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Directed Metallation, Chatani

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Автор: Chatani
Название:  Directed Metallation
ISBN: 9783540758082
Издательство: Springer
ISBN-10: 3540758089
Обложка/Формат: Hardback
Страницы: 218
Вес: 0.488 кг.
Дата издания: 30.10.2007
Серия: Topics in Organometallic Chemistry
Язык: English
Иллюстрации: 170 black & white illustrations, 7 black & white h
Размер: 239.00 x 158.00 x 15.00
Читательская аудитория: Professional & vocational
Ссылка на Издательство: Link
Поставляется из: Германии

Directed Evolution of Selective Enzymes: Catalysts for Synthetic Organic Chemistry

Автор: Reetz
Название: Directed Evolution of Selective Enzymes: Catalysts for Synthetic Organic Chemistry
ISBN: 3527316604 ISBN-13(EAN): 9783527316601
Издательство: Wiley
Цена: 17731 р.
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Описание: * The best author possible: Professor Reetz is one of the leading organic chemists not only in Germany, but worldwide. He is an authority! * The best science: Combining techniques from nature (molecular biology) with synthetic organic approaches brings the best results possible. Future applications for chemical industry.

Directed Molecular Evolution of Proteins: or How to Improve Enzymes for Biocatalysis

Автор: Susanne Brakmann
Название: Directed Molecular Evolution of Proteins: or How to Improve Enzymes for Biocatalysis
ISBN: 3527304231 ISBN-13(EAN): 9783527304233
Издательство: Wiley
Цена: 28875 р.
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Описание: Natural selection created optimal catalysts. However, optimal performance of enzyme catalysis does not necessarily refer to maximum reaction rate. Rather, it may be a compromise between specificity, rate, stability, and other chemical constraints that makes enzymes capable of catalyzing reactions under mild conditions and with high substrate specificity, accompanied by high regio- and enantioselectivity. The book presented here focuses on the directed evolution of proteins, which has established itself as a powerful method for designing enzymes showing new substrate specificities. It includes a comprehensive repertoire of techniques for producing combinatorial enzyme libraries, while the functional gene expression in a suitable host helps in selecting the appropriate structure, making fast screening a necessity. This book illustrates both the theoretical background as well as the potential of this interesting method in practice - which is becoming ever more important even in classical organic synthesis!

Directed Metallation

Автор: Naoto Chatani; L. Ackermann; B. Breit; C.-H. Jun;
Название: Directed Metallation
ISBN: 3642094937 ISBN-13(EAN): 9783642094934
Издательство: Springer
Цена: 36845 р.
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Описание: This book provides the broad scientific readership with a comprehensive summary and critical overview of a topic in organometallic chemistry. In addition, new approaches to directed hydrometalation and directed carbometalation as a key step are also discussed.

Directed Selectivity in Organic Synthesis

Автор: Gaich Tanja
Название: Directed Selectivity in Organic Synthesis
ISBN: 3527333754 ISBN-13(EAN): 9783527333752
Издательство: Wiley
Цена: 6875 р.
Наличие на складе: Поставка под заказ.

Описание: Bringing together examples that until now were often hidden and widely spread throughout the original literature, this textbook shows how to use the correct reagents, conditions or reaction sequences to have access to all possible stereoisomers when beginning synthesis with only a single starting material.

Strategies for Palladium-Catalyzed Non-Directed and Directed C-H

Автор: Kapdi, Anant R.
Название: Strategies for Palladium-Catalyzed Non-Directed and Directed C-H
ISBN: 0128052546 ISBN-13(EAN): 9780128052549
Издательство: Elsevier Science
Цена: 16863 р.
Наличие на складе: Поставка под заказ.


Strategies for Palladium-Catalyzed Non-directed and Directed C-H Bond Functionalization portrays the complete scope of these two aspects of C-H bond functionalization in a single volume for the first time. Featured topics include the influence of palladacyclic systems in C-H bond functionalization (need for newer catalytic systems for better efficiency), mechanistic aspect of the functionalization strategies leading to better systems, and applications of these methodologies to natural product synthesis and material synthesis.

  • Addresses the involvement of catalytic systems (palladacycles) for better functionalization of (hetero)arenes to emphasize the need for developing better, more selective systems
  • Covers the use of powerful mechanistic tools for understanding and assisting the development of better functionalization strategies
  • Discusses the finer aspects of C-H bond functionalization, such as control of regioselectivity with or without directing groups
  • Includes a chapter detailing the synthesis of naturally occurring molecules or functional molecules via both pathways for assessing the applicability of the functionalization strategies

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