbiology for students of environmental science with little microbiology background. Topics then progress to the nature of the different possible environments in which the microbes are situated, the methodologies used to monitor microbes and their activities, and the potential effects of these microbes on human activities.
9781560534587 Roque Pifarr Evidence-based Managment of the Acute Coronary Syndrome Elsevier Science
Acute coronary syndrome (ACS) is at present the most common clinical entity requiring admission of a patient to an inpatient cardiology service. In the past, evaluation and treatment options for patients with this syndrome were either empirical or based on observational reports of clinical outcome Recent clinical trials have resulted in a deeper, evidence-based understanding of the pathophysiology, presentation, risk assessment, and management of the acute coronary syndrome and its subsets (e.g., unstable angina and myocardial infarction). This book organizes the data gleaned from these trials to present the best use of individual forms of evaluation and treatment to provide optimal patient outcome. It is a clear, concise source for everything the cardiologist, cv surgeon, emergency physician or others on the frontlines of caring for patients with chest pain need to know and the only book on this topic that is evidence-based.
9780425183755 Barr N Blood Lure Penguin USA
While studying grizzly bears in Waterton/Glacier National Peace Park on the border of Montana and Canada, ranger Anna Pigeon finds herself in the midst of a series of deadly bear attacks that leave her struggling to re-evaluate her own view of nature.
9783764365431 Schittich C Masonry Construction Manual Birkhauser Verlag AG
The construction manuals from Edition Detail have set new standards in the field of specialist literature, becoming an indispensable part of any architect's library. The latest volume in this series examines brickwork and the wide range of possibilities it offers. A completely new and revised edition, it documents in detail the technical principles involved in using brickwork for building, it examines the various materials used, their properties, the sizes and forms of bricks, the bonds, and the behaviour of brickwork under stress. The methods of building with brick are also dealt with in detail. In addition, full information is provided on the requirements with respect to heat, damp, sound-proofing and fire protection, and the most recent standards and norms are listed. Finally, a large number of built examples are presented, complete with plans and details, all of which illustrate the many applications of brickwork in contemporary construction. All plans have been specially produced by the editorial department Detail for this book and for ease of comparison, they have been drawn to the same scale.
9780781716093 Arana HB of Psichiatric Drug Therapy.4ed.IE Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
Now in its updated Fourth Edition , this "easy-to-us reference features chapters on each of the major classes of drugs used in current psychiatric practice. For each drug class, the authors cover mechanisms of action, indications and therapeutic uses, side effects and toxicity, and interactions with other medications, followed by specifics on individual agents. References to the most current clinical trials are included. Tables provide at a glance information, and an index at the front of the book facilitates quick reference. This edition features a new chapter on mood stabilisers, updates on psychotic disorders, and information on third-generation drugs to treat these disorders
9788881188246 Buccellati Thames & Hudson
9780752847641 Hammett Dash Maltese Falkon, The Orion Publishers
THE MALTESE FALCON (1930) set the standard by which the private eye genre is judged. Sam Spade is hired by the fragrant Miss Wonderley to track down her sister, who has eloped with a louse called Floyd Thursby. But Miss Wonderley is in fact the beautiful and treacherous Brigid O'Shaughnessy, and when Spade's partner Miles Archer is shot while on Thursby's trail, Spade finds himself both hunter and hunted: can he track down the jewel-encrusted bird, a treasure worth killing for, before the Fat Man finds him?
9780450022852 Herbert Fran Dune Messiah Hodder
Paul Atreides, ruler of a thousand planets, great victor of a holy war, prince turned revolutionary leader, messiah of a fanatical religious sisterhood, is to be brought low by the very forces that created him. Yet foreseeing the plans of his enemies, he determines to drive on towards his own, shockingly different, vision of the future.
9780632055180 Chatu Hands-on Guide to Clin.Pharmacology.IE Wiley
Hands-on Guide to Clinical Pharmacology provides a short pharmacopoeia for medical students and junior doctors for quick revision and use on the wards; and also will be of great use to nursing staff who are increasingly involved in prescribing drugs in hospital practice. Written by students for students with the information cross-checked by senior advisors to ensure accuracy, this pocket book is highly relevant on and off the hospital wards. Each drug is listed with information on: Indications, Mechanism, Side Effects, Contra-Indications, Interactions, Formulation, Cost and any extra notes as required.
9780553275704 Palmer M Sisterhood Random House (USA)
9780764116292 Careers in Art and Graphic Design Barron`s educational series, inc
Discusses careers in art and design--including artists, illustrators, and graphic and product designers--profiling educational and vocational possibilities, job duties, and the differences between working for a firm or freelancing.
9780099450054 Greene Graha Quiet American (f) Random House
Into the intrigue and violence of Indo-China comes Pyle, a young idealistic American sent to promote democracy through a mysterious "ird Force". As his naive optimism starts to cause bloodshed, his friend, Fowler, a cynical foreign correspondent, finds it hard to stand aside and watch.
9780126438710 Simon Peptide-lipid Interactions Elsevier Science
Peptides are involved in numerous biological processes that include: killing bacteria, signal transduction, cell growth, and synaptic transmission. This reference book presents an overview of the interaction of peptides with synthetic and biological membranes, and includes state-of-the-art methodology, computer simulations and theoretical analysis. This bk contains numerous color figures and can be used by persons interested in cell biology, physical chemistry, nanotechnology, biochemistry , cell biology, and biophysics.
9780521789578 Michael McCa English Idioms in Use Intermediate Edition with answers Cambridge University Press
This new reference and practice book looks at the most colourful and fun area of vocabulary - idioms. This material will appeal to students from intermediate level upwards who want to understand the English which native speakers really use day to day. Over 1000 of the most useful and frequent idioms which learners are likely to encounter are presented and practised in typical contexts, so that by the end of the book learners will have hundreds of idioms 'at their fingertips'. English Idioms in Use will help you 'get off to a flying start'!
9780486247977 Woman in Art Nouveau Decorations, The Dover
The TNM Atlas is designed as an aid for the practical application of the TNM classification system by illustrating the T and N categories in clear, easily understood graphics. The aim of such a presentation is twofold: to enable all disciplines involved to reach a more standardized understanding and documentation of the anatomic spread of tumors, and to further enhance the dissemination and use of the TNM classification. The 5th Edition includes: - all changes and additions to the 6th Edition of The TNM Classification of Malignant Tumours - numerous new figures to illustrate changes and new definitions of categories of: - head and neck tumors - some digestive system tumors - pleural melanoma - malignant melanoma of skin - breast tumors - urological tumors - ophthalmic tumors
9780486999814 Dover Music Illustrations CD-ROM and Book Dover
Over 350 attention-getting designs—from stringed and wind instruments to illustrations of musicians, singers, conductors, and composers.
9780870700118 Envisioning Architecture Thames & Hudson
The first in a series of three ties that will showcase selected works from The Museum of Modern Art's superlative holdings in the fields of architecture and design, this handsome volume features a wide range of drawings by great architects of the modern age, including Frank Lloyd Wright, Alvar Aalto, Le Corbusier and Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, as well as contemporary practitioners Rem Koolhaas, Frank O. Gehry and Zaha Hadid. Their drawings and watercolours combine exacting detail with astonishing beauty. The full page illustrations, expertly reproduced in colour or black and white according to the original drawing, reveal not only the range of aesthetic viewpoints but also the development of architecture over the last century.
9783791325941 Forrer, Matt Hiroshige (Prints and Drawings) Prestel Publishing Limited
An exploration of Utagawa Hiroshige (1797-1858), one of the greatest masters of the wood-block print. It features plates and commentary, and essays which examine his life and work, and place his art in its social and political context.
9780140010596 Room with a View Penguin Books Ltd
Forster's social comedy is a witty observation of the English middle classes as they holiday abroad in Florence. One of these tourists is Lucy Honeychurch, a young girl whose heart is awakened by her experiences in Italy.
9780714842875 Renzo Piano Vol 4 Phaidon Press Ltd.
Renzo Piano - winner of the Pritzker Prize, 1998 - is an architect whose work seems increasingly relevant to our times. As Peter Buchanan has shown in the first three volumes of Piano's complete works, he follows no fashions of form or theory, nor is he limited to a personal idiom. Instead he concerns himself with the specifics and potential of a particular situation and moment, meeting the challenges of the programme, pushing the limits of technology, but always responding sensitively to the topography or urban fabric of the building's site. This fourth volume on Renzo Piano provides a study of the architect's working method, in particular his regard for context. Peter Buchanan's introductory essay is followed by a presentation of his projects from 1989 to 2000 - which range from urban works such as the Postdamer Platz masterplan, a science museum in Amsterdam and high-rise towers in Rotterdam and Sydney, to the acclaimed Beler Foundation and the Jean Marie Tjibaou Cultural Centre in New Caledonia. All projects are illustrated comprehensively, featuring colour photography of the buildings, their contexts and their detailing, as well as line drawings and sketches. The Renzo Piano Building Workshop is characterised by its sensitivity to site and local tradition as well as by its combination of traditional materials and techniques with those from the cutting edge of technology.
9780714839370 Photo Book, mini Phaidon Press Ltd.
This is a mini edition of "The Photography Book", containing every sort of photography, from pictures of famous events such as the Royal Wedding and the first landing on the moon, to familiar shots by the masters of photography such as Bill Brandt and Henri Cartier-Bresson.
9780847817153 Frank Lloyd Wright Masterworks Rizzoli USA
Gathers photographs of and critical commentary on thirty-eight of the famed architect's most significant buildings, including the Unity Temple and the Guggenheim museum.
9780345428707 Wiliams Star wars: New Jedi Order: Remnant Random House (USA)
9780553287349 George Eliza Well-Schooled in Murder Random House (USA)
9780812505160 Bronte Wuthering Heights Holtzbrink(MPS)
Emily Bronte's classic is set on the bleak Yorkshire moors, where the drama of Catherine and Heathcliff, Heathcliff's cruel revenge against Edgar and Isabella Linton, and the promise of redemption through the next generation, is enacted.
9780060558109 Blank Book for Design Ideas, The HarperCollins USA
9780312144487 Taylor P. Woman of Means Holtzbrink(MPS)
9783829600392 Diane Arbus Schirmer/Mosel Verlag
9781864701036 Int. Architecture Yearbook No 7 Cb Images
9780632046034 Gandhi Clinical Cases in Medicine Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
Written by residents, this series prepares the reader for the most complex cases in the USMLE medicine exam. The book features symptom-based clinical cases; built-in thought questions; case-based learning; and 200 example questions that replicate the computer format of the USMLE.
9780300085105 Golden Deer of Eurasia, The Yale University Press
Works of art have recently been excavated in Filippovka, Russia. They were created from about the fifth to the fourth century BC by the nomadic people who lived on the steppes of the southern Ural Mountain region. These unique works of art are the focus of this book.
9780781714983 Gill Immunologically Mediated Endocrine Diseases Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
Basic immunological principles and methods as they relate to cellular andsubcellular processes of the endocrine system are important in understandingthe underlying causes of endocrine disorders. Part of the ModernEndocrinology Series , this text covers a wide array of topics includingpancreas development, immunogenetics, hypoparathyroidism, Graves' diseaseand vitiligo. The book is an integrated resource with a bench-to-bedsidebreadth that is useful to both basic scientists and healthcare professionalsinterested in endocrine autoimmune diseases.
9780198509806 Rothwell Immune and Inflammatory Responces in Nervous System.2002 Oxford Academ
This new edition covers recent advances in understanding immunological and inflammatory responses in the nervous system, research driven by the potential to use knowledge of the molecules and mechanisms involved to intervene in, and arrest, neurodegenerative disease processes. Immune and Inflammatory Responses in the Nervous System covers developmental aspects of immune/inflammatory responses in the CNS, basic aspects of glial function, as well as inflammatory mediators, their mechanisms of action, clinical importance and sites of infection. There is also coverage of the major diseases of the CNS, including stroke, brain injury, multiple sclerosis and Alzheimer's disease. Throughout, the focus is on the underlying basic neuroscience, clinical relevance and the potential for therapeutic interventions. This will be an invaluable aid to understanding and improving the diagnosis of neuroimmune diseases and determining therapeutic measures. The contributors are all leading experts in the field and the content will be of interest to neuroscientists, neurologists, neuropathologists, neurosurgeons and immunologists.
9780500511121 Modern Garden Design Thames & Hudson
Gardens in the 20th century reach back into the Victorian era and forward into the age of Land Art. This survey, from Europe to South America, and Japan to the US, takes in many familiar designers including Robinson, Jekyll, Jensen, Farrand, Sessions, Mawson, Church, Sorenson and Jellicoe. The book traces the revolutionary post-war period - the Harvard rebels, Eckbo, Rose and Kily; Noguchi, Burle Marx and Barragan - and the powerful influence of the Scandinavian landscape designers. The garden city is given close attention, from late Victorian Britain, through the Greenbelt Towns in the American Midwest, to the latest regeneration of urban centres worldwide. Notable artists and architects also feature here: Monet, Le Corbusier, Mondrian, Wright, Mies van der Rohe and Gaudi among others. Land artists have brought landscape and the garden into the 21st century and include Robert Smithson and Kathryn Gustafson in the US, and Richard Long, Andy Goldsworthy and Ian Hamilton Finlay in the UK.
9783882437546 Stephane Marais Thames & Hudson
9780443075261 Nicholas Kou Kirklin/Barratt-Boyes Cardiac Surgery Elsevier Science
The definitive textbook in both adult and pediatric cardiac surgery is back...updated and revised in a new, 3rd Edition! It thoroughly covers the full range of new and classic surgical procedures and presents the up-to-date clinical evidence practitioners need to make effective management decisions.
9780847825387 Melba Levick Great Gardens in Small Spaces Rizzoli USA
Forty-four wonderful and exquisitely photographed California gardens.
9780810946279 Rodrigue Art of george rodrigue the Abrams
George Rodrigue was born in New Iberia, in the heart of French Louisiana. During the mid-1980s, inspired by his beloved dog Tiffany, Rodrigue transformed the image of the original Cajun werewolf dog - the loup-garou - into what would become an international pop icon named Blue Dog. Over the years Blue Dog has captured the hearts of US presidents, Hollywood stars and ordinary people alike. This monograph of Rodrigue's work details the development of each of his artistic series from beginning to end, describing the ways in which one series leads to the next through Rogrigue's distinctive treatment of design, colour and shape. Although the main text ends with the latest "Blue Dog" series paintings, an afterword allows a glimpse of the artist's "Hurricanes" series.
9781904313182 Twenty houses by twenty architects Phaidon Press Ltd.
The 20 houses in this book represent a cross-section of the most innovative residential design completed worldwide since the 1990s by some of the most talked-about architects working today. Included are celebrated architects such as Rem Koolhaas, Steven Holl, and Richard Meier, as well as emerging talents such as fABRica de Arquitectura in Mexico and Graham Phillips in England. Houses are located in widely diverse areas - from the heart of Manhattan to the seaside in Greece, and from the Spanish countryside to the suburbs of London. Beginning where Modernism left off, these architects are using the private house as a laboratory to explore new issues in domestic living. The book begins with an introduction that discusses the profound changes that are now taking place in the institution of the family, in its makeup, in the rhythms of its daily life and in the forms of its leisure and work. Each house is showcased on 12 pages that open with a brief project description, biographical profile of the architect, and project data. The following spreads present plans, elevations, and sections, and full-colour photographs.
9781851494002 Breed apart, A Antique Collectors Club Ltd
Chronicled in this monumental volume is the combined encyclopedic collections of the American Kennel Club and the American Kennel Club Museum of the Dog. Because of the enormity of the two collections, it was impossible to include everything - during the selection process only the very best of the collected works were chosen. The collections are particularly comprehensive, and include not only nineteenth and twentieth century paintings and bronzes, but many watercolours, original prints, silver trophies, porcelains, and antique dog collars, each and every artifact directly related to dogs. Accompanied by an authoritative text, the exceptional combined collection of the AKC and the AKC Museum of the Dog, illustrated here in full colour, not only provide a catalogue but also virtually tell the history of the dog in art. It is in this spirit that the book is organised, starting with the Belgium, Dutch and Flemish art in the collections, countries where dog and animal art originated. England - the true home of dog painting is explored next, then France, and finally America, where animal art was maintained and flourished well into the twentieth century. The collections depicted in this volume are a testament to our love for the dog, in all its guises, in conformation dog shows, field and obedience trials, in the sporting field and as a pet. They are also a testament to the many artists, some of whom virtually forgotten until recently, who chose to use their insights and artistic skills to portray the dog on canvas, paper and in porcelain and bronze.
9788874390366 Joannadis P Michelangelo (Drawing Gallery Series) Abrams
This first volume in the "Drawing Gallery" series, co-published with the Musee du Louvre, presents 65 of Michelangelo's sketches, each one accompanied by a detailed entry.
9780764121906 Italian Vocabulary 2 nd ed Barron`s educational series, inc
The newly revised and expanded edition of this language helper presents nearly 6,000 English words and phrases categorized by practical subject themes and translated into the Italian equivalents. Subject theme groupings include numbers and measurements, as well as words and phrases related to greeting, travel situations, shopping, using the telephone, and many others. New sections in this edition deal with computer and electronics terminology, pop culture, and finance. Type is set in two colours as an extra quick reference aid.
9780060512200 Leonard, E. Bandits HarperCollins USA
In BANDITS, Elmore Leonard stays true to his form, assembling an odd assortment of trouble makers and dishing out plenty of suspense that will keep you turning the pages.
9780198606918 Dictionary of Nursing Oxford University Press
The fourth edition of this dictionary has been fully updated and revised to take account of recent developments in nursing practice and related fields. Updates cover the fields of surgical techniques, paediatrics, gynaecology, nephrology, endocrinology and ENT, as well as the latest reorganization of the National Health Service. The dictionary provides comprehensive coverage of the ever-expanding vocabulary of the nursing professions. In addition to specifically nursing terms, there are many entries in the fields of medicine, anatomy, physiology, psychiatry, nutrition and pharmacology (including new drugs recently introduced into medical practice). Ove0,100 clear and concise entries, all written by medical and nursing specialists, cover the theory and practice of nursing. 100 helpful illustrations and 12 appendices covering nutritional requirements, normal values for biochemical and haematological data, standard values for body weight and much more, should help to make this a valuable reference tool for all nursing students and professionals.
9781587797811 Floater Key Ring Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
Floater key rings feature a brain, skull or eyeball sealed in a clear plastic ball and floating in non-toxic fluid. Assorted only, our choice. Size: 1-1/2" diamete
9783936761542 White Wine Art Books Intl Ltd
9780750654104 Warner Pract. Guide to Neurogenetics Elsevier Science
This practical guide adopts a symptom-based approach allowing the clinician to reach a relevant differential diagnosis and give appropriate genetic counseling. It also informs as to which genetic tests are available, with emphasis on understanding the value and need for such tests. Most contemporary texts are multi-author and often lack a themed and consistent approach to the patient. The purpose of this book is not to provide an exhaustive list to all known mutations, but to guide the physician through the process of diagnosing, counseling and, if necessary, molecular genetic testing the individual with, or at risk of, a neurogenetic condition.
9781851493630 Great Opera Houses Antique Collectors Club Ltd
The artist, Andras Kaldor, was introduced to opera as a child by his parents who held season tickets to the Budapest Opera. Although he trained as an architect, his love of the opera has proved the stronger influence and he has spent the last twelve years painting major opera houses around the world. The facade of each opera house is illustrated in all its splendour, without the distractions of surrounding buildings and street scenes which so often detract from even the best photographs. Each opera house has been personally visited by the artist. The drawings are first done in pen and ink in architectural style, with scrupulous attention to detail. They are then painted in gouache. The effect is stunning and allows the viewer to fully experience the complexity and exuberance of these flamboyant 18th, 19th and 20th century buildings. In addition to the facades Andras Kaldor has also added many detailed drawings of particular aspects of both the exteriors and interiors of the buildings. The text accompanying the pictures is written, in many cases, by well known personalities who have a personal association with the individual opera houses. Background details of the history, architect
9781876907846 New Architecture Of Mexico, The Images
Mexico has witnessed a renaissance in modern architecture in the past decade, which has been greatly influenced by the new ideas of younger architects. These new ideas are based more on the external influences and the architecture of tectonics than cultural or historical references, and are changing the way Mexico is shaped today This fine publication reviews and analyses these alternative directions of modern Mexican architecture by illustrating and case-studying the work of the country's leading architects.
9783150006429 Das Nibelungenlied Reclam
9783150076019 Weinland Aus Grauer Vorzeit Reclam
9780198607052 Pocket Oxford-Duden German Dictionary Oxford University Press
This intermediate German dictionary now has a grammar supplement that focuses on the key points of German grammar. It offers over 90,000 words and phrases, and over 115,000 translations plus example letters, emails, postcards, and CVs as well as verb tables. This book is intended for for students and adult learners who want an affordable dictionary with lots of extra help with grammar, letter writing, and understanding the German culture.
9781588291134 Sell Stem Cells Handbook.2003 Springer
This survey on the "state-of-the-science" of stem cell biology explains the origins of stem cells and describes how they function, how they can cause illness, and how they might be employed to cure or ameliorate disease. In particular, the authors discuss the roles of stem cells in development and organogenesis, in normal tissue turnover, in the repair response to injury, and in carcinogenesis. They also explain how to obtain stem cells from different organs, culture them in vitro, and manipulate them for therapeutic use.
9781929007158 Atlas of Anatomy ( Student combo package) Icon Learning Systems
This multimedia study kit is comprised of "Netter's Atlas of Human Anatomy, Third Edition" and a special student edition of "Netter's Interactive Atlas of Human Anatomy v3.0". This study tool includes 965 Netter illustrations and images and audio pronunciations for every label and image title.
9780486996219 Verneuil M. Art Nouveau Floral and Animal Designs CD-ROM and Book Dover
9780425194997 Francis Dick Field of Thirteen Penguin USA
9780486232317 Gustave Dore Illustrations for Dante s Divine Comedy Dover
Reproductions of Dore's scenes from the Inferno, Purgatorio and Paradiso are accompanied by lines from Longfellow's translation.
9780486420585 Goodwin-Smit Decorative Iron and Metalwork: Great Examples from English Sources Dover
This magnificent study of decorative English iron and metalwork provides a spirited introduction to the age-old craft, with 140 illustrations ranging from a 14th-century wrought iron gate to the elegant bronze front of a 20th-century art gallery. The author, a passionate collector and expert on the
9780486265568 McKim, Mead Architecture of McKim, Mead & White in Photographs, Plans and Elevations Dover
One of the most important documents in American architecture, depicting 130 structures in New York and other American cities, designed by celebrated firm. New introduction.
9780486434056 Stratton Art Form and Design in Classic Architecture Dover
Originally published in 1925 by B.T. Batsford, Ltd., London, with the same title plus a lengthy subtitle, this unabridged replication features 100 illustrations of buildings in England and continental Europe by such renowned architects as Christopher Wren. The author, for whom no biographical information is given, provides analyses of the geometric
9780486235332 Rob Roy 100 Wood Type Alphabets Dover
Roman, antique, Gothic, from 19th-century America; mostly in full upper and lower, plus numerals. Unusual, striking, boldly designed. 100 plates.
9780060572853 Cottages: The New Style HarperCollins USA
9781904633471 Twain Mark Tom Sawyer Collectors Library
Tom Sawyer and his friends play truant from school and set off for an island near their home town. Here they decide to play pirates but their game is interrupted when they witness a murder. Tom has to grow up very quickly and do the right thing.
9783829601436 Peter Lindberg Images Schirmer/Mosel Verlag
9780486407050 422 Art Nouveau Designs and Motifs in Full Color Dover
Striking images of plants, animals, birds, insects, florals, abstracts, women, landscape in a variety of formats: borders, repeating patterns, mortised cuts, corners, frames, and other configurations.
9780521625982 Raymond Murp Grammar in Use Intermediate Second edition Student s Book with answers and Audio CD Cambridge University Press
Grammar in Use Intermediate is a highly successful grammar text known for its clear explanations and innovative format. Each unit is a two-page spread that teaches a specific grammar point on the left-hand page and provides practice exercises on the right. A unique combination of reference grammar and practice book, Grammar in Use Intermediate can be used as a classroom text or for self-study. This new edition includes an Audio CD as well as fuller explanations of troublesome grammar points, more exercises, and nine units of new material. Two entirely new sections have also been added: Additional Exercises, which give students the opportunity to consolidate what they have learned; and the Study Guide, which helps students figure out which units they need to study. An answer key is now included in the back of the book. Grammar ise Intermediate is suitable for students who are preparing for the TOEFL test and other standard examinations.
9780521577687 Michael McCa Vocabulary in Use Upper-intermediate Student s Book with answers Cambridge University Press
This book is an American English equivalent of English Vocabulary in Use. The left-hand pages present and explain new words and phrases (up to 3,000 new items). The right-hand pages give extensive practice with exercises and activities. The book has an answer key. It is suitable for upper-intermediate and advanced learners.
9780721602790 Kenneth Elle Device Therapy For Congestive Heart Failure Elsevier Science
The field's foremost authorities offer guidance on the use of implantable cardioverter defibrillators (ICDs) and pacemakers for the management of congestive heart failure. They explain how these devices work; examine the patient-and device-selection process; review implant techniques, and outline aftercare. This concise resource makes this complex subject easy to understand.
9780007166046 Coelho Paulo Eleven Minutes HarperCollins UK
The new bestselling novel, now in paperback, from international literary phenomenon Paulo Coelho, author of The Alchemist. A chance meeting in Rio takes Maria to Geneva, where she dreams of finding fame and fortune, yet ends up working the streets as a prostitute. In Geneva, Maria drifts further and further away from love while at the same time developing a fascination with sex. Eventually, Maria's despairing view of love is put to the test when she meets a handsome young painter. In this odyssey of self-discovery, Maria has to choose between pursuing a path of darkness, 'sexual pleasure for its own sake', or risking everything to find her own 'inner light' and the possibility of sacred sex, sex in the context of love. A daring modern fable about the nature of love and sex.
9783131277411 Plancher MasterCases in Hand and Wrist Surgery Thieme Verlagsgruppe
Use this case-based text to prepare for any hand or wrist surgery!From treating rheumatoid arthritis to tendon repair, this lavishly illustrated text examines nearly 100 cases of common elbow, hand and wrist surgeries as performed by leading experts. You will review techniques for treating compression neuropathy, amputations, arthroscopic procedures, joint reconstruction, and arthrodesis, demonstrated by high-quality, full-color intraoperative photographs, x-rays, and illustrations. A practical refresher when planning your operative strategy, as well as a useful general reference, the book offers such special features as:Key features:-More than 200 color illustrations that provide dynamic representations for easy visualization of techniques-Combines both trauma and elective surgery in one convenient volume -Pearls and pitfalls to help avoid complications and problems-Step-by-step descriptions of the newest techniques for carpal tunnel syndrome, arthroscopic assisted distal radius fixation, scaphoid percutaneous reduction, and more!-Each chapter written by experienced specialists who perform these surgeries on a daily basisIncorporating both outstanding graphics and clear, practical information, this book is a must for orthopedic surgeons, sports medicine specialists, emergency room physicians, trauma specialists, plastic surgeons, residents, and fellows. It is also an ideal way to prepare for the CAQ in hand surgery, and to confer with your colleagues on the most current and effective surgical techniques for the hand and wrist.
9781550091632 Fuller Uterine and Endometrial Cancer.2004 McGraw-Hill
Uterine and Endometrial Cancer is a comprehensive and clinically relevant text, which incorporates the latest scientific developments. Multidisciplinary in its approach, the text includes a comprehensive guide to the clinical management of tumors of the uterine corpus. The text reviews all aspects of the disease including epidemiology, genetics, diagnosis and staging, prognosis, treatment, post surgical management and pathologic evaluation. Specific sections thoroughly discuss controversies in the diagnosis and management of endometrial cancer and sarcomas of the uterus. Throughout, Uterine and Endometrial Cancer features need-to-know information for gynecologic, medical, surgical and radiation oncologists and gynecologic pathologists. This latest volume in the American Cancer Society Atlas of Clinical Oncology series is extensively illustrated with a varied selection of images.
9780521563543 Ed. by Teren The Cambridge History of Twentieth-Century Political Thought Cambridge Academ
This major work of academic reference provides a comprehensive overview of the development of political thought from the late nineteenth to the end of the twentieth century. Written by a distinguished team of international contributors, this Cambridge History covers the rise of the welfare state and subsequent reactions to it, the fascist and communist critiques of and attempted alternatives to liberal democracy, the novel forms of political organisation occasioned by the rise of a mass electorate and new social movements, the various intellectual traditions from positivism to post-modernism that have shaped the study of politics, the interaction between western and non-western traditions of political thought, and the challenge posed to the state by globalisation. Every major theme in twentieth-century political thought is covered in a series of chapters at once scholarly and accessible, of interest and relevance to students and scholars of politics at all levels from beginning undergraduate upwards.
9780071402392 Kligler Integrative Medicine. 2004 McGraw-Hill
Combines a body systems approach with practical case studies, to illustrate how clinicians can incorporate conventional and complementary/alternative medicine (CAM) therapies into their daily practice. This book features an integrative plans for conditions in women`s health, cardiology, gastroenterology, urology, and infectious disease.
9780199267101 Child, John The Management of International Acquisitions Oxford Academ
What are the management challenges involved in the acquisition of a foreign subsidiary? Why do companies pursue growth through acquisition when the evidence shows performance is disappointing? In addition to addressing these questions, the authors examine the practices of five countries.
9781850706113 Nicolaides Maternal & Fetal Thyroid Function Informa
The "Frontiers in Fetal Medicine" series aims to provide comprehensive, up-to-date information on a variety of key topics in the field of fetal medicine. Each volume contains relevant information and practical advice to clinicians faced with the management of these problems in clinical practice. Although primarily aimed at specialist clinicians in the fields of obstetrics and foetal medicine, these volumes should also prove useful for other medical staff concerned with patient care in these fields. In fetal life, thyroid hormones are essential for optimal growth and development of the central nervous system, lung, gut and liver, and the regulation of carbohydrate, protein and lipid metabolism. This volume reviews the actions of the thyroid hormones and the hormonal interplay between the placenta, foetus and mother, as well as the endocrine role of the polypeptide hormones produced by the foetal pituitary and placenta. It examines the management of maternal thyroid disease and the effect on the foetus of both the disease and its treatment. Additionally, the book provides data on foetal thyroid function in normal pregnancy and in the presence of various pregnancy complications such as intrauterine growth retardation and red-cell isoimmunization. Data are also provided on the foetal response to maternal administration of thyrotropin-releasing hormone, and the possible role of such therapy in promoting foetal lung maturity is evaluated.
9780446362375 Foster Alan Chorus Skating Hachette Book Group
The discovery of errant living notes escaped from an extradimensional symphony leads Spellsinger Jon-Tom and his otter sidekick, Mudge, on a perilous quest to rescue some spoiled princesses, battle a guerrilla gorilla, and match wits with an evil alien band.
9780071244619 Lind Basic statistics for business and economics McGraw-Hill
Basic Statistics for Business and Economics 5e is a derivative of the best-selling STATISTICAL TECHNIQUES IN BUSINESS AND ECONOMICS, 12/e offering the essential topics of statistical tools and methods delivered in a student friendly, step-by-step format. The text is non-threatening and presents concepts clearly and succinctly with a conversational writing style. All statistical concepts are illustrated with solved applied examples immediately upon introduction. Modern computing tools and applications are introduced, but the text maintains a focus on presenting statistics content as opposed to technology or programming methods, and the fifth edition continues as a `students' text with increased emphasis on interpretation of data and results.
9780500542866 Metamorphosis Thames & Hudson
One of the top hair stylists working in fashion today, Serge Normant performs his magic on the most beautiful actresses and models of our time. A tour de force of feminine fantasy, Serge Normant Metamorphosis is a dazzling summation of contemporary style, fashion and glamour - as envisioned by this gifted artist and captured in images by the world's leading fashion photographers. In transforming the looks of such well-known women as Kate Moss, Beyonce Knowles, Jennifer Aniston, Liv Tyler and Susan Sarandon, Normant draws on each woman's individual essence and then uses hairstyling, makeup and clothing to turn her everyday appearance into something extraordinary. Whether it is a retro look made into a contemporary statement or a vision taken from the art world rather than the fashion pages, Normant's creations are not makeovers but rather journeys into a realm of enchantment. With a foreword by Julia Roberts and an introduction by Isabella Rossellini, this book will serve as an inspiration for all women seeking to enhance their beauty through the embellishments of fashion.
9781560534372 Bryan O Youn Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Secrets Elsevier Science
The breadth and depth of physical medicine and rehabilitation is covered in this now classic text presented in the proven format of The Secrets SeriesTM. In 100 fully updated and revised chapters, the top authorities in the field discuss the rehabilitation of virtually every disorder seen in clinical practice. Perfect for board review or as a basic, concise PM&R reference.
9781587791154 ACC Ear, Nose & Throat Anatomical Chart Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
This chart shows general anatomy including middle and inner ear, septum of nose, lateral wall of nose, and inspiration, phonation, and posterior view of larynx.
9780764124532 Bell Writing Effective Letters and Memos 3 ed Barron`s educational series, inc
Provides clear, concise instruction on every form of business writing, from traditional business letters to e-mail and other electronic communications. Pointing out that effective business English begins with mastering grammar and sentence structure.
9788171799497 Rex Clin. Assessm.and Exam in Orthopaedics. 2002 JayPee Brothers
9780130984692 Ronald E. Wa Probability and Statistics for Engineers and Scientists (7th Edition) Pearson Education
For undergraduates studying engineering, science or computer science. This classic text provides a rigorous introduction to basic probability theory and statistical inference motivated by applications. Assumes a background in calculus; offers a unique balance of theory and methodology.
9780141011165 Updike John Seek My Face Penguin Books Ltd
On a spring day in Vermont, 79-year-old painter Hope Chafetz tells the story of her life to Kathryn, a young interviewer from New York. As the day wears on, Kathryn and Hope try to understand one another across the gulf of age, experience and time that lies between them. And subtly, as each comes to know the other, their relationship changes.
9780198529545 Levy Oxford Handbook of Dialysis 2/e Oxford Academ
This thoroughly revised handbook is a compact but clear and comprehensive guide to all aspects of dialysis, from preparing patients for dialysis, details of both haemo- and peritoneal dialysis, to continuous haemofiltration techniques and complications of end stage renal disease. The book is aimed primarily at trainee nephrologists and renal nurses, but will be of relevance, use and interest to all other health care workers involved with patients with end stage renal disease such as pharmacists, dieticians, intensivists, and keen medical students. In this new edition, all sections have been completely updated and there are new sections on haemodiafiltration, new intradialytic monitoring techniques, new PD fluids, trials in haemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis, travel on dialysis, integrated care, role of predialysis nurses, supportive care, care of dying patients, pain control in ESRF, newer drugs such as darbepoietin, new vitamin D analogues, new anticoagulants and phosphate binders. The book is patient centred and practical, and therefore a useful guide when managing patients with end stage renal failure.
9780521541497 Annette Cape Objective KET Student s Book Cambridge University Press
Objective KET is a new course offering students complete preparation for the Cambridge Key English Test (KET) examination.
9780340752357 Benrik Ltd This Diary Will Change Your Life Hodder
Every page of this anarchic book brings a new dawn, with a different instruction to help you escape from your routine. This year's life-changing tasks range from the amusing ("today apply to Madame Tussaud's"), to the serious ("today, lobby Celine Dion to sing about you"), to the downright disturbed ("today eat part of a loved one"). Together they will change your life, although not necessarily for the better.
9781402709197 Design is in the Details - Outdoor Spaces Anova
Now Brad Mee, the interior designer seen on American TV, and the subject of a profile in USA Today, takes his design smarts outdoors. Using dozens of beautiful colour photographs as examples, Brad Mee reveals how to fashion a personalized garden haven that's vibrant, unique, and serves its purpose, whether that be entertaining or relaxation. For Mee, it all starts by thinking of the space as part of the house, with the same decorating considerations. Choosing an overall style (formal, Zen, Mediterranean) is the first step; that provides the foundation for selecting surfaces such as floors, walls, and ceilings; elements from water to fireplaces; and furniture, accessories, and lighting. With Mee's invaluable advice, anyone can create fabulous outdoor rooms
9780552152754 McCaffrey Acorna s Triumph Transworld Publishers
Anne McCaffrey is one of science fiction's favorite authors. Writing with award-winning author Elizabeth Ann Scarborough, she has created the bestselling Acorna series, focusing on the adventures of the brave unicorn girl. In Acorna's Triumph, Acorna faces her most difficult challenge ever. She has defeated slavers, a deadly international conspiracy, and the vicious allen Khleevl, only to endure the loss of her beloved Aari, distant in both time and space. Now, finally, Aari has returned, and together they can finish rebuilding their home world. But Aari is oddly changed, to the point where he barely remembers Acorna - much less their love - and his actions grow more and more sinister...As Acorna tries to stop a vicious criminal from destroying innocents, a new complication arises. Sensing the Linyaari weakness, the deadly Khleevi return, determined to take back the planet - for good. In this dark time, it will take all of the unicorn girl's courage and determination to rescue Aari and stop the alien menace once and for all.
9780060527983 Coelho Paulo Warrior of the Light HarperCollins USA
By the author of the international mega-bestseller The Alchemist, short notes on accepting failure, embracing life, and rising to your own destiny.
9780781750479 Braverman Werner and Ingbar s The Thyroid Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
"Completely updated for its Ninth Edition, this classic text provides comprehensive coverage of every aspect of thyroid anatomy, development, biochemistry, physiology, pathophysiology, and treatment of all thyroid disorders. This edition has a more international group of contributors and new chapters on mortality in thyroid disease, oncogenes, radioiodine treatments for carcinoma, trophoblastic tumors, and subacute and acute infectious thyroiditis. Chapters address clinical controversies regarding subclinical hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism. The section on laboratory assessment of thyroid function has been reorganized for easier look-up of function tests.
9780847826698 Tom Ford Rizzoli USA
Tom Ford has become one of fashion's great icons. In the past decade, he transformed Gucci into one of the sexiest fashion brands in the world. His designs have increased sales at Gucci tenfold and have helped build that brand into the luxury goods conglomerate that it is today. Ford brought a hard-edged style synonymous with 21st-century glamour to his clothes, and Hollywood sat up and took note. This book is a complete catalogue of Ford's design work for both Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent from 1994 to 2004. It chronicles not only Ford's clothing and accessories designs for both houses, but also explores Ford's grand vision for the complete design of a brand, including architecture, store design and advertising. Tom Ford features more than 200 photographs by Richard Avedon, Mario Testino, Steven Meisel, Helmut Newton, Herb Ritts, Terry Richardson, Craig McDean, Todd Eberle, and numerous other photographers including many previously unpublished images. Published to coincide with his departure from Gucci, this book has been created with Ford's full co-operation and every page reflects his exceptional taste. It is Ford's testament to a career of singular moments reinventing the boundaries of style and sensuality in clothing.
9780099459057 Mankell Henn Firewall Random House
Stopping to get money from a cash machine one evening, a man inexplicably falls to the ground: dead. A taxi driver is brutally murdered by two teenaged girls. Quickly apprehended they appal local policemen with their total lack of remorse. One girl escapes police custody and disappears without trace. Soon afterwards a blackout covers half the country. When an engineer arrives at the malfunctioning power station, he makes a grisly discovery. Inspector Kurt Wallander is sure that these events must be linked... somehow. Hampered by the discovery of betrayals in his own team, lonely and frustrated, Wallander begins to lose conviction in his role as a detective. The search for answers leads Wallander dangerously close to a shadowy group of anarchic terrorists, hidden within the anonymity of cyberspace. Somehow these criminals seem always to know the police's next move. Wallander finds himself fighting to outsmart them In their gripping police procedural about our increasing vulnerability in the modern digitalised world.
9780553580488 Willis, Conn Miracle, and other Christmas stories Random House (USA)
9780786933945 Not Availabl Realms Of Dragons Random House (USA)
9780470011843 Duodecim Evidence-based Medicine Guidelines 2005 Wiley
Evidence-Based Medicine Guidelines fills the demand for a handbook discussing the diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of diseases and conditions encountered by health care professionals. The title was first published in Finland by the Finnish Medical Society, where it is now considered to be the single most important support tool for the physicians' decision making in their daily work. What sets EBM Guidelines apart from competing books? * Provides physicians with fast and easy access to practice guidelines based on the best available research evidence * Covers practically all medical conditions encountered in general practice * Developed by over 300 experienced general practioners and specialists worldwide * Includes both diagnostic and therapeutic guidelines, and recommendations on diagnostic tests and drug dosage * Presented in a user-friendly format with self contained chapters based on clinical subjects * Clear and concise explanations of all available evidence results in the guideline for treatment * The strength of evidence is graded from A-D making this title a quick and easy reference whenever and wherever you need it!
9780721676555 George Guman Fractures of the Foot & Ankle Elsevier Science
A leading authority in the podiatry community delivers a first-class book on foot and ankle fractures. Over 500 illustrations demonstrate types of fractures, surgical approaches and operative techniques. Serves as a definitive reference on foot and ankle fractures and covers all common fractures as well as their variations. Provides comprehensive discussions of fracture fixation principles and techniques, complications of foot and ankle fractures, and much more!
9780781752787 Govindan DeVita, Hellman, and Rosenberg s Cancer: Principles and Practice of Oncology Review Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
"Based on DeVita, Hellman, and Rosenberg's Cancer: Principles and Practice of Oncology, Seventh Edition, this comprehensive question-and-answer review book covers the entire specialty of oncology and provides thorough preparation for oncology boards. The book contains hundreds of multiple-choice and case-based questions covering the principles of surgical oncology, radiation oncology, medical oncology, and hematology/oncology and the biology, diagnosis, staging, and multimodality treatment of cancers at every anatomic site. Included are state-of-the-art chapters on molecular techniques, targeted therapies, and current approaches to cancer prevention. Questions are followed by answers and detailed explanations.
9781403932594 Fontana, Giu Monetary Theory of Production Palgrave
his volume examines the theory of monetary circulation and applies it to several modern issues including unemployment, inflation, distribution and economic policies. It will provide a valuable contribution to the field of monetary economics, and in particular, its development of non-neoclassical approaches to monetary economics.
9780500976524 Markus Lange Daniel Swarovski Thames & Hudson
9781857022421 Proulx Annie Shipping News, The HarperCollins UK
Reissued to coincide with the release of her new novel 'That Old Ace in the Hole', Annie Proulx's highly acclaimed, international best-seller and Pulitzer prize-winning novel. Quoyle is a hapless, hopeless hack journalist living and working in New York. When his no-good wife is killed in a spectacular road accident, Quoyle heads for the land of his forefathers -- the remotest corner of far-flung Newfoundland. With 'the aunt' and his delinquent daughters -- Bunny and Sunshine -- in tow, Quoyle finds himsepart of an unfolding, exhilarating Atlantic drama. The Shipping News is an irresistible comedy of human life and possibility. 'To read The Shipping News is to yearn to be sitting in The Flying Squid Lunchstop, eating Seal Fin curry, watching the icebergs clink together in the bay.' The Times
9780465083237 Sunlight at Midnight Daedalus
A "biography" of St. Petersburg that is every bit as opulent, lavish, and monumental as Russia's imperial city itself. For Russians, St.

Petersburg has embodied power, heroism, and fortitude. It has encompassed all the things that the Russians are and that they hope to become. Opulence and artistic brilliance blended with images of suffering on a monumental scale make up the historic persona of the late W.

Bruce Lincoln's lavish "biography" of this mysterious, complex city. Climate and comfort were not what Tsar Peter the Great had in mind when, in the spring of 1703, he decided to build a new capital in the muddy marshes of the Neva River delta. Located 500 miles below the Arctic Circle, this area, with its foul weather, bad water, and sodden soil, was so unattractive that only a handful of Finnish fisherman had ever settled there.

Bathed in sunlight at midnight in the summer, it brooded in darkness at noon in the winter, and its canals froze solid at least five months out of every year. Yet to the Tsar, the place he named Sankt Pieter Burkh had the makings of a "paradise. " His vision was soon borne out: though St.

Petersburg was closer to London, Paris, and Vienna than to Russia's far-off eastern lands, it quickly became the political, cultural, and economic center of an empire that stretched across more than a dozen time zones and over three continents. In this book, revolutionaries and laborers brush shoulders with tsars, and builders, soldiers, and statesmen share pride of place with poets. For only the entire historical experience of this magnificent and mysterious city can reveal the wealth of human and natural forces that shaped the modern history of it and the nation it represents.
9780826472427 What Philosophy Is Continuum
What do we mean when we talk about philosophy today? How does philosophy relate to science, to politics, to literature? What methods does the modern philosopher use, and how does philosophy progress? Does philosophy differ from place to place? What can philosophy do for us? And what can it not do? This book, with contributions from such exciting and influential contemporary philosophers as Simon Blackburn, Michael Friedman, Simon Critchley and Manuel DeLanda, offers us a fascinating picture of the character and methods of philosophy; its possibilities and its limitations. And of course, it is itself a piece of philosophy in action, not merely offering us answers but also prompting us to ask further questions and to philosophise for ourselves.
9780443065620 David Stewar Manual of Pediatric Anesthesia Elsevier Science
This fifth edition of this classic manual has been thoroughly updated with much new information on new drugs and techniques, based on the latest research. The same pocket sized format has been retained, with helpful tables and appendices throughout. Complex surgical conditions have been expanded, with new minimally-invasive techniques now included. There is a new section of chronic pain problems, as well as a new section on anesthesia outside the operating room. This is an authored book, not edited, with a consistent uniform style throughout. There is a new co-author for this edition, Jerrold Lerman.
9780723432067 Arthur Skari Atlas of Diagnostic Oncology Elsevier Science
This collection - of over 2000 clinical, radiologic, and histopathologic illustrations - covers all aspects of oncologic tumors and malignancies. Organised into 18 chapters that reflect organ systems the atlas consists of images and explanatory captions coupled with text that provides essential information on pathology, diagnostic studies, staging and clinical manifestations. Both gross and microscopic pathology are illustrated, as are patterns of primary and metastatic disease and photographs of patients showing classic clinical features. In this third edition each chapter is extensively revised with new images added and text updated, key changes incorporated are: new information on molecular biology; changes to classification; and diagnosing abnormalities in oncogenes. In addition, a new chapter illustrating the side effects of chemotherapy is also included. Expanded chapters include those on gastrointestinal tumors , sarcomas of bone and soft tissue, acute and chronic leukemias , Hodgkin's disease and Non-Hodgkins lymphomas, and multiple myeloma and plasma cell dyscrasias.
9780553383072 Martin, Geor Armageddon Rag Random House (USA)
9780500512463 Nicholas Bar Outdoor Living Thames & Hudson
9781864763508 Oscar Wilde Collection Grange Books
9781588294692 Kalyuzhny, A Handbook of ELISPOT methods and protocols Springer
In this first book dedicated entirely to the ELISPOT, a critical enzyme-linked immunospot assay used widely in biomedical research, recognized experts with first-hand experience detail how to design, perform, and analyze these assays. The readily reproducible techniques they provide cover a wide variety of topics, including the use of membrane-backed plates, the standardization and validation procedures, the removal of cells from ELISPOT plates, cell separation techniques, and the quantification of ELISPOT data. There are also numerous ELISPOT applications involving animal models, human cells, measles, multiple sclerosis, immune responses, multicytokine detection systems, and immunocytochemistry. Highlights include dual-color and multiplex ELISPOT assays, use of the ELISPOT assay on feline lymphocytes, standardization of the ELISPOT procedure, and combining the ELISPOT assay with immunohistochemistry.
9781405419574 Tom Sawyer Grange Books
9780071427821 Cox, Susan Williams Obstetrics Self Assessment McGraw-Hill
Keyed to the premier Obstetric text in the world, Williams Obstetrics 22nd edition Study Guide is the perfecr examination preparation tool for written board and recertification examinations.
9780786929801 Salvatore R Thousand Orcs Random House (USA)
Continues the adventures of the Dark Elf hero, Drizzt Do'Urden, as an invasion of orcs sweeps across the Spine of the World, separating him from the friends on whom he has long relied and forcing him to draw on his own inner resources.
9781858940199 Poussin Fanshaw Books
Poussin's intricately constructed drawings justify his reputation as the supreme exponent of classicism in art.
9788874392483 Mower S 20 years dolce & gabbana ACC-distribution titles
Dolce&Gabbana have defined contemporary style, infusing it with a strong Mediterranean identity. Their creations are sensual and unique, based on impeccable tailoring and the utmost respect for quality and detail, and are adored by Hollywood icons and pop stars alike, conveying a message of exquisite style in a universal language. This luxurious slip-cased volume celebrates twenty years of an incomparable partnership, drawing together their most significant moments in fashion. It is a collection of memories and iconic images which marks every step of their evolution, featuring the work of photographers such as Steven Meisel, Mario Sorrenti and Ferdinando Scianna, and models including Gisele, Linda Evangelista, Isabella Rossellini and Marpessa.
9780702027642 Kumar Clinical Medicine 6E. Elsevier Science
9780071437479 Ingram-Smith Biochemistry and genetics: pretest self assessment & review McGraw-Hill
9780261102668 Tolkien J.R. Hobbit, The HarperCollins UK
This is a brand new revised edition of the best-selling graphic novel based on the enchanting prelude to "The Lord of the Rings". First published in 1990, David Wenzel's comic book adaption of J.R.R. Tolkien's "The Hobbit" was an immediate success and has become one of the best-loved graphic novels of the last 20 years. "The Hobbit" is the story of Bilbo Baggins, a quiet and contented hobbit whose life is turned upside down when he joins the wizard Gandalf and thirteen dwarves on their quest to reclaim their stolen treasure. It is a journey fraught with danger - and in the end it is Bilbo alone who must face the guardian of this treasure, the most-dreaded dragon, Smaug. Illustrated and hand painted in full colour throughout, and accompanied by the carefully abridged text of the original novel, this handsome authorised edition will introduce new generations to a magical masterpiece - and be treasured by Hobbit fans of all ages, everywhere. This new edition has been completely re-scanned from the original paintings to achieve more accurate and vibrant colours of any edition, with David Wenzel revisiting the work to provide sensitive improvements and additions to the original edition. The book includes a magnificent and completely new cover design by Wenzel himself.
9781405135443 Primrose Principles of Gene Manipulation & Genomics.2ed.2005 Wiley
There has been rapid progress in recombinant DNA technology over the last few years, particularly in the area of large-scale biology (genomics and related disciplines). The increasing integration between gene manipulation and genomics is embraced in this book, "Principles of Gene Manipulation and Genomics", which brings together for the first time the subjects covered by the best-selling books "Principles of Gene Manipulation" and "Principles of Genome Analysis and Genomics". This important new text has been comprehensively revised, updated, and rewritten to encompass within one volume, basic and advanced gene-manipulation techniques, genome analysis, genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, and metabolomics, as well as the applications of these fascinating technologies. "Principles of Gene Manipulation and Genomics" is an accessible and up-to-date guide to this exciting field, and is the essential reference for upper-level undergraduate and graduate students of genetics, genomics, molecular biology, and recombinant DNA technology.
9780006388135 Donald Spoto Notorious HarperCollins UK
An informative account of the life and career of Ingrid Bergman, who has appeared in 49 feature films and nine plays over a period of five decades. The book tells of her controversial affairs and how her relationship with the Italian director Roberto Rossellini scandalized America.
9780007188857 Neil Grant, Kings and Queens HarperCollins UK
A copiously illustrated guide to the monarchs of the British Isles and Ireland from pre-Saxon times to the present, complete with concise genealogical charts and details of key historical events. The book is divided into five sections, together with a Compendium at the end. Part One, presents information about Pre-Saxon rule, including details about ancient British chiefs, Roman rulers and the Roman Conquest. Part Two provides information about Scotland, Ireland and Wales, with sections on Robert I and the Wars of Independence, The Union of the Crowns, the Princes of Wales and the High Kingship of Ireland. Part Three discusses the Saxons, Normans and Plantagenets. Part Fr gives details about the Tudors and Stuarts. Part Five presents an in-depth discussion of the houses from Hanover to Windsor. Parts Two to Five provide all the essential information you will need to know about Kings and Queens including details of birth, parents, accession to the throne, coronation, authority, personal status, death date and burial place for each monarch. In addition an overview is given for each reign outlining major events and personal tragedies, war, celebrations and conspiracies.
9781841153193 Andy Dougan Dynamo HarperCollins UK
In 1942 at the centre point of the Second World War an extraordinary event took place not on the battlefield but in a municipal stadium in Kiev. A match was arranged between a German Luftwaffe side and a team of impoverished Kievans from a local bakery - Start FC - that became the subject of legend. This is the true story of courage, team loyalty and fortitude in the face of the most brutal oppression the world had ever seen. When Hitler initiated Operation Barbarossa in June 1941, he caught the Soviet Union completely by surprise. At breathtaking speed his armies swept East, slaughtering the ill-prepared Soviet forces. His greatest military gains of the entire Second World War were made in a few short months, and the largest single country that he conquered was the Ukraine, roughly the size of France. Ukraine's capital, Kiev, was circled, assaulted and overrun, and among the city's defenders who were captured and incarcerated were many of the members of the sparkling 1939 Dynamo Kiev football team, arguably the best in Europe before the war . Captured Kiev was a starving city whose population were deported in vast numbers as slave labour. However one man determined to save not just the surviving players from the Dynamo side but other athletes. He offered them work, shelter and, most valuable, bread, as workers in his bakery. Inspired by the charismatic goalkeeper Trusevich, the Dynamo side was re-formed as Start FC and a series of fixtures was arranged, all of which the team win handsomely. To such an extent that they inspired Kievan spirits. The final fixture against the Luftwaffe was agreed by the German authorities: a well-fed team from the Fatherland would vanquish the upstart Ukrainians, especially if the game was refereed by an SS officer. The match is an allegory of resistance; its consequences are brutal. Andy Dougan has discovered the truth behind a legendary encounter, sorting fact from fiction and restoring to the centre of WW2 a moment of extraordinary poignancy and complex bravery, of which the clichi is demonstrably true: football is not a matter of life or death; it's much more important than that.
9780006546061 Bradbury Ray Fahrenheit 451 HarperCollins UK
First published in 1953, this is Bradbury's prophetic dystopian vision of a weird but too distant future where happiness is allocated on a four-walled TV screen, where individuals, eccentrics and scholars are outcasts of society and where books are burnt by a special task-force.
9780380731855 Lehane Mystic River HarperCollins USA
Now a major motion picture directed by Clint Eastwood, and starring an A-list cast including Sean Penn, Tim Robbins, Kevin Bacon, Laura Linney, and Marcia gay Harden—this New York Times bestselling novel from Dennis Lehane is a gripping, unnerving psychological thriller about the effects of a savage killing on three former friends in a tightly knit, blue-collar Boston neighborhood.
9780786938476 Fantastic Locations: Fane of Drow Random House (USA)
9780521676588 Norman Whitb Business Benchmark Pre-intermediate - Intermediate Audio CDs (2) Cambridge University Press
Business Benchmark is a brand new 3-level Business English course for BEC or BULATS exams and can also be used independently of these exams for general Business English courses. The Student's Book provides lower-intermediate level students with essential business language and vocabulary and provides training and practice for the BEC Preliminary exam, using real BEC exam tasks provided by Cambridge ESOL.
9783888143595 Henri Matisse. Scherenschnitte Schirmer/Mosel Verlag
9780007120680 Christie Aga Hallowe en Party HarperCollins UK
At a Hallowe'en party, Joyce - a hostile thirteen-year-old - boasts that she once witnessed a murder. When no-one believes her, she storms off home. But within hours her body is found, still in the house, drowned in an apple-bobbing tub. That night, Hercule Poirot is called in to find the 'evil presence'. But first he must establish whether he is looking for a murderer or a double-murderer ...
9780847827718 Anne Knutson Andrew Wyeth: Memory & Magic Rizzolli
While striving for a comprehensiveness that is appropriate to the breadth and scope of Wyeth's prolific oeuvre, "Andrew Wyeth: Memory & Magic" will focus on the artist's ongoing love affair with everyday things - domestic, natural and architectural. Found throughout Wyeth's portraits, landscapes and domestic interiors, these objects form patterns that illuminate core themes and reveal the artist wrestling with issues of memory, temporality, embodiment, and the metaphysical. The book will include a number of portraits, which will introduce readers to the people associated with these painted things and places. Organized chronologically and thematically, this book will explore how the artist's approach to these subjects was formed in his early career, became distinct in his middle period, and has been revisited in new and surprising ways in recent years.
9780091906146 Cohen, Josep Penis Book HB Random House
Ah, the trusty penis. The cock, knob, widgie, pink python, groin bollard - call it what you will, this is one part of the male anatomy that never ceases to provide endless fascination and frequently mirth. Half the population have one and the other half, so Freud would have us believe, would like to. And yet still our flaccid friend is so often misunderstood. The Penis Book seeks to redress the balance, exposing all (quite literally) there is to know about the honourable member. Throbbing with facts, figures, photos and illustrations, the book leaves no foreskin unturned in its quest to bring you the low-down on its subject. Told with wit, vim and lashings of wicked humour, even the most prudish won't be able to resist raising a smile (and perhaps something else). The Penis Book is a celebration of the male member in all its purple-helmeted glory. So whether you're male or female, straight or gay, you'll find something in here to titilate and stimulate...
9781561584963 Conlon, Jane Fine Embellishment Techniques GMC
Embellishing gives sewers the ability to create unique garments and to explore their own creativity. Jane Conlon has taken many of the embellishment techniques used in the 1920s, 30s and 40s, and adapted them for modern use.
9780471348511 Howard L. Ha Introductory Mining Engineering, 2nd Edition Wiley
An introductory text and reference on mining engineering. This work outlines the role of the mining engineer throughout the life of a mine, including prospecting for the deposit, determining the site`s value, developing the mine, extracting the mineral values, and reclaiming the land afterward.
9783527310678 Stefan Berge 200 and More NMR Experiments: A Practical Course Wiley
Features protein NMR experiments.
9780470854211 David Maude Global Private Banking and Wealth Management: The New Realities Wiley
Wealth management is one of the areas in which banks and other personal financial services players are investing heavily. But, the market is changing fast. Going forward, players therefore need to adapt their strategies to the new realities: what worked in the past will not, for the most part, be appropriate in the future. This unique book, written by a former McKinsey consultant, offers an up-to-date, detailed, practical understanding of this exciting area of financial services.
9781584885054 Gross, Jonat Graph Theory and Its Applications, Second Edition Taylor&Francis
Already the most widely used textbook on graph theory, Gross and Yellen's Graph Theory and Its Applications, enhances its appeal with the release of this refreshed and expanded second edition. The superior explanations, original applications, and abundance of study problems that positioned it as the preferred selection of classroom professors worldwide are still to be found. New to this version is the addition of the most up-to-date research, including over 200 references to active graph theory researchers, as well as the latest applications featuring software and digital system design. Answering the practical needs of instructors, many exercises have been added, with a heightened emphasis on proofs.
9780415325097 Bertrand Rus What I Believe Taylor&Francis
Nothing is sacred. Sex, morality, politics, society. In What I Believe, first published in 1925, Russell took on organized religion. Along with Why I Am Not A Christian, this essay must rank as the most articulate example of Russell's famed atheism. It is also one of the most notorious. Used as evidence in a 1940 court case in which Russell was declared unfit to teach college-level philosophy, What I Believe was to become one of his most defining works. The ideas contained within were and are controversial, contentious and - to the religious - downright blasphemous. More than three quarters of a century after it was written, the arguments within this essay continto challenge one's faith and assumptions. A remarkable work, it remains the best concise introduction to Russell's thought.
9780752864518 Wright, Edwa Silver Face Orion Publishers
This evocative post-World War II thriller is set in LA, starring former B movie star John Ray Horn.
9780824708405 Willis, H.Le Spatial Electric Load Forecasting Marcel Dekker
9781845875251 Cape Town Compass
PopOut Maps
9780443071300 Myron Tannen Diagnostic Atlas of Genitourinary Pathology, Elsevier Science
9780198520696 Steddon, Sim Oxford Handbook of Nephrology and Hypertension Oxford Academ
The problem of chronically impaired kidney function is relevant to all medical practitioners regardless of their specialist interest. Based on the Oxford Textbook of Clinical Nephrology and companion to the Oxford Handbook of Dialysis, this handbook provides clear information and practical advice about the day-to-day management of patients with renal disease.
9780521606196 Masanao Aoki Modeling Aggregate Behavior and Fluctuations in Economics Cambridge Academ
This book has two components: stochastic dynamics and stochastic random combinatorial analysis. The first discusses evolving patterns of interactions of a large but finite number of agents of several types. Changes of agent types or their choices or decisions over time are formulated as jump Markov processes with suitably specified transition rates: optimizations by agents make these rates generally endogenous. Probabilistic equilibrium selection rules are also discussed, together with the distributions of relative sizes of the bases of attraction. As the number of agents approaches infinity, we recover deterministic macroeconomic relations of more conventional economic models. The second component analyzes how agents form clusters of various sizes. This has applications for discussing sizes or shares of markets by various agents which involve some combinatorial analysis patterned after the population genetics literature. These are shown to be relevant to distributions of returns to assets, volatility of returns, and power laws.
9780751534276 Billingham,M Lazybones Little, Brown
Years after they`d committed their crimes and served their sentences, rapists are turning up dead in hotel rooms. Some people might believe the killings have a positive effect on re-offending rates, but Detective Inspector Thorne knows he has to track
9780060724283 Elmore Leona Moment of Vengeance HarperCollins USA
Part of a four book mass market collection of Leonard’s western short stories that span the beloved master’s writing career, available in this format for the first time!
9783540251613 Merker, Simulating Combustion: Simulation of combustion and pollutant formation for Engine-development Springer
9781416513032 Chill Factor Simon & Schuster
9780330436489 Walters Min The Devil s Feather Pan Macmillan
Reuters correspondent Connie Burns is no stranger to the world`s troublespots, including the vicious civil unrest in Sierra Leone and the war in Iraq. But as she begins to suspect that a foreigner is using the chaos of war to act out sadistic fantasies against women, her efforts to bring him to justice leave her devastated.
9780312863944 Wolfe, Gene The Urth of the New Sun Holtzbrink(MPS)
9780141028132 Jane Austen Northanger Abbey Penguin Books Ltd
During an eventful season at Bath, young, naive Catherine Morland experiences the joys of fashionable society for the first time. She is delighted with the sophisticated Henry and Eleanor Tilney, who invite her to their father`s mysterious house, Northanger Abbey. There, Catherine imagines terrible crimes committed by General Tilney.
9780141029443 Jamie Oliver The Return of the Naked Chef Penguin Books Ltd
Accompanies a second cracking BBC TV series.
9780808923633 Drake Gray s Atlas of Anatomy. 2007 Elsevier Science
9780781762496 John Hopkins John Hopkins Manual of Obstetrics & Gynecology 3/E. 2007 Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
"The Johns Hopkins Manual of Gynecology and Obstetrics, Third Edition is the perfect on-the-spot reference for clinicians who deal with obstetric and gynecologic problems. Written by residents in obstetrics and gynecology at The Johns Hopkins University, this popular manual covers virtually every clinical situation in obstetrics, high-risk obstetrics, gynecology, reproductive endocrinology, infertility, and gynecologic oncology. The easy-to-use outline format--modeled after The Washington Manual(R) of Medical Therapeutics--helps busy clinicians find information quickly.
5060094800141 Spine Key Ring Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
9780300117165 John Singer Sargent: Figures and Landscapes 1874-1882 Yale University Press
From 1874 to 1882, John Singer Sargent produced more than 200 paintings and water-colours aside from portraiture, including figures in landscape settings, architectural studies, seascapes, subject paintings, and studies after old masters. This book discusses these pictures. Each painting is documented with exhibition history and bibliography.
9781857433364 Lobbying in the European Union Taylor&Francis
This is a compact pocket guide explaining the different types of lobbies, the decision-making system within the EU, as well as outlining the most opportune times for lobbying during the decision-making process. The contact details of some 700 trade associations and NGOs involved in lobbying are also provided, as well as diplomatic and other representations in Brussels.
9780099909507 Hemingway Torrents of Spring Random House
Spring is coming to the small towns of Michigan, but the snow still covers the land when Scripps O`Neil sets of for Chicago, decides to stop a while in Petoskey, and meets up with Yogi Johnson. Subtitled "A Romantic Novel in Honour of the Passing of a Great Race", this work parodies the themes and styles of the `great race` of writers.
9781845950644 Macdonald, I New Shostakovich Random House
Since the posthumous publication in 1979 of alleged memoirs by Shostakovich, the controversy about the composer and his music has escalated. This book presents the case for the dissident view, arguing that the meaning of the composer`s music cannot be appreciated without a knowledge of the terrible times he lived through under Soviet Communism.
9780500300671 Jean Jenger Le Corbusier Thames & Hudson
One of the most influential architects of the 20th century, Le Corbusier, has helped to shape the world in which we live. This book celebrates his vision of architecture as an expression of the human spirit, as inspiring as painting, music and poetry.
9781902686493 Richard Bere New York Deco Thames & Hudson
9781904705536 Calvey Taylo 500 Model Poses Thames & Hudson
9783829601962 Frida Kahlo: Katalog Tate Modern, London Schirmer/Mosel Verlag
9780824726331 Shunri Oda a Silicon Nanoelectronics Taylor&Francis
Because the silicon process infrastructure is already in place and because of silicon's compatibility with current CMOS circuits, silicon nanodevices are positioned to become particularly important. Silicon Nanoelectronics examines recent developments of novel devices and materials that hold great promise for creating smaller and more powerful chips. Contributed by more than 20 leading researchers, the text offers extensive background information and considers issues such as quantum effects and ballistic transport and resonant tunneling in silicon nanotechnology. It also pays significant attention to the all-important silicon single electron transistors and the devices that utilize them.
9781851494552 Christopher Dresser: The People s Designer 1834-1904 Antique Collectors Club Ltd
Gives a complete overview of Dresser - as a man and as a designer - whilst pointing the way to new areas of collecting Dresser design.
9780123693716 David Stocum Regenerative Biology And Medicine Elsevier Science
Provides an overview of the basic and clinically-oriented research in regenerative biology and medicine. This work address the biological/bioethical issues and challenges involved in this field. It covers tissues and systems, and also includes information about the developmental plasticity of adult stem cells and the regeneration of appendages.
9780126395105 David Shepro Microvascular Research Elsevier Science
9780750657273 Chiba Magnetic Bearings And Bearingless Drives Elsevier Science
The application of bearingless drives is an important technique in the areas of high-speed machinery and motion-control. This book aims to provide a grounding in the principles behind this cutting-edge technology. It describes basic principles with practical examples. It is intended for electrical and mechanical engineers and advanced students.
9780631185550 Mukhia, Harb Mughals of India Wiley
Examines the history of the Mughal presence in India from 1526 to the mid-eighteenth century. This title creates a framework for understanding the Mughal empire by addressing themes that have not been explored before. It subtly traces the legacy of the Mughals` world in today`s India.
9780745623139 Grafton R Qu Setting the Agenda Wiley
Describes the mass media`s significant and sometimes controversial role in determining which topics are at the centre of public attention and action. This book synthesizes various scientific studies carried out on this central role of the mass media in the shaping of public opinion. It is intended for students of media communications and politics.
9780905214696 Lascelles Du BSAVA Manual of Canine and Feline Oncology 2e Wiley
9780385488181 Krakauer, Jo Eiger Dreams Random House (USA)
9780375751486 Walton, Izaa The Compleat Angler Random House (USA)
9780375709487 Gates, Henry Wonders of the African World Random House (USA)
9780679749028 Roth Philip The Anatomy Lesson Random House (USA)
9780679772811 Lane, Eric Plays for Actresses Random House (USA)
9780781744973 Kuo Comprehensive Atlas of Transplantation Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
"Featuring more than 400 full-color digital intraoperative photographs, this atlas is a comprehensive ""how-to"" guide to heart, lung, liver, kidney, and pancreas transplantation. It presents photographs and succinct descriptions of every step of each operation--including patient positioning, dissection and exposure, retraction, anatomic details, anatomoses, completion, and drain placement. Photographs have been taken from multiple angles, including directly overhead wherever possible. Anatomic and technical variations are illustrated by drawings.
9780781772341 Rock TeLinde s Operative Gynecology 10/e Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
Leads the field of Operative Gynecology to synthesize one of the best way for surgical procedures. The book provides encyclopedic coverage of the etiology, diagnosis, and step-by-step surgical treatment of benign and malignant diseases and disorders of the female pelvis.
9780345386823 Neville A Calculated Risk Random House (USA)
9781592533596 China Lofts Rockport/Rotovision
The conversion of old industrial spaces is something that is becoming a growing trend in large cities across the globe, and China is no exception. This book brings together houses from within culture-rich China and is packed full of cultural expressions and photography.
9780340654163 Clavell Jame Escape Hodder
9780340837498 Herbert Fran Hunters of dune Hodder
Using Frank Herbert`s final outline - hidden in a bank safe deposit box for eleven years - Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson now tell the grand climax of the story left unfinished in CHAPTERHOUSE: DUNE
9780521693738 Sylvie Donna English Pronunciation in Use Elementary Edition with answers and CD-ROM/Audio CDs (5) Cambridge University Press
The best-selling English Pronunciation in Use is a comprehensive reference and practice book suitable for self-study or classroom work. Easy-to-use units cover all aspects of pronunciation, including individual sounds, word stress, connected speech and intonation. Each unit is supported by audio material in a range of accents, available on audio CD or cassette. An additional reference section offers a glossary of specialized terms, help with the pronunciation of numbers and geographical names and fun exercises on phonemic symbols and minimal pairs. The CD-ROM provides a wide variety of additional interactive activities to reinforce the pronunciation covered in the book, as well as tests, progress checks, games and animated diagrams of the mouth showing learners how to produce individual sounds. Students can also record themselves and compare their pronunciation with one of the many models provided.
9780764314476 Branislav R German Helmets of the Second World War: Vol 1 Schiffer
This two volume set is a fully illustrated, detailed look at the famous German "stahlhelm" of World War II. Full color photographs - including multiple-view, interiors, and up-close detail - show Army, Luftwaffe, Kriegsmarine, Waffen-SS, Paratroop, and many others. Both volumes have been specifically produced to give the advanced collector the opportunity to expand his or her knowledge, and to compare paint and insignia against their own collections. For the novice or would-be collector, these books are an invaluable reference.
9780916838829 Herbert F. S Mirror Book: English, American, and European Schiffer
Mirrors dating from Egypts New Kingdom, circa 1300 B.C., through the Art Nouveau movement at the beginning of the twentieth century A.D. are arranged in chronological groups to demonstrate the gradual development of artistic styles. The rich history of glass production in Europe directly influenced interior design in general and mirror designs in particular. Here are European, English and American examples from common as well as Royal households. The author has included reproductions of period paintings of room interiors which display mirrors in their normal surroundings in taverns, bedrooms, dressing rooms and reception rooms alike. There are 16 color and 660 black and white photographs and many engraved drawings.
9780312971076 Smith Wilbur Hungry as the sea Holtzbrink(MPS)
9780345487339 Hal Duncan Book of All Hours Random House (USA)
9780765345967 Cook Glen Tyranny of the Night Holtzbrink(MPS)
9780751535341 Howatch,Susa Penmarric Little, Brown
We all want what we cannot have, but when Mark Castallack sees his longed-for inheritance Penmarric, a gothic mansion on the bleak cliffs of Cornwall, and the mysterious Janna, he knows that nothing will stop him from making them both his.
9780071477819 Gonzales Current Practice Guidelines in Primary Care 2007 McGraw-Hill
This is the ultimate at-a-glance clinical companion - updated annually. It includes the most current screening, prevention, and management guidelines for more than 60 common outpatient conditions. The content is drawn from a wide array of recommendations regularly updated by government agencies, medical and scientific organizations, and expert panels.

It features guideline-based management algorithms and disease screening instruments that enhance day-to-day clinical decision-making. It also includes: coverage that supports the practice of evidence-based medicine; handy immunization schedule for children; and, Website addresses for US government agencies and professional organizations.
9780099476559 Ireland: Awe Ireland: Awekening Random House
Presents the story of Ireland from the seventeenth century onwards, picking up at the Reformation, and with it, the devastating arrival of Oliver Cromwell. Set against the backdrop of Irish political history, this title journeys through the centuries right the way up to the twentieth century`s Easter Rising and Independence.
9781416914686 Charmed: As Puck Would Have It Simon & Schuster
9780847829163 Decoration of Houses: the original 1897ed Rizzoli USA
Edith Wharton's The Decoration of Houses is an invaluable reference, one of the classic works on interior decoration, and a testament to the enduring style of one of America's greatest writers. Written in collaboration with celebrated American architect Ogden Codman, Jr., Wharton's first book is a comprehensive look at the history and character of turn-of-the-century interior design, moving from historical traditions to the distinctive styles of contemporary taste. Published in association with the Mount Press, this beautiful hardcover facsimile is carefully reproduced from the first edition published in 1897 and includes all 56 original plates-illustrating furniture, moldings, and interior styles of the 19th-century-and features decollage edges as well as a new introduction from renowned scholar Richard Guy Wilson. The Mount is a magnificent estate Edith Wharton designed and built in 1902 as a writer's retreat in the beautiful Berkshire Hills of western Massachusetts.
9780711220393 Jill Billing London s Parks and Gardens Frances Lincoln
This book takes the reader on a guided tour of London's public squares, community and allotment gardens, front gardens and window boxes – and the myriad and monumental public parks, from the grand formality of Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens to the wild heathland of Hampstead and the commons. Illustrated with photographs that capture all the diversity of London's green spaces, presenting a unique and fresh viewpoint on the familiar, crammed with intriguing information as well as practical details, this book is for for Londoners, gardeners and environmentalists, and for all visitors to the city.
9783805581899 Matthews, D. Using and Understanding Medical Statistics Karger
General Medicine; Social Medicine; Medical Statistics; Epidemiology; Communication;
9780747590040 Guterson, Da Snow Falling on Cedars Bloomsbury
In 1954, a fisherman is found dead in the nets of his boat, and a local Japanese-American man is charged with his murder. In the course of his trial, it becomes clear that what is at stake is more than one man's guilt. For on San Piedro, memory grows as thickly as cedar trees and the fields of ripe strawberries - memories of a charmed love affair between a white boy and a Japanese girl; memories of land desired, paid for, and lost.

Above all, San Piedro is haunted by the memory of what happened to its Japanese residents during World War II, when an entire community was sent into exile while its neighbours watched.
9780451208811 Woods, Stuar Blood Orchid Penguin USA
9780847827145 Jay Johnson Jed Johnson Rizzoli USA
“One of the most celebrated interior designers of our time.” —Paul Goldberger, the New York Times
9780446617406 Patterson Ja Lifeguard Hachette Book Group
9780486454696 Wilpert Jose Roman Mosaics: Over 60 Full-Color Images from the 4th Through the 13th Centuries Dover
9781588263285 Diehl, Paul Politics of Global Governance Eurospan
9781588298829 Apoptosis, Cell Signaling & Human Diseases. Vol2. 2007 Springer
Provides developments in cell survival and apoptotic pathways and their involvement in various human diseases. This book contains 31 chapters which have been divided into four sections: Malignant Transformation and Metastasis; Kinases and Phosphatases; Molecular Basis of Cell Death; and Molecular Basis of Disease Therapy.
9780071443159 Abraham Heart Failure: A Practical Approach to Treatment. 2007 McGraw-Hill
A visual guide and desk reference offering clinical guidelines for identifying and treating patients with heart failure as well as those who have the potential for the condition.
9780751540420 Furnivall,Ka Russian concubine Little, Brown
A sweeping novel set in war-torn China, with a star-crossed love story at its centre.
9781588294586 Shkrum Micha Forensic Pathology of Trauma Springer
Deals with certain common trauma scenarios faced by pathologists doing medicolegal autopsies. This approach-oriented book aims to assist the postmortem investigation of a case at its inception and define issues which the pathologist needs to address.
9783540009504 Stenmark Har Phosphoinositides in Subcellular Targeting and Enzyme Activation Springer
Cells of the immune system are activated by a variety of stimuli that are derived from other cells, ingested material or from invading microorganisms. This issue of CTMI focuses on the mechanisms of phosphoinositide-mediated protein recruitment to intracellular membranes.
9780387293356 Ching Wai-Ki Markov Chains: Models, Algorithms and Applications Springer
9781402043499 Brongersma M Surface Plasmon Nanophotonics Springer
The development of advanced dielectric photonic structures has enabled tremendous control over the propagation and manipulation of light. Structures such as waveguides, splitters, mixers, and resonators now play a central role in the telecommunications industry. This book will discuss an exciting new class of photonic devices, known as surface plasmon nanophotonic structures. Surface plasmons are easily accessible excitations in metals and semiconductors and involve a collective motion of the conduction electrons. These excitations can be exploited to manipulate electromagnetic waves at optical frequencies ("light") in new ways that are unthinkable in conventional dielectric structures. The field of plasmon nanophotonics is rapidly developing and impacting a wide range of areas including: electronics, photonics, chemistry, biology, and medicine. The book will highlight several exciting new discoveries that have been made, while providing a clear discussion of the underlying physics, the nanofabrication issues, and the materials considerations involved in designing plasmonic devices with new functionality.The book is aimed at researchers and students interested in entering the field of plasmon nanophotonics, while serving as a reference to scientists already active in this area of research. It is written at the level of a first year graduate student with some background in electromagnetic theory and working knowledge of Maxwell’s equations.
9783540326502 Dickersbach Service Parts Planning with Processes, Structures, and Functions Springer
The Service Parts Planning (SPP) solution addresses the specific planning problems of service parts. This book explains the processes, structures, and functions of this new solution and is targeted for project members and project managers who are involved in an implementation of SAP Service Parts Planning or for users who want to gain a better understanding of the software.The Service Parts Planning (SPP) solution was developed by SAP in a joint effort with Caterpillar and Ford, to address the specific planning problems of service parts. This book explains the processes, structures, and functions of this new solution and is targeted for project members and project managers who are involved in an implementation of SAP SPP or for users who want to gain a better understanding of the software.
9780330420051 Taraborrelli Michael Jackson Pb Pan Macmillan
This biography of Michael Jackson includes the behind-the-scenes story to many of the landmarks in his life - his legal and commercial battles, his marriages, his passions and addictions and his children.
9780330341165 Barnes Julia Letters from London 1990-1995 Pan Macmillan
Provides a portrait of Britain in the Nineties. This title covers subjects as diverse as the Lloyd`s insurance disaster, the rise and fall of Margaret Thatcher, the troubles of the Royal Family and the hapless Nigel Short in his battle with Gary Kasparov in the 1993 World Chess Finals.
9780330438568 Lihoreau Ti Stephen Fry s Incomplete and Utter History of Classical Music Pan Macmillan
A riotous, rambling and incomplete history of classical music, complete with leg measurements
9780330426787 Higham Char Mrs Simpson Pan Macmillan
Tells the story of an illegitimate child from Baltimore who rose to become the mistress of the king of England and brought about his abdication. This work is an account of the woman who very nearly became the Queen of England.
9781405055185 Brownlow Mi Move it! Garage Pan Macmillan
Features interesting motor vehicles, machines, and tools that you would expect to find in a motor garage. This book contains tabs, sliders, and moving parts that provide fun to wannabe mechanics.
9780330449694 Kasischke La Be Mine Pan Macmillan
9780486461984 Noble Marty Art Nouveau Patterns Dover
9780486451756 Noble Marty Japanese Designs Stained Glass Coloring Book Dover
9780486458151 Priscilla Lo Basic Drawing Dover
9780486998411 Loudon Jane Ladies Flower Garden CD-ROM and Book Dover
9780486443430 Hancock H. The Complete Kano Jiu-Jitsu (Judo) Dover
9780486998879 Dover Flowers w/CD Dover
9780300094350 Hourihane Gothic Art in Ireland 1169-1550 Yale University Press
9783791338149 Kuhl, Isabel Andy Warhol (Living Art) Prestel Publishing Limited
Looks at the world Warhol inhabited as a young man - a post-war America on the brink of mass commercialism and mass production - to examine his iconic paintings and prints. This book demonstrates how Warhol`s fascination with pop culture meshed perfectly with a cultural mood, at once reflective and rebellious.
9783131405814 Schmitt Diagnostic Imaging of the Hand Thieme Verlagsgruppe
In this text an interdisciplinary team of specialists in radiology, surgery, and rheumatology presents a practical guide to imaging of the hand. Complete with detailed discussion of the complex anatomy, common diseases, and injuries of the hand, this text covers examination techniques and state-of-the-art imaging modalities, including multiline spiral CR, with 2-D displays and 3-D reconstructions, and contrast-enhanced MRI with multi-channel, phased-array coils.Designed to help clinicians develop the most effective strategies for their patients, Diagnostic Imaging of the Hand provides a systematic approach to understanding each disease, outlining pathogenesis and clinical symptoms according to a graduated diagnostic plan. More than 1,000 crisp, high-quality images and line drawings, summary tables, handy checklists, and a heavily cross-referenced appendix of differential diagnoses make this text an ideal reference for the clinician seeking the most up-to-date information on how to diagnose and treat disorders of the hand.
9781864702002 Significant Interiors Images
Features award-winning interiors from the USA by notable architecture and design firms. This work contains 55 projects that were selected based on the criteria of creativity and innovation.
9788860730152 Guino Vergan Fashion Dictionary ACC-distribution titles
Features contributions from fashion historians, writers, great names of lifestyle journalism and trade reporting. This book includes more than 4,500 entries.
9781931082891 Faulkner Wil Novels 1926-1929 Penguin USA
9783829603287 Pirelli Calendar 45 years Complete 1963-2007 (Germ) Schirmer/Mosel Verlag
The hottest calendar ever in its recent complete book edition, with the never-published 1963 calendar and a comprehensive text tracing the calendar's evolution and the history of erotic photography in the past forty-five years. German text.
9780764327100 1000 Dormers Schiffer
Dormers bring light and air into an existing space and add character and dimension to a structures external appearance. This invaluable book features more than 700 color pictures featuring homes and structures adorned with an awe-inspiring variety of dormer additions. The illustrations and imagery portray eve gable, double gable, hipped-roof, arched, round, oval, eyebrow, pediment, triangle, flat, turret, deck, and inset dormers, to name a few. If you are a homeowner, student, or professional involved in architecture, design, remodeling, or construction, you will find this reference an invaluable addition to your library.
9780711224902 Ann Laras Gardens of Italy Frances Lincoln
This inspirational book is an illustrated survey of more than 60 major gardens in Italy, from the lakes north of Milan down to Ravello in the south. They include the Villa Balbianello, Isola Bella, Giardini Giusti, Villa Medici, Villa Gamberaia, La Mortella, Villa Lante, Villa d'Este, Giardini di Ninfa, plus some important modern gardens. All the gardens featured are open to the public.
9780515139730 Steve Martin Double Tap Penguin USA
9780887400230 Tricia Vease Championship Carving Schiffer
Four hundred stunning color pictures of world-class carvings accompany an authoritative series of interviews with the worlds finest wood sculptors. An indispensable addition to the libraries of novice and expert carvers; certain to become a collectors item.
9780099509455 Winslow, Don Winter of Frankie Machine, The Random House
Frank Machianno is a retired hit man. But a favour called in by the local boss is one Frank simply can`t refuse, and before he knows it he`s sucked back into the treacherous currents of his former life. Someone from his past wants him dead, and he has to figure out who, and why, and he has to do it fast as he is running out of time.
9780099468134 Carol Goodma The Ghost Orchid Random House
Bosco: once a beautiful, stately home, is now a tranquil artists` retreat. Ellis Brooks has come here for the opportunity to write a novel inspired by the scandalous events that took place in the mansion`s early days. As Ellis delves into Bosco`s sinister history, she starts to uncover unnerving connections between the living and the dead.
9780060987466 Manson, Mari Long Hard Road Out of Hell, The HarperCollins USA
9780553815160 Edwin Thomas Treason s River Transworld Publishers
Jerrold is too happy to undertake a mission to America. But he`ll soon wish he had stayed at home, as his journey takes him into the heart of an extraordinary conspiracy. The stakes are high - the entire future of Britain`s war against Napoleon rests in his not-so-capable hands. One wrong move and the consequences will be catastrophic.
9780312942106 Kanon, Josep Good German, The Holtzbrink(MPS)
9780060171476 Waters, Alic Chez Panisse Vegetables HarperCollins USA
Alice Waters is the visionary chef and owner of Chez Panisse in Berkeley, California. She is the author of four cookbooks, including 'Chez Panisse Cookbook' and 'Fanny at Chez Panisse'.
9781572308633 Dobson, Keit Handbook of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapies Taylor&Francis
Fully revised and updated, the second edition of this authoritative handbook reflects the continuing evolution of the field. The volume brings together established experts to review the theories, research and treatment methodologies associated with the major cognitive-behavioural models.
9780878916375 GRE® Mathematics - The Best Test Preparation for the Graduate Record Examination Subject Test Research Education Association
9781904048701 D K Holm Independent Cinema w/DVD Kamera Books
9782742006212 Hirsch Generalized Seizures: From Clinical Phenomenology to Underlying Systems and Networks John Libbey Eurotext
A `generalised seizure` corresponds to an ictal manifestation whose initial semeiology indicates or is consistent with more than minimal involvement of both cerebral hemispheres. A `network` is a functionally and automatically connected set of cortical and subcortical brain regions in which activity in any one part affects activity in all others.
9781416032793 Alexander Va Operative Techniques: Spine Surgery, Elsevier Science
Offers you guidance on using different techniques in spine surgery. This book, accompanied by a website and a DVD, includes chapters on immobilization techniques, anterior and posterior approaches, and thoracic spine surgery.
9781416037774 Rajiv Sood Achauer and Sood s Burn Surgery, Reconstruction and Rehabilitation, Elsevier Science
9783931126209 House Industries w/CD Gestalten
9780789315748 Lots of Dogs: 2 books set Rizzoli USA
9780810994447 Bertolli A Book of nudes Abrams
Organized chronologically, this work presents over 160 books, from the celebrated to the obscure, and includes the photographers who made nudes famous: Germaine Krull, Man Ray, Hans Bellmer, Bill Brandt, Araki, Robert Mapplethorpe, and Jean-Loup Sieff. It also includes a selection of photographs laid out on double-page spreads.
9780810959033 Stock James dean: fifty years ago Abrams
Like a restless ghost, James Dean (1931-1955) continues to haunt us. Though he died nearly fifty years ago, the enigmatic star of East of Eden (1955), Rebel without a Cause (1955), and Giant (1956) still symbolizes the mystery and torment of adolescence - an image that his sudden, violent death fixed forever in the public mind.
9780807613955 Delacroix Pastels Daedalus
9781933821153 Life: America the Beautiful Hachette Book Group
Covers from the work of Ansel Adams to the photography of Galen Rowell to the serene pastorals of Joel Meyerowitz and Michael Melford. This title includes a print of one of Ansel Adams` scenic photos, suitable for framing. It is a book about a beautiful land.
9780007206537 C. S. Lewis Magician s Nephew, The 4 CD HarperCollins UK
9780007235537 Victoria Hol Shadow of the Lynx, The HarperCollins UK
Set in the wild Australian gold country and a gracious English mansion, this is a story of violent emotions, of great injustice and a grudge which lasted a lifetime.
9780007268146 Bird Guide Second Ed Pb HarperCollins UK
Following on from its hugely successful launch in 1999, Collins Bird Guide -- the ultimate reference book for bird enthusiasts -- now enters its second edition. With expanded text and additional colour illustrations, the second edition of the hugely successful ollins Bird Guide is a must for every birdwatcher. The book provides all the information needed to identify any species at any time of the year, covering size, habitat, range, identification and voice.

Accompanying every species entry is a distribution map and illustrations showing the species in all the major plumages (male, female, immature, in flight, at rest, feeding: whatever is important). In addition, each group of birds includes an introduction which covers the major problems involved in identifying or observing them: how to organise a sea watching trip, how to separate birds of prey in flight, which duck hybrids can be confused with which main species. These and many other common birdwatching questions are answered.The combination of definitive text, up-to-date distribution maps and superb illustrations, all in a single volume, makes this book the ultimate field guide, essential on every bookshelf and birdwatching trip.
9780349120843 Everett,Mark Things grandchildren should know Little, Brown
* The extraordinary true life story of songwriter Mark Oliver Everett, lead singer of the band Eels
9780553584066 Barron, Step Jane and the Ghosts of Netley Random House (USA)
9780001054660 Tolkien J.R. Silmarillion, The HarperCollins UK
9781855327702 Armies of the Caliphates Osprey
The author here looks at the fragmentation of the Abbasid Caliphate based in Iraq, and the Fatimids, Buwayhids, Ghaznawids and other principalities that emerged from the wrecked Abbasid state. More advanced than any other medieval military power, the Caliphal armies were a potent force.
9780141188171 Doctorow, E Ragtime Penguin Books Ltd
Welcome to America at the turn of the twentieth century, where the rhythms of ragtime set the beat. In this chronicle, real-life characters intermingle with three families, one black, one Jewish, and one prosperous WASP, to create a literary mosaic that brings to life an era of poverty, wealth, and incredible change in short, the era of ragtime.
9780140513233 Fleming, J e Architecture and Landscape Architecture, Dictionary of Penguin Books Ltd
Need a handbook to your architect`s business or studies? Struggling with your DIY project? Interested in the art of architecture? This work covers the aspects of architecture and landscape architecture. Ranging from ancient times, it adopts an international perspective focussing on countries and cultures such as Coptic, Tibet and De Stijl.
9781933405858 Editors Of S Sports Illustrated: Exposure Hachette Book Group
9781741045710 Canada 10 Lonely Planet
Extra focus on the fun, family, off the beaten track and road trippable Canada. Includes resident authors to give a local view.
9781840139976 Encyclopedia Of Trains & Locomotives Grange Books
9780141188935 Rand, A Atlas Shrugged Penguin Books Ltd
Tells the story of a man who said that he would stop the motor of the world - and did. This title presents the mystery about the murder - and rebirth - of man`s spirit.
9780340952191 King Stephen Duma Key HB Hodder
DUMA KEY combines the appeal of CELL and LISEY`S STORY - two of Stephen King`s most successful hardbacks of all time - to take the legendary author to a whole new level.
9780534641238 BARSKY Success in Social Work Education Cengage Learning
This book prepares students for the rigours of a social work program and helps them hone such important skills as critical thinking, professional writing, and integrating values, theory, self-awareness and reflective practice.
9780716798972 Philip Nelso Biological Physics Palgrave
This text focuses on new results in molecular motors, self-assembly, and single-molecule manipulation that have revolutionized the field in recent years. Now in paperback, this updated edition has new end-of-chapter problems giving fresh options for assignments and exams; and an updated Chapter on Enzymes and Molecular Machines.
9783829603324 Heinrich Zille: Berliner Leben Schirmer/Mosel Verlag
9781846040405 The Dalai La How to See Yourself as You Really Are Random House
Provides a perspective on the psychological problems of hurting ourselves through misguided, exaggerated notions of self, others, events and physical things. This book includes practical exercises and gives readers a path to assess their growth and progress.
9781840139587 Worlds Worst Cars (Large) Grange Books
9780307266224 Bowles, Hami Vogue Living Random House (USA)
9780781783897 Stoller Stoller s Atlas of Orthopaedics and Sport Medicine Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
Using 1,298 anatomic drawings and 230 3-Tesla MR normal anatomy images, this atlas presents a detailed view of the intricacies of musculoskeletal anatomy. It provides radiologists, orthopaedists, and other specialists with the anatomic knowledge needed to accurately diagnose musculoskeletal injuries.
9781856695510 Diane Edison Colour Painting (pb) Thames & Hudson
Presenting a discussion of the colour wheel and an exploration of design principles, this book demonstrates painting techniques using oils and acrylics. It explains how to prepare a canvas, or wood panel, before looking at the techniques of wet-on-wet (or alla prima) painting, wet onto dry painting, and a variation on the grisaille technique.
9789749863473 Bayon-New Perspectives ACC-distribution titles
Aims to challenge many of the earlier interpretations of the Bayon`s art, architecture and inscriptions. This work presents a study of the Bayon short inscriptions and through them the unique Buddhist-Hindu-ancestral religion imposed by Jayavarman.
9780312341817 Jackie Colli Married Lovers Holtzbrink(MPS)
9780230706699 Ronaldo Moments Pan Macmillan
Relates the story of Cristiano Ronaldo`s love of football from early childhood in Madeira. This book shows glimpses of him training and enjoying his leisure time, the charity work he involves himself in, as well as off-field activities in both his professional capacity and for pleasure.
9780330456401 Waters Paul Of Merchants & Heroes Pan Macmillan
9780834805750 Seo, Audrey Enso Random House (USA)
The enso, or "Zen circle", is one of the most prevalent images of Zen art, to the point where one sees ensos on everything from screensavers and restaurant menus to print and web advertising. This work presents a collection of the best examples of enso art to show the wonderful variety of the form and its interpretations.
9788854401815 Switzerland White Star
From the middle of the 18th century onward, Switzerland was a compulsory port of call for the cultured traveller. Artists and travellers competed with each other to portray its remarkable mountain landscapes, interwoven in heroic, silent atmospheres of damp woods, alternating with roaring waterfalls.
9781400078721 Newhouse, Jo Boeing versus Airbus Random House (USA)
9780440243663 Child, Lee Bad Luck and Trouble Random House (USA)
9783899552089 Fragiles: Porcelain, Glass and Ceramics Gestalten
9780451222749 Dickey, Eric Waking with Enemies Penguin USA
9780425199381 Francis Dick Decider Penguin USA
9780143039860 Kesey, Ken Sometimes a Great Notion Penguin USA
9780073331607 The Statistical Imagination with SPSS Student McGraw-Hill
9780141013060 McCormick, N I Was Bono s Doppelganger Penguin Books Ltd
We all went to school with friends who`ve turned out more successful than us. But they don`t all call up from improbably glamorous places and drive us mad by telling us about it. And they`re not all Bono. Neil McCormick always dreamed of life as a rock star. Instead, he had to watch while his friend became one of the most famous men on the planet.
9780723262831 Barker, Cice Flower Fairies of the Wayside (R/I) Penguin USA
9780521700351 David Crysta Think On My Words Cambridge Academ
‘You speak a language that I understand not.’ Hermione’s words to Leontes in The Winter’s Tale are likely to ring true with many people reading or watching Shakespeare’s plays today. For decades, people have been studying Shakespeare’s life and times, and in recent years there has been a renewed surge of interest into aspects of his language. So how can we better understand Shakespeare? How did he manipulate language to produce such an unrivalled body of work, which has enthralled generations both as theatre and as literature? David Crystal addresses these and many other questions in this lively and original introduction to Shakespeare’s language. Covering in turn the five main dimensions of language structure - writing system, pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, and conversational style - the book shows how examining these linguistic ‘nuts and bolts’ can help us achieve a greater appreciation of Shakespeare’s linguistic creativity.
9780471584940 Johnson, N.L Continuous Univariate Distributions Wiley
This volume presents a detailed description of the statistical distributions that are commonly applied to such fields as engineering, business, economics and the behavioural, biological and environmental sciences.
9780415425827 Goodman Consuming Habits Taylor&Francis
Covering a wide range of substances, including opium, cocaine, coffee, tobacco, and kola, since prehistory, this edition explores the analytical category of psychoactive substances from challenging historical and anthropological perspectives. It is a companion for those interested in how different cultures have defined drugs across the ages.
9781412936903 Fatehi Managing Internationally Sage Publications
Suitable for a course on international management for undergraduate business administration and MBA programs, this textbook deals with the management of international business operations in the global market and discusses the basic managerial functions in an international enterprise.
9780753511015 Portnoy Suza Butcher, Baker and Candlestick Maker Transworld Publishers
Suzanne`s journey of self-discovery is anything but typical; her attitudes towards relationships and the men she meets along the way are more unusual. This is the story of one woman`s sexual reawakening - from losing her virginity to a loveless marriage, and then regaining her confidence as a result of a chance meeting with a man on the Internet.
9780470723364 Gowar Winning on Betfair For Dummies 2e Wiley
Betfair is one of the world`s leading online betting exchange. This title explains the terms and jargon, helps you get started on the site, introduces various types of play - including poker and the Betfair Casino - and offers tips and insider know-how that newcomers and seasoned Betfair punters can use to maximise returns.
9780446619165 Patterson Ja Cross Hachette Book Group
9781589230767 Sewing for the Home Rockport/Rotovision
This title forms part of the AQA Modular Maths for GCSE series which provides coverage of the AQA Modular Course (specification B). It comprises separate books for each of the written modules for both Foundation and Intermediate tiers. This one book per module approach enables students to target the appropriate level for which they are aiming.
9781841846477 Schoenhagen Cardiac CT Made Easy - CD-Rom Informa
9780521697866 Paul Clark The Chinese Cultural Revolution Cambridge Academ
A groundbreaking study of cultural life during a turbulent and formative decade in contemporary China, this book seeks to explode several myths about the Cultural Revolution (officially 1966–1976). Through national and local examination of the full range of cultural forms (film, operas, dance, other stage arts, music, fine arts, literature, and even architecture), Clark argues against characterizing this decade as one of chaos and destruction. Rather, he finds that innovation and creativity, promotion of participation in cultural production, and a vigorous promotion of the modern were all typical of the Cultural Revolution. Using a range of previously little-used materials, Clark forces us to fundamentally reassess our understanding of the Cultural Revolution, a period which he sees as the product of innovation in conflict with the effort by political leaders to enforce a top-down modernity.
9781845876203 Toronto Double Popout Map Compass
9780552774628 Jenny Downha Before I Die Transworld Publishers
Tessa has just a few months to live. Tessa compiles a list. It`s her Ten Things To Do Before I Die list. Tessa`s feelings, her relationships with her father and brother, her estranged mother, her best friend, her new boyfriend, all are painfully crystallized in the precious weeks before Tessa`s time finally runs out.
9780141026268 Fidel Castro My Life Penguin Books Ltd
Castro is the only world leader to have outlasted nine US presidents, has survived over 600 assassination attempts and remains one of the twentieth century`s most controversial figures. This title tells Castro`s story, explaining thing from his parents and earliest influences to his imprisonment, guerrilla war and the Cuban revolution.
9780140365566 Dahl Roald The enormous crocodile Penguin USA
9780099471240 Endersby A Guinea Pig s History of Biology: The Plants and Animals Who Taught Us the Facts of Life Random House
Includes stories that reveal how DNA determines the characteristics of the adult organism.
9780230553026 Rattenbury T Public Law within Government Palgrave
This book casts a spotlight on a vital but poorly understood feature of the political process: the functioning within government of the public law rules that define and constrain it.It fills a gap in the market for a socio-legal study that brings together the analysis of public law and an interpretation of government policy and action. It provides an in-depth account of the complex interactions between administrative law, policy and practice. It is informed by inside access into a local authority and insider understanding.Drawing on rich source material - one local authority's involvement in the epic central/local confrontation over local government spending in 1980s England - this book develops a multifaceted and widely applicable analysis of public law within government as a process of 'sustaining the art of the possible'.
9780099513896 Wodehouse P. Ukridge Random House
Money makes the world go round for Stanley Featherstonehaugh Ukridge - and when there isn`t enough of it, the world just has to spin a bit faster. Ever on the lookout for a quick buck, a solid gold fortune, or at least a plausible little scrounge, the irrepressible Ukridge gives con men a bad name.
9783865216922 Robert Frank Robert Frank: Peru Thames & Hudson
9780781772501 Feagin The Crucial Principles in Care of the Knee Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
Describes and illustrates the principles in the diagnosis, surgical treatment, and rehabilitation of knee disorders. This book covers descriptions and illustrations of three surgical procedures - microfracture for chondral injuries, stimulation of the healing response in ligamentous injuries, and arthroscopic treatment of the degenerative knee.
9781405327770 Usa Dorling Kindersley
Starting with an overview of some of the main attractions and a brief history, this guide divides the country into 14 regional sections, each covering from one to seven states. It highlights national parks, scenic routes, the vast wilderness, world-class cities and top museums and galleries. It includes coverage of culture, history and sights.
9780141319612 Jacques, B Eulalia! Penguin Books Ltd
Lord Asheye of Salamandastron has a prophecy: a new Badger Lord will soon reign over the legendary badger fortress, one who `shuns both armour and sword`. But who is he and how is he to be found? A young haremaid from the Long Patrol regiment is dispatched on a dangerous mission to find him.
9780415448888 Sanfilippo Clinical Pediatric and Adolescent Gynecology Informa
The medical, surgical, and psychological problems associated with the female reproductive system in infancy and adolescence demand the highest standards of clinical intervention. This textbook provides a comprehensive review of all the common and less often encountered pediatric and adolescent gynecology problems in daily practice, both in the ambulatory as well as in the surgical setting. An integral CD-ROM supplies video clips of relevant surgical procedures, as well as charts, tables, and forms that users can download and adapt for local use.
9781400075485 Mcgrath, Pat Port Mungo Random House (USA)
9780387955599 Westra Surgical Pathology Dissection Springer
A guide to the preparation, dissection, and handling of surgical pathology specimens. It provides general principles that can be employed to resolve even the most complex problems in dissection and tissue sampling. It includes 62 illustrations, depicting proper specimen handling techniques that add a unique vitality and multidimensional effect.
9780940450769 James, Henry Collected Travel Writings: Great Britain and America Penguin USA
9782080136145 Bernard Palissy Daedalus
9780521597302 Martin Shaw Theory of the Global State Cambridge Academ
This ambitious study rewrites the terms of debate about globalization. Martin Shaw argues that the deepest meaning of globality is the growing sense of worldwide human commonality as a practical social force, arising from political struggle not technological change. The book focuses upon two new concepts: the unfinished global-democratic revolution and the global-Western state. Shaw shows how an internationalized, post-imperial Western state conglomerate, symbiotically linked to global institutions, is increasingly consolidated amidst worldwide democratic upheavals against authoritarian, quasi-imperial non-Western states. This study explores the radical implications of these concepts for social, political and international theory, through a fundamental critique of modern ‘national-international’ social thought and dominant economistic versions of global theory. Required reading for sociology and politics as well as international relations, Theory of the Global State offers a historical, theoretical and political framework for understanding state and society in the emerging global age.
9780747805670 Swift, Ellen Roman dress accessories Неизвестно
9781903635193 Nunn, Robin William the peoples prince Неизвестно
9780691002859 Garrard, Mar Artemisia gentileschi Wiley
9780714844367 Goldscheider Roman portraits Phaidon Press Ltd.
Facsimile reprint of a classic Phaidon title, written and designed by the co-founder of the company, and containing 120 beautiful full-page plates of the powerfully realistic marble portraits for which the Romans were renowned Among the greatest artistic achievements of the Roman Empire are portrait sculptures.
9780711997639 Legg, Barnab Godspeed: The Kurt Cobain Graphic Marston Book Services
This volume takes Kurt Cobain`s life story and plays it out as a graphic novel. Going beyond the facts the authors transmute Kurt`s short and extraordinary life into an equally extraordinary work of art.
9780812217513 Witchcraft in europe, 400-1700 Неизвестно
Reexamining the phenomenon of witchcraft, this book assembles documents that trace the development of witch-beliefs from late Mediterranean antiquity through the Enlightenment. It contains explanatory notes, introductory essays and a bibliography.
9780471283669 Wolsey, Laur Integer programming Wiley
9780743220132 Duncan, Glen I, lucifer HarperCollins UK
A portrait of Lucifer encountering the world of the five senses, telling his version of the Bible, and discovering what it`s like to be human - in the shape of a suicidal writer called Declan Gunn living in Clerkenwell.
9780747573623 Rowling J.K. Harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban Bloomsbury
Harry Potter is lucky to reach the age of thirteen, since he has survived the murderous attacks of the feared Dark Wizard Voldemort three times. But his hopes for a quiet term concentrating on Quidditch are dashed when a maniacal mass-murderer escapes from Azkaban, pursued by the soul-sucking Dementors who guard the prison.
9782908182965 Hourtoulle, Battle of moscowa Неизвестно
9781932595031 Suicide girls Неизвестно
9781861080967 Pye, Chris Relief carving in wood GMC
A carving tutorial. From introductory chapters about tools and techniques, the process of design carving is covered in detail and illustrated with photographs and drawings. Rather than providing a large number of projects, the author takes one design and takes the reader through it in detail.
9780439559683 Stilton, Ger Paws off cheddarface! Неизвестно
Rodents kept telling me I`d done things I had no memory of. Was I going crazy? Had the cheese finally slipped off my cracker? No, I soon discovered the truth: There was a Geronimo lookalike going around, pretending to be me! Worst of all, he was trying to take over The Rodent`s Gazette! I had to get that greedy imposter`s paws off my newspaper.
9781401903015 Virtue, Dore Goddess guidance oracle cards Неизвестно
9781845295912 Burl, Aubrey Brief history of stonehenge TBS/GBS
Explains how the outlying Heel Stone predates Stonehenge itself, serving as a trackway marker in the prehistoric Harroway. This work uncovers evidence that Welsh bluestones were brought to Stonehenge by glaciation rather than by man. It also reveals how far the design of Stonehenge was influenced by Breton styles and by Breton cults of the dead.
9781854441324 Vainker, S.j Chinese paintings in the ashmolean museum ACC-distribution titles
Over 200 paintings from the Ashmolean`s collection of Chinese art are illustrated in full colour in this book. The works, all by major artists, range from 17th-century landscapes, through landscape and figure paintings by modern masters such as Ren Yi, to recent works by contemporary artists.
9780486211046 Bridgman, Ge Constructive anatomy Dover
9780340937600 Carre, John Naive and sentimental lover Hodder
A wonderful, classic le Carre now reissued in a stunning new package.
9781405329446 India 08 Dorling Kindersley
Helps you discover Morocco at its best, from the Mediterranean coast to the High Atlas and beyond. Using detailed maps, cutaways, floor plans and colour Street Finder, this guide lets you navigate your way around the sprawling Medinas and ancient urban architecture whilst recommendations provide you with the best hotels, restaurants and nightlife. Suitable for your trip to India, with regional coverage stretching from the Great Himalayas to the tropical peninsular of the south, this guide features 3D aerial views, cutaways and floorplans of the various major sites. It also includes sections on temples, shrines and places of worship, walks, and an introduction to trekking in the Himalayas.
9781844424221 Ward, Laura Angels Неизвестно
9780736059541 Murakami, Ca Morning pilates workouts Humankinetics
Suitable for all ice hockey players and coaches, this work provides both essential base conditioning and hockey-specific training for optimal ice hockey performance. It aims to improve the readers physical condition as there is a direct connection between training and competitive performance in the skills and tactics of the sport. Suitable for people looking to become more active, as well as a reference for personal trainers and fitness professionals. This work includes essential Pilates anatomy helping the reader to see which muscles they are working during each routine. It also includes stretching recovery routines.
9780230739468 Love letters of great men HB Pan Macmillan
Collects some of the most romantic letters in history. This book presents various shades of love, from the exquisite eloquence of Oscar Wilde and the simple devotion of Robert Browning, to the wonderfully modern misery of the Roman Pliny the Younger, losing himself in work to forget how much he misses his beloved wife, Calpurnia.
9780785123880 Mcduffie, Dw Hulk wwh - damage control Неизвестно
World War Hulk is over. But the Aftersmash has just begun! Heroes and monsters rise and fall as the events of World War Hulk reverberate through the ruins of New York City with goliath impact in a massive story featuring the Warbound, the Renegades, Heroes for Hire, Iron Man, Tom Foster, and Damage Control. And yes, smashing will be involved.
9780852889701 Thompson, Tr Adriatic pilot Неизвестно
9780099481270 Pauls, Alan Past Random House
Fabienne Dum, Le Monde Rimini splits up with his girlfriend of twelve years, Sofia. The parting is initially amicable and he moves on, carefree, with a new zest for life. Hungry to make up for lost time and keen to forget the past, he finds a younger girlfriend and starts using cocaine.
9780755336906 Alliott Cath Real thing Hodder
The compulsive, bestselling novel from the author of ROSIE MEADOWS REGRETS..., GOING TOO FAR, THE OLD-GIRL NETWORK, OLIVIA`S LUCK and A MARRIED MAN
9780811861342 King, Dennis Art of modern rock a-z Abrams
From Mark Arminski to Alison Zawacki, this work features the key artists and studios, as well as poster genres and top bands.
9781844036233 Chatto, Beth Shade garden Неизвестно
Features the story of the author`s woodland garden. This title is illustrated with photographs.
9780743478649 Dylan, Bob Chronicles Simon&Schuster UK
The first volume in a series of memoirs by an influential musician and songwriter.
9783937718828 Feyyaz Photography inspirations Daedalus
9783936709278 Berger, Fred Pulp fetish Неизвестно
9781846570308 Winegardner, Godfather`s revenge Random House
Its 1963 in New York, and outside the fortified building owned by Michael, a parade of people are waiting to ask the great man for favours. Among the visitors are former mob rivals, an emissary from the Mayor of New York, even faces from the past like Jonny Fontane. This is the story of the true `lost years` in the Corleone saga: 1963-78.
9782952414234 World of private castles, palaces and estates Неизвестно
9780715324585 Read, Franco 100 great ways to use rubber stamps Неизвестно
A resource of 100 ways for rubber stampers to create cards and keepsake gifts for various occasions. It features favourite techniques such as heat embossing and brayering, along with trends, including scrapbooking and hand-carved stamps. It includes 100 handy tips, one for each project, photographs and easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions.
9780553591880 Quick, Amand Dangerous Random House (USA)
9780099527091 Mortimer, Ia Perfect king Random House
He usurped his father`s throne, he started a war which lasted for more than a hundred years, and taxed his people more than any other previous king. Yet for centuries Edward III was celebrated as one of the brilliant kings England had ever had. This work shows how Edward provided the impetus for his fifty-year reign.
9780747599876 Rowling J.K. The Tales of Beedle the Bard HB Bloomsbury
A richly magical collection of tales from J. K. Rowling that will satisfy fans and new readers alike GBP1.61 from every sale of Bloomsbury`s edition of The Tales of Beedle the Bard will be donated to the Children`s High Level Group
9780486990132 Kottenkamp F Medieval Knights, Armor and Weapons CD-ROM and Book Dover
9780749083687 Macinnes, Co London novels Неизвестно
Bringing together three of Colin McInnes` finest works, this exciting omnibus explores a very different side of London life in the 1950s than is usually portrayed.
9783822838495 Tom of finland boxed set Неизвестно
9781859062173 Matthews, Jo Grail tarot Неизвестно
Re-tells the grail legend and relates the quest for the sacred Christian relic to our desire to understand the puzzle of our own lives. When the cards of the four minor suits, and the majors, are laid face-up and side by side, each group forms a complete story, in the style of an Italian fresco.
9781402740725 Carter, Rebe Scrapbooking baby`s cherished moments Неизвестно
A scrapbook to store to record the babyhood moments. It presents various designs and includes photographs, handwritten cards, buttons, ribbons, laces, trims, decorative charms - and also scrabble letters to help create something that is truly memorable and unique.
9780061376030 Montgomery, Reckless HarperCollins USA
Kell Jameson has made a cushy life for herself as a big city lawyer, putting her less-than-auspicious past behind her. But, all her secrets could be exposed when the orphanage where she grew up contacts her.
9780810995260 Magnum Photo Pop 60s Abrams
From Andy Warhol, Twiggy and James Bond to Beatlemania, biker culture and geodesic domes, the reverberations of the Swinging Sixties are felt in art, music, design and fashion. This collection of photographs spans the globe, including images taken of Tokyo nightlife, Brazilian Carnaval and art happenings in New York City.
9780006755197 Jones Diana Fire and Hemlock HarperCollins UK
The photograph above Polly`s bed sparks memories that don`t seem to exist any more. Nine years ago she met Thomas Lynn for the first time. But what has happened in the years between? Why has Tom been erased from Polly`s mind, and from the rest of the world as well?
9780764138065 Green, Sharo Pass key to the SAT Barron`s educational series, inc
Presents two practice tests that reflect the SATs. This book answers and explains various test questions. It includes features such as an overview of the SAT`s three sections - Critical Reading, Writing Skills, and Maths - along with study advice and test-taking strategies for various parts of the test.
9783822841020 Neret, Gille Erotica universalis Неизвестно
9781932796070 Knaak, Richa Dragonlance legend of huma Неизвестно
In the realms of Dragonlance, the tale of one knight is legendary. The dark goddess Takhisis has unleashed evil on the world of Krynn, and only the Knights of Solamnia stand in her way. From amongst their ranks comes Huma, a man destined to be the greatest hero of this world.
9781844498710 Power, Marti Complete guide to the music of queen Неизвестно
A consumers` guide to the music of Queen, this title includes a song-by-song analysis, information on when and where the music was recorded, details of re-issues and all compilation and live albums, and a track-by-track index for easy reference.
9781905294718 Funke, Corne Inkdeath Неизвестно
9781427807229 Warcraft anthology HarperCollins USA
A collection of stories from the Warcraft universe.
9780810984073 Bourseiller, 365 ways to save the earth Abrams
Concerns about environmental fragility and global warming have moved to the forefront of public consciousness. Applicable to various aspects of daily life, from switching to energy-saving fluorescent bulbs in the workplace to how to responsibly dispose of paint, this book is suitable for those hoping to take part in preserving the planet.
9780764307188 Depression Era Art Deco Glass Schiffer
From Anchor Hockings Manhattan pattern to Carder and Teague designs for Steuben, all of the major American companies who made Art Deco glass during the Depression Era-Cambridge, Consolidated, Duncan, Fostoria, Heisey, Libbey, Morgantown, Tiffin, and many others-are presented in this long-awaited book. With more than 350 color photos of both popular and rare examples, informative captions with values, plus patent drawings, company information, a bibliography, and a detailed index, this book will delight anyone interested in this highly collectible American glassware or in the Art Deco style.
9780300086065 Liedtke Flemish Paintings 2VSet Yale University Press
Early Netherlandish and Flemish paintings c.1400-1700 have long been favourites among musuem-goers. This book surveys more than 500 of the most important examples in North American museums, including those of Puerto Rico and Canada. All the major and many lesser-known painters are included, among them Jan van Eyck, Rogier van der Weyden, Hugo van der Goes, Hans Memling, Pieter Bruegel the Elder, Peter Paul Rubens and Anthony van Dyck.

The 102 finest works are illustrated in large colour plates (many with colour details as well), accompanied by individual catalogue entries. Written by American, British and Belgian specialists, the entries incorporate the most up-to-date rese rch. 400 additional works are reproduced in black-and-white.
9780061582769 Carter, Davi Creativity 37 HarperCollins USA
The latest volume in the lavishly illustrated Creativity series, the premier annual showcase for outstanding graphic design from around the globe.
9780099481485 Green, Henry Nothing, Doting, Blindness Random House
This book includes an an Introduction by D.J. Taylor. Three brilliant novels which span Henry Green's career as a novelist and display his unique talents as a writer.

"Nothing" is a tale of the merry-go-round of love, marriage and infidelity, and the ceaseless intergenerational tussle of innocence versus experience. "Doting" sets the middle-aged male infatuation for pretty girls against the comfortable affection of wives/old friends, delving into the complications of burgeoning affairs and boring marriages. In "Blindness", Green's first novel, a young man is blinded in a senseless accident but thereafter discovers new imaginative powers.
9783938780756 Uffelen, Chr Factory design Thames & Hudson
9781906734121 Van Gogh Grange Books
9780977753109 Global Faces: 500 Photographs from 7 Continents Daedalus
Photographer Michael Clinton Offers Us Another Breathtaking Trip Around The World, Focusing This Time On The People Who Make It So Exciting.
9780553592252 Jennifer Kau Version of the truth, a Random House (USA)
9780099524083 Vonnegut Kur Armageddon in Retrospect Random House
First published on the anniversary of Kurt Vonnegut's death, "Armageddon in Retrospect" is a collection of twelve new and unpublished writings on war and peace. Imbued with Vonnegut's trademark rueful humour, the pieces range from a visceral nonfiction recollection of the destruction of Dresden during World War II - a piece that is as timely today as it was then - to a painfully funny short story about three privates and their fantasies of the perfect first meal upon returning home from war, to a darker, more poignant story about the impossibility of shielding our children from the temptations of violence. Also included in this title are Vonnegut's last speech as well as an assortment of his artwork, with an introduction by the author's son, Mark Vonnegut.

"Armageddon in Retrospect" says as much about the times in which we live as it does about the genius of the writer.
9780575083387 Donaldson, S This day all gods die Orion Publishers
The final part in this powerful, intense story by a master storyteller
9780500976852 Dale Carolyn Kimono As Art Thames & Hudson
Showcases fifty-five masterworks by Japanese kimono artist Itchiku Kubota. This illustrated book is suitable for those interested in art, craft, textiles or the Far East.
9781576874813 Oseary, Guy Madonna confessions Неизвестно
9780007287048 Ballard, J.g Concrete island HarperCollins UK
A chilling novel about our modern world, from the author of `Empire of the Sun` and `Crash`.
9780571533060 Harris, Paul Piano grade 6 Faber
Helps the player overcome problems, by building up a complete picture of each piece, through rhythmic and melodic exercises related to specific technical issues, then by studying prepared pieces with associated questions, and finally `going solo` with a series of meticulously-graded sight-reading pieces.
9781573403238 Scott D. Sol Atlas of Echocardiography Springer
Suitable for cardiology professionals who rely on echocardiographic imaging techniques, this work covers the various areas of echocardiography, from diagnostic basics to cutting edge techniques, such as three-dimensional imaging, contrast imaging, and tissue Doppler imaging.
9780500514696 Nicholas Gan Graffiti World (new edition) Thames & Hudson
A graffiti book with over 2,000 pictures of artworks from more than 180 international artists. It combines the author`s first-hand experiences with quotes from the artists themselves to offer an insiders perspective of the key trends and style developments that have made graffiti a global phenomenon.
9780714124575 Jessica Raws Treasures from Shanghai Thames & Hudson
In contrast to the West, where diamonds, gold and silver have usually been highly valued, in China bronzes and jades were chosen early on for the society`s valued artefact`s. This title celebrates an important collection and highlights the extraordinary skills of the craftsmen of early cultures, placing the objects in their historical context.
9783865216960 John P. Jaco Man Ray: Trees & Flowers - Insects Thames & Hudson
9781592571857 Moring, Gary CIG to Understanding Einstein, 2E Penguin USA
9780316016407 Susskind Black Hole War, The Hachette Book Group
9780194518420 Oxenden, Cli New english file student`s book Oxford Academ
Four-skills English course with fun lessons, digital resources, and strong online support - loved by students and teachers at all levels.
9781846686436 Zeltserman, Pariah Неизвестно
Once part of the holy triumvirate ruling the South Boston Irish Mob, Kyle Nevin is set up with the Feds by head mobster, Red Mahoney, which leads him to a court case and a stretch in the slammer. Now out of prison, Kyle wants revenge on his old boss and mentor, and just as importantly, to reclaim his former glory.
9781905654314 Cast,Kirstin Marked Little, Brown
A hot new series set in a high school for vampires.
9781592534715 The Society 43Rd Publication Design Annual Rockport/Rotovision
The Society of Publication Designers` (SPD) annual competition seeks the very best in editorial design work. This title celebrates the journalists, editorial directors, photographers, and other talented individuals who brought events of the year 2007 - with its triumphs and disasters - to our doorsteps and computer screens.
9781844085422 Grant,Linda Clothes on their backs Little, Brown
The brilliant new novel by Orange Prize winner, Linda Grant, about the legacies of history, longlisted for both the Orange Prize, 2008 and the Man Booker Prize, 2008
9780749928339 Kahn, David Advanced krav maga Little, Brown
`You punch, you kick, you also learn how to get out of a choke hold. I love, love it.` Hilary Swank
9780141190037 Kerouac, Jac Maggie cassidy Penguin Books Ltd
A tale of teenage romance in New England. It features the story of Jack and Maggie who are in love with the idea of being in love, looking ahead to marriage with hope and trepidation. It captures the intensity and the ordinariness of adolescent life, with its torments and complications. It also discusses about growing up in America.
9781405185547 Cerroni Skin Lymphoma : The Illustrated Guide, 3rd Edition Wiley
Skin lymphomas are relatively rare and can be easily misdiagnosed as psoriasis or dermatitis. These lymphomas can be fatal. Consequently, those in training in dermatology and pathology need to have a good understanding of the clinical presentations and the pathological correlates of this challenging disease.

This updated edition provides: a full-colour illustrated text and atlas that combines pathology with clinical features and treatment; updated nomenclature according to WHO/EORTC and WHO classifications; images to expand the diagnostic potential; and, cases to enhance the scope for teaching and learning.
9781419550270 Kaplan Kaplan TOEFL iBT 2010-2011 + CD-ROM Kaplan
9780500410660 Jean Lacoutu Robert Capa Photofile Thames & Hudson
Brings together the work of some of the world`s greatest photographers. This book contains some sixty full-page reproductions, together with a critical introduction and a full bibliography.
9780865621695 Nestler girls Неизвестно
A gallery viewing of the author`s pencils, studies, and his full colour paintings.
9780007276073 Sallie Day The palace of strange girls HarperCollins UK
I-SPY AT THE SEASIDE Hello, children! Welcome to your very own I-Spy Book. In these pages you`ll be able to look for all kinds of secret, exciting things that are found only by the sea.
9780486264943 Decorative Doorways Stained Glass Pattern Book Dover
9780330427128 Howard Eliz Love All Pan Macmillan
This is a beautiful, very moving, melancholic and elegiac novel set in the late 1960s in Melton, a small town in the West Country. The story revolves around a disparate group of people who come together there to establish an arts festival. There is Jack Curtis a self-made millionaire who has bought and refurbished the local stately home, Florence Plover, a garden designer in her sixties whom he has employed and her Anglo-Greek niece, Persephone.

There are the Musgrove siblings, Thomas and Mary, whose family originally owned Melton Hall, who run a failing garden nursery nearby and there is Francis Brock, whose sister Celia, Thomas' wife, was tragically killed in a car crash some years previously. This is the story of their intertwining relationships and how they come to love, and not to love each other in different ways and why - a perfect book to curl up and read by the fireside on an autumn afternoon and as satisfying a read as "Brief Encounter" is a film.
9780330462402 Howell Kath The Darkest Hour Pan Macmillan
Paramedic Lauren Yates stumbles into a world of trouble the night she discovers a dead man in an inner city alley, for the killer lurks nearby. When the murderer threatens to make her life hell if she tells the police, she believes him - he`s Thomas Werner, her sister`s ex, and a very bad man indeed.
9780451530301 Lawrence The Rainbow Penguin USA
9781859585504 History Of B History Of British Costume Grange Books
9780415404921 Oldridge, Da Strange histories Taylor&Francis
Presents an account of some of the extraordinary occurrences of European and North American history and explains how they made sense to people. From anecdotes about ghosts to stories of witches and werevolves, this book uses case studies from the Middle Ages and the early modern period and provides insights into the world-view of a vanished age.
9780340951910 Chris Manby Crazy in love Hodder
Heiress and celebrity Birdie Sederburg has been used to getting everything she wants. That is, until hot young actor Dean Stevenson (quite literally) crashes into her life. Birdie's convinced she's found The One.

But Dean is only in it for his career, and is resisting her charm offensive. Still, Birdie is not prepared to admit defeat. As her obsession with Dean grows, she realises she may have to do something drastic to make him fall in love with her.

But is getting herself kidnapped in order to win his heart as insane as it sounds? How far would you go for love?
9781848540187 The Waiter Waiter rant Hodder
Most restaurant customers are nice people, but a few are socially maladjusted psychopaths who relish giving their waiters a hard time. WAITER RANT gives the inside scoop on what really goes on behind the scenes in a restaurant, how to be a good customer and get great service and why, strangely, a waiter's lifestyle is as addictive as crack cocaine. After training as a priest, working in psychiatric hospitals and nearly having a nervous breakdown by the age of thirty, the Waiter began serving tables.

Seven years later ...he's still figuring out what to do when he grows up, but has survived enough hellish shifts on the restaurant floor, smiling whilst holding burning hot plates and still smiling whilst a customer changes her order for the seventh time, to know a thing or two. His outrageous anecdotes of appalling customer behaviour show that people are at their worst when being served. Bad customers get bad service.

So if you don't want your waiter to spit in your food, or give you the table next to the toilets on Valentine's Day, the Waiter suggests you follow a few customer rules.
9781741048322 Nepal 8 Lonely Planet
9780141044477 P. D. James The Private Patient Penguin Books Ltd
9781596933743 van Diggelen A-GPS : ASSISTED GPS, GNSS, AND SBAS Неизвестно
Assisted GPS (A-GPS) has been developed to provide greatly improved capabilities, helping GPS work better and faster in almost any location. Looking at the technical aspects and underpinnings of A-GPS, this book focuses on practical implementation. It reviews standard GPS design, helping professionals understand why GPS requires assistance.
9780195178197 Kirby, Marga Cardiac Development Oxford Academ
This new book is the only in-depth, single-author reference on heart development. Clearly written, with lavish colour illustrations, it provides a more clinical, systematic, up-to-date synthesis of the subject than any other volume, spanning the range from classic anatomic studies to recent findings in molecular biology. Author Margaret Kirby posits a unifying understanding of heart tube formation from the cardiogenic fields, and the book covers topics that are often omitted from discussions of heart development, such as myocardial function, cardiac innervation, conduction system development, evolutionary developmental biology of the heart, and myocardial stem cells. The book is beautifully illustrated by Karen Waldo, an artist who has collaborated with Dr. Kirby for many years.
9781580114363 Ultimate Guide to Cabinets, Shelves, & Home Storag Creative Homeowner
9780307472298 Lisa Unger BLACK OUT Random House (USA)
9780785138846 Oeming, Mich Avengers disassembled iron man, thor and captain america Неизвестно
The repercussions of the worst day in Avengers history reverberate throughout the lives of the mightiest of them all: Thor, Iron Man, and Captain America! The end is nigh for the gods of Asgard, and only Thor and his Avengers allies might be able to stave off Ragnarok - but will the Thunder God be Asgard`s savior, or the architect of its downfall?
9780521728874 Gunter Gerng Playway to English Level 3 Stories and Music DVD PAL and NTSC Cambridge University Press
This colourful four-level course is for very young learners aged 5-7 years. English is acquired through play, which means children learn the language and have lots of fun at the same time. At Levels 1 and 2 children learn to use English confidently through listening and speaking before they are taught to read and write at Levels 3 and 4. For teachers looking for further support, optional components such as picture cards and musical videos are available for extra class work and practice. This DVD accompanies level 3 of the course.
9780071104487 CRAWFORD Current Diagnosis & Treatment in Cardiology 3e McGraw-Hill
9780486412221 Chagall Drawings: 43 Works Dover
9780262061414 Fudenberg, D Game Theory Wiley
An advanced text which aims to introduce the principles of non co-operative game theory - including strategic form games, Nash equilibria, subgame perfection, repeated games and games of incomplete information - in a direct and uncomplicated style that covers the broad spectrum of the field.
9789057681004 Kimono patterns Неизвестно
9780224087131 Palahniuk Ch Pygmy Random House
Agent Number 67, nicknamed Pygmy for his diminutive size, arrives in the United States from his totalitarian homeland (a mash-up of North Korea, Cuba, Communist-era China, and Nazi-era Germany), as an `exchange student` into the welcoming arms of his Simpsons-spinoff Midwestern host family.
9781409254706 Kellum A Joh Stewart s Textbook of Acid-Base Неизвестно
9781597642026 How To Draw How To Draw The Human Grange Books
9780500204016 Charlotte Co The Photograph as Contemporary Art Thames & Hudson
An illustrated survey of the use of photography in contemporary art since the mid-1980s. It considers subjects such as narrative and storytelling in art photography, photographing the everyday and the insignificant, the use of photography in conceptual art, and the cool, detached, and objective aesthetic prevalent in art photography.
9780470081570 Elgert K. Immunology: Understanding The Immune System, 2nd Edition Wiley
Blends biology, clinical science, genetics, and molecular biology of the immune system to provide a complete account of our knowledge of immunology. This title incorporates a variety of pedagogical aids to assist students in the learning process, including chapter outlines, objectives, and summaries, as well as a self-evaluation section.
9781408207277 Corporate Finance: An Introduction plus MyFinanceLab Stu, Edition 1 Pearson Education
Corporate Finance: An Introduction presents core principles of corporate finance within a unique organizational structure that builds from perfect to imperfect markets. This unifying perspective and an example-driven presentation develop students` understanding by building from simple to complex and from concrete to theoretical.
9783775723992 Ville Lenkke The Place of No Roads Hatje Cantz
9780375726286 Carver R Call If You Need Me Random House (USA)
9783131173119 Reuter Thieme Leximed Dictionary of Dentistry : English - German, German - English Thieme Verlagsgruppe
Leximed Dictionary of Dentistry - a comprehensive and up-to-date dental dictionaryA comprehensive and up-to-date vocabulary of more than 70,000 main entries and subentries with 200,000 translations makes Leximed Dictionary of Dentistry indispensable to dental and medical translators, students, dentists, and other dental and health professionals.The entries were selected in collaboration with dentists and orthodentists as well as on the basis of an analysis of the international dental literature. More than 2,000 illustrative phrases, phrasal verbs, and idiomatic expressions from all areas of clinical and office-based dentistry greatly enhance quantity and quality of the dictionary. Like all members of the Leximed family the Dictionary of Dentistry excels through linguistic details such as syllabification (45,000 entries), irregular plural forms, and pronounciation of English main entries (15,000 entries).The anatomical table in the appendix is based on the recently published International Anatomical Terminology (Terminologia Anatomica).
9780099286592 Highsmith Pa Boy Who Followed Ripley. The Random House
When a troubled young runaway arrives on Tom Ripley`s French estate, he is drawn into a world he thought he`d left behind, the seedy underworld of Berlin and kidnapping plots, lies and deception. Ripley becomes the boy`s protector as a friendship develops between the young man with a guilty conscience and the older one with no conscience at all.
9780446605175 Hamilton P F Neutronium Alchemist Part 1: Consolidation Hachette Book Group
The future of humanity is in doubt when the minds of those long dead begin taking over the bodies of the living, forcing one man to search for a lost doomsday machine.
9780821227398 Feinstein H Foliage Hachette Book Group
9781568982205 Thomas G E William I Price Birkhauser Verlag AG
William L. Price, a disciple of Frank Furness who practiced in Philadelphia from 1883 to 1916, established the architectural character of two resorts, Atlantic City and Miami, thus shaping the architecture of the Roaring Twenties. Although his biggest and best-known projects, the Art Deco Traymore Hotel in Atlantic City and the Chicago Freight Terminal are both destroyed, his arts and crafts utopian community in Arden, Delaware, survive to attest to the vigour of his ideas. Price left a legacy of houses, railway stations, and commercial structures stretching from Atlantic City to Chicago, and from Canada to Florida that were widely emulated. In addition, he was a writer and furniture designer whose work was regularly featured in Gustav Stickley's "The Craftsman". His role in shaping American architecture is uncovered in this volume, which documents the architect's complete works - including over 350 hotels, houses and pieces of furniture - bringing to light this unknown American master.
9783764356163 Mack G Herzog & De Meuron - Complete Works Vol I: 1978 - 1988 Birkhauser Verlag AG
This volume traces the development of the work of the Basle architects Herzog and de Meuron in the first 11 years. Much emphasis is placed on the initial design processes, made tangible through plans and sketches. Finished buildings are presented in great detail. Spanning the years 1978-1988, it covers a number of projects, and explores how the men developed a methodological basis upon which the large projects of the following years could be based. Herzog and de Meuron's early designs were so condensed with the expression, function and structure, that they formed a whole. A central theme of the first decade of their work called for taking a fresh look at building materials. A house in a garden near Basle was joined together with completely different types of plywood on the outside and inside; the outside walls of an apartment building in Tavole were layered with rough stone; and a glass shell was planned for a laboratory in Basel. The early works already demonstrated an intense interest in the design of the facade. The Pilotengasse development in Vienna's city limits was the first project to grapple with far-reaching urban planning considerations.
9780330340021 Cruz Smith M Havana Bay Pan Macmillan
The body was drifting in Havana Bay the morning Arkady arrived from Moscow. The Cubans insisted that the body was his friend Pribluda, but Arkady wasn`t so sure. Havana is not a welcoming place if you`re a Russian, particularly if you`re a Russian investigating the death of another Russian. But Arkady is used to being unpopular.
9780330347693 La Plante Cold Blood Pan Macmillan
A movie star`s daughter has mysteriously disappeared, raising suspicion and fear. As Officer Lorraine Page takes up the hunt, the race to claim the reward for finding Anna Louise Caley spirals into a trail of voodoo in the French Quarter of New Orleans.
9780140009866 Wodehouse P. Luck of the Bodkins Penguin Books Ltd
9780712673099 Moynahan Russian Century Random House
A survey of the forces that led Russia to revolution twice during the 20th century. Making use of contemporary letters, memoirs and documents, the book traces Russia's course from the last tsars to the present day and looks at what the future may hold.
9781860466045 Carver R. Will You Please Be Quiet Please Random House
The collection of short stories that first won the author critical acclaim.
9780679767305 Dubus Selected Stories Random House (USA)
Twenty-three stories representing fifteen years of the author's career explore the polarities of violence and tenderness, destruction and salvation, and hedonism and asceticism.
9780679761822 Aksyonov Generation of Winter Random House (USA)
Follows the lives and fortunes of members of the Gradov family of Moscow through the turbulent years of 1928 to 1945, through Stalin's rise in the 1930s and the terror of World War II. Reprint.
9783137842026 Moeller Pocket Atlas of Radiographic Anatomy Thieme Verlagsgruppe
In spite of the advent of digital imaging modalities, the importance of interpreting conventional radiographs has not diminished. As with the first edition, this book presents radiographic anatomy as it appears in all commonly performed radiographic examinations. The visible anatomic structures are keyed to schematic drawings on the opposing page, thus aiding identification and interpretation. For the the new edition, many studies have been replaced with better quality radiographs and drawings.
9781558597846 Bill Laws The Perfect Country Cottage Abbeville Press
9780553573350 Robinson Blue Mars Random House (USA)
9780553212259 London Sea Wolf Random House (USA)
A young art critic is forced to endure the wrath of Wolf Larsen, captain of the sealing-schooner that rescues him after a shipwreck.
9780141182803 Joyce Ulysses Penguin Books Ltd
Written over a seven-year period, from 1914 to 1921, this book has survived bowdlerization, legal action and controversy. The novel deals with the events of one day in Dublin, 16th June 1904, now known as "Bloomsday". The principal characters are Stephen Dedalus, Leopold Bloom and his wife Molly.
9780330311564 Brodkey G Stories in An Almost Classical Mode Pan Macmillan
These short stories cover almost 3 decades. The collection includes prize-winning stories such as "Innocence", "Largely an Oral History of My Mother", "His Son" and "Verona: A Young Man Speaks". The author has also written "First Love and Other Sorrows".
9780679727224 Nabokov Vlad Defence. The Random House (USA)
9780330393416 Bach Richard Out of My Mind Pan Macmillan
This simple, rich parable about our processes of inspiration tells the story of Bach's discovery of a parallel universe which provides design solutions while we sleep.
9780192800596 A Dict.of Medicines Oxford University Press
A companion volume to the "Concise Medical Dictionary", this new dictionary is a source of reference on the wide range of medicines available today. It contains 5000 entries and covers a full range of over-the-counter, pharmacy, and prescription medicines. As well as meeting the increasing demands of patients and their families for information about medicines and their effects, this dictionary is also an aid for paramedical workers and medical students. There are entries for classes of drugs (eg antibiotics), generic names (eg ibuprofen), and proprietary names (eg Prozac, Arthrotec), with information on side-effects and interactions with other medicines.
9780723430667 Holgate Allergy. 2 Ed. 2000 Elsevier Science
A guide to allergy in primary care medicine. This edition has a heavier clinical emphasis than the previous one. The focus in the clinical chapters is on diagnostic decision making. In addition, there is a new introductory chapter on the principles of diagnosis in allergy, and there are algorithms and photographic examples of practical diagnostic rationales. Clinical chapters are structured after a strictly defined template of headings, designed to enable readers to become familiar with the format, making diagnostic information easier to locate. The style in non-clinical chapters seeks to avoid repetition. Finally, generic issues such as epidemiology and paediatrics are incorporated as needed in individual chapters, and therapeutics receives more attention in this edition.
9780451166586 King Stephen Eyes of the Dragon Penguin USA
A fantasy of heroic adventure set in the kingdom of Delain. It involves a king who is poisoned, a young and beautiful queen, a prince locked in a high tower while his younger brother assumes the throne, and an evil magician who harbours terrible secrets and malevolent plans.
9780061091995 Barker K Sacrament HarperCollins USA
A famous photographer lying in a coma holds the key to the salvation of the world. But first he must travel back into the traumatic events of his childhood. Will Rabjohns has everything. He's handsome, he's rich, and he's revered as the world's greatest wildlife photographer. He's also a haunted man, driven to risk his life for his art -- to capture the raw tragedy of the wild, the beauty of nature's violence. After a near fatal encounter with a polar bear, he lies in a coma. There he must relive a central childhood memory: a meeting with ancient and terrible forces which revealed to him the mystery at the heart of nature. and he realizes that if he awakes, he must confront the darkness of his past and wage a war, not only for his own soul, but for the soul of the planet and every animal that breathes upon it.
9780060972776 Wolff T This Boy s Life HarperCollins USA
The author chronicles the tumultuous events of his early life, discussing his parents' divorce, the nomadic wanderings with his mother that followed, and the strange and eventful process of growing up.
9781888001839 Coupland K Designagencies.com HarperCollins USA
9780380786985 Ben Bova Moonwar HarperCollins USA
9783764357818 Alt Dynemics of Cell and Tissue Motion Birkhauser Verlag AG
This text provides a basic compendium of knowledge and a guideline for future research in theories and models of cellular motion. The papers are the proceedings of an International Workshop on Cell and Tissue Motion, held in Bonn-Rottgen, 1995.
9783930698400 Berger Nordische Botschaften Axel Menges GmbH
Available in German and English, this book shows how the Embassies of the Nordic Countries in Berlin are political architecture of a particular kind, political architecture that does not assert a claim to power, but that is a self-portrait in the best sense of the word.
9783764358778 Redl Cytokines in Severe Sepsis and Septic Shock Birkhauser Verlag AG
This book deals with the central role of cytokines in the generalized inflammatory response of the host as the consequence of severe infection/endotoxin action. International specialists cover several aspects in 20 chapters starting with the agents responsible (endotoxin, superantigens) and recognition during cytokine induction. Further chapters deal with the signal transduction cascade, its modulation due to sex or genetic polymorphism, and the possibilities and problems in detection (including surrogate markers). Major targets of actions are covered in the chapters on coagulation-/fibrinolysis, adherence molecules, vasoactive factors, apoptosis and metabolism. As not all actions of cytokines are beneficial, several chapters deal with the prevention of induction, modulation of the cytokine generation or scavenging cytokines including gene therapy approaches. Models are necessary for obtaining pathophysiological information and for testing therapeutic approaches, and thus all chapters deal with experimental models as well as clinical trials. The reasons why these have failed so far are the subject of the final chapter.
9780440180296 Vonnegut Kur Slaughterhouse-five Random House (USA)
Billy Pilgrim survives capture by the Gemans in World War II, the Dresden bombings, and the struggle for financial success only to be kidnapped in a flying saucer and taken to the planet Tralfamadore.
9781567204018 The Global Economy and International Financing Eurospan
Beenhakker (New York Institute of Finance) presents and analyzes current information on such topics as foreign exchange markets, international trade, international capital flows, balance-of-payments policy, determinants of interest rates, financial crises, managing foreign exchange exposure, and fin
9780781725781 Garrett Orthopaedic Sports Medicine Cb Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
Written by more than 90 well-known experts, this volume provides complete coverage of the musculoskeletal aspects of sports medicine. The book offers detailed, authoritative guidelines on the diagnosis, evaluation, conservative care, and surgical treatment of every sports-related musculoskeletal injury, from head to toe. More than 900 illustrations complement the text. The book is organized according to anatomic parts that support the differential approach that clinicians use when evaluating an injury. Because specific sports place unique demands on the musculoskeletal system, the text also discusses aspects of injury within the most common sports. Principles and Practice of Orthopaedic Sports Medicine is part of a three-volume series. The other volumes focus on exercise and sport science and primary care aspects of sports medicine
9780812540383 Kress N Stinger Holtzbrink(MPS)
9781560763260 Weis/hickman Reign of Istar. The Holtzbrink(MPS)
A collection of short stories featuring the strange and divergent races of Krynn depicts the rise and fall of life on Krynn during the years before the Cataclysm.
9780786904914 Weis/hickman Dragons at War. The Random House (USA)
Presents a collection of short fantasy fiction by such notable authors as Chris Pierson, Douglas Niles, and Janet Pack.
9780500202654 Robert E. Fi Buddhist Art and Architecture: PB Thames & Hudson
The hugely diverse Buddhist tradition includes frescoes, statues, embroideries and ritual objects, as well as rock shrines, stupas, pagodas and temple complexes. Fisher describes all the Buddhist schools and cultures, from Tibet and Sri Lanka, to Korea and Japan, and explains their imagery.
9780451525215 Cooper J F Pioneers. The Penguin USA
Originally published in 1823, "The Pioneers" is the first of Cooper's five "Leatherstocking Tales", and the one that incorporates most fully his own experience of growing up in a town of the American frontier. The heart of the novel is a conflict over who owns America, and by what concept of right. The competing claims of Native Americans, Tory loyalists, roving hunters, and visionary cultivators are pitted against one another in the area of history, and the magical village of Cooper's youth becomes the scene in which a nation's destiny is forged. The novel also marks the invention of his enduring contribution to world literature: Natty Bumpo, the Leatherstocking. This edition uses the text approved by the Center for Editions of American Authors of the Modern Language Association of America.
9780316926607 Waugh E Complete Stories of Evelyn Waugh Hachette Book Group
A collection of thirty-nine stories spans the entire career of the literary master and comic genius, from his earliest character sketches and barbed portraits of the British upper class to "Brideshead Revisited" and "Black Mischief".
9780500050842 Lehner Complete Pyramids. The Thames & Hudson
For centuries the pyramids have inspired passionate theories about their origins, purpose and method of construction. In this fully work on the major pyramids of Ancient Egypt, the author surveys the history, building and use of the pyramids. He examines both the practicalities and logostics of their construction and their conceptual aspects - their cosmology and iconography and their intriguing texts. Other features include accounts of the latest discoveries by international teams working on the pyramids; discussion of the latest theories; chronology and history of Egypt and the pyramids; maps and site plans; a guide to visiting; computer generated perspective views of the interior of the pyramids; and quotations from ancient texts, early explorers and archaeologists.
9780099421344 Waller Bridges of Madison County Random House
A man. A woman. The heat of an Iowa summer. And the brief encounter whose passion will last a lifetime.
9780813368153 Woods Stepping Up to Power Perseus
Harriett Woods argues that it will take more than a woman president to assure women effective power in the next millennium. She believes that getting more women to enter the political pipeline will take both their commitment and a knowledge of the past. The author uses her own life story to recall how women excluded from public life were fired by their determination to solve local problems and their passion for social issues. The author tells stories about such colourful figures as Bella Abzug and Betty Friedan; provides step-by-step advice on becoming a candidate; and describes from her own personal experience such moments as the Clarence Thomas/Anita Hill hearings, the 1992 Year of the Woman, the appointments of Janet Reno and Ruth Bader Ginsburg and her own breakthrough race for the US Senate in Missouri in 1982.
9780500280867 Masterwk Louis Comfort Tiffany: p Thames & Hudson
Louis Comfort Tiffany is associated with glass, but, as this volume demonstrates, he excelled in a wide range of media. Here are examples of Tiffany's work in enamels, jewelry, bronze, ceramics, mosaics, paintings, and even wood, as well as his glass designs. The book traces Tiffany's search for influence as a young decorator and his later ability to shape mass taste. It discusses the cult of Nature and shows how Tiffany's forms differ from those of the European Art Nouveau movement. Tiffany's religious and secular windows, crucial in determining his status as an international glass artist, are covered.
9780552147682 Pratchett Te Truth Transworld Publishers
William de Worde is the editor of the Discworld`s first newspaper. Now he must cope with the traditional perils of a journalist`s life - suicidal vampires, obssesional readers and people who want him dead. William just wants to get at "the truth". Unfortunately, everyone else wants to get at him.
9780500510469 Marta Iris M Burle Marx Thames & Hudson
9780789207135 Eliane Stros Art and Science Abbeville Press
The dialogue between art and science has powerfully shaped both endeavors since antiquity. Artists have been pioneering figures in disciplines from engineering to medicine, while scientists have decisively influenced our visual culture with their discoveries. In an authoritative and accessible text with over 200 diagrams and illustrations, Art and Science explores the fascinating history of this interaction for the first time. Throughout history, science and art have reflected similar values and used parallel tools and methods. Artists and scientist today are intrigued by the advancements in each other's fields. Artists are fascinated by atomic structure, the Big Bang, and DNA, while scientists try to explain theories with images that will embody "the beauty of logic." Art and Science focuses on the most illuminating intersections of art and science - how science has shaped architecture, from Stonehenge to contemporary buildings that reflect research on DNA; how mathematical principles have impacted decorative design; how perceptual discoveries have influenced the development of painting; and how discoveries in the physical disciplines have transformed the performing arts, from music to movies. In a wide-ranging discussion across these and many other disciplines, this clearly written, well-illustrated volume provides an accessible introduction to an enduring dialogue.
9780721682891 Samir Bishar Textbook of Orthodontics Elsevier Science
This is a comprehensive textbook written for the dental student. Dr Bishara and contributors present the fundamentals of orthodontics with a simple, easy to follow approach. The book contains 31 chapters divided into 6 sections: growth and development; diagnosis; appliances; treatment and treatment considerations; orthodontics and adjunct treatment; and review of orthodontic topics.
9781840000290 Town Houses Grange Books
This work features over 120 properties illustrating the development of town house architecture since 1400, ranging from medieval gabled merchant's houses and simple Victorian artisan dwellings to white-walled Modernist housing and 1990s glass and steel structures.
9780192800503 A Dictionary of First Names Oxford University Press
9780140622683 Arabian Nights Penguin Books Ltd
A selection of stories told by a young girl on her wedding night to a price who has sworn he will kill any girl who marries him. Her stories keep him from murdering her night after night.
9780140621600 Lawrence Sons and Lovers Penguin Books Ltd
Repelled by her uneducated and sometimes violent husband, delicate Gertrude devotes her life to her children, especially to her sons, William and Paul - determined they will not follow their father into working down the coal mines. But conflict is evitable when Paul seeks to escape his mother`s grasp through relationships with women his own age.
9781853260537 James Ghost Stories Wordsworth
The tail piece "Stories I have tried to write " accompanies 30 classic tales of their genre set against convincing backgrounds to afflict chilling terror on the reader.
9781853261251 Spyri Heidi Wordsworth
"Heidi" is the tale of a small girl`s power for good. When she is sent to live in a city comic chaos ensues, and eventually it is arranged that Heidi should return to the mountains. With her friend Peter, the goat-herd, the two children achieve wondrous changes in the community in which they live.
9780521567930 Andrew Littl Cambridge English for Schools Starter Teacher s Book Cambridge University Press
Cambridge English for Schools offers: - an approach centred around the whole educational context of learning English at school - links across the school curriculum to other subject areas throughout the course - content and concepts related to learners' ages and levels of ability - an organisation which takes into account the realities of teaching English at school: mixed abilities, mixed motivation, time available, and class size - material which has been developed and successfully piloted in collaboration with teachers and classes in many parts of the world. The course consists of a Starter level for learners with little or no previous English and then levels 1-4.
9780521567701 Gillian Laza Window on Literature, A Paperback Cambridge University Press
A Window on Literature is a new classroom text which consists of 12 units, each of which is based on a theme and contains one or two literary texts and accompanying activities. The texts are unabridged and have been carefully selected to be suitable for use with lower-intermediate and intermediate students. A Window on Literature contains: - poems, play extracts, short story extracts and one complete short story. - writers from a wide range of English-speaking countries and social backgrounds, including Harold Pinter, Katherine Mansfield, Langston Hughes and Janet Frame. - a wealth of activities on vocabulary, comprehension, inference and interpretation, creative response. - notes on vocabulary items and the authors in each unit a key for relevant exercises. - a cassette of recordings of all of the texts.
9780851157276 St. Birgitta of Sweden Boydell & Brewer
St Birgitta of Sweden was one of the most charismatic figures in the late medieval mystical tradition. In Rome she succeeded in commanding prelates and popes, and throughout the courts of Europe she engaged in political secular intrigues; she married and produced eight children, yet became the only woman in the fourteenth century to be canonised; and in an age where new monastic foundations were proscribed, she founded an order of her own devising, primarily for women. This first modern biography presents an account of her extraordinary life and achievements, placing the saint in the context of the society from which she emerged, and showing how her public voice and reforming zeal were informed by a private spirituality at all stages of her life. Particular attention is given to her most lasting achievement, the monastic foundation which bears her name and has produced a network of communities throughout Europe, active to the present day. Dr BRIDGET MORRISis senior lecturerin Scandinavian studies at the University of Hull.
9780714838717 Contemporary California Houses Phaidon Press Ltd.
Part of a series that aims to place buildings within their historical context, this text considers Gehry's Schnabel House; Israel's Lawson-Weston House; and Moss's Drager House. It includes specially produced technical drawings that explain how the buildings were detailed and put together. It considers how the houses are all key buildings in the development of a recognized style of California residential architecture and how the buildings afforded their creator's the reputations as masters of spatial manipulation.
9788871006833 Just So Stories La Spiga languages
9780521783620 Bernard Smit The Man from Nowhere Cambridge University Press
Cambridge English Readers is an exciting new series of original fiction, specially written for learners of English. Graded into six levels - from elementary to advanced - the stories in this series provide easy and enjoyable reading on a wide range of contemporary topics and themes. A man is walking slowly in the desert. He is not wearing a shirt. The sun is on his back, which is burnt red. He cannot see, he cannot think. He does not know where he is or who he is. He only knows that he must keep moving, keep putting one foot in front of the other. Keep moving, or die.
9780781722292 Devita Cancer 6e Single Vol Txt With Cd Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
Recommended in the Brandon/Hill selected list of print books and journals for the small medical library - April 2001 & 2003Acclaimed by the worldwide medical community as the standard-setting oncologeference, Cancer: Principles and Practice of Oncology is now in its Sixth Edition. This thoroughly revised and updated classic reflects the latest breakthroughs in every aspect of oncology, from molecular biology, to multimodality treatment, to new data on cancer prevention by drugs and diet.This edition places increased emphasis on the role of molecular biology in cancer diagnosis and treatment. In light of the growing clinical importance of biological therapy, a new section on Pharmacology of Cancer Biotherapeutics has been added. Chapters describe new radiotherapy techniques such as intensity-modulated radiation therapy and innovative surgical techniques such as radiofrequency ablation of tumors, isolation-perfusion for visceral cancers, and image-guided surgery. Rehabilitation is integrated into each of this edition's chapters on organ-specific cancers. Also included are new chapters on information systems in oncology, particularly on accessing information from the World Wide Web
9780521774031 Adrian Doff, Language in Use Pre-intermediate Class Audio Cassettes (2) Cambridge University Press
"Language in Use is now available complete in four levels. The highly acclaimed approach of the recently published Beginner level is now continued in this new edition of Pre-intermediate.
9780330484282 Harrison Ji Road Home Pan Macmillan
Continuing the story of Dalva and her peculiar and remarkable family, "The Road Home" encompasses the voices of Dalva's grandfather, John Northridge; Naomi, the widow of his favourite son; Paul, the first Northridge son; and Nelse, Dalva's son.
9780140274066 Clancy Tom The Bear and the Dragon Penguin Books Ltd
President Jack Ryan faces a world crisis unlike any he has ever known, in Tom Clancy's extraordinary new novel. Being President isn't getting any easier. Domestic pitfalls await him at every turn and in Moscow someone may have tried to take out the chariman of the SVR with a rocket-propelled grenade. Even more disturbing may be the identities of the potential assassins. Were they the Russian Mafia, disaffected former KGB or something far more dangerous at work? Even while Ryan dispatches his most trusted eyes and ears to find out the truth, forces in China are moving ahead with a plan of audacious proportions. If they succeed, the world will never look the same. If they fail... the consequences will be unspeakable.
9780751516289 Katzenbach J Shadow Man, The Little, Brown
In the war-torn chaos of Berlin the Jews ran from hide-out to hide-out, hunted down in tname of Nazi purity. Survival was all - staying one step ahead of the next train to Auschwitz, one step ahead of almost certain death. But not all the Jews were hunted. There were hunters too, traitors to their race paid by the Gestapo with the promise of life. And among the hunters none was more feared than Der Schattenmann - The Shadow Man, lover of death.
9789057680144 Menu Designs Pepin Press
9781857988475 Dick Philip Scanner darkly, a Orion Publishers
Substance D is the most dangerous drug on the market. It destroys the link between the brain`s two hemispheres, leading eventually to irreversible brain damage. Undercover narcotics agent Bob Arctor is trying to find a lead to the source of supply, but is soon as dependent as the other addicts.
9781842124369 Custine m de Journey for our time Orion Publishers
These journals of the French aristocrat who visited Russia in 1939 were condemned by the Soviets to a black list of forbidden publications. Since their original publication in France in 1843 they have become recognised as one of the most revealing impressions of Russia by a foreigner. Custine's observations on the social, political and religious state and prospects of mid-19th century Russia led him to the conviction that as long as Russians remained enslaved, isolated and decieved by ambitious rulers, they would be percieved as a threat to the rest of the world.
9780893819194 Witnesses of time Thames & Hudson
9780099982302 Woolf V. Waves, the Random House
Written by the author of "To the Lighthouse", "Orlando" and "Mrs Dalloway", this novel traces the lives of a group of friends from childhood to late middle age, evoking their personalities through their reflections on themselves and on one another.
9781851493746 Paris salons Vol.6 1895-1914: Textiles and Leatherware Antique Collectors Club Ltd
The catalogues of the Paris Salons at the turn of the 19th to the 20th century provide a unique archive of illustrations of the decorative arts at a pivotal time in their development, the five previous volumes covering Jewellery, Furniture, Ceramics and Glass, and Objets d'Art. The fabric designers of the Art Nouveau style who exhibited at the Paris Salons produced a remarkable oeuvre in printed and woven fabric, silk, lace, embroidery and tapestry. Bookbinding was, and still is, a well-established French tradition, and bibliophiles commissioned unique bindings from artist-designers who, at the same time, were also creating and exhibiting non-bound leather goods - handbags, blotters, upholstery. This volume is probably the most important in the series. Because of wear and tear, practically none of the approximate 1,200 textile and leatherware pieces illustrated have survived outside museum collections or appeared at auction, unlike the items covered by the earlier volumes.
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