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Textbook of Female Urology and Urogynecology 4E 2 vols set., Cardozo

Textbook of Female Urology and Urogynecology 4E 2 vols set.

јвтор: Cardozo
Ќазвание:  Textbook of Female Urology and Urogynecology 4E 2 vols set.   (–уководство по женской урологии и урогинекологии. в 2-х томах)
»здательство: Taylor&Francis

ISBN: 1841846929
ISBN-13(EAN): 9781841846927
ISBN: 1-84184-692-9
ISBN-13(EAN): 978-1-84184-692-7
ќбложка/‘ормат: Hardcover
—траницы: 1200
¬ес: 4.124 кг.
ƒата издани€: 15.05.2010
—ери€: Urology
язык: ENG
–азмер: 295 x 223 x 61
—сылка на »здательство: Link
ѕоставл€етс€ из: јнглии
ќписание: Written by an international team of expert urologists and gynecologists, this book has become the standard reference work on female urology and urogynecology.
Starting with the subjects history and epidemiology across the world, this expansive textbook covers the basic structure and function of the lower urinary tract in the female; the diagnostic evaluation of incontinence and prolapse; the treatment of incontinence, prolapse, and related conditions; the different forms of associated disorders, including urinary tract infections and lower bowel disorders; other considerations that include care in the community and medico-legal aspects; and guidelines from the International Continence Society.

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Textbook Of Female Urology And Urog

Ќазвание: Textbook Of Female Urology And Urog
ISBN: 1498796311 ISBN-13(EAN): 9781498796316
»здательство: Taylor&Francis
÷ена: 27808 р.
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Braunwald`s Heart Disease: A Textbook of Cardiovascular Medicine, International Edition

јвтор: Robert O. Bonow
Ќазвание: Braunwald`s Heart Disease: A Textbook of Cardiovascular Medicine, International Edition
ISBN: 0808924362 ISBN-13(EAN): 9780808924364
»здательство: Elsevier Science
÷ена: 10010 р.
Ќаличие на складе: ≈сть (2 шт.)

Urogynecology and Reconstructive Pelvic Surgery

јвтор: Mark Walters
Ќазвание: Urogynecology and Reconstructive Pelvic Surgery
ISBN: 0323029027 ISBN-13(EAN): 9780323029025
»здательство: Elsevier Science
÷ена: 9548 р.
Ќаличие на складе: ѕоставка под заказ.
ќписание: Edited and authored by some of the most respected figures in the field, this newly revised book is your comprehensive guide to all areas of urogynecology, including urinary and fecal incontinence, urodynamic testing, management of genuine stress incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, overactive bladder, and much more. Uniquely organized to reflect a physician's decision-making process, this practical, clinically oriented text moves from basic concepts through to clinical and urodynamic evaluation, management, and treatment. Inside, you'll find evidence-based assessments of appropriate therapies, along with algorithmic approaches to common complaints, and clear surgical illustrations.

Exclusive to the third edition is a section addressing painful and irritative voiding disorders, including overactive bladder, as well as 20 new case presentations that offer opinions from the leading experts in urogynecology and urology.


Urogynecology: Evidence-Based Clinical Practice. 2 ed.

јвтор: Moore, Kate H.
Ќазвание: Urogynecology: Evidence-Based Clinical Practice. 2 ed.
ISBN: 144714290X ISBN-13(EAN): 9781447142904
»здательство: Springer
÷ена: 3077 р.
Ќаличие на складе: Ќет в наличии.

Textbook of Operative Urology

јвтор: Marshall
Ќазвание: Textbook of Operative Urology
ISBN: 0721655106 ISBN-13(EAN): 9780721655109
»здательство: Elsevier Science
÷ена: 23023 р.
Ќаличие на складе: ѕоставка под заказ.
ќписание: Here's the most comprehensive, text/atlas available in the field of operative urology! Five exhaustive sections - each one orchestrated by a noted and respected section editor - cover each procedure in endourology, adult urologic surgery, female urology, surgery after urologic trauma, and paediatric urologic surgery. Content highlights include up-to-the-minute coverage of laparoscopy, new techniques for treating female urinary incontinence, outstanding approaches to the full range of paediatric urologic disorders, and much more.

Ostergard`s Urogynecology and Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

јвтор: Bent
Ќазвание: Ostergard`s Urogynecology and Pelvic Floor Dysfunction
ISBN: 0781770955 ISBN-13(EAN): 9780781770958
»здательство: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
÷ена: 9944 р.
Ќаличие на складе: ѕоставка под заказ.
ќписание: A reference on female incontinence, this book offers a modern approach to female pelvic floor dysfunctions, including urinary incontinence, other lower urinary tract conditions, disorders of the anus and rectum, and disorders of pelvic support. It reviews relevant anatomy, and describes the clinical examination and diagnostic tests.

Female Urology

јвтор: Goldman
Ќазвание: Female Urology
ISBN: 1588297012 ISBN-13(EAN): 9781588297013
»здательство: Springer
÷ена: 17633 р.
Ќаличие на складе: Ќет в наличии.
ќписание: Part I. Spoilage Organisms. Psychrotrophic Microorganisms: Agar Plate Methods, Homogenization, and Dilutions, Anavella Gait√°n Herrera. Biochemical Identification of Most Frequently Encountered Bacteria That Cause Food Spoilage, Maria Luisa Genta and Humberto Heluane. Mesophilic Aerobic Microorganisms, Anavella Gait√°n Herrera. Yeasts and Molds, Anavella Gait√°n Herrera. Coliforms, Anavella Gait√°n Herrera. Genetic Analysis of Food Spoilage Yeasts, Stephen A. James, Matthew D. Collins, and Ian N. Roberts. Part II. Pathogens. Conductimetric Method for Evaluating Inhibition of Listeria monocytogenes, Graciela Font de Valdez, Graciela Lorca, and Mar√≠a P√≠a de Taranto. Molecular Detection of Enterohemorrhagic Escherichia coli O157:H7 and Its Toxins in Beef, Kasthuri J. Venkateswaran. Detection of ` by the Nucleic Acid Sequence-Based AmplificationTechnique, Burton W. Blais and Geoff Turner. Detection of Escherichia coli O157:H7 by Immunomagnetic Separation and Multiplex Polymerase Chain Reaction, Ian G. Wilson. Detection of Campylobacter jejuni and Thermophilic Campylobacter spp. from Foods by Polymerase Chain Reaction, Haiyan Wang, Lai-King Ng, and Jeff M. Farber. Magnetic Capture Hybridization Polymerase Chain Reaction, Jinru Chen and Mansel W. Griffiths. Enterococci, Anavella Gait√°n Herrera. Salmonella, Anavella Gait√°n Herrera. Campylobacter, Anavella Gait√°n Herrera. Listeria monocytogenes, Anavella Gait√°n Herrera. Part III. Fermented Foods. Methods for Plasmid and Genomic DNA Isolation from Lactobacilli, M. Andrea Azc√°rate-Peril and Ra√Їl R. Raya. Methods for the Detection and Concentration of Bacteriocins Produced by Lactic Acid Bacteria, Sergio A. Cuozzo, Fernando J. M. Sesma, A√≠da A. Pesce de R. Holgado, and Ra√Їl R. Raya. Meat Protein Degradation by Tissue and Lactic Acid Bacteria Enzymes, Silvina Fadda, Graciela Vignolo, and Guillermo Oliver. Maintenance of Lactic Acid Bacteria, Graciela Font de Valdez. Probiotic Properties of Lactobacilli: Cholesterol Reduction and Bile Salt Hydrolase Activity, Graciela Font de Valdez and Mar√≠a P√≠a de Taranto. Identification of Exopolysaccharide-Producing Lactic Acid Bacteria: A Method for the Isolation of Polysaccharides in Milk Cultures, Fernanda Mozzi, Mar√≠a In√©s Torino, and Graciela Font de Valdez. Differentiation of Lactobacilli Strains by Electrophoretic Protein Profiles, Graciela Savoy de Giori, Elvira Mar√≠a H√©bert, and Ra√Їl R. Raya. Methods to Determine Proteolytic Activity of Lactic Acid Bacteria, Graciela Savoy de Giori and Elvira Mar√≠a H√©bert. Methods for Isolation and Titration of Bacteriophages from Lactobacillus, Luc√≠a Auad and Ra√Їl R. Raya. Identification of Yeasts Present in Sour Fermented Foods and Fodders, Wouter J. Middelhoven. Part IV. Organisms in the Manufacture of Other Foods and Beverages. Protein Hydrolysis: Isolation and Characterization of Microbial Proteases, Marcela A. Ferrero. Production of Polyols by Osmotolerant Yeasts, Luc√≠a I. C. de Figueroa and Mar√≠a E. Lucca. Identification of Yeasts from the Grape/Must/Wine System, Peter Raspor, Sonja Smole Mozina, and Neza Cadez. Carotenogenic Microorganisms: A Product-Based Biochemical Characterization, Jos√© Domingos Fontana. Genetic and Chromosomal Stability of Wine Yeasts, Matthias Sipiczki, Ida Miklos, Leonora Leveleki, and Zsuzsa Antunovics. Prediction of Prefermentation Nutritional Status of Grape Juice: The Formol Method, Barry H. Gump, Bruce W. Zoecklein, and Kenneth C. Fugelsang. Enological Characteristics of Yeasts, Fabio Vasquez, Luc√≠a I. C. de Figueroa, and Maria Eugenia Toro. Utilization of Native Cassava Starch by Yeasts, Luc√≠a I. C. de Figueroa, Laura Rubenstein, and Claudio Gonz√°lez. Part V. Methods and Equipment. Reactor Configuration for Continuous Fermentation in Immobilized Systems: Application to Lactate Production, Jos√© Manuel Bruno-B√°rcena, Alicia L. Ragout de Spencer, Pedro R. C√≥rdoba, and Faustino Si√±eriz. Molecular Characterization of Yeast Strains by Mitochondrial DNA Restriction Analysis, Maria Teresa Fern√°ndez-Espinar, Amparo Querol, and Daniel Ram√≥n. Selection of Yeast Hybrids Obtained by Protoplast Fusion and Mating, by Differential Staining, and by Flow Cytometry, Tohoru Katsuragi. Selection of Hybrids by Differential Staining and Micromanipulation, Tohoru Katsuragi. Flotation Assay in Small Volumes of Yeast Cultures, Sandro Rog√©rio de Sousa, Maristela Freitas Sanches Peres, and Cecilia Laluce. Obtaining Strains of Saccharomyces Tolerant to High Temperatures and Ethanol, Maristela Freitas Sanches Peres, Sandro Rog√©rio de Sousa, and Cecilia Laluce. Multilocus Enzyme Electrophoresis, Timothy Stanley and Ian G. Wilson. Bacteriocin Production Process by a Mixed Culture System, Suteaki Shioya and Hiroshi Shimizu. Part VI. Reviews. Nutritional Status of Grape Juice, Bruce W. Zoecklein, Barry H. Gump, and Kenneth C. Fugelsang. Problems with the Polymerase Chain Reaction: Inhibition, Facilitation, and Potential Errors in Molecular Methods, Ian G. Wilson. Problems with Genetically Modified Foods, Jos√© Manuel Bruno-B√°rcena, M. Andrea Azcarate-Peril, and Faustino Si√±eriz. Index.

Urogynecology in Primary Care

јвтор: Culligan
Ќазвание: Urogynecology in Primary Care
ISBN: 1846281660 ISBN-13(EAN): 9781846281662
»здательство: Springer
÷ена: 6159 р.
Ќаличие на складе: Ќет в наличии.
ќписание: Urogynecology in Primary Care provides a clear and concise resource for primary care providers interested in the most rapidly growing area of womenвАЩs healthcare: urogynecology and female pelvic health. It offers an approachable, yet in-depth reference on the core topics - female incontinence, pelvic prolapse, pelvic pain and sexual dysfunction - specifically tailored to clinicians without formal surgical or specialty training. These complex subjects are distilled into a clinically useful guide, providing primary care providers with all of the tools necessary to begin managing these conditions in a cost-effective and time-efficient way.Each aspect of diagnosis and treatment is presented in a clear and simple style, introducing streamlined strategies that can be implemented in any primary care setting. Original illustrations, key points at the end of each chapter, and вАШclinical pearlsвАЩ from experts in the field all help to make Urogynecology in Primary Care the most practical and user-friendly guide available.

Female Urology

јвтор: Shlomo Raz
Ќазвание: Female Urology
ISBN: 1416023399 ISBN-13(EAN): 9781416023395
»здательство: Elsevier Science
÷ена: 15169 р.
Ќаличие на складе: ѕоставка под заказ.
ќписание: Presents comprehensive coverage of various aspects of female urology. This title is accompanied by DVD which includes video clips of surgical procedures to further enhance your surgical repertoire.

Urogynecology and Reconstructive Pelvic Surgery

јвтор: Walters, Mark
Ќазвание: Urogynecology and Reconstructive Pelvic Surgery
ISBN: 032311377X ISBN-13(EAN): 9780323113779
»здательство: Elsevier Science
÷ена: 9933 р.
Ќаличие на складе: ѕоставка под заказ.

Office Urogynecology ( Practical pathways).2004

јвтор: Schaffer
Ќазвание: Office Urogynecology ( Practical pathways).2004
ISBN: 0071387757 ISBN-13(EAN): 9780071387750
»здательство: McGraw-Hill
÷ена: 5983 р.
Ќаличие на складе: ѕоставка под заказ.
ќписание: This work provides concise yet expert guidance on the assessment and office management of urogynecologic problems. Brief reviews of surgical therapy, management of post-surgical complications, and illustrative case studies are also included.

Clinical Urogynecology

јвтор: Stuart Stanton
Ќазвание: Clinical Urogynecology
ISBN: 0443039496 ISBN-13(EAN): 9780443039492
»здательство: Elsevier Science
÷ена: 16016 р.
Ќаличие на складе: ѕоставка под заказ.

Female Urology 2E

јвтор: Raz
Ќазвание: Female Urology 2E
ISBN: 0721667236 ISBN-13(EAN): 9780721667232
»здательство: Elsevier Science
÷ена: 19943 р.
Ќаличие на складе: ѕоставка под заказ.

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