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Etchings of Louis Icart
Etchings of Louis Icart

Автор: S. Michael Schnessel
Название:  Etchings of Louis Icart   (Гравюры Луи Икарта)
Издательство: Schiffer
Стили и направления искусства /история искусства
Художественные методы и материалы
Изделия кустарного промысла

ISBN: 0916838641
ISBN-13(EAN): 9780916838645
ISBN: 0-916838-64-1
ISBN-13(EAN): 978-0-916838-64-5
Обложка/Формат: Hardback
Страницы: 192 pages, 106 colou
Вес: 1.31 кг.
Дата издания: 29/06/2004
Язык: ENG
Иллюстрации: 456 photos
Размер: 216 x 279 mm, 1338 grams
Читательская аудитория: General (US: Trade)
Поставляется из: Англии
Описание: There are really two books in this volume; one an historical study of Parisian artist Louis Icarts famous etchings of the early twentieth century, and the other a chronological catalog of all of Icarts known etchings. Both sections are vital information for collectors, art historians and dealers who want to date, identify and interpret the work of this prolific, stylish, and reflective artist. During his forty year artistic career, Louis Icart portrayed beautiful women through joyful, witty, and often poignant images. Icarts etchings are once again being collected and adored, just as they were between the two world wars.
Описание: Artist Louis Icart`s famous etchings of beautiful women are pictured here in 456 photos with critical appraisals of his techniques. A family background includes personal photos of Icart`s wife, scenes from his home and studio, and a chronological catalog of many of his etchings.
Дополнительное описание:

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Piranesi`s Complete Etchings Of Rome

Автор: Piranesi
Название: Piranesi`s Complete Etchings Of Rome
ISBN: 1616891041 ISBN-13(EAN): 9781616891046
Издательство: Abrams
Цена: 5227 р.
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Louis Icart Erotica

Название: Louis Icart Erotica
ISBN: 0764305158 ISBN-13(EAN): 9780764305153
Издательство: Schiffer
Цена: 4645 р.
Наличие на складе: Поставка под заказ.

Описание: You may ask yourself, "Do I really need another book about Louis Icart?" The answer is a resounding "Yes!" This is the first and only book devoted exclusively to the erotic artwork of Louis Icart. Every art dealer, auctioneer, antiques dealer, and collector has seen these wonderful little Icart etchings, with no clue as to their origin or value. Included in this book are full-color pictures of his most readily available erotic artwork, with titles for easy identification and a price guide, too.

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Etching With Light Pb

Название: Etching With Light Pb
ISBN: 9040077045 ISBN-13(EAN): 9789040077043
Издательство: ACC-distribution titles
Цена: 1320 р.
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Lucian Freud: The Painter`s Etchings

Автор: Starr Figura
Название: Lucian Freud: The Painter`s Etchings
ISBN: 087070706X ISBN-13(EAN): 9780870707063
Издательство: Thames & Hudson
Цена: 1917 р.
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Rembrandt House, The: Etchings

Название: Rembrandt House, The: Etchings
ISBN: 9040083258 ISBN-13(EAN): 9789040083259
Издательство: ACC-distribution titles
Цена: 967 р.
Наличие на складе: Поставка под заказ.

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Etching & Engraving PB

Название: Etching & Engraving PB
ISBN: 0500680019 ISBN-13(EAN): 9780500680018
Издательство: Thames & Hudson
Цена: 780 р.
Наличие на складе: Поставка под заказ.

Описание: Discusses the tools, techniques, and principles of etching and engraving and includes both historical and modern examples.

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Автор: S. Michael Schnessel
Название: Icart
ISBN: 088740099X ISBN-13(EAN): 9780887400995
Издательство: Schiffer
Цена: 2806 р.
Наличие на складе: Поставка под заказ.

Описание: Louis Icart, in his renewed popularity, has become the current symbol of the Art Deco period, for he captured the Parisian art world during the 1920s and 30s. Icarts light-hearted etchings, impressionistic oil paintings and erotic watercolors became sought-after treasures both in France and in America. In keeping with the present Art Deco revival and the interest in art of the period between the two world wars, this is a complete, extensively researched study of the life and works of Icart. A rich sampling of the artists etchings is presented with detailed descriptions of his engraving techniques; representative oil paintings show the development of his style as well as the forces that influenced him. A generous selection from his watercolors, illustrated books, lithographs, and erotica is included.

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Louis Icart: The Complete Etchings, 4th Ed

Автор: William R. Holland
Название: Louis Icart: The Complete Etchings, 4th Ed
ISBN: 0764315846 ISBN-13(EAN): 9780764315848
Издательство: Schiffer
Цена: 7405 р.
Наличие на складе: Поставка под заказ.

Описание: 1988 marked the one hundredth anniversary of Louis Icarts birth. There were no parades of large celebrations, but Louis and his wife, Fanny, would certainly have been grateful at the great resurgence of interest in his artwork. This newly expanded book now includes over 510 different etchings, painstakingly acquired and photographed. Particular attention has been given to the early years (1911-1924), when Icart was a relatively unknown artist and his edition sizes were small. With few exceptions, the book contains large, full color illustrations which give the reader a true representation of the full-size etchings. The authors clarify some of the existing confusion surrounding Icarts work, explaining the variations in his signature, the use of the "Windmill" seal and other seals, and the myriad of copyright notations found on his etchings. The etchings have been carefully measured and dated. This is a great addition to the Icart legacy.

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Art Flexi: Giorgio Morandi (Paintings, Watercolors, Drawings, Etchings)

Название: Art Flexi: Giorgio Morandi (Paintings, Watercolors, Drawings, Etchings)
ISBN: 3791339532 ISBN-13(EAN): 9783791339535
Издательство: Prestel Publishing Limited
Цена: 1306 р.
Наличие на складе: Поставка под заказ.

Описание: Now available in a sleek and nicely priced new format, this book reveals why Giorgio Morandi is considered one of the most accomplished painters of his generation.

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