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Modern Portfolio Management: From Markowitz to Probabilistic Scenario Opti-misation, Seroni P.

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Автор: Seroni P.
Название:  Modern Portfolio Management: From Markowitz to Probabilistic Scenario Opti-misation
Перевод названия: П.Серони: Управление портфелем. От Марковица к вероятностной оптимизации
ISBN: 9781782722045
Издательство: Risk books
ISBN-10: 1782722041
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Probabilistic robotics

Автор: Thrun, Sebastian
Название: Probabilistic robotics
ISBN: 0262201623 ISBN-13(EAN): 9780262201629
Издательство: MIT Press
Цена: 12118 р.
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An introduction to the techniques and algorithms of the newest field in robotics.

Probabilistic robotics is a new and growing area in robotics, concerned with perception and control in the face of uncertainty. Building on the field of mathematical statistics, probabilistic robotics endows robots with a new level of robustness in real-world situations. This book introduces the reader to a wealth of techniques and algorithms in the field. All algorithms are based on a single overarching mathematical foundation. Each chapter provides example implementations in pseudo code, detailed mathematical derivations, discussions from a practitioner's perspective, and extensive lists of exercises and class projects. The book's Web site, www.probabilistic-robotics.org, has additional material. The book is relevant for anyone involved in robotic software development and scientific research. It will also be of interest to applied statisticians and engineers dealing with real-world sensor data.

Probabilistic Methods of Signal and System Analysis

Автор: Cooper, George R.; McGillem, Clare D.
Название: Probabilistic Methods of Signal and System Analysis
ISBN: 0195123549 ISBN-13(EAN): 9780195123548
Издательство: Oxford Academ
Цена: 27059 р.
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Описание: Originally published in 1971, this text is intended for signals and systems courses which emphasize probability. It provides an introduction to probability theory, statistics, random processes and the analysis of systems with random inputs. This edition has been updated and uses Matlab.

Probabilistic Inductive Logic Programming

Автор: Luc De Raedt; Paolo Frasconi; Kristian Kersting; S
Название: Probabilistic Inductive Logic Programming
ISBN: 3540786511 ISBN-13(EAN): 9783540786511
Издательство: Springer
Цена: 8384 р.
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Описание: One of the key open questions within arti?cial intelligence is how to combine probability and logic with learning. This question is getting an increased - tentioninseveraldisciplinessuchasknowledgerepresentation, reasoningabout uncertainty, data mining, and machine learning simulateously, resulting in the newlyemergingsub?eldknownasstatisticalrelationallearningandprobabil- ticinductivelogicprogramming.Amajordriving forceisthe explosivegrowth in the amount of heterogeneous data that is being collected in the business and scienti?c world. Example domains include bioinformatics, chemoinform- ics, transportation systems, communication networks, social network analysis, linkanalysis, robotics, amongothers.Thestructuresencounteredcanbeass- pleassequencesandtrees(suchasthosearisinginproteinsecondarystructure predictionandnaturallanguageparsing)orascomplexascitationgraphs, the WorldWideWeb, andrelationaldatabases. This book providesan introduction to this ?eld with an emphasison those methods based on logic programming principles. The book is also the main resultofthesuccessfulEuropeanISTFETprojectno.FP6-508861onAppli- tionofProbabilisticInductiveLogicProgramming(APRILII,2004-2007).This projectwascoordinatedbytheAlbertLudwigsUniversityofFreiburg(Germany, Luc De Raedt) and the partners were Imperial College London (UK, Stephen MuggletonandMichaelSternberg), theHelsinkiInstituteofInformationTe- nology(Finland, HeikkiMannila), theUniversit adegliStudidiFlorence(Italy, PaoloFrasconi), andtheInstitutNationaldeRechercheenInformatiqueet- tomatiqueRocquencourt(France, FrancoisFages).Itwasconcernedwiththeory, implementationsandapplicationsofprobabilisticinductivelogicprogramming. Thisstructureisalsore?ectedinthebook. The book starts with an introductory chapter to "Probabilistic Inductive LogicProgramming"byDeRaedtandKersting.Inasecondpart, itprovidesa detailedoverviewofthemostimportantprobabilisticlogiclearningformalisms and systems. We are very pleased and proud that the scientists behind the key probabilistic inductive logic programming systems (also those developed outside the APRIL project) have kindly contributed a chapter providing an overviewoftheircontributions.Thisincludes: relationalsequencelearningte- niques (Kersting et al.), using kernels with logical representations (Frasconi andPasserini), MarkovLogic(Domingosetal.), the PRISMsystem (Satoand Kameya), CLP(BN)(SantosCostaetal.), BayesianLogicPrograms(Kersting andDeRaedt), andtheIndependentChoiceLogic(Poole).Thethirdpartthen provides a detailed account of some show-caseapplications of probabilistic - ductive logic programming, more speci?cally: in protein fold discovery (Chen et al.), haplotyping (Landwehr and Mielik] ainen) and systems biology (Fages andSoliman). The ?nal parttouchesupon sometheoreticalinvestigationsand VI Preface includes chaptersonbehavioralcomparisonof probabilisticlogicprogramming representations(MuggletonandChen)andamodel-theoreticexpressivityan- ysis(Jaeger).

Heavy-Tail Phenomena: Probabilistic And Statistical Modeling

Название: Heavy-Tail Phenomena: Probabilistic And Statistical Modeling
ISBN: 1441920242 ISBN-13(EAN): 9781441920249
Издательство: Springer
Цена: 7186 р.
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Описание: This text gives an interesting and useful blend of the mathematical, probabilistic and statistical tools used in heavy-tail analysis. It is uniquely devoted to heavy-tails and emphasizes both probability modeling and statistical methods for fitting models.

Probabilistic Finite Element Model Updating Using Bayesian Statistics

Автор: Marwala Tshilidzi
Название: Probabilistic Finite Element Model Updating Using Bayesian Statistics
ISBN: 1119153034 ISBN-13(EAN): 9781119153030
Издательство: Wiley
Цена: 12137 р.
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Описание: Probabilistic Finite Element Model Updating Using Bayesian Statistics: Applications to Aeronautical and Mechanical Engineering Tshilidzi Marwala and Ilyes Boulkaibet, University of Johannesburg, South Africa Sondipon Adhikari, Swansea University, UK Covers the probabilistic finite element model based on Bayesian statistics with applications to aeronautical and mechanical engineering Finite element models are used widely to model the dynamic behaviour of many systems including in electrical, aerospace and mechanical engineering. The book covers probabilistic finite element model updating, achieved using Bayesian statistics. The Bayesian framework is employed to estimate the probabilistic finite element models which take into account of the uncertainties in the measurements and the modelling procedure.

The Bayesian formulation achieves this by formulating the finite element model as the posterior distribution of the model given the measured data within the context of computational statistics and applies these in aeronautical and mechanical engineering. Probabilistic Finite Element Model Updating Using Bayesian Statistics contains simple explanations of computational statistical techniques such as Metropolis-Hastings Algorithm, Slice sampling, Markov Chain Monte Carlo method, hybrid Monte Carlo as well as Shadow Hybrid Monte Carlo and their relevance in engineering. Key features: * Contains several contributions in the area of model updating using Bayesian techniques which are useful for graduate students.

* Explains in detail the use of Bayesian techniques to quantify uncertainties in mechanical structures as well as the use of Markov Chain Monte Carlo techniques to evaluate the Bayesian formulations. The book is essential reading for researchers, practitioners and students in mechanical and aerospace engineering.

Probabilistic Graphical Models: Principles and Techniques

Автор: Koller Daphne, Friedman Nir
Название: Probabilistic Graphical Models: Principles and Techniques
ISBN: 0262013193 ISBN-13(EAN): 9780262013192
Издательство: MIT Press
Цена: 17820 р.
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A general framework for constructing and using probabilistic models of complex systems that would enable a computer to use available information for making decisions.

Most tasks require a person or an automated system to reason -- to reach conclusions based on available information. The framework of probabilistic graphical models, presented in this book, provides a general approach for this task. The approach is model-based, allowing interpretable models to be constructed and then manipulated by reasoning algorithms. These models can also be learned automatically from data, allowing the approach to be used in cases where manually constructing a model is difficult or even impossible. Because uncertainty is an inescapable aspect of most real-world applications, the book focuses on probabilistic models, which make the uncertainty explicit and provide models that are more faithful to reality.

Probabilistic Graphical Models discusses a variety of models, spanning Bayesian networks, undirected Markov networks, discrete and continuous models, and extensions to deal with dynamical systems and relational data. For each class of models, the text describes the three fundamental cornerstones: representation, inference, and learning, presenting both basic concepts and advanced techniques. Finally, the book considers the use of the proposed framework for causal reasoning and decision making under uncertainty. The main text in each chapter provides the detailed technical development of the key ideas. Most chapters also include boxes with additional material: skill boxes, which describe techniques; case study boxes, which discuss empirical cases related to the approach described in the text, including applications in computer vision, robotics, natural language understanding, and computational biology; and concept boxes, which present significant concepts drawn from the material in the chapter. Instructors (and readers) can group chapters in various combinations, from core topics to more technically advanced material, to suit their particular needs.

Scenario Logic and Probabilistic Management of Risk in Business and Engineering

Автор: Evgueni D. Solojentsev
Название: Scenario Logic and Probabilistic Management of Risk in Business and Engineering
ISBN: 144194608X ISBN-13(EAN): 9781441946089
Издательство: Springer
Цена: 20962 р.
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Описание: This unique book proposes a uniform logic and probabilistic (LP) approach to risk estimation and analysis in engineering and economics. It includes clear definitions and notations, revised chapters, an extended list of references, and a new subject index.

Probabilistic Techniques in Analysis

Автор: Bass
Название: Probabilistic Techniques in Analysis
ISBN: 0387943870 ISBN-13(EAN): 9780387943879
Издательство: Springer
Цена: 10296 р.
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Описание: Exploring the use of techniques drawn from probability research to tackle problems in mathematical analysis, this study includes discussion of the construction of the Martin boundary, Dahlberg`s Theorem, probabilistic proofs of the boundary Harnack principle, and much more.

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