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Seedhouse, Interplanetary Outpost (Springer Praxis Books, Space Exploration), 

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÷ена: 4316р.
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Ќазвание:  Seedhouse, Interplanetary Outpost (Springer Praxis Books, Space Exploration)
ѕеревод названи€: Ёрик —идхауз: ћежпланетна€ станци€
ISBN: 9781441997470
»здательство: Springer
ISBN-10: 1441997474
ќбложка/‘ормат: Paperback
—траницы: 253
¬ес: 0.454 кг.
ƒата издани€: 2012
—ери€: Springer praxis books / space exploration
язык: English
»здание: 2012
»ллюстрации: 75 illustrations, color; 9 illustrations, black and white; xxviii, 253 p. 84 illus., 75 illus. in color.
–азмер: 240 x 170 x 13
„итательска€ аудитори€: Professional & vocational
ѕодзаголовок: The human and technological challenges of exploring the outer planets
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Interplanetary Mission Analysis and Design

јвтор: Kemble Stephen
Ќазвание: Interplanetary Mission Analysis and Design
ISBN: 3540299130 ISBN-13(EAN): 9783540299134
»здательство: Springer
÷ена: 35690 р.
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ќписание: The book describes current mission analysis and design techniques that may be applied to a very wide range of interplanetary missions from those targeting the inner planets to those destined for the outer planets and Solar System escape trajectories. The early chapters comprise an introduction and a description of the fundamentals of interplanetary missions, aspects of leaving Earth and planet orbit selection and insertion. A discussion of various propulsion systems for interplanetary transfer is followed by a detailed overview of transfer techniques, including the principles of gravity assist and a range of applications of this technique, low-thrust transfers in combination with gravity assist and for planetary escape and capture and the utilisation of multi-body gravity perturbations. The final chapter deals with various optimisation methods for interplanetary missions.The dynamics of the problems are analysed and algorithms that may be used to solve the problems are presented. Practical difficulties that may be encountered are also discussed. The mission design options are considered in the context of spacecraft types, ranging from high thrust, nuclear thermal rockets to low thrust ion propulsion systems. A series of specific examples are described in detail in the appendices, covering вАШend-to-endвАЩ mission design for some topical space mission scenarios. Finally, a CD is included providing helpful examples of interplanetary transfers in an STK compatible format and an animated trajectory visualisation tool.

Tourists in space

јвтор: Seedhouse, Erik
Ќазвание: Tourists in space
ISBN: 0387746439 ISBN-13(EAN): 9780387746432
»здательство: Springer
÷ена: 3777 р.
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ќписание: Explores the technologies, spacecraft capabilities, launch vehicles and the training that define nascent space tourism industry, and provides a manual for suborbital and orbital private space explorers. This work provides an explanation of the medical requirements for spaceflight participants, with reference to potential waiver criteria.

Lunar outpost

јвтор: Seedhouse, Erik
Ќазвание: Lunar outpost
ISBN: 0387097465 ISBN-13(EAN): 9780387097466
»здательство: Springer
÷ена: 4100 р.
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ќписание: Presents an account of the various technologies, mission architectures, medical requirements and training needed to return humans to the Moon. This title focuses on the means by which a lunar outpost is constructed. It addresses topics such as the cost of the enterprise and the roles played by private companies and individual countries.

Ocean Outpost: The Future of Humans Living Underwater

јвтор: Seedhouse Erik, Seedhouse
Ќазвание: Ocean Outpost: The Future of Humans Living Underwater
ISBN: 1441963561 ISBN-13(EAN): 9781441963567
»здательство: Springer
÷ена: 3561 р.
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ќписание: One of the greatest scientific and technological achievements of the 21st century will be to cast a light on the eternal darkness of the deep ocean and this book identifies the key determinants of life or death in its extreme environment. Dr. Erik Seedhouse examines how individuals survive free dives to 200m, how humans adapt to breathing exotic gas mixes at depths exceeding 700m, and how technological innovation will enable humans to enter unendurable realms. The book describes the problems unique to the hostile environment of the deep ocean, such as decompression sickness, discusses how the human body responds to increased pressure, and what happens when adaptive mechanisms fail. Ocean Outpost describes how the technology will evolve, how crews will be selected and trained and what a typical underwater mission will entail. The book also chronicles the frontiers of diving medicine that will eventually take humans into the midst of a world we could once only guess at.

Solar Sails / A Novel Approach to Interplanetary Travel

јвтор: Vulpetti Giovanni, Johnson Les, Matloff Gregory
Ќазвание: Solar Sails / A Novel Approach to Interplanetary Travel
ISBN: 0387344047 ISBN-13(EAN): 9780387344041
»здательство: Springer
÷ена: 2449 р.
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ќписание: Solar sailing is a topic of growing popular and media interest. Solar sail propulsion will make space exploration more affordable and offer access to destinations within (and beyond) the solar system that are currently beyond our reach. This book describes solar sails, how they work and what they will be used for in the exploration of space in an easily readable manner which does not necessitate any prior knowledge of physics or solar sailing. It discusses current plans for solar sails and also describes how advanced technology, such as nanotechnology, might enhance solar-sail performance. Much has been accomplished recently to make solar sail technology very close to becoming an engineering reality and it will soon be used by the worldвАЩs space agencies in the exploration of the solar system and beyond.The book has four parts, each with multiple chapters which, in turn, contain some references and suggested further reading. Parts 1 - 3 are non-mathematical, while Part 4 contains more detailed technical information.Part 1 summarizes space propulsion systems and technologies. These are the key to any deep space exploration by humans, robots, or both. Solar-sail propulsion will make space exploration more affordable and offer access to destinations within (and beyond) the solar system that are currently beyond our reach. Part 2 describes the fundamentals of space solar sail propulsion at a non-mathematical level and will include the near-, mid- and far-term missions that might use solar sails as a propulsion system. Near-term missions will study the sun and will carry artifacts and human DNA into deep space. Mid-term missions will go to the outer solar system and into nearby interstellar space. The far-term missions might be possible with very large, ultra-lightweight sails, possibly using beamed energy from space-based lasers, to carry our first spacecraft to another star.Part 3 outlines solar sail technology and the construction of current and future sailcraft, including the work of both government and private space organizations. Images of sail hardware that has been built, tested and, in some cases, flown will be included. Part 4 will give a more rigorous explanation of solar sail propulsion (supporting Part 1) and the supporting analysis of the missions and technologies discussed in Parts 2 & 3.

Spaceports Around the World, A Global Growth Industry

јвтор: Erik Seedhouse
Ќазвание: Spaceports Around the World, A Global Growth Industry
ISBN: 3319468456 ISBN-13(EAN): 9783319468457
»здательство: Springer
÷ена: 6351 р.
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Mars One

јвтор: Seedhouse Erik
Ќазвание: Mars One
ISBN: 3319444964 ISBN-13(EAN): 9783319444963
»здательство: Springer
÷ена: 3464 р.
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ќписание: This book dissects the hype and hubris of the Mars One venture. Every aspect of the mission design is scrutinized, from the haphazard selection process to the unproven mission architecture. A controversial project, many professional astronauts consider Mars One a reckless attempt, yet it gained popular attention.

This go-to reference guide provides the reader with insights into the myriad issues arising from the project's loss of funding, loss of sponsorship, loss of TV rights. It explains what contributed to an overly optimistic assessment of Mars One's mission-specific technology, and what captivated the public and the many willing candidates despite these flaws. From the author of Survival and Sacrifice in Mars Exploration (2015) among many more books on spacefaring, this is yet another up-to-the-minute account of an emerging player in the private space market from an expert on the subject.

јвтор: Seedhouse
Ќазвание: SpaceX
ISBN: 1461455138 ISBN-13(EAN): 9781461455134
»здательство: Springer
÷ена: 3810 р.
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ќписание: This book describes the exceptional engineering and human achievement that have placed SpaceX at the forefront of the launch industry, showing how simplicity, low cost and reliability help make it the most likely candidate for transporting humans to Mars.

Astronauts For Hire

јвтор: Seedhouse
Ќазвание: Astronauts For Hire
ISBN: 146140519X ISBN-13(EAN): 9781461405191
»здательство: Springer
÷ена: 4100 р.
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ќписание: 'Astronauts For Hire' is a comprehensive and authoritative study of the increasing need for commercial astronauts. Erik Seedhouse provides unique insights into the burgeoning new field of commercial space operation and the individuals who will run these missions. Section I begins by describing how Astronauts for Hire (A4H) was created in 2010 by Brian Shiro, a highly qualified NASA astronaut candidate, and a group of other astronaut candidates. Erik introduces A4H's vision for opening the space frontier to commercial astronauts and describes the tantalizing science opportunities offered when suborbital and orbital trips become routine. Section II describes the vehicles astronauts will use. Anticipation is on the rise for the new crop of commercial suborbital and orbital spaceships that will serve the scientific and educational market. These reusable rocket-propelled vehicles are expected to offer quick, routine, and affordable access to the edge of space, along with the capability to carry research and educational crew members. The quick turnaround of these vehicles is central to realizing the profit-making potential of repeated sojourns by astronauts to suborbital and orbital heights. Section III describes the various types of missions this new corps of astronauts will fly and who will hire them. For example, suborbital flights may be used to do high altitude astronomy, life science experiments, and microgravity physics. This section continues with an examination of the types of missions that will accelerate human expansion outward, to Exploration Class missions through lunar bases, the establishment of interplanetary spaceports, and outposts on the surface of Mars. Along the way it describes the tasks commercial astronauts will perform, ranging from mining asteroids to harvesting helium.

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