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Principles of Biomedical Ethics, Beauchamp Tom L

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Автор: Beauchamp Tom L
Название:  Principles of Biomedical Ethics   (Том Бичамп: Принципы биомедицинской этики)
Издательство: Oxford Academ
Социология и социальные исследования
Медицинская этика
Медикоправовые вопросы
Биологические науки: общие вопросы

ISBN: 0199924589
ISBN-13(EAN): 9780199924585
ISBN: 0-19-992458-9
ISBN-13(EAN): 978-0-19-992458-5
Обложка/Формат: Paperback
Страницы: 480
Вес: 0.608 кг.
Дата издания: 10.01.2013
Язык: ENG
Издание: 7 rev ed
Размер: 235 X 157 X 22
Читательская аудитория: General (us: trade)
Ссылка на Издательство: Link
Поставляется из: Англии
Описание: Building on the best-selling tradition of previous editions, Principles of Biomedical Ethics, Seventh Edition, provides a highly original, practical, and insightful guide to morality in the health professions.

      Старое издание
Principles of Biomedical Ethics

Автор: Beauchamp, Tom L.; Childress, James F.
Название: Principles of Biomedical Ethics
ISBN: 0195335708 ISBN-13(EAN): 9780195335705
Издательство: Oxford Academ
Цена: 4163 р.
Наличие на складе: Невозможна поставка.
Описание: Principles of Biomedical Ethics, sixth edition, the highly original and now classic biomedical ethics text, focuses on four principles at the core of moral reasoning in health care - respect for autonomy, nonmaleficence, beneficence, and justice - using real-life examples and vivid scenarios.

Principles of Population Genetics

Автор: Daniel L. Hartl; Andrew G. Clark
Название: Principles of Population Genetics
ISBN: 0878933085 ISBN-13(EAN): 9780878933082
Издательство: Springer
Цена: 8882 р.
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Описание: This text introduces the principles of genetics and statistics that are relevant to population studies, and examines the forces affecting genetic variation from the molecular to the organismic level. Included are descriptions of molecular methods, as well as explanations of the relevant estimation theory using actual data.

Principles of neural science

Автор: Kandel
Название: Principles of neural science
ISBN: 0838577016 ISBN-13(EAN): 9780838577011
Издательство: McGraw-Hill
Цена: 7314 р.
Наличие на складе: Поставка под заказ.

Описание: Now in resplendent color, the new edition continues to define the latest in the scientific understandiof the brain, the nervous system, and human behavior. Each chapter is thoroughly revised and includes the impact of molecular biology in the mechanisms underlying developmental processes and in the pathogenesis of disease. Important features to this edition include: a new chapter - Genes and Behavior; a complete updating of development of the nervous system; the genetic basis of neurological and psychiatric disease; cognitive neuroscience of perception, planning, action, motivation and memory; ion channel mechanisms; and much more.

Physical Principles of Electron Microscopy

Автор: Egerton
Название: Physical Principles of Electron Microscopy
ISBN: 0387258000 ISBN-13(EAN): 9780387258003
Издательство: Springer
Цена: 12233 р.
Наличие на складе: Есть у поставщика Поставка под заказ.

Описание: Scanning and stationary-beam electron microscopes have become an indispensable tool for both research and routine evaluation in materials science, the semiconductor industry, nanotechnology, and the biological and medical sciences. Physical Principles of Electron Microscopy provides an introduction to the theory and current practice of electron microscopy for undergraduate students who want to acquire an appreciation of how basic principles of physics are utilized in an important area of applied science, and for graduate students and technologists who make use of electron microscopes. At the same time, this book will be equally valuable for university teachers and researchers who need a concise supplemental text that deals with the basic principles of microscopy.

Principles of Conservation Biology

Автор: Martha J. Groom; Gary K. Meffe; C. Ronald Carroll
Название: Principles of Conservation Biology
ISBN: 0878935185 ISBN-13(EAN): 9780878935185
Издательство: Palgrave
Цена: 4891 р.
Наличие на складе: Нет в наличии.

Описание: Principles of Conservation Biology, third edition is a complete revision of the most comprehensive textbook on conservation biology. First published in 1994 the book is richly praised by reviewers, teachers, and students alike. Written by leading experts in the field, it is intended for use in conservation biology courses at the advanced undergraduate and graduate levels, as well as by researchers and practitioners. The text introduces the major themes and concepts of the diverse and dynamic field of conservation biology. The biological and social underpinnings of conservation problems and potential solutions are interwoven throughout the book. Guest essays and case studies provide a diversity of perspectives and real-world examples add insight and provoke discussion.
The third edition features a wholly revised organization, emphasizing both analyzes of different categories of threat and approaches to conservation. Coverage has been expanded to emphasize both terrestrial and marine conservation issues, and efforts in the US and across the globe. The book is richly illustrated, and chapters are complemented with annotated reading lists and questions designed to stimulate thought and class discussions.

Introduction to molecular biology, genomics and proteomics for biomedical engineers

Автор: Northrop, Robert B. Connor, Anne N.
Название: Introduction to molecular biology, genomics and proteomics for biomedical engineers
ISBN: 1420061194 ISBN-13(EAN): 9781420061192
Издательство: Taylor&Francis
Цена: 8359 р.
Наличие на складе: Поставка под заказ.

Описание: Suitable for engineers and scientists who have not studied molecular biology, genomics, and proteomics, and who are working with living systems, this title describes the complex biochemical relations that permit life to exist, highlighting the specialized organic molecules in living organism, and how they interact and react.

Introduction to genetic principles

Автор: Hyde, David R
Название: Introduction to genetic principles
ISBN: 0071106758 ISBN-13(EAN): 9780071106757
Издательство: McGraw-Hill
Цена: 4701 р.
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Principles Of Neural Science

Автор: Kandel
Название: Principles Of Neural Science
ISBN: 0071120009 ISBN-13(EAN): 9780071120005
Издательство: McGraw-Hill
Цена: 3762 р.
Наличие на складе: Невозможна поставка.

Описание: An introduction to the brain, its structure, function, development, and control of behavior, this text discusses neuroanatomy, cell and molecular mechanisms, mechanisms of signaling, and development in the context of the cognitive approaches to behavior.

Biomedical Ethics for Engineers,

Автор: Daniel Vallero
Название: Biomedical Ethics for Engineers,
ISBN: 0750682272 ISBN-13(EAN): 9780750682275
Издательство: Elsevier Science
Цена: 4296 р.
Наличие на складе: Поставка под заказ.

Описание: Biomedical Ethics for Engineers provides biomedical engineers with a new set of tools and an understanding that the application of ethical measures will seldom reach consensus even among fellow engineers and scientists. The solutions are never completely technical, so the engineer must continue to improve the means of incorporating a wide array of societal perspectives, without sacrificing sound science and good design principles.Dan Vallero understands that engineering is a profession that profoundly affects the quality of life from the subcellular and nano to the planetary scale. Protecting and enhancing life is the essence of ethics; thus every engineer and design professional needs a foundation in bioethics. In high-profile emerging fields such as nanotechnology, biotechnology and green engineering, public concerns and attitudes become especially crucial factors given the inherent uncertainties and high stakes involved. Ethics thus means more than a commitment to abide by professional norms of conduct. This book discusses the full suite of emerging biomedical and environmental issues that must be addressed by engineers and scientists within a global and societal context. In addition it gives technical professionals tools to recognize and address bioethical questions and illustrates that an understanding of the application of these measures will seldom reach consensus even among fellow engineers and scientists.

Case Studies in Biomedical Ethics

Автор: Veatch, Robert M.; Haddad, Amy; English, Dan D.
Название: Case Studies in Biomedical Ethics
ISBN: 0195309723 ISBN-13(EAN): 9780195309720
Издательство: Oxford Academ
Цена: 4163 р.
Наличие на складе: Поставка под заказ.

Описание: Case Studies in Biomedical Ethics is a comprehensive and engaging introduction to the ethical dilemmas that health professionals and patients face in health care. Providing a framework in Parts I and II which students can use to examine real-world ethical issues, the text features, in Part III, a rich variety of case studies drawn from real events in major topical areas, such as abortion, genetics and gene therapy, mental health, organ transplants, health insurance, and death.

Biomedical Ethics Reviews ` 1989

Автор: Humber James M., Almeder Robert F.
Название: Biomedical Ethics Reviews ` 1989
ISBN: 0896031691 ISBN-13(EAN): 9780896031692
Издательство: Springer
Цена: 8882 р.
Наличие на складе: Есть у поставщика Поставка под заказ.

Описание: Biomedical Ethics Reviews * 1989 is the seventh volume in a series of texts designed to review and update the literature on issues of central importance in bioethics today. Three topics are discussed in the present volume: (1) Should Abnormal Fetuses Be Brought to Term for the Sole Purpose of Providing Infant Transplant Organs?

Atomic Force Microscopy in Biomedical Research

Автор: Braga
Название: Atomic Force Microscopy in Biomedical Research
ISBN: 1617791040 ISBN-13(EAN): 9781617791048
Издательство: Springer
Цена: 15427 р.
Наличие на складе: Есть у поставщика Поставка под заказ.

Описание: With its ability to explore the surface of the sample by means of a local scanning probe and its use of dedicated software allows to be visualize results, atomic force microscopy (AFM) has revolutionized the study of the smallest aspects of life.  Atomic Force Microscopy in Biomedical Research: Methods and Protocols proves that this technology is no longer simply just another form of microscopy but has given rise to a completely new way of using microscopy that fulfils the dreams of all microscopists: being able to touch, move, and interact with the sample while it is being examined, thus making it possible to discover not only morphological but also chemical and physical structural information. Covering such topics as molecule imaging, nanoscale surface analysis and cellular imaging, force-spectroscopy, investigating drug action, and AFM as a nanotool, this volume features the most up-to-date techniques currently in use.  Written in the Methods in Molecular Biology™ series format, chapters include introductions to their respective topics, lists of the necessary materials, step-by-step, readily reproducible protocols, and expert tips on troubleshooting and avoiding known pitfalls. Comprehensive and cutting-edge, Atomic Force Microscopy in Biomedical Research: Methods and Protocols brings together different types of applications in order to provide examples from diverse fields in the hope of inspiring researchers to apply their ingenuity in their own specialization and add significant originality to their varying studies.

DNA Microarrays for Biomedical Research

Автор: Martin Dufva (Ed.)
Название: DNA Microarrays for Biomedical Research
ISBN: 193411569X ISBN-13(EAN): 9781934115695
Издательство: Springer
Цена: 6260 р.
Наличие на складе: Есть у поставщика Поставка под заказ.

Описание: DNA microarray technology has revolutionized research. Initially an application for mRNA expression studies, the technology has spread to other applications such as comparative genomic hybridization, SNP and mutation analysis. This title explores these commonly used applications, addressing probe design strategies and fabrication issues.

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