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Mineral Resource Estimation, Mario E. Rossi; Clayton V. Deutsch

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Автор: Mario E. Rossi; Clayton V. Deutsch
Название:  Mineral Resource Estimation   (Марио Росси: Оценка минеральных ресурсов)
Издательство: Springer
Геология и литосфера
Управление землей и природными ресурсами

ISBN: 1402057164
ISBN-13(EAN): 9781402057168
ISBN: 1-402-05716-4
ISBN-13(EAN): 978-1-402-05716-8
Обложка/Формат: Mixed media product
Страницы: 600
Вес: 1.048 кг.
Дата издания: 2009
Язык: English
Издание: 2012
Иллюстрации: 123 black & white illustrations, 148 colour illustrations, biography
Размер: 216 x 284 x 18
Читательская аудитория: Professional & vocational
Ссылка на Издательство: Link
Поставляется из: Германии
Описание: Mineral resource estimation has changed considerably in the past 25 years: geostatistical techniques have become commonplace and continue to evolve; computational horsepower has revolutionized all facets of numerical modeling; mining and processing operations are often larger; and uncertainty quantification is becoming standard practice. Recent books focus on historical methods or details of geostatistical theory. So there is a growing need to collect and synthesize the practice of modern mineral resource estimation into a book for undergraduate students, beginning graduate students, and young geologists and engineers. It is especially fruitful that this book is written by authors with years of relevant experience performing mineral resource estimation and with years of relevant teaching experience. This comprehensive textbook and reference fills this need.
Дополнительное описание: Формат: 240x160
Илюстрации: 150
Круг читателей: Students at university departments in the fields of mining engineering, geology and economic geology as well as geologists and engineers responsible for estimating quantity and quality of natural resources, production geologists responsible for quality co
Ключевые слова: Geostatistics
Ore reserve estimation
Geologic modelling
Applied statistics
Mining engineering
Язык: eng

Mineral economics and policy

Автор: Tilton John E.
Название: Mineral economics and policy
ISBN: 1138838950 ISBN-13(EAN): 9781138838956
Издательство: Taylor&Francis
Цена: 5196 р.
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This textbook provides an introduction to the field of mineral economics and its use in understanding the behaviour of mineral commodity markets and in assessing both public and corporate policies in this important economic sector. The focus is on metal and non-metallic commodities rather than oil, coal, and other energy commodities.

The work draws on John Tilton's teaching experience over the last 30 years at the Colorado School of Mines and the Catholic University of Chile, as well as short courses for RioTinto and other mining companies. This is combined with the professional consulting and academic research of Juan Ignacio Guzman over the past decade, in order to demonstrate the industry application of the economic principles described in the earlier chapters.

The book should be an ideal text for graduate and undergraduate students in the fields of mining engineering and natural resource economics and policy. It should also be of interest to professionals and investors in mining and commodity markets, and those undertaking continuing education in the mineral sector.

Wills` Mineral Processing Technology,

Автор: Barry A. Wills
Название: Wills` Mineral Processing Technology,
ISBN: 0750644508 ISBN-13(EAN): 9780750644501
Издательство: Elsevier Science
Цена: 5951 р.
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Описание: Provides a review of various ore-processing techniques utilized in processing installations. This book presents coverage of technical developments in the processing of increasingly complex refractory ores, equipment and process routes. It gives an exposition of the principles and practice of mineral processing, with examples taken from practice.

Deposit and Geoenvironmental Models for Resource Exploitation and Environmental Security

Автор: Fabbri Andrea G., GaГЎl Gabor, McCammon Richard B.
Название: Deposit and Geoenvironmental Models for Resource Exploitation and Environmental Security
ISBN: 1402009895 ISBN-13(EAN): 9781402009891
Издательство: Springer
Цена: 20895 р.
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Описание: Geological processes affect the earth itself and human society. Solutions to geological problems, whether natural or man-made, demand close international collaboration. This book presents new approaches to current problems of environmental assessment, demonstrates the interactions between those involved in addressing global problems, and represents a means for the education of others. The book focuses on four major themes: geoenvironmental models, GIS methods and techniques, assessment and resource management, and resource policies and sustainable development. The major topics falling under each theme are introduced, followed by discussions of specific applications. Reports of the discussions of working groups are also presented to round out the individual contributions. The disciplines represented include geology, geophysics, geochemistry, remote sensing, economics, biology, mining engineering, resource analysis, mathematics and statistics.

Non-Renewable Resource Issues

Автор: Sinding-Larsen
Название: Non-Renewable Resource Issues
ISBN: 9048186781 ISBN-13(EAN): 9789048186785
Издательство: Springer
Цена: 14649 р.
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Описание: All the solid fuels fossil energy and mineral commodities we use come out of the Earth. Modern society is increasingly dependent on mineral and fossil energy sources. They differ in availability, cost of production, and geographical distribution. Even if solid fuels, fossil energy resources and mineral commodities are non-renewable, the extracted metals can to a large extent be recycled and used again and again. Although the stock of these secondary resources and their use increases, the world still needs and will continue to need primary mineral resources for the foreseeable future.  Growing demands have begun to restrict availability of these resources. The Earth is not running out of critical mineral resources – at least for the near future – but the ability to explore and extract these resources is being restricted in many regions by competing land use, as well as political and environmental issues.  Extraction of natural resources requires a clear focus on sustainable development, involving economic, environmental and socio-cultural aspects. Although we do not know what the most important resources will be in 100 years from now, we can be quite certain that society will still need energy and a wide range of raw materials. These resources will include oil and gas, coal, uranium, thorium, geothermal, metallic minerals, industrial and specialty minerals, including cement, raw materials, rare-earth elements. A global approach for assessing the magnitude and future availability of these resources is called for – an approach that, with appropriate international collaboration, was started  within the triennium of the International Year of Planet Earth. Some global mineral resource assessments, involving inter-governmental collaboration, have already been initiated. The International Year of Planet Earth helped to focus attention on how the geosciences can generate prosperity locally and globally, as well as sustainability issues in both developed and developing countries.

Water Encyclopedia - Water Quality and Resource Development V 2

Автор: Lehr
Название: Water Encyclopedia - Water Quality and Resource Development V 2
ISBN: 0471736864 ISBN-13(EAN): 9780471736868
Издательство: Wiley
Цена: 50589 р.
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Описание: Deals with the picture of regional water supplies, how they become contaminated, how they can be protected and how they can best serve the surrounding populations and industries. This title focuses on the natural chemistry of water supplies and its biological impacts. It provides case studies that offer a picture of the world`s water resources.

Mineral Physics,

Автор: G David Price
Название: Mineral Physics,
ISBN: 044453458X ISBN-13(EAN): 9780444534583
Издательство: Elsevier Science
Цена: 8250 р.
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Описание: Treatise on Geophysics: Mineral Physics, Volume 2, provides a comprehensive review of the current state of understanding of mineral physics. Each chapter demonstrates the significant progress that has been made in the understanding of the physics and chemistry of minerals, and also highlights a number of issues which are still outstanding or that need further work to resolve current contradictions. . The book first reviews the current status of our understanding of the nature of the deep Earth. These include the seismic properties of rocks and minerals; problems of the lower mantle and the core-mantle boundary; and the state of knowledge on mantle chemistry and the nature and evolution of the core. The discussions then turn to the theory underlying high-pressure, high-temperature physics, and the major experimental methods being developed to probe this parameter space. The remaining chapters explain the specific techniques for measuring elastic and acoustic properties, electronic and magnetic properties, and rheological properties; the nature and origin of anisotropy in the Earth; the properties of melt; and the magnetic and electrical properties of mantle phases.

Uranium Resource Processing / Secondary Resources

Автор: Gupta Chiranjib, Singh Harvinderpal
Название: Uranium Resource Processing / Secondary Resources
ISBN: 3540679669 ISBN-13(EAN): 9783540679660
Издательство: Springer
Цена: 40651 р.
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Описание: The book emphasizes various aspects of processing secondary sources for recovery of uranium. The field of secondary resource processing is gaining ground over the last few years as it is eco-friendly, economical and in tune with the philosophy of sustainable development. The book is the first one of its type in the area and includes a succint and comprehensive description of related areas of ore mineralogy, resource classification, processing principles involved in uranium solubilisation followed by separation and safety aspects. The clear organisation and the carefully selected figures and tables makes the treatment invaluable for practising engineers, research workers and academic institutions.

Groundwater / Resource Evaluation, Augmentation, Contamination, Restoration, Modeling and Management

Автор: Thangarajan M.
Название: Groundwater / Resource Evaluation, Augmentation, Contamination, Restoration, Modeling and Management
ISBN: 1402057288 ISBN-13(EAN): 9781402057281
Издательство: Springer
Цена: 17578 р.
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Описание: This book is the outcome of the invited topics from various international experts in the field of groundwater resource evaluation, characterization, augmentation, restoration, modeling and management. It comprehensively deals with the resource evaluation through remote sensing (RS) along with GIS, resistivity tomography for identification of potential bore-holes in hard rock region, aquifer parameterization through pumping tests, interpolation of sparse spatial data through the theory of regionalized variables (Geostatistics) and augmentation of groundwater resource through aquifer storage and recovery method (ASR). Characterization of fractured medium parameters, identification of sources of Fluoride and Arsenic contamination and its remediation, groundwater modeling procedures to understand the flow and contaminant migration phenomenon, inverse modeling to evolve the parameters which are controlling the groundwater movement and mass transport and management aspects of the groundwater resources through community participation, and artificial recharge and remediation of contaminated aquifer system have also been brought out in this textbook. It is hoped that the book will be useful for students, young researchers, teachers and managers engaged in the assessment and management of groundwater.

Geophysics for the Mineral Exploration Geoscientist

Автор: Dentith
Название: Geophysics for the Mineral Exploration Geoscientist
ISBN: 0521809517 ISBN-13(EAN): 9780521809511
Издательство: Cambridge Academ
Цена: 7476 р.
Наличие на складе: Есть у поставщика Поставка под заказ.

Описание: Providing a balance between principles and practice, this state-of-the-art overview of geophysical methods takes readers from the basic physical phenomena, through the acquisition and processing of data, to the creation of geological models of the subsurface and data interpretation to find hidden mineral deposits. Detailed descriptions of all the commonly used geophysical methods are given, including gravity, magnetic, radiometric, electrical, electromagnetic and seismic methods. Each technique is described in a consistent way and without complex mathematics. Emphasising extraction of maximum geological information from geophysical data, the book also explains petrophysics, data modelling and common interpretation pitfalls. Packed with full-colour figures, also available online, the text is supported by selected examples from around the world, including all the major deposit types. Designed for advanced undergraduate and graduate courses in minerals geoscience, this is also a valuable reference for professionals in the mining industry wishing to make greater use of geophysical methods. In 2015, Dentith and Mudge won the ASEG Lindsay Ingall Memorial Award for their combined effort in promoting geophysics to the wider community with the publication of this title.

Mineral Exploration,

Автор: S. K. Haldar
Название: Mineral Exploration,
ISBN: 0124160050 ISBN-13(EAN): 9780124160057
Издательство: Elsevier Science
Цена: 10340 р.
Наличие на складе: Поставка под заказ.

Описание: Globally, mineral exploration has grown significantly in recent years, driven by the rapid acceleration in prices for gold and diamonds since 2004 and the emergence of a middle class in both China and India—aggressively increased demand. Despite this resurgence, no single book has been published that takes an interdisciplinary approach in addressing the full scope of mineral exploration—from mining and extraction to economic evaluation, policies, sustainability, and environmental impacts. Mineral Exploration: Principles and Applications accomplishes this by presenting each topic with theoretical approaches first followed by specific applications that can be immediately implemented in the field.

Mineral Deposit Evaluation

Автор: Annels
Название: Mineral Deposit Evaluation
ISBN: 0412352907 ISBN-13(EAN): 9780412352904
Издательство: Springer
Цена: 22461 р.
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Описание: Provides a synthesis of the techniques required in the exploration and economic evaluation of mineral deposits. Following a discussion of the sampling of deposits, the author describes a range of "classical" ore reserve techniques. Worked examples and case studies are also included.

Antarctic Mineral Exploitation

Автор: Francisco Orrego Vicuna
Название: Antarctic Mineral Exploitation
ISBN: 0521100070 ISBN-13(EAN): 9780521100076
Издательство: Cambridge Academ
Цена: 5521 р.
Наличие на складе: Есть у поставщика Поставка под заказ.

Описание: In this book Professor Orrego Vicuna examines in depth the legal framework as it relates to the exploitation of Antarctic minerals.

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