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EC Securities Regulation, Moloney, Niamh (The Queen`s University, Belfast, I

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: 28 2021


: Moloney, Niamh (The Queen`s University, Belfast, I
 EC Securities Regulation
: Oxford Academ

ISBN: 0198268912
ISBN-13(EAN): 9780198268918
: 1.561 .
: 30.09.2002
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: This book consolidates and critically assesses the regulation by the EC of securities and investment services markets. As the single EC securities market develops in the wake of the Euro and the increasing importance of the internet, EC securities regulation is becoming an increasingly important and high profile body of law.
: - .: 1030
: 234 x 156
: 2002
: UK
: research, professional
: Index
: 1561
: Oxford European Community Law Library

EC Securities Regulation

: Moloney, Niamh
: EC Securities Regulation
ISBN: 0199202745 ISBN-13(EAN): 9780199202744
: Oxford Academ
: 17256 .
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: Following the Financial Services Action Plan, the EC regime for securities regulation now governs Community financial markets and has almost replaced national laws. This long-awaited second edition considers the extensive new regime in its legal, institutional, political, and market context and assesses the forces which have shaped it.

The Handbook of Fixed Income Securities, Eighth Edition

: Fabozzi Frank J., Mann Steven V.
: The Handbook of Fixed Income Securities, Eighth Edition
ISBN: 0071768467 ISBN-13(EAN): 9780071768467
: McGraw-Hill
: 13859 .
  : .

: A guide to fixed income securities. It offers information on the advanced products, analytical tools, methodologies, and strategies for identifying and capitalizing on the potential of the fixed income securities market in order to enhance returns. It provides you with the best techniques for taking advantage of this market.

Investing in Mortgage and Asset-Backed Securities

: Schultz Glenn M
: Investing in Mortgage and Asset-Backed Securities
ISBN: 1118944003 ISBN-13(EAN): 9781118944004
: Wiley
: 8663 .
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: A Complete Guide to Investing in and Managing a Portfolio of Mortgage- and Asset-Backed Securities Using Freely Available Public Data and Open Source Analytics Investing in Mortgage-Backed and Asset-Backed Securities is your open source guide to

Mortgage-Backed Securities: Products, Structuring, and Analytical Techniques

: Fabozzi Frank J., Bhattacharya Anand K., Berliner
: Mortgage-Backed Securities: Products, Structuring, and Analytical Techniques
ISBN: 1118004698 ISBN-13(EAN): 9781118004692
: Wiley
: 8663 .
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: The book will cover: Overview of what has happened in the past 3 years in the mortgage securitization market Current state of the market The uncertain futures of the GSEs; The roles of the rating agencies (both past and future); Regulatory changes and their impact Revised valuation techniques: the fact that all non-agency MBS must be treated as credit pieces and valued using credit analysis techniques; The interaction between the mortgage industry, home prices, and credit performance.

Fixed-Income Securities: Valuation, Risk Management and Portfolio Strategies

: Lionel Martellini
: Fixed-Income Securities: Valuation, Risk Management and Portfolio Strategies
ISBN: 0470852771 ISBN-13(EAN): 9780470852774
: Wiley
: 5198 .
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: This textbook is designed for fixed-income securities courses taught on MSc Finance and MBA courses, and contains numerous worked examples and Excel spreadsheets, with a building-block approach throughout. A key feature of the book is coverage of both traditional and alternative investment strategies in the fixed-income market. For example, it covers the modern strategies used by fixed-income hedge funds. The text is supported by a set of PowerPoint slides for use by the lecturer and includes in its topics: deriving the zero yield curve, deriving credit spreads, hedging, and interest rate and credit derivatives.

Fixed Income Securities, 2nd Edition

: Frank J. Fabozzi
: Fixed Income Securities, 2nd Edition
ISBN: 0471218308 ISBN-13(EAN): 9780471218302
: Wiley
: 10395 .
  : .

: A Comprehensive Guide to All Aspects of Fixed Income Securities
Fixed Income Securities, Second Edition sets the standard for a concise, complete explanation of the dynamics and opportunities inherent in today's fixed income marketplace. Frank Fabozzi combines all the various aspects of the fixed income market, including valuation, the interest rates of risk measurement, portfolio factors, and qualities of individual sectors, into an all-inclusive text with one cohesive voice.
This comprehensive guide provides complete coverage of the wide range of fixed income securities, including:
* U.S. Treasury securities
* Agencies
* Municipal securities
* Asset-backed securities
* Corporate and international bonds
* Mortgage-backed securities, including CMOs
* Collateralized debt obligations (CDOs)
For the financial professional who needs to understand the fundamental and unique characteristics of fixed income securities, Fixed Income Securities, Second Edition offers the most up-to-date facts and formulas needed to navigate today's fast-changing financial markets. Increase your knowledge of this market and enhance your financial performance over the long-term with Fixed Income Securities, Second Edition.

Fixed Income Securities

: Tuckman Bruce
: Fixed Income Securities
ISBN: 0470891696 ISBN-13(EAN): 9780470891698
: Wiley
: 8663 .
  : .

: Fixed-income securities traditionally promised fixed cash flows (like bonds), but there have been many newly-created fixed income securities for which the promised cash flows depend on the level of interest rates, making them hard to value. This revised book covers the most advanced thinking in the field and comprehensively shows how to value the complete universe of fixed income securities. Included are all the latest fixed income securities valuation models and techniques, and their applications in real world situations. The third edition will also include two new chapters dedicated to foreign exchange markets and corporate bonds and credit-default swaps.

Anglo-American Securities Regulation

: Stuart Banner
: Anglo-American Securities Regulation
ISBN: 0521521130 ISBN-13(EAN): 9780521521130
: Cambridge Academ
: 3105 .
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: This book examines the regulation of the earliest securities markets in England and the United States, from their origins in the 1690s until the 1850s. Professor Banner argues that during the reign of Queen Anne a complex and moderately effective body of regulatory control was already extant, reflecting widespread Anglo-American attitudes toward securities speculation. He uses both traditional legal materials (including court opinions, statutes, and legal treatises) and as a broad range of non-legal sources (novels, broadsides, contemporary engravings) to examine contemporary images of stock markets and speculation practices, and he shows that securities regulation has a much longer ancestry than is often supposed. Insights from both legal and cultural history are utilised to explain how popular thought about the securities market was translated into regulation and, reciprocally, how that regulation influenced market structures and the activities of speculators.

Introduction to Mortgages & Mortgage Backed Securities,

: Richard K. Green
: Introduction to Mortgages & Mortgage Backed Securities,
ISBN: 0124017436 ISBN-13(EAN): 9780124017436
: Elsevier Science
: 6996 .
  : .

: In Introduction to Mortgages & Mortgage Backed Securities, author Richard Green combines current practices in real estate capital markets with financial theory so readers can make intelligent business decisions. After a behavioral economics chapter on the nature of real estate decisions, he explores mortgage products, processes, derivatives, and international practices. By focusing on debt, his book presents a different view of the mortgage market than is commonly available, and his primer on fixed-income tools and concepts ensures that readers understand the rich content he covers. Including commercial and residential real estate, this book explains how the markets work, why they collapsed in 2008, and what countries are doing to protect themselves from future bubbles. Green's expertise illuminates both the fundamentals of mortgage analysis and the international paradigms of products, models, and regulatory environments.

Regulation of Securities, Markets, and Transactions

: Collins Patrick S
: Regulation of Securities, Markets, and Transactions
ISBN: 0470601965 ISBN-13(EAN): 9780470601969
: Wiley
: 8663 .
  : .

: This book provides a description about the various government regulations of securities, securities markets, and securities transactions. The book defines, describes, and explains U.S. securities regulation. The book will be current as of the signing of the securities reform act (expected to be signed by President Obama in mid-2010). Major parts within the book include: Regulation; Accounting and Auditing; Introduction to Notes; Notes; Sections of Public Laws; Sections of Codified Securities Laws; Organizations. In addition, there will be an extensive reference section, glossary, and list of useful websites (by both name and function).

Mathematics of Derivatives Securities with Applications in M

: Cerrato Mario
: Mathematics of Derivatives Securities with Applications in M
ISBN: 0470683694 ISBN-13(EAN): 9780470683699
: Wiley
: 4909 .
  : .

: The book is divided into two parts the first part introduces probability theory, stochastic calculus and stochastic processes before moving on to the second part which instructs readers on how to apply the content learnt in part one to solve complex financial problems such as pricing and hedging exotic options, pricing American derivatives, pricing and hedging under stochastic volatility, and interest rate modelling. Each chapter provides a thorough discussion of the topics covered with practical examples in MATLAB so that readers will build up to an analysis of modern cutting edge research in finance, combining probabilistic models and cutting edge finance illustrated by MATLAB applications. Most books currently available on the subject require the reader to have some knowledge of the subject area and rarely consider computational applications such as MATLAB. This book stands apart from the rest as it covers complex analytical issues and complex financial instruments in a way that is accessible to those without a background in probability theory and finance, as well as providing detailed mathematical explanations with MATLAB code for a variety of topics and real world case examples. Contents: Chapter 1 Introduction Overview of MatLab Using various MatLab `s toolboxes Mathematics with MatLab Statistics with MatLab Programming in MatLab Part 1 Chapter 2 Probability Theory Set and sample space Sigma algebra, probability measure and probability space Discrete and continuous random variables Measurable mapping Joint, conditional and marginal distributions Expected values and moment of a distribution Appendix 1: Bernoulli law of large numbers Appendix 2: Conditional expectations Appendix 3: Hilbert spaces. Chapter 3 Stochastic Processes Martingales processes Stopping times The optional stopping theorem Local martingales and semi-martingales Brownian motions Brownian motions and reflection principle Martingales separation theorem of Brownian motions Appendix 1: Working with Brownian motions. Chapter 4 Ito Calculus and Ito Integral Quadratic variation of Brownian motions The construction of Ito integral with elementary process The general Ito integral Construction of the Ito integral with respect to semi-martingales integrators Quadratic variation and general bounded martingales Ito lemma and Ito formula Appendix 1: Ito Integral and Riemann-Stieljes integral Part 2 Chapter 5 The Black and Scholes Economy and Black and Scholes Formula The fundamental theorem of asset pricing Martingales measures The Girsanov Theorem The Randon-Nikodym The Black and Scholes Model The Black and Scholes formula The Black and Scholes in practice The Feyman-Kac formula Appendix 1: The Kolmogorov Backword equation Appendix 2: Change of numeraire Chapter 6 Monte Carlo Methods for Options Pricing Basic concepts and pricing European style

Pricing derivative securities (2nd edition)

: Pricing derivative securities (2nd edition)
ISBN: 9812700331 ISBN-13(EAN): 9789812700339
: World Scientific Publishing
: 12194 .
  : .

: Suitable for practitioners, students in doctoral programs in economics and finance, and those in masters-level programs, this book presents techniques for valuing derivative securities. It provides tools from analysis, probability theory, the theory of stochastic processes, and stochastic calculus and also covers the pricing theory.

Writing Securities Research: A Best Practice Guide

: Bolland Jeremy
: Writing Securities Research: A Best Practice Guide
ISBN: 0470826029 ISBN-13(EAN): 9780470826027
: Wiley
: 5486 .
  : .

: The book highlights the major risks that securities analysts (and other securities professionals) face. The various laws, rules and regulations that securities analysts are subject to are broadly split into three categories: research-specific rules and regulations; market-wide laws; and society-wide laws and customs. The risks that arise out of these various levels of rules and regulations, insofar as research analysts and other securities professionals are concerned, include conflicts of interest, fair distribution/front-running of research, insider trading, spreading of rumours, not highlighting investment risks (including corporate governance issues), as well as defamation and copyright issues.

We see that if an analyst puts a company in play, a regulator would instantly assume that the analyst is trading on inside information (especially if the information turns out to be true) or is spreading a rumour (especially if it turns out to be false). However, we also see that there is a third option - that the analyst might just have come to his or her conclusion through some good research based on verifiable facts and reasonable assumptions.

Definitions of research from around the world are examined. After all, research is generally defined by its content, not by the author's job description. As such, non-Research securities professionals such as brokers and marketers of research as well as investors, journalists and even bloggers and twitterers need to understand what constitutes "research" so that they don't fall into the regulators' purview.

As regards the risks to investment views that analysts need to highlight to their investors, the book not only examines economic and financial risks but also examines corporate governance issues such as executive compensation, equal treatment of shareholders, related-party transactions and risk management.

To demonstrate the risks that analysts, securities professionals and investors face, the book draws on many cases and examples from around the world, including many from the global financial crisis of 2007-2009. From these cases we see how penalties for those involved in the securities markets have become more serious over the years. They range from fines to imprisonment, and even to execution in some markets. To give a light-hearted angle, many of these cases are accompanied by "Alex" cartoons.

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