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Energiya-Buran / The Soviet Space Shuttle, Hendrickx Bart, Vis Bert

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јвтор: Hendrickx Bart, Vis Bert
Ќазвание:  Energiya-Buran / The Soviet Space Shuttle
ISBN: 9780387698489
»здательство: Springer
ISBN-10: 0387698485
ќбложка/‘ормат: Paperback
—траницы: 552
¬ес: 0.942 кг.
ƒата издани€: 14.08.2007
—ери€: Springer Praxis Books / Space Exploration
язык: English
»здание: 2007 ed.
»ллюстрации: 170 illustrations, black and white; xxvi, 526 p. 170 illus.
–азмер: 241 x 169 x 29
„итательска€ аудитори€: Professional & vocational
ѕодзаголовок: The soviet space shuttle
—сылка на »здательство: Link
ѕоставл€етс€ из: √ермании
ƒополнительное описание: ‘ормат: 244x174
»люстрации: 170
 руг читателей: Space exploration enthusiasts, space historians, students, and engineers in the aviation industry
 лючевые слова:
язык: eng
ќглавление: The roots of Buran.- The birth of Buran.- Systems and scenarios.- Organizations and infrastructure.- The Buran cosmonaut team.- Testing the hardware.- Buran in the spotlight.- Shattered dreams, new beginnings.- Beyond Buran.- Appendix (A, B, C and D).- Index.

Space Shuttle Challenger / Ten Journeys into the Unknown

јвтор: Evans Ben
Ќазвание: Space Shuttle Challenger / Ten Journeys into the Unknown
ISBN: 0387463550 ISBN-13(EAN): 9780387463551
»здательство: Springer
÷ена: 3806 р.
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ќписание: This book, which will complement Ben EvansвАЩ previous work: Space Shuttle Columbia вАУ Her Missions and Crews, is designed to cast minds back to a time when the Shuttle was truly the future: untarnished by disaster and bolstered by apparent success. It was a time when astronauts confidently expected to fly seven, eight or nine missions in their careers, when missions would be launched twice a month, when virtually anybody could travel into space and the fabled final frontier was drawing inexorably closer as each year passed. The book will tell the stories of ChallengerвАЩs missions from the points of view of the astronauts, engineers and scientists who flew and knew her and the managers, technicians and ground personnel who designed her and nursed her from humble beginnings as a structural test article into one of the most capable Shuttles in NASAвАЩs service.It will combine technical esoterica with interviews, stories and anecdotes from the lifetime of this remarkable spacecraft. Challenger veterans, including Gordon Fullerton and Vance Brand, will describe their experiences and the differences between Challenger and her sister ships. The development of Challenger herself will be explored in detail, including her design, development, construction and preparation for missions.

The Story of the Space Shuttle

јвтор: Harland
Ќазвание: The Story of the Space Shuttle
ISBN: 1852337931 ISBN-13(EAN): 9781852337933
»здательство: Springer
÷ена: 3806 р.
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ќписание: In spite of the Challenger and Columbia disasters, the US Space Shuttle, which entered service in 1981, remains the most successful spacecraft ever developed. Conceived and designed as a reusable spacecraft to provide cheap access to low Earth orbit, and to supersede expendable launch vehicles, serving as the National Space Transportation System, it now coexists with a new range of commercial rockets. David HarlandвАЩs definitive work on the Space Shuttle explains the scientific contribution the Space Shuttle has made to the international space programme, detailing missions to Mir, Hubble and more recently its role in the assembly of the International Space Station. This substantial revision to existing chapters and extension of вАШThe Space ShuttleвАЩ, following the loss of Columbia, will include a comprehensive account of the run-up to resumption of operations and conclude with a chapter beyond the Shuttle, looking at possible future concepts for a partly or totally reusable space vehicle which are being considered to replace the Shuttle.

Bold They Rise: The Space Shuttle Early Years, 1972-1986

јвтор: Hitt David, Smith Heather R.
Ќазвание: Bold They Rise: The Space Shuttle Early Years, 1972-1986
ISBN: 0803226489 ISBN-13(EAN): 9780803226487
»здательство: Eurospan
÷ена: 4723 р.
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ќписание: After the Apollo program put twelve men on the moon and safely brought them home, anything seemed possible. In this spirit, the team at NASA set about developing the Space Shuttle, arguably the most complex piece of machinery ever created. The world’s first reusable spacecraft, it launched like a rocket, landed like a glider, and carried out complicated missions in between.††Bold They Rise tells the story of the Space Shuttle through the personal experiences of the astronauts, engineers, and scientists who made it happen—in space and on the ground, from the days of research and design through the heroic accomplishments of the program to the tragic last minutes of the Challenger disaster. In the participants’ own voices, we learn what so few are privy to: what it was like to create a new form of spacecraft, to risk one’s life testing that craft, to float freely in the vacuum of space as a one-man satellite, to witness a friend’s death. A “guided tour” of the shuttle—in historical, scientific, and personal terms—this book provides a fascinating, richly informed, and deeply personal view of a feat without parallel in the human story.Browse more spaceflight books at upinspace.org.

Animals in Space / From Research Rockets to the Space Shuttle

јвтор: Burgess Colin, Dubbs Chris
Ќазвание: Animals in Space / From Research Rockets to the Space Shuttle
ISBN: 0387360530 ISBN-13(EAN): 9780387360539
»здательство: Springer
÷ена: 4041 р.
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ќписание: Many readers will doubtless be astonished to learn that animals were being fired aloft in U.S. and Soviet research rockets in the late 1940s. In fact most people not only believe that the Russian space dog Laika was the first canine to be launched into space, but also that the high-profile, precursory Mercury flights of chimps Ham and Enos were the only primate flights conducted by the United States. In fact, both countries had sent literally dozens of animals aloft for many years prior to these events and continued to do so for many years after. Other latter-day space nations, such as France and China, would also begin to use animals in their own space research. Animals in Space will explain why dogs, primates, mice and other rodents were chosen and tested, at a time when dedicated scientists from both space nations were determined to establish the survivability of human subjects on both ballistic and orbital space flights. It will also recount the way this happened; the secrecy involved and the methods employed, and offer an objective analysis of how the role of animals as spaceflight test subjects not only evolved, but subsequently changed over the years in response to a public outcry led by animal activists. It will explore the ways in which animal high-altitude and space flight research impacted on space flight biomedicine and technology, and how the results - both successful and disappointing - allowed human beings to then undertake that same hazardous journey with far greater understanding and confidence.

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