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Three Souls, Chang, Janie

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Автор: Chang, Janie
Название:  Three Souls   (Джани Чанг: Три души)
Издательство: HarperCollins USA
ISBN: 0062293192
ISBN-13(EAN): 9780062293190
ISBN: 0-06-229319-2
ISBN-13(EAN): 978-0-06-229319-0
Обложка/Формат: Paperback
Страницы: 320
Вес: 0.372 кг.
Дата издания: 25.02.2014
Язык: ENG
Размер: 204 x 135 x 31
Читательская аудитория: General (us: trade)
Подзаголовок: A novel
Поставляется из: США
Описание: She must, they tell her, make amends.As Leiyin delves back in time with the three souls to review her life, she sees the spoiled and privileged teenager she once was, a girl who is concerned with her own desires while China is fractured by civil war and social upheaval.
Дополнительное описание: In the tradition of Lisa See and Amy Tan, Three Souls is a captivating debut novel about a young woman who must make amends on earth to earn her entry into the afterlife.

Corner In Glory Land (Kpd)

Автор: Devos, Janie
Название: Corner In Glory Land (Kpd)
ISBN: 1516104331 ISBN-13(EAN): 9781516104338
Издательство: Random House (USA)
Цена: 962 р.
Наличие на складе: Есть у поставщика Поставка под заказ.

Описание: In turn-of-the-century Florida, a family comes of age, and a daughter finds her destiny entwined with a land as full of promise as it is danger.

The steamy, sweltering banks of Florida's Ocklawaha River don't look much like Glory Land to young Eve Stewart, despite her father's proclamation. But it's here that Eve, her three siblings, and their parents will settle in July, 1875. Within a few years, Eve's father, Hap, has made good on his assurances. They have a large, weathered clapboard house and a comfortable life, thanks to Hap's job on a steamboat. Eve and her twin sister, Ivy, are blossoming into young women. Yet as Ivy grows more involved in medicine making under the tutelage of a neighboring black woman, her path leads away from the family.

Eve, an aspiring writer, loves her home though she longs to see the wider world beyond its swamps and shores. But when she discovers a secret Ivy's been keeping, Eve must decide between protecting the family name or saving her sister. With the help of a half-Creek Indian tracker, Max Harjo, Eve sets out to find Ivy, beginning a journey that will dare her to follow her ambitions and her passion wherever they lead.

What Janie Found

Автор: Cooney, Caroline B.
Название: What Janie Found
ISBN: 0440227720 ISBN-13(EAN): 9780440227724
Издательство: Random House (USA)
Цена: 448 р.
Наличие на складе: Поставка под заказ.

Whatever Happened to Janie?

Автор: Cooney, Caroline B.
Название: Whatever Happened to Janie?
ISBN: 0440219248 ISBN-13(EAN): 9780440219248
Издательство: Random House (USA)
Цена: 448 р.
Наличие на складе: Поставка под заказ.

Dragon Springs Road

Автор: Chang Janie
Название: Dragon Springs Road
ISBN: 0062388959 ISBN-13(EAN): 9780062388957
Издательство: HarperCollins USA
Цена: 1108 р.
Наличие на складе: Есть у поставщика Поставка под заказ.

Описание: "P.S. insights, interviews & more..."--Cover.

Nursing ethics

Автор: Butts, Janie B Rich, Karen
Название: Nursing ethics
ISBN: 0763748986 ISBN-13(EAN): 9780763748982
Издательство: Jones & Bartlett
Цена: 4795 р.
Наличие на складе: Поставка под заказ.

Описание: Pub date is US date. Please add 8 weeks to get in stock here in UK.

Astrology for success

Автор: Jackson, Cass Jackson, Janie
Название: Astrology for success
ISBN: 1903065283 ISBN-13(EAN): 9781903065280
Издательство: Неизвестно
Цена: 1268 р.
Наличие на складе: Поставка под заказ.

Описание: A fun easy-to-read Sun sign astro book for non-astrologers or astro-beginners.

Romance with the landscape

Автор: Welker, Janie M. Stratford, Linda
Название: Romance with the landscape
ISBN: 0977954110 ISBN-13(EAN): 9780977954117
Издательство: Неизвестно
Цена: 2397 р.
Наличие на складе: Поставка под заказ.

Описание: Realism to Impressionism. Rarely seen paintings illustrate the metamorphosis from the neoclassical ideal to the Modern over the course of the nineteenth century through the lens of landscape art.

Full circle

Автор: Bolitho, Janie
Название: Full circle
ISBN: 0727859684 ISBN-13(EAN): 9780727859686
Издательство: Неизвестно
Цена: 2390 р.
Наличие на складе: Поставка под заказ.

Описание: Donna lives on a tough housing estate. She has no education but has a clear ambition to marry a rich man. Helen is married to a successful doctor and has it all. When their lives clash, in a bizarre twist of fate, it is Donna who helps Helen to rebuild her shattered life.

Slippers at Home

Автор: Clements, Andrew /Bynum, Janie
Название: Slippers at Home
ISBN: 014240781X ISBN-13(EAN): 9780142407813
Издательство: Random House (USA)
Цена: 384 р.
Наличие на складе: Поставка под заказ.

Описание: Slippers lives in his very own little puppy house inside a bigger house. In his big house, Slippers has four people. Edward walks around on four paws, just like Slippers. Laura has a place way up the stairs, where Slippers likes to play. Mommy puts food into Slippers s round bowl to feed Slippers s round tummy. Daddy takes Slippers for long walks and always finds the way back home. Slippers loves every one of his people very much. He is one happy puppy

Colored pencil techniques - metal

Автор: Gildow, Janie
Название: Colored pencil techniques - metal
ISBN: 144032543X ISBN-13(EAN): 9781440325434
Издательство: Неизвестно
Цена: 2162 р.
Наличие на складе: Поставка под заказ.

Professional civility

Автор: Fritz, Janie M. Harden
Название: Professional civility
ISBN: 1433119846 ISBN-13(EAN): 9781433119842
Издательство: Peter Lang
Цена: 3430 р.
Наличие на складе: Нет в наличии.

Описание: Winner of the Everett Lee Hunt Award 2014. Winner of the NCA Clifford G. Christians Ethics Research Award 2013 from the Carl Couch Center for Social and Internet Research The crisis of incivility plaguing today’s workplace calls for an approach to communication that restores respect and integrity to interpersonal encounters in organizational life. Professional civility is a communicative virtue that protects and promotes productivity, one’s place of employment, and persons with whom we carry out our tasks in the workplace. Drawn from the history of professions as dignified occupations providing valuable contributions to the human community, an understanding of civility as communicative virtue, and MacIntyre’s treatment of practices, professional civility supports the «practice» of professions in contemporary organizations. A communicative ethic of professional civility requires attentiveness to the task at hand, support of an organization’s mission, and appropriate relationships with others in the workplace. Professional civility fosters communicative habits of the heart that extend beyond the walls of the workplace, encouraging a return to the service ethic that remains an enduring legacy of the professions in the United States.

Relationships activity pack

Автор: Nicholas, Janie
Название: Relationships activity pack
ISBN: 1905579780 ISBN-13(EAN): 9781905579785
Издательство: Неизвестно
Цена: 2659 р.
Наличие на складе: Есть у поставщика Поставка под заказ.

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