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This Cannot Happen Here: Integration and Jewish Resistance in the Netherlands, 1940-1945, Braber Ben

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÷ена: 9246р.
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јвтор: Braber Ben
Ќазвание:  This Cannot Happen Here: Integration and Jewish Resistance in the Netherlands, 1940-1945   (Ѕен Ѕрабер: Ётого не может здесь происходить. »нтеграци€ и еврейское сопротивление в Ќидерландах, 19)
»здательство: NBN International
ѕолитика и институты государственной власти

ISBN: 9089645837
ISBN-13(EAN): 9789089645838
ISBN: 90-8964583-7
ISBN-13(EAN): 978-90-8964583-8
ќбложка/‘ормат: Hardback
—траницы: 198
¬ес: 0.488 кг.
ƒата издани€: 01.12.2013
—ери€: Niod institute for war, holocaust and genocide studies
язык: ENG
–азмер: 177 x 250 x 17
„итательска€ аудитори€: Postgraduate, research & scholarly
 лючевые слова: HISTORY / Europe / General
ѕодзаголовок: Integration and jewish resistance in the netherlands, 1940-1945
ѕоставл€етс€ из: јнглии
ќписание: In this book Ben Braber answers the question how the integration of Jews into Dutch society influenced Jewish resistance during the German occupation of the Netherlands in the second world war. This study highlights the social position of Jews and their group characteristics, but also reviews other factors that determined what forms Jewish resistance took such as personal character and individual circumstance.This is the first comprehensive study of this subject in the English language of Jewish resistance in the Netherlands. It offers a new perspective on Jews during the Holocaust and counters the prejudice about Jews failing to resist persecution. This book is also relevant for todays multi-ethnical society. It is a case study about the hampered integration of a minority, in particular how people in this group react when they are forcefully segregated and persecuted, while thinking this cannot happen here.

Jewish Resistance to ?ИШRomanianization?ИЩ, 1940-44

јвтор: ??tefan Cristian Ionescu
Ќазвание: Jewish Resistance to ?ИШRomanianization?ИЩ, 1940-44
ISBN: 1137484586 ISBN-13(EAN): 9781137484581
»здательство: Springer
÷ена: 7479 р.
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ќписание: In order to create a productive middle class part of an ideal society based on ethno-nationalism, the Antonescu regime (1940-1944) pursued Romanianization ?ИУ a policy of excluding 'foreigners,' especially Jews and Roma/Gypsies from the economic sphere th

British Broadcasting and the Danish Resistance Movement 1940Ц1945

јвтор: Bennett
Ќазвание: British Broadcasting and the Danish Resistance Movement 1940Ц1945
ISBN: 0521158443 ISBN-13(EAN): 9780521158442
»здательство: Cambridge Academ
÷ена: 1560 р.
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ќписание: First published in 1966, twenty-one years after the close of the Second World War, this incisive study traces the history and the impact of the British Broadcasting Corporation's wartime broadcasts to Denmark. The BBC's European Service played a crucial role in relaying information to the occupied countries of Europe during the war, and the Danish Service was a particularly effective example. With a perspicacity possible only in retrospect, Mr Bennett uncovers the relationship between the stance taken by the BBC and the sometimes dramatic effects of the broadcasts in Denmark, particularly upon the Danish Resistance.

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